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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 16, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, bill murray, dan aykroyd, ernie hudson, and ellie kemper i want to thank nate smith and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. the audience, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ tonight, kids given an incorrect dose of the covid vaccine. it happened here at a pop-up
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clinic. should parents be concerned? we have answers. >> also shattered glass, missing jewelry. the smash and grab that caused a stir at a bay area mall. and president biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill, we're breaking down what it could mean for the bay area. also. >> i want to give him a hug, buy him lunch, buy him dinner. >> he noticed something was wrong and he didn't head tate the help. the jogger who got creative and saved four pets from a burning home. good evening. it is a nightmare scenario for parents. more than a dozen kids got their covid vaccine over the weekend at a pop-up clinic in antioch. the problem is they got the incorrect amount of the vaccine. >> tonight sutter health is dealing with those concerned parents. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from antioch. >> reporter: it was a mistake that had to be addressed. more than a dozen kids receiving the wrong dose of the covid vaccine at a pop-up clinic at
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sutter health in antioch. pediatrician dr. jimmy hu, chair of sutter vaccine task force released a statement tonight saying, this weekend, 14 patients at our antioch pediatric vaccine clinic received vaccines with an incorrect amount of deluant. infectious disease expert dr. peter tim hong explains what that could mean. >> as vaccines get drawn on for kids, adults, et cetera, it's that you get it in a concentrated form, just like concentrated orange juice, for example. and then you dilute the concentrate, and then draw in the syringe the right amount. >> reporter: sutter health won't say if the kids were given too much or too little, but the statement says they immediately reviewed the processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again. dr. chin-hong further explains what can happen if you don't dilute the vaccine enough. >> you're going to get something
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that's more concentrated in the same volume of syringe, and that's probably what happened. >> reporter: according to the cdc, patients who receive a vaccine with an incorrect diluant volume, they may experience arm soreness, headache or even a fever. this isn't the first miss step during the vaccine rollout. back in march at the oakland coliseum, more than 6,000 people received slightly less than the recommended dose of pfizer vaccine. as for what happened in antioch over the weekend, dr. chin-hong says parents shouldn't be overly concerned if the dosage was off. during the clinical trials, children were given more than the recommended dosage and showed no ill effects. in antioch, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, we've seen this type of robbery before across the bay area and it happened again tonight. a brazen smash and grab. take a look at the aftermath here. this is iceberg diamonds at sun
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valley mall in concord. lot of clean-up there. police say around 7:30 tonight, about nine people rushed into the store, smashed the glass cases that were holding all the jewelry. they got away with an undisclosed amount. investigators are reviewing the surveillance video. no arrests have been made yet. it may have happened to you, had your car broken into in san francisco, smashed windows and all. it is prevalent in the city happening every single day. tonight as police try to break that cycle, one man is using the kindness of neighbors to help get people back what was taken from them. nbc bay area's jean elle introduces us. >> reporter: car break-ins happen fast. thieves often dump bags they don't want. mark said his richmond district neighborhood is a popular dumping spot. >> my neighbors and i just walking our dogs, walking around the neighborhood, there's another one, there's another one. we find it all the time. >> reporter: they post their
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finds on social media and work to reunite the goods, usually with tourists. >> people come to our city on their vacation and this is how we treat them. so this is the least we can do as neighbors. >> reporter: over the weekend while the roth family from kentucky visited land's end, thieves visited their car. >> someone had broken the windows in our car and taken and stolen multiple bags. >> reporter: an army backpack that went through two tours in the middle east was among the bags stolen. a special bag neighbors were able to return. >> we are so grateful that we were able to be reunited with our belongings, and especially this really important and sentimental bag. >> reporter: hundreds of people are victims to car break-ins in san francisco every month. according to s.f.p.d.'s most recent come stat report, there were more than 1700 reported thefts from a vehicle in september of this year. compared to just over 1,000 in september of 2020. dietrich says he's working on
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returning another stolen item. >> neighbor messaged me and said, i found another bag. can you help me get it back to its owner? and the bag is right here, so we're going to try to figure out how to get it back to whoever it was stolen from. if we can't, we'll take it to the police department. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. this is a problem our investigative unit has been diving into. car break ins hit record lows during the height of the pandemic. now they're skyrocketing at san francisco's tourist spots. tomorrow night our team goes to top city officials to find out why san francisco has more than three times as many smash and grabs as los angeles. well, tonight a mother and her daughter are in the hospital, and the search is on for the person who shot them. the the two were shot outside a home in east mont hills neighborhood last night. they were rushed to the hospital. now in stable condi according to police. the girl, though, shooting was beyond
