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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 10, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests sarah silverman, gary gulman, and mark ronson i want to thank elmo lovano and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. the audience, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ how did so many get sick? tonight, cal football's covid outbreak, and what public-health officials say players did not do that may have made things worse. also, searching for answers
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after jasper wu was killed by a stray bullet on 880. the high-tech changes that one county has already made to crack down on freeway shootings. and plan ahead. the kaiser employees threatening to strike next week, and what kaiser is telling patients to do now, before it's too late. plus, drugs, corruption, and a coverup. we investigate allegations of widespread conspiracy inside the marijuana-growing capital of the u.s., and law enforcement agencies accused of being involved. >> good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. tonight, covid confusion and frustration for the cal football team. saturday's game against usc is postponed and it's also casting concern about the following game at stanford. terry mcsweeney is at memorial stadium and the cal campus, where many of the players say they are doubting the covid protocol that was in place, terry.
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>> yeah, officially it's a covid outbreak that has forced the delay, not the cancellation but the postponement let's call it of the game on saturday. but some are saying it's actually more of some questionable covid testing and red tape that's caused this delay of game. the cal golden bear football team is not having a good year, and that was before 24 players and coaches tested positive for covid last week, and could not play against arizona. cal lost to a team that had a 20-game losing streak, and now more players have tested positive. >> today, when we tested, we -- we had really just a few. but they were all in the same position group, and it left us with an inability to compete safely. >> reporter: cal's athletic department petitioned the pac 12 commissioner for a postponement of saturday's game against southern cal, and it was approved. uc rules state that if a player tests positive for covid, they must isolate for ten days. football coach justin wilcox blaming the problem, in part, on poor communication between city
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health experts and campus. quote, cases emerge in an environment of ongoing failure to abide by public health measures. people in the program did not get tested when sick, stay home when sick, wear masks indoors. i asked an expert how a team described as 99.5% fully vaccinated could have an oult outbreak. >> are these players symptomatic? in which case, they can transmit the infection and the appropriate thing to do to cancel this game. so i think we need a little more information from what is happening. >> reporter: cal football trying to get it all behind them. >> we have tested every one of our student athletes now three times. and he can see that we are at the back end of this. we are going to stay vigilant but i am very confident that, um, you know, when we kick it off next week and start preparing for stanford, we are going to be in a great spot. >> reporter: yeah, so the usc game has now been pushed back to december 4th but long before that, he mentioned it, raj mentioned it. there is a big game. there is the big game.
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that's coming up a week from saturday. live in berkeley, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people will be paying attention. thank you, terry. we have exclusive video of a police raid on a home in gilroy. take a look. three search warrants were executed this morning in connection with that deadly-halloween weekend shooting at the home of a city council woman there in gilroy. one arrest was made at this address on fuchsia court. 18-year-old lucas tomisetti was charged be being a felon in possession of a firearm. investigators don't know if it is the same gun used in that halloween shooting where one person was killed and three people wounded. >> detectives will analyze evidence found today during the search warrants. they will keep interviewing witnesses. we are -- again, we're hoping that more witnesses come forward that will cooperate with the investigation. >> police expect more charges and arrests will happen soon. one suspect was arrested last week, but the da declined to charge him.
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the senseless and stunning death of a toddler has a lot of people wondering are bay-area freeways even safe? jasper wu was killed by a stray bullet while riding in his mother's car on 8 80. the question is could cameras have prevented that shooting? one county says they work and that they have the numbers to prove it. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: a deadly tragedy on our bay area freeway that's left 23 month old jasper wu dead is forcing city lawmakers, like carole fife, to respond to a tough question. how do you stop it? >> no one has the answer. there is no one answer but it is going take all of us coming together to try to figure it out. >> that's difficult for jasper's mother to hear after she tells nbc bay area's janelle wang she's dealing with enormous grief after a stray bullet on 880 struck and killed her son. >> translator: i want everybody's help to help us find
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the killer. >> reporter: fife says she and others are looking for solutions to a scary problem. chp has responded to 76 shootings on alameda county freeways in the last year. most of them, happening on 580 and 880. >> and i met with chief armstrong this -- this morning, and he said that there are individuals who are utilizing the freeways more to engage in this type of, um, violence. >> reporter: that's because, he says, it's difficult to catch someone involved in a gun battle on the freeway. difficult but not impossible. a contra costa county task force proved that by setting up surveillance cameras and a monitoring station after getting funding for close to $2 million. at the height of the problem on 880 and highway 4, starting in 2015, there were 62 freeway shootings and nine fatalities. once the cameras were activated, the number of freeway shootings decreased to two in 20 19.
