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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ tight inventory and even tighter budgets when it comes to life in the bay area. we're going to let you know about the expensive way to live here in the bay area. your bottom line is growing. we are here with a chos closer at that impact with price increases the most in a decade. a shooting outside oakland's fox theater forcing a band to cancel their show. the clock is ticking for most of these guys. they want to go compete. there's only so many chances
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they get to do that. >> breaking their silence. cal football players open up about the outbreak that left so many players sidelined and where things go from here. this is "today in the bay." a good thursday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a look at that morning commute and forecast still ahead. first, the rate of inflation is at a 30-year high, another indication the american economy is struggling to recover from the pandemic. >> bob redell is live in san ramon. soaring gas prices just the start of these problems. >> reporter: unfortunately you're correct. take a look at this. for a regular gallon of gas $4.95. other places around the bay area well over $5 a gallon. here are the latest overnight
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numbers from aaa. you have oakland, san francisco, san a year ago oaklanders were paying$3.30 a gallon. well over a dollar increase in the the past 12 months. the differences are also in san francisc and san jose. we found the consumer price index that prices are rising faster than analysts expected. used cars and truck up 26%. the price of beef up just over 20%. the economy is still showing some signs of recovery from the pandemic. last month the rate of unemployment dropped as the united states added more than
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half a million jobs. part of it blamed on the supply chain backlog, where goods are being sent from overseas faster than they can be off loaded here. >> our hope is that over time once you get more workers back to the workforce, once you're able to unload all those ships, that the increases in prices will again to lessen. >> reporter: the white house has released $17 billion from the just passed infrastructure bill to help deal with that supply chain backlog. that money is going to projects that take years. there will be a signing ceremony on monday when president biden signs that trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law. oakland police still looking for people involved in violent gunfire outside the fox theater
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yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a woman was struck in the arm by a stray bullet. it happened when an armed owner got in a gun battle with thieves trying to steal his car. the concert planned for last night by the band all time low was quickly cancelled. on social media the band's lead singer explained why. >> earlier today an altercation took place down the street involing gunfire. one person waiting in line for our show was hit by a stray bullet. >> they're one of my favorite bands. i'm really upset. i hope everybody is okay. >> the shooting happened not far from a school. witnesses say children were nearby when the gunfire erupted. thankfully no one else was injured. the cal football team talking more about the covid outbreak that led saturday's game against usc to be postponed. 24 players missed last week's game against arizona.
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the number of positive tests has climbed to more than 40. the head coach is responding to reports that proper covid protocols were not followed. players admit that 100% vaccination may have led to a false sense of security. >> there was a lot of frustration. a lot of it just came from lack of clarity and communication to us players. >> so now there will be multiple tests during the week. there's going to be foods grab and go. workouts will be structured differently. >> cal will play stanford nine days from now in the big game. and the usc makeup game will be december 4th. a live look in palo alto where you might say the city has a new sister. bloomington, indiana, is palo alto's newest sister city. the mayor started that sister
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city program over a year ago. this is to promote cultural and commercial ties. all morning long we are honoring those who have served on this veterans day. it was here on "today in the bay" we first told you about jake larson. the then 96-year-old world war ii veteran was trying to get to france for the 75th anniversary of d day. >> a go fund me campaign raised thousands of dollars so he could get to normandy. now he is 98 and we reenltly caught up with him at his home. >> if it weren't for veterans, we'd all be speaking german right now. hitler's goal was to conquer the
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world. that meant you did what he told you to do. if you didn't do it, he'd just kill you. >> larson is now a published author. earlier this year he debuted the luckiest man in the world stories from the life of papa jake. >> how cool is that. >> we salute him today and of course all veterans. >> this is a live look at the american flag at san jose city hall this morning. thank you for your service and your sacrifice. we honor you. the united veterans counsel of santa clara county will hold a parade at noon in downtown san jose. it was virtual last year, of course, due to the pandemic. the parade starts at alameda boulevard and santa clara
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street. that should be fun. >> how is the weather going to hold up? >> pretty good for the parade. our temperatures at noon 70 degrees and sunny. we only head for the low 70s for the afternoon. in antioch a parade going on at 8:30 in the morning. it should be in the upper 50s. we'll see a high of 71 in san jose, hayward at 72 degrees this afternoon. mike, you have a new crash in san jose? >> yeah. it's not a major injury. chp reported someone bumped up on the curb at the transition
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and spun. the person is quite shaken. i'm glad everything is okay. should be cleared shortly. at the 880 the off ramp on the northbound side may be affecting the slowing. no slowing shows up out of the altamont pass. an easy drive through contra costa county. through the north you might see patchy fog. that entire stretch of 101 not unfamiliar to folks through the area, though. a new crash may be near the richmond san rafael bridge. some believe in-n-out may be
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lured out of the golden state. lots of people buying electric cars and electric car stock as well.
