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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 11, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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there. >> they recorded a video of earth and turned the camera on themselves for a brief tutorial. the crew is the first to use this dragon spacecraft, and they had high praise for the ride. four astronauts joining a crew of four already onboard the station. look at them having fun. they're doing selfies up there. >> enjoying the ride in space. so nice. what a great view. >> raj joining us with what's coming up. >> on this veterans day, we continue to honor every man and woman who served this country, but are we doing enough as a nation? president biden at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> today, we pay homage to the dedication to all of those who earned the title of american veteran. >> how the biden administration plans on helping veterans suffering from toxic exposure among many things. >> also, what covid vaccine is best for you? new data on the pros and cons of
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moderna and pfizer. our infectious disease specialist provides clarity. >> and fireworks continue to fill a wisconsin courthouse in the trial of the teenager accused of killing two men during protests. >> this was the subject of emotion. i'm well aware of that, and the court left the door open. >> before me, not for you. >> when closing arguments -- >> my understanding -- >> you should have come and asked for reconsideration. >> heated in the courtroom, when closing arguments are scheduled in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, and could the case be tossed out before then? >> we begin with our breaking news that we have been covering for the last 60 minutes on the golden gate bridge. you can see down below, this was a protest within the hour now, our sky ranger is overhead. this is live pictures at the golden gate bridge.
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you see the large group of people there protesting vaccine mandates. looks to be a few hundred people on the san francisco side of the golden gate bridge. they're upset with the vaccine mandates on both the federal level and the local level. at this time, they are not on the bridge. you can see, though, right there where the police cars are, the chp cars, they're right on the edge, but there are plenty of chp officers preventing this group from going onto the bridge. however, there is a lot of traffic. you can imagine traffic is backed up now, a couple miles, if you're headed north on 101 over the golden gate bridge into marin county, as of right now, this is a peaceful protest. people upset with the vaccine mandates. we will continue to keep our sky ranger above in this area to give you updates now on the golden gate bridge. right now, it's a peaceful protest on the san francisco side. >> we'll also be posting on our website, thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. across the country, we pause to
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honor those who serve. this isn't just the first veterans day since the end of the war in afghanistan, it's also the 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> alice barr has the latest from washington, d.c. >> in a sacred sea of white marble indelibly etched with the names of america's fallen, one grave marker in arlington national cemetery stands apart, the tomb of the unknown soldier. today marks 100 years since an unidentified service member from world war i was laid to rest here, later joined by those from later wars. unknown to their families, who are their brothers in service and sacrifice. president biden honoring the legacy they represent. >> today, we pay homage to the unrelenting bravery and dedication that distinguish all those who earn the title of american veteran. >> this veterans day is the first in 20 years when america is not at war after withdrawing
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troops from afghanistan, the president calling on all americans to remember what he calls our only truly sacred obligation to prepare and care for our service members. >> this is a lifetime sacred commitment, it never expires. >> as part of that commitment, the biden administration announcing new steps to help veterans suffering from toxic exposure like burn pits, commonly used on military bases to dispose of all kinds of things. the white house moving to make it easier for veterans to prove they were exposed. and pushing to find links to potentially deadly diseases. a solemn reminder of the many ways that veterans risk all and give all for their country. >> we had stepped up and put ourselves on the line. it's an honor to be alive to be honored. >> today in ceremonies across the country, america pausing to remember all those who served, even those who remain unknown.
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on the issue of burn pitds, the senior administration official says this is personal to president biden, who believes his son beau's fatal brain cancer was linked to burn pit exposure while he served in iraq. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> thank you. we'll have much more on the veterans day activities and events throughout this newscast. at 6:00, we'll take you to the largest veterans day parade in the south bay. >> moderna is on the defensive, last week, the company announced the fda needed more time to decide whether to authorize use of its covid vaccine for children ages 12 to 17. this came after reports of rare heart inflammation called miocarditis in younger men. moderna's chief medical officer admitted the number of cases of myocarditis is higher than pfizer, but it outweighed the risk, and he touted new data from the cdc.
