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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now, child abductions in contra costa county. an educator killed just feet away from the school where he taught. this is "today in the bay." we're broadcasting to your television and we also stream
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online at good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we will look at the morning commute with mike, but first let's look at our forecast. >> we're seeing dense fog from santa rosa to novato with visibilities down to quarter of a mile, and also in can cord right now. if you are headed out in the commute in the north bay, you want to make sure to allow extra time to get to work with temperatures in the low 60s. temperatures reaching 70 in hayward, and 73 in san josé, and san francisco up to 68 degrees. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. mike, you are also getting fog reports? >> yeah, chp says we have fog across one of the bridges, but
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it's not the bay bridge. i did see a glow of lights over the bay bridge, the fog is registering from benicia bridge. we will track any reports of problems. we expect some drives lighter. developing now, can cord police say a baby is now safe after a car was stolen from a way stop parking lot off of clayton road. the parents stepped away for a moment to pick up food when somebody stole their car with the infant inside. police found the car abandoned and the baby, thankfully, safe inside. the police are still looking for
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the person responsible. and that came within hours of another kidnapping. >> this one happened just before 6:00 last night, and the car was parked when it was stolen with a girl inside. >> according to pittsburg police, the child's father was at the backseat here adjusting her in her car seat and talking with a friend and that's when a woman walked up to them and asked for a cigarette, and when they said she did not have one, she walked off and hopped in the front seat and put the car in gear and sped off the police issued an amber alert. >> they were blocking the
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driveway. >> we watched as family members and police officers brought the toddler to the police department for a medical check. the little girl looked like she was in good shape, so the family took her home. they are clearly shaken up so did not want to speak on camera, and all they said was they were happy to see her face. they are using surveillance video to try and identify the woman responsible, but so far no word on who she is or where she is tonight. today in san francisco, grief counsellors will be on hand at sherman elementary after
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a teacher was struck and killed at the corner and franklin and union streets. he was a beloved teacher's aide, and the parents and kids are devastating. >> we told him yesterday about what had happened, and he told us that he was the kind of teacher -- >> students are returning to class today for the first time since his death, and this is after being off for veteran's day. alameda county supervisor was struck and killed earlier by a car this month. east bay times report that the citizens want an asian-american person to replace her. governor newsom will select the
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replacement if the board misses their deadline. this is video from the fire of last year when that first sparked. earlier this year cal fire said it was caused by a tree that fell on to a power line owned by pg&e. and then one company decided the tree was healthy and did not need to be cut down. a non-profit is moving forward with cleaning up lake tahoe's shoreline. it has gathered over 18,000 pounds of trash out of the water. the cleanup was along more than half of the 17-mile-long shoreline. the group hopes to finish the cleanup by february. you can watch the entire story on our website.
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>> so many things in the lake. >> that's good to see. >> yeah, you know what else is good to see? >> the forecast. >> yeah, now that the lane is nice and clean, we had beautiful weather there if you plan to go tahoe. temperatures will be in the low 60s for today. it will be cooler as we go into the end of the weekend. as we look at our east bay hiking forecast, temperatures will start out cool but sunshine later today and highs reaching into the low 70s by this afternoon. looking at our temperatures around the bay area, santa rosa and napa reaching 73. pretty uniform temperatures across the bay area from the coast to the inland areas. we'll talk more about coming up. you have two colors, mike?
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>> yeah, pretty much. we see a little yellow here and there where you are tapping the brakes. the construction zones, keep the crews' safety in mind. and creeping down into concord and walnut creek, watch for fog across the benicia bridge. just to note, we will keepan eye on these. >> 4:38 right now. nuclear energy concerns in southern california still ahead on "today in the bay," an explosion of dust signaling
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fears of radioactive exposer. a possible return of a pass that allows you to see as many movies as you want. some folks may be off for veterans day today, and we will keep an eye on the morning commute. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday. right now at 4:41, visibility is
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a big issue for us especially in the north bay. now visibility dropped to zero in novato and a quarter of a mile in concord. allow extra time to get to work. we'll talk about how the rest of the day shapes up in a few minutes. not a lot going on, and the roadwork itself may be a factor, and the cones are clear for the golden gate bridge. a clear view of what is going on in the business world here with sivana. >> wall street is set to open modestly higher as the markets look to end the week on a good note. inflation rising at the fastest pay in 30 years. in focus today, a report on consumer sentiment. doordash is looking beyond food
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delivery and no time slot or minimum orders are required. movie pass may be ready for a sequel. the movie subscription service shutdown in 2019 and it was bought and could be launched under another title. back to you. >> there you have it. a little savings. >> every bit counts. 4:43 right now. meteorologist, kari hall tracking our weekend forecast. >> i don't know if it could get better than this.
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highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. very comfortable. this continues into the weekend. we'll talk more about it minute. >> love these views. smooth flow of traffic. we'll zoom over towards contra costa county. >> a big hearing gets under way in a few hours for britney spears.
