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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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an amber alert issued for a girl police say was taken from a gas station. we are following the developments. kaiser workers walking off the job for 24 hours. ahead, the potential impact on health care services across the bay area. plus -- >> it's going to be very important for people when they have boosters available to get the booster shot. >> a major move in the covid booster rollout expected today as cases surge nationally. the crucial warning from health experts heading into the holidays. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. first, we're tracking this chance of rain tonight. a live look outside in the east bay, walnut creek this morning. kari hall joins us now.
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>> we're not going to see a lot in the way of sunshine today. visibility down to about four miles in the north bay. in martinez it's mostly cloudy, mid 40s right now. temperatures only reaching into the mid 50s throughout the morning. high temperatures this afternoon reaching into the low 60s in a lot of spots. so we are once again not going to need the sunglasses today but a heavier jacket as we reach to about 63 in livermore and 60 in santa rosa. chilly temperatures. rain moving in tonight. we'll talk about that timeline coming up in just a few minutes. you can download our nbc bay area app to get your forecast. get it for your iphone or android smart phone. we have breaking news we're
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covering this thursday morning. the apparent abduction of a girl in the north bay is triggering an amber alert outside of the bay area. take a look at those photos. this is the girl santa rosa police are looking for. 15-year-old georgianna they believe was taken against her will from a gas station in santa rosa yesterday afternoon. they're looking for a 25-year-old man, 5'7", last seen wearing a long sleeve orange shirt and black pants. he's believed to be driving a car like this, a green town and country with texas plates. police believe they may be headed to southern california. they've issued an amber alert for l.a., san diego, orange and riverside counties. cierra johnson will have a live report. we'll check in with in about 30
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minutes. thousands of kaiser health care workers will walk off the job for a one-day sympathy strike. what kind of impact are we talking about here? >> reporter: kaiser says emergency room services could have longer wait times. optical services will be shut down for today. lab and radiology departments could be closed or under reduced hours. outpatient pharmacies could be closed today and tomorrow. some elected surgeries and non-urgent appointments could be rescheduled. at 7:00 a.m., 40,000 health care workers will picket outside this kaiser location in redwood city and 20 other locations throughout the bay area and central valley. this is to show sympathy and solidarity with kaiser engineers who have been on strike for the
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last two months over pay and alleged unfair labor practices. this sympathy strike comes despite the fact that kaiser recently came to tentative agreements with health care workers and pharmacists who also threatened to strike. with regard to the engineers, they say kaiser can afford to pay engineers more given the billions of dollars in profits the health care provider made during the pandemic and the dozens of executives with million dollar salaries. kaiser says the engineers are asking for, quote, unreasonable increases. they say we are offering local 39 employees wages that are similar to our other employees. on top of benefits keep our engineers among the best compensated in their profession at an average of more than $180,000 in total wages and
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benefits. kaiser says it also understands union solidarity but says this one day sympathy strike is not protected by law. osha suspending its proposal for all large employers to require vaccinations or weekly testing. the decision comes after a new orleans appeals court concluded the mandate is fatally flawed. the ruling does not prevent private employers from implementing their own vaccine requirements. thanksgiving just a week away. the cdc says people who are unvaccinated should consider scrapping their plans to travel for the holidays. >> chris pollone, this comes as millions more americans may soon be eligible to get booster
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shots. >> right. good morning. pfizer's vaccine booster is reportedly set to be approved for all adults nationwide any day now. and now moderna has asked for its booster to receive the same approval. a decision from the fda could come today giving the green light to pfizer's covid booster shot for all people over 18 who got their second dose six months ago. moderna is asking for the same approval. it would make tens of millions of americans available to get another shot of protection. >> it's going to be very important for people when they have boosters available to get the booster shot. >> covid cases have dropped from the peak of the delta variant surge but about half the country has seen an uptick. covid deaths over the past week are averaging a thousand a day. hospitalizations and people vaccinated but not yet boosted
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are on the rise too. >> when we compare rates of disease between those who are vaccinated with two doses and those who have received a booster dose, the rate of disease is markedly lower for those who received booster shots. >> not waiting for the government to act, some states and new york city have already authorized booster shots for all adults as cases have started to rise again. with the holiday season imminent, health officials say vaccines will make the difference for millions. >> if you have a vaccinated group, then you could enjoy the winter and enjoy being at home for the holidays indoors without worrying about masks. >> reporter: the latest step in a pandemic that continues to affect so many. a cdc panel has a scheduled meeting tomorrow to discuss booster shots setting up the possibility that the pfizer covid booster could be approved for all adults nationwide by the
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weekend. it's important to note that several states have already done this ahead of the federal government. california is one of them. people in san leandro shocked to learn a 17-year-old girl was kidnapped from her home in honduras and held in a shed in san leandro. they say she was sexual assaulted multiple times and forced into prostitution. the suspect juan aguilar threatened to kill her grandmother if she reported the kidnapping. after the victim was sold to a human trafficker, she was later reunited with the suspect and his wife, who are now both under arrest. >> i haven't had time to really process the information, but that's crazy. that's disturbing. >> it really is.
