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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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homicide. this morning the "today" show introduces us to a special group in florida helping veterans who struggle with their mental health. the veterans are getting a helping hand with service dogs. one says the bond with his dog is much like the one he experienced in iraq. >> she's there to help me with anxiety and to be my buddy. i am never more comfortable than with when i'm with my army buddies. i feel the same way with my dog. >> watch the full interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." tight inventories and even tighter budgets. life in the bay area can be expensive. these days your bottom line is
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growing. we're live with a closer look at the impact of the fastest price increases in decades. a shooting outside oakland's fox theater forcing a show to cancel. cal football players open up about the outbreak that left so many sidelines and where things go from here. it's thursday. good morning to you. thanks so much for making us a part of your monoing. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. >> this morning, the rate of inflation is now at a 30-year high. this is another indication the american economy is struggling to recover from the pandemic. >> bob redell live this morning in san ramon.
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>> reporter: good morning. we're here at the shell station in san ramon. gas prices are outrageous. it's $4.95 for a gallon of gas here. i'm sure it's more expensive in other places. this is a compilation of the average gas prices. compare that to a year ago. over the past 12 months you've seen an increase of well over a dollar. you're looking at $4.76 $4.77 in san jose.
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prices up more than 6% over the last year. that's the consumer price index. used cars and trucks up 26%. the price of beef up over 20%. the economy is showing some signs of recovery from the pandemic. last month the rate of unemployment dropped as the united states added a half million new jobs. the supply chain backlog is blamed for some. the white house argues price hikes are temporary as the world emerges from the pandemic. >> the hope is over time once you get more workers back and unload all those ships, that the increase in prices will begin to lessen. >> reporter: the white house has announced it will be releasing $17 billion roughly to help deal
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with the supply chain backlog. new overnight, police in oakland investigating two shootings. the most recent happened about two hours ago. police officers setting up crime scene tape around a white chevy suv. last night someone was shot in oakland around 97th avenue near b street. at the same time, oakland police looking for people involved in a violent gunfight outside the fox theater yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a woman was struck in the arm by a stray bullet. it happened when an armed car owner got into a gun battle with
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thieves he says were trying to steal his car. police would not confirm any of that, but the concert planned last night by the band all time low was cancelled. >> earlier today an altercation took place down the street involving gunfire. one person waiting in line for our show was hit by a stray bullet. they're fun of my favorite bands. i'm really upset, but i hope everybody's okay. >> the shooting also happened not far from a school. witnesses say children were nearby when the gunfire erupted. thankfully no one else was injured. the cal football team talking about the covid outbreak that led to saturday's game against usc being postponed. 24 players missed last week's game against arizona. berkeley public health now saying the number of positive tests has climbed to more than 40. head coach justin wilcox is
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responding to reports that proper covid protocols were not followed. players admit nearly 100% vaccination may have led to a false sense of security. >> there was a lot of frustration from lack of clarity and communication to us players. >> so now there will be multiple tests during the week. there is going to be foods grab and go. workouts will be structured differently. >> cal plays stanford nine days from now. and the usc game will be december 4th. all morning long we are honoring those who have served on this veterans day. it was here on nbc bay area's today in the bay about two years ago that we first told you about jake larson. >> a go fund me campaign raised thousands so he could go to normandy. now he is 98.
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we recently caught up with him at his home in martinez. he says it is important to remember how world war ii troops shaped american history. >> if it weren't for veterans, we'd all be speaking german right now. hitler's goal was to conquer the world. that meant you did what he told you to do. if you didn't do it, he'd just kill you. >> larson is now a published author. earlier this year he debuted the luckiest man in the world stories from the life of papa jake. >> how cool is that. >> this is a live look at the american flag at san jose city hall this morning.
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the united veterans counsel of santa clara county will hold a parade at noon in downtown san jose. it was virtual last year, of course, due to the pandemic. the parade starts at alameda boulevard and santa clara street. >> don't miss it. nice to see. the weather is going to cooperate as well. >> i mean, perfect. temperatures around noon in san jose at about 70 degrees and only headed up to the low 70s in the middle of the afternoon. also in antioch we have a veterans day parade at 8:30 in the morning. upper 50s and then temperatures around the end of the parade in the 60s. napa today at 73 degrees, palo alto 72, san jose 71. mike, you're seeing a major
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delay. >> bart just sent out a notice of a major delay. that is usually 20 minutes or more. this is for the daley city line. the muni service is providing mutual aid for that barton line. san jose does still have that slowdown northbound. everything else is very light. back to you. some believe in-n-out's recent controversy may give other states the in they need to lure the company out of the golden state. up next, the reason one governor will have to wait.
