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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, gayle king, david copperfield, aurora, everybody! [ cheers and applause i want to thank elmo lovano and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ right now at 11:00, is it a winter covid surge and is it headed our way? doctors warn the cases are
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climbing again but this time things will be different. >> covid at cal, football players talk about the outbreak that sidelined dozens of their teammates. >> to see all these guys got it, this outbreak happened, was eye opening. >> changes the team is making to keep everyone safe. plus -- >> another shooting in oakland, witnesses say the victim hit with stray bullet as the city struggles for answers. >> good evening. we understand the woman at center of the shooting, innocent bystander shot in front of legendary fox theater in oakland as she waited to meet band members before the concert. >> appears she was hit by stray bullet. heightened concern after the tragic shooting of the little boy by stray bullet on 880.
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cheryl hurd. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: fans who came to see the band all time low disappointed that the concert had to be canceled because of a shooting. one of my favorite bands and dreamt about the moment five years, so really upset but hope everybody's okay. >> reporter: band's lead singer also concerned, taking to instagram to explain why they canceled the show. >> earlier today altercation took place down the street involving gunfire and one person waiting in line for our show was hit by stray bullet in the arm. >> reporter: just before 2:30 across from the famed fox theater. witnesses say it was running battle person trying to steal a car and owner. >> i heard shots, 10, 15. >> reporter: attending oakland school for the arts, says the
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campus was refuge for people. >> my principal let people in who had been on the street or something or going to the show. >> reporter: police aren't saying what led up to the shooting, if confirmed stray bullet, it's just four days after 23-month-old jasper wu was shot dead hit by stray bullet riding in back seat of a car on 880. diane garcia works for urban strategies council. >> finding way to get goods on the street off the street. i think that's going to take a lot of healing in the community. >> reporter: meanwhile, concert goers are told to hold on to tickets, may reschedule or give a refund. a brazen smash and grab robbery, story only on nbc bay
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area. michael curry stopped for coffee taking eight-year-old to school. he crossed to coffee shop and heard a loud bang and glass breaking. >> daughter was screaming they took your bag, just ran over and hugged her, a wild scene. >> witnesses told him it was team of two, getaway driver and man who smashed the window to steal his laptop and passport. getaway car is linked to string of similar break-ins. went through this last year and doctors saying we can expect another winter surge. this time around key differences you need to know about. nbc bay area news' ian cull joins us now. >> last year no one was vaccinated. now 74% of eligible californians have at least one dose. hospitalizations are low in bay
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area but doctors say there's concern in some parts of the state. top health officials and governor warn rising covid cases isn't a good sign heading into winter. >> winter is coming. winter is here. and as we are wont to be reminded, last year we had a challenging winter. >> reporter: will be a different surge than last winter with lot of restrictions because people are mingling more and traveling. >> there is going to be winter surge, look different in different parts of the state. nevertheless most it will be people who haven't got it or been vaccinated. >> reporter: doesn't expect a spike in bay area but says more cases could disrupt life and more workers and school children quarantining from exposures. >> when things get bad, we have
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to temporarily slow down or turn back a teeny bit. if numbers go up, i think that's what we'll do. >> reporter: factors that help, kids are getting vaccinated. 110,000 5 to 11-year-olds have one dose, mask mandates are still in place. boosters, those 65 and up and immunocompromised should get one and might be good if you're traveling. >> if you're staying home and not really doing anything, even if you got infected, nothing is going to happen if you're vaccinated. >> one factor that won't help is flu. very few cases last year but expects a comeback this winter and could put pressure on the hospitals as well. >> numbers show it here, california covid cases are spiking. seven-day average of new cases
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statewide. you can see the peak of last surge in august. we saw little spike last month and last few days numbers are starting to climb again. nearly 3,800 cases a day and trending upward nationally. 161,000 a day, then dropped by half and now rising again, more than 74 thus reported new cases a day. they had a 99% vaccination rate and still got covid. new perspective and plan for cal berkeley football players forced to postpone next saturday's game against usc because of the covid outbreak on the team. head coach justin wilcox and couple of players talked tonight, one word we heard over and over, frustrating. terry mcsweeney. >> i understand the frustration by the players. >> reporter: cal football team
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went on offense tonight, head coach justin wilcox responding to the berkeley health department report that players did not get tested or stay home when sick or wear masks indoors. players admitting the vaccination rate may have led to false sense of security. >> it's not minimizing covid-19. >> reporter: two dozen players and coaches sidelined by positive test at arizona game. now more than 40 tests are positive, requiring ten days of isolation and more covid testing nine days before the big game against stanford. >> clock is ticking for most guys, they want to compete. there's only so many chances to do that. >> reporter: uc berkeley and public health department mandating different and stricter covid protocols than other schools. with the team's high vaccination rate, it's hoped they're blaise based on the latest cdc
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information. >> symptomatic breakthroughs can possibly transmit infections but asymptomatic with covid, with the delta variant, usually not transmitting. question is are the players ill. >> reporter: no one speaking about that tonight, citing privacy concerns. >> lot of it lack of clarity and communication to us players. >> reporter: coach wilcox hoping to turn the page. >> will be multiple tests in the week, foods grab and go and workouts structured differently. >> reporter: players hoping to move on as well. >> there are a lot of guys positive so we have to hopefully get them on the protocol and go try to beat stanford next week. >> nbc bay area news. new rules for covid booster shots in santa clara county, all adults who want it can get it now. more than 1 million are
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eligible, 200,000 have received the shot. county health leaders urging people to get one before the holidays. protection from the initial vaccine starts to decline four to six months after the shot and might be why cases have started to climb again in santa clara county. long lines at mass vaccination site in vallejo, solano county fairgrounds. for kids and anyone else eligible, wednesday through saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. answers about masks to kids and vaccine, we're keeping track of the pandemic headlines for you. san francisco police are investigating a crash that killed a man walking across the street in marina district. intersection of franklin and union right near sherman elementary school.
