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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now at 5:00, reports of a mother and young daughter shot in oakland. the latest victims in the string of recent violence. ahead in a live report, new details on this morning's investigation. a infrastructure deal, and president biden signs his bill into law, and we'll break down what it means for our roads, rails and bridges. plus -- >> sometimes we have to pass off the costs to the consumers. >> rising costs at the restaurants. it's becoming a new norm. the increasing cost of doing business. this is "today in the bay." well, you know, so much going on in the world, and we'll try to bring you some joy here this morning.
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i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. a foggy start to the day. yep, some thick fog out there. the dense fog continues this morning as well. kari has got a look at it for us. >> this is a look at dublin right now, as you are about to head out. you can see how dense the fog is, and the visibility is low here. with that, you do have to deal with that on your way to work and it lingers as you get cooler temperatures and partly cloudy skies to start out the week. by the end of the week, we may see showers moving by, and storms mainly staying further to the north of us. take a look at our current visibility and what we have seen in the last couple of hours. so we're seeing the denser fog there as well as in parts of the north bay, around fairfield. you're heading out to dense fog as well as the tri-valley. i am watching that for you, and we'll talk about the changes ahead in the forecast, and that's coming up in a few minutes. >> developing right now, new
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violence on the streets of oakland. police say the latest shooting involved a child as one of thei. >> sierra, what are people saying right now? what do we know? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're working to learn more about the situation. we have a photographer on scene there in oakland where the shooting played out and he's working to get more details about a mother and her 11-year-old daughter shot in front of their home in oakland. take a look at the video. this is just in from that scene on sterling drive, which is near the oakland zoo. we learned both people have been taken to the hospital and we are waiting to learn more about their conditions, and we have calls into oakland police department to see if they have any information on the suspect. this comes days after a toddler, jasper wu, was shot and killed by a stray bullet as his mother drove along 880. there's currently a $10,000
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reward for information leading to the arrest of his killer. right now, this year oakland, 119 people have died by homicide, and then in the last couple of days, a woman was hit by a stray bullet while buying a concert ticket outside the fox theater, and a man was shot in oakland and a woman shot at lake merritt. sterling road there in oakland near the oakland zoo, that shooting. we will bring you more information when the information does become available. we're live, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." and then investigating a triple shooting. this did follow a deadly
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shooting from saturday. none of those injuries in the latest shooting are life threatening. happening today after weeks of negotiations, president bush will sign the infrastructure bill. today in the bay's chris pallone is live in washington. >> it's a victory lap for the president. laura, it sure is. the president says that government can still get something big done, but his optimism is going to be tested a little bit as the house now turns its attention to the rest of his build back better agenda. with the stroke of a pen today, president bush is set to turn his infrastructure spending dreams into reality, directing $1.2 trillion to improve roads, bridges, railways and airports. >> it's hard but we still can
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come together to get something done. >> the stock market rising and unemployment dropping, american consumers are feeling the pinch of rising prices. the highest inflation spike in 30 years. >> i think it's important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic. >> nearly $2 trillion for social programs and provisions to fight climate change will boost the middle class. >> the faster we can get back to normalcy and get people vaccinated -- >> the big thing is they handcuffed this infrastructure bill to this big massive tax and spending bill, which every republican is united in our efforts to try and drive a stake through the heart of this effort. >> a new washington post abc news poll shows 41% approve of
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the job the president is doing, a new low. that's just one item on the president's agenda today. tonight he will be meeting virtually with the president of china. the white house is downplaying expectations about this meeting, but the president plans to bring up topics like trade, human rights and taiwan. live in washington, chris pallone, and back to you. >> thank you, chris. new this morning, if you dined out over the weekend or planned to have breakfast out today, you likely will pay more than you used to. restaurant costs are higher, and you may be surprised by how much. kris, you have to explain how one chef is putting this in perspective for us? >> reporter: good morning, marcus. some restaurant costs are
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understandable, and we know some costs that have gone up and there are some costs that have gone up that you may not think of. that's why one chef has gone viral. if you look down at the third line, a batch of takeout boxes was $25 a year ago, and now it's $95 now. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the producer price index for all foods saw the highest surge in four decades, almost 13% between last september and september of 2020. 91% of restaurant operators say that has impacted them according to a national restaurant association survey. national restaurant operators are trying to adjust by offering smaller portions and sometimes passing that cost on to their
