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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> right now at 5:00, a man rips a child from his mother's arms. the abduction caught on camera. tonight, how an amber alert in sacramento ended here in the bay area. after a violent week, the city of oakland moves forward. tennis courts welcoming tennis players once again. how the city found a solution for everyone involved. and the u.n. climate summit ends with a deal. and some leaving disappointed. what world leaders agreed to. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us.
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i'm terry mcsweeney. >> police have arrested this man, joshua yago after he allegedly took a child from his mother. he was arrested this morning in hayward. >> the abduction was caught on camera. you see it here. surveillance showing he rushed up to the mother before pulling the child out of her arms. police say he got into a car, drove off with the boy. the mom and another boy were shot chasing after him. >> he was arrested during a traffic stop. the boy was found safe. it is believed yago new the shooting victims but not clear how. a tennis court is renovated and back open after incident was an encampment for the homeless. this is seen as a new opportunity for people to enjoy a part of their city. nbc bay area's christie smith explains.
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>> henry wynn came to play tennis at the newly renovated apple plaza tennis courts. >> at this moment it's nice. i'm glad they do it, yes. >> reporter: he was concerned about the conditions there and lack of maintenance. he hopes it stays how it is today. >> you have to keep this place nice and you have to put work into it. >> reporter: oakland city council president led a reopening for the tennis courts and discussed what worked to help people who once lived here. . >> we have a win-win to transition our former unsheltered neighbors into adequate housing. you know, certainly with the pandemic, our outdoor space is incredibly important. . >> he said he had a tent here. i believes this works. . >> the difference here was, everybody that was here got what
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i call adequate housing. >> reporter: the reopening comes at a time when the city is struggling with violence. but this was a much different tone about the possibilities when people come together. >> what the city of oakland does, among other things, we provide free tennis programming to underserved communities. >> reporter: there is still work to do with lighting and upgrades but the ball is rolling. christie smith, nbc bay area news. certainly a lot of smiles out there today. global leaders struck a deal at the cop26 climate summit. some leaders are dispinted because it contained a last minute change about coal. the countries agreed to phase down instead of phase out coal. some of the fog finally clearing up. boy, the fog has been spectacular lately. staying close to the bay bridge.
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san jose not spared either. this is the view near san pedro square, fog blanketing streets in downtown. >> the dense fog advisory lasted most of the morning. 200 flights were delayed at the major airports in the region. 130 delays were here at sfo. the airport says 12 flights had to be canceled. oakland and san jose combined had about 60 delays. meteorologist rob my eta joins us now. >> we have strong high pressure. once the fog lifted, temperatures in the mid-70s. clear skies right now. one of the areas to watch towards walnut creek, contra costa county as the light offshore breeze brings in the central valley fog. you can see how long it took to clear around solano and contra costa county midday. foggy around stockton and
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modesto. we believe we will see patchy fog tomorrow morning, thickest in the east bay valley. two chances setting up next week. one for the north bay tuesday. likely a better one wednesday night into thursday. a look at how much rain we are expecting with the forecast at 5:15. rob, thanks very much. covid-19 cases to rise across the country. the u.s. has reached 47 million cases since the pandemic started. experts say the thanksgiving and christmas holidays could mean another surge. the virus thrives in cool, dry air. when people gather indoors, they are more likely to spread it. instead of bringing kids to the vaccine, san francisco brings the vaccine to the kids. today the city partnered with chinese hospital to open a clinic at the ymca in chinatown.
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kids are there all the time practicing sports. organizers say there is a reason they set up shop right there. . >> anybody can come. we welcome anyone in any community to join us. today we are specifically in china town because we know there are not enough vaccination stations here in this community. . >> organizers are prepared to give 200 shots throughout the day. it is first come, first served. check this out. by this afternoon, they said they had given out only 30 shots. >> speaking of shots, terry, four counties have taken the state's lead to offer boosters to everyone over 18. sonoma, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara said no adults will be turned away if they want to get a booster shot. if you want an appointment, check the website of your local health department. if you have any questions about the covid vaccine, we can help. head to for answers to your questions about booster shots, kids and vaccines and where you still need to wear your mask.
