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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i am laura garcia. can you make this out? it's wet on the roadways and wet on the lenses this morning. mike is keeping his eye on the roads as you head out the door. cierra johnson up in the north bay for us as well, but first let's get to meteorologist, kari hall, tracking our weather neighborhood by neighborhood. >> it's been raining harder in parts of the north bay, and we are seeing showers in santa rosa and san rafael. 101 in marin county will be very wet. we are seeing the rain on and off for san francisco and now picking up more for pacifica, and down to 280. we are seeing some of the heavy, and then light and moderate rain. in the east bay, we are seeing the rain taking a break for the most part. still, we are not done with the storm system. we can still see the moisture that is going to be streaming in off the coast, and bringing us
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those scattered showers through at least noon. take a look at santa rosa. there will be mostly cloudy skies and temperatures heading up to about 60 degrees, and even at 1:00 there will still be scattered showers moving through, and some of the heavier rain once again for the north bay, for the coast, we may see an additional 0.1 to quarter inch of rain. the bay bridge toll plaza, the crowd is building and you will have to use your brakes for the crowd. not a lot of spinouts reported, but be careful. coming out of marin county, you see the cars building, and here in marin county, there's reports of minor flooding around the san quinton exit. there's slowing on the westbound bridge over towards san rafael.
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the rest of the bay south of there, really a typical pattern. back to you. >> thank you. some communities are feeling the impact of the storm as it is moving through the bay area. you can see the wet roads on the bay bridge toll plaza. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live for us checking out the conditions there. how is it looking? >> we are going to get to an outage, a situation involving xfinity in just a moment. right now, the rain is coming on and off. before this hit the rain was picking up, and as we came on air, the rain slowed up, so good news there. we are in the main drag here, and there are sandbags here. two weeks ago we saw some flooding associated with the weather pattern, so folks really just wanting to be prepared. there was a situation, as i
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mentioned, connected with xfinity. right now that internet provider is not sure if it's weather related, but we wanted to pass it on. that outage began last night around 10:00 last night impacting just the internet service, and the provider, again, not sure if it was weather related, but the issue was widespread as far north as ukiah. the local sheriff did ask that customers, as you could imagine, do not call 911 about the outage but instead contact the provider. the provider told us there would be resolution in the overnight hours, and as of now many customers are back on line. xfinity is owned by our parent company, comcast. right now some folks are seeing their internet services come back on. back here, folks are just breathing a sigh of relief.
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we have not heard of any reports of any flooding, but there are, as mike mentioned, the usual suspects heading up from the city. i did notice a lot of pooling at the lucky drive stretch of 101, so be careful if you are in the marin area. be careful if you are headed out this morning. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. even when we are not on air, you can track that storm with the free nbc bay area app. it will send updates straight to your phone and even give you the weather right in your neighborhood. jack nice served as a san francisco police officer for 17 years. he died on saturday after testing positive for covid last week. police sources tell nbc bay area that he was among 41 officers placed on leave for not meeting
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the city's november 1st vaccination mandate. the white house is responding to a court ruling blocking a vaccine mandate for large employers. today in the bay's chris pallone in is washington for us. >> the biden administration warns preventing this rule from going into effect could lead to dozens and even hundreds of covid deaths per day. the justice department argues there's no need for the emergency order, because the vaccine mandate doesn't take affect for more than a month. a federal appeals panel in louisiana temporarily blocked the rule on saturday. it faces legal challenges in more than half the country. ralph's market, a grocery chain in the southeast is one of the complainants in the lawsuit. >> this is a lawsuit that is not
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anti-vaccine, but it's a lawsuit that is anti-mandate. >> if the law were to take effect in january, the mandate would affect 85 million american workers. mean while, los angeles to your south is enforcing some of the toughest rules in the country. it's requiring proof of vaccinations to enter places like restaurants, gyms and salons. >> i understand, chris, that mandate in l.a. is being met with some pushback? >> yeah, it is. there have been protests. as a matter of fact, thousands gathered outside the city hall to protest the mandate. several firefighters and first responders held a protest. a mandate requires city employees to get vaccinated. in the bay area, the san francisco human resources department says 98% of city
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employees are now vaccinated, and san josé city officials say 95% of employees there are vaccinated. of the 354 that have not yet gotten their shot, all but 6 are on their way to full vaccination status or have religious or medical exemptions. the city of oakland is requiring employees to report a vaccine status by november 14th. back to you. >> thank you. 6:07. happening today, san josé leaders will decide the fate of a controversial downtown statue. the statue on st. james street shows the former mayor that was a captain in the mexican-american war. that statue became the focal point during the george floyd protests. the commission voted unanimously to recommend it to be removed. today the final decision will be made on that issue. a live look in the sierra
