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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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[ laughter ] >> that's what's happening today in the bay. don't forget on ellen today a stroll down memory lane. megan the duchess of sussex is going to stop by. watch today at 4:00. the "today" show is next. good morning. surprise testimony. the man who shot and killed ahmaud arbery takes the stand in his own defense. >> he had my gun. >> how he describes the final moments of their fatal confrontation and why prosecutors say it should never have happened as he gets set to testify again this morning. hanging in the balance. the fate of kyle rittenhouse in the hands of the jury as deliberations enter a third day. jurors asking to re-watch drone video from the night of the
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deadly shooting at the heart of a dispute between prosecutors and the defense as tensions mount in wisconsin where a verdict could come today. trouble brewing. thanksgiving week storms threatening to make that trip home for the holidays even slower for tens of millions from coast to coast. al's got everything you need to know. where is she? a strange twist in the mysterious disappearance of a top tennis player not seen in more than two weeks after accusing a chinese politician of sexual assault. fellow stars voicing their concerns. >> it's shocking that she's missing. >> this morning a top tennis official speaking out, but still more questions than answers. we'll have the very latest. all that plus adele unplugged. the pop superstar debuts a powerful new song overnight. ♪♪ >> giving fans all around the
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world of what to expect hours before the release of her highly anticipated new album today thursday, november 18th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," it's a thursday morning. thanks for joining us. look at adele sitting on the couch belting it out. >> that was wednesday night for adele. her album -- the whole thing now -- comes out tonight at midnight. i might stay awake. >> you're going to set that alarm. i believe you. >> we'll hear more of the song. let's start with the news in the two trials that are being closely watched across the country. >> first one in georgia where in a stunning move, one of the men accused of killing ahmaud arbery took the stand in his own defense. >> and the other one we're watching in wisconsin. it's day three of jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse and the atmosphere outside the courthouse growing
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more tense by the day. protestors clashing yesterday. >> we have two reports for you. we're going to start in brunswick, georgia, with that unexpected testimony from the man accused of killing ahmaud arbery. ron allen is following that trial for us. hey, ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. when travis mcmichael returns to the witness stand, he's expected to face an aggressive cross-examination. prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that all the defendants who are white made the worst assumptions about arbery who was black and they had no reason to shoot and kill him. >> i want to give my side of the story. >> reporter: taking the witness stand wednesday in his own defense, travis mcmichael telling the jury that ahmaud arbery attacked him on the day in question and that he fired three shotgun blasts at close range killing arbery in self-defense. >> i shot him. >> why? >> he had my gun. it's a life-or-death situation. and i'm going to have to stop him from doing this.
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so i shot. >> did he stop when you shot? >> he did not. >> reporter: the encounter coming after what prosecutors say was a five-minute chase in their pickup trucks, by mcmichael, his father gregory and neighbor william bryan. all three charged with cornering and killing arbery. >> that final shot he disengaged and at that point he let go, he turned and continued to run. >> reporter: through the trial, the defense highlighting home security videos that it says show arbery at least four times inside a neighborhood home under construction. arbery's family said he stopped at the construction site because he wanted to learn how to build a home. mcmichael telling the jury that he and his fathers suspected arbery was involved in a string of burglaries. >> you had no idea what he had been doing that day? >> not at that time. >> reporter: prosecutors trying to convince the jury there was no spike in crime and that arbery never stole anything,
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adding that the defendants were not trying to detain him when they went after arbery armed in their pickup truck. >> he didn't tell you this is a really, really bad idea that could go wrong for us and we should stay here and call 911. you didn't say that, did you? >> i did. >> arbery's mother says she hopes all three men testify so she can hear all three of them explain what they were thinking that day. >> travis was on the stand wiping tears from his eyes but, again, travis is alive. the tears he shed today was no -- can you imagine the tears that we have shed. >> reporter: while testimony continues inside the courtroom, outside here, activists say that hundreds of people will gather in support for the arbery family including a number of black pastors who the defense has tried to exclude from the courtroom saying they would only be there to try to influence the jury, comments that have sparked a huge outrage. >> ron allen.
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thank you. the other trial we've been watching closely, it's in kenosha, wisconsin. jury deliberations at the kyle rittenhouse double homicide trial now enter day three. tom llamas has traveled there for us. hi, tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. day three is right, and we're learning a lot about this jury. they're not rushing their decision and they have some key questions about the critical moments in the trial, really the reasons why the entire country is watching this case right now. did kyle rittenhouse truly fear for his life or, as the prosecution says, was he reckless and the aggressor when he had that ar-15 in his hands? >> reporter: this morning all eyes on the jury in kenosha as the country awaits a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. most of day two focused on video footage. jurors wanting to re-examine the violent moments caught on camera when kyle rittenhouse shot three
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people, killing two, including 26-year-old anthony huber. we spoke with huber's great aunt outside the courthouse. >> if you had a chance to speak to kyle, what would you tell him? >> i can't put it in words. when he gave his testimony, i didn't see a glimmer of remorse. i saw someone who got caught. >> reporter: the rittenhouse family is still hopeful he'll be acquitted and get the chance to move on with his life. >> has he ever looked back and had self-reflection and thought maybe i shouldn't have come that night? >> absolutely. he would not come to kenosha again. >> reporter: late wednesday the jury spent 45 minutes pouring over video footage inside the courtroom. one of the videos in particular now at the center of the defense's motion to declare a mistrial accusing the prosecution of intentional misconduct and withholding evidence. the dispute over a copy of this drone video shown at trial. the defense says they initially
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received a compressed video file and didn't get the higher quality version until two days before closing arguments. the prosecution said there was no ill intent and that the video was compressed when it was transferred, unbeknownst to either side. >> we did not alter the file. none of us know how to alter the file. >> reporter: the judge did not immediately rule on the defense's request, but the back-and-forth matching some of the tension outside the courthouse. a fight outside leading to two arrests. >> reporter: police are arresting protestors right here in front of the courthouse. >> reporter: an unidentified man pinned by police and arrested after getting into an altercation with another prosecution. >> you were near some of those tense protests yesterday, what are you seeing this morning? what are people expecting? >> reporter: for the most part, the crowds have been very peaceful. you don't feel a large police presence.
