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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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got up there like was that an earthquake? >> everything was shaking. >> things started shaking really good. the closet doors were rattling like a mad dog. my dogs were going crazy, they freaked out and were running for the hills. usually the little once i shake off. this one got my attention a little bit. >> reporter: the 3.9 earthquake that rattled at 11:43 a.m. today got a lot of people's attention, including geologist david schwartz who felt the big jolt and the aftershocks that followed from his home in danville. >> a few little things toppled off shelves in my office. >> reporter: it is known as the home of earthquake swarms. a series of minor earthquakes that can last for days, weeks or months. >> usually they're in the
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mid-4s, but there can be hundreds of them. >> reporter: schwartz said the last major earthquake swarm to hit was back in 2015. he adds there's no sure way to know if we're starting another swarm now. >> as mysteriously as it turned on it turned off. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. tweeted this out, trains made a very brief pause as we do for any seismic activity detected in our area. all trains are now moving at full speed. >> the one that scares everyone is the biggie. let's pray we don't get any one of those anytime soon. >> let's not be trite, but we are in earthquake country. you should never forget that and always be prepared. >> reporter: no reports of any damages or injuries. the last time we had a 3.9 was
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in late june in san leandro. i'm melissa colorado. let's bring in jeff ranieri with a closer look at where this happened. >> you'll be able to see, everyone at home, this in the east by, happening right on the calaveras fault. a lot of people did feel the rattling, even though it was only a 3.9. we do have our live earthquake data tracking on. we've been following these aftershocks, magnitude 2.5 and larger. we've had three of those, the largest being at 3.0 magnitude. it's still been active over the past two hours. we're going to continue to follow that. and any updates we will bring it to you. i also wanted to show you this, to look at the strength of the earthquake and how it ranks. you can see in the three category, it's considered minor. it's often felt by a lot of folks but really no damage.
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when you get up to four it's light, five and six are moderate and strong categories. as we've been hearing, be prepared. be ready. i'll be back with a look at our chances of rain in a few minutes. >> if you're wondering why you didn't get the alert about the earthquake it's because it was below the threshold for the my shake app. it says earthquakes have to be at least 4.5 in order for them to send you a warning. we did tell you about the earthquake within minutes. you can download our nbc by area app and get breaking news alerts right to your home. we want to take you live to hayward where families are rallying against school closures. the school board meets at 6:30 on closing 14 campuses. families have been leaving the area in record numbers.
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they predict an all-time enrollment low of less than 17 students. that creates a $14 million deficit. families and students are devastated by the prospect of losing 14 schools. we'll bring you the outcome of the vote as soon as it happens. san francisco's d.a. is cracking down on shoplifting in the city. they are cracking down on a woman who shoplifted from target, stealing more than $40,000 worth of items. she used to self-check out and then pay only $1.01 and leave. another jewelry store picking up the pieces.
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first a vandal smashed the window, then thieves took jewelry. >> reporter: the security gate in front of this store wasn't enough to stop thieves from taking their livelihoods. earlier this week thieves cut through the gate and walked away with about $250,000 in merchandise. the owners are still too upset to talk about it on camera, but this isn't the first time they've had problems here. the chairman of the chinatown merchants united association thinks this is different. more organized. >> it's normally, we are safe. >> reporter: his group has been working to help with pandemic recovery. >> they should call 911.
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make sure the crime know. >> reporter: the burglary happened early tuesday morning. four days earlier the owner reported a broken window at the same store. in there were no items stolen and we took a report for malicious vandalism. at this time we don't have evidence to show that these two incidents are related. hough, we are investigating both cases. >> reporter: police are checking surveillance video and working to determine whether this could be related to other crimes. with prosecutors in the elizabeth holmes case hinting that they are about to wrap up, a shocker. erin thompson said she took a
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theranos test that falsely came back positive for hiv. she went to another clinic for testing only to find out she it have the virus. a woman took off time to be at the trial and said she could empathize with elizabeth holmes. >> to the mother, what she must be going through, and it just made me think of how many different people on different levels have affected. >> she testified that she doesn't remember how much the theranos test cost but did get a refund about two years later. today the white house says 10% of children ages 5-11 have gotten their first covid shots.
