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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 18, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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o late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. a dramatic day of testimony from the man who pulled the trigger killing ahmaud aubrey. travis mcmichael gives his version of what led up to e blast. the thanksgiving rush, tense of millions will hit the sky, the roads and the rails. >> we'll introduce to you guenther, the millionaire german sheppard selling a miami mansion
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once owned by madonna. we'll explain how it is even possible a car is trashed when someone spray painting, mike is a keeter all over a car. the case of a and have am as we kick off your thursday "early today" starts right now >> good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. a life or death encounter, the words uttered by travis mcmike only. the jurors hear him testifying in his own dchlts ron allen is in georgia with the latest. >> reporter: travis mcmichael took the witness stand in his own defense, a stunning decision that caught everyone by surprise he testified and told his version of the story he said he wanted to get out what his version of the events were and he tells a very different story than what we see on that videotape where the three defendants chase alberta ray down in pick-up trucks and he is
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fatally shot and killed at the end of that road mcmichael says he acted if self-defense they suspected aubrey of being a part of a burglary that happened in the neighborhood. relying than video, that home security video that showed aubrey in the neighborhood on a numberf of occasions prosecutors maintain there is no evidence he committed a crime. they are cross-examining the witnesses, travis mcmichael trying to convince the jury the defendants acted deliberately, intentionally within they murdered ahmaud aubrey jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial will resume with a second day with no verdict. the defense asking the judge to grant a mistrial with prejudices dis. >> reporter: day two of deliberations here in kenosha as does the protesters gathering.
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you see on steps here, making sure that their voices are heard as this jury continues behind closed doors to assess and revow evidence in this case. we did have a question for the judge from the jury. they asked about the process of watching videos and didn't specify which videos they may want to review that sparked a back and forth between the two legal teams if they should be able to view the drone video again and, if so, how many times there were two more questions posed to the judge it's unclear if those were procedural questions during his time, though, back in the courtroom, the judge went on to defend, allowing kyle rittenhouse to draw jury numbers and decide which members would be a part of the active jury and which would be a part of the reserves he defended not using the word victim for those who were shot in this case he criticized media coverage he acknowledged he hadn't read the motion to dismiss from the
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defence team but also said he hasn't received a response from the state. so there is no way he can rule over it at this point. that's the latest as this continues if kenosha, i'm jay grey, back to you. president biden will turn his attention to easing the supply chain crunch today after taking hisen for plan on the road today he visited a gm plant, where the president touted the benefits of his build back better bill, which is house scheduled to begin debating today meanwhile, mr. biden is meeting with other north american leaders. chris pollone joins us from d.c. with more. the u.s. and mexico and canada are teaming up to tackle the supply chain problem. >> reporter: frances, that's right. this is the first summit meeting of these three nations i should say in the last five years president biden will be looking to reset the relationship with the leaders of mexico and canada after four years of the trump presidency now, mexico, canada and the
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united states face similar challenges with migration, trade and the pandemic the leaders will likely discuss disruption of the supply chain bringing goods to north america from asia. though, there is some good news emerging on that front the white house says the ports of los angeles and long beach imported a record number of containers from january through october and on the shelf availability of goods is 1% less than seen before the pandemic. we also expect migration to be a key topic at today's summit. mexico's president is likely to press the u.s. to approve more temporary guessworker visas. so far the u.s. has not embraced that idea despite an emerging labor shortage crisis. secondly, president biden wednesday asked the federal trade dmoigs investigate whether big companies are fueling that spike in gas prices, noting gas prices are rising, even though the cost of refined fuel has fallen and industry profits have been rising as well. the average gallon of gas in the
