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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> we're going to be building again. we're going to be moving again. >> he was talking cars today. what else he's doing to keep gas prices at bay. >> how long the qanon shaman had spend >> car break-ins are hitting san francisco at double, triple the rates of other major cities. who is to blame? we investigate. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. two big things happening. president biden is telling people how they will benefit potentially from his recently signed spending bill. also, he is pitching his next big thing, the build back better bill. the president is at the white house after a visit to detroit. here is alice barr.
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>> reporter: president biden traveling to michigan today to tour a general motors electric vehicle plant in detroit. he is promoting the new bipartisan infrastructure law that invests heavily in electric vehicle charging stations across the country. >> we will be building again. we're going to be moving again. >> reporter: gm now planning to make all of its models electric by 2035. >> we believe in climate change. it's real. so we know that transportation plays a -- has a huge impact. >> reporter: the president pitching his build back better social spending and climate bill. the house plans to vote on this week. it includes new electric vehicle tax credits as part of a half a trillion dollars in policies aimed at reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. at the same time, amid soaring gas prices, president biden is pressing the federal trade commission to investigate whether oil companies are illegally driving up prices. >> filling up a tank would
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almost cost $100. >> reporter: with inflation driving consumer frustration. democrats insist the answer is reducing costs from childcare to prescription drugs by passing the social and climate package. >> experts are telling us that this bill could have a very positive impact in containing inflation. >> reporter: republicans and some moderate democrats worry another $1.75 trillion in spending will only make prices spike more. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. a rare public rebuke in congress today. the house vote to censure congressman paul gosar of arizona. the vote was 223 to 207 with two republicans voting with democrats. it follows his post of an animated video showing him
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killing alexandria ocasio-cortez. you will likely recognize him. the man who wore horns and carried a speer during the january 6 capitol attack was sentenced today. a judge sentenced him to 41 months in prison. on the day of the riot, he wore a horned fur hat, no shirt and a lot of face paint. prosecutors say he isn't accused of violence. he became one of the defining images of that day. in court today, he told the judge it was wrong for him to enter the capitol. he accepts full responsibility for his actions. we know the problem. car break-ins are a huge concern in san francisco. smash and grabs have exploded this year. they are expensive and seem unmanageable. why? who is to blame? the police and the d.a. are
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pointing fingers at each other. tonight, we go for a ride in the city's hardest hit neighborhoods. >> reporter: it happens fast. very fast. just seven seconds and they're gone. in san francisco, cars are broken into an average of 74 times a day. there is nowhere harder to hit than the northeast part of the city. fisherman's wharf, chinatown. 187% increase. the roads often glisten with broken glass. >> by a show of hands how many of you have seen a car break-in on this block? . >> it's hard not to see them. it happens so frequently. all you have do is stand out
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there ten minutes, you will see one. it's not a mystery. >> reporter: to understand the impact, we sat down five local businessowners. jeff has been running his shop in the area for 35 years. is this the worst you have seen it? >> by far the worst. by far the worst. >> i'm worried we are getting too accustom to it. we are almost allowing it to happen. >> reporter: andrew has a lengthy list of all the getaway cars he has seen speeds off. >> it seems like it's an organized crew. i see the same vehicles. maybe change the license plate but it's the same vehicle. >> reporter: what's the most amount you have seen in a single day? >> i have seen ten. >> reporter: ten? >> i have seen ten. >> it's heartbreaking to think this is a visitor's first or last impression of a great city. >> they go back to where they are from. the story is we we were parked in a public spot in the middle of the day.
