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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area, more than a dozen kids given the wrong dose of the covid vaccine. it happened in a clinic in the east bay. we have the details. also, stolen luggage dumped over and over in a specific san francisco neighborhood. >> in the luggage we found just scattered in the street like garbage that we've scooped up, neighbors have found, there is college students' projects and their notebooks. >> we talk to one man who has been using his free time to reunite people with their stolen items. and what does the president's trillion infrastructure bill mean for the bay area? tonight we are following the money.
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>> good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. happy monday. i'm raj mathai. we're going a little hollywood tonight, but it's actually a very sensitive topic in san francisco. actor danny glover, you remember him? san francisco native with the proposal about reparations. how to pay back the black community in the city. but let's start with some developing news on this monday night. a mix-up with covid vaccines, and it involves kids. right now if you're a parent, you're thinking oh, my gosh, is this really happening? it did happen over the weekend in antioch at a vaccine clinic for kids. the clinic was put on by sutter health. a spokesperson says 14 children were affected. sutter says it contacted the parents and gave them the cdc guidance for this situation. that includes that the patients may experience more sore arm soreness, fatigue, headaches, or fever. our covid expert says really, the parents in this situation shouldn't be overly concerned.
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>> so what happens as vaccines get drawn on for adults, kids, et cetera, is that you get it in a concentrated form. just like a concentrated -- for example, and then you dilute the concentrate and then draw in the syringe the right amount. if you don't dilute it enough, you're going to get something that is more concentrated in the same volume of syringe, and that's probably what happened. i wasn't there, but that is likely what happened. >> there is dr. peter hong. pediatrician says this is the chair of sutter health covid vaccine task force. he tell us tonight in this statement, the safety of our patients is our top priority, and we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again. all right. also tonight, this is an issue that we talk about a lot. what do you tell your out-of-town friends and family members that want to visit san francisco? first you tell them the truth.
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the car break-ins. this problem now is historically bad. every day we hear stories of visitors and locals like us getting ripped off. and it's not just anecdotal. sfpd has its own stats to back this up. in september, police received more than 14,000 reports of car burglaries and break-ins. 14,000. you want to do the math on that? that's 50 reports a day. and those are just the reports. a lot of them just don't get reported. when you compare that with last year, car burglaries and break-ins are up 25%. so here we go. vigilantes to the rescue. the cops are overwhelmed. we know that. so several san franciscans found a creative way and are now helping victims. nbc's damian trujillo has the exclusive story. >> reporter: it's hard to find a parking spot in san francisco without shattered glass around it. at the land's end lookout, those shards of glass help explain the signs warning people about the near daily car break-ins. mark dietreich decided to start
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posting the crimes on the next door app a year ago. the posts caught the attention from other networks who joined in the effort and started posting what they're calling luggage dumps like this one in the richmond district. piles where thieves ditch items they don't think they can fence. one of dietreich's most recent posts came this weekend. he shared details of the things taken from a car rented by the ross family who are visiting from kentucky. thieves made off with passports, a few valuables, and one treasured army backpack. it's a pack one member of the family used while serving two army tours in the middle east. just a short time later, a woman named danielle found a luggage dump and went straight to the internet. >> so i took a picture, and when i got to my car, i uploaded it to next door, knowing that right now we have to kind of community organize around this sort of thing because san francisco is having a tough time keeping up. >> reporter: sure enough, she
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had found the roth family's bag and connected with the roth family who were incredibly grateful to get the treasured backpack. >> even though we experienced some of the darkness of what's going on in san francisco right now, we also experienced the light. >> reporter: in san francisco, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. all right. we are joined by one of the neighbors damian just mentioned. let's bring in mark dietreich who lives in the richmond district. nice to you on the program. have i questions all lined up for you. but did this just happen tonight? another incident just happened today? >> yeah. you know, i thought you'd ask me how frequently this happens. and an hour ago, a neighbor messaged me and said i found another bag, can you help me get it back to its owner. and the bag is right here. and so we're going to try to figure out how to get it back to whoever it was stolen from. and if we can't, we'll take to it the police department. >> okay, mark. here is the million dollar question. you live in the richmond district. why is all the luggage or so many pieces of luggage being dumped in your neighborhood?
