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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 10, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the picket lines. nurses plan to protests at several bay area hospitals in a few hours. the major impact it's expected to have on your medication refills. and off the field, covid infections and the actions the school is taking. this is "today in the bay." of course we're broadcasting to your television, as is
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traditional, and on, so take us on the go. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have a look at the forecast on this wepbgs. how is it looking, kari? >> visibility is clear right now. we can see the low clouds as you are driving around the bay area, especially in the tri-valley, you are having to deal with some of the fog. we're looking at sunshine as we go into this afternoon as the fog clears out. a couple spots reaching 70. we will see that in antioch and morgan hill, but for the most part mid-60s and a cloudy morning and then sunny afternoon. mike, it's starting to get misty. >> yeah, i can see the droplets forming here, fog, aka, mist,
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depending on how it looks here. in chp, i-80, a lot of fog north of fairfield. keep in that mind as there could be a pocket there. there's a crash in benicia i am tracking, so even coming over the santa cruz mountains looking fine. back to you. >> thank you. in about two hours kaiser nurses plan to picket outside of bay area hospitals. >> and this is due to separate issues, and that could leave patients who rely on kaiser for their prescriptions with empty prescription bottles. >> reporter: kaiser is letting patients know to fill prescriptions now. >> he says if i don't pick up my
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pills by the 15th, i might have to wait. people cannot wait for those pills. >> at the pharmacy in south san francisco, a steady stream of patients picking up medication after finding out nurses could strike from the 15th to the 22nd. >> many say they called their doctor right away. >> i called the doctor and said, hey, i need my medication now, this week, because next week i don't know what is going to happen. >> in a statement kaiser says they keep their pharmacists among the highest. kaiser said it's prepared to provide members and patients with access to the pharmacy
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medications they need. this is a story we will continue to follow as the strikes continue. cal football team and faithful are forced to postpone a game among a covid outbreak. more players are now testing positive. cal's head coach blames the problem on poor communication from the city of berkeley, as players tested negative one team after testing positive. one health expert said postponing the game is probably a good decision. >> right now we need to find out are these players symptomatic, in which this case they can transmit the infection and the appropriate thing to do is
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postpone the game. >> cal says about all of its players are fully vaccinated. the game against usc will now take place on december 14th. san josé sharks meantime, they are still strong despite several players and their coach out to covid protocol. last night they beat the flames 4-1. this makes one loss in the five games they played since the start of the outbreak. most, if not all of the players who are out along with the head coach are likely to return by the time of the next home stand. tomorrow the sharks will play in winnipeg. and the judge in scott peterson's trial is weighing out
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a new sentence. technological failures are taking the spotlight in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. on the stand yesterday there was testimony about major inaccra teas and test results and how holmes and theranos glossed over them. one test showed prostate antigens in women even though those are only found in men. this is san josé. nice and clear to start the day. a little bit, anyway. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the forecast. kari, it's close to the weekend, hump day. >> we may have got passed the
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rain and now it's going to be soaking in this afternoon and the next few days. we can see the rain well to the north of us, even showers across northern california, but kind of skipping around us. as we are dealing with a very wet ground, now patchy dense fog and you can see where the fog is rolling through parts of the tri-valley, so as you are driving you may encounter for a short distance, very low visibility. we are seeing the low visibility in novato. once that clears out we're headed for a really nice day. temperatures will reach in the mid and upper 60s. we will see the sky clearing as we go into this afternoon. mike, you are seeing that evidence of that fog? >> yeah, evidence of fog, and i am just trying to show it here, and the cones here on the golden gate bridge, they need to remove those cones.
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there will be denser fog on the golden gate bridge and petaluma, fairfield and i-80. over here we are talking about the benicia bridge, and the cash has major damage to the car but doesn't sound like any major injuries. the benicia bridge is clear. altamont pass, just a little slowing as the build continues just past tracy. still ahead on "today in the bay," the way one major industry is being forced to adapt due to the fire's lasting impact. plus, a roast beef and martini. arby's is expanding into the world of alcohol, and the question is would you try it? >> taking a live look outside at
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it's 4:41. as you are making plans for the day, spent more time outside. taking a look at the playground forecast in livermore, it's a chilly start with some clouds. we will get sunshine around
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11:00 and the rest of the day is nice and sunny. we'll get a look at more of the microclimates, coming up. and in dublin, we have a smooth ride. we have fog popping up in other areas, and we'll check on that, but first let's check in with silvanna. wall street is set to open lower as stocks fell yesterday, and inflation at the wholesale level rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade since october. consumer prices are expected to rise 10% year over year. a federal judge denied apple's request to pause a set of orders handed down after an anti-suit.
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apple charges developers commissions of up to 30%. last month google announced it was slashing developer fees in half. the crinkle fried vodka is made with sugar and it's only available online in a dozen states including california. you can find it at >> i wonder if that's a good
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brand? >> it's arby's. 4:43 for you this morning. our climate in crisis here next on "today in the bay," and we'll talk about the impact on california's wildfires and their impact on the wine industry. patchy dense fog was head out the door. our microclimate forecast, coming up. we're talking about the temperatures going up and down, and the san mateo bridge, just find. we'll talk about the commute as it is just starting to build. and then many are asking could anything have been done to stop the toddler that was shot on the freeway.
