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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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local news update. >> the golden gate bridge, a beautiful sight. >> yeah, we are also on facebook live. join us. >> she's live right now. tune in. >> have a great day. good morning help on the way, the fda expected to green light booster shots for all adults with the first shots available as soon as this weekend pfizer seeking approval for its new pill to treat the virus. two potential game changers as cases across the country tick up again. we've got everything you need to know bracing for a verdict. protesters and police good morning. help on the way, the fda expected to green light booster shots for all adults with the first shots available as soon as this weekend. pfizer seeking approval for its
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new pill to treat the vie was. two potential game changers as cases across the country tick up again. we've got everything you need to know. bracing for a verdict. protesters and police surrounding the courthouse as deliberations enter day two of the kyle ridden house trial. and just ahead, inside the unusual courtroom moment when the defendant himself chose his final jurors by lottery. home for the holidays, more than 53 million americans set to travel for thanksgiving, a major increase from last year. will there be enough workers at the nation's airports to handle the surge with that federal vaccine mandate deadline looming? we'll go one-on-one with the head of the tsa. round two, the hard-hit pacific northwest bracing for even more rain in the wake of the storm that triggered major flooding, rescues and evacuations and al is tracking another potent system that could impact your holiday plans. his forecast, just ahead. those stories, plus revealing. a new documentary taking a closer look at janet jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction during the super bowl. >> her career suffered because of someone whose ego was hurt. >> the fallout that has faced her for nearly 20 years. and britney speaks.
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>> i've been in a conservatorship for 13 years. that's a really long time to be in a situation you don't want to be in. >> what she is now saying about winning back control of her life, her money and her career. today, wednesday, november 17th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. >> we have a lot of news to get to. much of it focused on the fast approaching holiday seasons. by the way, thanksgiving is week from tomorrow, in case you're checking. >> i can't believe it. and it's going be a busy one. we're now just hours away from seeing real airport crowds return to prepandemic levels. just ahead, we're going to talk to the man in charge of the tsa about what we can expect. meantime, despite all that
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talk about inflation and the supply chain crisis, there are new signs retail sales are up-and-up significantly. we'll tell you why and what you need to know. and as for celebrations, happy to say crowds will be back in times square this new year's eve. the city of new york making it official while in washington there's news that federal health officials could authorize pfizer's covid boosters for all adults in the coming days. anne thompson is in times square with the latest on all these headlines. hi, anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. is the fda and cdc will meet at the end of this week to discuss vaccine booster eligibility. a hopeful sign for many as the thanksgiving holiday approaches. here in new york city, there is one more reason to smile. officials announcing times square new year's eve celebration is back on. in a matter of days, pfizer's covid booster could get the green light for people 18 years and older who are six months out from their second dose. paving the way for tens of millions of americans to get another shot.
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>> it's going to be very important for people to get the booster shot. >> pfizer is also asking the fda to authorize emergency use of its covid antiviral pill. the company says its clinical trial reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by 89% in people at high risk of severe illness. the biden administration planning to buy enough pills for 10 million people, hoping they'll curb the winter uptick along with that booster rollout. here in new york city, adult residents welcoming the extra jab. >> hopefully, it's more of a christmas 2019, we can enjoy our family and -- >> reporter: new york, one of a handful of states and cities expanding booster eligibility to all adults amid a troubling surge in cases. in vermont, a nation leading 72% of residents there are fully vaccinated, but the state's two-week case count jumped 60%. most of the new cases, unvaccinated people. across new england, the two-week
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case count is up in every state except connecticut, but even there, deadly outbreaks. at the gear village senior community, 8 residents died from covid. a total of 89 residents and staff got infected just over the last month and a half. almost everyone had been vaccinated. but health officials still emphasizing the vaccines will make the difference this holiday season. >> if you are in the vaccinated group, then you can enjoy the winter and enjoy being at home for the holidays indoors without worry background masks. >> reporter: and new york city plans to send 2021 out in style, just like it used to before the pandemic with crowds, performances and controlled pandaemonium at midnight. >> we want it to be a great new york celebration. >> reporter: and in washington, d.c., officials there are listing that city's indoor mask
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mandate for public places starting monday. savannah. >> and let's ask about the pfizer covid antiviral pill because the company said it's looking to expand access to that drug around the world. what more do you know about that? >> yeah, savannah, this is really exciting. pfizer is asking to license that pill to other companies so it can be made globally. and health officials say that could go a long way to stopping the spread of the coronavirus by keeping -- killing the coronavirus in the countries where those highly contagious variants start. >> a good game changer there, anne, thank you. meantime, jurors deciding the fate of kyle rittenhouse are returning to decide the second day of deliberations. gabe gutierrez joins us from the courthouse with the very latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. high drama here at the courthouse as we await a possible verdict.
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the jury asking no specific questions of the judge so far, only to request more copies of jury instructions. this morning, the nation waiting on the decision of 12 jurors who will decide the fate of kyle rittenhouse. >> folks, you can retire to considered your verdicts. >> reporter: with small demonstrations outside the courthouse, hundreds of national guard troops are on stand by, but not yet deployed as the second day of deliberations begins. and in a striking image tuesday, rittenhouse himself determining his own jury. 18 men and women sat through the trial. the judge allowed him to draw six names at random from a lottery draw. those six alternate jurors will stay in a separate room while the other 12 deliberate. the final makeup, 7 women, 5 men and one person of color. >> if the jury finds rittenhouse provoked the initial attack, rittenhouse may lose the argument of self-defense
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completely. >> reporter: rittenhouse is charged with five felony counts, the most serious first degree intentional homicide. if convicted, he faces up to es life in prison. last august during protests in kenosha, wisconsin, over the police shooting is of a black man, jacob blake, rittenhouse shot and killed two men and injured a third. rittenhouse's supporters say he tried to stop rioters. >> do you view this as an attack on the second amendment? >> yes. people say he was a vigilante, but he was one of us going out and protecting the community. >> reporter: but for the girlfriend of anthony huber, the second man rittenhouse shot and killed, the trial is about accountability. >> i think real justice, honestly, would be at least -- at the bear minimum, some consequence for his actions. >> reporter: rittenhouse says he acted in self-defense. his defense team has been working with a high profile jury consultant who also worked on the oj simpson trial. again, day two of jury deliberations is set to begin later this morning.
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hoda. >> gabe gutierrez for us at the courthouse, thank you. politics over the next several days, the president and top administration officials are hitting the road to tout the new trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure law. they're keeping an eye on an overall economy that's experiencing a big uptick in retail sales, despite decades high levels of inflation. nbc's tom costello is just outside of detroit, which is on the president's schedule today. hi, tom, good morning. >> yeah, good morning. consumer spending has been very strong. record levels. retail sails up for the third month in a row. but as you know, we have the supply chain shortage extending all the way back to china. a shortage of goods, high demand that pushes prices up, that's inflation. meanwhile, president biden here today to talk about how his just-passed infrastructure bill will help the economy. nearly two years into the pandemic, pent up demand has americans flocking back to stores, both online and in person.