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that's about 2.6 million kids total. the pfizer is giving a smaller dose, it's about a third the size and comes in orange packaging to make sure it doesn't get mixed up with the adult dose. here in the bay area, counties are making good progress vaccinating children as well as adults. in san francisco, 76% of the people are fully vaccinated, including children as young as 5. and in contra costa county. health leaders in san francisco say covid cases are starting to climb. >> i would also ask during the holiday season we give ourselves and our loved ones the gift of protection. that gift is best given through vaccines, either initial doses
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going into arms of 5-11-year-olds or boosters. >> right now 80% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated. about 30% of the children in that age group have gotten vaccinated. a 31-year-old south bay man is telling his story after spending nine months in the months in the hospital with the virus. >> reporter: noah was hit so hard by covid doctors had to put him in a medically-induced coma to survive. he's greeted with cheers from staff. a milestone, because when the covid patient first checked in this hospital nearly a year ago,
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he wasn't sure he would survive, neither were his doctors. >> at the time he came in, he was in severe respiratory distress. cases like that have a very high risk of mortality. >> reporter: noah is 31, struggled to breathe and was placed in a medically-induced coma to stabilize him all while covid took its toll on his body. >> my legs did not move, my arms did not move. >> reporter: when he got covid he says vaccines were not readily available. today he's fully vaccinated and urges others to do the same. >> i never want to go through this again. i wouldn't wish it on anybody. >> reporter: on november 3rd, he left the hospital in a wheelchair. happy to be reunited with his family and dog. but still fighting to do simple tasks like get out of bed.
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>> i can't believe i take breathing for granted back then and walking for granted. i sure can't wait to get back to that. i won't take it for granted again. >> reporter: in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. and we have answers to your questions about the pandemic. all you have to do is head to nbc bay there you'll find links on the trending bar about booster shots, vaccines and mask mandates. still ahead, a big change at levi stadium that could have you partying past the new curfew. and an oakland student defies the odds. why her mother says simply walking is a miracle. and more rain chances on the way, the update on this in about eight minutes
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welcome back. it has been a sour note for music fans and the 49ers, but now they're getting a new curfew. it was voted to allow them to have some events that run past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. moving forward, levi can host five non-nfl events a year that can go until 11:00. the vote barely passed with a vote of 4-3. 49ers say the curfew has cost them revenue. neighbors say they're bothered by late-night noise. in the south bay, a unanimous vote to preserve coyote valley open space. they voted unanimously to rzone
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parts of the area. the company would have provided hundreds of jobs, but preservationists applauded the vote. bay area food banks are working really hard right now to make sure everyone has food on this tables this holiday season. >> we do this every year to help people who need help. we are kicking off our nourishing neighbors food drive. we are live at a safeway in mountain view to show you how we can all get involved. and this is something we do every year. >> reporter: it really is. i love coming out to the safeway because i get to hang out with a hot of really cool people. we have our volunteers at the safeway.
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we've got leslie, the ceo of second harvest. >> we are serving twice the amount of food we were providing pre-pandemic and serving 450,000 people avenue single month. so campaigns hike this are really critical to helping ensure that everyone in our community has access to nutritious food, especially this holiday season. >> one thing where people are lake how do i make a difference. it's just ten bucks, right? you take this little white slip, take it to the register with your ten bucks. we all need good karma this time of year. i want to introduce you to another wonderful volunteer, his name is fletcher. in second harvest helped me a lot. they help out disabled people who can't go to the store
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because prices are sky high. i help them out. >> reporter: he actually drove and physically helps them get their groceries for this home because they can't get it themselves. these aren't the exact items found in the bags this year. they're taking monetary donations. they are able to take the money, turn it around and multiply it for a ton of meals. i've heard we're giving out turkeys this year and chickens. i'm not a big cook myself but i may aim at trying to cook this year. thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers. the campaign runs through the 25 the. so you've got plenty of time. that's about two expensive coffees that you could save and take it to your local safeway. visit >> thank you very much.
