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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 13, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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win-win with the community. >> how the city found a solution that made everyone happy. >> stunning video and an abduction caught on camera. shots into arms. the push to get young people vaccinated continues in the holiday. the bay area allowing any vaccinated adults to get the booster dose. the news at 6:00 starts now. thank you for joinings us, i am audrey aistio. >> i am terry mcsweeney. covid cases are creeping up. 47 million cases since the pandemic began. one million of those cases reported in the last two weeks alone. you can see the increase on this graph here as we zoom in, this is a seven day average of new cases. cases have been slowly climbing.
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63,000 new cases a day. yesterday, 78,000 new cases. >> terry, as those cases start to creep up again. the push to vaccinate continues. instead of bringing kids to the vaccine, san francisco is bringing the vaccine to kids. today the city partners with the hospital to open a patrick vaccine clinic at the ymca china town. they chose this location because kids are there all the time practicing sports. >> anybody can come, we welcome anyone from any community to join us, today we are specifically in china town because we know there are not enough vaccination stations here in this community. >> reporter: organizers are prepared to give 200 shots throughout the day. it's first come first serve. vaccine doses for other parts of the country is not so prevalent. in fact, they are running low. health officials open up a kids
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only clinic in indianapolis in order to keep up with demand. back here at home, four bay area counties are offering booster shots to any vaccinated adults. we are talking about sonoma, san francisco, san mateo, and claire. health leaders there say nobody over 18 will be turned away if they want to get a booster shot. we know we have a number of questions about the covid-19 vaccine, we can help. all you have to do is head to for answers to your questions and booster shots and kids and vaccine and whether you still need to wear your mask. >> we brought you last night. an amber alert out of the east bay. police say yuego got the car.
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he was escaping and both survived. today hayward police say yuego was found. >> to get your child abducted and have an amber alert out there. i can understand where the mom is coming from and extremely scary. >> it's not clear how she knew the victim. a tennis court is renovated and reopened today. how this comes after a violent weekend provides an opportunity for people to enjoy their city, nbc bay area's christie smith shows us the solution that helped everyone involved. >> reporter: henry nguyen came to play tennis with his son at the newly renovated tennis courts. >> at this moment is nice. i am glad they do it. yes. >>
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when the court were home to a dozen of people and he was concerned of the lack of maintenance. he hopes it stays how it's today. >> you have to keep this place nice and put work into it. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: oakland city council president led a reopen event for the tennis court and discuss what worked to help people who once live here. >> we were able to have a win-win with the community to transfer our shelter neighbor into adequate housing. certainly with the pandemic, our outdoor space is incredibly important. >> reporter: nina parker says he had a tent here and believe this how can works. >> the difference here was everybody got adequate housing. >> reporter: the reopening comes at a time when the city is struggling with violence. this is a much different tone about the possibility when people come together. >> what it does is we provide
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free tennis programming to under serve communities on courts just like this. >> reporter: there are still work to do with lighting and other upgrades but the ball is rolling. christie smith, in oakland, nbc bay area news. here is a wow. >> oh yes. >> stunning time lapse from our tower this morning. thank you, this is looking towards oakland, you can see all that fog rolling along like a river really. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous, stuck around for a good part of the morning, quite delays and cancellations at sfo and as well as delays in san jose. looks like special effect but it's the real thing. let's verify that with rob mayeda. it's the real thing, right? >> it's real. unless you have to fly or drive. that's a little tough. right now enjoying clear skies in san francisco and looking off towards the west from
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emoryville. tonight we see the fog may try to set up first and that's out towards walnut creek. you can bring more of the central valley fog back into the bay area. right now visibility is just fine. it's dropping off a little bit out of tracy. mid-70s today. for tomorrow, patchy areas of fog. we could see reduce visibility early in the day. tomorrow afternoon, another day of mid upper 70s to wrap up the weekend. finally the storm door will open up a little bit. there will be two chances. we are seeing some rain next week as we go into tuesday. a look at how far ahead we are this rain season coming up in our forecast in about 7 minutes. two people escaped a fire that destroyed a 50-foot yacht in petaluma.
