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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 10, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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the list the list grows for a form of advisors plus they bid to stop documents from the january 6th riot to the house committee investigating. booster shots for everyone, pfizer is asking the fda to authorize a third shot for anyone under the age of 18 the nfl drops punishment on
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aaron rodgers for breaking safety protocol. the children that fought with their own plus the list of hardest-to-find items on store shelves right now. a busy wednesday ahead, "early today" starts right now. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. >> a federal judge is refusing to drop documents on behalf of former president trump they investigated the january 6th riots, ruling to keep trump records out of the hand of lawmakers. nbc news' chris pollone joins us from washington, d.c good morning tell us more about what this warning means. >> reporter: it means simply that january 6th committee could see those documents very soon. it indicates the national archives should turn them over on friday. in a bligstering opinion, they
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said he is not a king and it was not peaceful donald trump's legal team appealed a. spokesperson says the former president remains committed to defending the presidency and the constitution. they issued ten more subpoenas to officials, to former press secretary kailey mcthen neney. the letter to trump adviser stephen miller notes he prepared the former president's remarks on the rally on the ellipse on january 6th. we saw one saying they are stifg an insurrection-related case, federal prosecutors are asking the court to sentence jacob chances ley to 51 months in
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prison the qanon sha man has become the public face of the riot. the green bay packers have covid protocol regulation, they fined them nearly $15,000 each attending a halloween party unvaccinated and the packers received a $300,000 found alleging the team knew about the party. rogers spoke out about comments last week regarding his vaccination status especially made some comments that people might have felt were misleading and to anybody who felt misled by those comments, i take full responsibility for those comments >> rogers went on to say he stood behind the things he said and he has empathy for those financial through the worst part of the pandemic. covid boosters for all a move pfizer wants to make a reality. the company says it has asked the fda for emergency use
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authorization for its covid-19 booster for everyone ages 18 and up, telling the agency a third dose of the vaccine is 95% effective and safe for all fully vaccinated adults. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: submission from pfizer is a step for providing emergency use authorization from the fda if approved by the agency and the cdc, those 18 and over who have been fully vaccinated with pfizer for six months would qualify but if americans can mix and match boosters as currently allowed, soon, 156 million could be eligible. pfizer's request comes less than two months after a panel of experts rejected a similar one >> i think what the fda is going to look at is where is the compelling need to give this vaccine to everyone over 18 years of age and healthy. >> reporter: with booster authorization already given to
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seniors and select others, a doctor on a panel that makes recommendations to the fda isn't convinced everyone needs a booster. >> you are likely to benefit if you are over 50 years of age and has a medical condition that puts you at high risk of serious covid. for everybody else, i think you can feel confident you are fully protected at two doses. >> it didn't really hurt that bad, it was really quick. >> reporter: early emanned outpaces supplies, where kids five-to-11 are getting their jabs vaccinations have risen by more than 55%. >> we can't say we'll reach critical threshold immunity if we vaccinate a certain population of our children and not consider children. >> reporter: now with an estimated 53 million planning to travel for thanksgiving, a number shy of pre-pandemic levels, doctors say being protective is as important as ever our nation showing science of normalcy amid reminders the
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pandemic is far from over. with talk over boosters has been questioned as to whether the cdc will change its definition for being fully vaccinated for now, it remains unchanged. when all americans qualify for a booster, that definition can be reexamined down the road >> thank you the prosecution rested its case in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial showing the moment he shot joseph frozenbalm last winter jurors saw a demonstration of his ar-15-style rifle. the defense team began calling witnesses yesterday. the judge dismissed a curfew violation against him determining the pros decision didn't address the charge during its presentation all right. let's turn our attention to georgia, where day four of the ahmaud aubrey trial begins in a few hours. on the third day of testimony,