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unacceptable. no one has been arrested. and police are asking for anyone with information to come forward. well, the right tip can earn someone a thousand dollars to solve a possible hate crime. happened late saturday night. someone hurled a beer bottle at the islamic center of san francisco. alcohol is forbid inside mosques. they believe it was targeted. they are offering reward money and asking police to investigate this as a hate crime. there is a good chance you heard about president biden's trillion dollar infrastructure package which he signed into law today. but the next question, what's in it for the bay area and what local projects are going to benefit the most? nbc's ian cull joins us in the newsroom with answers. ian. >> the white house and local marz claiming victory. san jose's sam la card owe said it will help bart station, ev charging stations, school buses and much more.
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it is the largest federal investment in infrastructure in more than a decade and will provide good-paying jobs, the white house says, but directing $110 billion to upgrade roads and bridges, 65 billion to improve high-speed internet, and 15 billion to replace lead pipes in the country's drinking water system. >> my message to the american people is this. america's moving again, and your life is going to change for the better. >> reporter: after giving their input, oakland mayor libby schaffe and san jose mayor sam licardo were at the signing ceremony. the package includes billions for california. among the projects, up dade the power grid to prevent blackouts and shut offs as well as utility-caused wildfires. more than 25 billion for highways and 4 billion for bridge replacement and repairs over five years. bta says they'll get funding to help build the silicon valley
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bart station and cal train will electrify system swapping for electric ones. >> this is truly an historic investment in our infrastructure and provides a lot of funding opportunities that we can now apply for. >> reporter: bart spokes woman alicia trost says they'll apply for millions to replace track and cars. >> our biggest project we are hopeful to get more funding for is to replace our train control system, and then that will let us run trains closer together. >> reporter: the bipartisan infrastructure bill is the biggest legislative victory for the president, but with his approval rating dropping to just 41%, how big of a win is it? >> he's delighted. but, look, you're going to have to wait to see all these changes. you're going to have to wait to see contracts given out, people starting to work, jobs starting to develop with construction. that's going to take a few months. so the question is will this be enough to turn around the president's popularity. >> reporter: back to that
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package one more thing that can help in california. millions of dollars will go to increased salaries and convert at least 1,000 seasonal firefighters to permanent year round positions. in the newsroom, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> will it make a difference? you can decide for yourself. the doyle drive in san francisco was completed thanks in part to obama's recovery act in 2009. this led to a new seismically safe approach to the golden gate bridge. now called the prevideo parkway. another example, the fourth bore of the caldecot tunnel. it benefited $200 million in taxpayer money. sjc, san jose international installed a new baggage inspection system at terminal b. thanks to $14 million, that included explosive detection equipment. all three of these projects were part of president obama's recovery act of 2009. a new audit question san francisco's ties to a nonprofit
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organization that is embroiled in a public bribery scandal. supervisor connie chang called for an audit of the parks alliance. federal prosecutors say they managed a $1 million fund for contractors doing business with the city. the audit follows the money, showing the alliance has taken $11.9 million directly from the city since 2015. while accepting more than $44 million private donations during that time. even with recently tightened disclosure requirements. now, we still don't know the source of an estimated 3 1/2 million in anonymous donations. >> the city, of course, appreciate donation. it is also our responsibility to know where the money is coming from. and most importantly is to prevent the pay to play culture. >> the alliance told us it backs efforts to strengthen, r transparency and accountability between nonprofit organizations
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and the city. and that it will implement any additional common sense policies that provide greater transparency and continue to improve public parks. supervisor chan will hold a hearing about the alliance's relationship with the city on thursday. is oakland taking the proper steps when it comes to covid safety on campus? some school teachers are lodging complaints against the district. in a video posted to youtube, multiple teachers give testimonials. they worry students could bring the virus back to already overcrowded campuses after thanksgiving break. they say current conditions in their schools would allow the virus to spread quickly. and they believe the district isn't moving fast enough to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds meant to improve filtration and other issues. >> i mean, it's unconscionable, to get $283 million in covid funding. it's november. why do we not have some of these things in place. >> it's not like we have this big pot of money sitting there
