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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 15, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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breaking overnight the 10th and youngest victim of the houston music festival has died we have the details. the mother of kyle righten house speaks out a passenger lashes out punching a flight attendant sending them to the hospital the president is set to sign the $1.2 trillion bill into law
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and neighboring a czar to oversee the whole thing. we may be in a mall santa shortage hello. with the flick of a pen, president biden will pave the way for a massive infrastructure bill former new orleans mayor will head up the plan he played a key role helping the city bounce back after katrina >> the president will pause to take a victory lap later today at the white house hosting a signing ceremony where he has invited both democrats and republicans. sending out $1.2 trillion to modernize american's roads,
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bridges and infrastructure, replaces led pipes and sets up 5 g. it doesn't do anything that will affect the gas prices. when fuel is in a crunch, everything is dominos. we can put our finger on the scale with something called the spr, the strategic patrol yum reserve. the place to look is the stra strategic petroleum reserve. >> meeting with chinese president. the white house saying they don't expect any major breakthroughs. >> a lot on the to do list
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>> former president trump advisor steve bannon has been charged by the justice department for refusing to answer questions from the house committee invest gating the january 6 attack on the capitol. bannon is expected to turn himself in to authorities and appear in court this afternoon the indictment is making history. no one has been prosecuted before if convicted, he could face up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. breaking overnight, nine-year-old ezra blunt has died from injuries the council previously filed a lawsuit saying concert organizers failed to crowd control. blunt was placed into a medically induced coma in an
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attempt to save his liferessed his family reading in part, ezra's death is absolutely heartbreaking. tonight, we stand in solidarity with a family in grief and prayer >> travis scott said he did not know there was a mass casually event. live nation says we continue to support so both fans and families can get the answers they want and deserve. kenosha area is bracing for the hearing. in a few hours, they will hear closing arguments. nbc reporter sat down with his mother >> good morning. as the closely watched trial nearedyle rittenhouse's
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motherd ahead of a possible verdict. >> with closing arguments today, we sat down with his mother, wendy rittenhouse. >> when you saw your son on the witness stand, what went through your head? >> fear. overwhelmed. i was a nervous wreck. my stockage was in knots kyle did a good job. when he broke down, i broke down >> knowing what he knows now and that it was as chaotic, do you think he would have gone down there? >> probably not. >> related to the night he shot three people killing people during protests following the killing of a black man in wisconsin. if convicted, rittenhouse will
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face live in prison. he'll allow the jury to considerate least some lesser charges. >> the fact that the prosecution is considering lesser cases may signal that they are not feeling that confident about the first degree or top-level homicide charges. worried about the potential of intense scrutiny dividing americans seeing him as a vigilantly or a patriot. his mother says her son is being treated for ptsd >> what do you say for people who look at this case and think this teenager had no business bringing a military-style weapon to this chaotic scene? >> a lot of people shouldn't have been there. he brung that gun for that
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protection if he didn't have that gun, my son would have been dead >> are you anticipating, looking forward to, dreading the verdict? how would you describe your feelings >> i'm scared. >> later today, 12 jurors will be randomly selected from the 18 it is possible deliberations will begin tonight authorities are investigating another vie vie lant attack. jackson punched a southwest employee in the head the attendant was taken to the hospital and she was charged with assault covid is surging in europe according to world health.
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almost 2 million new cases reported last week here is nbc kathy park >> reporter: millions in austria on lockdown for the next 10 days on an order from the government as the country tries to slow the spread it will be very consistently controlled anyone 12 and older who haven't been vaccinated have been told to stay home only allowed to leave for work, food and exercise. a fine of nearly $1,600 american dollars. 65% of the population is fully vax narted o vaccinated. one of the epicenters at the start of the pandemic.