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one of them fatal. we reached out to chp and cal trans. a spokesperson from both agencies says there is no system in place to record shootings on alameda county freeways and they say there is no hope that that will happen anytime soon. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. san francisco district attorney will have to split his time between fighting crime and fighting off a recall effort. today, the city's department of elections certified a petition to recall the da. that vote will now be next year on june 7th during the statewide primary election. we showed you exclusively last month, this. his critics submitted more than 83,000 signatures, 30,000 more than needed to put the recall on the ballot. a spokesperson for the friends of which is an anti-recall effort released this statement to us. it reads in part, we are confident san francisco voters will reject this republican-funded and endorsed
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effort, as well. the recall is an attempt reform boudin has enacted to keep us safe and make the criminal justice system fairer. get your meds now before it is too late. pharmacists for healthcare giant kaiser are threatening to strike next week and that could leave patients who rely on kaiser for their refills with empty prescription bottles. nbc bay area's jean elle has more. >> kaiser says it's in contract negotiations with the guild for professional pharmacists. the union has told kaiser members may strike starting on monday. kaiser is letting patients know and urging them to fill prescriptions now. >> they say if i don't pick up my pills by next -- by the -- by the 15th, i might have to wait. and people cannot wait for their pills. >> reporter: at the kaiser permanente pharmacy in south san francisco tonight, a steady stream of patients picking up medication after learning pharmacists may strike from november 15th to the 22nd. >> i think them going to strike
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is going to put a lot of people out of whack. >> patients say a phone recording let them know the strike is looming. many say they called their doctor, right away. >> i called the doctor say, hey, i need my medication now this week because next week i don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: in a statement, kaiser says it has an offer on the table that keeps its pharmacists among the highest paid in the profession. we reached out to the guild for professional pharmacists but have not gotten a response. kaiser also says if there is a strike, it is prepared to continue to provide members and patients with access to the pharmacy services they need. jean elle nbc bay area news. boosters for 18 and up. pfizer officially petitioning the fda to allow covid-booster shots for anyone over the age of 18. it's an amendment to the emergency-use authorization that it already has granted which only allows, so far, boosters for people 65 and older or people at high risk or people who work at high-risk environments. company says it has provided
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data that shows that the boosters are safe and effective. if approved by the fda, then it would also need to be approved by the cdc. he is back in the public eye. today, governor newsom reappeared after a curious two-week disappearance. last time we saw the governor in public was 13 days ago. getting his booster shot in oakland. days later, he suddenly cancelled his trip to scotland for the u.n. climate summit. his office said he was staying in california for family reasons. today, he spoke at the california economy summit in monterey. the governor says he backed out of that u.n. conference to be with his kids. >> mom and dad missing halloween. for them, is like worse than christmas, missing christmas. and i woke up that next morning with something's probably familiar to a lot of parents that knot in your stomach that i had no damn choice. i had to cancel that trip. >> he says he and his staff had a very productive week behind the scenes. well, from st. james to
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storage, the statue of thomas fallen located in downtown san jose for almost 20 years will soon be a goner. city council voted unanimously to remove it this evening. fallon was one of the early mayors and credited with being the first person to raise the american flag in the city. however, critics say fallon slaughtered native americans during the mexican-american war. it could take ten months to remove the statue and cost $450,000. should san francisco formally apologize for its racist past? specifically, the mistreatment of the chinese community. today, the city started the process. supervisor matt haney read a proposed resolution apologizing for racist laws and policies dating back to the 1860s. however, city supervisors sent the resolution back to committee to work on the wording. the apology was the idea of a uc berkeley student and his friends after they learned about the city's past racism against the chinese people. >> we thought if not san
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francisco, then -- then where? um, when there is such a long history with this community and that -- in the particular city. >> supervisor haney says even though a final vote didn't happen today, he is happy the apology is already on the record. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog is returning to san francisco, even some drizzle. we'll track exactly where that fog will be rolling in for the morning coming up in about seven minutes. exposing allegations of a massive conspiracy and widespread coverup involving stolen drugs, cash, and other valuables. i'm senior investigative reporter. we will tell you what law enforcement agencies are now accused of being behind it all. and then, not too early, not too late. the healthiest bedtime for your heart
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tonight, we exposed allegations of a widespread conspiracy. this involves drugs, corruption, and a coverup inside many law enforcement agencies. >> for months, we have been digging into accusations that officers and deputies in the bay area have committed hundreds of acts of extortion, theft, even robbery. chief senior investigative reporter bigad shaban. >> reporter: more than 150 miles north of san francisco in rural northern california, you will find majestic mountain ranges, dreamy coastlines, and weed.