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diners. >> it's nothing personal, but sometimes we have to pass off the costs to the consumers, and a lot of people, myself and a lot of other chefs and people in the restaurant business, we don't want to do that but that's the only way to break even, because if you keep your prices the same and everything goes up, you will eventually go out of business. >> the chief is asking diners to be patient for the businesses that do remain open despite the labor shortage and increasing costs. he says they are just trying to make a living for their families. indeed, more than 100,000 restaurants closed temporarily or permanently since the start of the pandemic. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> we want to see the struggling businesses survive as well. thank you. china town, a worker there
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says after consulting with the chinatown chamber of commerce they have decided to call the police. >> it has been a very, very long time, and we have not seen this in over 15 years in this location, so it's very surprising. >> cities across the bay area are holding events for united against hate week. this is an effort to push back against incidents like this one in oakland. the movement started in 2018 in response to a white supremacist rally. thousands gathered for a rally in the civic center. city leaders say the large turnout is proof los gatos is making strides in being a community for all people. after falling victim to a smash and grab in san francisco,
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one group of tourists stopped another robbery from happening in front of them. visitors from kentucky and tennessee, they were at lands inn for a hike on saturday when somebody broke into their car. they were waiting for a tow truck, then they witnessed an attempted smash and grab in front of them, and they yelled at the would-be thieves and scared them off. >> when you have been offended or victimized like that and you are seeing somebody else in danger of the same thing, i mean, it's just natural to respond. >> the smash and grab people are just bold. among the items lost, an army backpack, but it was later recovered because the thieves dumped it on a nearby street. in the north bay, did you catch this standoff? a bear in the tree.
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that forced police to close streets and neighbors had to shelter in place. in this case the order from police did not stop everybody from staying indoors, because mainly they were curious from seeing what was going on. >> i got home at 1:00 this morning, and i got out of my car and looked down the driveway and saw a bear running by. i said, oh, my god. >> she's like, i want to see this. about 10:00 last night, that bear finally came down and it was last seen towards an area of petaluma golf and country club. police did encourage neighbors to stay indoors, just to be safe. >> and you see they complied. this guy has binoculars out. it's like the zoo came to their neighborhood. >> even when birds are in the trees, you have to watch out. when a bear is up there -- >> oh, boy. >> yeah.
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>> kari, take it away. >> nothing falling from the sky right now, maybe some drizzle. as we look at santa rosa, visibility very low. we have seen the dense fog coming in from the central valley into the delta as well as through the bay, and into the north bay. as we are getting a live look from oakland, visibility is good but watch out for the patches of fog that could be dense. it's going to linger a lot longer than we have seen in the past few days. even at 11:00, there will be patchy fog drifting around and that will keep our temperatures cooler. you can probably leave the sunglasses at home, but grab a jacket, it will be cool. mike, you are tracking a box of nails? >> i am go to go say box of nails, and it's too early to track all of the lanes scattered across the lanes here on the 101.
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we will track that. no injuries reported and no lanes blocked from what i understand. two lanes of nails. do watch, they may have a sweeper truck in the area sooner than later. if there are no more flat tires, they will probably let that just scatter away. the fog is still keeping around, as kari has been talking about. >> a box of nails and monday morning, just doesn't go well together. 5:13 right now. the pandemic gave us a taste of working from home, and now more and more people want in. the top spots you are more likely to score a remote job. elon musk tweets getting tesla stock in trouble and himself as well. we'll take a look at what he said. they're back after nearly 30 years. we will give you a first look of a your favorite witches from the
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good monday morning. it's 5:16. as you are heading out in the east bay, patchy dense fog is
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what we are really dealing with this morning and it will linger through the next several hours, and even at 11:00 it may still be foggy. only peeks of sunshine today. keep that jacket close by. it's going to be a cool one. we'll talk about what is ahead and when we will see all the changes ahead in the forecast, coming up. dublin, our camera here, westbound 580, sometimes the headlights disappear instead of being the glow that they are, and we will see how some commuters will get more time in that fog than others. millions of americans will open their banking apps on their phone this morning and find they have more money in their accounts as another round of the child tax credit rolls out today. december is the final time, as the benefit is set to expire at the end of the year. democrats are working on renewing that credit in their build back better bill, but
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that's far from complete. both conservative democrats and liberal democrats have been standing in the way of the progression on the bill. the white house threatened to just move on with no bill if it needs to, probably an empty threat, but bottom line, second to the last time the families see the monthly check for now. shares in tesla set to lower open after the company's biggest share holder, elon musk once again said he could sell more stock. the possible stock sale came as part of a twitter spat musk started with senator bernie sanders. sanders was tweeting about taxing the rich, and musk tweeted, i am surprised you are still alive.