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retail sales on products like clothes, electronics and cars climbed 1.7% last month. up more than 16% from the year before. as companies grapple with supply chain holdups, consumers up here undeterred by inflation. all of it jump starting the holiday season before thanksgiving. >> back to school was strong. halloween was incredibly strong. thanksgiving and christmas will be, too. >> two of the nation's largest retailers, home depot and walmart say earn eggs beat expectations. walmart's grocery sector and sheer size have helped it avoid passing costs on to customers. with more people planning trips and borders reopen to international visitors, hudson and bleaker, which sells travel bags and accessories has seen sales take off in recent months. >> i think the surge is attributed not only to holiday gift giving, but the desire for travelers to get out and travel again and spend the holiday with family and friends. >> still, while americans
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continue to spend, they're also facing rising prices. and that includes soaring fuel costs. a gallon of gas now averages $3.42, up 11 cents from just last month. with those concerns, overinflation and the overall health of the economy, president biden is selling his recently passed infrastructure package to main street. >> your life is going to change for the better. that's literal. >> that $1.2 million measure will help improve roads, bridges, rails, expand broadband and the president says help improve the supply chain crisis. >> it's going to mobilize our ports and airports and freight rail to make it easier for companies to get goods to market, reduce supply chain
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bottlenecks we're experiencing now. >> yeah. the plan just passed also includes money to build out a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. and that's why president biden is coming here today to general motors' new factory zone row as general motors moves from gasoline engines to all battery central vehicle. we had an exclusive sit-down with the ceo of gm's mary barr. we'll have that at 8:00. back to you. >> see you next hour, tom, thank you. craig joins the table now. another big story today, weather. >> a huge story. good morning to you. we're tracking some new problems from that destructive storm that has pummeled the pacific northwest leading to flooding emergencies, evacuations, power outages, as well. we're going to get to al's forecast in just a moment, but first, miguel almaguer is in hard-hit ferndale, washington, with a report. >> reporter: good morning. a this storm has already cost one life on the canadian side of the border. the water quickly receded, the threat isn't over yet.
7:13 am
the pacific northwest bracing for more bad weather this week as it tries to recover from its most recent devastating deluge that lasted for days. the result, record rain, widespread flooding and deadly mudslides. >> that's the power and the force of the water. it's amazing. >> reporter: the storm pushing rainfall totals in seattle to new record highs. some 40 inches completely soaking the area in just 31 days. in northern washington state, flood waters sweeping away this father of four. neighbors say his wife fears the worst. >> she was kneeling in water just sobbing. >> reporter: more than 500 people forced to scramble out of their homes for safety. >> there's nothing in our house and in less than 30 minutes, it was up to our knees and ankles. outside our yard, for me, it was up to my waist in some spots. >> how scared were you? >> terrified.
7:14 am
>> reporter: helicopters in canada lifting more than 300 people to safety as roads crumbles and highways buckles and deadly landslides trapping drivers in their cars. >> something told me that we have to go forward. there's somebody in there. and there was. >> reporter: back in washington state, crews are working to clear highways. but as flood waters start to recede, the struggle to recover begins. >> it's hard because there's a lot of stuff that's just going to go to loss because of this. >> reporter: this morning, a region known for rain still flooded under feet of misery. adding insult to injury, 90% of the west remains in extreme drought. this is one area that simply just does not need more water. craig, back to you. >> miguel almaguer in washington state, thank you. dig deeper into this. s go to mr. roker and get a check of the weather. >> there's another storm coming to these folks, but the good
7:15 am
news is, it's going to stay to the south. you can see it now making its way closer to the coast. so what we look for for tomorrow, i should say, this low pressure will move into the oregon coast, increasing winds, rain approach friday. most of that precipitation stays to the south. northern california into central oregon. so those flooded areas in washington state will dry out. now, that other system, that one is moving today through the midwest. the moisture will increase ahead of the front. showers from michigan all the way down into arkansas pushing to the east tomorrow. steadiest rain makes its way into new england with snow showers around the great lakes, but rainfall amounts anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch, isolated 1 inches. not bad. but what we are watching as we get into next week for thanksgiving travel during the week, rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, lake-effect snow
7:16 am
and heavy, cold windchills moving sunday, monday into tuesday morning. you can see the lake-effect snow really developing from chicago, detroit, buffalo and rain off the coast. as long as this system tracks the way we think it will, we should be okay as we go into wednesday, into thursday. but we are going to be watching this day by day because we want to make sure you have the information you need for that important thanksgiving day travel. guys. >> we're watching it closely, al. thank you very much. what about local? >> oh, are we doing that somehow? i'm sorry. i got so taken. that's what's going on. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. nteed 4pm checkout at over 1,200 fine hotels & resorts properties. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum.
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good wednesday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we have dense fog in parts of the south county. much of the bay area is clear to the peninsula and then foggy parts in the north bay, so allow extra time to get to work in those spots, and once that clears out we have a nice sunny day ahead. comfortable weather with rain arriving by tomorrow. i will have more updates on that. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. >> al, thank you. coming up, your guide to the thanksgiving travel rush expected to be the busiest in years from higher costs to longer wait times. what you'll face on the roads and the airports as we go one-on-one with the head of the tsa. plus it's one of the most infamous moments in super bowl history, janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction. the lasting one second that change our culture and her career for nearly 18 years. a closer look.
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but first, this is "today" on nbc. cul nbc.
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coming up, our holiday handbook to help you navigate the issues for thanksgiving families are facing across the country. >> lots of issues, not the personality family issues. >> we'll help but those, too >> with some of the travel issues and the etiquette issues. vicky nguyen, dr. natalie are going to act as our therapists this morning, answering your questions including how to handle those tricky conversations about vaccines that need to happen before the feast. but first, here is your local news and weather as $25 a month. no family needed. (dad vo) is the turkey done yet?! (mom vo) here's your turkey! (chloe) turkey's done. [fire alarm blares] (grandpa) answer the phone. (chloe) that's the fire alarm, grandpa. (vo) visible. unlimited data, powered by verizon.
