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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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you may be lowering your risk of stroke and dementia with every cup of tea or coffee. a study followed people for more than a decade. those that drank coffee or tea had lower risks of stroke or dementia. closing schools down that could impact thousands of families. that's all ahead in a live report. plus >> once they said there was a baby in the car i jumped on top of the car. >> a mother and little girl airlifted from the screen after what witnesses call a high-speed crash. boosters for all adults. a decision from the fda may be right around the corner, but a larger message this morning from
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health experts on how to stay safest. this is "today in the bay." a good wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have breaking news for you right now. >> that's right, just into our news room, a planned strike across nine uc campuses have just been called off. thousands of lecturers were planning to walk off the jobs pf the new deal involves improvements in job stability, workload and compensation. celebratory rallies across campuses are expected today. we will bring you more information if any comes in. kari hall is tracking the forecast. what can we expect for today? >> starting out with fog in the north bay, but it has been clear
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for much of the rest of the bay area except the south county where in morgan hill there's zero visibility. there's chilly temperatures right now, in the mid-40s. heading out the door right now, we have chilly temperatures but once the fog clears out we will have a nice afternoon. oakland headed for 68 degrees. we'll talk about when rain comes to the forecast in a minute. hayward schools on the line as leaders debate what could be a wave of closures. more than a dozen of those schools being considered right now. cierra johnson live for us in hayward to discuss the factor that brought this to the district. it's really a critical point right now, cierra? >> reporter: yeah, exactly, it is a critical point as the students and the teachers and staff and everybody wakes up this morning in the hayward school district, and they are
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going to be waiting for big news coming from the school district wanting to know the state of about 14 schools that could potentially be closed over a three school-year time period. we have a snapshot of the schools that could be closed next year, and that includes bowman held men -- elementary. >> reporter: this move comes as district leaders say family leaders are pulling their children from the district and that is impacting the funding dollars. they predict they will have a all-time low of 16,500 students next year. the district is facing a 14 million deficit.
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board members must make tough decisions, and that means closing some of the older school buildings in need of repair and shuffling students to more modern facilities with the next slate of closures started next school year. so far we have not heard anything about laying off teachers. as you saw, those rallies are held at local schools. 6:30 is the time of that meeting with the school board and it will be held virtual, and we will be able to relay what comes out of that meeting on air and online. we're live in hayward, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. developing in the eastern contra costa county, still no update on the authorities of a mother and 3-year-old toddler involved in a high speed crash in a parking lot. it happened around 6:30 last
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night when a car plowed into a pillar outside a taco bell on main street. one woman jumped on top of the car to pull the baby to safety. >> once somebody said there was a child in the car, i just jumped up and handed the baby to her. >> the woman was driving at a high rate of speed before impact, but so police have not confirmed that. as soon as tomorrow the fda reportedly authorized booster covid shots for all american adults. >> just a handful of states right now, including california, are approved. fully vaccinated adults could receive a booster six months after their initial shot. >> look, first doses are even more important than third doses,
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and so our priority remains getting people who are unvaccinated vaccinated. >> if the fda and cdc act quick enough, millions of additional americans would be eligible by thanksgiving. for more details on the bay area's fight against covid, more than half of eligible people have received a booster shot. overall, 73% of people over five years old are fully vaccinated. happening this morning, students on the peninsula will take part in a national movement. this is to remember somebody who helped shape american history. this week marks 61 years since the first day of kindergarten for ruby bridges. in 1960, she was the first black child to desegregate at a louisiana all-white elementary school. today students in san francisco will walk to school to commemorate the recently
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designated ruby bridges walk to school in california. it was put on hold last year due to the pandemic. and then developments on the plan to develop a large chunk of real estate in the south bay. this is to protect 125 acres of rural land in south san josé. developers wanted to build two warehouses, and the mayor tweeted out they are committed to protecting the resources. taking a live look outside in the east bay in walnut creek this morning. kari has a look at the forecast. a cold start to our morning, kari? >> yeah, it's cold. in other areas, they are dealing with dense fog.
