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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 15, 2021 3:00am-3:30am PST

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breaking overnight a tenth person has died in connection with houston's astroworld music festival. the 9-year-old boy, the youngest so far succumbed to his injuries in just hours from now, the jury in the kyle rittenhouse dole-homicide trial will hear closing arguments. we have got a preview. infrastructure day at the white house. the president will sign one of his key pieces of legislature into action. while appointing a new czar to oversee it all pop star britney spears was freed from her conservatorship now, the fight to make sure it
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doesn't happen to anyone else. clear from covid, aaron rodgers returned to the gridiron following a controversial ten days while a big-name qb is sidelined because of coronavirus. "early today" starts right now >> good monday morning i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with breaking news in the astroworld concert tragedy 9-year-old ezra blunt has died from injuries sustained during the crowd surge at the houston show, becoming the youngest fatality his parents have hired personal-injury attorneys ben crump, alex hill yard, bob hill yard, and paul grenke. the council previously filed a law lawsuit. according to a statement by crump and his colleagues, blunt was placed in a medically-induced coma in an attempt to save his life after he suffered brain, kidney, and liver trauma they also expressed condolences to his family reading in part, ezra's death is absolutely
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heartbreaking. we are committed to seeking answers and justice for the blunt family but tonight, we stand in solidarity with the family in grief and in prayer. travis scott's attorney said he didn't know there was a mass-casualty event. and in a statement friday, astroworld promoter live nation said in part, we continue to support and assist local authorities in their ongoing investigation so that both the fans who attended and their families can get the answers they want and deserve. closing arguments are just hours away from the kyle rittenhouse trial and the city of kenosha is on edge as tensions mount there in anticipation of the verdict, 500 national guard members are on watch bracing for potential violence rittenhouse faces six charges for shooting three people, killing two and wounding another with often ar-15 style rifle our very own gabe gutierrez sat down with his mother, and here's what she had to say about those charges. >> reporter: what do you say to people who look at this case and think this teenager had no
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business bringing a military-style weapon to this chaotic scene? >> a lot of people shouldn't have been there. you know and he brung that gun for protection and to this day, if he didn't have that gun, my son would've been dead. >> if convicted, rittenhouse could face life in prison. 12 jurors will be selected randomly from the 18 who have heard the case, so far it's possible deliberations could begin by tonight president biden is gearing up for a victory lap this morning as he signs his long-awaited infrastructure bill into law it comes at a challenging time for the administration, amid soaring inflation and gas prices according to aaa, california has hit a record high for fuel prices pushing $5 per gallon in some areas. monica alba has the latest >> reporter: president biden's massive infrastructure plan will, finally, become law. the legacy defining legislation kicking off upgrades to the
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nation's roads, bridges, rails, and airports >> we can still come together to get something big done for the american people. >> reporter: marking the moment with a large-signing ceremony. flanked by democrats and republicans on the south lawn. >> the motion is adopted >> reporter: all gop lawmakers who backed the $1.2 trillion bill were invited but it's unclear how many will attend a celebration for part of the economic agenda while the arrest is in jeopardy with soaring inflation a top concern for the biden administration >> everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread cost more and it's worrisome. >> there is no doubt, inflation is high right now. it's affecting americans' pocketbooks. it's affecting their outlook and that is a problem we have to deal with. >> the pandemic has been calling the shots for the economy, and for inflation. >> reporter: white house officials are confident the president's larger social and climate package can pass the house this week. but the senate is another story, as west virginia's joe manchin
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has repeatedly expressed concerns about new spending amid high consumer prices the nation's economic disconnect, reflected in a sinking approval rating for the president. according to the latest "washington post"/abc poll, hitting a new low with only 41% supporting the job he's doing. >> all right, monica, thanks could the u.s. be seeing yet another winter-covid surge the signs are pointing to yes. the latest data from nbc news has found at least 33 states and territories are seeing an uptick in infections. also, 14 states have seen a greater than 25% increase in covid-19 cases in just the last two weeks. but the u.s. isn't the only nation dealing with an uptick. a new wave of the virus is also sweeping through europe. and as some countries are taking bold steps to slow the spread of cases, once again, for the latest, we turn to nbc's claudio lavanga who is live in rome. claudio, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frances. well, the world health
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organization said that europe is, once again, the ep seicentef the global pandemic after the past week it accounted for more than half of the total global number of infections, and about half of the deaths now, the authority -- why? the authorities say there is a number of factors at play here while in countries like italy, where i am, the vaccination rate is about 85%, meaning that the large majority of the adult population is vaccinated there are other countries, especially in eastern europe, like in romania and in bulgaria, where the vaccination rate is -- varies between 25 and 35%. and cases are surging there. but it's not all about vaccination rate well now, there are some countries where the vaccination rate is good, like germany, netherlands, and belgium, where cases are surging, as well now, take germany. in the past week, they recorded with 50,000 new cases, the highest number of daily infections why? once again, the authorities say there is a number of factors at play now, on one side, there is relaxation of anti-covid
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measures in countries like germany and other countries. and at the same time, there is a complacency among the population to wear masks and keep the social distance. that is the reason why, now, all those countries are talking about restrictions, once again where in austria, they are think -- they already said that they will impose a new lockdown only on the unvaccinated frances. phillip. >> this is -- so many people needing boosters around this time as well claudio, thank you former-president trump adviser steve bannon has been charged by the justice department with contempt of congress for refusing to answer questions from the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol. according to law enforcement, the former-trump adviser is expect t expected to turn himself into authorities today and appear in court this afternoon the indictment is making history. no one has been prosecuted before for contempt of congress when executive privilege was asserted if convicted, he could face up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. a terror attack in the uk.