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a few weeks ago musk posted a sexually traffic tweet aimed at ron wyden. he has tweeted falsehoods about taking the company private. i thought i would end with data we got on friday, showing more americans are choosing not to work at all or not work in the place they were working. more than 4 million americans voluntarily quit their jobs in september. that's the latest data we have, for a variety of reasons. of course, it's not the extra payment from unemployment, because that went away a long time ago. i think a lot of americans are discovering with all the demand there are for workers, they don't have to stay at the job they don't like if they don't like it. >> choices. lot more out there. >> yeah, in california among the
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states leading the way when it comes to the work-from-home resolution. we looked at states offering the most and best work-from-home opportunities. texas came in first, followed by california. the sanderson sisters are back. >> when the film was released in 1993, it was not a huge hit, but since then it has become a cult classic. now sarah jessica parker posted a look at the shoes being worn in the sequel by the original stars. the photo captioned, no rest for the wicked. it comes out next fall on disney plus. >> i don't remember seeing all of it, just bits and pieces because it came on so often. >> exactly.
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>> my kids are talking about it, so they are bringing it back. >> let's look at the forecast. >> yeah, let's take a look at the video from walnut creek. this is what you will have to deal with as you are heading out, low visibility and the drive heading through walnut creek is at times clear and then suddenly you hit a blanket of fog. watch out for that. it has been drifting around parts of the bay area, but it's clear in san josé. you're like, what fog? we have not seen any low visibility in parts of the south bay. the temperature is at 51 degrees. we will see peeks of sunshine today. it's not going to be bright and sunny like the weather we had over the weekend. our temperatures will be cooler with hayward headed for 67 degrees, and 64 in napa. 66 today in santa rosa. overall we are looking good with all of the rain staying well to the north of us. there will be spotty showers with this system passing by to
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our north, and then we can see the long line of clouds with the atmospheric river that producing the flooding to the north. we are settling in with the pattern even with a chance of rain further down the line only bringing 0.1 of an inch of rain. once again, we showed the atmospheric river to the north and by the time it gets here we are looking at spotty showers. for the weekend we have a concern that there will be a dry offshore wind and then we see the return of the potential of the some of the fire conditions. it shows northern california and possibly the bay area could have above normal rainfall. we don't see much of that here. looking at the next seven days, our temperatures will stay in the 60s. just be prepared for that. mike, visibility is the big
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factor for drivers. >> yeah, you can see the incline moves smoothly, but you can't see the city. low clouds hovering right here. that will be a factor at times. it's not registered on the road weather index. that means denser fox where you see the yellow here, that's the worst of it. here in the south bay, things are moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> some our neighbors will need help putting food on the table this holiday season. i am chris chmura. we'll show you how you can help, next.
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good monday morning. we're excited about this year because last year along with our partners including safeway, our campaign collected more than $3 million, and that helped to put 6 million meals on kitchen tables in the bay area. silicon valley second harvest is just several of local food banks. inflation is pinching family budgets, too. the next time you visit safeway look for our display. just tear off a donation sheet, looks like a post-it note, and
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hand it to the cashier and they will add whatever you choose to your order. i will be live in concord tonight at the safeway on clayton road. i will join folks from the food bank of contra costa and solano. feel free to drop by and say hi, and take part. next, the top stories we are following today, including the breaking news, the kaiser strike called off overnight. what we are learning about the latest deal. >> that and so much more. we'll be right back.
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breaking right now at 5:30, a last-minute deal, kaiser pharmacists call off a strike before it's set to begin. and then the extreme measures go into effect in the south bay to cut down on water use, plus -- >> we need relief from the gas pump. >> this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for starting your morning with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have a lot of news ahead, including the breaking news that we will get to in just a bit. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking the fog. >> this may slow you down as you are heading out for work.
