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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now at 5:00, two child aub abductions in contra costa county. dangerous turn. a sideswiped truck crashed into a group of protesters on the golden gate bridge. police officers injured. how demonstrators helped step in at the moment of the impact. and walnut creek, and the weekend almost here, and meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at our full forecast in just moments. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are not wasting anytime when it comes to this gorgeous
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weather. meteorologist, kari hall, she's tracking the fantastic forecast ahead. >> yeah, it's going to be a beautiful day but we first have to get rid of the fog in petaluma, and temperatures in the upper 40s in the next couple of hours, and 8:00 or 9:00, it clears out and the rest of the day is sunny. up to 73 today for a high in napa. 71 in hayward. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thank you, kari. developing overnight two children abducted in contra costa county in separate incidents, but both children are now safe at home with their families. >> and bob redell joins us life. these incidents are not connected, right, bob? >> reporter: correct. as far as we know there's no indication from the police that the two child abductions are related or connected.
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you can see the one where concord took place. it took place outside a wing stop restaurant. the child was recovered not too far away from that location where they were abducted. this is new video of the child. a 4-month-old baby reunited with parents last night. it was earlier in the evening when the family went into the rest stop and left their child in the van, and the van was found with the child still inside about 20 minutes later and the suspect still on the loose. and then another child abduction in pittsburg. the father was talking with a friend and adjusting the car seat, and a woman walked up and asked for a cigarette and walked off and then jumped into the driver's seat and put it in gentleman err and sped off.
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and the car was spotted a mile away. >> they were blocking the driveway, and the baby was screaming and crying, and the door was open and they got the baby out. >> family members and police officers took the toddler to the police department for a medical check and once the girl checked out the family took her home. they were shaken up so they didn't want to speak on camera, and all they said was they are happy the child was safe. investigators believe the woman abandoned the suv once she saw the baby in the back. they are using surveillance video to try and identify the woman, and in both instances the suspects have not been arrested. i'm bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. the gunman that killed a
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toddler in a freeway shooting is still at large, and today there could be a reward for anybody to help track that person down. >> that little face. >> we expect to hear about a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest of jasper wu's killer. jasper, as you probably know by now, was asleep in his car seat in broad daylight when he was killed by a stray bullet. the instant victim of somebody shooting out of a moving car. the chamber of commerce will put up the $10,000 reward, and will ask anybody in that area on that day to give anybody dashcam or cell phone video, and oakland is dealing with an increase in violence. this year 119 people have died by homicide which is more than last year. in just about a 24-hour span a
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woman was hit by a stray bullet while buying concert tickets out side the fox theater, and a woman was shot at lake merritt. oakland leaders say it's time for the law enforcementnals kno that we don't have enough police officers to police the city, so it's almost like they can do whatever they want. they won't get caught. >> i communicating with caltrans and the high school patrol to see what we can do here in oakland with the installation of cameras on certain areas of highways. >> some of the focus of crime prevention could be focused on getting firearms out of the hands of criminals. gun related assaults, not even homicides, just assaults are up 33% this year in oakland. >> hard statistics there. thanks, kris.
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a live look at the golden gate bridge where a crash during a protest last night led to hours of backup. here's a look from above at the crash when it happened. a suv veered into the street sweeper. two chp officers and three golden gate bridge employees were between the tru taken away treatment. >> we got good help from some of the demonstrators. there was a little conflict at first, and a couple started coming over the walls and we were concerned about what their intentions could be. >> this happened during an anti-vaccine mandate protests. ordering new insurance protections for homeowners living in the at risk wildfire
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areas. it brings the total number of protected homeowners to 618,000 in 31 counties. those policies could no longer be dropped by insurance companies, and the moratorium is the product of a law that took affect in 2018. the south bay overlooking san josé this morning. looks like a nice start to our day. still early. 5:07. as the weekend approaches, a nice forecast. >> a lot of fun out there because -- >> fun, fun. >> -- because that weather will look nice and feel good, too, kari. >> yeah, i think you will want to make plans outside for lunch or just sitting out on the patio. look out for the patchy fog around parts of the east bay, and palo alto, yeah, park plans today definitely with temperatures in the low 70s, by
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2:00 to 3:00, and even in the morning, a light jacket and you will still be comfortable. oakland today reaching 69 degrees, and san francisco in the upper 60s, too. we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up. >> traffic, not a lot of big incidents to talk about, and we are talking about the south bay along the peninsula, and as we expect, it's just fine. it's the fog up here creeping down from the north bay and moving down along highway 4, byron highway. also creeping down, it fluctuates between novato and san rafael. over here, the bay bridge, a clear view and easy drive right now across the bay, so this should maintain a smooth drive right now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:08. a big day for the science center that is reopening.
