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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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places rain still coming down this morning. the remanence of another atmospheric river still making its way through the bay area. we are timing out what it means for your morning commute and when the wet weather will finally move out of the area. this is "today in the bay." here we go. terrific tuesday for you this morning as we get started with the day. good morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's get to our tuesday morning, and mike, he has your driving conditions and we'll check in with him in a moment, but first let's check in that meteorologist, kari hall. >> we are looking at the light showers continuing to come through over the next few hours, and even though where you live right now may be taking a break from the rain, you could see more light showers. for parts of the contra costa county, it's been very hit or
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miss. down the peninsula, it's drying out even though the roads are still wet. we will be clearing out as well, and in the rain getting ready to return to morgan hill, also very wet on there's also a little moisture on the roadway, and you can see that on the peninsula. also reports of flooding up here in san francisco. minor flooding there, and minor
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flooding throughout the maze. there's still activity coming through, and there's light sprinkles and rain, and just be prepared and use caution and take it easy. as kari was just mentioning, some communities are still feeling the impact from the storm as its moving through the bay area. >> cierra johnson checking out the conditions, and a lot of people may have felt it. they were trying to use their wi-fi as well. >> you know, she probably can't hear us right now. >> yeah, mic issues. of course you can see it raining there. as we are trying to get that fixed with cierra, make sure and download our nbc bay area app. it will give you updates and
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alerts straight to your phone and will track your weather in your neighborhood. it's 5:02 right now. san francisco police sources are revealing new details from an officer that died from apparent covid complications that that he served as a police officer for 17 years. he died this saturday after testing positive for covid last week. he was among 41 officers placed on leave for not meeting the city's november 1st vaccination mandate. san francisco's human resources department said 98% of the city's employees are now vaccinated. today in the bay's chris pallone joins us in washington. there's a strong warning issued here. >> yeah, laura, the biden administration said if the rule is not allowed to go into affect it could lead to hundreds of
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covid deaths per day. the justice department argues that emergency order doesn't need to be in place because the mandate doesn't take effect more than a month. it's a dispute that could end up in supreme court. the rule was temporarily blocked on saturday and it faces legal challenges in more than half the country. ralph's market is a plaintiff in one of the lawsuits. >> this is not a lawsuit that is anti-vaccine. this is a lawsuit that is anti-mandate. >> if allowed to take affect in january, the new covid vaccine mandate would affect about 85 million workers, and one city is requiring proof of vaccinations for people to enter places like restaurants, gyms and salons. i am chris pallone in
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washington. back to you. >> the new mandate in l.a. is being met with some pushback? >> yeah, it sure is. the thousands of people gathered outside of los angeles city hall to protest the vaccination mandate, and a separate mandate requires city employees to be vaccinated by december 18th or receive a medical or religious exemption. in the bay area, human resources say 98% of the city workers are vaccinated. of the 354 that have not yet gotten their shots, all but six are on their way to full vaccination status or have religious or medical exemptions. the city of oakland is requiring employees to report vaccine status by november 15th. >> big percentages here locally.
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happening today, san josé leaders will decide the fate of a controversial downtown statue. it shows the captain in the mexican-american war. the statue became a focal point during the george floyd protests. we have been talking about the atmospheric river and all the rain coming down across the bay area. cierra johnson is live for us out there and is tracking the storm, and also another concern out there for us this morning, the power outages out there, cierra, how is it looking where you are. >> reporter: i can tell you here in st. elmo, the rain has all but slowed.