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talk to your doctor about adding rexulti to your antidepressant. look! oh my god... i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. ♪ we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift. ♪ a very good morning to you. it's 7:26 this morning, and i am laura garcia. closing down schools in hayward, the vote today that may impact thousands of families. >> reporter: good morning, i am cierra johnson in hayward. this morning students, teachers and staff waiting to hear which schools could potentially be on the chopping block in the next couple of school years because of funding issues. a good number of students have left the district leaving the district with less funding so as a result they are looking to
7:27 am
move children from the older school buildings to the new school buildings, and that meeting will happen tonight at 6:30 and will be virtual. the target ceo spoke with reporters and analysts on the conference call, and the ceo said sales are strong but the company will work to keep prices where they are. wall street likes the idea of strong sales but is punishing the stock because low prices mean low profit. a target executive said on the phone call that the relationship with customers is more important than profit. >> i bet they will have a lot of customers this christmas. let's check your forecast with meteorologist, kari hall. maybe sweaters should be on the gift list? >> yeah, it's clear in san francisco and our temperatures are headed for the mid-60s for today. not really all that warm. that's the kind of weather we will see continue into the weekend. we are also getting ready to pull out the umbrellas between
7:28 am
thursday night and early friday. we will see spotty light showers moving in, laura. >> good to know. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update coming up in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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we're back. it is 7:30 with a look at the famed rockefeller center christmas tree. busy getting our norway spruce ready for the big close-up. by the way, they were giving away little pieces of that tree. >> oh, there's my earring. i've looking everywhere. have you seen it, sparkling, swarovski, about 20 billion crystals. >> i heard it was actually craig's earring. >> i told you you should get some bling. >> not that much bling. >> the ceremony is exactly two weeks from today. december 1st.
7:31 am
get ready, get in the spirit. >> we'll all be there getting lilt. but first, we begin with a potential break through in the fight against alzheimer's disease. brigham hospital is launching a vaccine for alzheimer's. it is intended to prevent and slow the progression of the disease. the lead researchers calls this a remarkable milestone. jury selection in the trial of ghislaine maxwell is now under way. the british socialite was in court on tuesday as jurors were interviewed for the case. maxwell is accused of recruiting under age girls to have sex with jeffrey epstein. a frida kahlo self-portrait painting sold at auction for $34.9 million last night. the piece sold to an unidentified buyer, painted five
7:32 am
years before her death. it was considered to be kahlo's final self-portrait. meantime, thanksgiving just eight days away. tens of millions of americans are gearing up to travel for the holiday. >> traffic on the roads and the airports set for a strong rebound last year when so many families missed out on a chance to be together. >> in a moment, we're going to talk about the holiday rush with the head of the tsa. kerry sanders joins us in ft. lauderdale, florida. hi, kerry, good morning. >> good morning, guys. look, if you're traveling next week for thanksgiving by air, aaa says monday will be your easiest day and least expensive. but come tuesday and wednesday, expected to be more expensive and potentially chaotic. >> whether you're taking to the sky or hitting the highway, this year turkey day travel is on the rise. >> we are excited, yeah. it's always good to be together. >> aaa anticipates more than 53
7:33 am
million americans will travel over thanksgiving. a 13% increase from 2020 and nearing prepandemic levels. so expect longer weight times at airports and even on the phone with airlines. like this customer who was on hold for more than three hours, 40 minutes. >> people are going to be traveling for the first time since the pandemic and they're not used to the whole travel experience. so get familiar with your airline check-in procedures. do the research now, do the planning and planning ahead. strict federal protocols are still in effect at airports. if you're planning on packing some treats, the tsa says solids like meats, baked goods and stuffings can be carried on, but anything that can spill like home made cranberry sauce,
7:34 am
grandma's preserves or that special wine should go in a checked bag. >> unruly passenger we need to get off the airplane. >> reporter: airlines are monitoring unruly passengers. more than 150 incidents so far this year have been reported to the faa. >> don't ruin your holiday plans because you couldn't behave for a few hours, couldn't control your temper and couldn't enjoy your holiday. >> reporter: from the runway to the roadway, the average price per gallon on thanksgiving day is projected to cost $3.35, more than $1 higher than 2020. and in california, sticker shock premium, $6.59 a gallon. but no matter how you plan on traveling to your destination, experts say building in extra time is crucial. to getting to your celebration safely. if you're one of those unruly passengers, the faa can fine you up to $3,700 and airlines have started to put some of those unruly passengers on no-fly lists that could last a
7:35 am
lifetime. savannah. >> kerry, thank you. joining us now from new york's laguardia airport is tsa administrator david pekoske. mr. administrator, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all indications are you are going to have a very busy thanksgiving travel holiday. aaa is advising travelers to plan for long lines and extra time for tsa checks. do you agree with that assessment? >> i agree. thanksgiving is always our busiest travel time of the year. we expect to be very close to the travel volumes we saw prepandemic, so in 2019. so my best advise to travelers is plan for a little bit more time and be patient when you get here. i mean, everybody wants to travel. everybody wants to have a good experience. and i think patience is the key to that. >> federal workers, which includes tsa employees must be fully vaccinated.
7:36 am
the deadline is monday. last month, i believe you told a reporter about 60% of the tsa workforce had been vaccinated. what is that number now and, more to the point, are you going be staffed enough to handle this big surge? >> yes. to the point, we are going to be staffed enough to handle the surge. and i expect to have no impact whatsoever with respect to the vaccine. and throughput going through the tsa screening checkpoints. i would point out that for travelers, it's going be a healthier experience because more and more people are vaccinated. and within tsa, we've seen a substantial increase in the number of people vaccinated within our workforce. >> you know, you mentioned travelers, which brings me to my next question. do you believe it would be good if passengers had to be vaccinated? in other words, if there was a vaccination requirement for domestic air travel for
7:37 am
passengers, not just tsa and faa? >> well, for passengers, we have had a mask requirement in all transportation system, so in the airport, on board the aircraft and on board subway systems and bus cycles. so there's that level of protection. and the carriers have done a great job. and we've done the same thing in our screened checkpoints. there are more plexiglass barriers in place and we've advanced some technologies that we had planned to implement that really require less contact between a passenger and a transportation security officer. so overall, i think the entire system has done a really good job since the beginning of the pandemic in protecting passengers. >> those are great measures, but there's nothing like the vaccine in terms of providing that protection. would you support passengers being required to be vaccinated in order to travel? >> well, i would support and we have the requirement in the federal workforce and it's a very good requirement. it's resulted in a much safer workplace you for all of our federal employees and where we interact with passengers and much safe from a health perspective experience for them. so i am sold on vaccines. i think they're incredibly effective. and i think it's important for us as a country to pull together
7:38 am