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it's holding a ribbon cutting for the reopening and it's unveiling the new exhibition, the nasa experience. this is video from the space and science center. the nasa experience will feature several items which were crucial to space exploration. next here on "today in the bay," drone deliveries are the wave of the future, and one peninsula startup trying to lead the way. we'll talk about the deal right at its doorstep. potential home buyers rushing to buy, because if they don't, that house will disappear. one of the largest senior living operations in the bay area, loved ones say their loved ones were mistreated.
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you can find that whole story on our website,
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right now at 5:12 on this friday morning, you are heading out to clear conditions in free mopped. chilly temperatures. upper 50s -- upper 40s and low 50s. we'll talk about what is ahead in our weekend forecast, coming up. at the richmond bridge, there could be a disabled vehicle. it would be in the slow lane
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which is that set of headlights on the right side. we'll see how things are shaping up as you are heading over to work. good morning. good friday to you as well. we have been talking a lot about the new car company, rivion, it saw a huge jump on the stock market. it had a huge jump on its second day, making it worth far more than ford or general motors. rivian made 11 trucks. 11. ford sells about 1 million in that same time. and then investors are not impressed, and the fellow doing the signature right there in the middle, he's the ceo. he's 26. now publicly traded company in the
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united states. they make software for automated trucks. the national association of realtors said over the summer that houses were going on the market and getting sold in one week. the average used to be three weeks. seven days, which is five business days, that's not giving buyers much time to make careful decisions. you remember movie pass? it will let you see as many movies for one monthly fee, it went bankrupt but the fellow that started it will try to restart it. look for that early next year. the bay area artificial christmas tree, they said something interesting, the people that work in logistics. >> i received christmas presents from a friend in september, and i called them and said how are you so organized that you are sending presents to your kids,
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and he said i am in the shipping industry and he said if i don't send them, your kids won't get them. i will warn you right now, if you have a spouse that don't like you have spend money at golf galaxy, make sure he or she does not tune in on sunday morning at 9:00. >> all i know, i want to hear that ping when i hit it. that's a great sound. a south san francisco drone startup called zip line is partnering with utah health care service to deliver medicine by drones. in 2016 zipline first started using drones to send supplies to
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africa. it could start next spring. trending this morning, christmas came a little early. single all the way, which features gay-leading characters. >> with some, you know, a lot of people are talking about one particular character here, and this is sandy from "america pie." >> gays just know how to do stuff. for some reason they are always obsessed with me. >> she's funny. this will be the first netflix holiday rom-com. it premieres on netflix on december 2nd. let's check the forecast right now with meteorologist, kari hall. another good-looking day ahead? >> i need to watch that so i can
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get ideas for decorating for the holidays. we're in the mood of getting things done, and also approaching the holidays, and maybe getting it done a little earlier than usual. we're heading out for work with low visibility and novato down to zero right now. it's fairly clear from oakland to san josé, as well as the south county. nice day to head out for a hike. we have enjoyed all of the sunshine and comfortable temperatures and it continues today. take a look at our afternoon temperatures. in the east bay, we're in the upper 60s and low 70s, and a nice little breeze there with a high of 73 degrees in san josé and cupertino, and in east san josé, 74 degrees, and 74 for a high in danville also. look to about 70 in san mateo, and in downtown san francisco, 67 degrees with santa rosa topping out at about 73, and also the same in novato. here's where all of the rain is. they are being drenched across
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the pacific north west, portland, seattle, and spokane getting a lot of rain. this is where the atmospheric river is now, and it just stays there for a few more days. you can see that connection with the subtropical moisture, just streaming in into next week. that rain just breaks up, false apart before it gets here. i was hoping that we could get rain next thursday and friday, but as of right now, the models are kind of backing off on the chance so it could be dry a little longer than expected. looking at the temperatures for the weekend, santa rosa reaching into the mid-70s. by monday, once again that system passes by and it does drop our temperatures, and can see how much cooler it will be by the end of the week, with our saturday and sunday temperatures, much cooler than what we will have this weekend. we will see the clouds arriving on monday with a high of about 69 degrees. we'll be watching out. i will still keep the rain chance in the forecast for
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thursday. things may change between now and then and i am just being hopeful and our temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. mike, you are seeing some clouds dropping down on the peninsula. >> yeah, but that's not the hope you have for next thursday. there you go. can you see the headlights there. rooftop camera here, and we're looking down towards 101 and university. i should probably move beyond that so you can get the idea. it's tough to see the low clouds drifting around here, and not a problem on the deck but just above the deck. the fog is a bigger factor up here. zero visibility in novato, and the whole stretch in the north bay and towards contra costa county and highway 4 and 680, there will be an issue for fog and visibility. despite the fog on highway 4, visibility must be fine on the deck. if it's not fine, slow down. that's a word of caution.