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british police arrested three men suspected of blowing up a taxi outside of a women's hospital in liverpool. that was meant to be a morning of remembrance, turned into a day of tragedy the blast killed a passenger and injured the driver access to the hospital has been restricted and homes nearby have been evacuated out of precaution british counterterrorism units are investigating the explosion. cleanup is underway after reports of tornados in the northeast. four tornados touched down around connecticut on saturday the strongest, being an ef 1 bringing heavy winds and causing trees to uproot. and residents on long island reported marble-sized hail coming down. the national weather service confirmed three tornados touched down on saturday the strongest, reaching wind speeds of up to 110 miles an hour okay let's talk about the snow in the great lakes. weekend that saw those twisters and freeze alerts. for many nbc meteorologist janessa webb is here to kick off your week. janessa, good morning. >> hi, good morning.
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yeah a wild weekend across the northeast due to that strong-cold front. and behind the cold front, we are seeing some of the coldest air of the season. this is lake-enhancement snow that parts of the great lakes to the midwest are currently seeing no winter weather alerts that are currently in place but some locations across northeast ohio could pick up an additional 8 inches of snow. so kind of a rough start to your work week. 7 million people impacted across northern georgia look at this morning lows they are going to be in the lower 20s across that area and then, some warmer air will start to surge in as we go into your mid-week. our next storm system is across the northwest. already coming out of the gulf of alaska. this will be widespread rain and higher elevation snow where they could see at least a foot of snow across the rockies. coastal areas will continue to deal with flash-flood watches across seattle, all the way into the portland area. that's a look at the big-weather story of the day here is a look at your day ahead.
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so, cold air for the northeast. but some of the warmest temperatures returning for the northwest. we will talk about that, coming up. >> wow what a turnaround. >> yeah. just see how warm it gets. talk to you in a bit, janessa, thank you. there is a new muppet moving on to sesame street. big bird, elmo, and the gang are welcoming gi young who is korean american and the first asian-american puppet. her puppeteer kathleen kim says she loves to play her electric guitar, skateboard, and will help teach kids to recognize and speak out against racism while she makes her sesame street debut on hbo max and pbs on thanksgiving. >> another flight attendant punched by an unruly passenger, this time sending them to the hospital that's next. and the celebration after
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dawn powerwash now available in free & clear. leading the news another violent attack onboard an airplane. this time on a southwest airline flight on the runway in dallas saturday police say ariel jackson punched a southwest employee in the head after getting into a verbal altercation with the crew. the employee was taken to the hospital, where the 32-year-old passenger was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. the fbi says it has fixed its software after a massive hack on the bureau's computer systems. hackers were able to send spam from fbi servers to more than 100,000 e-mail accounts. in a press release, the bureau also said the scammers did not access any personal data the fbi says that it's an ongoing situation and that it doesn't have any more information, at this time. 2021 has been a deadly year for the transgender community. at least 45 transgender or
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gender non-conforming people have been killed making it the deadliest year on record this, according to the human rights campaign. on friday, white house press secretary jen psaki reacted to the startling statistic. >> that is daefb evastating and that's terrible, heartbreaking to hear. it is a commitment of the president to address violence, address threats to transgender people um, and anyone who is facing those threats but i will see if he has -- >> the white house press secretary said that she wasn't sure if president biden was briefed on the issue, and that she would bring it up with the domestic policy team a day 14 years in the making pop star britney spears is finally free celebrities on twitter celebrated and tweeted their support sharing photos with spears, and calling the moment long overdue but this saga is far from over now, the singer may go after her family nbc's emilie ikeda is following the latest >> reporter: britney spears' fans celebrating a new hashtag,
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freed britney. the star, herself, embracing the slogan friday adding best day ever on instagram. after a los angeles judge terminated her conservatorship that controlled just about her every move for more than a decade you just learned the conservatorship was terminated what is your reaction? >> we are superhappy for britney. this is why we're out here >> reporter: from california to capitol hill, britney's case is just the beginning with some 1.3 million people under similar restrictive agreements senator bob kasie tweeting i am going to keep working to ensure others see that freedom. as numerous bills on refining guardianships make their way through congress. >> has brought to light real issues with conservatorship law that should shock every american >> reporter: so what's next for the pop star with her newfound freedom? potential clues lie in her emotional testimony back in june britney telling the judge, i want to be able to get married and have a baby.