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lots of weed. a trio of counties, mendocino, humboldt, and trinity make up what's known as the emerald triangle. one of the largest marijuana producers in the country. zeke was driving through southern mendocino county nearly four years ago when he says he found himself at the center of a bizarre crime and coverup. >> this is where we pulled off. and this is where i was robbed, right here. >> reporter: he was visiting from texas, in town on a work trip. hoping to launch his own marijuana business when he saw flashing-police lights behind him. he was being pulled over. >> at what point did you get the feeling something's wrong? >> within the first 30 to 60 seconds. >> reporter: he says the two men identified themselves as federal agents with the atf. one of them asked him if he had any money or drugs in the car. he told him he had a doctor's note for medical marijuana. >> and he goes oh, that gives us the right to search the vehicle. and right there, i just shut up. i -- i knew that they don't have that right.
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they don't have a search warrant. >> reporter: he is a former cop, himself, and says these men didn't seem to have the right uniforms. >> there was not a badge. there was not a name tag. there wasn't a patch on their shoulders. matter there was a half circle, um, style patch that had been removed. >> what reason would a law enforcement officer have to remove the patch on their uniform? >> i have no idea other than hide their identity. >> reporter: he tell us the men found three pounds of his marijuana, then took a picture of him and his driver's license. then, drove off with his weed without ever giving him a ticket. >> oh, i knew immediately that i got robbed. now, it was who did it? and how are we going to uncover this. >> he filed complaints with the mendocino county sheriff's office and district attorney that he says went nowhere. he tells us he eventually identified one of the two men from a photo as officer joseph
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huffaker. he and seven other people with similar stories then sued the park. the city decided to settle paying out roughly $2 million but never admitted any wrongdoing. he also took his story to the fbi, which recently indicted huffaker. federal agents say he extorted marijuana and cash from drivers, which he then kept for himself. huffaker's attorney says he did not do this and we are confident that a neutral jury will see that. another officer, brendan j.c. tatum was also charged by the fbi for stealing cash and drugs from numerous drivers. flatten tells us that officer was not at his traffic stop. but tatum is accused of creating a false-police report and press release that attempted to hide the crimes committed against zeke flatten. tatum's attorney never responded to our request for comment. both men have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial. flatten now believes what happened to him is far more widespread than he thought.
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even stretching beyond california. after he went to authorities, flatten says someone broke into his home in texas and wrote on one of his walls. what did the message say? >> light is death. police cockroach. >> reporter: and when a service light kept coming on in his car, his mechanic spotted this under the hood. >> they found a gps tracking unit hardwired in my car. >> this is the stuff spy movies are made of. >> yeah. yeah. this is -- this is -- this is cloak and dagger. >> reporter: flatten and three other marijuana growers have now filed a new civil lawsuit in federal court alleging a criminal enterprise involving rohnert park police, california fish and wildlife, mendocino county sheriff's office, and the mendocino county district attorney. they are accused of committing or concealing acts of extortion, theft, and robbery of marijuana, guns, and cash. you are alleging a major coverup.
