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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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plus -- >> once they said there was a baby in the car i jumped on the car. >> a mother and a girl airlifted from the scene of what witnesses called a high speed crash. the quick response from one bystander to rescue a trapped child. the larger message from health experts on the best and safest way to do this. "today in the bay" begins right now. it's wednesday morning. good morning to you. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we have a lot to get to this morning. let's take a live look outside in walnut creek in the east bay this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, is looking at things are looking today with the golden moon behind you. gorgeous. >> yeah, it has been nice to see the moon because it has been so foggy the last couple of days,
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and i wish it was the moon tomorrow night. it looks like we will see the incoming rain block our view with the incoming clouds. over the weekend, we have lots of sunshine. check out this view from san francisco, and you can see the moon there. it's clear right now, but once again the north bay dealing with very low visibility, some dense fog down to quarter of a mile as you drive around, so allow extra time to get to work. we will talk about that rain again and how much you may see, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. happening today the future of haywood schools on the line in what could be a wave of closures. >> the factors that brought the schools to this critical point. >> reporter: good morning. as you can imagine a lot of teacher, staff, parents and the students that attend their schools are waiting on pins and
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needles to hear the fate about schools, and as many as 14 schools on the chopping block. take a look at your screen. this is a list of schools slated to school in the immediate future. glass brook, which i am standing in front of. this move comes as district leaders say families are killing their kids out of the district in record numbers and that is impacting funding dollars. they protect they will have an all-time low of about 16,500 in the next several years and the district is facing a $14 million deficit. as a result of a shrinking district, board leaders must make tough decisions like shuffling students with more moderate facilities with the
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first round of closures slated for the next school year. laying off teachers have not been part of the restructuring plan. as you saw in the video, there have been gatherings of parents and students about not closing their schools, and a meeting will happen tonight virtually, and we will relay what numbers they decide to close, and again, a number of schools on the chopping block as the district looks to reorganize. >> thank you. developing this morning in eastern contra costa county, still no update from authorities on a high-speed crash into a parking lot. one woman jumped on top of the car to pull an injured toddler
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to safety. >> once they said there was a baby in the car, and i pulled the baby out and handed them over to her. they just took over from there. >> firefighters say the victims were airlifted from the scene h rate of speed before impact but police have not confirmed that so far. the fda will reportedly authorize booster adults for adults. >> new york city breaking with federal guidelines and in all cases fully vaccinated adults can receive a booster six months after their second shot. but health experts want to make sure what is not lost in the process is making sure you get your first shot. >> first doses are more important than the third dose, so our priority remains getting
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those unvaccinated vaccinated. >> millions of additional americans would be eligible by thanksgiving. more details on the bay area fight against covid. according to county data, less than 20% of all adults received a booster and overall 73% of people over five years old are fully vaccinated. happening this morning students on the peninsula will take part in the national movement to remember somebody that helped shake american history. ruby bridges was the first black wild to desegregate an all-white elementary school. students will walk to school to honor her brave act and commemorate the recently commemorated ruby bridges walk to school in california. a plan to develop a large
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open space in the south bay, and the protect 125 acres of rural land. developers wanted to build two warehouses promising thousands of jobs. the mayor tweeted, san josé remains committed to protecting precious resources. that makes me want to howl at the moon. >> yeah. >> as you head through the north bay, it has been so foggy. down to quarter of a mile visibility, and about half of a mile in napa. that's our view in san josé as we are zooming out. we have been focusing on this because tomorrow we have a
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partial lunar eclipse, and our temperatures starting out in the upper 40s, and we will have sunshine but get ready for rain tomorrow, so we won't have that clear view. temperatures heading for the 60s today, not too bad. but we do have fog and that will hold the temperatures down in a few spots. mike, how is traffic looking? >> as far as the sensors go, it's looking good over here in the bay. we are watching for potential problems. over a mile visibility through napa, but as it gets thicker throughout the morning we will watch that. altamont pass, it's a smooth drive. there's the all-clear for highway 84, so we are all clear no matter which way you are going between 680 or the train station. keep that in mind as folks travel through the area.