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coming from san francisco there were pockets where there was a little heavy rain, but here, downtown in the main drag, it has stopped. there were fears of flooding so they put up sandbags to eliminate that risks, and we have not had any reports of major flooding in the north bay, but we will keep an eye on that. back to the reported outages, and those outages are related to the internet provider xfinity. it did stretch from far north as ukiah and the sheriff did tweet about the outage, and asked people not to call 911 to report the outage but to contact the service. this morning we learned most
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xfinity customers that were impacted are back online. back out here live, folks were prepared. it was two weeks ago when we saw heavy flooding, and folks not wanting to take a chance, and they put the sandbags out as a precaution. the rain has slowed in this area, and there's still pooling on the freeway. you did see some of the pooling at the lucky drive location, and if you are headed out in the marin county area, be sure and take your time and keep an eye on where there is pooling on the freeway. >> cierra, typically, that's where they prepare the sandbags, and there on lucky drive. we have seen it for years now. kari, not as bad as what we saw, what, about a month ago? >> yeah, we were not expecting this to be the historic storm on that level, but we are bringing it down to a moderate
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atmospheric river, and that's what saw on the computer models. it has tapered off to spotty showers. here we are at 9:00 and we're still seeing rain passing by the spots in the east bay, which at times could be a little heavy. for the most part we are looking at light showers then it starts to taper off and clear out by 2:30 or 3:00 this afternoon. the rain will be ending in time for the evening commute. we are looking at an additional tenth inch. there's wind pushing things around a bit, just a general note. a little slowing south 880, and there's a crash that should be clearing to the shoulder and that's probably why you see the
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slower drive. a little light flooding reported in a couple lanes, 580 around lakeshore and around ashbe. stay to your middle lanes. that's probably easier where the road crests up. we don't have any major crashes, and we're thankful for that. that commute is starting to build. more folks will bring more reports, and as laura said, maybe branches down. >> yeah, had to do a little swerving coming down. >> did you? >> yeah, coming down. >> there you have it. this next story is something like out of a spy novel. next here on "today in the bay," what the department of justice is saying about a $6 million bust and the businesses caught up in the scheme. speaking of money, more
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records on wall street. this seems to happen all the time. first, a california couple sharing their story after a fertility clinic has a mix-up. read about the lawsuit and how they realized something was very wrong right now at we'll be right back. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore?
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. good tuesday morning. our microclimate weather alert
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continues at 5:13. we see the soggy look we have over walnut creek. we'll be watching the rain and talk more about how much additional rain we could measure coming up in a few minutes. although it doesn't look bad here in palo alto, the roads are still damp. getting to or from palo alto, i have notes for those drivers and more coming up. a ransomware attack on businesses from around the world, and the justice department is charging two men, and international authorities arrested the pair. one of the attacks took place over the fourth of july weekend and affected at least 1,500 u.s. businesses. so far more than $6 million in funds have been seized in connection with the scheme. happy tuesday to you. another hack to tell you about,
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a hack against one company here in the bay area. a number of records were accessed after one of the agents fell victim to social engineering. the records exposed were minor, like names and e-mail addresses. more records on wall street. the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 all start at new all-time highs. we are going to get important inflation numbers over the next few days. for the s&p 500, this is the 64th record so far this year, and we are 313 days into 2021. that's a record out of every five days this year. tesla stock was down. we called that one yesterday. general electric, it spent so
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many years trying to become a conglomerate says it will split into three companies. a company that tracks tv advertisement said state farm is running fewer ads featuring aaron rodgers. state farm, which over the years has become closely associated with rodgers did not confirm it ran fewer ads, but did say that it, quote, constantly reviews marketing strategies. marcus and laura, it's more than a personal point of view at point, it's not just an idea but said things that are not true about vaccines. >> this next story, i think you
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will find pretty interesting. >> you know however year apple releases the new updated technology, and this year it's vintage hardware raising eyebrows. it's the apple 1 computer built by steve jobs, and it was assembled in a garage in 1976, and it's expected to sell for more than six figures. it was purchased for $650, which was a lot back in 1977. >> yeah, it was. but this is not the first time something like this happened. back in 2014, an operational unit sold for $905,000. >> scott? >> i didn't have an apple 1, i had an apple 2. it must have costs my parents a fortune at the time. it was about 1980, i want to
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say. we were not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but we were the only family on the block with a computer and people would come over to see it. >> do you know where it's now? >> i don't know where it's now, and i wish i did. i would love to turn it on. >> we know your mom watches, so maybe go check the closet. >> look in the basement and closet. >> hopefully that young man kept it clean in there. >> yeah. >> and the atarry. that's, scott. this is snow falling, and this is from a camera at palisades ski resort. that's the real stuff there, not the man made snow. temperatures have been low
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enough to fire up the snow machines as well for the first time this year. >> you know, it opened over halloween weekend, and there was not enough to sustain it. >> there you have it. it has been great to see, and we are looking at rainfall totals. how much we have measured so far, and it's still coming down around mount tam and we are approaching 3 inches. santa rosa measuring an inch and a half. we are also seeing decent rainfall totals for tiburon nearing an inch here. fairfield, three quarters of an inch. san martin getting almost half an inch. we are seeing light showers across parts of the bay area, from parts of the north bay, santa rosa to sausalito right
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now. not making it to the east bay as of now, but we are seeing a new round of light rain in pacifica. your drive on 280 could be quite wet. between morgan hill and gilroy, light rain is still coming down. we can see the heavier rain move around midnight or 12:00 in the morning, and now the heaviest rain pushed through and we are left with the light showers that will stay with us for several hours all in connection with the atmospheric river, and you can see how long it stretches out there. even though it waves up and down, we are not the focus on the heavy rain now, but there still could be an additional 0.1 of rain in the next few hours, and then clearing out for the rest of the day. our temperatures will stay cool. you do need the umbrella for at least before noon and then after that we will see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures reaching up to about 62 in san rafael. looking at the overall pattern, you can see how active it is out there in the pacific.