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lots of people buying electric cars and shares in electric car companies. we'll take a look at that. billie eilish now showing off her softer side. her newest musical gig that will have your little ones. right now a ranking of the most hazardous communities in the bay area is right on our home page.
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as you're heading out, keep in mind there's a lot of free events for veterans today. we've got the full list on yosemite is looking amazing with highs in the mid 60s. we'll talk about the update for the drought monitor coming up in a few minutes. this stretch of san jose looking better for the 101 as the crash cleared in a couple of
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minutes. here in the u.s. it's veterans day. in china it's singles day. elon musk has sold billions of dollars worth of tesla stock. he claimed it was because of a twitter poll he posted, but many suspect he's generating cash to pay a big tax bill on some options he had come due. when one of the company's biggest shareholders sells a huge number of shares, you should be paying attention. i'm not going to tell you whether or not to buy or sell any sort of stock. i'm not licensed to do that but i don't need a license to tell you tesla is trading at 155 times earnings. for context, ford trades at 27 times earnings. there's no good price to earnings ratio to make a
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judgment. a high number shows investors have a big expectation in the company's future. but there is a number different for every investor where you think that's too high. shares in tesla are up about 75% in the last three months. again, one of their biggest shareholders is selling. shares in electric car company rivian are up. both ford and amazon have heavy investments. the feds are suing uber over its past policy of setting a time limit and charging for the wait for disabled people the same way it does for regular people to get in the car. seems unfair to people in wheelchairs or the blind. the feds are taking the ride sharing company to court for
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past violations of the americans with disabilities act. i wanted to follow up on the conspiracy that birds are not real. organizers insist it's not performance art. that's quite the crowd. i will never mention it again. >> it's funny to me. okay. >> we are in a world in which it's very hard to determine since the incident in texas a couple of days ago where people believe in a conspiracy. >> there's so many theories out there. >> i think birds are actual birds.
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>> thanks. this is a real story. florida apparently not quite on the up and up yet with in-n-out. florida's governor floated the idea this week after the southern california company made national headlines with the bay area stores and the dispute over the covid protocols. governor ron desantis actually phoned company leaders, who politely declined his offer, saying the company has no plans to expand at this time. billie eilish putting a new twist on one of her hit songs while sitting on one of the most famous streets in the world. take a look. ♪♪ >> billie eilish on sesame street to make the duet with the famous count. it's a new version of her new
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single. she and the count focus on the number two. full episode airs soon. >> pretty song. >> it is. we have seen some improvement. i just got the update just a few minutes ago. let's get a closer look. we know the drought is still ongoing across parts of the central valley and right here into the bay area where you see the dark reds. that's the highest level of
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drought, exceptional. notice orange we have up around ukiah. parts of mendocino county have gone from extreme drought to severe. so we did see some improvements there. when we compare it to last week, it was red and now it's gone down to extreme. we see a slight improvement as now the rain stays to the north of us. still that atmospheric river very active farther to the north. here in the bay area we're missing out on that rain. we'll see rain up around seattle and portland falling apart before making it into the bay area up until thursday. maybe just thursday into friday we could see a decent amount of rain moving in. in the near term we're enjoying the sunshine.
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reaching 73 in napa, paolo alta reaching 72. lots of low 70s here for the weekend. feeling very nice and comfortable. next week that weakening storm system comes in, bringing us cooler air and clouds on tuesday but not much in the way of rain. san francisco has a nice veterans day with temperatures in the upper 60s. that will hold into at least sunday. >> a bart delay recovering now for the daley city line. there was an equipment problem. in the south bay this is the only other delay, northbound 101 recovering the crash at oakland road cleared in the last ten minutes. still slow from approaching story road. we have a little more traffic on
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capital expressway. back to you. next, nbc bay area responds. >> prices are up, taking a bite out of your budget. what can you do? we're also taking a look at what's going on across the bay area honoring those who serve our country. a parade starts at 11:00 this morning at the antioch veterans memorial. find more online at
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♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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newest inflation report shows consumer prices rising as inflation hits a 30-year high. >> we asked consumer investigator chris chmura to dive deeper. >> good morning. food and fuel stood out. gas was up 6% from the previous month september to october. the fifth month in a row gas prices climbed. $4.85 a gallon here in the bay area, up from $3.40 a year ago. beef up 3% from september to october.
