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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 10, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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to covid cases in california, and will booster shots help limit the possible surge. experts are saying infections are once again on the rise. and then a loss for trump involving the house investigation of the january 6th seize. the documents trump wanted to remain under wraps will now be made available to lawmakers. there's a new list of people now under the microscope. this is "today in the bay." it's wednesday morning. hump day, as we like to call it around here. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> the cost at the butcher counter is skyrocketing. >> yeah, where is the cheap beef? >> there you go. health leaders are concerned that not enough people are
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boosting their protections with the booster shot. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez is live with a look at where we stand. >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. so far about 3 million californians have gotten a dose of the covid booster shot at pharmacies and other locations, but health leaders say if you are eligible, the time to get your booster shot is now because cases are starting to pick up here in california once again. let's take a look at the numbers. the state has a 2.3 positivity rate. that's low, but it's almost half a percent higher than october. and then the state is reporting 15 cases per 100,000 people. but look at this, there's a 4% increase in hospitalizations in the last two weeks, almost all among unvaccinated people. so far 20 million people in the u.s. have gotten a covid booster. as i mentioned, 300 here in california. a reminder of who is eligible. that's anywhere 65 years and up,
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and anybody with an underlying medical condition, and anybody 18 and up who lives or works in a high-risk setting. >> i had two shots, and i am trying to get the final one, at least for this year anyway, and be done with it. they are hard to find. >> my family is fully vaccinated, and i feel like getting the booster right now might be a little too much too soon. >> now, respiratory infections like covid along with the flu and common colds thrive in colder months when we tend to spend more time inside, so the question is not whether there will be a surge, we expect that will happen, but the question is how can we make sure it's not as bad as the surge we saw after the holidays last year.
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>> kris, dealing with travel, a lot of people expected to travel this holiday season, and will that be a factor as well? >> reporter: more people are traveling because they feel protected and they are fully vaccinated, and we know the borders opened up again, and people are moving in and out and international travelers could come to the united states, and that could bring covid infection risks also, but bear in mind, there are higher rates of covid in pockets of unvaccinated communities like the central valley, so even if you are going to visit your family in fresno or bakersfield when the vaccination rate is lower, you could be at risk and the covid booster shot could provide you that extra layer of protection. >> and continue to mask up. the solano county fair grounds opens it's mass
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vaccination site to younger children, and that opened last month wednesday through saturdays. i want you to check so you can keep up with the campus clinics around the bay area. a major defeat for president trump in court, and congress can see what it wants to as it investigates the attack on the capitol. he had been claiming executive privilege. >> yeah, the key word is former president. it was the central issue, marcus and laura, and the judge indicates a former president should not be the one to decide if white house records are protected by executive privilege. not when the current president says they should not be. congress wants to see papers, records and visits and phone calls from the white house as president trump made false claims of a fraudulent election and whipped up the crowd as congress worked to certify the
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election. trump tried to block the national archives from turning over the records, but a judge said congress can have the information, saying trump's argument seems to be premised on the notion that his executive power exists in perpetuity. meanwhile, more former white house officials subpoenaed, including the former white house press secretary that said she had prove the election was fraudulent. miller spoke to fox last night where the fox anchor concluded miller would not honor the subpoena. >> that's just one more -- >> you are not going to be showing up to testify in front of the so-called select committee -- >> i don't even have the documents, laura. >> the national archives is expected to turn the information over to the select committee on friday. you will remember, thursday,
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tomorrow, is veterans day, so the archives are going to be closed. >> that's right, so there's a chance trump's lawyers could use the delay to block the disclosure? >> no doubt about it. they asked the documents to be sealed while they appealed. >> we will wait and see. thank you so much, scott. it's 6:06 right now. our most read story here on, san francisco district attorney will have to split his time between fighting crime and fighting off a recall effort. there was a certified petition for a recall measure that will take place the 7th.
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the group supporting him said we are confident san francisco voters will reject this republican-funded and endorsed effort as well. read the full story online right now. it's right there on our home page at san francisco mayor london breed weighing in on an effort to recall three school board members. she said board member priorities have been misplaced. two board members up for recall did not comment, but one board member suggested that the mayor is ignoring his work to retain teachers. the recall special election is a waste of resources was the
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argument. the recall is scheduled for february. and then police executed three warrants yesterday morning, including an arrest at an address on fuchsia court. an 18-year-old was charged of being a felon in possession of a firearm. the first suspect arrested last week was not charged. police are not revealing any details about the recovered firearm. one person died and three others injured in that shooting which happened over halloween weekend. look at the conditions there. foggy in some parts of the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, has been tracking what you can expect throughout the day. looking nice out there for us? >> yeah, we are starting out with clouds, mist and drizzle and some fog, but not bad.