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united states right now is at a seven-year high, frances. >> something drivers will feel even more so during the holiday hustle and bustle, chris, thank you. tens of millions set to travel this thanksgiving, delays are likely, due to airline staff shortages, low rental car inventory and weather concerns, stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: travel this thanksgiving looked like it did at the height of the pandemic. that doesn't mean it's back to normal more than 53 million marines are on the move for the holiday, flight bookings are up over 100% since last year. is the system that's out there ready to handle all these people in. >> actually, no, it's not. i'm afraid this year it will be a lot more difficult to travel than it has prior to the covid period. >> reporter: airlines are under staffed and many airports are, too. there aren't as many rental cars they cost more, averaging nearly $100 per day gas prices are up over 60% since
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last year a. storm is developing that forecast toers say could cause disruptions from the mid-west to the east coast. >> rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, lake effect snow and heavy cold wind chills moving sunday, monday into tuesday morning. >> reporter: here are some important tips buy travel insurance show up at the airport two hours early for domestic flights the tsa says it has enough staff but lines will be long >> everybody wants to travel i think patience will be key to that >> there will be life after security not all the stores and restaurants and terminals have reopened drink that coffee at home before heading to the airport >> there is still a traffic shortage it has affected the entire travel industry. >> case numbers in covid ticked him up again, especially in the mid-west and northeast masks are mandated and all loads of public transportation the cdc rems unvaccinated people consider delaying their travel plans altogether
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anyone expecting a hassle-free journey next week might want to do the same. stephanie gosk, nbc news >> the arizona man jacob chancely was sentenced to 41 months yesterday the 34-year-old stormed the capitol january 6th with peace paint wearing a fur head dress with horns he said his behavior was quote indefensible in a rare move, the house sentenced paul go sar and stripped him of his committee assignments for his posting of a violent video last week. the altered anime depicting him killing alexandre ocasio >> depicting murdering a member of congress is wrong. >> i do not espouse violence towards anyone i never v. no threat was intended by my staff or me >> he went on to compare himself
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to alexander hamilton, the first person to be considered for censureing the democratic chairman of the house ways and means committee was the last one to receive that rebuke in 2010 for financial misconduct now to the disiexperience of tennis player peng shway she accused someone of sexual assault. nbc news could not reach jung and is no longer in the public eye. the women's tennis association is attributing one of china's newschannel else several top stars are expressing their concerns, using the #where is peng shuai. they are hoping peng and her family are okay. inmate julius jones is set to be executed in oklahoma if just a few hours
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but his family and supporters aren't giving up without a fight. last night they held a rally outside the governor's mansion, a desperate plea for clemency. instead, a local pastor was arrested for civil diso'beadience kim kardashian tweeted about it to her 7 million followers jones was convicted of murdering paul howl more than 20 years ago. jones has maintained his innocence the whole time he has been in prison his lawyers argue he did not get a fair trial one week to go before thanksgiving janessa webb is checking in with us good morning >> good morning, the timing is just terrible. it's both coasts that we're really watching, even for the northwest after dealing with that severe flooding we do have another round of rain for today. next week, it gets more dicey. we have a strong front coming from the gulf of alaska, making
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its way on shore, rain and heavy snow, gusty winds, accumulation, calling for a foot of snow in some areas of the higher elevation. if you are on the east coast from the flakes to the mid-west. this is next monday into tuesday. widespread rain, it starts across the northeast behind that front, a lot of lake-enhanced snow the greater cleveland area in the lower 30s/mid-40s. the better news, we do have a partial eclipse happening later on tonight we'll talk about that coming up. >> i'm looking forward to that it's something that hasn't happened since christopher
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. been the latest celebrity to be tapped by the white house to encourage vaccines russell wilson met with first lady joe biden about the importance of vaccinating children she was accompanied by her three kids under 7-years-old the singer's appearance will be a part of a digital product encouraging pediatric vaccines. the nfl is making changes to its covid-19 protocol amid cases before thanksgiving gatherings they put cameras into facilities for the purpose of enforcing their guidelines the league will require mandatory testing for all players and staff on the monday and wednesday after thanksgiving as well as mandatory mask