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poultry, fish and eggs up by 1.7%. dairy, fruit and vegetable prices were almost flat. some went down. namely airline tickets and alcohol. we run a tight budget at home. here's what we are doing to save money. we are price shopping more, letting the lowest prices determine what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. we're clipping digital coupons too. you can as well with apps like i bought it, which gives you cash back on supermarket purchases. the savings add up. i got $38 back in august, 31 in september. one last thing. we are aggressive about wasting as little food as possible. we put our most perishable
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ingredients at eye level in the fridge so we cook with them first. we posted on our website. just look for the how to play list. a global milestone has four spacex astronauts launched. >> liftoff. >> it was a picture perfect liftoff last night, three americans and one german astronaut will spend six months at the international space station. still ahead, what's being done to help veterans get the mental health support they need. the lower dose vaccine has been available to our younger
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students. teachers have been vaccinated for months now. what does this mean about mask mandates in our schools? and this morning we'll board the u.s.s. hornet where we're preparing to honor our veterans. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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thousands of bay area teachers still without their shots. plus, all-new information from the cdc director about masks in the classroom. we're in for a warmer weekend across the bay area. i just got the drought monitor update. we'll go through that coming up in a few minutes. 6:30 right now on your thursday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we begin with a live look at one symbol of sacrifice, the u.s.s. hornet in alameda. the annual veterans day event gets underway in a few hours. cierra johnson is live on the ship to show us what organizers are doing to pay tribute to those who have done so much for our country. first, breaking news. south africa's last apartheid president has died. sw declerk oversaw the end of
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the country's white minority rule and shared the nobel peace prize with nelson mandela. he died from cancer at his home in cape town at 85 years old. to our pandemic coverage. some teachers are still holding out. in the months ahead that may factor into the decision whether to extend or drop school mask mandates. >> a bay area school district was among the first in the nation to prioritize teachers were vaccination. that was san jose unified. across our big districts here in the bay area, the vast majority of our teachers are fully vaccinated. statewide about 10% of public schoolteachers are not vaccinated, which amounts to about 32,000 teachers. as of this morning, only 5% of san jose unified teachers were
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not vaccinated. as of october, 5% in oakland unified. teacher vaccine mandates are district by district as there is no statewide policy. a lot of parents jumped at the chance to get their school age children vaccinated. almost 1 million kids in the 5-is 1 age range got vaccinated. in the u.s. there are about 28 million kids in this age group. as kids get their shots and if the majority of teachers are vaccinated, a lot of families are wondering when school mask mandates might go away. overnight the texas ban on mask mandates in schools was overruled by a judge, who said banning masks in school violates federal law. here's what the cdc director dr.
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walensky said. >> kids should continue to wear masks even if they're vaccinated? >> i would say masks are for now, but they are not forever. >> the cdc director points out about 85% of counties in the u.s. are at high or substantial rate of transmission. our vaccination rates in the bay area are higher than the state average and our transmission rates are lower. for answers about masks, kids and vaccine, we are keeping track of the changing pandemic headlines. we posted answers to your questions at this is video of the intersection at franklin and union streets where the crash happened. the chronicle reports andrew zeeman was struck and killed in front of sherman elementary
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school where he worked. theseshring the veterans day holiday but grief counsellors will be on hand tomorrow. the veterans affairs office says up to 20% of military service members who served in iraq have ptsd. it's 12% for gulf war veterans. that's not the only issue veterans are dealing with. right now palo alto va is utilizing new technology to help serve members. one therapist says. >> being able to connect with a doctor or a therapist through
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video is huge. veterans are getting better care. we're catching things earlier because of the fact they are being seen. >> that program has been around for about a decade. it was really tested during the pandemic. this is when the need for virtual therapy greatly increased. today is also about honoring military veterans with ceremonies and parades. here in the bay area, there's a list of activities honoring those who have served. cierra johnson is on the u.s.s. hornet. it's an amazing place inside. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. last hour we were outside to give you the view of how massive the u.s.s. hornet is. now we've made our way inside. you can see there's a lot of exhibits set up. i want to introduce you to russell moore, the community
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outreach director here at the u.s.s. hornet. how significant is this day for veterans? >> veterans day is the one day when we really honor and show respect to people that served this country. it means a lot to us. here at the hornet a lot of our staff and crew are veterans and the ship was in service for so long. >> reporter: the ship will be host to an event taking place in a couple of hours to honor veterans. >> the ship opens at 10:00 today. the ceremony starts right at 11:00. we're going to have a couple of local politicians to kick us off to welcome people. we have an admiral from the coast guard station and a lieutenant colonel from the army reserve station to talk about veterans today.