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we were 20 feet away from our car having lunch and we watched it get broken into it. it happened multiple times. >> reporter: david owns 29 businesses including restaurants and retail stores in 11 cities throughout california. have you experienced anything like what you are seeing now here in san francisco? >> san francisco has become completely lawless. it's breathtaking. i don't see it in any other city that we conduct business. >> reporter: so far this year, more than 17,000 car break-ins have been reported in san francisco. when you adjust for population, that's nearly double the rates in atlanta and d.c. and roughly triple houston and los angeles. according to data obtained and analyzed by our investigative unit. how did we get to this point? one of the retchrichest places e world. how did we get here? >> because of a lot of finger pointing. whether it's between the sfpd, d.a.'s office, back and forth. it gets frustrating to hear
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officials say they can't do anything about it. >> a huge uptick -- >> reporter: man is san francisco's assistant police chief. overseeing the department's investigations bureau and all ten of the city's police districts. >> we are seeing strides and make strides around car break-ins. >> reporter: what do you say to those who argue, what do you mean? we are seeing huge spikes. >> i think it's tough. we look at the numbers. the numbers don't tell the whole story. it's still higher. it's not something -- it's not a place where we want to be. >> reporter: he says they have added more officers in the area. but agrees with an outside consultant that found the department still needs an addition 473 cops to adequately patrol the city. police also tell us, one of the reasons they appear to be spiking so much this year is because they hit record lows during the start of the pandemic last year. there weren't as many tourists in town who are the main
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targets. despite all of that, car break-ins are still one of the most frequent crimes across the city. >> we have a certain amount of prolific offenders that are out there committing the crimes on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: over the last two years, at least 14 people have been arrested three or more times for committing car break-ins in san francisco. according to police records. of those, one person alone has been arrested 18 times. is on supervised custody with an ankle monitor. >> we don't see a lot of consequences for doing it. >> reporter: who is to blame for that? >> i think it's the transition of the criminal justice system wanting to keep people -- trying to help people. when it comes to the point where we see the repeat type of activities, there has to be a stiffer consequence. >> reporter: he says those tougher penalties should be coming from the district attorney's office. the d.a. ran on a campaign
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promising to end mass incarceration in san francisco. since june, we have been asking him to sit down with us to explain how he decides to prosecute, drop or reduce criminal charges against suspects. he won't answer questions from our investigative unit. a spokesperson for the d.a.'s office sent us a statement pointing the finger back at police, saying sfpd makes an arrest if less than 2% of car break-if cases. the d.a.'s office says it files criminal charges against eight of ten people. of those prosecutions, about six people get convicted. the d.a.'s office says their sentences volume incarceration 100% of the time. sources, including current and former attorneys at the d.a.'s office say that 100% incarceration is misleading. sentences only include time served. which often is just the couple
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of hours it took to book the suspect after the arrest. even though state law allows up it three years in jail. we asked the d.a.'s office for more details on specific charges and sentences that have been handed down for car break-ins. they told us they are unable to provide that. do you take issue with the district attorney's office insinuating that you all could be doing more? >> i think they are a law enforcement agency as well. they have to work with us. it their responsibility is to the citizens of the city and people visiting the city. we're going to keep pushing forward and try to hold them accountable to hold the burglars accountable for the crimes they are committing. >> reporter: san francisco continues to grapple with a global health crisis. some say rampant crime is creating an economic pandemic. >> many businesses on the brink. if things don't change fast, they are going to fail and not come back.
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>> reporter: what is being done right now here in san francisco to put the brakes on car break-ins. we rode along with undercover officers. plus, we are digging deeper to find out what really happens to the accused after they are arrested. we are staying on top of this story. we are going to have that for you in the coming weeks. stay tuned. up next, speeding things up at the port of l.a. the moves the state is making to clear up a backlog of shipping containers ahead of the holiday shopping season. basically, all adults in california are now eligible for a covid-19 vaccine booster. how do you get one? we will show you how next. check it out. the chance of rain returning. the updated forecast and time line coming up in less than ten
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moderna is asking the fda to approve its booster shot for everyone 18 and older. the fda and cdc have approved it for people 65 or older or who are at high risk for getting covid. if federal regulators approve the request, it would open the doors for more americans to get the third shot. moderna originally submitted its application in september and just revised it. if the fda gives the green light, rochelle walensky says they plan to act swiftly. >> there's muddiness over who can get a booster right now. >> we want to prepare you for when everyone is eligible. >> we have good news. getting a vaccine booster appointment is way easier than it used to be. no midnight web surfing. no standby wait list.