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not doing anything. we're not hoarding money here. we don't do that. we're spending the money we need to ensure our schools stay safe. >> the district says it is spending $1 million to replace torn outdoor canopies so kids have an outdoor option for lunch. they plan to provide take-home tests to 20,000 elementary and middle school students, covid tests, who live in neighborhoods with the highest covid rates. still ahead, preparing for a possible winter sturge. new advice tonight on how to have a covid-free thanksgiving. >> i want to just thank him so much and let him know how thankful we are. >> a heroic rescue caught on camera. how a jogger jumped into action to save the lives of a family's pets. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of cloud cover today. i'll show you when we g
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tonight new concerns that the covid winter surge has arrived in many parts of the country, and new advice and guidance on the ultimate way to plan a covid-proof thanksgiving gathering. here's nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: with thanksgiving now just ten days away, new warnings of covid spread at thanksgiving gatherings, tonight at santa clara's river mark plaza, a woman is hoping she covid-proofed her turkey day. >> we are all vaccinated. we are making sure all of our friends are vaccinated before they come over. and then we are wearing masks indoor as well as. >> reporter: there is this
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advice from dr. michael minna, harvard epidemiology professor. invite guests only, single vaccine dose ten days prior to everyone 5 and up. that would make the deadline tomorrow. and rapid test thanksgiving morning for everyone coming for dinner. >> you can have thanksgiving outdoors. it's overly conservative if you're stuck inside, it's probably the right move. but it depends on kind of what risk tolerance you have, what other mitigation measures might be at your disposal. >> reporter: california joining three other states and new york city in offering booster shots to all adults before the fda and cdc has authorized them. the winter surge not showing up in the bay area or california. >> i really don't see a lot of evidence for the start of a winter surge here. may come later. it may not come at all. or it may just be kind of this elevated baseline that we've been following. >> reporter: but covid cases are rising rapidly in 20 states.
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more than a thousand people are dying every day from the virus. all that with a holiday travel season yet to begin. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. a family in santa cruz county nearly lost everything in a fire. but a good samaritan was nearby. fire started inside a home in scott's valley this month. the family wasn't home, but the pets were trapped. a nearby jogger was about to warn the family. their -- with their ring camera and call 911. they let him inside and he rushed in the burning home to save the family's four pets. >> i want to give him a hug,i'll buy him lunch, i'll buy him dinner. i want to thank him so much to let him know how thankful we are. myself, my kids, my husband would be devastated if we lost our pets, let alone our home. >> today the family says they were able to find the man, thank him. the fire department said he could be honored with a commend asian. open space or jobs, which is more important in san jose? tomorrow a key vote by the city
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council could answer that question. the sprawling coyote valley in santa teresa boulevard in south san jose has been a battleground between developers and environmental groups for decades. now, a texas-based developer wants to build warehouses on hundreds of acres of farmland. supporters say it's a job creator. critics say the plan threatens critical open space. well, it's a sensitive and controversial topic. several of san francisco's most prominent black community leaders joined a hollywood star to demand the city hand over a long struggling property in the name of reparations. the group, including dr. amos brown, the head of san francisco's chapter of naacp and actor danny glover who grew up in the city rallied outside the fill more heritage center to call for it to be donated to a new nonprofit group. they say the neighborhood was once considered the harlem of the west until urban renewal and gentrification in the 1950s and '60s pushed out most people of color. now they want this building, the
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san francisco's "black panther" party movement began and flourished, to become a black heritage center. >> you lose this building, you lose everything because you need a base. or at the very least, the next two generations of black san franciscans will fight for a place like this. >> i come here and see the magic happening on this street down here. >> mayor breed, who made reparations a budget priority, says she's unsure if state law would even allow such a deal. but will examine the proposal in more detail. south lake tahoe continues to recover from the caldor fire. tonight a special effort to rebuild the area's trails. the nonprofit tahoe fund has launched the caldor trails restoration fund. the group and its partners say some 15 miles of trails suffered extensive damage including burned bridges, signs and structures designed to protect those trails. those things need to be repaired and they say maintenance issues could be popping up for the next ten years as trees fall and stumps collapse into holes.