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investigates say aguilar's wife groomed the victim to be a prostitute. the rising risk of wildfires from our climate in crisis. wildfires rise as the summer heat gets hotter. a study suggests that a jump in wildfire risk is around 20% for each degree of temperature increase. the number of wildfires in the sierra could rise up to 83% by the 2040s. the total area burned could nearly double. let's get a live look outside. this time from downtown san jose. it's cold when you step out the door. keep that jacket handy this morning or a sweater.
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>> the heater is probably ticking on all across the bay area. you're just trying to stay warm. and we have a clear sky. it's going to be mostly cloudy as we get ready for showers late tonight. we have a nice weekend ahead with a lot of sunshine. we will see the storm system arriving later on tonight. heading over to you, mike, you're tracking a crash in fremont. >> yes. northbound 880. we're looking at free month down by tesla moving north up start stephenson where there is that crash. we got that confirmation.
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we have a smooth flow of traffic all around incluing the altamont pass. we have a new incident near the coliseum. sounds like there may be a small fire. coming up, a recipe for savings and peace of mind. with thanksgiving a week away, creativity may be the key to avoiding higher prices and empty shelves. what experts say you can do. what's for breakfast? details on a special deal five decades in the making. and the approaching deadline. first, did you feel this? multiple small earthquakes in the east bay yesterday. right now on, why the area around the epicenter is more prone to shaking.
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covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at fog and low visibility as you're heading to work maybe over the next couple of hours. you're good as you're heading out the door. it's chilly, only 46 degrees. there will be a slow warmup today and we're not going to get
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as much sunshine as yesterday. keep that jacket close by. we're tracking rain. i'll let you know when we will need the umbrellas coming up. a smooth clear view of the bay bridge. a nice flow of traffic. still tracking what may be a little roadside fire in oakland. good morning. happy thursday. later today a group of crypto coin fans are crowd funding an attempt to buy the u.s. constitution. you heard that correctly. it's an original copy of the constitution. they're teaming up to buy a cop copy at the sotheby's auction. what will they do with it if they win is the bigger question. who picks it up if it belongs to a crowd of people. where does it stay?
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stay tuned. wall street looking for a slightly jobless claims in 15 minutes. that's a bay area company there. starbucks will open a new store today in new york city. it will be attached to one of those amazon go shops where you can take what you want without stopping at a cashier. they're calling it starbucks pickup. apple is going to make it easier for you to repair your own phone by selling you the tools and parts. apple and other tech companies and john deere for that matter have come under criticism in the past for making it really hard for people to repair the things they own, so much so it spawned a right to repair movement. this is a big turn around for apple. i was talking about that bay
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area company, user testing on the new york stock exchange made their debut yesterday. you hit that button right there and it works every time. ceo andy mcmillan did it right when he was supposed to. that's actually got to be a bit nerve-racking. it is just pushing a button but it's calling a stop to trading on the most important stock exchange in the world and doing it on national television. >> the instructions are at exactly this moment you need to push this button for exactly the right amount of time. it's a small thing but it's important and you've got to do it right. thankfully i survived unscathed. >> sure you can run a multinational company. i know when they do it on the nasdaq, they sign their name. i swear to you people practice it, signing their own name. >> that makes sense.