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we are going to see the clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s at drop off, but pickup time it's going to be perfect, 60s and sunny. just a little warmer compared to yesterday. a lot more sunshine as antioch and morgan hill head toward 70 degrees. we'll see mid to upper 60s mostly across the bay area. we'll talk about the next few days, coming up. mike, how does it look at the golden gate bridge? >> wanted to show the fog descending now, and impeding some of the view of the south tower, and can't see the north tower. there's a possibility of patchy spots around the north bay. typical pattern. we're looking at 37, highway 4 and the bay bridge toll plaza, of course, and we have a slight
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build forming with a little slowing from the richmond headed over to san rafael. we have a lot of bridges here, right. we have san mateo, and dumbarton bridge moving smoothly. a little slowing through san josé, and in castro valley. back to you. >> one of the cool things about the bay area, all of our bridges. >> there you go. >> making it in the bay. it's 6:10 right now. making changes to your feed. coming up, facebook and the feature you won't be seeing anymore in response to years of criticism. bottoms up at the drive-through. we will talk about one thing rolling out. then we're talking about the concerns about the widespread
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:13, as you are heading out, a milder start compared to the last couple of days and a lot of clouds in some spots with fog. but we are headed for sunshine and milder weather for today, and even warmer temperatures in the forecast. we'll take a look at all of our microclimates, coming up in a few minutes. look over at the right side. that's mission cutting over from or to 680. that's slow there.
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but 880 looks nice. good morning and good wednesday to you. super important day as we try and figure out the health of the economy. we just got the latest reading on inflation. it continues to be bad. the worse since the '90s. prices are more up than 6% from this time last year. many economists continue to blame covid, causing supply chain issues and you get the big inflation differences. high prices of gas and food account for almost all of inflation, and so-called core inflation barely moved. we know meat prices are up and marcus and laura will talk more about that in just a moment. also, the electric truck maker, rivian will debut at $78 a share, and this gives the company an overall value of 60
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million. ford has an investment in rivian. jim cramer over at cnbc said the next tesla is probably ford. shares in tesla fell hard, and we said they would do that ahead of time and this is because elon musk said he would sell billions in stock probably to pay an outstanding tax bill. you will see a lower price. meta, the company formerly known as facebook will drop categories for ads like gender and sexual orientation. advertisers found those categories useful. indeed, anybody could use them
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to create a banner ad to fine tune an ad in a way you can't on television, but facebook said they were being abused. and then here's marcus' favorite story. a group called birds aren't real claims all birds were replaced by the government back in the nixon administration with robotic drones. so obviously the question of the morning, do the guides behind birds aren't real think birds aren't real or is it an elaborate social commentary, and they insists they are being jen been. if they were not being genuine, that would be very funny social commentary. so are birds real? we can't say. >> where are they getting money from? >> t-shirt sales.
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they sell a lot of t-shirts and stickers. how would the birds be recharged? you see them sitting on power lines, don't you? >> sounds like you are buying into it. >> something is going to happen at twitter today. people will be yelling and carrying signs. >> we'll be watching and waiting. we are feeling the pinch from inflation, but one item getting hit especially hard, and that's beef. the price for a boneless chuck roast now approaching $8, and that's up from just under 30%. the reason is the meat packaging shortage. some companies are offering signing bonuses in four figures
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to get workers. diners are feeling the impact of the shortage as well. >> we have found the customers have been buying different beef, and some at lower costs, and we have tried to offset the increase of the primal cut. >> you can watch that full interview on the "today" show this morning right after "today in the bay." forget about the beef with arby's newest brainstorm, and you will want to hold the bread as well. >> they are rolling out two new vodkas. curly fry vodka and it's crinkle fry vodka. forget the drive-through for this order. you can only buy it next week at a special arby's vodka site.