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prosecutors questioned people first on the scene here's nbc news' ron allen. >> what you just did shows a lack of respected for what the court is trying to do here, which is create an environment which is fair to all parties. >> reporter: judge walmsley warning of conduct as the defense tell two conflicting stories why ahmaud aubrey was shot and killed. they tried to use defendant's own word to convince the jury they deliveredly and intentionally killed aubrey. here's a police officer reading from his interview transcript, something gregory mcmichael allegedly said to aubrey while the defendants chased him in their vehicles. >> i am quoting, stop, you know, i'll blow your f-ing head off or something. i was trying to convey to this guy, we were not playing, you know. >> reporter: prosecutors say aubrey was an innocent man attacked and gunned down
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the defense portrays him as a suspicious figure seen numerous times at night on a neighborhood on edge about spiking crime. here's a defense reading what the defense attorney told him at the crime scene. >> he makes frequent trips to the neighborhood and gets caught on video cameras like every third or fourth night breaking into places and nobody has been able to catch him. >> reporter: prosecutors play the video of him in a neighborhood house under construction while questioning investigators. >> the rest of the video, do you see him take anything or steal anything from this location in. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: the defendants insisted on the day of the fatal encounter, they were trying to place aubrey under citizens arrest until police could arrive on the scene an argument with some of the defendant statements about aubrey. >> did he ever indicate to you at that time he thought ahmaud aubrey, the guy, had committed a crime that day >> no, ma'am >> while speaking with you, did
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he ever use the word burglary? >> no, ma'am. >> did he ever use the word trespass >> no, ma'am. >> did he tell you while you were talking to him he made a citizens arrest if. >> no, ma'am two parents are shooting for a mixup at a fertility clinic that left them reeling. >> reporter: for one california couple, a life-changing mistake altered their dream of having a child. >> it's truly impossible nightmare. >> reporter: she says she carried a child via ivf to term. she and her husband alexander raising a baby girl formonths only to discover the child i child was a different race and genetically unrelated to them. >> heart break and confusion cannot understated >> unable to conceive their second child on their operation they had hurricane u turned to freeze their embryos and get invite ro fertilization.
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following one unsuccessful try, the procedure worked. >> that's it, i'm fed up and done my life is perfect. >> reporter: after ber it's, the couple began suspecting the child may not be theirs. >> the in a moment our second daughter was born should have been among the happiest of my life i immediately felt shaken and confused as to why i didn't recognize her. >> reporter: they ordered a dna test confirming their worst fierce. >> reporter: the child at birth was not related to either one. >> instead of breast-feeding my own child, i breast fed and bonded with a child i was later forced to give away. >> reporter: the embryo belonged to a stranger who delivered and began raising their baby both couples later went to court and legally exchanged children but they could not get the tame back. >> we missed an entire year of our daughter's life. >> reporter: they filed a lawsuit against the california
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vet center for reproductive healthhh they are working to bopped with their biological child >> that is mind blowing. let's talk weather now we got snow in the forecast in some places, let's check in with nbc meteorologist janessa webb good morning, janessa. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it is time to prepare we have been dealing with colder temperatures colder air is on the way him today we're dealing with a severe weather threat across the southern plains, into your afternoon and evening. damaging wind gusts is the primary threat north of this cold front, we'll watch the heavy rain for kansas city all the way up to the upper mid-west the change comes overnight tonight. we'll start to see cooler temperatures entering the great lakes and behind this front, you can see snow starts to fall across minneapolis
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accumulation totals at least three-to-five inches my concern right now is that lake enhancement starts to pick up as we go into friday. this entire storm system makes its way into the northeast late thursday into your friday morning. so wet weather up to two-to-three inches of rain ud coverage for seattle. to oregon, salem, 55 degrees we do have a couple more days of warmer temperatures. then the cooldown. we'll talk about that when we come up. still ahead, a veteran's day, a special gift was given to a northeast ohio vet progressive insurance gifted her
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that brand-new car during their annual keys-to-progress give her 4-year-old stan was eager to get behind the wheel as well it included $330,000 in cash and a basket of gift cards we thank her further service hopefully, everybody else along her path and her drive will as well well deserved. >> a great story coming up, where the united states ranks when it comes to accepting the lbgtq committee. the state requiring that middle schoolers hinavg a says to contraceptives. we are back in 60 seconds. simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power of touch-activated scent technology. that lasts, even hours later! that's because febreze touch stores scent in your fabrics so you get bursts of freshness with every touch. your whole world will come alive. welcome home to fresh with new febreze touch.