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out of nowhere, the moipt were able to arrest people who were causing the trouble. for the most part, people are getting along here. the demonstrations are peaceful. they go at it at times but it's not too dangerous. the national guard is in town. it seems they're watching here but they don't want to have a large police presence. also incredibly cold so that is working for the trial. >> thank you, tom. now to the rise in covid cases across the country and the growing push for booster shots for all adults. moderna is asking the fda to make its extra dose available to everybody 18 and up. and the agency could grant the same request for pfizer later today. anne thompson joins us now with details. >> reporter: with eight states offering boosters to all those over the age of 18 and more threatening to do so as cases climb, federal health officials will try to play catch-up to a growing demand for extra protection. >> reporter: this morning, it's
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moderna asking for emergency authorization to add a booster for all adults as the fda could take action as early as today on pfizer's booster request. amid, yet, another covid surge. those 65 and older are already approved for a third shot. while unvaccinated people remain at highest risk for the virus, cdc director dr. rochelle walensky says they're seeing more older americans at emergency rooms making the case for why boosters are needed now. >> the rate of disease is markedly lower for those who received their booster shot, demonstrating our boosters are working. >> reporter: promising the cdc will act on authorizing boosters for those 18 and older as soon as it gets a recommendation from the fda. while 80% of americans have gotten at least one shot, it's the people who still refuse that have health officials worried. >> we've got to get the 62 million people who are eligible
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to be vaccinated in the first place and get them vaccinated. >> reporter: as for the boosters, more cities and states are acting on their own. kansas, kentucky, maine and vermont, the latest to join in expanding access this as flu season begins and the threat of a twindemic grows. >> now we're seeing people who have been vaccinated for covid feel confident they don't have covid, which is true, but now they're having symptoms like a cold, like a flu, and potentially spreading it to others >> reporter: this morning, the nation marks another grim milestone in the pandemic. more than 100,000 americans died from drug overdoses in a year for the first time in history. opioids, including fentanyl, accounted for three quarters of the deaths vermont, west virginia and kentucky saw the biggest increases. >> we're seeing the stress in isolation of the pandemic, we're seeing people losing their jobs as well as an increase in the amount of street drugs essentially creating the perfect
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storm. >> and you were talking about the rise in cases all across the country. it sounds like the nfl is about to make some changes too. >> yeah, they are, hoda. they're seeing exactly what the country is seeing. after the nfl's cases more than doubled, the league now says every person must wear a mask inside team facilities starting on thanksgiving day and all players, coaches and staff must be tested twice after thanksgiving weekend regardless of vaccination status. >> all right anne thompson for us right here across the street. thanks, anne and craig joins the table. >> good morning. good morning to you as well. we're talking about the thanksgiving travel rush now already expected to be slowed by the return of crowded airports and roads and now there's a holiday week storm to worry about. al is going to have our forecast in just a moment but first stephanie gosk is at laguardia airport this morning.
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good morning >> reporter: good morning. air travel has increased in recent months. but it's fair to say that a lot of people who are flying over this holiday haven't flown in a long time. and they should expect things to look and feel different. with this forecast becoming increasingly bleak, flying anywhere can be a headache >> reporter: this morning the weather maps tell a troubling story, storms are brewing that could disrupt travel nationwide, including some of the biggest hubs in chicago, new york and atlanta. and while storms are never good for air travel the pandemic-strained system will have an even harder time. >> we would ask that people be understanding right now. >> reporter: the number of people hitting the roads and skies this thanksgiving is nearing prepandemic levels more than 53 million flight bookings are up over 100% since last year. but the travel industry has had trouble rebounding >> do people, before they walk out the front door, have to manage their expectations for what this is going to be like?
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>> it is not going to be smooth. the world has not returned to normal and won't return to normal probably through the rest of the year. >> reporter: airports are asking people to show up two hours in advance for domestic flights and double-check their carry on. >> even if it's homemade, you want to put that in your checked back. >> reporter: the tsa says it has enough staff but the lines will be long and authorities are asking passengers to extend their patience to the skies after airline staff have faced an uptick in unruly passengers. >> how concerned are you about this dynamic and do you think more needs to be done to enforce measures against people who act out? >> i am very concerned about it. the level of unruly behavior is much higher than i've ever seen it. >> reporter: there are challenges on the roads too. rental cars are hard to find and expensive, costing nearly $100 a day on average gas prices are up more than 60% prompting president biden to write a letter to the federal
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trade commission, accusing gas companies of unfairly hiking prices and asking for an investigation. the president writing, i do not accept hard-working americans paying more for gas because of anticompetitive or otherwise potentially illegal conduct. but the high prices and travel headaches are an unwelcomed guest for the holidays there's some people who like to make the last-minute plans over the holidays they could be in trouble this year there isn't a lot of supply out there. cars, hotels, flights, they could run out, craig >> stephanie gosk, it sounds like you're talking to me directly >> i'm going to put my turkey in the oven today. >> don't do that >> will that dry it out? >> what we are talking about, we've got another storm coming into the pacific northwest today. this one not quite as bad as the last we have the frontal system bringing in cooler air behind it let's look ahead now to
7:16 am
thanksgiving the thanksgiving week. and you can see we've got another storm coming into the pacific northwest, wet but not a real big game changer. but we are -- what we're watching is this midwest to northeast storm. this is starting on sunday this storm develops across the midwest, bringing snow behind it the front will head east through sunday night now as this front develops along with the low-pressure system, on monday, we're looking for rain along the east coast, lake-effect snow starts developing from cleveland, pittsburgh, buffalo, all the way into the upper parts of new england. now, tuesday, here's where things get cranked up. that system pulls away we're watching the development of that storm. does it linger does a secondary storm develop we're looking at a possibility of snow from albany, pittsburgh, we'll watch that closely arctic cold coming in and this is going to set up the lake-effect snow machine some places getting upwards of a foot of snow
7:17 am
parts of new england into western new york and here's what we're looking for as far as the airports early next week, boston, rain and wind, going to be big problems in new york, d.c., delays. cleveland, heavy delays. cincinnati, nashville and chicago. we're going to watch this as it develops, but, again, allow yourself extra time early part of the week. by thanksgiving, things should be clear and things will hopefully and any airport delays will have been straightened. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds (aunt 1) chloe... (aunt 2) still single, dear? (chloe) so i got visible. team up with friends and get unlimited data for as low as $25 a month. no family needed. (dad vo) is the turkey done yet?! (mom vo) here's your turkey! (chloe) turkey's done. [fire alarm blares] (grandpa) answer the phone. (chloe) that's the fire alarm, grandpa. (vo) visible. unlimited data, powered by verizon. switch and get up to $200.