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a family in sonoma county wants to know who killed their beloved horse and why. investigators are searching for who shot the horse on monday when he was in his pasture. nbc bay area jean elly has the story. >> they do become part of your family. we, you know, he was a companion. he was great. you could call him, he would come. . >> the lynn family says buddy, 26-year-old american quarter horse was full of life. a favorite horse on their ranch the past 10 years. they said they were stunned to find him dedmon morning, shot in the head. . >> it feels so senseless under the circumstances. . >> he had so much more life to live, and it was taken from him for no reason. . >> the shooting happened likely
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around dawn. >> shock, wondering why, wondering how anyone could ever do anything like that. >> an animal cruelty investigation has been launched with five more horses to protect, the lynns are now considering taller fences and security cameras. . >> we lock them up at night now, so they can't have access to the road until it's absolute daylight and people are around 24/7. . >> they hope get the word out about pulledy's death will help law enforcement find the person who was responsible. >> hopeful live somebody knows something and we can catch whoever did it. half a million dollars up in smoke. the investigation begins after flames tear through a yacht in the north bay. what we're learning, next. >> and we have liftoff. spacex pushes through foggy weather for another successful
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mission. how this launch could help bring internet to millions on earth. and watching the fog closely. 70s. rain chances could come back. we'll tell you when in the seven-day forecast. >> the high cost of the peeve you buy. why the main course is getting so much more expensive. plus, is it time to end mask mandates in schools? we'll talk to the experts tonight on "nbc nightly news".
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take a look at this. two people escaped from a fire that destroyed a 50-foot yacht in petaluma. firefighters were able to put it out before the flames reached the boat dock. this is what it looked like while it was burning this morning. here is the scene after. no word what caused the fire. total damages are expected to be half a million dollars. nasa returned but today it was open to the public. chabot space and science center. officials for nasa were there for the opening ceremony. it included 30 enthusiastic oakland schoolchildren. they got right to work with the hands on exhibits. staff spent time working with nasa to transform two older display rooms into one big new exhibit area. >> yes. it is a big relief for them. we live nearby.
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we're members. having this open again is like night and day. very glad to see it back. >> i think that baby is going to be a reporter some day. reaching for the microphone. >> they handed out hundreds of items for the new display. technicians had to work through the fog in cape canaveral to launch the falcon 9 rocket and successfully land it at sea. it was postponed due to stormy weather. it carried 53 satellites into orbit. they are designed to provide high-speed specialty around the globe, particularly in remote and rural areas. well, are you counting the days? here is a live look from new york city. the christmas tree finally up at rockefeller center. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> yeah, you did it, terry. you sound so good. >> my boss just called and said
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knock it off. . >> i love it. it will be decorated with more than 50 through l.e.d. lights with a big star on lights ahead of the lighting ceremony set for december 1st. the 79-foot tree was donated from a family in maryland. it had been in their backyard the past 85 years. it will be enjoyed by millions of people around the world. >> rob, the sky behind you doesn't remind me of christmas. it looks like august. >> 70s. that is getting ready for the winter season. we don't have any rain in the forecast. fog probably the top concern later don't. a gorgeous view looking from emeryville, back to san francisco. it is still 66 degrees right now. wind out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. san jose, 70s. 69 degrees. north wind at 6. wind is kind of interesting here. it is a slight offshore breeze which does help to bring in low
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cloud cover from the centr valley. perhaps later tonight, livermore, we'll be watching dublin. another location where the fog can drift from the east through the straits off to the northeast of walnut creek. currently you have the hazy skies. 60 else. >>. the temperatures are nice. but you probably notice the extra haze in the air and high pressure and not a lot of wind. moderate pollution due to wood smoke that is trapped in the lower levels of the atmosphere once the winds pick up, better air quality next week. in terms of the areas most likely to see patchy fog around the central bay likely, inland too for the morning. into the afternoon, the same areas will lose low cloud cover midday. and highs at least for one more time, mid-70s inland. low clouds to start the morning. highs again tomorrow about 76 degrees. san jose tomorrow, close to 70 in san francisco. low 70s from oakland into
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hayward. we should see numbers close to 80 around gilroy and south of morgan hill tomorrow. warm finish to the weekend. rain chances tuesday. we think mainly just for the north bay. perhaps a better opportunity lining up late wednesday into thursday. this storm arriving a little bit farther to the south. we compare and contrast long range models. heavy rain for the pacific northwest. it will bypass us. both of those medium range models vary on the totals at this point. they show a chance of rain coming back in thursday into friday. better chances, maybe a quarter inch to a half inch for sonoma county. up towards mendocino. we wrap up the weekend with warm temperatures. san francisco, warmest tay of the week clearly tomorrow to wrap up the weekend. best rain chances for san francisco southward will be thursday into friday. and our inland locations will see warm temperatures in the 70s, probably through monday.