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>> yes. absolutely. what was happening to me on the side of the road was the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: none of the agencies named in the lawsuit would comment, except rohnert park police saying it does not tolerate corrupt and unethical practices and says the city recently hired an independent police auditor to review complaints from the public. attorneys for california fish and wildlife and the mendocino county sheriff's office have filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. calling it unsupported and say the lawsuit fails in every way. aside from its entertainment value. the suit also accuses former-mendocino county sheriff's sergeant bruce smith of being the second officer involved in flatten's traffic stop. smith, who oversaw the county's marijuana enforcement team, has not been charged with a crime. but this new lawsuit accuses him of stealing weed and valuables during multiple raids on marijuana farms. >> mendocino county law
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enforcement stole from me. >> this marijuana grower who didn't want to be identified isn't part of the latest lawsuit but tells our investigative unit officers took tens of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry during a raid led by bruce smith. >> they are nothing different than their own cartel or mafia. >> reporter: bruce smith did not respond to our request for comment but is part of a separate lawsuit that never mentioned smith. he gave a videotaped deposition earlier-this year and he questioned the intelligence of any officer willing to steal during those raids. >> you would be an idiot. um, i know people do it. but it -- it's beyond my belief that people are that stupid. >> nobody's policing the police. >> reporter: john scott is a civil rights attorney of 30 years, and filed this latest lawsuit. >> how many more victims do you think are out there? >> hundreds. >> reporter: recreational marijuana has only been legal in california for less than four years. scott believes prior to that,
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those robbed by law enforcement were too scared to speak up. >> you going to call the police and admit you are illegally growing or transporting marijuana? i don't think so. who are you going to call? ghostbusters? >> reporter: in the remote corners of california's emerald triangle, zeke flatten worries corruption may have gone unchecked for decades inside the very agencyings sworn to protect and serve. >> they are actually a gang with badges. >> a gang with badges. those are strong words. >> that's what these guys are. >> and it's time, he says, to weed them out. with the investigative unit, i'm bigad shaban. >> if you ever a story for investigative unit, call 888-99 6-tips or visit our website. let's bring in jeff ranieri right now as we talk about veterans day right around the corner, jeff. >> beautiful weather coming on in. we have got such a pretty good rain surplus going on. this drier weather pattern it's
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going to be a nice respite here for us after all of that wet weather we had on and off over the past couple of weeks so the big change tomorrow is this area of high pressure. it is it will leave us again with those try conditions but will also start off with morning fog. so if you are up early around 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, i do want you to watch out for some areas of ground fog that might be dense through the north bay, east bay. so we will start with some fog. then, as you move through the afternoon an awesome rebound shaping up for us. we get that shunnen sunshine building in. so as we move through tomorrow morning, temperatures have been cold lately. we are going to see more of that. plenty of upper 40s and low 50s through the tri-valley through the peninsula. also coming in with 50 degrees. san francisco, 51 and north bay at 48. daytime highs tomorrow warming up a few more degrees. still very similar no matter where you are traveling across the bay area. 65 in san francisco.
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69 in concord. and san jose at 68 and morgan hill, that is going to be the spot to be. warmest place on the map coming in at 70 degrees. on my seven-day forecast in san francisco, again, a dry trend. not only the next few days but over the next seven days. this will leave us with 50s for morning lows, 60 for those afternoon highs and right here through the inland valley for veteran days, we are going to 71 degrees. and we will hold with those 70s through this upcoming weekend and then next week we do get in into some mid-60s. we could see this trend of drier weather maybe last for about the next ten days or so and then rain chances phone shlly coming in early december. >> yellow tie matches the forecast. >> that was not a mistake. >> thank you, jeff. up next. when you fall asleep matters. the best bedtime for your hearts according to new research. and happening now. bay area congresswoman held a virtual town hall tonight along with chief medical adviser to the president, dr. anthony
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fauci. they talked about the pandemic, the covid-19 vaccine, what's good, what's not. watch the entire discussion. go to our website the east bay has lost another member of a legendary barbecue family. mary everett, the founder of the popular ever and jones restaurants has zie died.