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good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing low visibility in parts of the east bay as we take a live look at walnut creek. this is ahead of some rain set to move in later tonight. maybe a tenth of an inch of rain in the north bay. temperatures in the valleys head for the upper 60s. is ausz ey half-hour, we're cranking up the temperature roller coaster get ready, baby! it's coming. >> i can't wait. i love it. >> i love it thank you, al. just ahead, new twists overnight in a growing mystery a top tennis player not seen in weeks after she accused a former chinese official of sexual assault. other star players like naomi
7:19 am
osaka demanding answers. where is she we'll have the latest in a live report. we just covered travel and weather, but there is another thanksgiving hiccup to talk about, shortages on everything from turkeys and tinfoil one week to go kerry sanders has important advice if you haven't started your shopping just yet but first, this is "today" on nbc. yourhopping j sus
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rashida: i'm putting a bow on it! wow. even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. rashida: shhh! i've earned this? from home improvement, drugstores, select travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. good morning. i'm marcus washington. here are today's top stories including breaking news of an apparent abduction in the north bay. >> reporter: i'm in santa rosa in front of that gas station where a 15-year-old girl was allegedly abducted. 15-year-old georgiana is 5'6" with long dark hair and a thin build. she was standing a t the gas station with a family member yesterday. a man with an orange shirt
7:27 am
pushed the girl into a dark video. they were last seen in a 2007 chrysler town and country with texas temporary tags. this morning thousands of kaiser health care workers are walking off the job for a one-day strike at locations here in the bay area and throughout the central valley. this is in sympathy with kaiser's operating engineers who have been on strike over pay and alleged unfair labor practices. kaiser says their emergency rooms could have longer wait times, some nonemergency confidences could be shut down and nonurgent appointments and elective surgeries move to be rescheduled. some spots waking up to some fog, but we're also getting read the i for some rain.
7:28 am
spotty showers start to move in for the north bay during the overnight hours. it had been clearing, nice weekend ahead with valley temperatures in the upper 60s. we're going to have another update in 30 minutes.
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♪♪ we are rocking around that christmas tree. 7:30, thursday morning, 18th of november. 13 days until we help light that tree. >> wow. >> if you're counting and i know you are, 37 days until the big day. >> until christmas? >> yeah. >> again, i continue to be amazed by the speed with which they're getting that tree ready for its debut. >> not their first rodeo. and they're putting branches in, like hair extensions. we begin with a high profile execution case in oklahoma. high school students walked out of their classrooms yesterday to support julius jones. jones is scheduled to receive a
7:31 am
lethal injection this afternoon for the 1999 murder of a businessman. jones maintains his innocence. his family and supporters held a rally outside the governor's office yesterday. the governor says he is carefully considering the parole board's 3-1 vote that he grant clemency to julius jones. the house is scheduled to censure paul gosar for posting an animated video depicting him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez. the resolution will remove him from his two house committees. he denied that his video was intended to be a threat but he did not apologize. he's now the first congressman to be censured in more than a decade. two of the three men convicted in the assassination of malcolm x are expected to be exonerated today. long held suspicions that police
7:32 am
arrested some of the wrong individuals. both men were released from prison decades ago. now to a very troubling mystery that has some of the world's top tennis players voicing concerns and demanding answers. where is tennis star peng shuai. >> the former champion has not been seen in more than two weeks. it's after she accused a top chinese politician of sexual assault. we're in beijing with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are deep concerns about the well-being of peng shuai, a tennis star here, who hasn't been seen or publicly heard from since early november.
7:33 am
an email that showed up on state media is raising more questions about where she is and whether she's okay. >> repor tennis star peng shuai, the former world number one doubles champion hasn't been seen or heard from in weeks since accusing a former top official of china's communist party of sexual assault. and now this, chinese state media showed an email from peng to the women's tennis association recanting the allegations and saying everything is fine. the head of the wta doesn't believe peng actually wrote it. >> we want to make sure she's okay >> reporter: peng's disappearance has stunned the tennis world she won at wimbledon in 2013 and the french open the year after. >> it's shocking that she's missing. >> reporter: naomi osaka adding
7:34 am
her voice on twitter i hope peng shuai and her family are safe and okay. i'm in shock of the concerned of the situation and sending love and light her way with the #where is peng shuai a letter was posted to peng's verified social media account that detailed an alleged affair described as largely consensual with a former vice premier he retired in 2018 and could not be reached for comment within minutes, that post vanished and peng dropped from public view. >> peng shuai is one of china's biggest sports stars when you search for her account, there's nothing there. >> reporter: the chinese tennis association won't comment. china's foreign ministry won't address peng or the allegations telling nbc news it's not a question about diplomacy.
7:35 am
>> this is an issue of right and wrong. and we have to stand behind this and insist on an investigation. >> reporter:ormer olympian with thousands athletes expected at beijing's winter games, pressure is now mounting here to find answers and to find peng shuai >> you talk about the pressure, the calls for the investigation, but does the women's tennis association have any real leverage to kind of pressure china to give more answers here? >> reporter: savannah, the wta has 11 tournaments here and a long-term deal worth over a billion dollars to hold the tour finals yet they're threatening to boycott china if there isn't an investigation into peng shuai's allegations and this censorship that has all but erased her from the internet here. companies and sports organizations, the nba being a good example, know that there are tripwires to doing business
7:36 am
in china and that challenging china can carry consequences but on this, the wta sounds firm this is a claim of assault made by one of its players and if there isn't transparency, the tour says it will consider walking away from china. savannah >> thank you very much appreciate it. coming up next, a holiday headache with thanksgiving now one week away, staples for your family's feast more expensive if you can find them at all. >> we put kerry sanders on the case there he is. he's going to have the story behind the shortages and strategies as well to help you stock up on what you need. we'll do that right after this
7:37 am
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7:41 am
hey, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, guys. if you're going to be preparing the thanksgiving spread, the good news is you should be able to get what you want but you need to shop early already at grocery stores across the country, they're seeing an acute demand for things like paper products, aluminum foil and, of course, turkeys. so your fridge may be full if you get the turkey now and follow the advice, but it will guarantee that you have what you want to eat seven days from now. we've all heard about the empty shelves at stores this winter worrying many americans that their thanksgiving preparations may come up short. some stores like this regional chain have managed to keep stocking the shelves with turkeys. >> these are the fresh turkeys we're getting from the shenandoah valley here. >> reporter: but it's not been business as usual.
7:42 am
>> one of your large suppliers cut our order 30%, and we had to scramble we went to a local turkey farmer 25 years they grow their own feed, there's no supply chain disruptions. >> stew leonard jr., a third generation ceo, says turkey farmers may have underestimated demand this year as american families get together again in large groups >> first of all, the early bird gets the worm, okay? don't wait till the last minute to go buy your turkey. >> reporter: according to the american farm bureau federation, the average cost of thanksgiving dinner is up 14% this year grocery stores are trying to hold prices down, but much is out of their control is there a supply chain issue with the things we like to put on our thanksgiving table? >> the supply chain is bending it's not broken. >> reporter: in stores like this, temporary turkey shortages.