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two ski resorts at lake tahoe will have to wait a bit longer before they reopen. heavily skied at north star will delay opening dates. they've had rain and snowfall recently, but the weather is too warm to stay on the ground. on twitter both resorts said they hope to have better news next week. >> can't jeff do something about this? >> let's ask him. >> we'd like to go snowboarading next week. >> i've made a lot of calls already this season. it does look good as we head through december. i know a lot of folks are ream i anxious about getting more rainfall and snow in here again december, first and second week we are looking at much better chances. let's get you ready to go on your tuesday forecast. we are seeing a slight change in the storm track you're going to be interested in. it's going to be lifting off to the north so that's going to allow some sunshine and a little bit of that morning fog as well. let me show you this better. you can see the clouds. this is what we dealt with all day today. kind of frustrated. i know you wanted the rainfall,
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but all we had was those clouds. this is going to sweep out really quickly overnight and then by 7:00 this the morning we're left with patchy areas of dense fog in the south bay us a going to begin with a mix of some sun in here as well. then by the afternoon, right around 1:00 p.m., there it is. we'll have our window of sunshine tomorrow. so i think tomorrow overall is going to offer us a much better day. as we begin for the morning, we're going to start it off on the chilly side. you can see a i don't say the south bay, i have you at 53, tri-valley 49. east bay coming in with 48 degrees, and the north bay at 47. but again, with that increased sunshine tomorrow, i do think temperatures are going to warm up 3 to 5 degrees in the south bay. it will put us at 68 in cupertino, 69 in san jose. east bay, contra costa,al immediate a counties, 64 in vallejo. 67 in pleasanton, 66 in red wood
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city. marina 68. maybe off to a meeting in napa, yountville, saint halyna, work in the wine industry. sun, 67 in napa, 69 in ukiah, down to mill valley 65. so, yes, this is beautiful but we want more rain in here. so, there's going to be chances of rain this week. not a big storm system but i am seeing some showers by thursday night. that would continue into friday morning. only trace amounts to about .2 of an inch. things will kick out quickly by friday evening. on my seven-day forecast in san francisco, once again, chance of some showers thursday night into friday. and then we get some wind on saturday. i don't think it's anything to be overly concerned about right now. we'll have dry weather and some sun mixing in for your upcoming weekend. right here through the inland valleys, we will go down to 62 on friday. we go back up to 67 on sunday. so, thanksgiving i know everybody is thinking about that, too. no big storm for that.