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anywhere south of the san mateo bridge, watch for the construction crews as they will be moving over in the next hour. back to you. >> thank you. some people are telling us they are having trouble booking their booster appointments. coming up, our consumer team will walk you through how to get your shot. here's what is popular on the netflix thing. bracing for a surge in travel ahead of the holidays. the message for experts if you are among those taking flight. car breakins, they are relentless and seemingly unmanageable. but why and who is to blame? you can find our investigative unit taking us for a ride in the city's hardest hit neighborhoods. on]
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happy wednesday morning. the time is 5:11, and it's a cold start. we have had dense fog in the north bay where temperatures are now in the mid-40s. we will see a cold start and nice afternoon, and we'll talk about all this and when that rain gets here, coming up. here on the peninsula, it's not a problem. there's no slowing on this section through palo alto. we'll talk about a bigger drive,
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coming up. good morning. good wednesday to you as well. we just got the latest sales data from lowe's and target, and they match what we saw from walmart and home depot. people are sending money, and the stock market often crosses into record territory and the u.s. economy created more than half a million jobs last month. 4 million americans were so comfortable with their financial situation they quit their jobs last month. part of our inflation is part of our own economic success. let's talk about lucid motors. their stock price went up so high it's far more than ford company. it's on the border of being able to cross general motors. this is something we are seeing with electric cars that is really amazing. now, one of the things that has
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to put a lot of pressure on detroit, our own tom costello spoke with the general manager -- not general manager, ceo of gm, that's why i thought -- and he's going to talk to her on the "today" show. >> are you going to scale up to make it all electric in 14 years? >> yes, we have the facilities and a talented and trained workforce. >> the new stanford grad, jessica walkins is headed to space. she will add the distinction of becoming the first black woman to board the space station. then increasing the maximum
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price they will spend. to buy here, you need two mortgages, the base mortgage and a jumbo. that should save you money but it could cause more buyers to enter the market and increase prices. we will see. and then netflix is going to change and will rank the show by how many people watch shows, not just for two minutes which is how they have done it. i don't know if you have seen the red notice we ran. it's cute, although it's a movie that you look at twitter while you are watching. >> what is it called? >> it's called "red notice," and it has the rock in it and ryan
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reynolds. it has a lot of easter eggs in it. if you have seen easter eggs, tweet me. >> i will have to watch it to figure out what you are talking about. >> you had me at ryan reynolds. a look outside of sfo this morning, and if you are going somewhere next week, get ready for busy airports and roads. 50 million people are estimated to travel this year, and that's a 13% increase from last year, and airports are bracing for big crowds next tuesday and wednesday. if you are one of the passengers and have not travelled in a while, experts say they have advice for you. >> we know that some of your people will be traveling for the first time since the pandemic or before that, and they are not used to the whole travel experience so get familiar with your airline check-in procedures. >> if you are headed to hawaii,
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mahal yo. the rule is likely to change for next year. and then the trailer is out for the much-anticipated spider-man "no way home." take a look. >> he started getting some visitors. >> another surprise from previous spiderman franchises appear, including the green goblin and electrictro from the amazing spider-man 2. the movie will come out a month from today in theaters. for your holiday watching. >> a long way from the ♪
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♪ spiderman, spiderman -- >> oh, my gosh. >> exactly. >> it's funny when you don't realize what's upstairs sometimes. >> kari, you are in the course? >> no. it's so funny, i am looking at the new trailer, and i am, like, that looks amazing and then you sing the song, and i am, like, i don't even know the history. oh, look. that's amazing. i did have the moon in the shot but it's hidden in the clouds and fog. now visibility low where we can see the fog at about a quarter of a mile in santa rosa, novato half a mile, but it's clear as you are heading out across the
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rest of the bay area. our temperatures will head for the upper 60s. up to 69 degrees in morgan hill. 66 in concord. pretty comfortable across the board. the miss district headed up for 64 degrees. even as you look at the 7-day forecast, there's not a lot of change. this is the system right now, doesn't look too organized, and as it gets here we will only see spotty showers moving in. looks like it starts late on thursday night into early friday morning with off and on light rain moving on through. most of it clearing out by friday evening and looking at about a tenth of an inch of rain, and elsewhere about a
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trace to a few hundredths of an inch. when we look at the elnina, we have a good chance, 90% chance this will continue into the winter, and about 27% of the time with la nina we have had above average rainfall trends, so we are hoping that is what pans out. it's dry right now, and as we look at our 7-day forecast, we are not expecting more than 0.1 of a an inch over the next few days. we will be watching out for that. mike, do you have a new incident at the bay bridge? >> yeah, reports of a disabed vehicle in lane eight or nine. looks like everything is okay getting in through the toll plaza, and no lights.