7:43 am
the strain is resulting in a more expensive dinner. a 16-pound turkey up 24% this year to $23.99 frozen pie crusts up 20% and fresh cranberries up 11%. >> supply chains in general, as they relate to specialty crops, have just gotten more expensive. cranberries in wisconsin have to deal with much more expensive trucking rates, for example. that has an impact on what we would expect to pay at the grocery store. >> i can see that the prices have gone up and i feel bad for a lot of people. >> i guess you can say i'm hoping for the best. i don't have much control over this what can i do? >> reporter: to save money, retailers suggest make dishes from scratch instead of buying premade. look for generic brands and keep an open mind. >> we sometimes say customers are going to get what they need. it might not necessarily be the
7:44 am
brand that they particular want, but they're going to find what they need. >> and that's true this thanksgiving >> absolutely. >> reporter: with traditional thanksgiving back on the menu, this year, a little creativity may be the secret ingredient to a happy holiday. >> what are some ideas to get the most out of thanksgiving this year and try and avoid the high prices? >> reporter: the experts say, if you're out and you can't find what you want, think about shopping locally, that's a good tip. remember that you can always do frozen foods most people are looking for fresh. but frozen foods you could actually tell everybody coming to your table, let's split this up. everybody bring something, kind of like a potluck, that helps. and horrible horrors, i'm not sure this would happen, but smaller portions at the table. if everybody eats a little bit less, there will be plenty of food to go around. >> you cut out on that last one. >> none of those tips will go over well at my thanksgiving
7:45 am
dinner thank you. >> thank you. we know it's fall right now, right? but let's go back to the amusement park because it's time to get on the temperature roller coaster! here we go keep your hands and feet inside the car. the temperature changes from yesterday, philadelphia, 71, new york, 68, 19 degrees up from hartford now, hold on here we go cold front comes through boom look at this, boston you're going to be 20 degrees colder than you were today. hartford dropping 21 philadelphia down 23 degrees and we're going to head down south look at this, roanoke 23 degrees, charlotte, 18, virginia beach, 24. man, you just don't want to get off the temperature roller coaster. look to the west, greatest eclipse start at 4:03 a.m. the moon will have a coopery glow, very much like hoda. it will come to an end at 5:47 tomorrow morning
7:46 am
here's where you can see it the best minneapolis, chicago, st. louis, down to dallas it's going to be a no show out west and in the east it will be a decent amount of breaks in the clouds, down to atlanta, it should be looking pretty good. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. unfortunately we won't be able to see that partial lunar eclipse thanks to a weak storm system coming in. maybe a tenth of an inch. as we go into the weekend, more sunshine and highs in the upper 60s. we continue on with cool weather into next week but we will be watching out for spotty showers between late tonight and early tomorrow morning. department for putting that together. >> nice job, al.
7:47 am
>> it was worth it >> good ride. coming up, we love this story, the accidental text that led a grandmother to invite a complete stranger to thanksgiving. >> that was back in 2016 and this morning wanda and jamal, they're joining us live they're getting ready to spend their sixth holiday feast together but first, these messages. he's back. ? so, it helps to have a wise friend and fierce defender in your corner. a friend like aarp. to help your money live as long as you do. the money you earn. the money you splurge. i'm going in. and the money you save. hey, i just bought that. huh, i just sold that. that's why the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today.
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
. good morning. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in santa rosa in front of that gas station where a 15-year-old girl was allegedly abducted. this is who they're looking for 15-year-old georgiana. investigators say a witness saw the girl standing with a family member yesterday. the minutes later a male suspect pushed the girl into a dark vehicle. that suspect is 5'7", 115 pounds. they were last seen in a 2007 chrysler town and country with texas temporary tags. time to get a look at the
7:57 am
forecast. meteorologist kari hall is tracking an oncoming storm. >> we were getting ready for some scattered showers moving in later tonight. this is a very weak storm. more clouds clearing out for the weekend. our valley temperatures reach into the upper 60s. it looks dry into the eve of thanksgiving. san francisco will see highs in the low 60s for the weekend. we're going to have another local news update in 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, the perfect storm >> we would ask that people be understanding right now. >> new concerns at airports coast to coast as holiday travel approaches prepandemic numbers with a storm set to hit during the peak travel time what you should know before packing your bags. first daughter. >> you're not going to be the same person at the end of this journey as you were at the beginning. >> patti davis opens up to maria shriver about her new memoir, sharing personal stories about caring for her father, ronald reagan, as he fought alzheimer's and how the disease changed
8:01 am
their relationship plus, lin-manuel miranda live we sit down with the "hamilton" star as he takes on a very different role what it was like directing his first feature film, including the moment he realized andrew garfield could sing. and keeping up the tradition. >> you're not my grandma can i still get a plate, though? >> of course, you can. that's what grandmas do. >> how a text message to the wrong number turned into a heartwarming dinner. the unlikely friends join us live to talk about their stories and how they've supported each other during the pandemic. today thursday, november 18th, 2021 >> mother/daughter trip. >> celebrating our 26th anniversary. >> hello to our children >> hi to my son and husband. we love you. >> from washington, i'm here
8:02 am
with my mom from sunny san diego to see hoda and al >> celebrating me and my dad's birthday. >> on "today"! >> good morning. >> welcome back. it's a thursday morning. so happy you're starting the day with us. you got a little -- savannah has a cheering squad that is all about her shoes. when we get out there at 8:30, we're going to have a little moment. >> those are some shoes. you can't see them yet. >> we got a lot of people who are excited to talk to us and we can't wait to talk to them one week until thanksgiving, americans are facing a travel rebound that could mean crowded flights, higher prices and now the threat of that holiday week storm. stephanie gosk is at new york's laguardia airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here is the issue this holiday you have numbers of travelers reaching the prepandemic levels but the travel industry itself
8:03 am
hasn't really rebounded. you're going to have problems with shortages and capacity. what does that mean for airports well, the recommendation is that people should get here two hours early for domestic flights, three hours early for international flights. the tsa says they have enough staff but the lines could be long once you pass security, expect even more lines. and a lot of terminals they don't have the same number of shops or stores, so drink that coffee before you go to the airport. once you get to where you're going, don't expect to get a rental car that easily there may be not be cars if there are cars, they're expensive. upwards of $100 a day on average and then you have those gas prices for people who decide just to drive up over 60%. the president has asked the fcc to look into the prices to see if there's any kind of gouging going on now take the weather
8:04 am
forecasters are giving us a grim outlook for the upcoming days that could cause cascading problems so, unfortunately, hoda, i am not bringing tidings of joy for this holiday season if you're going to travel. >> not even one little silver lining nothing? >> reporter: turkey, if you can actually get there the turkey will be good. it will be great to see family >> there you go. i knew you could find one, steph. thank you. one of the three men charged with murdering ahmaud arbery faces for cross-examination today. travis mcmichael is accused of firing the shots that killed arbery much of the incident was captured on video. mcmichael testified that he and his father suspected arbery in a string of burglaries and were going to hold him for police mcmichael says he fired in self-defense when arbery attacked him and tried to take away his gun. in kenosha, wisconsin, the jury is starting its third day
8:05 am