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it's just not targeting the bay area with the rain. once we get our next chance of rain possibly next tuesday, as of right now the models are causing that to fall apart before it gets here. hopefully that changes, but we are still looking at some dry weather in the next several days. once this moves out, we are done and sunshine for veteran's day. we will see the clouds moving in on monday, and we'll watch out for next tuesday. for san francisco, we are in the mid to upper 60s into the weekend. mike, how is it looking at the bay bridge toll plaza? >> we are looking at the volume and conditions. volume not bad, 5:20, just seeing more cars coming through, and then also chp said overnight, a wind advisory for the bay bridge. similar case over here was get across the antioch bridge. the green means it's slicker, and some flooding reported.
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san mateo and dumbarton bridge getting the wind advisory from overnight but it's calm right now. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay", "nbc bay area responds." >> we have to be prepared every day for when the next power outage will take place. we'll show you how, next. and then check out the pictures that kris sanchez posted. her mom and dad were in town, and she got a little full because i know her father cooked. follow kris on all of her adventured on facebook, instagram and twitter. ♪
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the radar still active in parts of the bay area with that rain and wind still making its way for a tricky morning commute. meteorologist, kari hall, a full forecast straight ahead for you at the bottom of the hour. it's now just part of living here. power outages. some are real surprises for people. >> but more often we get a warning before the power goes out, so you should prepare.
5:26 am
chris chmura shows us how. >> let's talk about how to protect yourself, electronics and your food. have a flashlight handy. you have one, right? next, charge your smartphone until it's full and leave it plugged into the charger until the power goes out. if you have a backup battery, grab it and make sure it's charged. remember your car can charge your smartphone, so make sure it has a full charge or full tank of gas. don't let your car get stuck in the garage because your opener might not work. pryor to an outage, unplug. next, let's talk food because a fridge full of groceries is a lot of money. we get it. your fridge could keep cold for four hours without power. as your your freezer, it could
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keep cold for 48 hours if you keep the doors closed and you stock it full. water filled bottles will do the job, cheap and effective. good morning. i am bob redell here in dublin where a family in the east bay is calling for justice for a young boy. their young boy was shot and killed on 880. the community effort to raismany for that family. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, tracking the storm. rain from the atmospheric river still falling in parts of the bay area. a slick morning commute in store for you as well. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking how long this will last. we're also tracking power outages at this hour. this is "today in the bay." 5:30 on your tuesday morning. of course we broadcast to your television traditionally, and we also stream live on, so you can watch us anywhere. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. your storm team coverage continues right now with meteorologist, kari hall. >> we're still seeing the rain coming down in parts of the north bay, around santa rosa and marin county, and then as you head south of san francisco, we are seeing the rain from half
5:31 am
moon bay down to parts of the peninsula where we have seen the showers moving through. it's taking a break aroundnd. s across parts of the san rafael richmond bridge. san mateo getting light rain but no rain in palo alto. you see the gilroy. the overall picture shows the heaviest rain to the south of us, and that's where we had the leading edge of the gusty winds. now you will see on and off light rain for the next few hours. we are looking at 9:00 and 10:00, still scattered showers passing by. around noon, still a chance of rain but not all of us will see that. by 3:00 we're starting to see it ending for much of the bay area. for tonight we are heading back to some drier conditions. we will be watching that and talk about how much rain we have measured and how this compares with the overall drought picture.