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good thursday morning. as we get a look at your forecast stepping out the door in oakland we have some low 50s.
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i think we'll see a lot of sunshine today. we're making plans to get outside not only today but the weekend. >> oakland, that's the freeway with a smooth flow of traffic. taillights heading north up toward the bay bridge. what can you expect, we'll talk about that coming up. good morning. happy veterans day to you. my dad is a navy veteran. my youngest son will be some day. for now he's active duty navy. in britain it's armistice day. in china it's singles day. it's a big deal in asia as people buy elon musk has sold billions of dollars worth of tesla stock. he claimed it was because of a
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twitter poll he posted, but many suspect he's generating cash to pay a big tax bill on some options he had come due. when one of the company's biggest shareholders sells a huge number of shares, you should be paying attention. i'm not going to tell you whether or not to buy or sell any sort of stock. i'm not licensed to do that but i don't need a license to tell you tesla is trading at 155 times earnings. for context, ford trades at 27 times earnings. there's no good price to earnings ratio to make a judgment. a high number shows investors have a big expectation in the company's future. but there is a number different for every investor where you think that's too high. shares in tesla are up about 75% in the last three months. again, one of their biggest shareholders is selling. shares in electric car company
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rivian are up. both ford and amazon have heavy investments. the feds are suing uber over its past policy of setting a time limit and charging for the wait for disabled people the same way it does for regular people to get in the car. seems unfair to people in wheelchairs or the blind. the feds are taking the ride sharing company to court for past violations of the americans with disabilities act. i wanted to follow up on the conspiracy that birds are not real. is it marcus's reaction or laura's that i really like. they protested outside twitter headquarters demanding twitter
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remove the bird symbol from the sign. you might think this is clever performance art making fun of other people and their weird conspiracy theories and i suspect you may be right. the group insists it's serious. like any good conspiracy, it has answers for everything. >> i don't like reporting conspiracies. i just try to be responsible. >> yes. i think we can all detect the facetiousness. here's a new for you. florida apparently not quite on the up and up yet when it comes.
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florida's governor floated the idea this week after the southern california company made headlines with bay area stores in that dispute over covid protocols. the governor there phoned the company leaders, who politely declined his offer saying the company has no intention to expand at this time. how far would you go to make sure that outfit was complete? well, actress blake lively answering that question. >> lively is making headlines after she painted the white jewels on her pumps red to complete a look. these were $1,000 manolo blahniks. she had to paint the jewels with red nail polish so her ensemble would be complete. was it worth it or did she ruin a really expensive pair of
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shoes? >> i think she could afford to buy new ones. they look good. >> my daughter did the same thing and we got them at walmart. still it's the same thing. >> you're putting your own flair on it. let's get you ready for the day. as we look at our visibility, it's down to about three quarters of a mile in santa rosa. in sonoma it's 47 degrees. a lot of sunshine and headed for the mid to upper 60s. our high temperatures will reach
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into the low 70s for the south bay. for the east bay, we're going to see a high of about 72 degrees in livermore and pleasanton. daley city reaching 67 degrees. ingleside seeing a high of about 65 today. santa rosa reaching 72 degrees. overall we've seen a quiet weather pattern for the past couple of days. that's because the atmospheric river is well to the north of us. you can see how much rain is falling up around portland. that is where it will stay for about the next week. we see the atmospheric river pointing that heavy rain farther to the pacific northwest. but we could see a chance of rain as it moves back our way by next thursday and friday. take a look at morgan hill, this weekend headed up toward 80 degrees. we'll see temperatures cooling off again back to fall for next
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week with some mid 60s. a mix of sun and clouds, more clouds early next week. a cooler trend for tuesday into wednesday. san francisco mainly in the upper 60s. mike, you have an easy drive right now across the bay bridge. >> it's a great drive right now. it is a holiday for some businesses and schools. the incident just off the richmond bridge was a small warming fire off of the freeway. it's not a threat to the freeway or buildings. we expect to see more slowing out of the altamont. we'll track it. back to you. next, nbc bay area responds. >> prices are up, taking a bite out of your budget.