of deliberations in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse. gabe gutierrez has been covering the trial from the start he joins us from kenosha this morning. >> reporter: good morning, the jury is wrestling with video evidence as the defense is now mounting its latest argument for a mistrial what's shaping out to be a critical piece of evidence in this case is that drone video that shows the encounter between kyle rittenhouse and joseph rosenbaum. the defense says that the prosecution did not hand over a higher quality copy of that video until two days before closing arguments. the prosecution says there was no ill intent and didn't realize that it was a smaller file but the defense is now asking for a mistrial the judge has not ruled. rittenhouse says he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed two men and wounded a third during unrest in kenosha last year. the prosecution says that he provoked the violence. outside the courthouse there were two arrests yesterday
8:06 am
during a fight, but overall there has been much -- it's much calmer here in kenosha than it was last summer. still, there is some tension as we await a verdict and, again, jury deliberations are set to pick back up here at this courthouse this morning craig? >> gabe gutierrez there for us in kenosha thank you. the so-called qanon shaman jacob chansley has been sentenced to 41 months in prison he wore face paint, a helmet and a fur pelt as he wandered the senate floor that day. he pleaded guilty to a single felony count of obstructing an official proceeding. chansley gave a long speech yesterday and called his behavior indefensible. we got the news covered. how about a boost? >> this is a funny one two friends were feeding the camels at one of the drive-through safari parks but one camel poked its head through a window and got a little too close for a.j.'s comfort. [ screaming
8:07 am
[ laughter ] >> a.j. is scooching in the backseat because the windows were closed back there can you imagine if the sunroof was open >> a.j. is scooching in the backseat because the windows were closed back there. can you imagine if the sunroof >> i love it >> a.j. made it. >> he's going to eat me. >> he thinks it's a lion >> incredible. coming up, maria shriver is here as she's got a really powerful conversation with former first daughter on patti davis on something they both
8:08 am
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experience the power of sanctuary new milk-bone dipped. a treat so tasty, everyone will want to be a dog. coated in delicious peanut butter-flavored yum. dog life's more fun with new milk-bone dipped. we're back with our networkwide series, the cost of care, as we mark national family caregivers month. >> patti davis, the daughter of ronald and nancy reagan shares details about her father's struggle with alzheimer's. >> maria shriver sat down to hear more about patti's journey. good morning >> we go way back. we both come from political families and we both know firsthand the strain and heartbreak of caring for a father struggling with alzheimer's. now in her new book, davis reveals the disease also helped
8:11 am
her reconnect with her father and in so doing, she reconnected with herself >> when i remember my father, i think of his eyes. as a child, i searched for them, wanting for them to focus on me. i thought nothing could get the best of him. a lifetime later, i would watch him stand helplessly in front of a beast he could not slay. >> reporter: for his millions of supporters, president ronald reagan was considered a national hero >> my fellow americans, on behalf of both of us, good-bye and god bless each and every one of you. >> reporter: but growing up as his daughter wasn't easy patti davis says he was often detached and unavailable now in her new memoir, "floating in the deep end," davis chronicles rediscovering her father through his struggle with alzheimer's. you write in the book that there was always this distance between you and your dad, that you could
8:12 am
never quite reach him and you also write that alzheimer's changed that dynamic in what way? >> well, here's the thing about alzheimer's, you do lose the person, but you can also find them because the disease strips away everything. it strips the person down to their essence. >> reporter: in 1994, davis says she herself was struggling with depression, even contemplating suicide. then her father revealed he had alzheimer's in a letter to the nation a revelation that davis says actually saved her life. >> that could have been the last straw. but instead it gave me something to reach for and to focus on that pulled me out of my own despair. >> reporter: for the next decade, she became a caregiver for her father, watching his mind slowly slipped away but she says the more he regressed, the closer they became
8:13 am
>> i felt like i saw glimpses of that near-sighted boy with an alcoholic father who spent hours in his room reading books. >> your father's mind had alzheimer's. his soul was intact. >> that was my grounding for that whole decade. i did feel like i was seeing through to his soul. >> these are pictures of your dad. >> yeah. the last few years of alzheimer's when he was bedridden, he would sometimes lie in bed and he would have his hands up like that and be moving and one of the nurses said to me, i wonder what he's doing and i said, he's riding. he had drifted off somewhere and he was happily riding. >> reporter: she says caregiving transformed her relationship with her mother nancy. you said you had always been frightened of your mother. >> yeah, she really was the architect of our fractured family
8:14 am
and then when her soulmate gets alzheimer's, she didn't know how to let anybody in. rather than responding with resentment to her or judgment, i really learned to have sympathy for her. >> you saw her soften through the alzheimer's journey. >> yeah. like the moment when she broke down and cried in hi arms which was so stunning because i don't remember ever embracing at all. >> reporter: in 2011, davis started a support network called beyond alzheimer's to help other caregivers cope with the stress and grief. >> i always said to people, you're not going to be the same person at the end of this journey as you were at the beginning. you're either going to be harder, more brittle, or softer, more open, more compassionate. it's a matter of choice. it's the choices that you make at every step of the way >> we talked a lot about how being a caregiver really teaches
8:15 am
you all the important skill that is you need in life, patience, acceptance and compassion and the with ability to listen and see things how they really are versus how you want them to be you learn to get out of your own way and i also love what she says about how caregiving can impact you you can choose to get hard by it or you can make yourself softer and become more open and she said she actually chose that and deliberately kind of focused on being more open but her journey has been complicated but beautiful at the end. >> saying she could see his soul spoke to me. she saw deep inside of him. >> and i think that's what kept her going, right, and it's what keeps her going is knowing that alzheimer's ravaged her dad's mind, but his heart and his soul was intact and it's a beautiful way of looking at a really complicated disease. >> for anyone who has lost someone to alzheimer's, my grandmother years ago, this idea that it does strip the person down to their essence, is
8:16 am
that -- was that your experience as well? >> it was my experience 100% it was also my experience to accept the person for who they were right there and i learned that from my kids, they were able to accept my dad for who he was and i kept wanting him to be the man he was kids teach you a lot in this process as the person becomes child-like in the journey. >> fascinating. >> beautiful >> will you stay for "pop start," just because you're here we want you to stick around. >> way to lighten it up. >> before that, mr. roker, how about a check. >> let's show you what we have going on for today we're watching this cold front in the east that's going to really drop temperatures, lake-effect snow behind that wet whether in the pacific northwest where temperatures are on the cool side 20s in the plains. 80s down in southern california and into southern florida. and for today, we see the lake effect firing up last mild day in the east. heavy rain developing in
8:17 am
florida. next big storm coming into the pacific northwest, nowhere near as bad as they had been seeing . i'm meteorologist have some ren parts of the east bay as you're heading out toward walnut creek. watch out for that and allow yourself extra time to get to work. we'll see clouds ahead of rain we've been expecting pretty much all week. even though it's not a very strong storm, it will bring in scattered showers starting out this weekend from north bay into the first part of tomorrow. the rest of the forecast is sunny, and we will have a nice weekend with highs reaching into the upper 60s. we're on the radio, find us on siriusxm today at 1:00. today's show confidential, president of green industries. but first, best time of the day, he's back. >> i don't know. >> better than ever. >> carson daly, "pop start."