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new this morning, a week from thanksgiving some families are trying to get creative to avoid higher prices and empty shelves. experts say it's up to including their thanksgiving turkeys as well. >> turn the news on and customers are getting scared right now. you don't want to go through thanksgiving with no turkey. so they're panicking a little bit. the holidays moving earlier this year. so we're already seeing turkey sales are earlier than last year. >> right now all of your thanksgiving favorites are likely in plentiful supply if you're willing to make room in your fridge. watch the full story on the
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"today" show. trending this morning mcdonald's saying thank you to customers celebrating a special anniversary. >> a popular egg mcmuffin turning 50. you can buy one today for 63 cents. that's what it cost you when it was offered for the first time back in 1971. it will only be available today on the mcdonald's app during breakfast time. they usually cost a little under $3. >> she doesn't look a year over 41. >> they are good. >> we're waking up to not as
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much fog this morning. you're heading out to more clouds. we may see patches of fog drifting around but we're down to about 3 miles in visibility in the north bay. heading out to the park today in hayward we're going to see temperatures in the mid 50s by 9:00, only making it into the low 60s this afternoon. it's going to stay mostly cloudy, only reaching up to about 65 degrees in gilroy. we're also looking at mid 60s for the east bay, reaching 64 in danville. daley city and half moon bay in the 60s. north bay temperatures reaching up to 61. 59 in clear lake. really a cool day. this is ahead of the rain as we look at storm ranger only showing some mist and drizzle in a few spots but not much
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measurable rain. this is a system we've been waiting for all week. even though it's not a strong one, it's better than nothing, especially knowing we're going into a dry weekend. we're seeing spotty showers in northern california. that's what we're expecting here in the bay area starting tonight. green there on the radar. you can track this at home. you'll get alerts as rain moves in. most of it will be while you're sleeping tonight and clearing out throughout the day tomorrow. we're still going to be left with cool temperatures and not really enough to water the grass except for in the north bay where we could see a tenth of an inch of rain or less. we've been talking about this partial lunar eclipse happening tonight. it will be peaking right after about 11:00 tonight. peaking at about 1:00 a.m. and then it ends about 2:00 in the
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morning. then it's all clear for the weekend. our temperatures will be headed for the upper 60s. next week it will be a little bit cooler but not much in the way of rain. mike, you're looking at a fire happening in oakland. >> cold overnight, so warming fires along side the freeway often happen. that's the 98 overcrossing. we'll track that. light volume there. less fog than yesterday except for outer reaches of byron highway. no problem. coming up next, nbc bay area responds. >> a cancer patient should be able to focus on her health. instead she's fighting a company she can't get to deliver.
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victoria is fighting cancer. when she started chemotherapy, she paid this company $132 for a wig. an e-mail said it would be dispatched in around ten days. a month later, still no wig. victoria asked for a refund, which went nowhere. she asked if we'd contact
5:26 am we did do that. two weeks later she finally got her wig. she said i'm just grateful it's actually here. you did what i couldn't do. wigs do dotcom indicated it sent victoria a wig when she ordered but due to the epidemic and logistics it's possible the box was lost when shipping. when you shop online, uncle sam has your back. if a company doesn't deliver when it said it would or in 30 days of purchase, the federal trade commission says the company must ask for your consent to delay delivery. if you say no, the company must refund you in full. if a business is dragging its feet for you, go to or call us 888-996-tips. next, that breaking news. >> reporter: an amber alert here
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in santa rosa. coming up i'll show you the picture of the suspect and victim as well as the car. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students.
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a teenage girl taken in the north bay. an amber alert issued overnight. we're following the latest details. plus -- >> they said there's too much demand right now. they're only taking
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appointments. >> hunting for boosters. the move today that may clear up some confusion. campuses chosing. a controversial late night vote that will impact thousands of families in the east bay. this is "today in the bay." a good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first, our storm ranger up in san bruno this morning ahead of an incoming rain. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the chance of that rain. how is it looking for us? >> that rain is going to arrive later tonight, first starting in the north bay. right now we're walking out the door to some low clouds and in some spots some patchy fog. it's not nearly as dense as we've seen in the past few days. temperatures only reaching into the upper 50s with some peeks of
5:31 am
sunshine. you won't need the umbrella until later on this evening. the storm is going to bring us only spotty showers between tonight and early tomorrow. i'll have more on the timeline in a few minutes. breaking news for you this morning. an amber alert issued in southern california after an apparent abduction of a girl in the north bay. cierra johnson live for us at that santa rosa gas station where that drama played out. >> reporter: this is where the situation played out here in guerneville. authorities are saying they believe the pair are no longer in the area. that situation prompted that four-county amber alert. take a look at your screen. remember this image. this is the picture of that 15-year-old girl that law enforcement is looking for.