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we are starting out with a clear morning and soon we will see the sun coming over the hills. yeah, very chilly. only 26 degrees. we will warm up with a lot of sunshine by late morning into the afternoon, but we are just headed for the upper 60s for today. expect a high of 65 in antioch, and in the north bay where that fog hangs on a lot longer. we're looking at low 60s in some spots. we're also getting ready for some rain. we will talk about the timeline of that in a few minutes. mike being it's looking calmer out in oakland? >> yeah, talking about the bay bridge where things have calmed down as far as the backup. the pace of the backup was getting hectic here, quickly filling in the back parking lot and then slowly filling in the rest. there has not been a big volume coming down, so the initial metering lights traffic slowing down. highway 4, pittsburg in towards
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concord, there's lighter traffic. everything else is clear. mild slowing through hayward. back to you. >> thanks, mike. gearing up for a busy thanksgiving travel rush. next on "today in the bay," the steps being taken right now and what you need to know if you are planning a new year's getaway to hawaii. one box store targeting inflation. i bet you can guess who it is? a mixed open on the markets, coming up at 6:30. the accidental invite to thanksgiving dinner that helped create a bond between two strangers that is lasting a lifetime. it's a really cute story. stick around for it. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:11, as you are heading out to walnut creek, you may want to make sure you have sunglasses because it will be clear to start and also a warm jacket, it's only 44 degrees. we are getting ready for rain, and we'll talk about when it gets here coming up in a few minutes. talking about dublin, where we are talking about a few days ago we could not have seen this shot. we'll show you where it's slowing and changes, coming up. happy wednesday. we have the latest sales data from lowe's and target, and it's very strong which matches what we saw from home depot and walmart. retail sales are up. so too, are wages. the stock market often crosses
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into record territory and the u.s. economy created more than a million jobs last month, and 4 million americans were so comfortable with their financial situation they quit their jobs. here's the interesting thing with target. the ceo said sales are strong but the company will work to keep prices where they are. he said they are not going to raise prices to account for inflation. target executive said on the phone call this morning the relationship with its customers is more important than profit. and shares in lucid motors were up. it's close to being worth more than ford.
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lucid closing in on the worth of general motors. more on that will be on the "today" show. and then jessica watkins is heading to the space station as part of the nasa mission. she was part of the 2004 stanford rugby champions. fannie mae and freddie mac will increase the maximum price for mortgages they guarantee. good news for home buyers inexpensive markets like ours. to buy a house here you need generally two mortgages, the base mortgage and a jumbo. the changes mean the base mortgage could get bigger and the jumbo smaller, and that
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could increase house prices. we will see. netflix will rank shows by how many hours people watch them, and right now it's ranked by how many people watch the first two minutes. >> i never knew that. >> isn't that strange? i showed you a clip of "red notice." we talked about easter eggs. as he looks around, that crate right there is from indiana jones. folks are watching that movie, which it's kind of dumb but it has great, great easter eggs in it. >> people are going to be, like, he called that movie dumb.
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>> contact me on twitter if you disagree, but it's a little dumb. >> thanks, scott. you may be eligible for compensation. if you are eligible you may have received notification about submitting a climb. it's not a scam. tiktok parent company agreed to pay $92 million as part of a class action payout. it settles allegations about collecting personal data without users' consent. if you are going next week, i want you to get ready because the roads and airports expected to be busy. a 13% increase is expected from last year, and we are approaching the prepandemic levels. airports are bracing for crowds on tuesday or wednesday. experts have advice for you.