8:18 am
>> i'm lucky to get it back. first up, adele, less than 24 hours away from the release of the new album "30. in anticipation of the dropping of that record, adele sharing a sneak peek at one of the tracks. get the kleenex. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> let me tell you what's telling about that moment that you're looking at. 99% of vocalists that i know in a house, you go sing a song like this in the bathroom, you go into the shower because of the acoustics. the fact she sits in her living room and it sounds that good, wow. >> crazy >> it comes out midnight. we're talking about the
8:19 am
annual christmas at rockefeller center tree lighting we announce the all star studded lineup here. it's happening in two weeks. wednesday, december 1st. carrie underwood, harry connick jr., brad paisley. we'll be joined by the radio city rockettes >> it will be fun. >> always great. next up, thomas rhett, it's a full house for the country music superstar. he shared on social media that he and his lovely wife have welcomed their fourth daughter into the world saying his wife is his hero. watching a child being born is a legit miracle. four under 6 here we go coming in at 7 1/2 pounds of pure joy g
8:20 am
the big sisters are sending big love and we're sending our congratulations out to their beautiful family this morning. jennifer lopez and owen wilson start in the upcoming movie "marry me. she's on stage when she finds out she's been cheated on by her she spots a cute guy in the audience holding a "marry me" sign and decides to accept his proposal right there on the spot hoda has a cameo take a look. >> they will exchange vows in front of the whole world. >> what is everybody looking at? >> he's caught cheating. >> why not i'll marry you >> what happens then
8:21 am
>> i cannot tell but continue >> hoda, you had the chance to chat with the three big stars about the project and started by asking j.lo what it's like having her character poke fun at being married multiple times >> yeah, i mean, listen, if you can't laugh at yourself and just take it as it comes -- i just don't think about those things i feel like i'm a human being like everybody else. i've had my ups and downs, made my mistakes and i'm proud of who i am as a person, as a mom and as an actor and as an artist yeah, it's okay. everybody's got that. >> you had great chemistry how many times have you worked together before this movie >> we did "anaconda" back in the day. >> and we had to prove that the chemistry that we had in that wasn't just a fluke. and i think we've done it. but you be the judge
8:22 am
>> i love owen's face when she was answering that question about being married multiple times. >> i want to get out of here. >> check out what she had to say about possibly saying i do in the future >> your turn, jennifer those two words. >> for what? >> the two words, "marry me. would you like to hear those words in the future? >> i don't know. yeah, i guess. i'm a romantic i always have been, a few times. i still believe in happily ever after for sure 100%. >> she said yes. there it is. >> that was maluma, by the way >> and she said yes. >> you can see the full conversation coming up on the fourth hour. it's out this valentine's day and check out the full trailer at >> stirring that pot >> simple questions.
8:23 am
>> i want more "pop start." >> pop start plus streaming all day. we're getting into the holiday hallmark channel is on in my sister's house 24/7. all of these movies play in an endless loop. >> people just watch those holiday movies why not? >> they're wonderful >> remind me never to get interviewed by hoda. she gets in there -- >> revealing all >> coming up next, guys. first time director behind "tick, tick... boom!" it's the one and only lin-manuel miranda and he is here we cannot wait to catch up with him after a check of your local news, weather and these messages ese messages.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. and the apparent abduction of a girl in the north bay is now triggering an amber alert outside the bay area. please are looking for the 15-year-old girl. they believe she was taken at a gas station in santa rosa yesterday. the man they're looking for is identified as a 20-year-old. he is 5'7", last seen wearing long sleeves, orange shirt, and black pants. police believe the suspect and victim may be headed to southern california. we'll have more later on our
8:27 am
newscast. it's a foggy start out there for some folks, kari. >> especially, especially in the east bay. visn't has dropped to a mile and a quarter or less. once it lifts, we'll still have clouds and cool temperatures as we get ready for scattered showers moving in later tonight. rain tomorrow. but the weekend is looking nice. lots of sunshine, and temperatures in the inland valleys reaching into the mid- to upper 60s. a little cooler next week as we lead into thanksgiving, and it looks like we'll is shreveport, louisiana this one chance of rain before the weekend. >> we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. i'll see you then. we learn about covid-19,
8:28 am
the more questions we have.
8:29 am
the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. on] call 833-317-4673, -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey.
8:30 am
♪♪ ♪ 8:30 now it's thursday morning. we're out here on the plaza having a grand old time. it's a wonderful, warm fall morning. but don't forget, al told us about the temperature roller coaster. it's up. it's down. >> by the way, beautiful crowd >> wonderful >> so happy -- >> lovely crowd. >> we're excited to be out here but we're also excited to go back inside because lin-manuel miranda is here. >> there he is >> he's directing his first movie called "tick, tick...
