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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 18, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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east of the toll plaza on westbound i-80 because of the active chp investigation. this is a closer view from a traffic camera. you can see police there talking to people and continuing their investigation. that shooting reported around 9:15 this morning. no word of any victims right now. we're working to learn more of
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what led up to the shooting, chp telling us there is no eta when the incident will clear. this of course happening less than two weeks after the deadly shooting of the toddler. this is on the oakland freeway while in his car seat. right now we'll go to our traffic reporter to get an idea what is going on. >> we'll take you back to the camera you showed. this is the camera that typically shows us the bay bridge toll plaza. it is right at the toll plaza. we've turned it back facing toward oakland. this right here is the stanchion. these folks are blocking the frontal part. it is royte about here. i've taken the traffic away so you can make it out more clearly. the 880 overcrossing, doesn't look like much traffic coming off. there may be activity here and most of the lanes blocked right here. so four lanes to the bay bridge toll plaza are blocked and folks are squeezing by two lanes slowly past the scene. you are getting through but it
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is jammed up on 580 back to 24. slow down the east shore freeway. 880 looks like there is not a lot of backup. while we are tracking the investigation, approach from 8 #l 0. b.a.r.t. is running without delays as well right under the whole thing. our other top story, a teenage girl now safe after being reportedly abducted in the north bay yesterday. surveillance video shows her being thrown into a moving van. nbc bay area's cierra johnson has been following the story all morning and is live in santa rosa. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning. we know the 15-year-old is safe with her family and the amber alert stems from a situation that played out at this gas station yesterday in broad daylight. we were able to obtain that surveillance video of the individual allegedly being abducted here at the arco gas
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station in santa rosa. investigators say a witness told them they saw the 15-year-old girl standing with family members near the corner of gurnville and fulton around 1:30. ten minutes later a suspect in the orange shirt ran across the parking lot, grabbed the girl, and forced her into a dark colored vehicle. the car then taking off eastbound on gurnville. that girl back home safe. right now police not revealing the connection between the suspect and the teen. news of the situation as well as the amber alert really caught some of our viewers by surprise. >> how is that possible when you have somebody coming out like that and with all the cameras and they still don't care? it's like watching those things in san francisco where they go and steal all the tvs and rush out. it's coming to people now. >> reporter: again, chp telling us that teen is back home. so far a lot of unanswered questions.
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we're still cower yous about whether anyone -- curious about whether anyone is facing any charges or if there is any relation with the two individuals and if there is a motive. >> certainly one to follow. i'm glad she is back home safe with her family. thank you. nbc bay area, we still have a push alert this morning about the amber alert. you may have received it on your phone. if not you should down load our free nbc bay area app, a great way to keep up with the informa right in the palm of your hand on your smartphone. throw a live look at walnut creek and it might be 11:00 but take a look at the haze sticking around. this is coming ahead of the rain expected to creep into parts of the bay area. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking this. when can we expect to see some of the rain move in our way? >> we're expecting much of that rain to move in later this evening but we have powered up storm ranger in advance of this system that will be passing by. we can already see light
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sploches of green coming from the low mist and drizzle and low clouds. some of the showers already starting to move up around ukiah and further north. sonoma county, lake and mend cito counties could see the rain moving in and the bulk of the system keeping the rain to the north now but the clouds are stretching in and that will be what we'll see throughout today. not a lot of sunshine here. with this system we are expecting the possibility of scattered showers just off and on for the bay area. more measurable rain will be further to the north especially as we head into late this evening and into early tomorrow morning. we are seeing still some very light showers with this. not expecting much but we may have some more rain further in the forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. down load our free nbc bay and also get the personalized climate forecast. the app will alert you before the rain heads to your area. get it now on your iphone and
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android. oakland police are searching for answers in a deadly double shooting. it happened a little after midnight in the high rise on 17th street right off of broadway and downtown. a man and a woman were pronounced dead at the scene. so far police are not releasing the identity of the victims. right now they are not saying if they're following any leads. this brings the number of homicides in oakland this year to 122. happening now thousands of kaiser health care workers have walked off the job. this is for a one day strike. to show sympathy for engineers on strike as well. so what does this mean for the patients of kaiser? >> reporter: good morning, marcus. possibly longer waits in the e.r., elective and nonurgent appointments may have to be canceled and rescheduled. reduced hours or shutdowns of