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where snow is already falling from the storm passing through the bay area, and you can see the palisades ski resort. that's the real stuff there. temperatures have been low enough to fire up the snow-making machine, and this is the first time this year. the resort hopes to reopen on the 24th, or perhaps sooner if that snow keeps coming down. >> yes. how cold is it up there, kari? will we keep getting snow? >> you have to go really high in elevation to see the rain change to the snow. take a look at the small sliver of the blue indicating where we have snow, so you have to go up at least 6,000, 7,000 feet to see the snow. for marin county and parts of southern napa and sonoma counties, and we are seeing light showers. it may make your commute a
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little slower. for the peninsula, also looking for light rain passing by. this is going to be the trend throughout the morning. i will be watching the rain coming through, through at least early afternoon. mike, you are reading the signs on the san mateo bridge? yeah, moisture and mist in the air. you showed the radar activity coming across san mateo and the dumbarton bridge, and the sign here says high winds on bridge, and that's the notice the chp gave overnight. have not had any problems reported. despite the mist and drizzle and light rain coming from the peninsula, we have not seen anything unusual in the commute. in oakland, there have not been any changes. there's active rain throughout marin county, though, so be careful. back to you. >> good advice.
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thank you. 6:25 on "today in the bay," our consumer team breaks down on how to prepare. how about owning one of the first computers ever made? if you are interested, we'll tell you how much that could set you back. >> that wood grain could match your station wagon. let's take a look at the futures and see what we get today. maybe a little money coming out of the dow, but otherwise more records ahead. first, a california couple now sharing their story after a fertility clinic allegedly makes a big mix-up. they give birth to another couple's baby. read about the all-new lawsuit and how they realized something was very wrong, right now on
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right now at 6:13, our microclimate weather continues. keep the umbrella close. we'll take a look at all our microclimates and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. maybe getting a break from the rain but not the water. look at the on-ramp at the bottom of the screen how water is kicking up. we'll talk about the build and give you another look outside at some other spots that are having an issue. good morning. happy tuesday to you. another hack to tell you about, a hack against robinhood here in the bay area. a number of customer records
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were accessed after one of the customer service agents fell victim to social engineering. the records exposed were minor, things like peoples' names and e-mail addresses, but in a few cases the bad guys were able to access more sensitive data like birthdays, information to crack other accounts. then we will get important inflation numbers over the next few days, and consumer prices tomorrow. for the s&p 500, this is the 64th record so far this year, and we are 313 days into 2021, so that's a record 1 out of every 5 days this year. an incredible performance. tesla's stock was down and we called that yesterday.
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a company that tracks tv advertisement said state farm is running far fewer ads featuring the controversial quarterback,
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back in 2014, an operational unit sold for a lot of money. >> a lot of money. i had an apple 2, which i was lucky enough to have as a young person. there was very little you could do with it. you programmed it yourself. some people would remember computer magazines would have
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the program in the back of the magazine. mike is waving his hand over in the corner. you would type it in as it appeared in the magazine, and i was 13 so it was more like this, and it would take days. you had to get everything just right for it to run. >> you miss one little letter or symbol -- >> yeah, one little letter. >> the more you know. >> exactly. >> stick around "today in the bay" and you will learn a lot. >> you don't know where that is? >> i had it when i was about 13, but don't know where it's now. 6:17 for you this morning. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. still slick conditions and wet weather continuing to move across the bay area this morning, and a reminder to take it easy out there. mike will get a look at the commute in just a bit, but kari is tracking the forecast for us. kari, a wet start to the day? >> yeah, so the rain is still
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coming down. i'm still updating the rainfall totals. every time you don't see me on camera, i am looking through the rainfall totals. it's still adding up at mount tam, and we're over three inches right now. santa cruz mountains, 2 inches. it has not changed for antioch, about half an inch of rain and still decent, as we look at tiburon measuring over an inch there. a lot of the heavier rain moved out to the south and east, but we are still watching on storm ranger. you can do so as well if you have the nbc bay area app. you can put this little red scan on your smartphone. from san francisco, just after the city and toward half moon bay and extending over towards union city is where we are seeing the light rain.