8:31 am
boom!" it's something star andrew garfield told us about on monday >> jen is in the house with today's best sellers to get you through thanksgiving without a hitch, including an amazing gadget to help you create that perfect turkey. >> that's huge >> it is huge. >> if you need a reminder of what the holiday is all about, folks we have it for you this morning. remember a few years back when an accidental text message brought two strangers together around the thanksgiving table? wanda and jamal are preparing to spend their sixth thanksgiving together and we cannot wait to catch up with him. look, they're up already >> love it >> before we get to the weather, there was -- there's a beautiful group here who was -- these are savannah -- these are her posse. they're mississippi girls. >> what do you think about savannah's shoes
8:32 am
>> okay, does >> awesome >> you like it >> okay, does anyone where size >> i've never done this before. >> she never gives away her 9? >> yes, yes, yes >> i've never done this before >> she never gives away her shoes. >> it will take me a minute. >> happy birthday, tracy >> hang on >> we're going to get the shoes off. one at a time. >> i need the jaws of life >> okay. >> you don't see guys doing that >> no, i don't want your shoes, al >> happy birthday to you >> it's like a poodle that gets a bath and there's nothing left. look how short i am. >> wait, that was the coolest what just happened mr. roker, how about a check of the weather?
8:33 am
>> i've never seen her actual height before. >> let's show you what we got, for tomorrow, lake-effect snow, windy conditions around the great lakes, above average highs into the great plains, down into the southwest. crisp and cool in the northeast. snow showers in the rockies and sunday, sunday, snow and wind through the upper midwest. we're looking at rain developing through the ohio river valley. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your "tick, good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out with a lot of fog and low clouds, and we won't see much sunshine today. we're getting ready for scattered showers later this evening into the first part of the day tomorrow. not a lot of rain, maybe a tenth of an inch of rain for parts of north bay and we're back to sunshine for the weekend with our valley temperatures reaching into the mid- to upper 60s.
8:34 am
next week will be a little bit cooler, but we're also looking at dry weather after today, and tomorrow we'll see much more sunshine. we got somebody celebrating their 14th birthday. what's your name >> marley. >> and you're celebrating your -- >> 49th birthday >> oh! >> we're going to sit down with lin-manuel miranda he's going to open up to us about what it was like to direct his first movie. but first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "today" on nbc. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time.
8:35 am
feel the hydrow high.
8:36 am
welcome back, guys lin-manuel miranda is a broadway legend, known, of course, for his hit "hamilton" and "in the heights. his movie "tick, tick... boom!" is focused on the life of rent composer and lin-manuel, it is so good to see you.
8:37 am
>> love having you here. >> in the flesh. >> nice to see you guys. >> this is getting rave reviews. i can only imagine how exciting, exhilarating and relieving that is because not only is it your first time being a director, this show means so much to you personally. >> yeah. >> the story means so much to you personally. >> yeah, absolutely. i saw the off broadway version of "tick, tick... boom!" when i was 21 years old i was in senior in college it was a month after the events of the september 11th and i was a theater major and what do i have to offer the world? here's this early musical from the guy who inspired me to write musicals in the first place and it was just sort of like -- it's hard it was like a personal message about what you're trying to do is very difficult.
8:38 am
but if you're okay with the world not noticing and you're just doing it because you love it, it was a very clarifying experience for me. it means the world to be able to bring it to the screen. >> even at 17, you sat in the back row and watched "rent."se i had seen on broadway it gave me open i could be on broadway one day it was the most contemporary music i had ever heard it was about artists struggling to survive and it just felt -- it felt like, oh, you're allowed to make a musical as personal as any other art form it's what got me writing. >> everyone says how hard it is to bring theater to film and it is and you actually took it from -- you know, it started as a one-man show then it was a three-person show. and then through film, you've been able to expand this world even more. how fun was that >> it was really fun and it was really exciting because to take "tick, tick... boom!" out of the -- off the stage and into the screen, you get to go to new york in 1990 i was a kid who grew up in the city
8:39 am
i remember that time very well and they did an amazing job with the three-person version that i saw off broadway and i have the incredible andrew garfield just embodying jonathan larson we were able to film on location in the places that meant so much to the real jonathan. >> you had no idea whether he could sing in fact, you asked him if he wanted to be in it and could he sing and play the piano. he gave you a yes because he knew it was a year until filming. were you concerned, maybe he couldn't >> no, i wasn't concerned at all. i saw him in "angels in america" and he could do anything i knew i needed someone who lived and breathed the theater to play this role because jonathan lived and breathed the theater and andrew embodied all of that.
8:40 am
>> still, that's a big bet to place on someone, even that you admire so much andrew -- first of all, he sings incredibly well. it's actually not fair he has too many talents. you're almost angry about it he told us a funny story, he was here earlier this week, you had snuck into one of his rehearsals with his vocal coach and all of a sudden he said -- he sees a shoe fly word him and it was your shoe. what does that mean? what is the lin-manuel shoe? >> that's when someone sings, sings, the only thing left to do is throw your shoe or put it on the table. you just -- you ate it you destroyed it i just saw you give your shoes to complete strangers -- >> i was doing the lin-manuel. it was, like, you're great. >> if not andrew, who? if he was -- >> i had no plan "b. i knew if i gave him -- you know, when i asked him if he
8:41 am
could sing, he said that's a part of myself i've always wanted to explore but haven't had the chance to. and i knew if he was excited about doing it and i gave him the time and resources, he would rise to the occasion, because he always has >> we feel so connected to you because before "hamilton" and after "hamilton" and just the beautiful journey that you've been on. how exciting to see you try something totally new and was that terrifying? >> it's terrifying now it's funny, as you're making the movie, you're making a lot of decisions. as the director, you're the final decisionmaker. and so i was just thinking, like, honoring jonathan larson, what would jonathan larson do every step of the way. i remember showing the movie to one of my best friends who wrote "in the heights" with me and they cut to john's apartment and she goes, lin, that's your bedroom. that's what your bedroom looked like at 25 and i just was like, oh, my god, this movie is so personal.
8:42 am
without my realizing it in a lot of ways. it's the most personal thing i've ever made. >> there's multiple layers to it it's exciting. congratulations. >> thanks for coming on. >> how are the boys? >> they're fantastic i did freestyle with jimmy last night. my son was testing me this morning with pokémon cards. he was like rhyme -- and i was like, this is way harder >> that is a real challenge. >> we're in the pokémon phase ourself. >> thanks, lin we know there will be more stories to share >> "tick, tick... boom!" in select theaters now, streaming on netflix tomorrow. one of its stars, vanessa hudgens is stopping by our third hour in just a bit. we're going to check out must-have kitchen gadgets to save you time for your thanksgiving feast but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races!
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we are back with best seller we are back with today best sellers this morning it's all about thanksgiving must-haves jen is here with great items that will take you from cooking to serving, not too late to snag everything you need. we have our qr code pop up on the screen so you can shop along. let's brine our turkey what's the best way to do that >> this kit has everything you need and people love it. it's classic flavoring you get the bag with it. all the directions are right there. >> you put the turkey in, rub, rub, rub >> you don't have to worry it ends up being much more affordable than putting together your own mix of things you have to buy >> what is this mini oven? this is cute. >> you want to save the space in your oven for the sides.