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this is what it looks like while it was burning this morning. take a look at what it looked like afterwards. no word on what caused the fire. holt damages estimated to be half a million dollars. a massive strike by kaiser workers on monday has been averted. the strike would have involved tens of thousands of dollars in california. the deal today, that strike is called off. the deal includes wage increases and new staffing language designed to protect employees and patients. having said that, kaiser pharmacists in california don't have a deal. they are still set to strike on monday. we are tracking the ongoing negotiations here in northern california. you can find the latest update on our website, go to, click on kaiser.
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you can search for kaiser strike in our mobile app. we are talking about a deal that was actually reached. not everyone is happy with the outcome at the climate. >> plus, get your tickets ready. maybe you or maybe not? >> i wish. >> somebody in the bay area is $400,000 richer. we'll have the winning numbers. >> watch it goes closely and rain totals going back to the bay area. that could be towards the end of the seven-day forecast, how much rain and wind we could see from that storm, when we come right back. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included.
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spacex launches this morning at cape canaveral in florida. those satellites are designed to provide high speed internet around the globe especially in remote area. nasa officially returned to oakland last night. today it opens to the general public. the science center, officials were there yesterday for the opening ceremony. it included 30, enthusiastic open school children. it got right to work at the hands of the exhibit. staff spent that time transforming the display rooms
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into one big exhibit area during the pandemic. >> it's a big relief. we live near by, having it open is night and day. >> reporter: nasa aims in mountain view loan out more than 100 place related artifacts. vice president kamala harris is back in washington, d.c. tonight. this is a video of her arriving a few hours ago. she wrapped up her trip to france. earlier this week she met with president emanuel macron and discussed a range of topics in deluding libya and cyber security. vice president says her trip has been very productive. >> i will tell you it's very productive and it's a good trip. we have a lot of follow-up to do, we have discussed extensively the past couple of days. this trip was about making clear the long standing relationships
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but also as we go into a new era for the world that our work continues. >> the vice president made a stop at the cafe which was one of the sites that was hit by terrorist attacks that happened six years ago today. global leaders struck a deal at the climate summit. some leaders are disappointed by it. it contained a last minute chain of crucial language about coal. the country agreed to phase down instead of fazing down. as part of our climate in series, we gave vianey arana showing us what you can do. get more tips on that, head to is this you?
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someone became a whole lot richer, they won more than $400,000. i would take it. winning ticket was sold in mown view. next drawing is scheduled for tuesday night expected to have a jackpot of $63 million. >> right? >> that could change things. >> oh yes. >> it could improve my relatives christmas. >> what's going on rob mamayeda. >> not much p wind. still looking great. 63 degrees. we start to see a little bit of a sea breeze picking up now. san jose in the low 60s. on the watch for some patchy fog starting to set up as we head towards tomorrow morning. 61 in dublin and notice the wind direction out of the east. that light shore breeze is one
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way those east land valleys. 57 with hazy skies and patchy fog likely to set up. portions around the east bay as we head towards tomorrow morning. afternoon, like we saw today, low clouds clearing on out. temperatures wise similar to what we experienced today. patchy fog and reduce visibility especially in the in land east bay valleys. by the afternoon, numbers close to 70s and san francisco, mid-70s. again, north bay valleys warmest place tomorrow, areas south of san jose and downtown san jose, morgan hill, close to 80 tomorrow. low 80s around hayward and oakland. monday's temperatures still warm. low 70s around san jose. i will be watching it closely again. monday night football, rams and 49ers out of santa clara. kickoff temperatures in the 60s.
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no rain or strong wind to talk about on monday. back in the 60s for highs. we'll have increasing clouds, that's the first chance for some showers which probably won't make a big impact other than just a few north bay scattered showers. wednesday night into thursday could pack a bit of a punch. first we'll take a look at the wind speed. right now winds about 20 to 30 miles per hour. in terms of rainfall, things could be shaping up this way as we get through the seven days outlook. initial look could give us bigger rain totals. the bay area average about a quarter inch of rain. you may see half inch or more if the trends continue. take a look at how much above average we are.