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>> i would try it for free, but, no. >> you would try it for free. >> remember, you could do a taste test, like the pepsi and coke challenge, and i used to work at that, and that would be good, a vodka challenge. >> yeah, everybody was gardening and making bread during the pandemic, we would put them in vodka models. >> arby's, the new adult happy meal. >> maybe we're on to something. let's get a look at the forecast. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the weather. kari, how is it looking? >> pretty good. here's a look at the water year
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rain update. the water year resets october 1st, and since then we have gotten over 13 1/2 inches of rain in santa rosa. about five inches for concord and san josé getting about 2 1/4 inches of rain. we do get the update of the drought monitor tomorrow, but still we know that we are in an extreme to an exceptional drought and it's still severe for parts of the sierra. looking here at home, we are seeing the dark red and we are talking about even though we have gotten rain, we need years, and i mean years of above normal rain. this is the worst drought we have seen in about 50 years, happening right now. as we head out on this wednesday morning, we are seeing light and patchy fog in some spots. looks like it's evading a lot of the airport sensors, but we are
6:21 am
seeing some dense fog in some spots as you are heading out for work. watch out for that. once it clears up, we're heading for a nice day. 66 will be the high for free mopped. 65 in san mateo. san francisco in the low to mid-60s today. sunshine with mid to upper 60s in the north bay. we're seeing a storm passing to the north of us, but overall looks good here and dry. that will be the trend going into at least the next week, even though there's a lot of storm systems out there in the pacific. they will stay to the north and just fall apart before they get here to the bay area. what we don't want to happen is a nice start to the water year, and then it just dries up and we don't see anything else. as far as temperatures in brentwood, over the next ten days we will have mild weather for the weekend, and it does get cooler toward the end of the week, and that does signal we could see clouds and maybe a storm system. but we are dry for the next
6:22 am
seven days for the inland areas, and nice with the highs in the low 70s. mike, you are watching for fog on the roadways, too. >> yeah, you said patchy fog, and that could be just lower visibility suddenly so keep an eye out. there's a little sheen on the roadway, but not a problem. it's slow out of berkeley and in through emeriville and richmond. the build is on there, and a little over at the richmond bridge. a lot more slowing -- or a more of a duration of slowing for pittsburg and highway 4. castro valley, the counter commute, smooth. >> thanks, mike. next up here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> her concert is pushed back but she wants a refund not a different show time, and state law is on her side. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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good morning. sharon in san mateo planned to live it up in hotel california. she paid ticketmaster $1273 for
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tickets. she requested a refund when it was rescheduled. ticketmaster said no. we swooped in like hawks, and the ticket rep passed it on to the support. two days later a full $1,273 refund landed in sharon's account. what a nice surprise. but we disagree with ticketmaster's courtesy refund take, and here's why. the california business and professions code said you can get your money back when any california event is cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. you can find it here anytime of year, section 22507. whenever you are battling a concert ticket refund, remember, 22507. such a lovely place, and it will put a smile on your face.
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if you have any problems, go to and click the responds menu, or call us at 888-996-tips. a new white house push to ease the shipping crisis as we are quickly approaching the holiday season. plus -- >> in just a matter of minutes, nurses at several kaiser locations will picket. we'll break down that.
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right now at 6:30, hitting the picket lines. kaiser nurses just starting day of protests across the area, and we will take you to one line gathering and where patients could feel the impact from one ongoing labor dispute. the inability to compete safety. >> more players come down with covid. plus, the shipping backlog only getting worse. the new concern the crisis is causing ahead of the holidays, and the latest action from the white house. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> of course we traditionally broadcast to your television, but we also stream live on good wednesday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington.