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the roads are definitely wet. as you head out, you need the umbrella. there are other spots where the rain has taken a break, and you can see the line of clouds extending from the coast into the bay area. a lot more moisture where that is coming from. this is why we are saying it's an atmospheric river. you could see the connection between the clouds and steady stream of rain. sometimes the atmospheric rivers can extend 2,000 miles out into the pacific. we will see an active weather pattern here going into next week, and the rain stays to the north of us. when it moves through, looks like a lot of the rain falls apart. that chance will be on tuesday. we are going to watch on tuesday for the next chance of showers, and in between we have dry weather through today. by the evening commute, it's starting to dry out and the rest of the forecast is looking nice
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for veterans day. next week we will see more clouds moving in, and we will keep an eye on next tuesday. mike, that rain could complicate the ride for some? >> yeah, the big stuff is done from overnight, but here we still have light rain on the lens, and the rain will be an issue for visibility if your windshield wipers are not in good condition. the build is happening at the bay bridge toll plaza where we showed you. there was a crash that happened earlier this morning near san quinton, and that rain did leave lower spots with flooding or big puddles. be careful of the usual suspects. highway 4, it's showing here a slower drive. a smoother drive here. there were earlier reports of
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flooding in some areas. hayward and northbound 101 through san josé, that second burst has not kicked in but will be here in the next 20 minutes. san martin got early rain but now we're calm. >> calm is how we like it. thanks, guys -- i mean, mike. it's 6:21 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we never know when the next power outage is going to take place, so you need to be prepared. i am chris chmura. up next, we'll show you how. here's kris sanchez.
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6:24 this morning. the radar working over drive this morning, still active in parts of the bay area with the rain and wind, making tricky for the morning commute.
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meteorologist, kari hall, has the full forecast straight ahead for you coming up at the bottom of the hour. you know what? in just part of our every day lives for people, power outages, sometimes they are a surprise. >> sometimes we get a warning the lights are going to go out, so we should prepare. consumer investigators have some tips. >> let's talk about how to protect yourself, your electronics and your food. first, make sure you have a flashlight handy. ideally it's part of your emergency go back. you have one, right? leave your phone plugged into the charger until the power goes out. if you have a backup battery, grab it and make sure it's charged. your car can charge your smartphone, so make sure it has a full tank of gas or is charged. move your car out of the garage before the power outage starts. next, protect your electronics.
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prior to an outage, disconnect the power because power could return with surges or spikes that could cause damage. next, let's talk food. a fridge full of groceries is a lot of money. we get it. your fridge could keep cold four hours without power, and as far as your freezer it could keep cold as long as 48 hours if you keep the doors closed and stock it full. no need to run out and buy cheap pizza to fill the space. filled water bottles will do the job, cheap and effective. the warriors continuing their hot streak. last night at chase center steph curry was on fire leading the dubs to an easy win over the atlanta hawks. warriors now 9-1 to start the season, which is very nice. 6:26 right now. coming up next, the top stories we are following for you today,
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the new push to widen the number of people eligible for a booster shot and a possible timeline. plus -- >> a family demands justice for their young boy who was shot and killed this weekend on 880. the shocking number of other shootings along freeways here in the east bay. you are watching "today in the bay."