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she was 65 years old. we visited with mary in 2017 at her berkeley restaurant. the unofficial headquarters for the raider nation, she worked for years to keep the team in oakland. she was known for sharing the restaurant food with people in need and launching an an you'll toy drive. her death comes sadly just a few months after her sister dorothy king also died. okay, what time is it going to be tonight? your bedtime may impact your risk for heart disease. that is what researchers in the uk suggest after studying sleep habits of more than 88,000 people. people who went to bed between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. had a lower risk of developing heart disease. the risk was higher for people who slept at midnight or later so still got about 40 minutes to get to bed here. researchers say the late nights disrupt your body's natural clock. those findings were more noticeable in women, though it's unclear why. >> does not bode well for me. for the first time ever, facebook released data showing how often people see bullying or harassing posts on its apps. according to its report, it shows that on facebook from july to september, bullying and
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harassment content was seen between 14 and 15 times per every says between five and six times per 10,000 views. the data, which is new, comes as the company now known as meta faces allegations that it puts profits over the safety of its users. here we go. a popular bay area business falls victim to the pandemic. the golden skate in san ramon will close its doors. this is your favorite spot, right? >> i know. >> in an open letter, the owner says the rink was enjoyed by multiple generations of people from diverse backgrounds. the rink says it will stay open at least through the holidays. >> i am going get in there. >> we are back in a moment. let you know what the sharks did today still with
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okay. you have to admit it's pretty remarkable the sharks are off to such a solid start this season even though they have been without seven players and the head coach for nearly two weeks. they are kind of like an auto pilot. they can do it by themselves. >> covid protocol has sidelined almost half the team. tonight, in calgary, we rarely see his face because he usually has the goalie mask on. that's aden hill. he stopped 37 of the 38 shots he faced tonight. well done. from there, a key goal from logan. third period here. it's actually a redirect from the flames' defense man. any way how. watch the replay here. there is redirect right into the net. sharks win 4-1. they are 7, 4, and 1 on the season. >> okay it is opening night of the college basketball season. stanford beats taylorton state university. just in case you didn't know, that is a school outside of
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dallas. i had to look it up. i don't know if i am provide announcing it correctly. cal was at home against ucsd, uc san diego. this was an embarrassing loss. the golden bears shocked by ucsd. final score, okay. nothing has changed. the most expensive zip code in the u.s., of course, here in the bay area. 94027. yep, atherton, the most expensive zip code for the fifth-straight year. median home price, 7.5 mill. forth on the list, ross. ninth on the list los altos. bay area has 47 of the nation's
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100 most expensive zip codes. i believe yours is on there. >> that's pricey. well, have a great night. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. breaking news tonight. the major step toward making covid booster shots available to all adults pfizer officially asking the fda to authorize booster shots for everyone 18 and older, impacting up to 156 million americans. how soon could they go into arms? and a holiday alert. will thanksgiving travel bounce back to pre-pandemic levels? also tonight, new images inside the crowd surge that killed eight people at a travis scott concert in houston the desperate moments. fans buried under a crush of bodies. among the injured, a 9-year-old boy now fighting for his life. and what the fire chief now says travis scott should have done on stage. the prosecution
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resting and the defense beginning its case in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the dramatic new drone video played in court today. what it shows. the new wave of subpoenas in the january 6th investigation. the high-profile members of former president trump's inner circle called to testify. the former officer who fatally shot breonna taylor at a hearing today. why he says he should get his job back. the new warning on soaring heating bills this winter. what you can do right now to save money. and sleep and your health what's the best time to go to bed for your heart? >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening we haven't heard the last word on covid booster shots. pfizer tonight making its case to the fda that booster shots of its vaccine are 95% effective and that they are safe for all fully vaccinated adults over 25 million americans have received boosters since the cdc signed off on them for all


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