5:31 am
we are seeing visibility in the north bay very low, down to half a mile in santa rosa and even lower in some other spots. we have seen the fog coming through the delta, so expect it to be low around vallejo and fairfield as you are driving to work. this is the view across the golden gate bridge. we can see that here, but the fog could be dense in some spots. the temperatures stay on the low side because we will see peeks of sunshine later today. we have changes in the forecast, and we will track that with a look ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thank you. breaking news this morning. the upcoming strike by kaiser pharmacists appears to be off this morning. pharmacists were staging a week-long strike starting today but kaiser and the union both tell nbc bay area have a tentative agreement. the terms of the new deal have not been released. turning to the climate in crisis, the bay area and state
5:32 am
still in the grips of a drought and new water restrictions go into effect for the south bay's biggest city. kris sanchez joins us live for what it means for businesses and your family. >> reporter: if you have not gotten in the shower this morning you want to make it a short one if you live in the south bay, because the water restrictions will impact you if you use san josé water company. this will impact companies in san josé, in cupertino, campbell, los gatos and saratoga. it will require customers to cut use by 15%, from 2019 levels. back when we were all still leaving the house for work and school. customers who don't cut back could be hit with a drought fee. the water company gets its water from the santa clara water district that declared a water emergency back in june. the call is for a 15% reduction,
5:33 am
and there's a $7.13 per unit surcharge if you go over. a water unit is 748 gallons. the average shower is 10 gallons. that is not the kind of shower that my kids take in our hous up to now, and that will change. they are offering water audits and low flow shower heads and timers to help people cut back their water use, but if you need a quick fix, take a look outside because half of all the water used is used outside. take a look at what you are doing outside, because that starts today. >> shorter showers, and less laundry, too. just into the news room, extra security is expected started today on the campus of a junior high school in petaluma, this after some kind of threat was reported by a student.
5:34 am
extra security will remain in place as it's needed. then 33 states are reporting an uptick in infections in covid cases. the new data shows 14 states are seeing a greater than 25% increase in cases over the last two weeks. the cdc says 440 million vaccine doses have been administered. nearly 30 million americans have received a booster shot. today is the deadline for berkeley city workers to submit proof of covid vaccinations, according to the numbers last week, at least 80% are vaccinated. that number may be higher because the city is now putting a number on those that are not yet vaccinated, and they say some situations are influx. 64 employees, they have applied for those exemptions, and those without exemptions may lose their jobs. in the south bay, the santa
5:35 am
clara fair grounds will be opening their site to children. organizers are transforming that site and trying to make it more inviting for the little ones with games, bright colors and toys to help to keep them occupied before and after their vaccinations. if you still have questions about the vaccine, we can help. check out our vaccine faq at and it's also on our nbc bay area app. testimony picking up this week in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. this week is expected to have no days off, marking a first for this trial. a one-time theranos investor is expected to return to the stand today. last week he testified about the inaccurate information he received on the blood testing technology. follow the latest on the theranos trial on
5:36 am, by clicking on the elizabeth holmes trial coverage. many are feeling the pain at the pump, and here in california we are feeling it a bit worse. california set a record years ago at $4.67, and that was broken by a half of cent. the national average for a gallon of gas dropped by a penny. yesterday, senate majority leader, chuck schumer, called for the president to lower gas prices, and he said it's not a cure all but it could make things easier for families, especially in the holidays. we're keeping tabs on the cheapest places to fill up your
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tank. head over to and click on the cheapest gas in the bay area, and that's right at the top of the trending bar. a dark look at the slope from heavenly's camera this morning. that resorts set to open on friday for skiers and snowboarders. back in august the snow machines were used to protect buildings from the flames from the caldor fire burning. it's not just heavenly, but north star and truckee also opening on friday. they have protocols in place to make sure everybody remains safe. people will be loaded on lifts at the normal capacity and face coverings are required indoors but not outdoors. everybody must show proof of vaccination in order to eat
5:38 am
indoors, when you want to come in from the cold and eat something warm. >> kari, not that much snow up there yet? >> not yet, but on friday there could be flurries coming down, but not a lot of accumulation. this is the dublin camera, so we have the patchy dense fog and drizzle this morning, but we have cooler temperatures ahead this week, as we will see clouds rolling in this week. we will have some showers. visibility looking good. we will see the sun peeking out every now and then, not only in the morning but afternoon as well. don't expect a whole lot of sunshine today. our temperatures will be cooler as a result. we will talk more about that. mike, you are looking at a hazard on the bay bridge? >> yeah, a couple, technically. the fog is touching the span, and there's the incline just
5:39 am
past the metering lights. somebody had a flat tire and pulled over on the shoulder, and folks are whizzing by, so be careful. the metering lights should be turned on any minute. the big concern outside the bay bridge toll plaza and the person fixing their tire is the low visibility. this index does not show as much of a problem, but coming out of antioch and over towards concord, and early overnight and carquinez bridge had a call of low visibility there as well. slowing north of 101 to 680. >> thank you, mike. another victim dies after a crowd surge during the houston music festival.