3:15 am
the singer sharing on social media this week, done tell la versace is making my dress. >> this is not the end of the r otherwise. >> reporter: britney's attorney, matthew rosengart, already started seeking information on how her father handled britney's finances and allegedly surveilled her concerns prompted by a series of documentaries taking aim at jamie spears and his counterparts his lawyers say he has nothing to hide. the back and forth could be addressed at a january court hearing but rosengart says he is following britney's lead now, who has previously said i would honestly like to sue my family. >> if britney wants, if britney instructs, we will pursue james spears' deposition >> reporter: britney back in the driver's seat with the power to follow a roadmap of her own. emilie ikeda, nbc news, los angeles. still to come. packers' quarterback, aaron rodgers, returns to the field for the first time since he was sidelined by his covid kroifrs.
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>> announcer: mahomes. ton of time. escapes. goes to the end zone it's williams there, and he makes the grab patrick mahomes turned up the lights in las vegas for a sunday-night football showdown the raiders brought the game within three, but patrick mahomes would throw three touchdowns after that to put it out much reach he finished the games with five touchdowns through the air and the chiefs leave las vegas winners, 41-14 around the league, aaron rodgers returned to the packers after his positive covid test. rodgers threw for nearly 300 yards but couldn't find the ennor end zone a.j. dylan's score in the fourth helped lead the packers to a 17-nothing win cam newton was back in a panthers uniform for the first
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time since 2019. the former number one overall pick rushed for a touchdown in his first play back. he also threw for a score in carolina's 34-10 win over the cardinals. tom brady and the buccaneers had a tough time navigating the washington football team defense. he threw a pair of picks early, and then with the game on the lipo, washington went on a 19-play ten-minute drive, and antonio gibson would ice it with that touchdown washington defeats the bucs, 29-19. and with ben roethlisberger out after being placed on the covid reserve list, neither the lions, nor the steelers, could find the uprights nor the end zone during overtime detroit still clawing for that first win of the season. they do end up with a 16-16 tie. and even with that tie, deandre swift was among the week 10 top performers and stefan diggs torched the jets for 162 yards in buffalo's win
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just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. good morning, everyone you know, i was making this forecast this morning and i said, man, this is just not right. it is november 15th, and look at this temperatures, 75 degrees for denver we're about 25 to 30 degrees above average for the central u.s. 88 for tucson. this is beach weather. even las vegas, in the lower 80s. continue to be very warm and this is going to be record warmth that we're seeing for today. so, no heavy coat handy needed this afternoon but by late week, we start to see things changing for salt lake to reno, once again temperatures will drop and then we will watch another storm system in that area. we're back in the lower 50s. guys. >> just not right with that heat out west thanks going to the source of the
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some possible trouble looming for santa claus with the holiday season right around the corner the global-supply chain woes have made it a lot harder to get toys anywhere, especially to the u.s. janis mackey frayer reports from a factory in beijing >> reporter: in a part of southern china, known as the world's factory, are some of the workshops making toys for the holidays things that beep, sing, and move literally, millions of them. it's every kid's dream more than 80% of imported toys on store shelves in the u.s. are
3:27 am
coming from china, which is why christmas shoppers this year could be facing a toy shortage the pandemic, triggering a domino effect that started here. with chinese factories juggling higher costs, an energy crisis, and a shortage of computer chips, and shipping rates for exporters that rocketed. increased a lot? >> yeah. >> how much? >> maybe, ten times. >> ten times >> reporter: and there's more. a shortage of shipping containers and covid outbreaks that shut down some major ports here, all, slowed the flow of chinese-made goods into the global supply chain. then, congestion and long delays on the u.s. side, like the logjam at the port of los angeles had meant a lot of toy shipments are simply stuck if they leave the factory at all. because of challenges like high-shipping costs, you have toys that could have been sent to the u.s. a month ago now just piling up. for sets of eblocks to get from
3:28 am
the toy's company factory in china to jim seymour's eblock warehouse near chicago usually takes about ten weeks. the last shipment, nearly eight months leaving stores that want eblocks on their shelves scrambling. >> we are seeing this increase in spending right now from our customers so that they can stock up and hold onto inventory so they will have something by christmastime. >> reporter: a shortage of truck drivers, too, means that this year, the hottest toy brands may be hard to find and more expensive to buy, at least in the u.s. here, most factories have inventory. these are top sellers in the u.s. some toy exporters here are switching to air freight to get toys primed for the holidays out of south china's version of the north pole in time the bottom line is that demand is going to outstrip supply for most things, especially the really hot toys. so, the advice from factories
3:29 am
here in china, distributors, retailers, and others down the supply chain is to adjust your expectations of what toys are out there and get the toys that you need, soon janis mackey frayer, nbc news beijing. santa's going to have to
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breaking overnight 9-year-old ezra blunt becomes the tenth victim to die from injuries sustained at the astroworld music festival in houston. the fate of kyle rittenhouse will, soon, rest in the hands of the jury after closing arguments today. and our gabe gutierrez speaks to the mother of the defendant. infrastructure day at the white house for president biden as gasoline prices skyrocket and inflation soars right along with just about everything else. covid cases in europe soar to one


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