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no long road trips like the one i took. to find an appointment, ask your doctor or pharmacy. easier, use a federal vaccine locator service. text your zip code to 438829. when i did it, i got a response within one minute. three locations within two miles. contact information and what boosters they have. if you don't want to text, you can call the federal locator service. the number is 800-232-0233. you don't have to search for a specific booster to match your original shot. the cdc says it's okay to mix and match. when you are scheduling, you will have to specify you are looking for a booster. have your vaccine record card handy. they might want to know when you had your original shot. you are not supposed to get a booster until six months after you are fully vaccinated. depending on the vaccine, your booster might be a lower dose than the original shot. because some people are just getting their first shots and kids, too, you might find some
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locations are booked up. prepare to schedule your appointment a couple days or a week out. when you go to your appointment, bring your vaccine record card. make sure the staff updates it with your booster. like the original vaccine, the cdc says your booster should be free. regardless of whether you have health insurance. >> great information as always. some relief in sight for supply chain issues. the governor was in southern california at the ports of los angeles and long beach. he is issuing temporary permits that should enable trucks to deliver more items. they are restricted to 80,000 pounds. now through the end of june, they can carry 88,000 pounds. >> that might not pose an immediate relief on the retail front, it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo and containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and l.a. >> the governor is addressing the shortage in truck drivers.
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the dmv is expanding hours on saturday. a new chapter for an old company. employees at general motors rank the opening bell of the new york stock exchange remotely from detroit, from the floor of one of their plants that will build electric cars. the ceo of gm there, she did the honors. gm will phase out manufacturing of gas powered cars by the year 2035. gm is the old school redefining itself. let's bring in our business and tech reporter. >> little guys, which if you compare car sales to gm or ford, tesla still the little guy. investors like these companies so much, they have bid the
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prices up, for a company like lucid is worth more in overall value than ford. it's a clear sign investors think lucid's all electric car production will beat ford in the long run, even as ford and gm and other car companies quickly retool to make more electric vehicles. this despite the fact that ford sells 4.2 million cars every year. that's four times the total number of cars tesla has ever sold. 8,000 times the number of lucid cars sold ever. 10,000 times the number of cars rivian has on the road. >> we have to get lucid. >> they look good. >> it's pricey. >> based in newark in the east bay. see our morning team every weekday 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. right here on nbc bay area. you know who would like a lucid? >> you would look great in a
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lucid. >> what if i said i like the tesla truck thing? >> when does that come out? >> that sounds really cool. >> bay area traffic. bye. keep dreaming. let's get you into the microclimate forecast. you can see out here across the bay, this is what we are tracking right there. it's a cold front. it's not a strong storm. it's going to offer clouds and some showers as we head through the next 48 hours. i want to take you into tomorrow morning. it's going to be a stark contrast from all of that amazing sunshine we had today. check it out. this is the reality. 7:30 tomorrow morning, no need for any sunglasses. watch this. we will advance it through the day. there's no break in the cloud cover. overcast day expected as you move through tomorrow ahead of the storm system. on top of it, we have had our jackets out, especially if you are up at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. another day for that. upper 40s and low 50s. 49 for the tri-valley. east bay, 50.