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what can you do? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. also, we'll take a look at what's going on across the bay area to honor those who serve our country. a parade begins at 11:00 this morning at the antioch veterans memorial.
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this morning the newest inflation report shows consumer prices are rising as inflation hits a 30-year high. >> we asked consumer investigator chris chmura to dive deeper. >> good morning. food and fuel stood out. gas was up 6% from the previous month september to october. the fifth month in a row gas prices climbed. $4.85 a gallon here in the bay area, up from $3.40 a year ago. beef up 3% from september to october. poultry, fish and eggs up by 1.7%. dairy, fruit and vegetable prices were almost flat. some went down. namely airline tickets and alcohol.
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we run a tight budget at home. here's what we are doing to save money. we are price shopping more, letting the lowest prices determine what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. we're clipping digital coupons too. you can as well with apps like i bought it, which gives you cash back on supermarket purchases. the savings add up. i got $38 back in august, 31 in september. one last thing. we are aggressive about wasting as little food as possible. we put our most perishable ingredients at eye level in the fridge so we cook with them first. we posted on our website. just look for the how to play list. a global milestone has four
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spacex astronauts launched. >> liftoff. >> it was a picture perfect liftoff last night, three americans and one german astronaut will spend six months at the international space station. a big night for county music. >> last night artists gathered at the cma awards in nashville. entertainer of the year was luke holmes. >> i don't know what to say. i have never written a speech for something like this, which is not serving me very well right now. i don't deserve to win it but i'm sure glad that i did. >> other big winner for the night was chris stapleton taking home six awards including song and single of the year for
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"starting over." that's also the title of the record that earned him album of the year. we are talking vaccinations. we're about a week into vaccinating our youngest students. we'll look at all of the numbers and break it down for you. plus, after bravely giving so much to our country, what's being done on the peninsula to help combat veterans get the mental health support they need.
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a pandemic problem some fear may only get course. thousands of bay area teachers still without their shots. plus, all new information on masks in the classroom. plus, a warmer and sunny weekend. the update from the drought monitor just out in a few minutes. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's begin with a live look outside. a great symbol of sacrifice and dedication of our veterans. u.s.s. hornet in alameda as veterans day events get underway. cierra johnson is live on the ship, showing us what organizers are doing to pay tribute to those who have done so much for our country. we begin with breaking news. south africa's last apartheid
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president has died. fw declerk oversaw the end of the country's white minority rule and shared the nobel peace prize with nelson mandela. he also announced in 1990 that mandela would be released from prison after 27 years. he tied from capacitier at his home in cape town. he was 85 years old. some teachers are still holding out on their covid vaccination shots. >> that may factor into the decision whether to extend or drop school mask mandates. >> here in the bay area the vast majority of our teachers are fully vaccinated. statewide, 10% of public schoolteachers have not gotten their shots which amounts to about 32,000 teachers. in san jose unified 5% were not
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vaccinated as of september. as of october, 3% of san francisco unified teachers had to get a shot, 5% in fremont, 5% in oakland. we know some districts are requiring all eligible students to get vaccinated but they're not making the same requirement of teachers, just a request. meanwhile a lot of parents jump ed at the chance to get younger children vaccinated as soon as that smaller dose was approved. within a week almost a million kids in the 5-1 age bracket got vaccinated. in the u.s., there are about 28 million kids in this age group. if teachers get their shots, a lot of families are asking when mask mandates are going to go away.