8:46 am
this is a roaster with a self-basting lid put your turkey in here and you don't have to baste it it's going to circulate the moisture and you can make gravy in here too. >> you got to have great coordination if you want to make the sides and turkey all in one oven what's the price point on this >> it's under $70 the last time we checked >> a meat thermometer. >> push a button, it's actually battery-operated and comes with the batteries. one less thing to charge i feel like anything i need to charge, i always forget to charge it comes in fun colors. >> you put in the turkey, the beef -- >> use it year-round. >> you need a timer if you're going to make sure that everything is working on time.
8:47 am
>> we discovered it in the school supply section because it has a little whiteboard on it. you can set four timers. put down what you're timing. it has a different sound for each if you have a lot of cooks in the kitchen, everyone knows what timer is for what thing. >> if you're cooking multiple things and the timer goes off, you're going what? brilliant. set all the timers and hit the button. >> and erase it and use it for your kid's homework the next day. >> i know what a potato masher looks like and it does not look like this. what is this one >> this is a potato masher with a cult following it's heat resistant. you can mash while you cook and there's angles on the side and you stick it in the dish washer. >> this is good. >> and you can use it while you're cooking. >> how much is this thing? >> it's around $10 a great deal fun colors too.
8:48 am
>> keeping things warm you can't get all of your stuff out so it's all warm at the same time what do we do? >> that's the challenge. we made our turkey, sides, everything is perfect. this is a warming tray this actually comes with these dishes you can put these on top and serve your sides. >> look at this. and then when you want to have dessert, pop off the trays, it looks like this. put your pies on there and you're set. >> this is the answer. you're always throwing stuff in the microwave, trying to pull it out. scoop, on your plate, done. >> use it for a million -- >> price point okay? >> $69 for this. looks good to shop these items text today to the number below. this segment features products available on amazon which has an affiliate relationship with "today."
8:49 am
you can catch jill martin on peacock. more than 40 gift ideas. some over 80% off. peacock is part of our parent nbc universal company. the stars of a thanksgiving day tradition born from a happy accident it made the world smile for five years and counting but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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8:51 am
we are back. one week from thanksgiving we have a update this morning on a story that's been making us smile for years now. >> back in 2016 wanda and jamal were strangers but when the arizona grandmother texted the wrong person to come over for thanksgiving, he accepted now, the two really are like family they spend every thanksgiving together we're going to talk to them in a moment and get an update a little more on how their friendship came to be. >> this brings me such joy still the best tradition ever. we all need more of this these are just a few of the comments on the post of a story going viral again.
8:52 am
it all started five years ago. wanda thought she was texting her grandson >> thanksgiving dinner is at my house on november 24th at 3:00 p.m >> reporter: the text went to jamal instead. >> who is this >> reporter: a swap to confirm the mistaken identity. >> you're not my grandma, can i still get a plate, though? >> of course, you can, that's what grandmas do we feed everyone. >> reporter: wanda was true to her word she and her husband welcomed jamal into their home serving up a new holiday tradition as they've spent every thanksgiving together since in 2019, the pair sat down with "today" reflecting on their story going viral. >> you got a lot of text messages. >> i had 600 text messages that night and it was crazy >> reporter: last year, lonnie passed away from covid-19. jamal and his girlfriend didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand
8:53 am
to wanda >> i love you guys. >> we love you too >> reporter: lonnie will be with them this thanksgiving in spirit as jamal confirms they are all set for year six >> what a story. >> beautiful >> can't get enough of this power duo joining us from mesa, arizona, this morning. hello to both of you we're sorry to hear about lonnie, but we're thrilled that you're going to have this expanded family with you on thanksgiving again did i read this right, that you're not even, like, that into thanksgiving, you don't consider yourself much of a cook? >> that's very true. i just admitted that yesterday, actually, because i remember when that particular year i was tired of putting on the feast every year so i asked my husband if we could just skip thanksgiving that year and go off and have a mini vacation or something but little did i know that's not what the universe had planned
8:54 am
for me >> jamal, when -- let's go back to 2016 when the crazy text exchange first started did you think when you got that text, i thought you were joking around, hey, can i get a plate when she said, yes, were you like, wait a minute, am i really going over there was there any hesitation >> yes, there was a huge amount of hesitation because it was -- it was all just a joke i was in math class. i was taking a test. and i was just, hey, why not i'm just -- i'm an outgoing person and i like to meet new people and she said yes and i was star struck basically. >> what do you think this tradition has taught the two of you? >> for me, it's been such a journey. it's been awesome. things i never expected. i remember the first year when i was reading some of those messages and they were saying -- people were saying how we changed their lives, that they had faith in humanity again.r l.
8:55 am
that they had faith in humanity and i was just so blown away by all of those comments. now five years later i realize, oh, my gosh, they're the ones who changed my life. it's just -- it's been awesome what an awesome journey. i never would have expected this >> jamal, this is the online community can be rough but this seems to be the type of story that unanimously just has people -- they're so overwhelmed by it. and i wondered what you thought about the tradition and what it was about this relationship that people resonate so much with >> with me, you're very right. people online can get a little crazy. but this story has been amazing from the start to the finish of course, there's always those bad comments here and there. but overall, i've been enjoying almost every second of it.
8:56 am
i was just telling wanda the other day how it actually helps me get through the year sometimes to see so many uplifting comments and people looking forward to our story that i just love it all. >> quickly, do you two ever get together outside of thanksgiving on the calendar year >> absolutely. >> of course >> i love it a genuine friendship and born of both of your generosity of spirit can't get enough of it keep it going, wanda and jamal happy thanksgiving >> livestream it we want to watch. >> order takeout, wanda, there's no shame in that good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. a 15-year-old girl, a victim of an apparent an jucz in north bay triggered an amber alert in southern california. she was taken by a 20-year-old man.
8:57 am
at midday we'll have the latest on those developments. and a man accused of robbing a peninsula rite aid will be arraigned today. that sergeant daven coal tried to run from the scene. that's when officers ran after him. there's a contract dispute that could affect patience. much more at midday. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
8:58 am
will you be able to get a booster shot before thanksgiving. we're looking into it. how you can help those in need put food on table.
8:59 am
join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the "3rd hour of today," november 18th. craig it is? >> friday eve. >> maria shriver with us again. it's been a great week having you here. >> i've loved every minute. >> i hope you feel the love. >> i feel the love. >> we have a moving story about the cost of care. how it's not only helping folks living with alzheimer's, but their caregivers as well. >> and actor vanessa hudgens is going to be live with us in studio.


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