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show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. a very good wednesday morning to you. what day of the week is it? >> it's wednesday. >> taking a live look outside from the east bay this morning, walnut creek, have a little rain, have a little clearing, and have a little -- let's see what is coming up with kari. >> there's a little bit of it all in our forecast, and you can see the low clouds over san francisco right now, and may still be misting and drizzling, but not looking at any accumulating rain for today. we are looking at temperatures headed for the upper 60s, and
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even a few low 70s. it's going to be a nice afternoon to make plans to get outside. 69 in east san josé, and danville, and fremont reaching 66 degrees. also about the same inowards th. san francisco downtown 64 degrees, maybe wearing the jacket throughout the day, and in the north bay, mid-60s. take a look at santa rosa at a surplus of 11 inches. in oakland, we measured over 6 inched here, and 6 1/2 for san francisco. you can see how much further above what we normally get for our water year, and it starts over october 1st but does not give us an overall view of the drought picture. this gets updated every thursday and we will see if it makes an impact as we get a closer look at the severe to exceptional
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drought we have here across california and here in the bay area. overall our weather pattern does stay active out there in the pacific, but a lot of the rain heads further to the north and falls apart before it gets here, so we may be headed into a period of dry weather for at least the next week. looking at a lot of sunshine here. veterans day looks nice. temperatures up to 71 degrees for our inland areas, and low 70s into the weekend as well as early next week. san francisco looking at temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 60s. mike, what is the view over the berkeley curb? >> there's clouds that drifted through and it gets a little drizzly and misty and then clears out like now. there will probably be sheen on the roadway. over here on the north bay, you see the fog, the yellow highlighting has drifted down towards san rafael. no major problems from chp reported, but there's a crash on that side of the bridge, near
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san quinton, and i don't think it's related to visibility. looking at the crash on the benicia and 580. nothing surprising out there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the senseless and stunning death of a toddler has left a lot of people wondering are bay area freeways safe, and some are asking could the presence of cameras have prevented people from deciding to shoot on the freeway. one county said those cameras do work and they have the numbers to prove it. >> reporter: a deadly tragedy on our bay area freeway, the death
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of a toddler has people asking questions. >> that's difficult for jasper's mother to hear after she tells nbc bay area's janelle wang that she is dealing with enormous grief after a spray bullet on southbound 880 struck and killed her son. >> i want everybody's help to help us find the color. >> chp has responded to 76 shootings on alameda county freeways in the last year. most of them happening on 580 and 880. >> i met with chief armstrong this morning and he said that there are individuals who are utilizing the freeways more to engage in this type of violence. >> that's because, he says, it's difficult to catch somebody involved in a gun battle on the freeway. difficult but not impossible. a contra costa county task force proved that by setting up
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surveillance cameras and a monitoring station after getting funding for close to $2 million. at the height of the problem on 880 and highway 4 starting in 2015, there were 62 freeway shootings and nine fatalities. once the cameras were activated the number of freeway shootings decreased to two in 2019, one of them fatal. we reached out to chp and caltrans. a spokesperson from both agency said there's no systems in place to properly record shootings on alameda county freeways, and there's no hope that will happen anytime soon. cheryl hurd, today in the bay. >> we could get answers on the true impact on the climate in crisis. they are looking at the impact of wildfire on the state and the california economies. the wine industry is definitely
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feeling the heat from the wildfires. they have had to adapt every season, and more of them are turning to rose' to avoid smoky tasting wine. >> you pick up smoke aromas later on, and you want to make a nice bottle of wine that is picking up smoke flavors. >> that winemaker says you will probably see more rose' wine bottles on the shelves this year. the south bay soccer legend says welfare to the field. what he is admitting about his new life in retirement. and now you will be able to buy crab off the boat of fisherman's wharf.
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crab sales are supposed to start next year, however that season is on hold. there's no word on when the new policy will go into effect. it's 4:53. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 4:56. san francisco is starting to process to formerly apologize for parts of its past. yesterday a supervisor read a proposed resolution apologizing for laws and policies dating back to the 1960s, but the board of supervisors sent it back to work on the wording.
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>> we thought if not san francisco, then where? when there's such a long history with this community, and that's in a particular city. >> even though a final vote did not happy, they are happy the apology is already on the record. after two decades of soccer, one south bay fan officially saying it good-bye. >> the danville native played his final match on sunday for the earthquakes. of course he scored a goal, which was the 171st of his career. that's the most ever in mls history. yesterday he officially said farewell. >> i think it will hit me when pre-season starts, and guys go back. right now it's the end of the season and it's always sad when
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the season ends and you have melancholy, and you feel that and i think i feel it right now and when guys go back to pre-season, that's when it will sink in. >> when reality hits. he played soccer 17 years and 14 of them with the earthquakes. we wish him luck. there's still much more ahead for you today here on "today in the bay," including a look at the forecast. >> the weather quieting down and we are looking at temperatures in the mid-50s in napa, and we will get sunshine and it's also very dry. we'll talk about what is ahead. we're back in a couple minutes.
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right now at 5:00, taking a turn. governor newsom warns winter is coming when it comes to covid cases in california. will booster shots help limit a possible surge? what experts are saying with infections once again on the rise. new developments in the house investigation on the january 6th capitol seize and documents donald trump wanted to keep under wraps, now a new list of people under the microscope. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. forget about inflation this morning,


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