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that will be in another 20 minutes. over here we're looking at low visibility. if you come across denser fog, slow down. novato had a tough time earlier, so watch that. no major issues as far as major crashes. fender benders popping up on the chp report. no slowing for the south bay just yet. back to you. >> just yet. >> thank you, mike. next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> basically all adults in california are now eligible for a covid-19 vaccine booster. how do you get one? i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. we'll show you how, next. first, life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you will get. mike got a box and his family
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only left him the dark-colored covered raisins. luckily for him, he likes them. follow him on social media. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 5:23. with the fda approval and the my app not fully developed, there's confusion as to who can get a booster shot.
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>> our consumer reporter, chris chmura, takes you through the steps of getting a booster shot. >> we have good news. getting a vaccine booster appointment is way easier than it used to be. no long road trips like the one i took. to find an appointment ask your doctor or pharmacy. even easier, you can use a federal vaccine locater service. just text your zip code to this number. if you don't want to text you can call the 800-232-0233. the cdc says it's okay to mix and match. when scheduling you will have to specific you are looking for a booster. have your vaccine record card handy because they might want to know when you had your original
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shot. you are not supposed to get a booster until after you are six months vaccinated. some people are now just getting their first covid shots and some kids are getting their shots, too, you could find that some locations are booked up to be prepare to possibly schedule your appointment a couple days or week out. when you go to your appointment bring your vaccine card and make sure they update it with your booster. your booster should be free regardless of whether you have health insurance. >> thanks, chris. a follow-up for you in the east bay and a deal now in place to develop the oakland coliseum complex. council members agreed to an exclusive deal with the african-american sports and entertainment group led by east oakland native, ray bobbitt. specifics are not being released as of yet, but city leaders hope it leads to new affordable
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housing and more jobs. there's also plans to draw a new wnba team to the arena. you may not have noticed but there's a whole new cryptocurrency crave going on. the brand-new name will be arena. the name change takes effect on christmas day. >> a lot of money for that change. >> yep. uc lecturers walking off the job for the next 48 hours, and we'll tell you about the impact it's expected to have on the students nearing finals, plus -- >> our winter surge as begun.
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>> winter is coming, and with the seasons changing covid concerns are ramping up. the new warning from governor newsom this morning as cases climb.
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right now at 5:30, shipping madness as we quickly approach the holiday shopping season. we know you have a lot of what
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you need to know to make sure your packages get there. plus -- >> it has been a very difficult year for us in the city of oakland. >> oakland's police chief says enough is enough. a one-on-one with oakland's top cop and what he says he will need to keep the streets safe. we'll have one more shot of rain before the weekend, and then we head back into a stretch of dry weather. i will break down the timeline and what the forecast shows for the bay area. this is "today in the bay." this is wednesday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have heard the warnings, get your holiday shopping and shipping done early because time may catch up to you. >> we sent "today in the bay"'s kris sanchez to a processing this morning to see what they are doing to make sure the grinch stays away from your holiday gift giving plans.