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germany facing a rise in cases clashes with protests and police >> a lot of migrants coming from eastern europe to western and central europe many of them are not vaccinated. >> the surge also worrying health experts in the u.s. >> i think europe is a bell weather of what is to come super spreading events come after thanksgiving and christmas holidays get your third shot. >> so everyone can enjoy the holidays even if the virus isn't taking a break kathy park nbc news. time for a look ahead with january -- janessa webb. >> we had a tough weekend with
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tornadoes from new york to connecticut. things are beginning to die down we should be dealing with some lake effect snow from the great lakes to the cleveland area. they could see an additional two to three inches. no winter weather alerts it is chilly across the east coast. freeze warning and prfrost advisory we are seeing overnight lows in the 20s. some lower temperatures in the season so far. watching another weather maker higher elevations coulsed
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70s to lower 80s a ton of sunshine. brownsville, 83 degrees. cold across the east coast but record warm for the pacific northwest. those numbers coming up. >> thank you, janessa. customl helped rescue a pilot who crashed off the coast of florida. they spotted an aircraft floating in the water and a man standing on top. that man confirmed as the pilot and only occupant on board agents were able to bring him to safety if kids are in the room, you better hold their hears. better not cry, better not pout but is santa coming to down this year >> betty white birthday binge
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fill of a national treasure. betty white. paying you $1,000 to binge her best work. the fan chosen will have 24 hours to watch 10 hours of her film and tv appearances. if you have kids around at this early hour, you may want to turn the sound down because santa may not be hitting malls this holiday season. that employee shortage is hitting malls. >> reporter: a holiday rite of passening, to visit malls to see st. nick >> it makes me very sad. >> the u.s. labor shortage has
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fallen as far as santa's workshop running the national group hire santa. >> we've never seen a santa shortage like this >> he says requests are up more than 120%. >> people want to get back to traditions last year, they weren't able to get together this year, they want to and they want to include santa. >> what is it you want for christmas? >> lego. >> reporting a 15% drop. why so few >> many have retired others are at a higher risk of covid and several hundred have likely died from the virus >> i do make a lot of visits here >> los angeles area santa said he's being extra cautious. >> it is a human safety issue. >> for those who do get time,
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fast forwarding into your monday, leaders from over 570 native american types are set to meet reviewing plans for health and safety of native americans
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during the submit. >> maxwell facing trial. spent the last 16 months in solitary confinement in brooklyn ses my street's first asian- asian-american character she'll stop by the today show this morning patrick mahomes in week 10 football show down >> mahomes escapes. goes to the and zone williams there he makes the grab. >> the raiders would bring the game within three just after half time. mahomes counters with three touch downs to put it out of reach. he would finish with five grabs in the air the chiefs leave winners 41-18 >> rogers returns to the packers after his positive covid test.
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he threw for 300 yards but couldn't find the end zone defense kept the seahawks grounded leading the packers to a 17-0 win. >> cam newton is back in a panthers uniform for the first time in 2019 you can read his picks rouched to that touchdown in his first play back. he threw for a score in a win over the cardinals buccaneers had a tough time navigating over washington washington wasn't on a 19-play, 10-minute drive. johnson's touch down iced it washington defeats the bucks 29-19. with ben roethlisberger out after being put on the covid watch list detroit still clawing for its first win of the season. both teams walk away with a
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now to a restaurant helping give immigrant women a career with the skills they have. we have more >> this is a tamale. >> thank you so much >> at harris food incubator. has a plate from every place far away >> i had a vegan burger. >> rice and beans. so delicious >> delicious food with a greater
4:27 am
purpose. it isn't just a restaurant it's a community training program started in 2016 with a mission to empower, educate and support immigrant women who want to work in the food service industry or even start their own business lewis is the program manager and chef >> they get paid while doing this >> exactly they know how to cook already. we are taking what they know and teaching them how to start and operate a commercial restaurant. >> it has been a lifeline for these women like olivia who thread turmoil in venezuela. >> it is a blessing. adding she wants to be a productive part of the community. the team here building their skills while recreating their favorite family receipts
4:28 am
a model for success that earned comal an award as one of america's top 50 restaurants >> we have participants who have graduated and opened middle eastern catering another who operates two cafes with a nonprofit and another who started a coffee retail business. >> comal has been a life-changing new chapter. formerly in tech and finance, passion for food led him here. >> we are producing good citizens good entrepreneurs we are producing life changes and sustainability >> thank you for that report good for the tummy good for the soul for everybody. >> i love everything about that. plus the name, comal love it. >> thank you for starting your
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week week with us. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena don't for get to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. 'll see you on tuesdaywe
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breaking now at 4:30, a deal is reached. pharmacists no longer going on strike. >> plus -- >> we need immediate relief at the gas pumps. >> it could be coming soon. what lawmakers are pushing for to help you at the pump. this is "today in the bay." here we go. monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for


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