5:32 am
mike, you are looking at driving conditions near the bay. >> yeah, as we head toward the berkeley curb, a slick roadway. you can see the sheen from the wet conditions, and ponding reported earlier in the east bay. this is what kari was showing, and there's activity, a crash westbound 580 around san quinton. as more folks are starting to hit the road, we have not had more reports of flooding. at least 3,900 pg&e customers at this hour are without power. this is the latest outage map we have for you. there are other smaller outages elsewhere. power outages are really becoming the new normal here in the bay area. our consumer investigator, chris
5:33 am
chmura, will show how to prepare for this. you can go to during the show if you just can't wait for this. and then storm ranger around the clock, and you can follow kari on twitter. comcast xfinity experienced a widespread outage just before 10:00 last night, and it's unclear if it was weather related. we hear most people were able to reconnect about 11:00 at night. xfinity and nbc bay area are both owned by comcast. developing this morning, a gofundme page has been set up for jasper wu. he's the toddler killed by a stray bullet this weekend on interstate 880 in oakland. >> bob redell is live this morning, and bob, really an emotional message from the boy's
5:34 am
family. >> reporter: yeah, they are demanding justice for jasper wu. we spoke to his grandfather, and he describes his a loving and energetic boy, and he's still in disbelief over what happened this weekend. jasper's mother was driving when a stray bullet from the northbound direction hit jasper in the head and killed him. the chp set up a tip line to try and catch the shooter. >> translator: what he really wants is to capture the perpetrator because he doesn't want, you know, these people or person hitting more innocent people. >> making sure the public is safe when they are traveling the
5:35 am
freeways. >> reporter: chp reports there have been 76 freeway shootings over alameda freeways over a 12 month period. there's a gofundme page, but be aware there's another page that has no ties to the family. >> i can't imagine what that family is going through. thank you, bob. happening today, more bay area remembrance for former assembly member, wilma chan. she died last week after being struck by a vehicle. elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial resumes in san josé
5:36 am
today. last week the trial wrapped up with a venture capitalist talking about the firm investing millions of dollars into theranos. he testified the shares became worthless. breaking news this morning, more americans may soon be able to receive a covid vaccine booster shot. "the washington post" reports pfizer will seek authorization for 18 and older. right now only 65 and older are qualifying for boosters or those working in high risk settings. we're still less than a week into the wider rollout of children vaccinations, and as that group becomes vaccinated,
5:37 am
there's talk about the mask mandates. kris sanchez has an update for us. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the elementary school here in san josé will host a clinic for children 5 to 11, and we know mask mandates are tied to vaccination rates for everybody eligible, and that's including our school-aged children as well. at a mask last night, they say there's no state metric in place for lifting the mandate at this point. santa clara county will hold clinics on 80 school campuses like this one. in a trial of 3,000 kids, the vaccine provided more than 90%
5:38 am
protection. county leaders did host the to questions from parents, including possible cardiac issues. >> the myocarditis risks from infection is more than 100 times higher than the risk from the vaccine. >> reporter: so you can check out for campus clinics around the bay area, including these two that are happening today in clover dale. sonoma county will serve other campuses this week, and your county likely doing the same thing. so far there's no data for kids' vaccinations, and for the youngest one they started just getting them over the last week. we can tell you that in people 12 and up, kids 12 and older, they have about -- 70% of them have about one dose and we're making progress on that front.
5:39 am
kris sanchez for "today in the bay." we want to look at the radar right now. the atmospheric river still making its way through despite still in a drought. we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall, right now. how much rain do we need to get out of the drought right here. >> you can see how big it is. the drought gives you a picture of what is going on across the region. these small rainfalls are good, but they are not going to erase years for the huge deficits of the rainfall. still, it's historic here when we take a look at how much rain we need. let's take a look at the big buckets here. this is san josé. the last few years we had seven inches of rain, but normal is about 13 1/2. the next year we had five inches of rain, and still not close to that 13 1/2.