5:40 am
the details we are learning about that young child that was killed. plus, $1,000 for 100 years of betty white. there's a new gig that will pay you to celebrate the legendary actress. we'll tell you about it. first, tell us what you think. right now on nbc bay area, i want you to take a look at our online survey about local news coverage. what do you want to hear? we want to hear from you. click on the news letter survey. it's on our trending bar, and do it right now while we're on break.
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good foggy monday morning. right now at 5:43, we are seeing dense fog around martinez right now and still will be around at school drop off time where temperatures will be in the low 50s, and mainly cloudy at pick up time where we are going to be mainly in the upper 50s. we will take a look at the visibility where you live and the forecast, coming up. this will still be around if you are leaving the house now and heading to the bay bridge. there will be more folks waiting for you as the metering lights were turned on during the last report. there's low visibility that kari is talking about, and we'll talk about that, coming up. sadly another person died from their injuries in the crowd
5:44 am
surge at the astroworld music festival. this time it's the youngest victim so far. he was just nine years old. he had been in a coma since being hospitalized ten days ago. his father says he was sitting on his shoulders when the crowd surged. he lost consciousness and only found his son later at a hospital. ten people have died and dozens of lawsuits have been filed. ahead of the verdict, 500 troops are on standby. this is around the protests sir rounding the police shooting of jacob blake, who is now
5:45 am
paralyzed. rittenhouse took the stand last week and became very emotional. his mother telling the "today" show that she fully stands by her son. >> kyle did a good job. when he broke down, i broke down. the whole family broke down when he was breaking down, and i was just so scared for him. knowing -- knowing that he's telling the truth, that's what he wanted to do. >> the "today" show will have more coverage of the trial coming up for you at 7:00. that's following "today in the bay." quarter to 6:00 right now. president biden will sign the infrastructure bill into law today at the white house. >> scott mcgrew, a historic event and more than $1 trillion on the line. >> yeah, some of that could benefit us in the bay area.
5:46 am
last time there was federal money we built the bridge. some of the bills' sponsors will join him at the signing, and this is the president signing the coronavirus stimulus back in march. infrastructure is or should be one of those things that nobody argues about, bridges needs fixing, and despite the fact that this bill got republican votes or maybe because it got republican votes it has caused a lot of anger in the republican party with some republican members of congress getting death threats. president biden and chinese president xi jinping will meet for talks today at the white house. the u.s. recognizes taiwan as its own country, and china claims taiwan is part of china.
5:47 am
president biden's approval rating is at 41%, and that same poll shows 49% of americans disapprove of the way the white house is handling the coronavirus. that disapproval number is rising. one of the notable differences with polls, some think the president is not doing enough and some think he's demanding too much. we talked about how conservative democratic senator, joe manchin, as been standing in the way and so too are more liberal democrats. washington state's senator wants to doom that in the senate. all eyes on steve bannon. he's expected to turn himself in
5:48 am
after he was indicted for contempt of congress. he faces prison time if found guilty. the journal was the first to report that a trump organization will sell its hotel down the street from the white house. it has been over all a money loser, the hotel has. the trump association will have a net profit. we have cameras outside the courtroom and we will notify the second he shows up. we will talk about it on twitter. you can find me there @scottmcgrew. this morning a 50-year-old woman accused of assaulting a flight attendant on a united airlines flight from alaska to sfo in june. the woman is accused of shouting and pushing the flight attendant
5:49 am
several times after the flight attendant woke her sleeping husband to ask him to wear his mask correctly. she's facing a 20-year prison term. the city of hayward is trying to help hundreds of people with the new portable housing project. construction starts today. it will be built on depot road and hayward. the apartments will be for formerly homeless people and very low income households. social workers will be on site along with a drug and alcohol rehab center. it's expected to be finished by 2023. so picture it present day, and you are actually getting paid to watch some of betty white's finest work. >> this is all to honor betty white, who believe it or not, is turning 100 in mid january. trending this morning, an
5:50 am
insurance company is paying one fan $1,000 to watch ten hours of classic work from across betty white's career, including mary tyler moore and the golden girls. one qualification, you have to adore betty white? who doesn't? you will have 24 hours on her birthday to follow-through and document it all on social media. the deadline to submit your application is a week from today. >> how do you become that one person to sit and watch? >> you have to be dedicated, maybe a betty white tattoo. >> yeah, get tattoo today. a lot of fog in the area? >> yeah, you might want to allow extra time to get to work as we have seen the fog dense in some spots, especially as you look at where we have the shading of the
5:51 am