and get as many people vaccinated as we possibly can. >> covid is a big issue in the skies. unfortunately unruly passengers have become a real problem at the airports, but also in the air. how concerned are you about this dynamic and do you think more needs to be done to enforce measures against people who act out? >> thank you. i am concerned about it. the carriers are concerned about it. we are criminally prosecuting some cases, faa through the fbi. and we're going to message this issue significantly in the run up to thanksgiving. the level of unruly behavior is much higher than i have ever seen it in my four plus years as a tsa administrator. and i will do everything i can and i know my faa colleagues will do everything they can as well as our airline partners to bring this number down. and i would just highlight that the great work that the flight
7:39 am
attendants do every day with an unruly incident on board an aircraft. and i don't think they get enough credit for the difficulty of the job that they have, always, and then much more so with these in-flight disturbances that we're seeing. >> absolutely. they're being asked to do much more than should be expected of them. tsa administrator david pekoske, thank you for your time and good luck next week. >> thank you very much. good talking with you. >> good talking. >> and you are traveling on the busiest travel holiday of the year. it's official. sunday is the busiest travel holiday of the year. >> say a little prayer. say a little prayer. when we come back, the most talked about wardrobe malfunction in history is now the subject of a "new york times" documentary. >> we will talk to the director who says after years of fallout, it is time to rewrite the history behind that moment for music icon janet jackson and justin timberlake during the 2004 super bowl halftime show. that's coming up right after this. this
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7:44 am
was becoming increasingly progressive. the wardrobe malfunction between a pop icon and a rising pop star in front of 140 million viewers was the match that lit a powder keg. this documentary looks at the events leading up to the incident that the director says she believes was an doesn't and the fallout that followed. it was one of the most scrutinized moments in network television history. >> did the punishment actually fit the crime? >> reporter: nine-16ths of a second that damaged an icon. justin timberlake exposing janet jackson's breast to 144 million television viewers. >> it became an explosive powder keg and this woman who had pioneered her image, she was punished for it. >> reporter: produced by the team that produced framing britney spears, malfunction, the
7:45 am
dressing down of janet jackson takes viewers back 17 years. >> why revisit that moment now? >> so much happened in between culturally, politically and socially to us as america that i thought we needed to look at this film through a different lens. >> reporter: director jodi gomes explores the backlash. >> unfortunately, the whole thing went wrong. >> reporter: the humiliation. >> i want to put all of that behind me. i truly do. >> well, not me. >> reporter: and the and the ire event of cbs's les moonves. >> more than anything else, moonves thought he had been embarrassed. >> justin apologizes.
7:46 am
janet jackson did not. while timber lake was celebrated. >> her career suffered because of someone whose ego was hurt. >> reporter: if she had apologized in person like justin did, would things have been different for her? >> she had apologized. she apologized two or three times. janet's career certainly descended while justin's career ascended. and that's something you can't ignore. i think it says a lot about our industry and how we handle ageism. i think it has a lot to do with sexism and i think it has a lot to do with racism. >> reporter: last february in the wake of the me too movement and the times of the britney documentary, timber lake apologized to both stars posting
7:47 am
in part, i understand i fell short in these moments and many others and in a system that condones misogyny and racism. >> at a certain level, a pound of flesh was taken from both of those women. >> reporter: what specifically has changed to get us to this point? >> i think we have platforms now that allow us to be deterred. i don't think society actually knows what to do with the powerful women so we keep on powering on. >> we reached out to janet jackson, justin timberlake and cbs. none of them wanted to comment on the documentary. it's available to stream on hulu starting today. >> always fascinating to look at something with a new perspective. >> and i forget how maligned she was after that, my gosh. i am going to be watching that documentary. let's get another check of the weather, al. >> we have a frontal system causing a big change in our temperatures. you can see it right here, showers, and not a lot of moisture with this.
7:48 am
the big changes are going to be those temperatures. strong cold front pushing east. showers and thunderstorms stretching from texas on into the midwest. this arctic air is behind the front and you're going to get a sense of how much cooler it is. we go ahead of the front, we've got this gulf warmth. temperatures anywhere 10 to 20 degrees above average. st. louis, cincinnati, 68. nashville, 73. shreveport, 80 degrees. front moves through tomorrow. boom, temperatures drop. st. louis, 46 degrees. that's 8 degrees below average. nashville, 55. shreveport, 62 degrees. that's an 18-degree temperature drop in one day. st. louis, you'll see a 21 degree temperature drop. detroit, 19 in one day. and this just in, climate change globally, october, the fourth hottest october on record on pace for the sixth hottest year on record. and here in the united states, it's our second warmest october. maryland and ohio both the warmest on record. for today, windy conditions in the plains. drying out for our friends in the pacific northwest. sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard. good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. nice to see the sunshine out there in the south bay, although we have seen some really dense fog in the south county. the fog is still spotty. we are in for sunshine today as
7:49 am
our temperature heads for the low 60s. we will have clouds tomorrow with rain developing tomorrow night and into friday morning. we will see spotty and light showers. not expecting a lot out of the system. we head into the weekend with dry weather and temperatures in the upper 60s. guys. straight ahead, legendary super model and mogul iman is stopping by for an exclusive live interview. what she's doing to honor her epic love story with another icon, david bowie. but first, these messages. honor [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate.
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7:53 am
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> i am kris sanchez at the u.s. postal service facility in san josé that already is seeing a rush in holiday shipping. they have hired 40,000 more employees nationwide, the u.s. postal service, and they also added more facility space and shorting machines as well. here are package shipping deadlines you want to keep in mind. december 15th if you are shipping by ground. good morning. i am scott mcgrew.
7:57 am
netflix said it will change the way it determines how popular a show is. right now it ranks the shows by how many people watch the first two minutes, which is a terrible way of ranking. if you watch two minutes and turn it off, that would still count that the movie was more popular. time to look at the forecast with meteorologist, kari hall. we have seen patchy dense fog in the south county as well as the north bay. once that clears out we have a nice day ahead. tomorrow we are tracking rain and we are expecting showers to come in thursday night into friday morning. make sure you check in for updates on that. now back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, boosters for all. with pfizer's third dose on the verge of approval, experts urge the public to get another shot. >> at the end of the day, i think we're all going to come to the same conclusion, that you really do need boosts for everyone. >> what you need to know about that extra dose and when you can get it. hope for the holidays, with family and friends getting back together this year, how you can celebrate safely from vaccine
8:01 am
etiquette to travel tips, we've got your complete guide, straight ahead. plus, iman live, the model and entrepreneur joins us for an exclusive interview. we'll talk about her first ever fragrance inspired by her 24-year marriage to david about how bowie and the life they shared together. and britney speaks. ♪♪ the pop superstar shares her thoughts after the end of her 13-year conservatorship. what she's saying to fans about her new life and plans for the future today, wednesday, november 17th, 2021. >> lubbock, texas. >> from virginia, it's carter's birthday. >> hi to my best friend, hannah. >> we love you. >> and a trip with my best friend. >> hello to our husbands, kent and marty. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, mom. we love you. >> from leak city, texas.