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here's the cdc director. >> i say masks are for now, but not forever. >> she points out about 85% of counties in the u.s. are either in the high or substantial rate of transmission bracket. we are a little insulated from that here in the bay area where we're doing so many things right. our vaccination rates are higher than the state average. >> we're keeping track of the changing pandemic headlines for you online. we've posted answers to questions at new this morning, santa clara county may be poised to expand its health care eligibility to thousands of uninsured residents. supervisors will vote on a proposal to increase eligibility for the county's primary care access program. it would double the income cap from $53,000 to $106,000. right now the program serves 8,000 adults. with approval, it is possible
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another 20,000 or more may be added. taking a live look in san francisco this thursday morning. parents are pushing schools to create a new group. the new resolution calls for city leaders to develop and adopt affirming practices affecting the parents of lgbtq students including changing language to be more inclusive. it also calls for a full-time staffing position to support the group. the shipping backlog clogging southern california points. the threat of fines reportedly improving the situation on shore even with more container ships along the coast. the number of ships waiting to be off loaded has shot higher even since the white house law firmed a new push to end the log jam from 58 last month to 78
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this week. on the docks about one-fourth of the containers waiting to be moved have now disappeared. fines kick in next week for containers that still sit too long. today we are honoring those who serve. we also want to take the time to acknowledge mental health and the mental toll those military service members have. the veterans affairs office says up to 20% of military service members who served in iraq have ptsd. it is 12% for the gulf war veterans. that's not the only issue veterans deal with. right now the palo alto va is utilizing new technology to help serve members. the cardio pulmonary rehabilitation program.
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>> being able to connect with a doctor or a therapist through video is huge. our veterans are getting better care. they are catching things earlier because of the fact they are being seen. in my role as their therapist is keeping up with what they're doing, how they're feeling every single week. >> the program has been around for about a decade and it was tested during the pandemic. this is when the need for virtual therapy greatly increased. here in the bay area there's a long list of activities honoring those who have served. cierra johnson live on the u.s.s. hornet. i've been on that ship. it's pretty amazing. lot of history there. >> reporter: good morning. that's right.
5:37 am
a lot of history indeed. we're going to surprise you all with what exactly is inside in about an hour. the u.s.s. hornet is a vessel for celebration in honoring those who have served. we're joined by mr. russell moore, the community outreach director for the u.s.s. hornet to talk about what today means. what does it mean for veterans and the families of vets that have really worked to protect our country, what does today mean to them? >> like you said, these veterans have given their service to the country and they deserve honor and respect. veterans day gives us excuse to gather and celebrate that, especially at a place like the hornet, a ship that served for so long in the navy. >> reporter: i had a chance to look inside. there's a lot going on, a lot of artifacts. walk me through what folks can expect, what time it starts. >> doors open at 10:00 but our
5:38 am
ceremony starts at 11:00. we have a couple of local politicians giving short speeches. we have a rear admiral from the coast guard and a lieutenant colonel from the army reserve speaking on topics for veterans today. we have exhibits set up and a tribute to colin powell that we unfortunately just lost recently. >> reporter: very, very nice tribute. >> you can go to our website there's likely to be a flyover a little bit early as well from the memorial squadron that will go over the ship at about 10:30. >> reporter: thank you for waking up so early with us. we love honoring these veterans and what they did to keep us all
5:39 am
safe. we are live here in alameda, cierra johnson. how is it looking for us? >> looks good for today and into the weekend. maybe you're planning to head to sonoma valley this weekend. we'll see temperatures reaching into the mid 70s, just a few clouds mixing in. as we head down to santa cruz, temperatures at about 74 for highs and morning temperatures in the lower 50s. if your weekend plans take you to l.a., there it's going to be warmer with a high of 86 tomorrow and 84 on saturday. if you're going to yosemite national park, temperatures reach into the mid 60s and
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mostly sunny skies with very chilly temperatures in the mornings. you have a new crash in san jose? >> we do. we have a crash at oakland road north 101 right where we have the slowing that builds because 540. we're tracking that. hopefully it will clear quickly. i think there are no injuries for that crash. i'm going to track that. that is affecting the south bay. everything else lighter than normal including the altamont pass. many schools and businesses aren't working today because they're observing the veterans day holiday. turning to an important conversation that we are examining here at nbc bay area. if you or a loved one went missing, would the color of your skin play a factor in the search? that is the topic of our latest "race in america" conversation.