white and the gray there that shows the dense fog creeping into much of contra costa county and the tri-valley. the north bay is covered with patchy and dense fog, and in some spots it's completely clear, like here in oakland. watch while you are driving. the fog will linger and it will keep our temperatures cool, so not much of a rise between 5:00 and even noon. we are still in the low 60s. definitely jacket weather. only peeks of sunshine today. highs reaching 66 in livermore and 68 in palo alto. we get more sunshine in san joée and morgan hill. we are heading for the 70s. it will be much more comfortable there. as we look at where it's raining, we know it's not raining here and it has been a while. all of the rain has targeted the pacific northwest. you can see this atmospheric river still targeting the areas
5:52 am
to the north of the bay area, and it brings in spotty light sprinkles. another chance of rain on thursday before we go to some dry and windy conditions for the weekend. we will have to watch out for that. hopefully we had enough rain to mitigate our wildfire danger. only 0.1 of an inch of rain for parts of the north bay and oakland, and south of there much less amounts of rain. livermore, definitely cooling off for the weekend especially compared to the past weekend. expect chilly temperatures, only in the low 60s. we go into the mid-60s for some of the peak temperatures. we're settling into a cooler pattern, and only slight rain chances. it does stay mainly dry, but looks like we will see more sunshine for the weekend. mid-60s for san francisco, and near the coastline. mike, are you seeing relief at the bay bridge now? >> i am relieved. we had the person fixing their flat tire, sounds like that incident was cleared without
5:53 am
injury. that's great. we were worried about folks clearing off the shoulder from the bridge itself. that backup continues to build and that will be the case, of course, for the morning commute this monday morning. things should get easier starting midweek through the thanksgiving holiday, and that's what happens typically. highway 101 building. there's fog up in the north bay. kari was talking about santa rosa all the way through the whole section, and coming out of pittsburgh and antioch, we will watch 680 down toward the dublin interchange. everything else looks smooth. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, burlingame city leaders will look at zoning updates to protect the city from rising sea levels. if approved it will be the first in the bay area to pay for infrastructure concerning
5:54 am
climate change. there's still much more ahead on "today in the bay," including struggling to make it in the bay amid the pandemic. the small business relief that may be on the way for some in san francisco. the new extreme steps being taken in europe to try and prevent another covid surge. plus, ahead, all new at 6:00, bay area walgreens stores set to close today due to an increase in crime. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." 5:56 for you right now. happening today, leading members of san francisco's black community including actor, danny glover, will be talking about reparations. today's news conference will be held here. new this morning, leaders from over 570 native tribes set to take part in the first tribal nation submit since 2016. president biden will announce plans to improve native american health and safety. new details. one-time jeffrey ebstein
5:58 am
confident maxwell will be in court. she spent the last 16 months in solitary confinement in new york. she's denied all accusations. maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison. unvaccinated prison in austria are now under a nationwide lockdown. this is as covid cases and deaths rise in the country. unvaccinated people 12 and over are not allowed to leave their homes except for basic activities like work, grocery shopping and going for a walk or even getting vaccinated. the lockdown affects roughly 2 million people. austria has a vaccination rate of 65%, which is one of the lowest in western europe. if somebody is caught breaking the rule they face a fine of nearly $1,700. now to a live look at san francisco. this is where later today mayor london breed is set to talk about relief for small recogniz
5:59 am
unsung heroes of the city's covid-19 response. that is set to happen at 1:00 this afternoon outside city hall. well, so-called latch key kids are making a return. >> yeah, really becoming a bit of a rarity in the 2000s, and now some feel they have no other option rather than to leave their kids alone for hours, even entire days or nights on a regular basis. one mother says as a single parent with two jobs, child care is hard to come by. >> yeah, i looked for child care, and when you are a single parent you have bills and the cost of live something not what you get paid so trying to afford childcare is crazy. >> watch part of the week-long cost of care series this morning on the "today" show. that's right after "today in the bay." quickly approaching 6:00
6:00 am
this morning, new violence in oakland. reports of a shooting target a mother and young daughter. these are the latest victims in the surge of violence in the oakland area. after weeks of negotiations, president biden today signing his bill into law. our team is breaking down what it means for our roads, rails and bridges. plus -- >> sometimes we have to pass off the cost to the consumers. >> rising costs of restaurants sadly becoming the new norm. how bay area eateries are dealing with the increasing costs of doing business. this is "today in the bay." it's monday morning. we're going to get things started for you. thank you for making things part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> boy, we have a foggy start to the day. check out this look that meteorologist, rob mayeda actually posted overnight, where the fog was really rolling into the area near danville. the dense fog continues this


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