8:02 am
>> here for our birthdays. >> i love it when there's a girls trip on the plaza. i love it when there's two girls trips on the plaza. >> it's so fun. >> let's gets to your news at 8:00. covid booster shots could be available to more americans within days. federal health officials could authorize pfizer's booster for all adults 18 and older as early as this week. that could mean tense of millions of americans getting that extra protection before thanksgiving. that word comes as new infections are, in fact, creeping up again, increasing fears of a winter spike. in the meantime, new york city announced yesterday that the annual new year's eve celebration in sometimes square is back on this year, but only for the fully vaccinated. >> president biden heads to detroit today to visit a new general motors facility that will build nothing but battery powered vehicles starting with
8:03 am
the iconic hummer. tom costello got an exclusive tour and he joins us from a nearby dealership. tom, good morning. >> hoda, good morning. both ford and gm have been producing vehicles for a hundred years now. gasoline powered engines. but now ford says in nine years, 40% of its fleet at ford will be battery powered. gm says just five years later, 100% of its fleet will be battery powered. and that is why president biden is coming here today. on the assembly lines in detroit, a dramatic revolution is under way at lightning speed. fierce competitors ford and general motors joining a global green movement with gm making the boldest commitment, all of its models will be electric by 2035. just 14 years away. not a lot of time. to make it happen. gm has spent $2.2 billion on this, factory zero. ceo mary barra gave us an exclusive tour. how much consumer demand is there to go all electric? >> well, we see it increase and we were actually getting close to a tipping point where consumers now are much more willing to consider an all-electric vehicle because
8:04 am
they see the benefit. >> reporter: look no further than the hummer, an iconic american brand now going electric. 350 miles on a single charge. this is the battery. 3,000 pounds of lithium icon cells helping to accelerate from 0 to 60 in three seconds. gm and ford both want a segment of the market dominated by tesla. >> we believe it's real and we know transportation plays a huge impact. >> reporter: factory zero itself symbolizes gm's total shift from gasoline engines to batteries. built in the 1980s, it was slated to be closed with 1,000 jobs on the line. then, a last-minute reprieve. now a high tech robotic hub with 2,000 employees giving financial stability to workers like monique watson and her family. >> i know that i'm going the be able to provide for my family, provide for my children. >> reporter: one immediate hurdle, the global supply chain slowdown stretching to china. the computer chips used in every new car and truck come from
8:05 am
asia. barra says the shortages could go well into next year. >> i think by that point in time, you know, we'll get back to a new normal. >> reporter: the new normal, in other words, the supply chain issues are going to last for a while, but computer chips are in everything these days. and so we're going to be all struggling with that demand and shortage. the infrastructure plan includes money to build out a network of charging stations nationwide and president biden today will be talking about that benefit coming up. back to you. >> tom costello for us there, thank you. overseas now, three months after the taliban seized control afghanistan, hunger has become a daily reality. it's putting children in the hospital and forcing families to make difficult choices. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engle is in afghanistan to tell us more. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: when u.s. and nato troops pulled out of this
8:06 am
country and the taliban took over, afghanistan's economy collapsed and now there is mass starvation. it's all about the economy. there is food here, but people can't afford to buy it and it's forcing some families to make desperate choices. the arm is measured. if the band goes red, she is mall nourished. she weighs 6 1/2 pounds at 8 months old. her mother used to feed her formula, but now can't afford it after her husband lost his job. a baby dies of starvation nearly every day at this clinic. occupancy is up 70% compared to
8:07 am
last year. her mother was herself mall nourished, so the baby was born too weak to suckle. >> translator: my husband is a house painter, but he sold his tools so we could feed the baby. things have gotten worse since the taliban came. what little we had went to zero. >> reporter: the babies are given a fortified blend of formula. about a third were vulnerable, like imran who has a neurological disorder. the 3-year-old can't walk or talk. now he's starving, too. jawad barely weighs 3 pounds. many of the poorest live on the outskirts of the city. here, the elders say the work has disappeared since the taliban took over and prices have gone up. then marad khan, a day worker, made a shocking admission.
8:08 am
look, look, behind you. see her? i swear to god, is she old enough to marry? no. but i sold her. his daughter was sold to another family to marry one of their sons when she reaches puberty. benezir doesn't answer, but seems to want to disappear. the buyers haven't paid for benezir yet. the agreed price for dowry is $2,000. as soon as they pay it, they'll come to collect her. benezir's family survived by begging. they burn trash to bake bread because they can't afford wood. benezir keeps the bread close to her heart whenever she's lucky enough to get a piece. benezir's sister, nazia, lies sick, her father thinks it's from the plastic fumes. >> she does have fever. she's burning up. have you had anything to eat or drunk? nothing.
8:09 am
benezir and her best friend go to fetch water. the local mosque is kind enough to let them fill their pails. saliha has been sold, too. she's 7. the two girls walk back home. benezir in just torn socks, even as she crosses a rocky path. saliha's father says he knows she's too young, but that he had a terrible choice to make. take the dowry now or watch all the family starve. >> translator: i'm forced to do this. i'm keeping five alive. one has to be sacrificed. >> reporter: benezir and saliha sit alone by their homes. the other girls, who like many here use henna to dye their hair. they worry they will, too, become hunger brides. many are forced to make horrific choices for their survival. an aid agency says more than half in this country are at risk
8:10 am
for starvation. back to you. >> chief correspondent richard engle, thank you. we'll shift girls gears. beginning christmas day, the home of the lakers, clippers and kings will be known as arena. the crypto currently trading platform paid nearly $7 million for the naming rights. they have hosted concerts, the grammy awards and memorial services for celebrities, including kobe bryant and michael jackson. >> wow, they can call it whatever they want. staples center always here. always. >> costs more than $700 million, close to your heart, i understand. let's get our morning boost. a woman who had not seen her dad in nearly three years decided to show up at his home in washington state to surprise him. so she grabbed a seat on his porch and waited for her dad,
8:11 am
j.r., to come outside. >> this is a nice place you got here, old man. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! holy [ bleep ] oh, my [ bleep ]. >> j.r. was blown away. at one point, i had to kneel down and lean on the porch. he's okay, by the way. he's okay. his daughter says that j.r. gets overwhelmed like that. what a lovely moment. >> all right. just ahead, your guide to a safe and happy thanksgiving, especially if multiple generations are coming together at your holiday table. he there they are. vicky nguyen and dr. natalie azar are both here to answer your questions and concerns, right after this. we're back at 8:14. this morning, we are focussing on your thanksgiving day feast. refresh where there is so much new, some say that it can't fit in one ad. i say... ...we're talking a new all-american club,
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8:15 am
>> for a lot of people, this is probably going to be the first family get together in quite some time. of course, everyone wants to celebrate in the safest ways possible. >> here to help with that, we've got the crack team, vicky nguyen, nbc medical contributor dr. natalie azar. we have a lot of questions for you, nat. i'll start with you. the cdc guidance, what are they saying about gatherings? >> your domain, vaccinations are the best way to protect yourself. number two is masking. if you are unvaccinated, you are masking pretty much everywhere, indoors and outdoors for your safety. number three, setting matters. outdoors is safer than indoors and if you are indoors, make sure your ventilation is there. buy a space heater. keep your windows open. lastly, this is where testing can become such an extra good layer, such a best friend to you.