5:40 am
last year, only two inches of rain. so when you add all of this up we need about 14 inches of rain each year to really go above and beyond and help out with the drought. once again, it shows that this is a drop in the bucket and these buckets are humongous. >> yeah, we need a lot of rain but not at one time. >> right. let's go to mike right now, because, of course, people driving on the roads are experiencing the wet roads right now. >> yeah, the nimitz knows what it's like to get a lot of rain, and the drains were not cleared a couple weeks ago. down here we had a spinout, and everything looks like it's clearing. smaller reports of flooding on the on-ramp and off-ramps on the east bay and into the city.
5:41 am
for the san mateo and dumbarton bridge, relatively calm, just watch the slick conditions. back over to you. >> thank you, mike. new fallout this morning from a deadly crowd surge from music festival in rapper's prom family's victims of the crime. in washington, the white house is telling companies to keep pushing the vaccines even as the court rules against them. and then hanging up his soccer cleats. we're talking about his retirement on instagram on the show "synced in." look on instagram for the latest episode.
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good tuesday morning. we're under a microclimate weather alert right now at 5:44. san francisco and the peninsula getting a break. >> look at the water kicking up behind the cars on the wet roads at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on now, and the backup is forming. we'll show you where things are a little tougher for drivers, coming up. it's quickly approaching a quarter to 6:00, and then a crowd surge in houston killed eight people, and the hip-hop
5:45 am
artist came onstage just before the surge began. he's now offering to pay for the victims' funerals. >> i want justice for him, and i don't want him to be a statistic in the news, just somebody who died. i want there to be consequences for the actions. >> travis scott bowing out of the upcoming date in las vegas scheduled for this weekend, and it was just announced post malone will be that new headliner. white house telling companies to keep vaccinating your workers. >> except, scott, this time, it's not just an order? >> right, after a federal court put a pause on the order pending the view. the supreme court will probably have to weigh in at some point. the question to be answered,
5:46 am
does the executive branch have the constitutional power to make such an order. in the meantime, many companies are moving forward with their vaccination requirements, and they do have the power to force you to get a vaccination if you want to keep working there. the white house yesterday suggested it would win its court case, so companies might stick to the original timeline and, indeed, that's what we are seeing. vice president kamala harris headed to france to meet with the french president. our relationship with france poor. harris not doing much better. the most recent usa today poll shows harris with a 28% approval rating, lower than congress' rating. congress on break for veteran's day holiday. the white house said it would
5:47 am
send representatives on the road to explain to states and cities what they will get out of the infrastructure bill, and looking ahead to the next build back better bill. >> i'm always optimistic. it's going to be a tough fight. it ain't over yet, but i feel good and i think people are realizing and beginning to realize it's important to get it done. >> it has been many years since an nba team came to the white house. the last was the cleveland cavaliers back when president obama was president. then, here we are not going to show the video, because he uses a sword to kill alexandria
5:48 am
ocasio-cortez. the congresswoman points out in any other workplace if somebody posted that video on social media about killing your co workers, that person would be out of a job. we're watching what is happening on twitter including all the warnings. you can find me there, i'm @scottmcgrew. and then amazon will reportedly submit plans for a new warehouse on 7th street and townsend. that facility could be up and running within two years, and this comes as amazon looks to expand its facilities here in the bay area. trending, every christmas story has a grinch.
5:49 am
>> yeah, and for one community that grinch appears to be a judge. the elf on the shelf is banished. >> he usually does it on his own. it's magical. >> one incident, and some kids were even crying. >> don't cry, children, because the elf will be back. remember when i had my home studio last year during covid? he was even there. >> just hanging out. >> yeah
5:50 am
i'm living through you all. >> the little elf has an umbrella today. let's talk about the rainfall totals we have. we are looking pretty good here, and it's still coming down in spots as we take a look at mount tam nearing three inches right now. santa rosa, over inch and a half. our rainfall totals in tiburon, an inch and a quarter. we have seen some pretty decent rainfall totals here as we take a look at storm ranger, where we still have light and spotty showers coming down especially in marin county, san rafael and
5:51 am
over towards richmond where the rain has been lighter, and also the rain approaching vallejo. we are seeing san mateo getting light showers, and it's not reaching palo alto. there's moreover the santa cruz mountains. we can see the leading edge of the heavy rain and where we had all the gusting winds south of the bay area, and scattered showers that will continue with the connection of the atmospheric river. this is the reason why it is, because we could see the long line of clouds, and sometimes the connection lasts about two miles and stretches over towards hawaii, and the reason we call it a "pineapple express" is because it enhances the amount of moisture. the rain for the most part will stay to the north of us. when we get the shot on tuesday, it looks like it's falling apart before it gets here, so this could be the last chance of rain for a while.