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>> we still have all these questions involving these vaccines, especially the holidays approaching now, and a surge seems likely. let's bring in our covid expert, dr. peter from ucsf. nice to see you. should people be concerned if they got one brand over the other? i know i have asked you this before, but it seems like we always need this answer. >> i think people shouldn't really be concerned. i think the main issue is that people who are eligible for a booster in the most dangerous category should just get one, regardless of what type. as soon as possible. and that category is those who are older than 65 and those who are immune compromised. for the people who are at risk for ongoing exposure, probably less important to rush out and get it, but it does have a lot of meaning even if you get infected and you have to stay away from work or you bring the virus to grandma across the country. >> doctor, interesting data in santa clara county. they're pretty much saying if you're 18 and older, come on
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down. we want to get you vaccinated. were you surprised by that move? >> not surprised at all. i think it was a prescient move by santa clara county. colorado is doing it also. the writing is already out there, the train has left the station, because i think the rules are too complex right now. people don't understand who's eligible for a booster, who is not. and i think by simplifying rules, it can get to the people who really need it the most. >> you just talked about grandma and grandpa and all the family members, this surge seems likely. not just what you're saying but from doctors around the country. what is your guidance as people start to travel with thanksgiving just a couple weeks away? >> i think there are two goalposts. there's a goalpost we have been talking all about, which is serious disease, hospitalization, and death. that's true, you get good protection with the two-dose series currently. but if the new goalpost is
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prevention of infection, and ore groups, people who travel, who go to households who have immune compromised or elderly individuals, who need work to continue to bring in money to home, when infection may not be something that is easy to stay away for ten days and isolate. i think people who have infection as a goalpost includes sports teams because even though they're protected against serious disease, hospitalization, and death, one infection in a sports team like in a football team, can lead to many other people staying away and games being canceled. that's who you could think about it for those who might want a booster. >> we saw the cal football team postponing their game against usc on saturday. last question. a lot of people watching right now have had covid, they have been fully vaccinated. now the question is, if you have had covid, been fully vaxed,
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should you get the booster shot or are you already protected enough? >> i think that group is a group of elite individuals who have hybrid immunity. if you had covid naturally and you got fully immunized, you're probably all set, but probably in that group, if you're older than 65 or immune compromised, i would probably, you know, not take any chances and get boosted. but everybody else, i think hybrid immuity is probably better than natural immunity for sure, and vaccine alone immunity. >> we have all gone through this together. thank you for your time and insight, doctor. >> well, a scare in virginia. a pharmacy gave the wrong sized doze of the covid vaccine to some children. the pharmacy admitted to giving more than 100 kids ages 5 to 11 a dose of the vaccine meant for people 12 and up. one mother noticed the oversized dose but she said the pharmacist
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told therwas okay, and a second mother raised the sail question and shared a screen grab in which the pharmacy admitted the mistake and apologized for, quote, the inconvenience. >> the way they have dealt with individuals is really like, oh, it's no big deal. there are dozens and dozens of families out there that don't even know that this is an issue. >> it was hours later that officials issued an alert about the pharmacy's error. the approved pediatric dose is a third the size of a dose for older children and you can identify the correct dose by the orange cap on the vial. the cdc says if a younger child gets the wrong dose, parents should reach out to their pediatrician for guidance. >> we saw this with some in-and-out burger sites. now a restaurant is refusing to check the vaccination status of its customers even though it's required by the health department. here's bob redell in antioch. >> i did briefly speak off camera with the owner of lumpy's diner behind me in antioch. she tells me there's a lot of
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misinformation about her restaurant, but she did politely decline my offer for her to set the record straight. she says she doesn't want any more publicity. but she did tell the east bay times her diner is not checking her indoor diners' vaccination status out of respect for her customers. now, the contra costa health services confirmed to us that lumpy's has been fined three times for a total of $1750 for two violations back in september and a third in late october. fud ruckers in concord, another restaurant, was fined $250. the in-and-out burger in pleasant hill was fined a total of $1750, had its health permits briefly suspended before reopening for take out and drive through only. now, with regard to lumpy's, we don't know what kind of impact if any this is having on its business. i'm sure you saw the crowd out front just a moment ago. and there were a number of people eating there earlier this morning, including one couple who are regulars.