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i recently sat down with the brother of a man last seen by his family after leaving his home in oakland may of 2019. the family says the response from police was lackluster after he was reported missing. this is compared to someone like gabby petito. many people are calling this disparity a case of missing white woman syndrome. i want you to tune in and hear from harrison and others on this topic and how the search for their loved ones could have been handled differently. that's tonight at 7:30. consequences for bad behavior in the air, the steep penalty one passenger is playing for the tense moments he's accused of triggering thousands of feet in the air. and for president biden, the biggest challenge clearly is inflation. we'll take a look at that. and when they come, they come. one north bay mother did not quite give birth where she planned. why she's now the talk of the
5:42 am
neighborhood and the twist of fate that allowed her to watch it all later.
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right now as you're heading out in the delta, we are seeing clear visibility now but there's been some fog in the north bay. temperatures in the low 50s right now in antioch. we'll look at the weekend and the update on the drought monitor coming up in a few
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minutes. come folks plan to stay inside right now because they may not be going to work. the bay bridge toll plaza shows you a lighter volume of traffic here. it's 5:44. senator alex padilla leading a new effort to boost voter registration access to low and middle income americans. he and others have sent a letter to treasury secretary janet yellen, requesting to allow voter registration through income taxes. the move could add tens of thousands of voters. new this morning, california one step closer to finalizing a new election map reflecting one less u.s. congressional district. a state commission released the draft map yesterday ahead of the november 15th deadline.
5:46 am
this reflects the loss of one of the state's 53 congressional districts. maps were also redrawn for the state assembly and the senate. all have yet to be finalized. a lot of things that washington worries about that kind of regular miles per hours really don't care about. inflation, though, everyone cares about that. much like if the economy was an issue for george h.w. bush, it's inflation is turning out to be a problem for the white house. president biden is continuing to insist that economists are right, that inflation related to the sudden demand for goods coupled with the problem in supply will be temporary. if inflation is hurting you, keep in mind fighting inflation hurts too.
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you want inflation to go away? the fed can fight it by raising interest rates, making it harder to buy a house, a car or pay your loans. wages are up year to year about 5%. inflation is up about 6%. vice president kamala harris is in france trying to patch up our relationship with our oldest ally after america skunked france on a submarine deal with australia. the french were furious. here she is visiting the pastor lab where scientists are fighting covid. [indiscernible] >> the environment is such that
5:48 am
we're expected to -- >> there's video floating around social media showing the vice president speaking in detroit in a few months someone has edited the video making it sound as if she said only the vaccinated need go to the hospital for covid. i'm going to show you the actual video. she clearly said it's unvaccinated people that are most likely to go to the hospital. >> virtually every person that's in the hospital sick with covid-19 right now is unvaccinated. i'm going to repeat that. virtually -- it's a fact. virtually every person who is in the hospital right now sick with covid-19 is unvaccinated.
5:49 am
>> you can see how easy that would be to edit. obviously i'm not posting the fake video. we're doing our best to fight fake videos. the faa is now issuing a new fine to unruly passengers. this includes a passenger fined $20,000 for disrupting a flight to new york back in january. the pilot was forced to return to the gate, delaying takeoff after a passenger yelled at flight attendants, removed his seat belt and started moving around the plane. people in one vaccaville neighborhood still buzzing about the miracle that happened in one front yard. >> the mother emily johnson started having contractions a week before her due date.