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officers arrived and say they found a man with life-threatening injuries, medics tried to revive him, he died at scene. san francisco supervisor stephanie tweeted that the city needs to do a better job. live look at oakland, new candidate to be mayor. rising star in bay area politics? sheng thao announced today in west oakland. big names in attendance. currently city council member, first hmong in the state in the council. knows one of the biggest issues is crime. >> i too hear the gunshots and my house has been broken into when my 12-year-old son was home alone. he was traumatized.
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i was traumatized. i believe we need better public safety in oakland, not just more officers to fill vacancies. with the emergency, we need a comprehensive approach. >> grad of merrick college and uc berkeley. election is next november, current mayor libby schaaf is termed out. sheng thao and loren taylor and derrick sao, a homeless advocate. stepped down last year after accused of sexually assaulting women. served a search warrant, took some things, won't tell us what. six people accused foppoli of sexual assault. he's denied all allegations.
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crew member from the deadly movie set shooting taking alec baldwin to court, blaming the actor for what happened that day. dealing with climate in crisis, peninsula city's plan to deal with rising sea levels. i'm chief meteorologist jeff i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, i'll get hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. one, zero, ignition.
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lift-off. >> lift-off indeed, reached a global milestone. this evening four spacex astronauts launched into orbit from cape canaveral, 600 in in 60 years. doctor from north carolina and german astronaut. spending six months at international space station. first lawsuit filed on the shooting of halyna hutchins who died when alec baldwin used prop last month. suing baldwin, armorer reed. alleges negligence. says hutchins was close friend and died in his arms. at today's news conference he was overwhelmed with emotion.
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>> she was friend. do you have friend? all have friends, yes, nobody -- >> it's fine. >> santa fe county sheriffs detectives are still investigating the shooting, including who brought live ammunition to the set. breaking case on the peninsula, arrested four people in killing of high school student in 2019. january 7th, 2019, found body of 17-year-old mohammed offman. detectives have arrested four men, one a teenager at the time of the killing. motive hasn't been announced but police didn't reveal what new evidence may have led to the ho? probably not. if you do, might find a relic
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from the past, the racial covenant. this racially divisive action from decades ago is part of the present. example from the peninsula, upscale enclave new woodside, specifies no homes can be occupied by anyone not caucasian or white race. no longer enforced but still on paper. so homeowner did something about it. gathered signatures to remove the race restrictions from their deeds. >> is this going to change the world, no. but i think it's a step in the right direction. >> uc berkeley professor says the ladera neighborhood, is not isolated. they're found across the bay area and target japanese, chinese and korean-american
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citizens. >> does the color of your skin, youth or beauty influence how much attention is paid when a woman goes missing? that's the research behind missing white woman syndrome. >> if i wasn't a tv woman but average hispanic woman who went missing, wouldn't garner as much attention? >> that's correct and it's terrible. >> uncomfortable conversation how we're all culprits in this plight and stunning number of girls that go missing in bay area every month that no one ever hears about. "race in america," tomorrow night, 7:30. burlingame may be first to incorporate sea level rise in building codes and zoning. hoping to work with neighbors and developers to pay for infrastructure to guard against climate change.