8:16 am
remember, pcr, a couple days before traveling, rapid is when you arrive. i just ordered a couple rapids off amazon the other day to have, you know, in preparation for having guests at the house and whatnot. >> what about little kids who are under 5, being around grandparents. >> right. i'm going reassert this concept that grandparents out there have probably been eligible for boosting for quite some time now. so grandparents, please get your booster if you haven't because you want to protect your little ones. of course, we know there is the potential that the little ones could transmit to the older folks. it's not as likely to happen, again, if you can be outdoors, you do that. >> would you want the little one toes wear masks? >> if you're in a household with other fully vaccinated folks and you keep it within your household, no, you don't have to have your little ones masked, but if you're mixing groups and you don't know vaccination status, mask. >> let's talk boosters. some people have got their vaccinations, should i go and
8:17 am
sit down for thanksgiving? >> so my answer so this is that we are going to hear and i know we've been talking about it all morning, the cdc has an advisory committee planned for friday morning. they anticipate that the fda is probably going to authorize everybody. if you've been vaccinated with any of the vaccines that are authorized or approved for the country, you're very well protected against severe disease and hospitalization, but we know that there is waning immunity just protecting you from infection. >> yet you do hear about those breakthrough cases with people. >> i have a friend whose husband is double vaccinated and boosted and still got a break through. >> here is the thing. when you are vaccinated, you decrease transmission to others. and the way you do that is by having more vaccinated people means less infection in the community and if you are vaccinated but you get a break through, you're infectious for less long than someone who sun vaccinated. >> again, lots of folks, next
8:18 am
week they travel, they're around family, they're around friends. can you ask someone if they've been vaccinated? >> etiquette experts say absolutely, do it and be straight up with it. i'm vaccinated. are you? we want to know because we're trying to plan risk assessment for our family. what happens if you're planning a holiday gathering. what are your expectations. let everybody get on the same page. what happens if you get to the party and nobody is following the rules? >> that happens. >> if you're the host, you mach an announcement. this is what we expect. do it. if you're a guest, you go up to that host one-on-one and say, listen, i thought we were going to do x, it's not happening. give the host a chance to fix it. if they don't do it to your liking, just tell the host, hey, i would love to stay longer, i feel uncomfortable so i'm going to scoot. no drama for your mama. >> before you leave us this
8:19 am
morning, quickly, can we talk about saving money? are there any deals left if you haven't booked for travel? >> so the most expensive time to travel is going to be the day before or right after a major holiday. the week before, like right now would be a great time to travel for thanksgiving. if you're trying to get just a getaway in general, the first two weeks of january is the best time. travel prices take a real nose dive. be careful when booking with third party companies. you might find a wonderful deal. the last thing i want to say is the fbi just issued a scam warning saying if you get a robo call, a text message or an email from someone saying, hey, you won a travel package or hey, we've got this really great deal, hang up the phone, delete those messages. this is the time for scammers. >> thanks, dr. natalie. thank you. mr. roker, how about another check of the weather, sir. >> absolutely. and we're looking at showers developing along this frontal system. a dry day finally for our friends in the pacific
8:20 am
northwest. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. lots of sunshine across much of the bay area as you're heading out the door, and our temperatures will reach into the mid to upper 60s today. still kind of cool for some spots and the fog in the north bay will be gradually clearing out as well. as we go into the forecast, we'll see more clouds developing tomorrow. this is ahead of a very disorganized storm system that's going to bring us spotty showers late thursday night into early friday. the weekend is looking nice with highs in the upper 60s, and that sunshine will be returning. >> what am i going to do now? let's see. i've been in a conservatorship for 13 years. it's a really long time to be in a situation you don't want to be in. i'm grateful honestly for each day and being able to have the keys to my car and being able to
8:21 am
be independent and feel like a woman and wanting an atm card, seeing cash for the first time. i'm here to be an advocate for people with real disabilities and real illnesses. i'm a very strong woman so i can only imagine what the system has done to those people. >> britney goes on to thank fans behind the free britney movement who she credits with saving her life. in the caption for the video, she writes, honestly, it blows my mind what they did to me. it was demoralizing and degrading. she hopes her story will bring changes to the system. >> don't look up. a college professor, they discover a comment. >> we discovered a very large comet. >> our guests today made a very
8:22 am
big discovery. >> how big is this, will it destroy my ex-wife's house? >> there is a 100% chance that we're all going to die. >> come back anytime. but the yelling lady, not so much. >> not so much. >> as you can see, the film has an all-star cast. cate blanchett, tyler perry, watch the full trailer. it's in theaters and on netflix next month. next up, harry potter. it's been 20 years since the
8:23 am
wizarding world hit the big screen. they will be reuniting for an upcoming anniversary special. they're coming together for a look back at the first film that inspired generations of magic loving muggel fans. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone director christopher columbus along with robbie coletrain, gary aldman set to join harry potter return to hogwarts. next up, ghostbusters. dan aykroyd, bill murray and ernie hudson stopped by the tonight show to talk about ghostbusters afterlive. on tuesday, fallon shared a behind the scenes clip from the show where blues brother dan aykroyd grabbed the mike during a commercial break to sing a
8:24 am
song with jimmy and his costars. listen to this. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> i love how he dances. >> you know, they just like to get together and have a good time. i'm here for it. finally, law & order. mama will be so happy. a new promo for an upcome crossover between law & order svu and organized crime has fans online buzzing after a fleeteding moment between captain benson and secretary sabler that we've all been waiting for. >> you've accepted my offer. we have work to do. >> whatever happens, we're going to take it one step at a time. >> i missed it. >> did you catch that? >> benson and sabler. >> were they holding hands? >> they were holding hands. >> intertwined. >> i couldn't tell. >> you have to watch popstart
8:25 am
plus. >> by the way, organized crime, it's a solid -- >> very good. >> here it is. >> one more time. >> bang! >> whoa! >> knuckles touching, altogether. >> yes. >> that's not a friendship grab. >> one hand. >> i never knew that. intertwined, is that a thing? >> when you're holding your -- >> yeah. >> not the grip like this, the this. >> we were here and we asked if they were going to -- >> they wouldn't give anything away. >> didn't leak out. >> if fans have anything to say about it -- >> make out. >> inner twining knuckles. this is embarrassing because we have a living legend in the house. iman is here listening to this ridiculous conversation. >> she has more about her remarkable live and a new endeavor honoring her life with david bowie, right after this. we are back.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you, it is 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. uc campus has been called off at the last minute thanks to a new deal. thousands of lecturers were in a bitter dispute. celebratory rallies are planned for noon. the new deal involves improvements in job stability, workload, and compensation. sometimes we get paid in sunshine right here in the bay area. >> very nice as we take a look at our window here in san jose, but we've seen the fog kind of
8:27 am
drifting in from the south county and also the north bay is dealing with some very low visibility down to a quarter of a mile in novato, but elsewhere mainly clear, and we will get a lot more sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures staying kind of cool with mid-60s. we'll see more clouds moving in tomorrow. there will be a chance of spotty showers between thursday night and early friday. the weekend is looking dry, and we'll head back to the upper 60s with lower 60s, slightly cooler next week. >> thanks so much. thank you for joining us as well. another update in about a half an hour. hope to see you then. enjoy your wednesday morning, there's that sunshine we're talking about.