5:31 am
>> reporter: if we thought we were busy in the morning, you should see what happens in the heart of the shipping facility here in san josé. last year when we could not gather with our loved ones and friends, we sent 13 billion cards and packages. this year is on track to be the same, and that's only about a billion in the holiday season alone. it's super busy for you already, so thank you for joining us. what are we looking at right now? >> it's the processing and distribution center. we are ready and we are committed to provide an excellent service to deliver the packages and the letters and cards to the american people. we have employees that are dedicated to deliver. >> you are adding more employees and more space to work, too. >> yes, we are. we are hiring 40,000 additional seasonal employees, and for the bay area alone we are hiring an additional 1,000 employees to
5:32 am
help deliver packages. for the space, we actually have invested into getting 7.5 million square feet or additional space for our 40 annexes to help deliver the packages. >> reporter: these folks are not standing around, but there are deadlines you want to keep in mind if you are trying to get your packages and letters where you want them in time for the holidays. december 15th is your deadline for grand shipping. december 17th, if it's anything first class. by december 18th, priority is your only option. december 23rd, that is priority express and your package will likely get there but it will cost you a lot more money. the week of december 18th is expected to be the busiest.
5:33 am
when you arrive in the package, you should have already addressed them to make things easier. >> we appreciate them for working so hard. kris, thanks. find out more about how the supply chain crisis will affect you. be sure and head over to the website, fill out a short survey and get results on the items you may have to pay more for or wait longer for. ahead of the busy holiday travel season, cases across the country are increasing. nationwide increases jumped to 85,000 new daily infections. governor newsom is making a new push for everybody to get that vaccine. at a kings county grade school, he spoke about the need for the
5:34 am
higher vaccination rates. the most vaccinated county in the state, marin's health officer says the surge is here already. >> our increase is locally, regionally and globally. the unfortunate message is our winter surge has begun in marin. >> while there is no agreement that a winter surge as started, health leaders do stress it will depend on lot on what people do right now. >> only on nbc bay area, oakland's police of chief opens up about a trying two weeks after 2-year-old wu shooting, and oakland police have responded to more than 500 shootings, and 120 people have
5:35 am
died, a rate that has not been seen in about a decade. they have a 30% rate when it comes to solving crimes, and a big part of the problem is the shrinking number of resources. >> it's my hope that this is a call to those that make the decisions in the city of oakland to invest in public safety. >> right now chief armstrong says his department has 681 sworn officers, and he would like to see 500 more on the force, which cannot be done with the tight budget they have right now. the board appointed chief of staff to replace chan. brown has served in chan's officer for 15 years and says he will not seek re-election to the board next year, and he pledged to endorse an asian-american woman in the upcoming election.
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the case of a palo alto woman accused of charting the fawn fire in shasta county. right now she has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. investigators say that the woman admitted to boiling water near the fire's origin. for the time being she's headed to a state facility for psychiatric treatment. and jilted investors once again focus on the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the latest to take the stand, brian grossman. he testified holmes and her partner falsely told them that theranos had a major contract with the defense department. he says he took a theranos test to walgreens and found it used a needle and took hours for the result. he called the same process the
5:37 am
theranos said they would make obsolete. it's expected to be an active 48 hours across nine uc campuses today. thousands of lecturers plan to walk off the job, and some cancels are being cancelled as a result. they have now filed seven unfair labor practice charges. lecturers are nontenured faculty that teach half of undergrad in the graduate level classes. the board has made no determination of unfair labor practices. now to the latest on the california drought. california falling short on its water conservation goal. the data released tuesday revealed water usage only reduced 3.9% in september, and that's down from 5.1% in august. since july, water consumption
5:38 am
was reduced by just 3.6%. in response to our state's drought and the climate in crisis, a new initiative has been put forward to help fund long overdue water projects throughout california. that water infrastructure fund act of 2022, it will increase the clean, safe drinking water for homes and businesses. it will help to expand, repair or replace existing surface reservoirs and construction of new ones. to help fund this, 2% of the state's general revenue will be transferred each year into a trust account. 5:38 right now. taking a break from the day's news. it's a cool start out there. a live look at redwood shores.