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they believe rules are rules. that lumpy's should be checking the vaccination status of its customers, but they still support the diner. >> you still sympathize with them. >> yeah, i do, because you know, you can see the vacancies of businesses throughout the community. i mean, people have lost their livelihood as a result of it. so there has to be some sympathy to the people trying to keep their businesses alive and there has to be a way where everybody can work it out so that people can survive and take care of their families. >> i did ask kaubt raw costa health services will lumpy's be ordered to shut down if it continues to defy the vaccination status requirement. the department put out this statement saying the primary goal of health order enforcement is to gain compliance by educating business owners. suspending a restaurant's permit is the last resort. here in antioch, bob redell. nbc bay area news. >> up next, another contentious day in the trial of a teenager accused of killing two people
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during protests in kenosha, wisconsin. how close is the judge to declaring a mistrial? >> and great weather today. i'll show you what's on tap as we look ahead towards the weekend. i'm back with that in less than tn minutes.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a day after emotional testimony on the witness stand, anger from the judge directed at prosecutors, the defense has rested its case in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. fallout from the explosive day in court still hanging over this high-profile case as it now prepares to go to the jury. jay gray has the latest from kenosha, wisconsin. >> i have. >> that's -- >> today's lead witness for the defense, a use of force expert, isolating video he says shows kyle rittenhouse fired his rifle in self-defense when he shot and killed two protesters and wounded a third. >> some of the video from the cell phone and body cam of
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independent journalist and blogger drew hernandez, who told the jury from his perspective, rittenhouse was not the aggressor that night. >> did you observe him acting in an aggressive manner in any way that you observed. >> in no way, shape, or form. the first time i saw kyle, he de-escalated a situation. >> supporting the teenager's testimony a day earlier. when rittenhouse at one point appeared to break down while talking about what he later describes as an attack when pushed by prosecutors. >> everybody that you shot at that night you intended to kill. correct? >> i didn't intend to kill them. i intended to stop the people who were attacking me. >> rittenhouse on the stand for hours, the line of questioning from the state sparking anger and multiple repremands from the judge. >> this is the subject of the motion, and the court left the door open. >> for me, not for you.
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>> my understanding -- >> you should have come and asked for reconsideration. >> the defense has asked for a mistrial. the judge hasn't ruled on the motion but could tomorrow when he will meet with the legal teams outside the presence of the jury. they'll be back monday for closing arguments in the case. jay gray, nbc news, kenosha, wisconsin. >> back here at home, we'll bring in jeff to talk about this glorious sunset that we just saw across the bay area. >> so nice. beautiful blue skies today. nice sunset, and then as we set ourselves up for tomorrow, that weather pattern is really looking very similar. we're not seeing too many changes in the overall pattern in what's driving our current weather. we had this area of high pressure, and that's what's keeping the rain away. i know a lot of you want rainfall, but we have to wait until the end of the month, also early december to get the rainfall back. high pressure once again lifting the storm track off to the north where the pacific northwest is going to get a couple atmospheric rivers over the next
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few weeks. we'll be left with dry weather, also some fog for the morning. you can see it's going to be this isolated patchy fog, we're going to be under here these gray areas through the north bay, east bay, south bay, and peninsula. really throughout all of the bay area. just watch out for some patchy ground fog if you're out around 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. after that, we will clear out to some sunshine and we have again another great day moving on in. so if you can get over some of that patchy fog for tomorrow morning, we have a good morning shaping up for us. some nice crisp, chilly air to start. upper 40s and low 50s through the tri-valley, peninsula, and south bay. north bay got you down to 48. san francisco, 53. and the east bay at 49. daytime highs tomorrow warming up a couple degrees. that's going to bring us back to the 70s for the south bay. a little warmer for east san jose at 74. cupertino, 73. let's move off to the east bay, right near the water, hayward at 71. heading to concord, 73. pleasanton, 74 degrees. peninsula, we get light winds. we get sunshine, chamber of
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commerce weather, let's call it. redwood city, 71 degrees. san francisco staying cool, jacket weather all day long, 67 here in downtown. you'll be able to get rid of the jacket through the afternoon across the north bay. 75 in clear lake. 74 in sonoma. let's switch it up into something different. maybe just maybe you're heading on a road trip or you're getting on a plane, going to visit relatives or do some sort of vacation. i wanted to show you what the fall foliage is looking like right nu. you can see across the national map, you want to look towards the red colors. that's where the fall leaves are peaking right now. and some real beautiful colors starting to pop here through the midwest. and then check it out, through the west and california, we have some peak colors popping through the central valley, and right at the coastline, we're also seeing some colors beginning to change. so really throughout a lot of the bay area, if you're heading on a road trip, you have favorite spots you want to check out, now is the time. my seven-day forecast in san francisco, we get dry weather the next seven days, but notice clouds increasing sunday,
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monday, and tuesday. that's really the bottom edge of the storm moving up across the pacific northwest. so no rain, but we get the clouds and cooler temperatures as we roll through next week's forecast. for right now, 74 on friday. janelle, i know you like to call it friyay sometimes. >> i do. >> i'm with you on that. tomorrow it's going to be friyay. happy almost friday. >> up next, we're going to update breaking news, take you back out with our nbc bay area sky ranger. these are live shots of the golden gate bridge. large protest right now over vaccine mandates. more details next.