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thanks to that record breaking storm in october. the north bay is in a double digit surplus, rainfall. it's a good position to be. you can see from san francisco and oakland and livermore, almost 4 to 6 inches above. san jose kind of lagging behind. hopefully these upcoming chances will bring rain to the south bay. so warmest day of the week clearly is tomorrow. good day to get outside once the fog starts to break up. we'll see another day and some 70s around the south bay. a few north bay showers on tuesday. wind and rain on thursday. not as strong obviously as the storm we saw brought up the big rain surplus we saw. we need the rain, its got a beautiful weekend. we still need that rain. >> good that we have a chance. >> yeah, we got a chance. up next, the ice is nice. at least this ice is and it's
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back. popular seasonal rink return to the peninsula. we'll show you more.
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the seasonal outdoor rink located right there near downtown san mateo. our cameras were there as the first few skaters hit the ice. saying you are the edge. the one time i did it, that's where i stayed. the rink did not open last year because of the pandemic.
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many are happy it's there. >> we are happy to be back. we have a lot of people contacted us and asked if we are coming back. it has been a tough couple of years and we are in the fresh air, we clean everything over and over so it's a healthy environment. it's time to get back to normal. >> yeah, a couple of other things that are different. hand sanitizing stations are all over the place. masks are not required since obviously it's outdoors. highly encouraged guests to wear your mask and social distancing on the ice can be tough. the rink is opened until january 9th, it's open on new year's day and january nights. >> i am sure a lot of people are happy about that. takes a lot of work to put together the macy's famous balloon parade. it kicked off today in queens,
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new york. there are some new balloons coming this year like baby yoda. >> that's a favorite. >> i know, my seven-year-old is obsessed and old favorites like snoopy is making a big return. >> if for those who could not watch it on the parade, you can watch it right here. aaron rodgers is back and he'll be playing tomorrow. last week the star quarterback tested positive with covid and put on the team's covid's ir list. he found himself in hot water after he misled reporters and fans about his vaccination status and covid protocol resulted in a $300,000 fine. rodger was fined -- was he fine 300,000? >> the team was fined, he got $15,000.
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he attended a halloween party as an unvaccinated player, he was not to attend any gatherings and he did. packers are scheduled to face the seahawks tomorrow. let's get to anthony flores. >> rodgers and several members of the sharks could be facing the same problem. they could be a little out of shape. how the sharks plan to manage their minutes now they are at full strength on the ground. sports is next.
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the head coach returns to the bench ninety colorado. they have been out for two weeks. the timing will be off a little
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bit, i want to keep it simplified here. these guys will get better as the game goes. i think we have games and road allow those guys to ease into this game a little bit. >> all right, the sharks are underway in colorado, we'll have highlights at 11:00. the 49ers will hit primetime when they host the rams on monday night. the rams are 7-2. some experts think they are the favorite to make it into the super bowl. as for the niners it's no secret they are struggling. terry, here is your bright side. you are looking for hope on monday night. >> they beaten the rams in each of their last four games. >> you know take a better record and you know so you go year to year and make better record than last year. we need them twice, we would always take the record for that. thought we had a good week of
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rest and our guys are pumped for monday. >> all right, be sure to check out our friends on nbc sports bay area. after the game switch to the post-game show for post-game reaction and analysis of the niners and the rams. pac-12 college football, david shawn at oregon state. the cardinals down three scores. yeah, not looking good. now we move to the fourth. cardinals down 28. nathaniel pete, he breaks the tackle and scores, not nearly enough. oregon state on an 11-game losing streak. the cardinals falling to 3-6 for the season. a special night at san jose state. the spartans are taking on utah state for that man right there, lawrence phan was the spartans
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communications. it was a streak that started in september of 1980, he had not missed a single game since. the closest he came to missing a game was in the late '90s. he said he was feeling a bit under the weather. the secret, he says he loves his job and he has been blessed with good health. excellent job. that's a look at sports, more news after the break.
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they're doing something with that tree. this of course is in new york. christmas tree is finally up. the rocker fella center, it will be decorated with more than 50,000 led lights with the big ahead of the light ceremony which is set on december 31st. catch a all new episode of "snl" after jonathan major is hosting with musical guest, taylor swift. we'll be right here at 11:00, we certainly hope you can join us then. >> have a good night. ♪♪ chris chmura: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, nbc bay area "responds." female: everybody is just on standby. chris: brace yourself, passengers. this year holiday air travel might be a mess. we're gonna help you win the rebooking race and show you how
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