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>> we know that some of your people are going to be traveling for the first time probably since the pandemic or before that, and they are not used to the whole travel experience. get familiar with your airline check-in procedures. things have changed since the last time you traveled. >> if you are heading to hawaii, the state still requires proof of vaccination or a negative test to pass quarantine. the rule is likely to remain in place until next year. an unexpected thanksgiving tradition being kept alive. >> in 2016, an arizona woman texted the wrong number, and jamal answered and he was invited to her thanksgiving. he joined them for thanksgiving for the next five years, and sadly this year will be the first one without her husband because he died from covid last
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year. >> chosen family sometimes. >> exactly. >> sometimes you can be even closer. >> i love my brothers and sisters. i do. it's 6:17 this morning. as we get ready for the day, meteorologist, kari hall, can give you advice on what to wear. >> it's chilly this morning. we have had temperatures starting out in the mid-40s, so a heavy jacket needed. we are dealing with dense fog, morgan hill, that fog is rolling up but it clears up as you head north on 101 into san josé. antioch, you are starting out with a few clouds. chilly temperatures for the drop-off time at school, and in the pickup we will be in the 50s and mostly sunny. los gatos will reach 68 degrees. 69 in morgan hill with a high of
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67 in danville and walnut creek. martinez will be a little cooler, but not a big difference here as we are looking at half moon bay, 63 today. 67 in palo alto. our north bay districts, 64 in north valley and 64 in clearlake. this system does not look all that organized here or very strong, and a lot of our models are putting down light amounts of rain, spotty showers starting on thursday night. wrapping up as we head through the day on friday, only about 0.1 of an inch of rain for parts of the north bay, and the rest of us could barely measure anything, maybe a trace to 0.01 of an inch. looks like la nina will continue through february, and since 1950, la nina events have
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averaged 93% of the rain. we know that at least for the next week it's going to be pretty dry. we are going into the weekend with gusting winds and temperatures in the upper 60s. it's mainly the same with low to mid-60s from the coast to inland valleys. mike, you are seeing something on the bay bridge? >> yeah, it doesn't say much, the report, so i will say something. i don't see slowing, but there's tracking here and so they could slow down the metering lights until they see what is going on and i think it's probably a disabled vehicle and will clear quickly. a disabled vehicle reported out of vallejo, and we will see if it affects highway 37. i don't think this here will affect the transition ramps.
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no slowing shows up in silicon valley. morgan hill and san martin hill with fog, so slowing there. >> thank you. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> basically all adults in california are now eligible for a covid-19 vaccine booster. how do you get one? i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. we'll show you how, next. first, you know, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. mike inouye got a box, and his family left him only the dark chocolate covered raisins. luckily he likes them. follow him on social media.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 6:24 right now. with fda approval still in the air on the state's my turn app, still not technically available on all adults. >> we wanted to prepare you, and consumer investigator, chris chmura, takes you through the steps to receive a booster shot. >> we have good news. getting a vaccine booster appointment is way easier than it used to be. no midnight web surfing, no stand-by wait lists or long road trips, like the one i took. to find an appointment ask your doctor or pharmacy or you can
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use a federal location. there's contact information and what boosters they have. if you don't want to text you can call the federal locater service. you don't have to search for a specific booster to match your original shot. the cdc says it's okay to mix and match. when you are scheduling, you will likely have to specific you are looking for a booster. have your vaccine card handy because they will want to know when you had your last shot. some people are just now getting their first covid shots and some kids are getting their shots, too, you might find that some locations are booked up, so prepare to possibly schedule your appointment a couple days or week out. when you go to your appointment,
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bring your vaccine record card and make sure they update it with your booster. your booster should be free regardless of whether you have health insurance. >> thanks, chris. 6:25 right now. a follow-up for you in the east bay. a deal now in place to develop the oakland coliseum complex. counsel members agreed to an exclusive deal with the african-american sports and entertainment group led by east oakland native, ray bobbitt. the specifics are not being released as of just yet, but city leaders hope it will lead to new affordable housing and more jobs. there are also plans to draw in a new wnba team to the arena. you may not have noticed yet, but a whole new crypto craze is going on. staples center, for example, will now be arena.
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$700 million was paid in one of the largest naming rights ever. that change takes place on christmas day. up next, the top stories we are following for you, including the best way to beat the shipping madness ahead of the holidays. breaking news this morning, walkout averted at uc services just before classes were set to be canceled. details on what was just announced on that deal with nontenured lecturers. then a key goal in the california worsening drought, and the simple steps we all can do to help out. then the relentless expensive and unmanagement car break-ins. why and who is to blame? our investigative team takes us for a ride in one of the city's
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financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. right now at 6:30, i am kris sanchez at one of the busiest places in the bay area right now, the usps sorting facility in san josé. it's quiet now but they are bracing for a major rush ahead of the holidays. plus -- >> it has been a difficult year for us in the city of oakland.