6:31 am
first at 6:30, kaiser nurses looking to strike and kaiser pharmacists looking to strike over a different issue. >> cierra johnson is live. what do people need to know about this? >> reporter: it starts right now. a couple minutes ago, nurses made their way outside and some of them holding signs. this is one of two situations involving the kaiser employees. we will get to the labor dispute involving the pharmacists in just a moment, but this situation involves a new program called home alone program. a union representing more than 175,000 nurses across the nation explains the picket starting right now was to warn the public about an issue associated with kaiser's home all alone program. the nurses explain the program
6:32 am
sends patients in need of care to be cared for at home and the program does not provide the patient the best possible care, and is, quote, a blatant attempt to increase profits by sacrificing care. we have not reached out to the hospital and have not heard a response. it's different than a potential strike. that is planned for tomorrow. that strike involves pharmacists. the guilt told us their group could strike on monday so they are urging patients to fill prescriptions now. >> they said if i don't pick up my pills by the 15th, i will have to wait. and people cannot wait for them pills. >> in a statement kaiser said it has an offer on the table that keeps the pharmacists among the
6:33 am
highest paid in the profession, and kaiser says if there's a strike it's continued to provide patients with access to the pharmacy. we will keep an eye on the pharmacists labor dispute with kaiser, but right now this is the situation unfolding, just a handful of folks made their way out in the last minute. this, again, relating to the home all alone program, and the nurses' concern about the care being delivered to the patients associated with that program. we're live in redwood city, where a picket like this is happening in several bay area locations. in redwood city, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." and then cal's football team being forced to postpone their upcoming game amid ongoing confusion with the covid outbreak. the team had two dozen players test positive for last week's
6:34 am
game against arizona. more players are now testing positive, and the cal coach blames the problem on poor communication from the city of berkeley, saying some players tests negative after testing positive. >> the appropriate thing to do was to cancel the game. i think we need more information on what is happening. >> cal says just about all of its players are fully vaccinated. the game against usc will now take place on december 4th. the san josé sharks meanwhile still playing strong despite several of the players and their head coach out due to covid protocols. last night in calgary they beat the flames 4-1. that makes one loss in the five games they played since the
6:35 am
outbreak. most of it -- most, if not all, i should say, of those players are out along with the head coach. they are likely to return at the start of the next home stand. tomorrow the sharks will play in winnipeg. there's a new status hearing set for today in scott peterson's effort to get a new trial. the judge is now weighing if peterson can retain his legal team. his attorney says during the re-seconding hearing peterson will break his long silence over what happened. 6:35. technological failures are taking the spotlight in the holmes fraud trial. yesterday on the stand the theranos lab director testified about major inaccuracies in test results and how holmes and others glossed over them. in one tests, it showed prostate
6:36 am
antigens in women even though those antigens are found only in men. for more, go to and click on holmes trial coverage. and then the supply chain crisis is getting worse and it's coming ahead of the holiday shopping rush. an increase in the number of items are now out of stock, and that's 33% more than last year at this same time. the backups include, electronics, jewelry and clothing. >> nbc's sam brock reports from the port of miami, and the white house is now taking action. >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning and greetings from miami here. a big day for the biden administration as it touts $17 billion from the infrastructure bill that is not even signed yet
6:37 am
that will go to ports to help the supply chain backlog going on around the country. the investments could be applicable elsewhere including there out in california, whether it's deepening harbors or connecting the ports to highways and rail. there are problems in california because of all the cargo coming in from asian. the executive director from the director of portland is calling on the state to come out and help with funding because he's worried freights and jobs will move out of california to other parts of the country. it's a national issue going on, especially as the holidays are approaching and retailers hope it gets fixed or at least improved before thanksgiving and christmas. we'll have more of that timeline coming up on the "today" show. >> thank you. let's take a live look at the san josé skyline on this now
6:38 am
wednesday morning. a little hazy. kari has a look at the forecast. going to clear up? >> yeah, we will see fog a couple hours and then clearing up the rest of the day. we can see the fog and the low visibility on the golden gate bridge, and as you are stepping out the door in napa, not bad at all. it's milder at 54 degrees. in the late morning and afternoon, temperatures heading for the upper 60s here. hayward, we will see a high of 65, 68 in san josé. a couple spots reaching 70. nice for the outdoor activities, and spending more time out there as well. we will see more weather like this, and i will have that forecast, coming up. i am talking about the drive. the fog is now calmed down, and you can't see anything north from here.
6:39 am
more patchy fog, and maybe denser fog up in the north bay. watch that. a buildup at the bay bridge crossing over at richmond and the rest of the westbound routes in the east bay, and anything south of there is a gentle build. coming up, new concerns about a covid surge. >> with holiday gatherings coming up, and also travelers are coming from 30 different international locations. public health leaders say if you are eligible for a covid booster shot, you should get it now. we'll talk more about that. where there's a will, apparently there's rose'. president biden finds a port that is working. a former president faces a tough day in court. out on the big board this morning, the dow down slightly after we got monster big
6:40 am
inflation numbers. first, i want you to check out our instagram page. giants president was voted mlb executive of the year. our digital journalist is talking about the big honor on the podcast.