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. the storm. rain from the atmospheric river
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still falling in parts of the bay area this morning. there are slick roads out there for the morning commute, and we are tracking how long that rain will last. breaking news on the vaccine front. eligibility for covid boosters could be close for a major expansion. we'll tell you all about it. this is "today in the bay." 6:30 now on your tuesday morning. of course we are broadcasting to your television, but we also stream live on and our app. you can take us with you on the go. good morning. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. our team coverage continues this morning with our meteorologist, kari hall, and where is that rain falling now? >> parts of the east bay also getting in on some of the light showers. as we zoom in, we can see san rafael seeing light rain. also parts of the east bay, over
6:31 am
towards union city and danville. we have seen the rain extending over towards pacifica. some of the heavier rain to the south of us. we are still going to have a chance of showers throughout the morning. take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. make sure you keep the umbrella close by. by 11:00, 12:00 or 1:00, still a chance of rain moving through and then after that we will see rain chances going down later this evening. maybe an additional 0.1 to quarter inch of rain in some spots. we will add up how this adds up in the drought, coming up. kari, even though you are talking about things being calm, and slicker roadways are possible. this sign says high winds on
6:32 am
bridge. no complications in the chp reports other than those in the chp reports talking about wind. we're looking at the south bay. we have a standard push westbound for the bridges as well. at this hour, pg&e customers still without power. marin, san ramon and san josé are affected the most, and there are smaller outages elsewhere. it's unclear if xfinity's outage was from the weather. we should note xfinity and nbc bay area are both owned by comcast. don't forget, meteorologist, kari hall, tracking the storm and any storms coming our way
6:33 am
with our nbc bay area stormranger around the clock. she posts updates even when we are not on the air. you can follow her on twitter @karihallweather. and then one bay area community coming together to mourn a boy that was shot on 880. jasper wu was shot and killed this weekend. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. the family, namely they just want justice for jasper wu. we spoke with jasper's grandfather from his home in fremont. he says his grandson that was about to turn two years old was an adorable and energetic boy. he's still in disbelief over what happened this weekend. on saturday afternoon jasper's mom was driving jasper and two other children on 880 when a
6:34 am
stray bullet hit jasper in the head and killed him. chp has set up a tip line to try and catch the shooter. >> what he really wants is to capture this perpetrator because he doesn't want, you know, these people or person hitting more innocent people. >> the high school patrol has a mission to make sure the motoring public is safe when they are traveling the freeways. >> reporter: chp reports that over a 12 month period there have been 76 shootings on freeways in alameda county. reporting live in dublin, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> such a tragic story. our thoughts are with that family right now. thank you. more bay area remembrances are planned for wilma chan. she died last week after being struck by a car in alameda.
6:35 am
contra costa county supervisors and east bay mud board supervisors are planning to attend. in the holmes trial, you can follow the reporting on the theranos trial online at, just click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. more americans may soon be able to receive a covid vaccine booster shot. pfizer is seeking authorization for those 18 and older as soon as next week. as of now, people over 65 qualify for boosters or people
6:36 am
working in high-risk settings. we're still less than a week into the wider rollout of child vaccinations, and some families are wondering about the future of the school mask mandates. kris sanchez has an update for us. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the elementary school here will host a vaccination clinic later today, just one of many that the county is setting up in order to meet families where they are. the mask mandates for bay area counties are tied to vaccination rates for all eligible people, and that now includes kids five and up. santa clara county public health officials said there's no state metric in place at this point for lifting the mandate in school settings in particular. still, santa clara county will continue to hold clinics on 80 school campuses in the trial.
6:37 am
we know in the trial, 3,000 children no major adverse affects or deaths. many parents felt confident enough to get their children vaccinated over the last week since it was approved, but the county and doctors are still answering questions from other parents about cardiac issues from the vaccine. >> the risk from the infection is 100 times higher than the risk from the vaccine. >> check out clinics. check with your local county at so far there's no data for how many children have been vaccinated in the 5 to 11 group.
6:38 am
it's just too soon. we can tell you in the age group of 12 and up, kids, about 70% of them have at least one dose. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> thank you. want to take a live look at the radar this morning. of course, we have been talking about it all morning, the atmospheric river still making its way through the bay area, and despite the deluge, we are still in a drought. i want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall. talk about how much rain we will need to get us all of the drought here in this era? >> it's not just the bay area. this is across the west and what we are calling a mega drought where you have these conditions for a span of 20 years. >> wow. >> the rainfall that we have seen is good, but it's a small drop in the bigger bucket and some of the worst of the drought from napa to solano and over towards alameda ask contra
6:39 am
costaa county, and in 2019, there were several inches. the next year we measured five inches. but normal, once again, 13 1/2. last year was really bad. we only measured two inches but the normal amount is 13 1/2, so we need at least maybe even 150% of the normal rainfall year after year to dig us out of the drought. we are seeing conditions like this in san francisco, and last year they measured 7 1/2, and that's nothing compared to the 22.89 inches they normally get. all of this is good, but we need this for several months and then years on end to dig us out of this major drought that we are seeing right now. >> hopefully not all at once. >> we don't need it all at once.