8:28 am
there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back. 8:30 now on this wednesday morning. it is the 17th of november, 2021. we've stepped outside for some selfies and to hang out with this good looking crowd. >> yeah. >> it's wednesday. yes. >> look at paula from new orleans over there. i see you coming up. a very special guest, iman is here for an exclusive interview. we're going to talk to her about her life, her beautiful relationship with david bowie.
8:31 am
>> feels so regal. taking the ice at the winter olympics, kathy park is here to introduce us to a remarkable young woman, abby ross. just ahead a few minutes from now, kevin hart live in studio this morning. kevin is going to join us to talk about this dramatic role that he's taken on in a new crime thriller. it's a mini series. >> looking forward to that. plus, you guys talked to tiktok star andrew garfield and tomorrow lin-manuel miranda will be here. >> i want to say hi to paula from new orleans turning -- how old? 70? happy birthday, darling. hang on, let me come over here. i'm looking for tom. where is tom? tom is celebrating how many years? >> 80 years. >> 80 years old. tom, we're so happy to see you. where is your sister, rosa? rosa, how are you?
8:32 am
and you're celebrating your 50th anniversary. where is your husband? >> this is my husband right here. >> there's a lot of families -- >> my best friend. >> i'm not going to let her go. >> y'all have a beautiful family. where are you from? >> thank you. from lubbock, texas. >> we're so happy that you're spending both celebrations with us. thank you so much. we're happy to see you. happy anniversary. happy birthday. love you, too. >> love that. can we get a check of the weather? >> i'm overwhelmed by the love. >> love. let's see if the weather is going to show us a little love as we led into the weekend. friday, mild and sunny stretching from the plains down to the gulf. showers and snow. back to the northwest, still a chill saturday, but sunshine. milder down through texas. some mountain flurries out west. and sunday sunday we're looking at sunshine from florida to new england. mild down in texas. sunny and dry out west. really just some snow showers around the upper mississippi
8:33 am
river valley. that's what's going on around good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall, temperatures today headed for the low to mid-60s. we'll see the fog in some parts of the north bay and the south county clearing out quickly, and matching the sunshine that we're seeing in the east bay. now, we'll continue to see clouds moving in tomorrow, and some spotty showers by late tomorrow night into early friday morning, and we will see mainly up to about a tenth of an inch in parts of the north bay, much less elsewhere. back to the dry weather for the weekend with our valley temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. >> and that is your latest weather. >> al, don't you love hoda's new hat a? >> i do. i do. somewhere there's a multicolored rabbit. coming up, we're going to sit down with iman herself to talk about the new ways she's honoring her late husband, david bowie. but first, this is "today" on nbc. about the new wayshe's s
8:34 am
welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. lots of new introductions.
8:35 am
...4 ounces... so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive.
8:36 am
got it. got it. >> thank you. >> and we are back. we're honored to be joined by a true icon, super model, philanthropist and entrepreneur iman. she is releasing her first fragrance. it's called love memoir. it's a tribute to her late husband of 26 years, the legendary david bowie. iman, great to see you. so beautiful to see you. >> thank you. thank you. >> 26 years you were with david bowie. it's been almost six years since he passed. and grieving doesn't come easy. >> yep. >> and it took you up until just recently to really grieve his passing. >> yes. because i have a daughter who is a teenager when her father passed away. so i was really more
8:37 am
concentrated in helping her go through her grief. and i thought, oh, yes, i did go through my grief, but i actually did not. so last year i went to my house and stayed and this beautiful property that i haven't spent time there since my husband passed away. and there i was for the year. >> you were forced to be there. >> and i was forced to deal with it, all of a sudden grief knocked on the door and there became a companion. and i went through all of it and now it is the joy that i remember. >> i have a quote that i actually sent to a friend of mine and i want to read it to you and see if it applies to you. it says grief i've learned is really just love. it's all the love you want to give but company. all of the unspent love gathers up in the corner of your eye webs in the lump of your throw and in the hollow point of your chest. grief is just love with no place to go. >> it totally, totally is apt. it is. >> i know you've had your time to process. do you feel like you've come to terms now? >> i think there are days that
8:38 am
are harder than others. i don't think it will ever go away. but the acceptance of it and the remembrance of the joy rather than saying every memory -- oh, i wish he was here. i wish we could experience this together. now i remember the 26 joyful years i had with my husband. >> obviously, i'm looking at your necklace and it says david. and i read that your daughter, lexi, asked you at one point, mom, do you think you'll ever marry again? and what did you say? >> no. people say to me, oh, i loved your late husband and i said he's not my late husband. he's my husband, you know. so that's how i feel about it. no, this was truly the love of my life and i'll just wait until i meet him again. >> oh, that is so beautiful. i love that you met on a blind date. that's one of my favorite things. he knew right away. did you know right away? >> no. and it was a hairdresser. i only trust a hairdresser with a hair shampoo or conditioner,
8:39 am
not the love of my life. >> but you learned, right? >> i learned. >> but he was a rock star and you were sort of the like i don't know if i want to dip my toe in that water right now. >> absolutely. but also, i was a huge fan of his music. i went to all of his concerts. and i never went backstage. i was invited to come and meet him backstage but i never went because i felt awkward. but i think it was about destiny. destiny propelled me to go to l.a. for no obvious reason. i retired from modeling and then i moved to l.a. literally a year and a half and i met him. so i think destiny was propelling me to go to l.a. to finally meet my husband. >> it's one thing to meet someone and know, but i loved one of the signs you said that you knew you had picked the right guy is the two of you were walking along and he bent down on his knee and tied your shoe. >> yes. my shoelace came apart and he got on his knee and tied my shoelace.