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a very good friday morning to you. take a look outside. the bay bridge, glistening there and waiting for the sun's arrival and the weekend as well. anticipating nice weather. >> yeah, we have had, and in the afternoon we had the rain, i enjoyed that, too, kari. >> you don't want it to be sunny every day, especially not this time of year. >> well -- >> if we could get sun between the rain, i think that would be a great match. we are going to see temperatures in the mid-50s for oakland and san francisco, but notice a lot of upper 40s and low 50s was head out the door. a little chilly, but we're back to the low and mid-70s today. cupertino reaching 73 degrees.
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that 7-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen starting in the south bay, and it's going to be nice and warm like this for several more days. in san francisco, upper 60s in the mission district. our north bay temperatures reaching up to 75. clearlake, napa today reaching 73. you want to check out this came in at the napa valley wine library, it's beautiful there and you can see the leaves changes on the vines. if you are thinking about taking a road trip this weekend, well this weekend in the sierra, the fall foliage is basically passed the peak, and in central valley parts of the north bay where we are at peak right now, and still pretty beautiful here in the bay
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area with the orange that shows the bright foliage. our temperatures will be comfortable this weekend. gilroy up to 81 degrees sunday. next week, we'll be pulling out the sweeters by the end of the week. the rain staying to the north of us for now, but there will still be cold fronts sweeping through, and when they do arrive it looks like they will be dry. looks like maybe now that may be staying to the north of us, but we will continue to track that. it does stay mainly dry here for the next several days. temperatures warming up and heading back down for the middle of next week with the dry cold fronts passing. mike, you say to prepare for slowing? >> yeah, kari is showing you where there's lower visibility and that will be a factor for whatever is driving in the peninsula. south bay clear, and the
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tri-valley looking great and we zoom over here towards the longer drive where we often see the slowing, and today the merge with 580, it's clear and look at that, the fog creeping down through this portion. it was isolated up in antioch for quite sometime along highway 4, but a push down from concord, and down through walnut creek, and watch that carquinez bridge as well. 7 new this morning, fears of radioactive exposure in some southern california neighborhoods sitting near the department of energy field lab. last month crews demolished a building in the hills above l.a., and that building was used
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once to develop nuclear reactors. now the concern is that the dust migrated into populated areas. >> what was your reaction when you first saw that video with the dust? >> oh, my god, what are they doing? >> do you worry there was raid -- radiation, something in that durst? >> absolutely. >> in an e-mail, they said to minimize any contamination that could have become airborne. the doe implied that that particular building did not have radioactive material, but our investigative team found otherwise. one actress is in a coma this morning.
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she's being treated in mexico city and relatives are asking fans for prayers. she made a debut in 1964 and has been an iconic figure for decades. and then a half year for spears included her speaking directly to the judge, and her father stepped out of the conservatorship. >> i think we can expect for the court to dissolve the conservatorship as a person, and giving britney the right to make decisions over her day-to-day life, essentially, but i don't think the conservatorship over her estate which is managing her
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money will be over quite yet. >> her attorney, her parents support termination. you can see more coverage coming up on the "today" show. anchors away as in away from the coast. the new system rolling out offshore in southern california that could ease some of the impact of the backlog of so many waiting cargo ships. "the chronicle" reporting that muni directors are debating to do with the j church line. ridership for that line has been slower for the time during recovery of the pandemic. that line no longer and could be shortened with a different route.
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welcome back. you know, it doesn't matter if you are an olympic gold medallists, sunni lee says she was the target of a racist attack. >> she was in las vegas waiting for an uber with friends of asian descent, and a car drove by and yelled racial spurs and pepper sprayed them. the ports of los angeles and long beach are requiring waiting ships to anchor further away from the coastline. right now dozens of those ships under a large group, about 40 miles off the coast. the new system will require ships arriving early to anchor
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50 miles away, and this is to reduce congestion and pollution. a family in maryland watched adecades, but they cut it down. >> it's now becoming the rockefeller plaza christmas tree. it's the first ever for maryland. it was cut down yesterday and loaded on to a flatbed. >> i am a little sentimental about it, but we're excited to share it with new york city. >> after the tree, it's foliage will provide mulch for new york city parks. >> can you imagine traveling to new york saying, yeah, that's from us. you're welcome. >> but to lose something that
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has been in the family for a while. >> my guess is they have a whole lot of trees. >> yeah. a look at the forecast, kari? >> we're starting out with patchy dense fog, and a allow extra time to get to work. if you are driving on the peninsula, look how clear the drive and view are as kari is talking about the fog that could affect your drive, and chp is talking about it and we'll talk about it, too, coming up. one week after a toddler tied from a stray bullet in the east bay, the case is still unsolved. we'll talk about the incentive now being offered to help authorities find the shooter.
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right now at 5:00, two child aub abductions in contra costa county. dangerous turn. a sideswiped truck crashed into a group of protesters on the golden gate bridge. police officers injured. how demonstrators helped step in at the moment of the impact. and walnut creek, and the weekend almost here, and meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at our full forecast in just moments. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are not wasting anytime when it comes to this gorgeous
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