6:40 am
mike, you are monitoring the roads? >> yeah, the bay bridge toll plaza here on the lens, we see lighter rain. it's still falling around the bay and that could keep the roadways slick. here the volume is a bigger yield, too. not as much volume as we often see on a tuesday. some folks may have held off on the drive, and others may be riding or telecommuting as an option. over here, it's slowing on the san rafael-richmond bridge, and there could be ponding there as well. we are looking at a lighter commute and less slowing than usual. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we will have team coverage of all the lingering rain. >> yeah, we will look at the rain totals here in marin county, and what some folks have done to protect their businesses
6:41 am
following the atmospheric river. in washington, the white house saying companies should still push the vaccine. and then looking at the boards, day after day after day of new records. and then our digital journalist talking about one retirement on the instagram show "synced in." 6:41. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:43, our microclimate weather continues in much of the bay area. storm ranger tracking showers. we are going to see rain on and off at least through the morning. i will keep an eye on the rainfall totals and what is ahead, coming up in a few minutes. and then the bay bridge, we'll cover that coming up. the white house is telling companies to keep vaccinating your workers. >> this time it's a suggestion and not an order. >> yeah, after a federal court, marcus, put a pause on the order pending further review. the white house said it appealed
6:45 am
that ruling to an appellant court and the supreme court will have to weigh in at some point. does the executive branch have the constitutional power to make such an order. in the meantime, many companies are moving forward with their vaccination requirements, and they do have the power to force you to get a vaccination if you would like to keep working there. the white house yesterday suggested it would win its court case, so companies might as well stick to the original timeline, and, indeed, that's what we are seeing. for what it's worth, 1,300 americans died of covid since the last time we talked yesterday. kamala harris is headed to france to meet with the president there, the french president. our relationship with that country poor after we skunked the french on a submarine deal. harris has a 28% approval rating. that's lower than congress, and congress almost always rates last in the heart of americans.
6:46 am
back when the vice president was campaigning to be the democratic candidate for president, her popularity peaked at just calif has not seen the same popularity nationwide. president biden met with world champions, the milwaukee bucks yesterday. it has been many years since the nba team came to the white house. the last was the cleveland cavaliers back when president obama was president. and then we are not going to show you a video posted by a senator, because in it a character uses a sword to kill his co-worker, alexandria ocasio-cortez. they have worked together on
6:47 am
several committees, and the congresswoman points out if any other workplace, if somebody posted a video on social media about killing co workers, that person would lose their job. >> thanks so much, scott. 6:47 right now. taking a live look outside. a lot of people feeling the impact from the storm moving through the bay area. a live look at the golden gate bridge. everything fresh and clean. today in the "today in the bay"'s cierra johnson joins us in san anselmo.
6:48 am
protecting their business from flooding here, and remember the atmospheric river a couple weeks ago, there was flooding in parts of the bay area. here in the north bay, it got hit pretty hard with the rain from san francisco. we did see heavy rainfall as well as pooling. folks in certain communities waking up this morning and checking their area for flooding or damage. we have not heard of any so far, but if we do hear of any we will let you know if you are driving 101 north, in that area it's flooded so take your time if you are headed up that way. live for "today in the bay," cierra johnson. >> so welcomed the rain. but take your time. >> yeah, it's a nice and steady rain. >> yeah, mount tam approaching 3
6:49 am
1/2 inches. santa cruz mountains, 2 1/4. we are seeing rainfall totals over an inch in tiburon. we are getting there in fairfield. oakland about half an inch. the same in livermore and san martin. so across the bay area this was a nice soaker. we are still seeing light rain coming down to storm ranger, and it's moving across southern napa and sonoma county. in vallejo, we are seeing light rain. in livermore, light rain. driving on 580 may still be wet. and down south of san francisco, san josé getting light sprinkles right now as well as morgan hill as the rain continues to move over the santa cruz mountains.