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well, they are not blocking traffic, but they're certainly disrupting it. there's been a demonstration since 4:00 p.m. right at the base of the golden gate bridge. people protesting vaccine mandates. they're right at the start of the bridge heading toward marin
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county on the pedestrian walkway. there's a group of about 300. this is a backup of people trying to get on the golden gate bridge past them. they're slowing down because all the demonstrators are right there on the pedestrian walkway. right there, as you see, the start of the golden gate bridge in san francisco. they have not gone onto the road yet. chp is blocking that, but you can see the cars are slowing down to check the protest out and it's backed up for miles down presidio parkway, lombard street, all the way to the marina and traffic starts moving again across 101 into marin county. sky ranger staying over the scene. we'll keep you posted on new developments. >> let's move on. have you seen the new electric truck? shares of rivian continue their march upward a day after the electric truck company debuted on the stock market. >> the vestors are eager to find the next tesla. let's bring in scott mcgrew. >> that's right, and understandably so. the performance of tesla on the
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market is just astonishing. up 75% in the last three months, even though really little has changed with production. we did, of course, see tesla founder elon musk sell billions of dollars worth of tesla stock earlier this week. he claimed it was because of a twitter poll he posted, but in fact, many suspect he's generating cash to pay a big tax bill on some options he had come due. one way or the other, it's worth noting, when one of the company's biggest shareholders sells a huge number of shares. >> now, i don't tell you whether to buy or sell a stock. i'm not licensed to do that, but i don't need a license to tell you that tesla is trading at 155 times earnings. for context, ford trades at 27 times earnings. general motors at 7 times earnings. now, there's no good price earnings ratio to measure what you should do, buy or sell. i will say a high number shows investors have a big, sometimes
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huge, expectation of a company's future. but there is a number for every investor, and it's different for every investor where you think to yourself, that's too high. as to what's the next tesla, it certainly could be rivian. rivian has backing and investment from ford. but our colleague, jim cramer, over at cnbc, says the next tesla could be ford itself. >> we will see. thank you so much, scott mcgrew. >> olympic gold medalist sunni lee said she was the target of a racist attack. she was in los angeles last month waiting for an uber with her friends of asian descent when a car sped by and yelled racist slurs. lee says one person even sprayed her arm with pepper spray before speeding off. she was very upset but couldn't do anything about it because it happened so fast. >> up next, the raiders are in playoff position. can they keep it that way? get ready for sunday night
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football. we're going to check in with mike tirico and the gang who is talking raiders and chiefs.
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first place is on the line this sunday night when the raiders host the chiefs. >> are you going to be watching? >> i will be. >> what an emotional season for the raiders and we're only about halfway through. let's check in with our nbc sports crew.
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>> vegas will be in the foreground for sunday night football. raiders, 5-3. chiefs, 5-4 in a very tight afc west. >> you referenced last year's game with these guys. the chiefs played such a great game in vegas. they're such a different team. you're not sure what they're doing running the football. they're going to need to win games like this if they want to get back in it. >> the raiders, very explosive. moved the ball up and down the field last week against the giants. they have to take care of the football. >> 400 yards of offense but couldn't get the win on the road. they had so much going on with the team this year. on the field, at home, it's been a great atmosphere in vegas. we'll see if they can take the division lead. sunday night football on nbc. >> all right, raiders and chiefs right here on nbc bay area. sunday night, kickoff 5:20. and our newscast following the game. >> big rivals. >> okay, jessica joins us with what's coming up at 6:00.
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>> right now at 6:00, the vielsance continues in oakland. more shootings overnight. what some community leaders say needs to be done to stop the rise in crime. >> also, bay area food banks finding it more difficult to help people during the holiday season. thanks to the rising food costs. >> some of our core food items like green beans and canned tuna, we had to pay $60,000 more than the previous month. >> yep, it's getting expensive for everyone. how this east bay food bank is dealing with the growing costs. >> and booster shot appointments are filling up in the south bay. but what about the rest of the bay area? the state announcement that gives people new options. >> good evening. thanks for being with us. we begin with our breaking news. we have been covering this for about an hour now. let's take you to the golden gate bridge. our sky ranger is overhead. what you're seeing below, a few hundred protesters on the san
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francisco s


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