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>> oakland police chief says enough is enough. our one-on-one with oakland's top cop responding to a surge in gun violence. what he says he will need to keep the streets safe. we'll have one more shot at rain before we head back into a stretch of dry weather for the weekend, so i will break down the timeline and what the forecast shows for rain in the bay area. this is "today in the bay." a very good wednesday morning to you. thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have a lot to get to this morning but first we have breaking news for you. >> a planned strike across nine uc campuses have been called off at the last minute thanks to a new deal. thousands of lecturers were in a bitter dispute but celebratory rallies are set for noon today. there was a tweet saying the new deal involves improvements in
6:32 am
job stability and compensation. we sent today in the bay's kris sanchez to a postal processing center to see what is going on there. >> reporter: you know, it's very quiet right now but only because they were so busy this morning sending all of the packages out to all of the south bay -- all the way down to watsonville, if you can believe it. in the year of the pandemic 2020, we sent and received 13 billion packages nationwide because we couldn't gather with our friends and family. this year will be a little different, but the u.s. postal service is expecting about the same volume including 1 billion packages in the holiday season alone. you are expected to be busy? >> yes, peak season already
6:33 am
started. we are seeing a lot of additional volume already since last week. >> so people are listening when people say start shipping early or you will be in trouble? >> yeah, that's what we want, for them to ship early. >> reporter: you are seeing video of how busy it was earlier today. you are ramping up in hiring, hiring more seasonal workers and adding more space. >> yeah, we are hiring 40,000 additional seasonal employees to help process the mail, and we added 75 million square feet in annexes to help us sort the mail. >> reporter: what you can do to help yourself is get your packages out on time. this is deadlines you want to keep in mind. december 15th by ground, or if you want to send your package first class, your cut off is
6:34 am
december 17th. december 18th, priority sending. if you show up, not here at the sorting facility but the post office, be sure you are kind and make sure your boxes are addressed and ready and spread holiday cheer and grumpiness. >> if you don't ship in time, you will send an iou. thanks, kris. head over to our website, and there you can find out a lot of things and get a survey to get results on the items you might have to pay more for or wait longer for. that's at nationwide covid cases have
6:35 am
jumped over 14% over the last week according to johns hopkins university data. governor newsom is making a new push for everybody to get vaccinated. at a king's county grade school he pointed out the low vaccination rate and high rate of infection. the most vaccinated county in the state, marin county. the health officer there says the surge is already here. >> taken together, our increases regional, locally and globally, and the message is the winter surge as begun in marin. >> health leaders do stress it will depend on lot on what people do right now. 6:35, and only on nbc bay area, oakland's chief of police
6:36 am
says it has been trying for the whole city, and this was after the death of jasper wu on interstate 880, and the shooting that injured a 11-year-old girl and her mother. the chp is leading the 880 shooting investigation. oakland police this year have responded to more than 500 shootings and more than 120 people have died. a rate not seen in about a decade. chief armstrong says the department has a 30% rate when it comes to solving crimes. a big part of the problem is the shrinking police force. >> i can't be asked to do something and not be given the resources to actually do it. it's my hope that this is a call to those that make the decisions in the city of oakland to invest in public safety. >> right now chief armstrong says his department has 681 sworn officers. he would like to see 500 more added to the force, which can not happen on a tight budget. new details this morning, alameda county supervisors
6:37 am
filled the seat formerly held by chan who was struck and killed earlier this month. dave brown will replace her and will serve the rest of her term. he says he will not seek re-election to the board next year, and has pledged to endorse an asian-american woman in the election. and then to the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. one investor testified that holmes told her theranos had a contract with the defense department. california is falling short
6:38 am
on its water conservation goal by cutting water use by 15%. new data shows water usage fell slightly from august. september was california's second driest month in state history. let's take a live look outside for you this morning. now a live look right here at the redwood shores. that's beautiful. you can see the sun rising. meteorologist, kari hall, has been monitoring the weather and drought, and do we have rain in the next few days? >> yes, not a lot and definitely not what we need at this point to catch up. we are starting out this morning in some spots with dense fog but clear elsewhere. we will see it all clearing out. yeah, the rain is coming in tomorrow and we will track that. once again, it's a light amount of rain. we have sunshine in the weekend
6:39 am
forecast. right now visibility is down to zero in novato, and we are seeing that in morgan hill. it clears up as you are heading into san josé and the rest of the bay area. our temperatures this afternoon reaching in the mid to upper 60s. really nice with a lot of sunshine as we head through today. mike, you have breaking news for bart riders? >> yeah, the berryessa line, it has a delay half an hour or more. this could get more complicated as we see it as a main focus point for a lot of lines. we will track that. the roadways, they are moving all right. we had an earlier start to some of the backups but nothing major until here on southbound 880. there's one lane blocked by a crash that has been there for 15
6:40 am
minutes. a good volume coming off the castro y as well. typical patterns except for fog in novato. back to you. >> thank you, mike. next on "today in the bay," the reason advocates are questioning the use of helicopters during last year's george floyd protests. in washington there could be a congressional punishment. we will tell you who they are punishing, coming up. the dow is slipping just a bit as trading begins. instagram, there's a new feature launching for drivers. it's a place drivers could find for a safe place to rest. that's on "synced in" in on
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good wednesday morning. right now it's 6:43. it's almost time to pack up the lunch boxes and head off for school in antioch. we are starting out in the 40s, and it's going to be a chilly morning and still cool by pickup time, but we will have more sunshine. we will talk about when we will need the umbrellas in the forecast coming up in a couple minutes. while the san mateo bridge moves smoothly, getting to the san mateo bridge is a problem. slowing through hayward for a crash there, and then delays on two bart lines now. it's 6:43 right now.