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nice and illuminated. kari has a look at our forecast. will things warm up later today? >> it will be about the same as it was yesterday. still kind of cool, but at least we will have sunshine. we are starting out with a clear morning in san francisco. we did not even see that yesterday morning at this time, but it's very foggy in sports of the north bay. by tomorrow we will see rain coming in, mainly late tomorrow evening into friday morning, and the weekend we do have more sunshine. here's a look at the low visibility. we also have seen that very dense fog creeping into the south county, so now morgan hill's visibility is down to zero. after the fog clears out, we will see a nice and comfortable day. in the upper 60s there with mid-60s in the tri-valley, and livermore headed up towards 64. we will see half moon bay reaching up to 63 degrees. we will talk about the rain coming up. mike, how is it looking in
5:40 am
the south bay? >> all right. we will check on the south county, because san martin could see slowing. we are looking at the visibility numbers for morgan hill. i did notice more slowing here on 87 than typical. we will check to see if there's a crew or closures or what is going on for that unusual slowdown there. the rest of the bay shows a typical pattern. from wednesday through thanksgiving week, we should probably see lighter traffic. the early-morning commute, things will shift to the afternoon. fewer folks may be traveling into the office because they could be heading out as schools are off next week in many cases. a smooth and easy drive for the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, surveillance outrage. the reason advocates are questioning the use of helicopters during last year's racial justice protest. a congressional punishment, and we'll tell you against who,
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good wednesday morning. the time is 5:43 now. as you head out in oakland,
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visibility is clear, no fog this morning. most of the fog is staying in the north bay. as you are driving around, you may have to turn on the heat in the car with the cold morning start in the 50s, but it will warm up to the upper 60s. we will talk about when rain could get here, coming up. and then the bay bridge, this was a quick change. four minutes with the metering lights on, and now we have the backup with the lanes at the toll plaza. more on the roads in the further reaches, coming up. and jury deliberations continue today in the kyle rittenhouse trial in kenosha, wisconsin. protesters in kenosha took to the streets yesterday. rittenhouse took the stand and claimed he was acting in self defense. if convicted, he could face life
5:45 am
in prison. this morning the aclu raising questions about the response in the bay area riots after the george floyd death. the chp did not respond to that report. president biden headed to detroit today to continue to promote america's new infrastructure bill. >> scott mcgrew, electric cars are in his focus today? >> yeah, many car companies will quit making gasoline powered cars much sooner than you might expect. tom costello will sit down with the ceo of general motors to talk about that on the "today" show. detroit building the vast amount
5:46 am
of charging stations. in 2003, the bridge was in such bad shape that it would limit the weight of cars, and it will be finally repaired because of the infrastructure bill. president biden had to clarify something about taiwan. as we reported, the president met with president xi this week. president biden told the press taiwan was independent and makes its own decisions, and taiwan is totally a different country than china with the democracy and great relations with america, and if china attacked taiwan we said we would defend an island, but in an arrangement called the one china policy, we don't talk about it and the president had
5:47 am
to back pedal a bit. >> i said they have to decide, taiwan, not us -- >> several presidents has run into this problem, and president trump took a call from the president of taiwan. trump later said the u.s. would stick to its one-china policy. the house will vote whether or not to censure gosar after he tweeted a cartoon where somebody on his staff put his face on one of the characters that killed another character with
5:48 am
ocasio-cortez's face on it. the character turns his sword on a character to make it looks like biden. he took the tweet down but has not apologized. we will be tweeting about that vote. you can find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. more than half a million caregivers across california will receive a bonus next year to make up for losses during the pandemic. "the sacramento bee" reports in-home caregivers will be eligible for $500. many workers had their hours worked back or halted altogether due to stay-at-home orders. in 2 1/2 months the beijing winter olympics gets under way, and a woman is set to make history on ice.