8:40 am
i don't think anybody did that for me since i was 2 years old. >> so we know him as the rock star, we see him on stage and we know that guy. but i was so curious. what was he like with a random day at home with you and lexi? >> the kindest, gentlest human being. and what i loved about him was how he treated people. he treated everybody of the same level, whether you're a janitor or you're another superstar. so that's what i loved about him. he was kind, present, funny. >> is it hard to look at these pictures? i'm just watching you with your little girl. >> yes. >> with lexi. what was he like as a dad? >> oh, he loved it. we met late in life for both of us. we had been married before. we had older children.
8:41 am
so this was like a choice, right. and he felt very safe at home and with us. so that was what was great about him. my daughter has witnessed the love between the two of us, that she actually says now i hope to god that i will meet a man who loved me as much as my dad loved my mom. so he was visibly with us. and that is why i really feel that he was still with us. he's in plain sight, but he's right there with us. >> you feel him, huh? you feel him everywhere? >> and especially at the property because it was such a personal place that we built together. it has magical mountains, sunsets every day. i smell him and see him every day at the property. >> you said you smell him and i think that's interesting because you put his cologne on you for years after you passed.
8:42 am
and i know a lot of women nuzzle their nose into their husband's departed jackets to feel him. you wore his fragrance for a while and you wanted to create something that was more about your love story together. >> yes. it's a tribute to love. what has happened last year is really unique. what i really wanted to create was a fragrance that had a bit of him and i've been wearing only his fragrance for the past five years, but create something that was a tribute to love. and i think at the end of our days, the only thing we will have if we are lucky is our memories. don't cry. >> it's beautiful. but, yes, that's the thing that very well have. and it will sustain us after the person passes away. oh, thank you. >> thanks. i'm sorry. i don't even know what's happening. i'm really sorry.our.
8:43 am
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enroll by december 31st. >> her name, abby roque. she's a top ice hoke player who could become the first native american athlete to represent team usa in this sport. kathy park has more. >> abby is described as a fierce competitor who manages to have fun even when the stakes are high. at just 24, she hopes to make her olympic debut and use this journey to help diversify the sport she loves. abby roque is considered one of america's most decorated college hockey players, a stand out at the university of wisconsin, earning rookie of the year as a
8:46 am
freshman, player of the year as a senior, plus a lengthy list of other prestigious honors. in february, she made her debut with the professional women's hockey player's association and instantly made a name for herself. >> well, we talked about abby roque. we talked about her being in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: and roughly three months from now, she could be skating toward the history books, on track to becoming the first native american woman to represent the u.s. in ice hockey at the winter games. >> there's not many indigenous players playing. a big piece for me is to show you can do it and we want to make hockey more diverse. >> she was brought one the tradition of the wahnapitae nations. her uncle is the chief. >> my family back home, they obviously do a lot of the ceremonies and powwows and my
8:47 am
cousin is a dancer. when i'm back in the sioux, i've got to powwows and things like that of not my own tribe, but the tribes that are there. where i'm from, it's all around you. >> growing up in sioux st. marie, michigan, roque was a toddler when she broke in her first skates on a backyard rink made by her father, a former college hockey coach and now a pro scout with the toronto maple leafs. >> i just always wanted to be like my dad. i would go to the rink every day, basically. people called me a rink rat. i think it was kind of in my blood, but it was a passion for me. >> the ice became a proving ground for the aspiring hockey player. with so few opportunities for young girls starting off, she played mostly with the guys before college. >> growing up, i played with all guys hockey players. i was the only girl. we were all saying, we want to be in the nhl when you're older and get a couple years older and
8:48 am
like, i can't be in the nhl, but i can be what those girls are. >> those girls like hilary knight, now a fellow teammate training in blain, minnesota, in what is called their residency fighting for one of the 23 spots to represent team usa in beijing. >> you are quoted as saying she's going to be one of the best hockey players in the world. what sets her apart? >> you really have to have the hunger to be able to go out there every single day wanting to learn. and i see that in her. it's easy for me to be like, yeah, she's going to be great. >> joel johnson, head coach for the women's hockey team knew that fierce competitor in her team and now they're both hoping to go for gold. >> she has a unique ability to impact her teammates, an incredible impact on the game itself. >> roque making moves on and off the ice and getting ready to take on the world with team usa. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> she has her game face on. >> i watched them at practice and they are excellent. so good. >> so good. >> and a quick note, the final
8:49 am
roster for women's hockey will be announced january 1st at the nhl classic in minneapolis. and for the first time in 20 years, team usa will be heading into the winter olympics as a reigning gold medalist. >> hey, that's pretty awesome. >> go usa. >> way to go, kathy. by the way, your friendly reminder, the winter olympics start here, february 3rd on nbc and peacock. and we're back in a moment. bcis is "today" on n
8:50 am
you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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8:52 am
but pretty soon, the scaffolding will be down and the tree will get decked out in all those lights. >> as al likes to say, two weeks from now, we all get lit. >> it gets lit and we get lit. how about some birthdays. >> light up those smucker's jars. we have some nice folks to celebrate. first up, a 101st birthday to sylvia fink, from delray beach, florida, her favorite saying, the sun will come up together. dorothy lang is right here in new york city. she is a quick walker, probably quicker than me, celebrating 100 years. dorothy had tea once with former first lady eleanor roosevelt. there you go. >> that's cool. >> happy 100th birthday to henry tracelli of north providence, rhode island. he says the secret to longevity, not one, but two glasses of red wine every day. got to get up, you've got to go to bed.
8:53 am
alexander jefferson is from detroit, michigan. a retired school principal, he's we salute you for your service, sir. eugenie doyle is from new york city. a proud grandma. she has watched all of hurry kids and grandkids graduate from college. and happy 75th anniversary to mervin and carolyn boyes. they're strawberry farm owners from monroe, washington. they say the secret to that long and happy marriage, communication, compromise and cooperation. >> and cocktails. >> the fourth "c." >> the implied "c." >> if you know somebody celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday, we would love to know about it. head to >> a couple on the plaza were married, what, 60?
8:54 am
>> 50 years. they were lovey dovey, too. and iman and her beautiful love story. love is in the air. >> more love on hoda and jenna? >> i think we might. iman is going to come back and visit with us again. so we're really happy about that. we want to let you know about "people's" 70th annual beauty awards. coming up on the third hour, we'll catch up live with don johnson. he will fill us in on the big screen revival of his show. >> and kevin hart, live. >> after your local news and weather.
8:55 am
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san francisco school admissions process the subject of a legal battle. the controversial decision that has parents suing. >> plus, we're tracking possible return of rain, meteorologist kari hall is tracking the latest storm. make sure you join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today" on this wednesday, november 17th. al, anyone you want to send a special shout out? >> just one leila roker who 23 years ago popped out. working a job, doing the whole thing. >> working a job? >> work ago job. >> lucky you. >> the not so


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