5:32 am
georgianna is 5'6" with long dark hair and a thin build. she was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt with green and red cherries and black jeans. witnesses say they saw the girl standing with family members near this intersection around 1:30. about 10 minutes later a suspect in orange shirts ran across the parking lot, grabbed the girl and forced her into a dark gray vehicle that took off. this is who police believe that suspect is. this 20-year-old who's 5'7", 115 pounds and last seen wearing that orange shirt with black pants. police are looking for a green 2007 chrysler town and country with texas temp tags reading
5:33 am
12478u3. this is where it all played out around 1:30 yesterday. they believe the pair are no longer in the area. if you're driving around or know any relatives outside of town, please share this information. live in santa rosa, cierra johnson live for "today in the bay." we've actually sent out a push alert about that amber alert. you might have seen it on your phone. if you didn't download our nbc bay area app, you can do it right now. it is free. new details and good nice surrounding retired oakland police captain joiner. he's out of the hospital after a deadly shootout last month at an oakland gas station. surveillance cameras captured three robbers targeting him before bullets flew. one of the robbers died. police trying to track down the
5:34 am
two other attackers. starting today, it's a lot easier to book a booster shot appointment through the state vaccine website. >> there's even been a little bit of confusion who could get one and how. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here moving us forward with the easiest way to get that shot before the holidays. >> this year before making that thanksgiving shopping list or travel plans, a lot of people are just trying to find an appointment for covid boosters in order to be protected in time to gather in person with friends and family. starting today, anyone 18 and over can now book their appointment for a booster through the my turn website. my search came up with a number of locations within a 50-mile radius. it depends where you want to drive. you can also check with your local pharmacies. i saw folks getting shots at my local safe way this week.
5:35 am
you can also check with your doctor. appointments are booking really fast. all bay area counties have walk-in locations so check the website for your county. >> they said there's too much demand right now. they're only taking appointments. >> i made an appointment yesterday for my husband on november 30th. >> i'm going home for thanksgiving on saturday night. i was hoping to get it before then. >> remember that it takes about two weeks for that booster to be fully effective. if you get that booster between now and when you travel, your protection will come primarily from your first and second shots, so take the necessary precautions. tell me about your experience on facebook and twitter. >> it still may be a little
5:36 am
confusing for people out there. our consumer team have been able to break it all down for us. you can actually find that full walk-through video right now at it's right in the trending bar. we have a follow-up for you in the east bay. a bit of a compromise in the painful decision by hayward school leaders to close some campuses. board members last night ended up approving a plan to close two schools next year and then to hit pause. the district's three-year plan will still call for schools to close, but now they'll wait and see and try to get some feedback. parents were protesting last night, marching to district headquarters. some called for the board to slow down the process. >> it seems like there was no community out reach. we also had a plan to put on hold any discussions of closure and it has not been recognized. >> the district says enrollment
5:37 am
is dropping, $900 million is needed for repairs to district buildings. the superintendent expects more tough decisions down the road. new this morning, some financial relief coming to cash strapped schools in san francisco. the chronicle reports a decision by the state supreme court means $123 million in frozen money will now go to the district. the money was tied up in a legal battle over measure voters approved in 2018. some of the money was already allocated but the district will now receive an additional $50 million as it faces a $125 million deficit. one of the suspects in the murder of a peninsula high school football star is scheduled to be arraigned. he was shot and killed january of 2019 in belmont. he attended high school in redwood city. police last week announced four arrests involving suspects previously arrested and released in this case. two are being charged as
5:38 am
juveniles. one is in custody on another crime in the midwest. another suspect will answer to charges today. prosecutors now say the shooting happened in a marijuana deal gone wrong. also today, the san francisco police sergeant accused of robbing a peninsula rite aid is expected to be arraigned. investigators say the sergeant cole tried to run from the scene when officers arrested him in san mateo november 3rd. his attorney has suggested that cole was trying to obtain painkillers. he is on unpaid leave. the decision to let the music play hitting a sour note with neighbors that surround levi stadium. it's kind of loud. levi has already had that 10:00 p.m. weeknight curfew for concerts but not anymore. santa clara council members narrowly voted to lift the curfew for special occasions.