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this is a big city. >> yeah, well, that's a good question. you know, a lot of the hot spots are in the marina, the palace of fine arts, the fisherman's wharf. and if you need to make a fast getaway, you jump on to the golden gate bridge and take the freeway into the closest neighborhood that you get off is the richmond district on park presidio. and you dump right into our neighborhood. you find a dark spot under a tree or in a parking lot, and you can dump the luggage. so we find it. my neighbors and i just walking our dogs, walking around our neighborhood. there is another one, there is another one. we find it all the time. >> what you guys are doing is really commendable. what's the response? you call someone or text them and say hey, i found your stolen luggage. what do they tell you? >> they always have the exact same story. yep, my car was broken into, our car was broken into at fisherman's wharf, at land's
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end, all the hot spots. so they're really, really excited to get it back. it's not about getting back your toothbrush or your sweat pants. in most of these case, and i personally have gotten at least 30, you know, tourist groups back their luggage, it's about those irreplaceable items. it's the school notebook. it's your favorite t-shirt, jewelry that a deceased parent gave to you, a hard drive filled with years' worth of school work or work. and in this case, it was an army backpack that had served two tours. and i quipped that hey, the backpack did two tours in the middle east but it couldn't survive the crime in san francisco. >> you know what? we kind of chuckle about it, but really, this is a serious question. you're doing such good stuff here. do you still love living in san francisco? it's getting challenging. >> absolutely. and so many of us who live in the city, we do ask, you know, why do we live here?
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but we absolutely a lot of us have lived here a long time. this is our neighborhood. and these people come to our city, our neighborhoods on their vacation, and this is how we treat them. so this is the least we can do as neighbors. so when i started doing this and finding it, and then other neighbors started popping up on social media, i do it too, i do it too, it gives me some hope. >> really quick, a message to mayor breed or chesa boudin, the district attorney. if you had a one-on-one with him, what would you tell him? >> so there was a police officer right next to where this happened just around the corner where this happened on saturday. and i asked the police officer, i said if you had a magic wand and you could do one thing to stop this, what would it be? and he just said consequences. >> yeah. it's a deep issue in san francisco. mark dietreich, thanks for your time. and thanks for your efforts. again, let me see the bag. maybe the person is watching right now.
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>> there you go. it's got a little rainbow ribbon on it. >> all right. mark dietreich, nice work throughout in the richmond district. thanks for your time tonight. let's move on. also in san francisco, and this is a sensitive and controversial topic. we're talking about reparations. today some of san francisco's most powerful black leaders rallied to call on the city to donate the fillmore heritage center. this is a big deal. a city-owned property worth tens of millions of dollars, they want it donated. actor danny glover who grew up in the fillmore district joined dr. brown outside the center today. they noted that the fillmore neighborhood was once considered the harlem of the west. we're talking in the 1950s and 1960s. but urban renewal and gentrification pushed people out of the neighborhood beginning in the '50s and '60s. now they want the long shuttered center where san francisco's black panther party once
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operated to become a black heritage center. glover fired up the crowd as he recounted the neighborhood that he remembered as a kid. >> i'd come here with my dad and i'd see this magic that was happening in the streets down here, magic when i went up there. people looked like me. people who had businesses, people who were doing work, people who were building communities, people were caring and [ bleep ] loving. come on. and now it's here. look what we have here. >> joining us now is dr. amos brown, president of the san francisco branch of the naacp and the long-time pastor of third baptist church. dr. brown, nice to have you on the program. let me just ask you, is this a big ask on your end giving that building to the black community? there are plenty of people who support your proposal. what do you tell to the people who don't support this proposal? they believe in racial equality, but they don't necessarily support this idea. what do you tell them? >> they don't have a basic
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understanding of a human right to have a sense of place, community and history. >> there is a lot of people watching tonight that maybe didn't know the magic that was the fillmore in the 1950s or '60s. tell me, why was this place so magical for the black community? >> it was the watering hole, the meeting place, the commercial and entrepreneurial hub of the city. and many famous stars, jazz artists came to san francisco. and this was known as the harlem of the west. blacks owned businesses was up there in the fillmore. barbershops, beauty shop, grocery stores. it was a community.