5:49 am
i want you to meet abby rock. she's a member of a native tribe. she played hockey in college and has went pro. here's her head coach, joel johnson, talking about her inspirational play. >> she just has a unique ability to impact her teammates, and an incredible impact on the game itself. >> you can watch the entire story later this morning on the "today" show, including how she hopes to put a spotlight on diversifying the sport. trending this morning is imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. one visitor could be proud of her penguin friend. she was blacked in black and
5:50 am
white, and maybe because they looked familiar. it's kind of cool when you can connect with an they are like, to play, too. >> it's just not cool when it's like a lion lunging at the glass, and you are like, wait a minute. >> yeah, good thing that glass is strong. >> don't cross over to pet the gorilla. >> yeah, no, then you turn into a news story. >> i have not been to the zoo in a while. >> maybe that's something we can take the kids to this weekend. it's going to be nice and sunny but we are dealing with fog right now. visibility down to quarter of a mile in santa rosa and novato, and now the fog rolling into morgan hill and the visibility down to zero. we are in for sunshine this afternoon, reaching in the upper
5:51 am
60s as we look at the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, we will have some rain in the forecast. i will get to that in just a minute. martinez today, reaching 74 there. pleasanton reaching 66. 65 the high in san mateo. downtown san francisco reaching 65 and also 65 in sonoma. 67 in ukiah. we are in for mild weather today with sunshine. this is our next storm system. doesn't look that organized. it's kind of looking like it's going to continue to fall apart as it moves in with only light rain coming in the forecast. we see it first starting out late thursday night into early friday and then tapering off as we head through the day on friday with spotty rain, although some of us may not see a lot out of this. the models are putting down about 0.1 of an inch of rain in the north bay. it has been consistent on that. and then in the areas where you
5:52 am
don't see much in the way of green, it could be just a trace of rain. in our reservoirs, we know we need more rainfall to get them caught up with the percentage capacity. we are doing okay, we did see a big improvement for the north bay and east bay mud water rez reservoirs. since 1950, a lot of la nina events averaged 90% of normal rain. we're hoping for that. it does look dry for us and we are not seeing that trend as of now, and of course that extends into february with that outlook. looking at san francisco, low 60s over the next few days with a lot of sunshine in the forecast for the weekend. mike, a couple spots are getting crowded now? >> yeah, the bay bridge toll
5:53 am
plaza, we could predict that. getting there is not a major problem. the traffic down the east shore freeway, looking fine. the span of thedge, just normal. highway 4 shows slowing. however here, the highlighted yellow means denser fog. and then the rest of the bay looks nice. morgan hill is getting low visibility, and we saw the burst of traffic in the area, and here is down through san martin. back to you. >> thank you. pets in need breached it's contract. that's according to palo alto
5:54 am
online. the city has invested $1.5 million in renovations. three workers were c cruelty af puppies died. on hold. one plan now delayed to ease the container crunch at a southern california port. why untangling the shipping backlog could impact your holiday plans. the number of people receiving booster shots in the north bay. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 5:57. you're watching "today in the bay." and a court is challenging biden's vaccine mandate. two weeks ago the spread mandated businesses of 100 or more employees have until january 4th to get their staff fully vaccinated. dozens of companies filed lawsuits to stop the ruling and a new orleans court temporarily blocked it. with the case winding through the appeals court, experts say the fight will not likely end there.
5:58 am
>> this is a case among monumental courts, and it will rise to the united states supreme court. >> the majority of judges in the sixth circuit are republican-appointed. and then planning to plan ahead for safe ejection sights becoming legal. >> it would be located on gary in the tenderloin. it was a pilot program in san francisco. oakland and los angeles, similar bills in the past, have been vetoed. now to a follow-up. walnut creek officially adopted a ban on flavored tobacco sales last night, and it's a move to keep kids away from vaping and smoking. the city also extended its outdoor dining program through june 2022. people will get to enjoy outdoor dining and shopping at least
5:59 am
through the summer and the city is working on a permanent policy. new details in the slow progress being made to untangle the shipping backlog at california points. a few empty containers were sitting at terminals, and while the backlog is thinning slightly the white house's plan to ramp up operations is being hampered due to truck drivers and warehouse workers. rents for single family homes rose more than 10% nationally. that, a 2.6% increase from this past time last year. the city has saw the highest increase, miami, followed by phoenix and las vegas at 20% and 15%, respectfully. rounding out the top five, austin, texas and san diego.
6:00 am
you may be lowering your risk of stroke and dementia with every cup of tea or coffee. a study followed people for more than a decade. those that drank coffee or tea had lower risks of stroke or dementia. closing schools down that could impact thousands of families. that's all ahead in a live report. plus >> once they said there was a baby in the car i jumped on top of the car. >> a mother and little girl airlifted from the screen after what witnesses call a high-speed crash. boosters for all adults. a decision from the fda may be right around the corner, but a larger message this morning


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