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back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:19. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we have two cases here with more than $5,000 on the line. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. first, we want to show you this post our kris sanchez shared on instagram. it's the nourishing neighbors food drive. a reminder on how we can all do our part in helping the community during this holiday season. you can make a $10 donation at any local safeway store and that will go right to local food banks. the drive will start november 20th and runs until christmas day. we'll be right back.
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hi-fives in our bilingual consumer teams, lately. >> chris chmura is here to help get money back. >> regina in san josé asked consumer investigator fernandez for help with a home improvement store, he said he's a builder and the plumber at that store charged him ten times more for a
5:24 am
pvc pipe. he got his money back. and then one man paid more than $4,000 to fly his family from san francisco to fiji. the airlines changed his flight going from l.a. instead, and that made him eligible for a full refund, and he got a refund of over $4,000. tomorrow night we assembled a full 30 minutes, so join us tomorrow night at 6:30. hope to see you then. >> you have a good weekend, too, chris. here we are continuing the conversation about race. marcus and jessica geary leading
5:25 am
the way. >> how the way you look can make a difference in searching for you if you go missing, and some are calling it a missing white woman syndrome. i spoke with the brother of a man last seen by his family after leaving his home in oakland in 2019. harrison told me weeks passed before news outlets started to look into his appearance, but when gabby petito went missing, it was almost immediately. >> i knew that's how it was supposed to be. that's the pillars and the foundation of america, which is based on foundation. >> many people of color say a slow response is a brutal reality today for certain
5:26 am
groups, and we wanted to find out if that was true and one stanford professor backed that up with research. >> white women are more fragile, and research on missing white women syndrome found that missing white women show initial attention as well as prolonged attention. >> you know, they talked about that tier system there. it was who is considered more important when you think of searches, and it's a reality for a lot of people who knew this already, but i know it's a shocker for some people where it was, like, i never thought about it. when you think about the coverage you see -- >> it's apparent and gets a lot of attention. if you missed last night's episode, you can watch it online after "today in the bay," of course. go to and it's at
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the top of the home page. thousands of kaiser pharmacists threatening to strike. it's 5:26. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, elementary school students in san francisco will return to class today after one of their teacher assistants was killed
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steps away from the campus. the support the school plans to offer to students after such a painful loss. i have parents over 65, and i just want to make sure they are safe. >> the rush to get a booster shot, as santa clara county setting up for those shots. gas prices are high here in the bay area, but if you look around your efforts can pay off. where you can actually fill up for a little less. this is "today in the bay." good news if you can spend a little less. >> right. >> we are streaming right now on, and i want to say good friday. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. mike has a look at the commute, but first let's check in with
5:31 am
meteorologist, kari hall. >> patchy dense fog is moving around spots like concord as well as much of the north bay right now, so that fog is settling in. it's clear in san francisco, oakland and san josé as well as morgan hill. the north bay highway 101 commute, really low visibility at this point and the fog is drifting around. i think that the fog will linger until 8:00 and then clear the rest of the day. we have sunshine in our forecast, and highs feeling very comfortable. in the upper 60s and low 70s. it's a nice start to the weekend. we'll talk about what is ahead and events going on, coming up in a few minutes. this morning, a community still mourning the death of a teacher's aide of a elementary school in san francisco. his death as a result of the tragic death from an accident that took place in front of the school where he worked. there's a memorial honoring that school continues to grow.
5:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, marcus. we take a look at the memorial. you can see some of the cards and notes appear to be written by school-aged children, and there's a number of bouquets and that picture of mr. andrew, a educator that was killed earlier this week. police responded to a crash involving two cars here at franklin and union, and when police arrived there was a person down, and that person was identified as andrew seiman. he's a long-time staff member and even attended the school as a child. many came to the school for a moment of silence and to pay their respect. >> when we told him yesterday about what had happened, he told
5:33 am
us that he was the kindest teacher. >> reporter: according to school staff, counsellors will be on site for student needs, and you could tell he was loved by the students as well as staff members. you can tell some of the notes were written by some of his colleagues. again, counsellors will be on site today at the school to help both the students and staff that lost a co-worker to work through the moment of grief. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> so tragic. you can see from the memorial, he was certainly loved by a lot of those students. thank you. new details in the east bay where county supervisors face the challenge of filling her seat.
5:34 am
the seat is up for re-election next year. governor newsom would select a replacement if the board misses the deadline. ready for a boost? in california, nearly everybody is eligible to get the third booster for the vaccine. >> yeah, we will get to business and tech in a minute, but i was outlining for you the cdc guidelines a few days ago, remember? throw that out the window. here in california, nearly everybody who wants a booster shot can get one, anybody over the age of 18 after six months from your last dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccine, or two months after your johnson & johnson shot if you got that one. california guidelines differ
5:35 am
from the cdc guidelines. just 40% of people 65 and up got those shots right away. here in santa clara county, the county is already offering boosters to all eligible adults. the appointments are filling up and the county is adding more so people can feel more protected going into the holiday. >> i was able to go online and get an appointment. there was a lot of appointments available, so i was able to get it. >> very easy. >> it's exciting to see the bay area busy right now, and it shows people are accepting the vaccine. >> can you get a shot and appointment? i found eligibility through my health care group, and if you don't find one right away, don't get discouraged. you may have to drive someplace
5:36 am
you are not familiar with. >> a lot of people are out there already. i accidentally pulled into the parking lot of kaiser, and i got it in. >> we'll send you to the fair grounds. speaking of kaiser, kaiser workers are planning to strike on monday in the bay area. 2,500 pharmacy workers are threatening to hold a week-long strike. patients are being told to pick up medications ahead of time. kaiser says it's prepared to provide patients with access to the pharmacy that they need. and then pg&e facing another criminal charge from the zogg fire.
5:37 am
cal fire said utility inspectors said the tree did not get to be cut down. it burned more than 56,000 acres and destroyed more than 200 structures. and then a group clean up the lake says the past six months it gathered over 18,000 pounds of trash out of the water. that cleanup has been along more than the half of 72-mile shoreline. divers found plastic bottles and cans and sunglasses. you can watch the entire story we have now at >> love that and really saluting their efforts to keep that lake clean. we have a lot of events going on around the bay area, too. haarest festival happening at
5:38 am
the san mateo center. maybe you want to pick up early christmas gifts, or maybe if you want to just go ice skating, union square ice rink starts out with lessons throughout the morning. we will see the temperatures headed for the upper 60s. making plans for a weekend road trip or enjoying the fall foliage at home, st. helena has this beautiful picture. you can see pictures like this or taking your own. the central valley is at peak. here's the bay area, we're at high bright foliage colors. it's going to be a nice weekend for that as well as enjoying time at south l.a. temperatures reach into the low 60s this weekend with a mostly sunny sky. just cool in the morning. paso robles will have a cooler weekend. we will see the highs reaching
5:39 am
into the low 80s today and mid-80s by the end of the weekend. napa valley, we will see highs throughout the weekend in the mid-70s. yeah, we have slowing predictable for san josé. yesterday was a holiday for a lot of folks. we have slowing on northbound 101 heading up oakland road. there could be another incident in the south bay and we'll check that out on 85 in the short term. more delay coming off down vasco, and this is partly due to the volume of traffic coming out of these three major areas, and the fog in the area could cause additional slowing. prepare for that there. benicia bridge, no problem as far as speed sensors go, and no problems from chp. all this week we have been spotlighting the climb in gas prices as it moves closer to $5 a gallon.