5:52 am
our reservoirs still need additional rainfall. 20% for the coyote reservoir. for our overall look across the state, it's about 50% of the historical average when we look at the capacity of the reservoirs. more dry weather headed our way. in the near term, scattered showers this morning and clearing out this afternoon, and the rest of the forecast is sunny, and gradually we will be warming up. mike, it's wet and windy for some drivers. >> yeah. be careful because 580 westbound across over to richmond, the radar shows the activity slowing as they are clearing a crash around the san quinton exit. be careful around there.
5:53 am
highway 1, further north up there around point reyes, be careful. there's traditional slowing in the traditional spots for the most part. slowing through san josé, and the tri-valley and peninsula look great. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you, fast-food workers across the state are preparing to protests. they are demonstrating against alleged unsafe working conditions. they want a new bill passed that would establish minimum standards on wages and other working conditions. the jack-in-the-box in oakland will protest later today. what true crime fanatics might want to hear about, coming up. this looks like a lumpy rock, but it could help to power
5:54 am
electric cars. at 6:00, tracking the return of rain. parts of the bay area still seeing some of the showers and strong winds. we have live team coverage ahead. also how it will affect your morning commute. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the
5:57 am
bay." that radar, as you see it's still active this morning. slippery morning bay area. for a meteorologist, kari hall, will have a look at the forecast for you at the top of the hour. palo alto leaders voted to expand outdoor diningn areas. the city council passes it through next june. a follow-up this morning, an east bay high on the job after being on leave after a viral video. this video was in 2019, and it shows a drill at el cerrito high where players get hit repeatedly by two russian players, and when that video resurfaced the coach was placed on leave while the district investigated. a source tells us he's now not at practice the day of the drill, but the assistant coach
5:58 am
the day of the drill was fired shortly afterwards. and then a true crime bee, the podcast is called "inside the crime files." three episodes have been filed so far. last year deangelo plead guilty to 13 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of kidnapping. listen to this, a unique rock at the bottom of the ocean could be the key to millions of future electric vehicles. experts say this, what you see right here, this lumpy black rock has elements inside it that can be used to power electric vehicle batteries, and there could be trillions on the ocean
5:59 am
floor off the coast of san diego, even enough for a billion electric vehicles. researchers are looking for the best and safest way to bring it to surface. >> you don't have to dig or drill or blast to get to it. these rocks are literally lying on the ocean floor. >> the process would produce zero solid waste and 90% less carbon dioxide compared to the conventional mining, and they hope to bring them to the surface and put them to use as early as 2024. and in some places, rain still coming down. the remanence of another atmospheric river still making its way through the bay area. we are timing out what it means for your morning commute and when that wet weather will finally move out of here. "today in the bay" continues right now. here we go to morning, on this tuesday. thank you for making this part of our morning.
6:00 am
i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. can you make this out? it's wet on the roadways and wet on the lenses this morning. mike is keeping his eye on the roads as you head out the door. cierra johnson up in the north bay for us as well, but first let's get to meteorologist, kari hall, tracking our weather neighborhood by neighborhood. >> it's been raining harder in parts of the north bay, and we are seeing showers in santa rosa and san rafael. 101 in marin county will be very wet. we are seeing the rain on and off for san francisco and now picking up more for pacifica, and down to 280. we are seeing some of the heavy, and then light and moderate rain. in the east bay, we are seeing the rain taking a break for the most part. still, we are not done with the storm system. we can still see the moisture that is going to be streaming in


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