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but i again think the first and second week of december is definitely looking up for us on the rain chances. >> thanksgiving is next week. >> i can't believe it. >> i know. it's here all right. >> hello, 2022. >> ream i around the corner. >> thank you, jeff. up next, the new rollout for uber, features the company says will help its drivers. >> we have jimmy. >> finehas is here. secure your spot. san jose international is gearing up by launching a new parking system for reservations. if you book online you can save 15%. resident irvagss are available through 2022. it is one of the many high-tech upgrades the airport announced today. also o
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they just keep rising. gas prices have now reached a record high in the bay area. that is according to aaa. across the bay area prices continue to climb around $5 per gallon range. the average price of regular gas now above $4.75 in san francisco. oakland and san jose more than 40% higher than on this day last year. in the bay area, the lowest price we found today was at a shell station at allum rock.
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uber is giving its drivers an opportunity to save money. the company launched a new feature today. it's called rest and save. it allows drivers to pause ride requests when they need to fill up their tank. once paused, drivers can see real-time gas prices with the discount of up to 25 cents a gallon at select gas stations. drivers can also pause rides to find nearby public rest rooms. okay, mini bart service back for united airlines passengers. united offering mini boost bottles on long domestic flights. it came back when the pandemic started. passengers were disrupted or violent this year. the faa has recorded 5100 incidents, many of them fueled by alcohol. united said it made the choice based on feedback from customers and flight attendants. okay, did we just see that, the 49ers looked real good tonight, the best they looked all season. what was the
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i'm anthony flores. the drought is over. the 49ers win at levi stadium for the first time in more than a year. the niners taking on the rams on monday night football. the rams adding star power on offense and defense with the signing of receiver odell beckham, jr., and trading for linebacker vaughn miller. but it didn't matter, not in this game. they marched 49 yards on 18 plays in their opening possession. jimmy garoppolo caps the drive with a pass to kittle. turning defense into offense. off the receiver's hands and into the arms of jimmie ward. it's a pick six, his second interception of the game. 27-7, 49ers at the half.
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the niners dominated the rams two to one at time of possession. on 4th and 6, garoppolo hits samuel 40 yards for the second . the 49ers beat the rams the fifth time in a row, 31-10. it's the niners first win at levi since october 18 of 2020. >> we had a good week. our guys seemed confident throughout the week. i know the rams are a real good team. but we were ready to play them today and we were excited to. we definitely played our best game all around. >> we played complementary with the defense like we did tonight, it's a win. >> next up they hit the road for jacksonville on sunday. at levi stadium in santa clara, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> the season is save. >> everyone will be smiling tonight and tomorrow. it makes honor.
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one of hockey's good guys, enshrined in the hall of fame. doug wilson, the sharks general manager since 2003, was a great player before that. tonight he was inducted into the hall of fame in toronto. he was an elite defenseman for chicago before ending his career with the sharks. soft-spoken, class act, we wish him congratulations. >> he's been the sharks gm for close to 20 years. >> wow. >> he's din a great job. great congratulations. big honor for doug wilson tonight. we're all pretty fired up for that. >> there it is. that's going to do it for us on this monday night. we hope to see you back here tuesday tomorrow. >> bye-bye.
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breaking news tonight, closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the teen on trial for fatally shooting two people during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. the prosecution saying rittenhouse went looking for trouble. rittenhouse's attorneys arguing he acted in self-defense. and the charge thrown out today by the judge. our team is at the courthouse. also tonight, bipartisan celebrations at the white house. president biden signing his trillion-dollar infrastructure bill into law money for roads, bridges and broadband. and this evening the critical meeting tensions high as the
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president and china's leader hold a virtual summit. trump ally steve bannon surrendering to the fbi to face charges for refusing to comply with the january 6th investigation. his defiant words. the shooting near a colorado high school multiple children injured. what we're learning. fears of a new covid surge heading into the holidays. cases rising in nearly half the u.s., and the major city joining several states jumping ahead of the cdc to offer boosters to all adults the terror blast at a u.k. hospital and the taxi driver hailed as a hero. the rising prices for your family's thanksgiving meal. how to save. and the 13-year-old whose wish is inspiring america. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone two closing arguments today and two very different portraits of kyle rittenhouse as the homicide case is about to go to the jury which will now have one less count to deliberate the judge today dismissi


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