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north bay, from marin northward, a few showers tuesday. and it will be thursday into friday, which looks to be the best chance for some rain and not the big super soakers we have had the last coup of weeks. but at least there is a chance and hopefully with cooler temperatures to bring a little more snow towards the sierra. rain chances next week. best chances thursday. tomorrow feeling like spring. many places in the mid-70s. >> it is kind of looking behind us, spring, summer. it is gorgeous out there. . >> it's beautiful. no jackpot winner tonight. someone in silicon valley could be sitting on $400,000. we'll show you the numbers next.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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all right. we were talking how it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> yeah. >> the season outdoor rink near downtown san mateo. that's how i would skate. just like that. the rink was not open last year because of the pandemic. now it's back. and she can do things like that. it's great. organizers say they are happy to be back this year. it is open through january 9th, open christmas day and new year's day. >> it definitely looks like christmas there.
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>> yes. >> someone became a whole lot richer overnight. they matched the first five out of six numbers. they didn't win the jackpot but they won $400,000. . >> it's a start. . >> that's a lot. it was sold at clyde's lickers in mountain view. tuesday night's jackpot, $63 million. . >> forever people will be going to clyde's thinking there's luck there. >> why not? paying it forward to empower the future. how a billionaire is using an app to help hundreds of kids. we're back in two minutes.
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welcome back. the american heart association and the veterans health administration are uppering female veterans to get a checkup for their heart health. they are out with initial findings and are showing higher rates of heart disease. the age adjusted cardiovascular disease for women was more than twice that of women. they have higher risks of obesity, high cholesterol or ptsd. >> none of the things are unique to women veterans but more the confluence of all of these potential risk factors which we think might be raising the risk of cardiovascular disease in our women veteran population.
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>> dr. haskell urges women veterans to seek out care with the v.a. and get checked out for blood pressure. he wiped out debt for a class. now he wants to empower young people of color by donating more of his wealth with the help of an app. >> and my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. >> reporter: you could see it in the faces as robert smith changed their life with a surprise donation. that was two years ago. >> i thought this would be a way to liberate their opportunity to contribute to their society, their communities without that burden. >> reporter: now, smith is sharing more of the fortune he made launching one stock, one future. he is donating 15,000 shares of top tech stocks to students, teachers and staff at the eagle
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academy. the gift will be powered by goal center, a financial literacy app. >> wealth creation journey for them. many students don't participate in financial literacy training as young people >> reporter: we open financial education quizzes every week, kindergarten through 12th grade and financial education for parents too. all of our quizzes are mapped to financial literacy standards and rooted in means and gifs from popular culture. >> reporter: it makes it more fun and engaging for young people like marcus, 15 years old, at the eagle academy, many of the students said to benefit from smith's first. . >> i was very excited when that happened. now it gives people like an excuse now to go to stocks. like there's somebody actually helping you do this. >> reporter: he wants to be a
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marine biologist and believes goal setter has given him a road map to the future. . >> there's buy, save, and put away. and those things would be, for example, if i got $300, i would pie something for $10, put away probably $150 for future references, and then the rest of the money put into investments for stocks. it helps you save your money faster, quicker, easier. >> reporter: one stock, one future hoepts to have 1 million investors. delta, lyft, twitter, comcast, nbc's parent company, already stepping up. . >> it issen credible to know you have powered youth to participate in what will be the greatest opportunities for them, capital markets in america. . >> what an idea. that was john chandler reporting
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from new york. . >> we'll be right back. [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. i see you found the snacks. mmm, delicious! i need this recipe. everyone thinks i made them, but it's actually d-con. what was that? judy? d-con. mice love it to death.
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bears are having one last hoorah before they take a big nap. >> these are grizzly bears. here they are. they're in the sun. this is a nice day. how do they know it's going to get so cold? i guess they just know. colorful new toys to play with. this is the oakland zoo tweeting this out today. they're swimming, playing. they say they are entering their state of a version of hibernation. >> it lasts a while, right? . >> 4 to 7 months i was reading. >> wow! >> soon they will be taking a nap. then they will be waking up in the spring time. . >> i would like to be in that state. that would be nice.
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i'm just a little tired today, that's all. it's been a week. but that's awesome. >> we need it for the 6:00 and the 11:00. and tomorrow too. . >> okay. hibernation can wait. >> thanks for watching. "nightly news" is next. tonight. on hold. the president's bill fo the vaccine mandate slammed by a federal appeals court. could it go to the supreme court? as another state decides to defy federal guidelines, and offer boosters to all adults plus, new rules that allow you to visit a loved one in a nursing home. cleared to play. aaron rodgers will be on the field tomorrow after coming down with covid and misleading the public about his vaccination status. rare suspected tornados in the northeast. strong winds and dangerous hail pound the region an historic
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