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yes, that is two coffees. the food drive starts this week. it officially starts saturday. but if you go to safeway today, get your 10 bucks out. money's going to go right to our local food banks. it's going to make a big difference. and as vee nay says it goes through september. this is fantastic, defying the odds in oakland. what are you seeing is a miracle. 17-year-old jordan is walking you. jordan is a special education student. she spends most of her time in a wheelchair because of a disability doctors haven't been able to diagnose. doctors told jordan's mother if her daughter wasn't walking by age 5 she would never be able to walk on her own. but here she is right there walking. jordan is also non-verbal. her mother holds out hope that one day her daughter will be able to talk to her. >> that is something to be
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thankful for. >> oh, wow. >> see, those are the important things in hive. those are the things that make a difference. the sun came out again today! >> it was good. it was good. from phenomenal. >> something to be thankful for. >> did you get out and enjoy it. >> a little bit. >> it gives you a little extra kick in your step. we wanted to give you an update on the earthquake. we are tracking aftershocks. a 3.9 happened this morning. nothing in the last 15 minutes since the last update, but overall, about three aftershocks, the largest was a 3.0. anything breaks, we'll be here to cover it for you. the big weather change, it's this system right here, it's not the big system we all would like to see, but it is going to bring clouds and shower chances.
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if anything, it had help with the immediate fire danger. the big change through tomorrow morning is no sunglasses needed. every single spot in the bay area, you're going to start off with cloud cover, temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. down in the east bay, 50 degrees and the north bay at 48. the clouds are going to stay all day long with our approaching system. that's going to help our daytime highs to cool off. instead of the upper 60s we had a few isolated low 70s. 64 in cupertino and 64 in morgan hill. near the water, 61 in oakland. peninsula, clouds, a light wind and 62 in redwood city. san francisco, it's also chilly here. wind picks up, it could feel like the upper 40s around the marina and the beaches, and
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downtown 59. once we hit tomorrow night, that's when i'm seeing chances of showers beginning to return. and again, it's nothing too heavy. rainfall near guerneville. and we'll continue to see that shower chance into early friday morning at 7:00 a.m. the best bet of any rainfall is over to friday. .2 in the blue color here. and here's the new update. looks like nothing for the north bay. the weekend shaping up pretty good. we'll hold with temps in the 60s for the highs. check out the morning lows.
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lots of 40s. thanksgiving, no big storms coming in. friendsgiving is always popular. >> friendsgiving. >> there's no drama at friendsgiving. >> never! >> never! >> family, you're like, okay. coming up, a new housing complex in the south bay that will help one particular group of people make it in the bay.
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next to our ongoing series, making it in the bay. a san jose apartment collection opened for homeless seniors. it consists of 64 units for seniors who are chronically homeless or have other needs. ellen's chat with the duchess of sussex marked meghan markle's return to the hollywood lot where she once auditioned as an actress, driving an old ford explorer. >> the key stopped working on the driver's side. i would open the trunk and climb in. and then crawl over all my peeps to get out. >> did anyone ever see you climb through a trunk? >> no, i would play it off, oh, just looking for my resume and my highlighter. oh, it's back there.
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>> yeah. she's not in that trunk anymore. >> she's come a long way since climbing through that trunk. >> that interview airs tomorrow at 4:00. students in south san francisco celebrated a civil rights leader with a simple act. we'll share it with you.
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across the country, november 17th is celebrated as ruby bridges day. >> ruby bridges is perhaps the youngest civil rights icon. she was the first black child to desegregate an all-white school in new orleans in 1960. for years, south san francisco students celebrated ruby bridges day by walking to school and rethinking that bravery. today it is celebrated due to a resolution passed last year. . raj mathai joins us with what's coming up at 5:30. >> mr. biden on the move. this time to promote his next big ask, the climate bill.
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>> we're going to be building again. we're going to be moving again. >> he was talking cars today. what else he's doing to keep gas prices at bay. >> how long the qanon shaman had spend >> car break-ins are hitting san francisco at double, triple the rates of other major cities. who is to blame? we investigate. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. two big things happening. president biden is telling people how they will benefit potentially from his recently signed spending bill. also, he is pitching his next big thing, the build back better bill. the president is at the white house after a visit to detroit. here is alice barr.


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