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the time is 6:42. as you are heading out the door
6:43 am
in the east bay, watch out for fog. pleasant hill temperatures in the mid-50s. the richmond bridge here. there's a disabled truck. see that in the middle of the screen? it's out of the lanes but affecting the approach to the toll plaza, and again, we'll show you how things are building up for the rest of the bay, coming up. 6:43 right now. covid cases are kicking up again and with thanksgiving two weeks away, public health leaders say anybody eligible should get the covid booster shot now. >> reporter: governor newsom put it this way. he said winter is coming. barring that phrase, we know respiratory illnesses like flu and the common cold also take hold in the winter months, and now that means covid will spike when it's cold as well.
6:44 am
covid numbers are increasing right now. the state has a 2.3% positivity rate, and almost up half a percent from october. the state is reporting 15 cases per 100,000 people. so far 3 million californians have gotten the covid booster shot, and nationwide that's about 20 million people boosted with protection with the third dose. anybody 65 and up, anybody between 50 and 54 with a medical condition, and anybody 18 and up who works or lives in a high-risk setting, and you can get your booster six months after your pfizer or moderna shot. people say they are ready and others say they are not. either way, doctors say they are worried about the holidays. >> i worry about after thanksgiving. it's basically the week after
6:45 am
thanksgiving that everything gets tough for respiratory diseases such as the flu and covid-19. >> and even if you are not traveling internationally orwell coming any visitors from elsewhere, even if you are just traveling in the state of california, there are pockets of unvaccinated communities where covid cases are much higher than here in the bay area, so remember if you are traveling anywhere this holiday and you are eligible for a booster, public health leaders say now is the time to get it. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> thank you. president biden off to baltimore this morning to celebrate the passage of the new infrastructure bill. >> and the white house identified baltimore as a place where things are going right? >> yeah, baltimore has it's problems, but when it comes to the port of baltimore they have
6:46 am
things working smoothly, and it was built, in fact, before america was america. the white house is spending people all over the united states to better explain the benefits of the new infrastructure bill that will spend money on ports, airports and roadways and highways. meantime, a federal judge ruled against former president donald trump who wanted to keep white house records connected to the days around the attack on the capitol by his supporters a secret. the judge said the records should be forwarded to the select committee investigating the attack. trump's attorneys argued executive privilege, that a president's records are protected, but he's not the president. she said trump's argument appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power exists in perpetuity.
6:47 am
the committee investigating the attack subpoenaed more white house officials, including the former white house secretary that said she had proof the election was fraudulent. a special council investigating trump white house just released a report showing numerous instances of the former president and staff to use the taxpayer money to campaign, and that's against the law. we're watching everything that is happening in washington. my goodness, there's a lot of it. i'm talking about it on social media, facebook and twitter. >> thanks, scott. later today we may get answers on the affects from our climate in crisis. the bay area council will release new findings analyzing the impact wildfires had on our state and bay area economies.
6:48 am
california's wine industry definitely one area feeling the heat from the wildfires. santa cruz winemakers had to adapt every season seemingly. >> it picked up smoke aromas later on, and you don't want to make a bottle of wine and it be on the shelf and pick up smoke flavors. >> you will probably see more rose' wine bottles on the shelves this year. the holiday movie classic "elf" is making headlines. >> santa is coming to town! >> yeah, oh, my god! >> i love this movie. >> it's a funny one. it turns out will ferrell's elf
6:49 am
costume recently sold at auction for just under $300,000. the sale comes a few weeks after he talked about turning down the opportunity to repeat his role as buddy the elf in a sequel. >> that would be a funny one. >> he's pretty tall, too? you are the only guy that might fit in it. >> did you buy that for me for christmas? >> i would have, but the shipping delays -- >> i can make you that suit, marcus, and get it at the goodwill. >> getting the kids up and out the door for school this morning, and we see low clouds and fog and it will be cloudy for the start of the day in san josé, and drop off in the 50s, and then pickup it will feel nicer with the sunshine.