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it was a hub where the ethnicity of sons and daughters of africa were celebrated. and there was substantive activity going on. they gave us a sense of belonging, presence, and meaning. and if other communities can have such, why not for the african american community do the same? >> thank you, dr. brown. appreciate it. they want some of that soul. >> thank you. >> and they want some of that soul and flavor back in san francisco. today we also asked mayor breed about this proposal. >> we would have done something already had we had the ability to do it, but there are certain obligations that we have to meet under state law. and so i'm not sure if the ability to provide it to the community is even an option without financial support being attached to it in some capacity. >> yes. so this is just the beginning. we will certainly follow this story about the reparations in san francisco about this
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community center there in the fillmore to be given over to a local nonprofit group. the mayor added that she wants this building to be a success and that she will work with the community to find possible solutions. well, up next, we are following the money from the white house here to the bay area. what local projects are getting funding from president biden's trillion infrastructure bill. plus -- >> there are no windows. there are vents up here, but they do not work. >> a call for help from teachers in oakland. what they say is putting the entire school community at risk of getting covid. we're going chat with nbc's melissa colorado about the changes that teachers want the district to make. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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all right. a trillion dollars is a whole lot of money. today president biden signed his infrastructure bill into law, a trillion bucks to be used to improve everything from our transportation to our power grid and even internet access. but what does it really mean here? this all happened at the white house. a lot of happy democrats and some happy republicans as well. but sometimes you kind of get lost in the numbers, right? here is the question. what is in it for us? how much money is coming here to the bay area, and for what? we got a lot of local politicians who made the trip to the white house today. east bay state assembly member buffly wicks tweeted out this,
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alongside libby schaaf. state assembly members were also invited to washington. rebecca bower hawn and mark berman from the silicon valley all in step with the president. >> despite the cynics, democrats and republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this. we can deliver real results for real people. we see in ways that really mattered. each and every day to each person out there. and we're taking a monumental step forward to build back better as a nation. >> what does that mean? here we go. let's follow the money. the bay area will get a lot of money for transportation, as the president was referring to. vta says it will get funding to help build the silicon valley b.a.r.t extension. caltrain will get money to help trekify its system, swapping diesel trains for electric ones. that's right along the peninsula. sam trans and ac transit will get money to invest in zero
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emissions buses. you see the money there, and it's coming here to those various agencies. these are just some of the agencies. our local cities will also cash in. mayor liccardo, san jose says his city, the most populous will get funds to upgrade the power grid, build more ev charging infrastructure, and buy electric buses for school districts. another story we're watching on this monday night, teachers in oakland raising red flags about crammed cafeterias, rooms with poor ventilation and damaged outdoor canopies. they say their campuses could soon turn into covid hot spots. several local teach verse posted a video to youtube detailing the problems at various campuses within the ousc. teachers say among other issues there is not enough air filtration in crowded classrooms and cafeterias. and after that recent rainstorm a few weeks ago, many campuses had damaged canopy tents which prevented them from outdoor eating. the district says it has a plan
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and includes expanding testing for students and staff the weekend after thanksgiving and also plans to replace those damaged tents. >> we're also giving away about 20,000 home tests for students to take and that we're asking them to test themselves on sunday before they start school and again on wednesday. >> let's do everything we can to make sure when we come back from thanksgiving brake that it's a safe return, that we're not spreading that we don't have to shut down any classrooms. let's bring in melissa colorado who has been on this story all day. good evening to you. overreaction here or legitimate concern by the teachers in oakland? >> i think there are certainly some legitimate concerns. whether you like it or not, next week families are going to be traveling. they're going to be getting together for thanksgiving. and of course there is always the possible risk of children betting infected and bringing covid into the classroom. so certainly the district is saying all the more reason for families to get vaccinated.