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wearing inside facilities until december 1st florida goof biden has four bills legislating mandates, for workers by finding them over vaccination requirements unless they offer numerous exemptions and bar schools from requiring students to be vaccinated or wear masks other measures include moving a state away from osha oversight and shielding covid-related complaints from the public eye they are eliminating previous requirements testosterone levels the ioc is describing as medically unnec unnecessary. as a part of the ten principles, the ioc outlined athletes will no longer have to undergo hormone level models to compete. this comes after the tokyo olympics which featured the first transolympic athletes in
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history. one pampered pup, meet guenther, a german sheppard selling his dog house, a mansion formerly owned by madonna for nearly 42 million. she a long line who inherited that multi-million trust from a late german countess his handlers who manage his estate says he loves caviar, traveling the private jet and fetching tennis balls by his waterfront view. talk about living your best life we are living the dream, ourselves. >> i am fought a hater, but, oh, this is what we get. right. oh, well, good for the dog still to come, windows into the future, how microsoft founder bill gates has his adventure. wallets are running on empty in the mid-west. >>
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. in today's who gets the crown to play the son and prince william. iphone will offer instructions and parts and tools for people to work on their devices at home. it extends to mac computers and will be available in the u.s. next year. you can score a red holiday cup at starbucks if you order a holiday or fall beverage the give away is ready for curbside pickup now to wall street, where one of the biggest people is about to go nuclear on a place that always relied on coal here's cnbc's steve sedgwick. >> reporter: good morning, this is a real energy transformation story. camera wyoming is a frontier
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area cold town as well, coal is one of the major employers in town right now bill gates will provide half the money, the u.s. if the other haf the terra power shows the transmission from coal to carbon technology and new technologies. when it is running, it will be owned by berkshire hathaway as well, the good news, this could create a serious amount of jobs, about 2,000 workers at the peak when this takes place as well, a fascinating story. moving onto the mid-west, if i may as well. we've seen huge inflation, the latest cti was 3.2%, the biggest in years it's much worse in the mid-west, 6.6% compared to a year ago. prices in gas lean prices up, 53% over the last year poultry, fish up, used car sales
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if today's tope stories, more than 10,000 john deere workers are back on the job this morning after proving a deal to end their month-long strike. they ratified a new six-year agreement. the deal will immediately boost wages 10% and increase to 20% over the life of the contract. if today's ground breakers, jessica watkins will become the first black woman to join the crew under the iss she will shev as a mission specialist she was chosen in 2017
4:27 am
she is set to plast off in april of next year a car in washington, d.c. was vandalized the words mike is a cheater spray painted all over the suv. the problem, though, the car didn't belong to mike. pat collins from our washington station has the details. >> reporter: let's get this straight from the start. you're nedra brantley, right >> i am. >> is your name mike >> no, it's not. >> reporter: this is her mitsubishi car have you ever gone out with somebody named mike? >> i have not. >> reporter: this is what her car looked like. mike is a cheater spray-painted all over it. you know anybody named mike? >> i do not. >> reporter: so you could imagine how nedra felt sunday morning when she came out and found her car violated, vandalized, cheater, cheater, mike is a keeter when you came outside and you
4:28 am
saw your car like this, tell me what went through your heart >> oh my gosh. i screamed i'm surprised nobody in the neighborhood heard me, because i screamed so so loud because i didn't expect that this would happen. >> reporter: it's not just the word, it's the driver's side mirror it's the passenger's side mirror so what did the cops say >> it's a case of mistaken identity >> what do you say >> it's the same thing. >> side windows sprayed here and there and there, it's the windshield, boom, boom, and boom what did the insurance company say? >> they're taking care of it i'm very happy i have usaa >> reporter: mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, see what you've done i don't know who you are i don't know where you are but you may want to start changing your ways or changing
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your name. >> that is brilliant, thanks for that report. hey, mike got away with that and a no louisville slugger, no shania karaoke >> my goodness, mike dodged the bullet hay thursdpp ay i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. breaking now, a teenage girl taken in the north bay, an amber alert issued overnight. they said there's too much demand right now. they're only taking appointments. >> hunting for boosters. and campuses closing. the crucial late night vote that is affecting thousands of students in the east bay. this is thursday morning. thank you so much for starting your day with us. i'm


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