6:50 am
we have seen decent rainfall totals there in the valley. we're still seeing the moisture streaming in. look at the clouds. they are rolling through the coast. you can see the long line of clouds. sometimes the atmospheric river goes all the way down to the sub tropics, and it can extend about 2,000 miles long. we are still in a very active weather pattern, and then a lot of the rain headed towards the pacific northwest, and hopefully it will hold together but as of now the forecast is dry. this as our reservoir still needs help. we are at about half of the capacity for the north bay reservoirs. doing a little better for east bay mud, but for the south bay reservoirs, we are 20% or less and across the state on average we are seeing about half of the normal amount of historical
6:51 am
average for capacity. we are heading back into dry weather. temperatures in the low 70s for veterans day for the inland areas. more sunshine in the forecast for the weekend. once again, watching early next week, san francisco staying in the mid to upper 60s and dry weather after today. mike, how is it looking right now in oakland. >> kari, we will take a look with the live camera first of all, because the speed sensors don't tell the tale. watch the slick conditions. that's translating here over toward the green highlighting, where it means wet roadways like in oakland there. there's a little extra slowing here, and everything else looks standard. moving south, we have hayward. just a build for the normal commute patterns. the slick roadway, watch out
6:52 am
because that could be a factor for your morning commute. happening now, fast-food workers across the state beginning to protest for what they believe are unsafe working conditions. they want state lawmakers to pass a bill establishing wages and other working conditions. next, a quick look at the top stories we are following, including the breaking news on covid booster shots and the next steps in expanding eligibility. find out if you may soon be able to qualify. plus, the family of the toddler killed by a stray bullet on a bay area freeway talking about their heartbreaking loss. their emotional message to the shooter. you're watching "today in the bay."
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very good morning to you. 6:55. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at our top stories on "today in the bay." >> our first story for you, the breaking news this morning. more americans may soon be able to receive a covid booster shot. the washington post is reporting pfizer will seek emergency authorization for people 18 and older. top health leaders are already approved to mix and match the booster shots. a bay area community coming together to mourn the death of a
6:56 am
young boy. a stray bullet hit and killed jasper wu this weekend on interstate 880 in oakland. today in the bay's bob redell joins us with a new and emotional message from his family. can't imagine what they must be going through, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. still in disbelief over what happened this weekend, and spoke to his grandfather. he wants justice for his grandson. he describes jasper, who was about to turn two years old as an adorable, loving and energetic boy. on saturday afternoon jasper's mom was driving jasper and two other children southbound on 880 when a stray bullet hit jasper in the head and killed him. chp has set up a tip line to try and find the shooter. >> what he wants is to capture the perpetrator, because he doesn't want these people or
6:57 am
person hitting more innocent people. >> reporter: the chp reports that over a 12 month period there have been 76 shootings on freeways here in alameda county. reporting live in dublin, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. happening this morning, more bay area remembrances for alameda county supervisor and former assemblywoman, chan. san francisco police sources revealing new details on an officer that died from apparent covid complications. he serves as a san francisco police officer for 17 years. his widow says he died in manteca saturday after testing positive for covid last week. police sources tell nbc bay area
6:58 am
that he was among 41 officers placed on leave for not meeting the city's november 1st vaccine mandate. 98% of city employees are vaccinated. happening today, the statue on st. james street shows the captain in the mexican/american war, and because of that critics call him a symbol of american imperialism, and that statue was a focal point during the george floyd protests. a live look in the sierra where there's snow falling from the storm that passed through the bay area. this is from a camera up at palisades ski resort. the ski resort hopes to open on november 24th or sooner if the snow keeps coming. that's what we are hoping for, kari? >> yeah, we have had quite a bit of rain in the bay area.
6:59 am
as you are waking up, it may not be raining at your particular spot, but we will see it raining off and on throughout the morning. sausalito getting in on wet weather. still spotty light sowers -- showers continuing for the next few hours. there was slowing across 580 for quite sometime, and it's probably because of the slick conditions so be careful out there. the golden gate bridge, not getting active rain but you see the wind, and so just be careful out there. traffic looks a little lighter than your tip tuesday right now. >> people staying in because of the rain. >> absolutely. even when we are not on air, you can keep track on the storm on our free nbc bay area app. it can track the weather conditions in your neighborhood. >> yeah, it's cool.
7:00 am
it will say, like, 17 minutes until rain where you are. it's like, get me inside! that's what is happening today on "today in the bay." we're back in 25 minutes with a live local news update. >> make it a terrific tuesday. stay dry out there. the "today" show is next. good morning. demanding an . good morning. demanding answers. >> i loved my son. it could have been you, it could have been you. >> families of the victims killed in that tragic stampede at a concert in houston speaking out as lawsuits are filed. >> there was not enough medical personnel, not enough security personnel. >> and the fbi joins the investigation. this morning, new details about what went wrong and the warning given to rapper travis scott by officials before he took the stage as the fire chief joins us for a live interview. tears of joy.


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