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and that's why they are continuing to hold up these pop-up vaccine clinics at several school sites because as you all know, raj, the district has a student vaccine mandate. and that is going to go into effect in january of 2022. it will be here before you know it. and by then students who are eligible, 12 and up, they're going to have to be vaccinated unless they have some sort of medical or personal belief extension that is something that the school board i spoke to school bore director mike hutchinson. he is really concerned about that because he represents parts of east oakland where the vaccination rates were just not seeing them or we should be seeing them compared to other neighborhoods. so certainly a lot of other issues on the horizon. >> have you talked to any parents? are they in step with the teachers or they just want their kids back on campus? any sense from the community of parents? >> you know, i spoke to a parent that afternoon, and she said she really likes the way the district is handling the testing
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situation, the testing options for kids, and especially as you heard from the district spokesperson, they're going to be sending take-home test kits to 20,000 students. and that is really interesting, because these are 20,000 students that attend either elementary schools or middle schools in these neighborhoods that were hardest hit by the pandemic. so clearly we see the district there trying to get a handle on the situation, trying to prevent any potential covid surge once these students and staff members return from thanksgiving break. >> it will be interesting to see what other cities around the bay area, when they start sending home at-home testing kits as well. we appreciate it. as this evening as holiday travel ramps up, don't be surprised if it costs more to fly. you saw that. cog, right? the price of jet fuel is surging just like gas prices for your car. jet fuel hasn't been this expensive since 2014. that means higher airfares could soon follow. driving somewhere?
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also expensive. gas prices have reached an all-time high in the bay area, according to aaa. five bucks a gallon is the new normal that leads us to our question of the day. how are high gas prices making you think your plans this holiday season? sal sal that he is not driving four hours total to see relatives home. instead he is having dinner at home. reply to our questions of the day on our home page. let's take you outside on this monday night. a live look in san jose. jeff ranieri is going to join us with our workweek forecast. also thanksgiving forecast. that's coming around the corner. and what a sight in monterey bay. a pod of killer whales putting on a show. we'll tell you how many and for how long. stay with us.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. jeff ranieri, look at this. that's pretty cool. >> awesome. >> this is a whale watching trip in monterey. it got this video over the weekend. the captain estimates there were 80 to 100 orcas in this pod. 80 to 100! orcas are often called killer whales. technically they belong to the dolphin family. the whales hung around long enough for the morning and afternoon cruises to see them. during commercial break, i asked jeff, i've never been on a whale watching tour. >> never done that. >> i wonder if someone can tweet us what is the success ratio when you go out for one of
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these. do you always see them or is it like fishing? sometimes you just come back empty handed. >> when i was a kid, we would always go to seaworld so the success rate there was 100%. that's the only place i've ever seen them. >> how are we looking? thanksgiving next week. >> i know. it's coming up so quick. we're going see that storm track move off to the north tomorrow. so that is going to eventually give us a window of sunshine. i know today it was super gloomy out there. hard to get through after all of that sunshine we had this weekend. and you can see those clouds right here. but through tomorrow morning, you'll see those clouds will start to move out for the most part. but i do think we'll have some areas of fog, south bay and the east bay to watch out for. then as we move through the afternoon, we'll get that window of sunshine for us. then eventually, yes, more clouds come back as we roll through tomorrow night. so we're going start it off with temperatures in the 50s. then as we move through the afternoon, we've got lots of widespread 60s here from the north bay down to the south bay. let me get you into my seven-day forecast. we do have some showers coming
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once we hit thursday night into friday morning. trace amounts to about 0.2 of an inch and a great weekend coming our way. raj, right now maybe a few shower chances for thanksgiving. but nothing big in the way of storms right now. >> i can't believe it's next week. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us.
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