5:40 am
this gas station is on berryessa road. the average price is 65% below the statewide average and the lowest in the san josé area. this morning we were trying to find some of the cheapest locations according to the cheapest is $3.99 at the san josé safeway. good luck. anchors away right now, as in away from the coastline. the new system rolling out offshore in southern california that could ease some of the impact of the backlog of so many waiting cargo ships just ahead. and then freeing britney. a big hearing gets under way in
5:41 am
a few hours about the conservatorship. one what expert says is likely to main in replace, plus -- >> this one is for you, taylor swift coming through with new music and old favorites. the star rereleasing her fourth album, "red." that was not by chance. we'll explain ahead. it's 6:41.
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good friday morning. right now at 5:43, as you are stepping out the door in san josé, it's clear here even though we have seen really dense fog in parts of the east bay as well as the north bay. it's jacket weather for the start of the day but we'll warm up maybe as you are heading to the farmer's market maybe later this morning. we will look at our microclimates and the weather heading into the weekend. we can see the high-rise, and can't see highway 101 right now from our camera near university. new for you this morning, fears of radioactive exposure in some southern california neighborhoods sitting near the department of energy field. last month crews demolished the lab in the hills above l.a., and that building was once part of a
5:45 am
complex that helped to develop nuclear reactors. now the concern is that the dust migrated into populated areas. >> what was your reaction when you first saw that video with the dust? >> oh, my god, what are they doing? >> do you worry there was radiation, something toxic in the dust? >> absolutely. >> the u.s. department of energy did not speak on camera but in an e-mail statement said that, quote, the teams used demolition techniques that reduced dust and minimized contamination that could have been airborne. that particular building did not have radioactive materials, although our southern california investigative team found otherwise. and then the ports of los angeles and long beach are now requiring waiting ships to anchor further away from the coastline. right now dozens of ships are in a large group about 40 miles off the coast. the new system will require
5:46 am
ships arriving early to anchor 150 miles away. this is in the effort of reducing coastal pollution. president biden will meet with his cabinet to brainstorm to free up the jams. >> yeah, good morning. of course the new infrastructure bill is not law yet. for something the democrats have been waiting around for a long time, there's no rush in signing it. the president said he will do that monday presumably so he could be joined by members of congress on break right now. meantime president biden still is pushing for an extra tax break for electric cars as part of his build back better bill. the president who calls himself a bit of a car nut as been enjoying all the cars that
5:47 am
manufacturers bring to the yard there. the bill says not only would it give you a big tax break for the purchase of an electric car, 7,500, but you would be able to get an extra tax break worth 4,500 if you bought a vehicle built by union labor. joe manchin says he opposed that idea, that extra tax break built on union labor and won't pass the bill if it's included. press secretary jen psaki returns today. she contracted covid despite being vaccinated. the main reason you want to be vaccinated is they radically lower the risk of hospitalization and death. psaki is feeling fine and ready to return to work. today was supposed to be the day the national archives turned over trump's white house records to the house select committee. that will not happen today
5:48 am
pending an emergency hearing. mark meadows is expected to give a deposition to the committee investigating the attacks. if he doesn't show up, the committee could recommend for the house to hold meadows in contempt. we'll talk about that on twitter. you'll find me there. i am @scottmcgrew. a mexican actress and politician carmen salinas is in a coma after having blood flow problems. the actress made her television debut in 1964. happening today it's possible a judge may decide to terminate pop star britney spears conservatorship.