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lab, optometry and other services. they're making their presence known. very vocal. these are a large number of health care workers doing a one day strike, a sympathy strike outside redwood city's kaiser location and 20 others throughout the bay air and in the central valley. fciu which represents most of the health workers tells me they believe thousands have walked out and it could grow to tens of thousands by the afternoon. this walkout is to show solidarity with kaiser engineers who have been on strike for the last two months over alleged unfair labor practices and pay. the downonfor health care workers striking says kaiser can afford to pay its engineers more giving the billions of dollars from the pandemic and the executives with million dollar salaries. >> share the wealth. respect the working people who
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are keeping the organization functioning. >> reporter: this one day sympathy strike comes despite the fact kaiser recently came to tentative agreement with health care workers and pharmacists who also threatened to strike. kaiser says their current offers to the engineers will keep them among the best compensated in the profession at an average of more than $180,000 in total wages and benefits. kaiser released a lengthy statement that reads in part, unfortunately, after many hours bargaining on tuesday and wednesday, there is no movement in negotiations with local 39. the downoninsists it -- union insists it receives much more in some cases nearly two times more than employees. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. this just in. changes are coming for cvs stores. nearly 900 of the stores will be closing nationwide over the next three years. the drug store chain says it will focus more on its online
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platform now. the closures will start in spring of 2022. after cvs plans to rebrand the remaining stores into three different formats. one to offer primary care services, some will become health hubs selling products to treat common illnesses as well as mental health. the third group will remain the traditional stores. starting today a lot easier to book a booster shot appointment through the state vaccine website. there has been some confusion over who can get the shot or even how. nbc bay area's kris sanchez moving us forward this morning with an easier way to get the shot before the holidays. >> reporter: we've been making our thanksgiving shopping list and travel plans but also trying to find an appointment for a covid booster a lot of us looking to be protected in time to gather with family and friend in person. starting today anyone 18 and over can book an appointment through my, the state's website. my search came up with 20
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locations within 20 miles of my zip code. i got lucky there. you can also check with your local pharmacies, the locally owned ones, though. i can tell you the national chains are still adhering to the cdc's eligibility. you can also check with your doctor. those appointments have been booking fast. all bay area counties are hosting walk-in locations. check your county website for that. we also talked with people about their experiences >> i made an appointment yesterday for my husband and on november 30th. >> i'm going home for thanksgiving on saturday night so i was hoping to get it before then. >> on facebook i asked how folks, what their experience has been like. a lot of people saying they had no problem booking appointments primarily in santa clara county. remember, it takes about two weeks for the booster to be fully effective so even if you can get a booster between now and thanksgiving your protection will primarily come from your first and second doses.
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you will be good for christmas, hanukah, and new year's and won't have to deal with the next holiday rush. >> thank you. you know what, of course, kris did a great job breaking it down but our consumer team have broken it down even more. find a full walk through video right now at nbc bay right on our trending bar. letting the music play. hitting the wrong chord with some in the south bay. when the music will officially have to stop at levi stadium as a looming decision hangs in the balance. plus -- >> he gave his testimony. i didn't see a glimmer of remorse. >> the aunt of a man shot and killed by kyle rittenhouse now speaking out as the jury enters day three of deliberations. tensions are still high ahead of the verdict. why a potential mistrial is still on the minds of many at this late stage of the legal process. on a lighter note the holidays are officially just around the corner and no doubt the movie "elf" will be playing
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on a lot of tv screens. the actress is dishing on the christmas movie's success and what she says is inspiring for healthy living. you can watch that on "the kelly clarkson show" this afternoon right here on nbc bay area at 3:00.
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this midday the jury in the rittenhouse trial is in the third day of deliberations. he is accused of shooting and killing two people. the aunt of one of the victims is speaking out. there is a possible mistrial hanging in the balance. >> reporter: this morning all eyes on the jury in kenosha as the country awaits a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial.