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for north bay, coming in at 48. as we see that overcast sky stay with us through tomorrow, numbers dropping off by three to six degrees. you will feel it. some of you if you want to stay comfortable through the day tomorrow might need a jacket from the morning right through the afternoon. 64 for a high in san jose. the chilliest spot for the east bay. san mateo, 60. that chill goes right up into san francisco with 57 for the marina. winds are very calm all around tomorrow. if you can get over the clouds, we have a nice day coming our way that way. 60 in sonoma and 59 in mill valley. no big storm system as we mentioned. enough to at least help us with that immediate fire danger and continue to keep it low. by 10:00 tomorrow night,
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showers, spotty chances for the north bay. better bet, very early friday morning with the best chance over napa. this thing kind of breaks up through the afternoon. not much left here for the rest of the bay area. totals on this, look at the key at the top. in the blue. trace amounts to two-tenths of an inch for north bay, peninsula and east bay. south bay, new update on that. little to nothing in the way of rain accumulation. we get sunshine in here on saturday and also on sunday. we will keep it dry through wednesday. you will see here, we got temperatures up to 67 on sunday. hold in the 60s through next week. right now, no big storms for thanksgiving. looks good for everyone at home that gets bagged with doing the trips to the grocery store. all the dads. >> why are you looking at me? >> the week after thanksgiving,
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in early december, a new update. it's looking good for potentially heavier rain to return. >> that's great. >> we get the dry slot for thanksgiving. >> timing is great. >> early presents. >> thank you. up next, the party will go on. new orleans reveals what you will need to do to take part in mardi gras next year.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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covid cases and hospitalizations are trending downwards in new orleans. health leaders say they aren't taking any chances during mardi gras. in august, the city began requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to enter most businesses. that includes bars, restaurants, gyms, indoor concerts and indoor sporting events. today health leaders say that rule will stay in place through carnal season which culminates with fat tuesday on march 1st. up next, are they for real or was monday night just a mirage? we will check in with the 49ers today. notable news from the giants.
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stay with us.
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or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto were you able to see it? they looked really good monday night. can they keep it up? >> of course, they can. >> i love the optimism. love it. biggest fear for the 49ers this week is no letdown. >> they are off to jacksonville to take on the jaguars. be careful, they sometimes bite you in the rear end. the niners are ready to go. the buzz this afternoon, it appears starting running back
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mitchell will be able to play. that's great news for the team. he broke a finger during monday night's win. had a surgery yesterday. just a quick surgery. he didn't practice today. they believe he will be ready sunday. >> i don't think people let down after something like that. you have to realize emotions that go into a monday night game is bigger. where we were coming from with how bad he played before that. emotions were high. you have to watch for that. your emotions can't be high every single day. that means we have to practice accordingly every day to make sure we're ready to go sunday. >> we are going with glass is half full. the niners take on the jaguars sunday morning. san francisco's most famous captain isn't going anywhere. brandon belt posted this. the caption said, daddy's back. no kidding. belt is has accepted the offer from the giants, one-year deal worth 18 million bucks. he hit a career high 29 home
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runs last season. good to have him back. popular with the fans. >> love it. what's coming up at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00, a word of warning before you head out for the holidays. the tsa sounding the alarm about a surge coming to airports. >> we are going to be staffed enough to handle the surge. >> the reason we are in good shape in the bay area. that surge is people. why you may be impacted though. another snag. we investigate what's now wrong with the sinking and leaning ma len -- millennium tower. a woman testifying about the test results she got from a theranos machine. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> prepare yourself mentally. if predictions hold, we are
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about to start the busiest holiday travel season since the pandemic began. it may be bumpy. lots of travellers and not enough tsa workers. those federal employees facing a vaccine deadline. as robert handa explains, tsa says it has a plan. >> reporter: we met quite a few travellers here at san jose international airport trying to beat the holiday rush. the ones we talked to knew about the tsa situation but were more concerned about long lines than covid safety. keith of san jose is off to spend the holidays with family in san diego. the fact that 60% of the nation's 50,000 tsa workers are vaccinated from covid is an afterthought. >> i'm vaccinated. i don't know. doesn't phase me. >> reporter: this traveller agrees. worries about tsa workers being fired or quitting. how about delays?
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