6:44 am
jury deliberations continue today in the rittenhouse homicide trial. this followed the police shooting of jacob blake last summer. protesters took to the streets in kenosha yesterday. rittenhouse claimed he was acting in self defense. and the aclu is concerned about some of the video here. they said the use of aerial surveillance. protests were captured from above in san francisco, berkeley and palo alto. chp did not respond to that report. president biden traveling today for the infrastructure
6:45 am
bill. >> detroit retooling the electric cars. tom costello will sit down with the ceo of gm to talk about that on the "today" show. president biden was in new hampshire yesterday taking a walk across a bridge in need of repairs. in 2003 the engineers said the bridge was in such poor shape it limited the weight of some vehicles that could cross it. president biden had to clarify something about taiwan. the president met with chinese xi earlier this week. president biden told the american press that taiwan was,
6:46 am
quote, independent and makes its own decisions. officially america does not recognize taiwan's independence from china, even though taiwan is totally independent of china, but in an arrangement called one china policy we don't talk about it. so the president had to back pedal a bit. >> i said they had to decide, not us. i said we are encouraging what they require. >> trump took a phone call from the taiwan president after he won the election. it's not clear trump knew under u.s. policy he should not have taken call.
6:47 am
at the capitol today the house will vote whether to censure gosar. it's not clear if any republicans will vote to censure. somebody on his staff put his face on a character that killed a character with alexandria ocasio-cortez' face on it. she pointed out if you worked anywhere in america and put a threat to kill your co-worker on twitter, you would lose your job. gosar took the tweet down but has not apologized. you will find me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. in about two weeks or 2 1/2
6:48 am
months, i should say, the beijing olympics will arrive. one woman is set to make history on ice. i want you to meet abby rock. she's a member of a native tribe on the border of canada. she just went pro. >> she has the unique ability to impact her teammates. >> you can watch that entire story later this morning on the "today" show, including how she hopes to put the spotlight on diversifying the sport. trending this morning, today is guinness world records day. look at that. the most consecutive jumps over
6:49 am
a car with a pogo stick. in china, a firsthand look at the fastest times 50 meters while walking on your hands. who makes this stuff up? >> yeah, but that's okay. >> he did this in 30 seconds, the length of a football field. >> that's crazy. >> he jumped down into a split. >> that's a different category. >> interesting records. >> exactly. >> no record sets today weather-wise, know. >> yeah, i like this. it's a nice and quiet morning for us and we are trying to ease into the weekend. we're starting out clear in walnut creek. our visibility very low in some spots, even though it cleared up for the east bay. up and down san francisco, there's dense fog as you are driving up 101 into novato and
6:50 am
into santa rosa. 101 from morgan hill, we are seeing dense fog in that area but it clears up as you head towards san josé. our temperatures will reach in the upper 60s this afternoon. we will see mid-60s for martinez today, reaching 64. also 64 in livermore, and 66 in redwood city. in daly city, we are looking at a high of 61 degrees. 59 in the outer sunset. downtown looking at a high of 65, and 65 also in sonoma. we are seeing mainly to upper 60s across the bay area, but we are getting ready for rain. the storm system looks fairly disorganized. we will start to bring in spotty rain late thursday night, and continue through early friday and then taper off. not all of us will see that rain. it looks like the more measurable rain will be in the north bay where we could be seeing up to0.1 of rain, and we need more because our reservoirs
6:51 am
are seeing only 11% capacity. we will continue to keep an eye on that. mike, now you still have the breaking news for the bart problem. >> yeah, it's affecting two lanes now, and it's because both lines go through the hayward bay fair area. it sounds like there's a train struck. this is complicated. the issue is here, so bart riders will have a problem and the roadways have a problem because it's jammed up at 880, and they did clear the crash but there's back flow as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:51 right now. happening now, palo alto's contracted shelter plans is terminating its agreement with the city.