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most of day two focused on video footage, jurors wanting to re-examine the moments caught on camera when kyle rittenhouse shot three people killing two including 26-year-old anthony huber. we spoke with huber's great aunt outside the courthouse. if you had a chance to speak to kyle what would you tell him? >> i can't put it in words. when he gave his testimony i didn't see a glimmer of remorse. he saw someone who got caught. >> reporter: the rittenhouse family is still hopeful he'll be acquitted and get the chance to move on with his life. have you ever looked back and maybe had self-reflection and thought to himself maybe i shouldn't have come to kenosha that night? >> absolutely. >> reporter: late wednesday the jury spent 45 minutes poring over video footage in the courtroom. one of the videos in particular now at the center of the defense motion to declare a mistrial, accusing the prosecution of
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intentional misconduct and withholding evidence. the dispute over a copy of this drone video shown at trial. the defense says they initially received a compressed video file and didn't get the higher quality version until two days before closing arguments. the prosecution said there was no ill intent and the video was compressed when transferred, unknown to either side. >> we did not alter the file. none of us know how to alter the file. >> reporter: the judge did not immediately rule on the defense request. but the back and forth matching some of the tension outside the courthouse. a fight outside leading to two arrests. >> police are arresting some protesters here after a long skirmish in front of the courthouse. an unidentified man arrested after getting into an altercation with another protester. well, it looks like california may see another revenue windfall next year which
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may ultimately benefit taxpayers. the state now is saying the new fiscal outlook forecast, a $31 billion budget surplus for the next fiscal year. this could actually create a good problem because it actually exceeds constitutional limits. it may involve more spending on infrastructure or schools or even giving some of the money back to taxpayers, which happened this year. however, it could all change if revenue slows. a followup in the east bay. a bit of compromise in this painful decision by hayward school leaders to close some of the campuses. board members last night ended up approving a plan to close two schools next year and then hit pause so the district's three-year plan still calls for six schools to close but now they'll wait to see and get some feedback from the community. angry parents protested last night marching to district headquarters. some who attended the meeting were on zoom and called for the
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board to slow down the process. >> it seems there was no community outreach. we also had a plan to put on hold any discussions of closure and it has not been recognized. >> the district says enrollment is down and $900 million is needed to repair the buildings. the superintendent still expects more tough decisions down the road. the decision to allow music to play is hitting the sour note with neighbors surrounding levi stadium. levi's always had a 10:00 p.m. week night curfew for concerts but not anymore. this week santa clara members narrowly voted to lift the curfew for special occasions. the noise deadline will be 11:00 p.m. no matter the day provided the city manager approves. city council members argued that the city needs to have revenue right there from nonnfl events. the city manager can only approve a clause five times a year and the hope is it will actually keep some of the big
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acts from pulling out of concerts which has happened in the past. new research highlights the rising risk of wild fires from our climate in crisis. it forecasts wild fires and acres burned in the sierra to rise as the summer weather gets hotter. take a look at the numbers here published in the journal "science advances" suggesting a jump in wild fire risk somewhere around 20% for each degree of temperature increase. similarly the number of wild fires in the sierra could rise up to 83%. this is by the 2040s. the total area burned could nearly double. that is not what we like to hear and why we need so much of the rain right now. this next round is not going to be so much. >> not so much. but now we are starting to see maybe something coming together before thanksgiving. we'll talk more about that in just a bit. as we get a look at our visibility it's been the issue for us with the low clouds and fog we're seeing right now. also keeping our temperatures
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down so it is kind of cool out there as we've seen some spots especially in the east bay deal with patchy, dense fog. going into this afternoon, do not expect a lot of sunshine today. it is kind of a mixture of the high clouds coming in as well as the low fog. we've seen the temperatures headed for the low to mid 60s for today in the past few days, kind of a cool week and only reaching 63 degrees in livermore, oakland today reaching 61 for a high. in the upper 50s near the coast as well as much of san francisco. and for the north bay we'll also see the temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s for today. this is as our next storm system comes in. we've been talking about this all week because it was our one shot of at least getting more measurable rain. we are looking at very spotty light showers so we do have storm ranger powered up to track that as it does move closer and we've seen once again some very light rain. now moving into the coast line, that is going to only bring about 0.1 inch of rain. take a look at the overall view