5:50 am
she and her husband managed to make it out the front door, but that's as far as they got. the baby wouldn't make. >> i'm just going to get on the grass. i just laid back in the grass and took a nice deep breath. he's here. i could relax. he's fine. man, do i never want to do this again. >> the ring camera captured the whole thing. oh my. >> remember that day you were born? >> on the front lawn. >> let me show you. >> good thing it was in the middle of the night. >> right. >> i just got the drought
5:51 am
monitor. i want to show you what's going on. of course the drought is still going on across the region. really no change for much of us in the bay area. i did see a downgrade in the drought for mendocino county. this was in an extreme drought and now it's at severe. all of the rain we had recently has helped cities farther to the north. most of us not seeing a change with exceptional drought still. right now the atmospheric river now to the north of us. it looks like we'll see a lot of the rain heading there even as it moves chos -- closer to the
5:52 am
bay area. for napa, a really comfortable weekend. it's beautiful and green. the hills look amazing. next week we'll have to wear jackets when temperatures will be cooler early next week. >> a lot of folks aren't driving into work like we see around the rest of the bay. it's slow on the approach to story road. the crash still blocks your right lane as you're heading north on 101 at oakland road. we're looking at lighter traffic not seeing any slowdowns on 280
5:53 am
and capital expressway. look how light it is through contra costa county. the bay bridge toll plaza still very clear. back to you. happening now, a consumer alert you need to be aware of. an independent lab study is finding some brands of hand sanitizer have tested positive for cancer causing agents called benzene. more than 250 batches have been marked as contaminated. some brands have voluntarily recalled the products. the fda says if you have any of these products on the list, you should throw them out. you can find them at still ahead, a new tool that could help companies reduce their carbon footprints. also, imagine this, a third
5:54 am
grader sitting in a car while her dad gets coffee. thieves smash the car window and take off. and inflation frustration. gas prices getting higher and higher with no end in sight. not just gasoline we're talking about here. we're live with the effects being felt across the country and especially here in the bay area.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." i talk to the ceo of fig bites, an accounting tool that that strategizes carbon emissions goals. >> so we provide tools that enable companies to track across all their operations be that retail operations, supply chain operations, the distribution of the product. the capture of raw material. everything that has an operational impact probably has an environmental impact as well.
5:58 am
>> you can watch this full interview at and click on the climate in crisis tab. a brazen smash and grab in oakland. >> michael curry stopped to get coffee in rock ridge before dropping off his 8-year-old daughter at school. his daughter stayed in the car while he crossed the street to the coffee shop. this is when he heard a loud bang. his daughter witnessed that up close. >> my daughter is screaming they took your bag. i just picked her up. it was a wild scene. >> curry says witnesses told him this was a team of two, a get away driver and the person who smashed the car window stealing the bag that carried his laptop and passport. the get away car is linked to a string of similar break-ins.
5:59 am
the first lawsuit has been filed in the shooting on the set of "rust." halyna hutchins died last month after alec baldwin fired a prop gun. officials are still investigating the shooting, including how live ammunition ended up on the set. the trial of kyle rittenhouse continues today. yesterday on the witness stand he broke down in tears when describing the events of that night. he claims he had no choice but to shoot because he was defending himself from an attacker. he faces six charges including first degree intentional
6:00 am
homicide. this morning the "today" show introduces us to a special group in florida helping veterans who struggle with their mental health. the veterans are getting a helping hand with service dogs. one says the bond with his dog is much like the one he experienced in iraq. >> she's there to help me with anxiety and to be my buddy. i am never more comfortable than with when i'm with my army buddies. i feel the same way with my dog. >> watch the full interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." tight inventories and even tighter budgets. life in the bay area can be expensive. these days your bottom line is


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