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vermont has become the first u.s. state to require access to condoms in middle and high schools. that law was signed into effect last year in an effort to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. according to cdc as of 2014, just 7.2% of high schools and roughly 2% of middle schools make condoms available to students still to come, a real housewives robbery and as the supply chain grows, energy costs are rinisg, the law as a married woman more details coming up more details coming up >>s it quickly cleans your home's toughest messes so, for a deep clean in minutes, get mr. clean clean freak available in easy to switch refills and now get the cleaning power of mr. clean in a wipe to kill
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. in today's quick hits, robbers break into the homes of real housewives of beverley hills. good news for all you squid game fans, a sequel is coming.
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the creator says after so much success from season one, there was no choice but to add another season. >> they left it perfectly open ended for that the first apple computer sold for $400,000 at auction in 1976 back then it cost $666 it was the first apple product to be sold as of now, get this, it still works. >> these days people are trying to find new electronics, having a hard time. everything seems to be out of stock these days, now there are warnings of energy costs going higher steve sedgwick is following all these shortages. good morning. >> reporter: very good morning to you both. yeah, philip, absolutely, what a nightmare, you can't find goods, when you can find them, the price is through the roof. u.s. energy prices rippling through the economy, the national gas of glean for instance 3.42 at the moment. in couple, that's $1.21 higher
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than a combyear ago it could be double the costs from a year ago, the eia when you look at the inflation will be another number ases well, when you can get the goods, according to adobe cei, there is billions of ones, you can't get ahold of 100 skus. electronic hard to find, home and garden and pet products as well, it's not helped there is a surge of buying last month as well to get in the christmas shopping early, which is something i will be doing for a very long time back to you. >> if are you looking for a vehicle the markup is 10 to 20,000 of mark adjustment.
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...with the finest natural ingredients and real meat first. and that's our promise to you and your dog or cat. because when you love them like family, you want to feed them like family. good morning, everyone this still is a good-looking forecast temperatures above average a day to be outside, mid-atlantic, charlotte, richmond 73. so we continue to be above average. but today is about five-to-15 degrees above average, so slightly cooler, but more mild air is still in place. even for tomorrow, you will start to notice the changes tomorrow afternoon if you are in the greater cleveland area detroit as well, upper 60s then reality check happens, winter coat is breaking out friday-to-saturday look at some of these highs, saturday afternoon in the lower 40s. guys >> thanks. janessa.
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it's walgreens season. , calling all you dare devils you can scrape the newest skyscraper city climb is a new attraction, taking thrill seekers to new heights, specifically 1,271 feet above the city look at this view. no walls, no glass, no windows, no railings, just a harness and that skyline you can lean out over the edge, right over the empire state building climbers are briefed on safety protocols before taking the $185 truck. my goodness.
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in today's top stories, congressman paul cosar of arizona delete a video after growing backlash on sunday, he shared the video which depicts him showing aoc in animated remember no her face can be seen superimposed over an anime character, as it kills a monster which has the face of aoc. in a second shot, they flash the face of president joe biden. some democrats, including aoc slammed cosar and blasted house minority leader kevin mccarthy for not holding his caucus accountable. cosar says it shows the depiction of the battle over open borders the youngest ever nobel peace prize recipient tied the knot they had a small ceremony in birmingham, england, with their family she shared the news writing
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today marks a precious day in my life the raining mvp was fined $50,000 after a hard foul in an on-court altercation he shoved morris from behind after he fouled him in the fourth quarter of monday night's game he is suspended for tonight's game against the pacers. they were both ejected from monday's matchup and another $30,000 fine, they say he failed to comply with an nba interview. people's sexiest man alive was named, the paul ruud colbert acted as sexiness adjudicator. >> you can have sexy, get up sexy, please that's it. >> in his cover story interview
4:29 am
with "people," the 52-year-old man actor says this is not false humility, there are so many people who should get this before me. there is a lobster one in 100 million lobster caught in maine. the rarelue an b
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the picket lines. nurses plan to protests at several bay area hospitals in a few hours. the major impact it's expected to have on your medication refills. and off the field, covid infections and the actions the school is taking. this is "today in the bay." of course we're broadcasting to your


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