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of the storm system moving into far northern california and you can see all of the clouds extending out ahead of that, just to the south of us. that is what we're seeing right now. behind that we do look at some very clear weather. that is what we're going to see heading into the weekend. looking at our hour by hour forecast once again very spotty, light showers moving in between late tonight and early in the morning and, unfortunately, this is the same time that we are expecting that partial lunar eclipse to happen. it does look like we'll have god viewing for that. then we see it clearing out. as far as the timing for the lunar eclipse just in case you get one little clear spot and you are able to see it going on, it start shortly after 11:00 and reaches the peak about 1:00 a.m. then it'll be wrapping up shortly before 3:00 in the morning. this will be one of the longest lunar eclipses we've had in history, so hopefully during that time frame we'll have at least the chance to view a little bit of it as it passes and we'll probably get a lot of
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pictures all around the country of the lunar eclipse. then further down the line we were talking about the potential of getting some rain maybe early next week. some of the models are coming together with a colder storm coming in that could bring in some scattered showers but possibly a little bit of a boost to the sierra snow before thanksgiving. we know we need that because with the drought monitor update this morning it still shows more of the same conditions with the exceptional drought, the highest level of drought right here in the bay area from the north bay over toward the east bay. temperature wise, not a lot of change here. just highs reaching into the 60s. clear for the weekend. we'll be watching out for rain possibly next tuesday. >> thanks, kari. looking good. coming up, talk about not so rough life. okay. a prime piece of real estate now being sold by it four-legged owner. i'm not kidding. we'll tell you the privileges this one prize pup enjoys that your dog probably knows nothing
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about. but first, happening now, the defense department's office of inspector general says the military and defense leaders acted appropriately during the january 6th riots at the u.s. capitol. this after some leaders have said the military did not respond quickly enough. in a report released wednesday by the department of defense military leaders explain the response was reasonable in light of circumstances. moving forward dod has been committed to develop specific plans for a military response to civil unrest within the national capital region. we'll be right back.
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today on "ellen" a stroll down memory lane as meghan the duchess of sussex stops by and talked about how she felt on the warner brothers lot where she used to audition only this time for a different reason. >> you used to come to this lot to audition all the time. >> my gosh, i would park at gate 3 and scoot on over and what was so nice is the security guards would say break a leg. we hope you get it. the drive today was very different >> i bet it was. she also reminisces about the old ford explorer sport she drove and the unique way she had to get into the driver's seat. you don't want to miss it. i got a sneak peek. it's funny. watch the entire interview on "the ellen show" at 4:00 this
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afternoon followed by nbc bay area news at 5:00. one pampered pup is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase in the dog his miami mansion formerly owned by madonna for nearly $32 million. he is part of a long line of german shepherds who inherited a trust from a late german countess. his managers handle the estate. he loves caviar and travels by private jet. i wonder if you just put him in a ford pinto or something, would the dog even know the difference, kari? do they need the private jet and caviar? >> the handler would. >> there you go. >> we have some nice dog walking weather out there. for now. you don't want the grass to be wet. your spoiled dog may not want to touch the grass with her paws. we'll see some scattered showers moving in. and for the weekend it looks beautiful. lots of sunshine and
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temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. i'm going to watch next week to see if we see changes with some rain chans on tuesday. >> thank you for joining us. the next newscast is coming up at 5:00. get the latest information at nbc bay see you back here tomorrow. on]
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-♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey. right now on "california live". >> i'm throwing a thanksgiving feast at my place. guess what? you are invited. >> you too. >> we have a holiday side dish that is going to make your mouth water. >> plus angela is taking us to a place where they are making gifts for good to help women in need >> i am in downtown l.a. at a very special boutique. we'll learn about unique gifts that make a big impact this holiday season. >> all happening right now on "california


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