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>> reporter: behind us we have a lovely exhibit set up honoring some of the african-american women who had the first in their respected branches. >> it is easy to forget how much things have changed over the years. so to honor these people that were joining the military at these difficult times when if you're the first person, there's so much extra pressure on you. these women, we owe a lot to them. we have an exhibit for colin powell as well, who was sadly lost recently. >> reporter: 10:00 is the hour when these doors open to this massive ship here at the u.s.s. hornet. that ceremony starting at 11:00. a lot of veterans will be attendance and receive some celebration for what they have done for our country. we'll be here when that kicks
6:38 am
off. >> my dad's a veteran in the navy. thanks, dad. time to get a look at the weekend forecast for you. >> i'm going to be celebrating my father-in-law who served in the air force. we're going to have nice weather out there in sonoma valley. we'll see sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s. morning starts in the upper 40s. santa cruz this weekend, highs in the mid 70s. warmer weather for l.a. temperature tomorrow reaching 85 degrees. we were talking about the yosemite national park free for
6:39 am
veterans today. if you plan to go to lake shasta, highs reaching into the mid 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. >> the metering lights are turned on. look what's happened at the bay bridge toll plaza. still moving pretty smoothly because the volume of traffic will cause some slowing on the span. looking at 37 and highway 4 with a little slowing there. the earlier crash in san jose cleared. good recovery. still a little slow for north 101 and 87 is clear. turning to an important conversation we're examining here on nbc bay area.
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if you or a loved one went missing, would how you look or the color of your skin play a factor in that search? that is tonight's topic. i recently sat down with harrison, a brother of jonathan who was last seen leaving his home in oakland may of 2019. jonathan's family says the response from police when he was reported missing was lackluster. compared to someone like gabby petito. many people are calling that disparity a case of missing white woman syndrome. i want you to hear from harrison as well as others on this topic and how the certainly for their loved ones could have been handled differently. that is tonight at 7:30. dealing with our climate in crisis. next, some bold new plans to deal with rising sea levels.
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>> reporter: the average price for a gallon of gas hovering around $5. >> the president trying to deal with inflation.
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if you're planning to head to san rafael for the veterans day ceremony, we'll see temperatures at about 9:30 at about 58 degrees. a cool morning, but a nice warm
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afternoon. palo alto picking up the volume just a tad bit. overall lighter volume because veterans day is a holiday for schools and businesses around the bay. troubling new signs this morning of soaring prices. the rate of inflation at a 30-year high, the latest indication the economy is struggling to recover from the pandemic. >> bob redell live this morning in san ramon. >> reporter: here we are in san ramon at the shell station, $4.95 a gallon.
6:45 am
compare that to a year ago we were paying$3.30 a gallon. within the past 24 hours we found that consumer prices are rising faster than analysts expected. consumer price index up more than 6% over last year. used cars and truck prices up 26%. the price for beef up over 20%. the economy is showing some signs of recovery from the pandemic. last month the rate of unemployment dropped as the united states added half a million jobs. part of the inflation surge is being blamed on the supply chain backlog. >> the hope is that over time once you get more workers back
6:46 am
into the workforce, once you're unable to unload ships, the increase in prices will begin to lessen. >> reporter: the infrastructure bill will be releasing $17 billion to help pay for projects to deal with the backlog. rob redell, today in the bay. worry over inflation is kind of a deep concern at the white house. >> american voters are well aware how it hurts their pocket. >> there are a lot of things they get worked up about in washington that we don't really care about here at home, but inflation everybody cares about. much like the economy was an
6:47 am
issue for george h.w. bush, it's inflation is affecting the white house now. economists say inflation is related to the sudden demand on goods coupled with the problem with supply and this will all go away at some point. keep in mind fighting inflation hurts too. the fed can fight it by raising interest rates a lot, make it harder to buy a house, more expensive to buy a car or pay your loans. vice president kamala harris is in france. some critics are saying the more the government spends on things, the more inflation goes up. keep in mind when it comes to the infrastructure bill, that hasn't been spent yet. it isn't money that is in the
6:48 am
economy. the vice president was in france and still is. here she's meeting with executives and scientists. vice president kamala harris is in france trying to patch up our relationship with our oldest ally after america skunked france on a submarine deal with australia. the french were furious. >> evidence of the history and also our current relationships and our commitment to a new era and continuing partnership. >> follow me on twitter.