5:39 am
the noise deadline will be 11:00 p.m. no matter the day provided the city manager approves. council members argue the city needs the revenue from non-nfl events. the city manager can only approve the clause five times a year, so the hope is they'll keep big acts from pulling out of concerts, which has happened in the past. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning this thursday. what is the weather going to be like for this weekend? >> it's going to be a great weekend for whatever you have planned. i think a lot of people are going to be getting ready for thanksgiving, either putting up or taking down decorations if you still have halloween decorations or something up. nice weather in napa valley. if you plan to hit the road or
5:40 am
you're lucky enough to live in napa valley, we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s and a mostly sunny sky. great weekend for getting out or taking a drive down the pacific highway. big sur will see temperatures in the upper 60s for saturday. by sunday we'll see more sunshine and a little bit warmer too reaching 73 degrees. if your weekend plans take you to tahoe, we're going to see south lake tahoe starting out in the upper 20s. by sunday we'll see a high of about 48 degrees. for l.a. this weekend, maybe going to visit some family, we'll see a high of 66 tomorrow. warming up toward the end of the weekend. make sure you pack your bags accordingly. we'll talk more about what we'll see as rain moves in later on tonight here in the bay area. mike, you were checking in on the bay bridge. >> the meterin
5:41 am
we're starting to see folks waiting their turn at the toll plaza, typical pattern here. slowing here at the toll plaza and also for highway 37 which is metered getting across that bridge. fog much less of an issue this morning for the bay. highway 4 seeing a lighter volume as well. no major issues. still tracking reports of that fire along 98. no problem for the on ramps or the exits. back to you. 5:41 right now. coming up next, prepping for major upgrades. if you're heading to yosemite you may have to adjust your plans a little bit. why several popular campgrounds are shutting down and how long
5:42 am
it will stay that way. ♪♪ a lot of people know that song. it's topping the charts. we're going to show you some of the beautiful sounds of adele from her new album coming up in just a bit. supermarkets and other large businesses need to donate surplus food to nonprofits and we talk about the ease in doing that.
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right now if you're making plans to head out to the park, go hiking, enjoy more time outside in the south bay, it's going to start out very chilly with upper 40s and only some peeks of sunshine. it will be a mostly cloudy day as we head for the mid 60s. rain moves in later on tonight. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. a live look at 101 through palo alto shows a smooth drive. we have a crash a little farther south in mountain view. new this morning, it looks
5:46 am
like california may see another revenue windfall next year, which may ultimately benefit taxpayers. the state's new fiscal outlook forecasts a $31 billion budget surplus for the next fiscal year. this could create some good problems, because it exceeds the constitutional limits. the white house says it is taking new action to fight high gas prices. plus scott mcgrew, you say not so new. >> there's a play book on this. make it seem like you're doing something. high gas prices are a big problem. people think presidents can solve it. they can't. it doesn't matter who's president. i've been saying this in this studio for decades. presidents can't and don't affect the price of gas with the exception of starting a war in the middle east. then, yeah, they own that one. but when presidents are faced
5:47 am
with high gas prices, they do things like biden just did. they order the ftc to look into whether there's any illegal price manipulation going on between big oil and gas supplier s which is the ftc's job. the other part of the playbook is to reduce supply in the national petroleum reserves. we tuck away millions of gat -- gallons of fuel in case of emergency. we're not paying as much now as we did temp years ago. gas prices have actually been much worse. here's a chart from an economist. the hine tells the tale. you see that big spike. that was july 2018. -- 2008. that was the highest.
5:48 am
is what we're going through painful? absolutely, but we have gotten through this before. we're going to get through it again. a much bigger concern is home heating oil and propane. those keep americans from freezing to death. the white house has moved emergency funds to help struggling families pay bills as part of the home energy assistance program. president biden was in detroit yesterday touring a general motors plant where they build electric tars. part of the infrastructure bill is a new look at the national network of car chargers. they're going to build those out. canadian prime minister justin trudeau in washington met with members of congress yesterday, will be at the white house today as part of a northern american summit. congressman paul gosar has been stripped of his committee
5:49 am
assignments after he tweeted a video. >> i do not espouse violence toward anyone. i never have. it was not my purpose to make anyone upset. i voluntarily took the cartoon down not because it was itself a threat, but because some thought it was. out of compassion for those who generally felt offense. >> kevin mccarthy warned republicans would make democrats sorry, saying the same rules had not been applied to democrats and republicans would be in charge one day. some popular spots in yosemite are getting major makeovers.
5:50 am
some new restrooms, roads and camp sites will be done. also picnic tables, food lockers and fire rings at all camp sites. it was built in the 1930s. it sees more than 140,000 visitors a year. it will be closed until 2024 or 2025. two other camp sites bridal veil creek and crane flat will be closed until 2023. trending this morning, adele making all of her fans feel her love this morning. >> she belted out a new song "to be loved" for her instagram followers. let's listen. ♪♪ >> wow. beautiful.