5:49 am
she has spoke to the judge about regaining control of her life. her father stepped out of the conservatorship, and the conservator that over sees her decisions has a plan. >> i think we could expect for the court to dissolve the conservatorship as a person, and giving britney the right to make decisions over her medical care and day-to-day life essentially, but i don't think the conservatorship over her estate, which is managing her money, will be over just quite yet. >> spears' attorney and her parents all publicly support termination, but the judge is not tipping her hand. you can see more coverage later this morning on the "today" show. trending this morning, taylor swift released a new
5:50 am
version over her album, "red." >> it's safe to say, fans are losing it. listen -- >> that's attract "what you think about me." the reason taylor swift reproduced two albums is because she wants to hear her own music, after her master original recordings were sold, as she says, without her permission. you can catch swift this weekend on an all-new "snl." actor, jonathan majors, will be hosting. let's take a break from that and a live look outside. fog right there. this is in the east bay, this is in concord this morning. kari has a look at the forecast for today. in the central valley, with all the precipitation we had, the
5:51 am
fog is coming back. >> yeah, we have seen it creeping into the delta and east bay and now the north bay. there's low visibility as we take a look at this friday morning. zero in novato, so be careful on your way to work. walnut creek, it's also foggy there and temperatures in the upper 40s. the fog lingers for the next couple of hours. the rest of the day it quickly clears out and we will see sunshine as our temperatures head for the low 70s, reaching 73 degrees in san josé as well as cupertino and milpitas reaching 70 degrees. for the east bay, livermore will reach a high of 73 there and 71 in hayward. so comfortable this afternoon. make plans to spend more time outside with some upper 60s in the mission district, engel side reaching 65 degrees, and mill valley area 65 there and 75 in clearlake. we're missing out on the rain,
5:52 am
but seattle and portland, it's pouring there. this is where the atmospheric river is targeting that area and producing flooding, so it will stay to the north. you can see the long line of clouds with the atmospheric river staying north to us, and then a cold front will sweep through on monday into tuesday. clouds but no rain here in the bay area. then as we go towards the end of next week, there will be another chance, but what we were seeing for thursday into friday is drying up. we could have a chance after that, but this is an extended period of time of dry weather and i am holding out the hope that we will see rain chances next thursday into friday. near term, nice weekend starting out with clouds and fog today, and highs in the mid-70s. cooler next week. we will see the sunshine returning for tuesday into wednesday, but notice the temperatures will be lower. san francisco has a nice weekend ahead. mike, it's tough to see on some of those roadways.
5:53 am
>> yeah, i like palo alto, our friend, ben, in the operation center tried his best to show a glimpse of 101. you see a little light here, and maybe if we turned it down south towards the billboard, we could see the light across from that big billboard. on the roadway it looks like everything is still okay because the speed sensors are moving smoothly. it looks like no incidents reported. fremont, sunnyvale and mountain view, we have debris in the roadways, so note that. a nice drive coming through this area, but the highlighted yellow through contra costa county, that fog creeping down toward vasco, and that's where the fog
5:54 am
kicks in and we have slowing south of brentwood. be careful out there. across the benicia bridge, look at this creep into the shot. we see the low clouds hovering around, so there could be an issue with fog coming up. back to you. happening now, the oldest muni line up in the air. "the chronicle" reporting the muni directors have not decided what to do with the church light-rail line. it could be shortened permanently either with fewer runs or keeping an abbreviated route. plus, sucker punched on the court. shocking video from southern
5:55 am
california basketball game, and the big name apologizing for the players' actions. plus, nearly one week after a toddler died from a stray bullet in the east bay, the case remains unsolved. there's a new incentive now being offered to help authorities find the shooter. we'll tell you about it as "today in the bay" continues. it's 5:55.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." it doesn't matter if you are an olympic gold medalist, and suni lee says she was in los angeles recently waiting for an uber with her friends, all of asian descent, and a car drove by and yelled racial slurs and sprayed pepper spray at her. an nba player apologizing on his daughter's behalf half she was caught on camera punching a player. cory benjamin did not attend but told our sister station that when he saw that video he was saddened. the victim's mother considered
5:59 am
the punch an assault and filed a police report. >> the most shocking, is to hear her mother instruct her to go and hit her for that. >> benjamin's daughter was ejected and that game was canceled. a reminder to you that the football game is canceled because of positive tests. knocked out 24 players and assistant coaches. additional positive tests tuesday made it impossible for cal to field the team this week. the team is 99% vaccinated. the game against usc has been rescheduled now to december. how about drama at san josé state. a buzzer beater in the season opener. watch carefully. the final seconds there. tray smith gets the rebound and drains the winning shop.
6:00 am
78-76. certainly a great way to start the season. >> not bad at all. right now at 6:00, parents' worst nightmare. two child abductions. plus -- >> the criminals know we don't have enough police officers -- >> gun violence raging in oakland. the new incentive to find the shooter in a toddler's death and the push to crackdown on an ongoing increase in crime. protecting your home from wildfires. new measures being taken to help protect homeowners. this is "today in the bay." here we go. friday morning. getting ready for the weekend. thank you for joining us this morning here on "today in the bay." i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we're not wasting time when it comes to the gorgeous weather.
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