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continuing with our climate in crisis coverage, burlingame leaders are grappling with the issue when it comes to zoning and building codes. the city may soon become the first in the bay area to pay for and require infrastructure for new developments guarding against rising sea levels. council members expect to look at the first zoning update next week and welcome public comment. san mateo county has opened new agency to deal with climate change. the county is considered one of the state's most vulnerable.
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>> i don't know what to say. i have never written a speech for something like this, which is not serving me very well right now. i don't deserve to win it but i'm sure glad that i did. >> other big winner for the night was chris stapleton taking home six awards including song and single of the year for "starting over." that's also the title of the record that earned him album of the year. we are talking vaccinations. we're about a week into vaccinating our youngest students. and we're monitoring drought conditions. >> we're going to bring you all of the changes. we are now seeing some minor improvements. take a look how big the drought is across the region with a lot of it still continuing for southern california into the bay area. in mendocino county, we went from extreme to severe. we're making a little bit of progress, a 3% decrease in that
6:51 am
extreme drought. looking at last week, it was all red. that gives you an indication that we go from the oranges to reds. that indicates that the drought is improving where we've seen high higher rainfall totals.
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we break down the number of teachers and the vaccination rate as experts weigh in on the future of masks in the classroom. we are just two minutes away from more news.
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♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom! finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent. they can give you personalized advice
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and could help you save hundreds. who wants some dress shirts!? for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today. welcome back. here are the top stories we're covering. >> our pandemic coverage continues. some teachers are still holding out on the vaccination shots. chris, you are looking into how that may factor into the decision of whether to extend or even drop the mask mandates.
6:57 am
>> about 32,000 teachers here in california are holding out. that amounts to 10% of all teachers in the state. 5% of san jose unified teachers were not vaccinated, 3% in san jose, in san francisco 5%, in fremont 5%. teacher vaccine mandates vary district by district because there is no state policy. almost a million children got a shot and parents booked another 700,000 appointments at pharmacies alone. consider that in the u.s. there are about 28 million kids in this age group. as kids get their shots, a lot of families are wondering when are those school mask mandates going to go away. >> the cdc director says masks
6:58 am
aren't forever, but they are for now. overnight a judge overruled a ban on mask mandates in texas, saying that banning masks violates federal law. new overnight police in oakland investigating two more shootings. the most recent happening about three hours ago. last night someone was shot in 97th avenue near b street. we reached out to police but have not received a response. also this morning oakland police still looking for people involved in a violent gunfight outside the fox theater. witnesses say a woman was struck in the arm by a stray bullet yesterday afternoon when they say an armed car owner got into a battle with what he says were thieves trying to steal his car. the concert planned for last
6:59 am
night was quickly cancelled. this morning and throughout the day we are honoring those who serve. here in the bay area there are a long list of activities honoring those who serve. here are some pictures from the u.s.s. hornet in alameda pep the event on the hornet kicks off at 11:00 a.m. check our website. we have a list of all activities across the bay area at the forecast looking good. >> the weather looks great around the bay area, highs in the low 70s. >> lighter at the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup here. just slowing over the incline. folk on the reason we have this holiday for many. it's for veterans like my father-in-law who served their
7:00 am
country. >> we want to give our final salute to our veterans out there. good morning inflation nation consumer prices soaring to the highest in more than 30 years hitting home for americans from coast to coast >> everything is more expensive. everything across the board. >> the cost of gas, milk, food, cars all skyrocketing. so what is driving them up and what does it mean for your bottom line and your holiday season this morning we have everything you need to know. drama in the courtroom kyle rittenhouse breaks down as he testifies at his own trial on what led him to shoot and kill two people


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