5:51 am
>> it is. the song "to be loved" from her upcoming album "30" is due out tomorrow. adele says that track is about her recent divorce. >> we had a neighbor who played piano beautifully, but that same scales to warm up every day, it was a little bit much. >> you know, maybe later this week singing in the rain. >> yeah. just a little bit of rain, not a whole lot and probably won't make us sing. we're going to talk about the drought monitor update. let's get a look at the low clouds moving across parts of walnut creek and parts of the east bay. right now not really registering on our fog maps as far as limiting visibility. temperatures in the mid 40s. we are going to see clouds sticking with us throughout the morning with a very slow warmup. we're only headed for the low 60s in a lot of spots like the
5:52 am
south bay san jose reaching 64 degrees. mid 60s down to morgan hill and gilroy today. for the east bay, we're also looking at some low 60s here, even upper 50s for vallejo. fremont looking at a high of 62 degrees. low 60s also for redwood city and upper 50s in san francisco. we'll need the jacket all day. you can probably just leave the sunglasses at home. probably won't need the umbrella in the north bay until later on tonight. santa rosa headed to about 60 degrees for a high temperature today. here's the storm system coming in, first starting out with clouds. you can see farther north how spotty and light the showers are. this is what we're expecting with not a lot of rainfall accumulation. most of it will be happening while we're sleeping tonight. we'll see rain starting in the north bay at about 10 to 11:00
5:53 am
in ukiah and spreading in with spotty showers tonight and early tomorrow. then we head into a dry weekend with a possibility of about a tenth of an inch of rain in the north bay. the tenth of an inch is not close to what we need as we take a look at our drought monitor. we're still in the highest level of drought in the north bay as well as the east bay with exceptional drought still for much of the bay area. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast in a few minutes. mike, you were taking a look at a crash in mountain view. >> just reported right here southbound 101 approaching highway 85. we don't see any slowing. we'll track that heading down into the south bay. northbound through san jose typical spot for your drive.
5:54 am
hayward here, no problems. the backup is at the bay bridge. happening now, get ready to pay more for your power. pg&e and mce customers in the bay area will see their electric rates increase starting next march. higher charges are anticipated between high demand hours of 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. it's called time of use rate plan and the change is expected to impact hundreds of thousands of customers. the damage from an overnight fire in contra costa county. and are we heading towards a twindemic. what one doctor is telling us about winter flu and covid concerns. and the controversial decision that may well end up in court. stay with us. on]
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take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 2. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. you're watching "today in the bay." new overovernight, a home fully engulfed in flames in the east bay in antioch. firefighters say people in that home all escaped without injury. no word on how that fire started. developing this morning, police in san francisco are investigating what's believed to be a random attack. i want to show you this video from the scene. officers arrested a man in the
5:58 am
sunsth and irving, he's accused of attacking an elderly man. witnesses say that suspect seemed to be having some type of mental episode. when he tried to leave, two bystanders tackled him and held him until police arrived. that victim did suffer a head injury that is non-life-threatening. you can see from this graph from the chronicle while rates are higher in recent weeks, still nothing like the winter holiday surge last year. health leaders also stress most of the cases are still among the unvaccinated. and with those covid cases rising, worries of a possible twindemic are also high. last year lockdowns and closures plus masking helped limit the spread of the flu, but 2021 could see more cases of it. one doctor at stanford children's health says hospitals may be overwhelmed by a double punch. >> if you go to 2019, according
5:59 am
to the cdc there were almost half a million hospitalizations from the flu. somewhere between 25,000 to 60,000 deaths from flu. we could definitely see a lot of hospitalizations, a lot of deaths. >> you can watch the full story on nbclx. that's xfinity channel 185. this is where a years long debate will impact people trying to make it in the bay. the city's planning commission will decide on two competing proposals that address the need for more housing. this new push comes as sb 9 is set to end single family zoning across california in january. a preliminary legal hearing over the new admissions policy at the i legal lowell high school from a merit based
6:00 am
admissions system to a lottery. the district has never commented on the suit. breaking right now, an abduction in the north bay. an amber alert is being issued for a girl police say was taken from a north bay gas station. and showing solidarity. kaiser workers walking off the job for 24 hours. ahead in a live report, the potential impact on health care services across the bay area. plus -- >> it's going to be very important for people when they have boosters available to get the booster shot. >> a major move in the covid booster rollout expected today. this is "today in


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