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sergio quintana. >> reporter: a new set of towers juts out into the bay. if city council adopts new zoning and building codes, new developments would have to incorporate strategies to protect them and rest of the bay front from rising sea levels. >> would be doing a combination of sea walls engineered and built, also title restoration. >> reporter: on the city council, says the idea is take a shared responsibility approach to planning for and building infrastructure to stand up to effects of climate change. burlingame is first city to do it, can't be only one. >> one city can't be lower than another in terms of protection and therefore have more risk attached. >> reporter: ceo of 1 shoreline, a relatively new san mateo county intergovernmental agency, considered most vulnerable in
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the state to the effects of climate change with erosion on the coast and flooding. coordinate efforts and funding to protect current residents and future projects. >> we should be thinking ahead, what we plan now should be resilient for climate today and 30, 50 years from now. >> reporter: burlingame city council will get first look at zoning changes monday, and expect plenty of public comment next several weeks before making final decision end of december or beginning of january. nbc bay area news. >> amazing to see that. figure in theory burlingame might be the first and like dominos, all going to fall. >> that's right. >> scary stuff. jeff, midweek, we have sunshine, are we going to keep it? >> we are, and looking beautiful
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next couple of days. more climate stories anytime. full section with news and also weather related climate stories. as we head through veterans day tomorrow to commemorate and honor the troops and men and women who serve our country, headed out to activities or parades, up early, have a jacket, even sweater weather moving in. 48 for tri-valley, peninsula 51, east bay 49, san francisco 52 and chilly in the north bay at 48. sunny skies in morning and we'll keep it. what's driving the weather pattern, really once we get a storm system moving in, day after that storm moves out i hear from everybody, when is next chance of rainfall. show you what we're dealing with right now. you can see the storm track right there, loops around, pushing that rain up to washington and oregon, keeping
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it away for us. area of high pressure that could stay next two weeks, just lifting it north. so mild and dry conditions here as we move into the upcoming weekend. rain chances end of this month and really looks good for the first part of december to get more storms in here. could certainly get over an inch. still got rain ahead. enjoy this break. big rain surplus, so don't have to feel guilty right now. tomorrow's forecast it's going to shape up good with high pressure, three to six degrees warmer. 71 in san jose, gilroy, 74. excellent in east bay, 74 in antioch. 72 in hayward. peninsula not as warm but 72 in palo alto, daly city 67 and san francisco, the mission, 68. north bay, napa 73, ukiah 74, mill valley, 69.
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dry weather next seven days, cooler in sf, then drop off as we roll through next week's forecast. beautiful weather moving in with cold mornings. you know what tomorrow s friday lights. it's here. another week. >> and holiday for a lot of people, parades across the bay area. >> friday light light. >> essentially. happening now, meta, previously known as facebook, teaming up with rival microsoft. partnership will allow people to integrate meta's workplace software with microsoft teams. workplace focuses on broad, company wide conditions a
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quite the entrance into the world for a vacaville baby. started to have contractions before the due date, got closer, headed to hospital, out the door, down the driveway, that's far as they got. ring camera, emily let nature takese. >> going to get on the grass and be here, my spot. laid back in the grass, took a
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deep breath, all right he's here, i can relax. he's fine. but man do i never want to do this again. >> had the baby on the front lawn, unlike most moms had chance to watch the birth on her ring camera. >> hopefully the sprinklers didn't go on. congratulations. cut out middle man, san francisco port commission approved one-year pilot program allows you to buy whole live dungeoness crabs. dungeoness crabs. had can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them.
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look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. warriors aren't just winning. they're winning with style. with panache. yes. >> what does that mean, style? >> yes, elegant. but there was a moment of concern tonight. >> draymond green left with a thigh contusion, but steve kerr said after the game draymond should be okay. chase center, happy veterans day early. nice way the nba gave all the veterans courtside seats. $3,000 seats in san francisco, well deserved. warriors and t-wolves, andrew
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wiggins was the star against former team. slow motion, final minutes, minnesota making a comeback but wiggins slamming the door, rebound and slam. chase center has some soul to it. not quite oracle in oakland but getting there. warriors beat the t-wolves 123-110. fans and teammates fired up. look at this guy here. warriors 10-1 on the season. guess who, raiders' newest player at practice today in las vegas. former cal bear desean jackson signed this week. with the rams before they waived him. pivotal week for the raiders, watch them here on nbc sports bay
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all right. in honor of veterans day tomorrow, several national parks across the country will say your money is no good here. over 100 national parks that charge entry f waive them tomorrow. may be no better way to celebrate those who fought for
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the country than on our own natural land, let them in free. >> cool program. morning team will have coverage of the events across the bay area, there are a lot of them. coverage begins 4:30 a.m. breaking news tonight, the drama in the courtroom. kyle rittenhouse testifying in his own defense in his homicide trial rittenhouse breaking down on the stand as he described the moments leading up to him fatally shooting two people during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin. the teen saying he did nothing wrong and acted in self-defense. and the explosive moment the judge yelling at the prosecutor over his line of questioning. the motion by the defense. could the judge declare a mistrial also tonight inflation soaring at the fastest rate in more than 30 years president biden at a baltimore port today how he says his recently passed infrastructure bill can reverse the price surge. the covid vaccine
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roll-out for kids. more than 900,000 getting their shots in just over a week the cdc director is here answering parents' questions. the investigation into that deadly astroworld concert chaos. what the police chief has revealed after reports a security guard was injected with drugs. the massive storm sweeping from coast to coast. we're tracking it. the first lawsuit filed against alec baldwin and others over that deadly movie set shooting and the teacher inspiring america who just became a millionaire. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening emotions flared in a wisconsin courtroom today. an angry judge, a clearly frustrated prosecutor and a defendant himself, kyle rittenhouse breaking down in sobs as he took the witness stand in his own defense. he's charged with intentionally killing two people and wounding a third


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