6:50 am
take a look at the temperatures, los gatos reaching 69 degrees and 70 in morgan hill. we have upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay, and pleasanton heading for 68 degrees. oakland reaching 66. daly city heading for a high of 62. san francisco will be at about 61 in the outer sunset. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, we will be warmer but today in the upper 60s, which is not bad at all. we are seeing some storm systems to the north, and it may bring in light snow flurries to the sierra, and for now we are staying dry. we are seeing storm systems back to the north and that's where it will stay going into at least the next week. we are not expecting more rain even though there will be a lot of action going on out there over the ocean. another storm system as it moves in will just fall apart before it gets here, and we are hoping
6:51 am
to see changes there as we get closer. as we look at temperatures in san josé, warming up for the weekend, it's going to be nice for getting outside. upper 70s for sunday, and monday cooler. we are seeing the cooling trend continue through the middle to the end of next week. looking at the 7-day forecast, inland areas headed for the 70s for the holiday weekend. next week, upper 60s and cooler. for san francisco, we're looking at mid to upper 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. mike, you are seeing the low clouds in palo alto. >> yeah, not quite fog, not an issue for drivers but an issue as we are looking through the low clouds from the camera along 101 and university. more traffic volume and cloud cover. maybe foggy in patches, as kari stated, patches along this area. slowing in san mateo, and watch for that north of 92. they are making progress on the hov lanes and the meters. you could see those lit up in
6:52 am
the next couple of weeks, and they are going to be testing out that technology. meanwhile north bay 87 and 101 through san josé showing more build than we see on other days in the last week or so. so 101 slowing starts around capital expressway. we're watching for that build in silicon valley, typical. same thing for contra costa county. >> thanks, mike. happening now, crabbing season finally in full swing. you will now be able to buy fresh dung tphus crabs. crab sales are supposed to start next week, however it's now on hold after california delayed the crab season to protect endangered whales and sea turtles. no word on when that will go
6:53 am
into effect. >> we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. >> kaiser nurses right now gathering for the first of
6:56 am
several bay area protests today. today in the bay's cierra johnson live in redwood city with a look at what is going on. >> reporter: good morning. i hope you can hear me. they just turned the music up. this is a protest of those nurses at several kaiser locations. they are protesting a new program that they say really does not benefit the patient. the program is called the home all alone program. they say it really is just a way for the hospital to get money. we have reached out to kaiser and they have not responded. protests like these are happening at several kaiser locations throughout the bay area. we counted about 20 or so folks. you can see they are holding the signs that say patients first in the hospital. the home alone program actually sends folks from the hospital back home and has the nurses communicate with them remotely. again, these nurses saying they don't think it's the best practice of care. they got out here about 30 minutes ago, and not sure how
6:57 am
long they plan to stay out here. they are really making quite a statement right outside of the hospital. we will look to bring you any updates we receive, especially coming from the hospital because we have not heard from them. again, protests like this happening at several locations around the bay area. live in redwood city, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." on the heels of that, kaiser pharmacists could strike next week. they are advising patients to fill prescriptions now. separately, they are organizing a one-day strike for next monday. and then this is amid confusion amid the team outbreak. the team had two dozen players test positive last week. this is during the game against arizona. more players are now testing
6:58 am
positive. the game will now take place december 14th. and then san francisco district attorney will now have to split his time between fighting crime and fighting off a recall effort. yesterday the recall measure was certified. they had more signatures than needed to put the measure on the ballot. the friends of boudin say it's a republican effort. it's a foggy start in some parts of the bay, but will it burn off or stick around? let's get a final check of weather with meteorologist, kari hall. >> the rest of the forecast is looking nice and sunny, although we will start out the next few days with low clouds and fog.
6:59 am
take a look at the temperatures, warming up in the low 70s for the weekend. just a few more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures early next week. mike? >> looking at a pleasant drive. i saw slowing on san mateo bridge and was worried about 92, and you can see the high-rise and low clouds cleared and no problems for the sensors, but there's a build out of hayward. oh, the camera was concerned from the berkeley curb, which is moving smoothly to the bay bridge. behind me you can see the fog at the golden gate bridge. you know it's there. >> yeah. we're always here for you as well. thank you so much for joining us here on "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 and every half hour after that for a live local news update. >> as we look across the bay area, the fog is here and getting you started with the day. if you can, snuggle up and watch
7:00 am
the "today" show, and then stick around and watch our midday newscast. see you back here in just a bit. the "today" show is coming up for you, next. good morning breaking overnight, denied, a federal judge rejects donald trump's attempt to stop the release of white house records investigators believe could shed light on the january 6th insurrection and what the former president and his top aides knew just ahead, even more subpoenas expected which former west wing staffers are in the cross hairs we're live in washington with the very latest. all hands on deck, a new push from the white house to address the nation's ongoing supply chain crisis. >> it's the worst that i have ever seen it >> president biden meeting with


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