6:52 am
the city leaders tell the paper it has already invested $1.5 million in renovations, and it all comes amid a scandal where three shelter workers were cited for animal cruelty. a woman and young daughter rushed to the hospital after a high-speed crash outside a fast-food restaurant. we will tell you about the quick thinking by one witness to help speed up the rescue. plus -- >> in more than a dozen schools in the hayward school district could potentially close. coming up, we will break down why and which schools are potentially on the chopping block. i am streaming live on facebook live for a behind-the-scenes look for "today in the bay," check out my facebook page right now, laura garcia, nbc. we would love to hear from you.
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we'll be right back.
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6:55 this morning. welcome back. we have a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay," and the breaking news with a strike called off on the last minute. >> that's right. the strike was scheduled across nine uc campuses. now celebratory rallies are planned for noon. a short time ago the union
6:56 am
representing lecturers shared a tweet sharing some of the agreements. hayward schools on the line as leaders debate what could be a wave of closures. cierra johnson is live. this could impact more than a dozen schools, cierra? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, marcus. 14 schools to be exact are in the consideration of potentially being closed. take a look at the screen and we have a list of schools they are talking about closing. the closures are due to a decrease of students in the school district. the school district predicts in the next couple of years the district will be at the lowest level of just under 16,000 students. with that shrinking they lose funding and they want to shuffle students from the older buildings to the more moderate
6:57 am
buildings. 6:30, we should have a clearer picture of which schools you saw on the screen could close over the next three years. >> thank you, cierra. no update from authorities still on the mother and child involved in a high speed crash in a parking lot. take a look at the video. police say it happened around 6:30 last night in oakley when a car plowed into a pillar outside a taco bell on main street. one woman jumped on the car to pull the toddler from safety. nobody in the restaurant was injured. as soon as tomorrow the fda will reportedly authorize booster shots for all american adults. right now just a handful of states approve, including california. in all cases fully vaccinated adults can receive a booster six months after their second shot. >> you probably heard the
6:58 am
warnings, get that holiday shopping going and the shipping done early because time may catch up to you. today in the bay's kris sanchez getting inside tips to help beat those deadlines. they are coming quickly, kris. >> reporter: hi, there, laura. this is the usps facility that manages all of the mail for the south bay down to watsonville. while a lot of us can gather safely with friends and family this year, they do expect they will see the same volume. the u.s. postal service are hiring 40,000 people across the united states, and they are adding more facility space and adding more shorting machines as well, and these are the package shipping deadlines you will want to keep in mind. if you are shipping by ground get started with your packages by the 15th, and priority
6:59 am
express is more expensive and stressful, so don't be a last-minute lucy, make sure you are patient and packages addressed. >> i was going to say a last-minute laura. >> oh, that beautiful sunrise. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the forecast for you. >> in some spots we have seen the fog, and all that clears out and we will have more sunshine today. i will keep you up-to-date on the rain before friday. trains are back online, so better news. >> that's what is happening on "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live
7:00 am
local news update. >> the golden gate bridge, a beautiful sight. >> yeah, we are also on facebook live. join us. >> she's live right now. tune in. >> have a great day. good morning help on the way, the fda expected to green light booster shots for all adults with the first shots available as soon as this weekend pfizer seeking approval for its new pill to treat the virus. two potential game changers as cases across the country tick up again. we've got everything you need to know bracing for a verdict. protesters and police good morning. help on the way, the fda expected to green light booster shots for all adults with the first shots available as soon as this weekend. pfizer seeking approval for its new pill to treat


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