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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ rite now at 5:30. this hasn't happened in years. a u.s. president in a trilateral meeting of regional leaders. prime minister of canada and president of mexico at the white house today to talk trade. >> we're at our best when
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opportunity, equity and justice coincide. >> immigration on the agenda. how the administration is defending its response. >> also. could a boycott be coming? what president biden is saying about sending american athletes to china for the olympics. show proof of vaccination or self-quarantine. how long covid protocol will continue to be in place if you are thinking about heading to hawaii. >> thanks for joining us. >> the first get together since president obama was in the oval office. today president biden restarted face to face talks with our neighbors. trade climate and the pandemic among the primary topics. >> president biden hosting the prime minister of canada and president of mexico today. reviving the north american leader summit. after a trump era break.
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president biden is eager to show a return to diplomacy with close allies. >> we're at our best when opportunity and justice all coincide. >> the three leaders hailing agreement on sharing covid vaccine. and announcing a commitment to slash emissions by 75%. key differences remain including on stemming the flow of migrants. with the u.s. seeing the highest numb of border crossings on record over the past year. vice president kamala harris defending the administration response. >> we can't just flip a switch and make it better. the reality is that we inherited a system that was deeply broken. >> on the economy, the three countries plan to start a north american supply chain working group. focussed on preventing disruptions in a essential industries. in looming trade dispute. canada raising concerns the autoindustry could be hurt by buy american provisions in the
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build back better plan. that bill up for debate on the house floor. speaker nancy pelosi hoping for a vote by the end of the day. >> right now we are debating the legislation. on how it creates good paying jobs and cuts taxes. >> a highly anticipated resfru the congressional budget office could determine the bills fate. with the handful of moderate democrats holding out to make sure it's fully paid for. >> thank you. meanwhile the biden administration says it's taking action to fight high gas prices. business and tech reporter says they're doing what all past administrations have tried. >> there's a play book on this. make it seem like you're going something because high gas prices make voters angry. people think the president can solve it. president's really can't. it's all supply and demand. when presidents are faced with high gas prices they do things
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like biden did. order the look into whether there's any illegal price manipulation. going on between big oil and gas suppliers. which is the ftc job. like ordering the fbi to look into bank robberies. they already do that. the part of the play book which he hasn't run yet. it reduce supply in the national reserve. we tuck away millions of gallons of fuel in case of emergency. but, the government can stop filling it and reduce demand. from a historical point of view we're not paying as much now as ten years ago. gas prices have been worse. july of 2009, a barrel of oil back then $147. it's about 80 bucks today. >> all right. you can see scott and the rest of the morning team every weekday. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. right here. >> okay. like so many companies of any
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size. apple is changes the return to work rules. pushing back the date again. ceo e-mailing employees the new plan calls for workers to return to the office in february. they'll be asked to come in one or two days a week. and march they will scape scale it up. coming in on monday, tuesday and thursday. >> pfizer waits for approval of the treatment pill the u.s. is wasting no time placing a large order for it. the u.s. plans on buying 10 million doses of the pill. if the fda approves it. it's prepared to spend $5 billion to purchase the drug. pfizer asked the fda for emergency authorization of the pill. it promises to be the first pill that could be prescribed as an at home treatment. at the first signs of covid infection. pizer claims it cuts down on hospitalization or death. and high risk adults by 89%. >> if you are lucky enough to head to hawaii for the holiday, have your vaccine card ready. state leaders in hawaii say the
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current covid safety rules will remain in place. through the spring. that means proof of vaccination. or negative test is required. in order for visitors to by pass a ten day quarantine. if you have to up load it. into the safe travel system. everyone will still get their temperature taken upon arrival. those with a temperature above 100 will face additional screening. >> let's talk about boosters now. with boosters available, we want to check back on the vulnerable americans. we're talking about those in nursing homes. the stories we have heard about conditions in some care facilities resulted in real change. tonight we investigate how one nursing home at the center of shocking allegations has moved on by changing its name. >> tths really frustrating. it's not enough. we need to ensure that there aren't these back doors that
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nursing homes aren't a able so simply put a new name on the building. and continue to operate as is. we need this is why we need accountability. we need the oversight. >> a former worker inside the facility speaks out for the first time. about what he saw plus asking why so far no one appears to have been held accountable. that's at 6:30. >> three days of deliberation. no verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he's the teenager accused of killing two men during a racial justice protest in wisconsin. last year. the jury will resume deliberation tomorrow morning. you can see all the people there gathering outside the courthouse waiting for a verdict. inside, it was mostly quiet. the jury remained behind closed doors. stopping only for lunch. the judge allowed that jury to take home jury instructions. after being asked if it was okay. >> another high profile and racially charged trial.
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the defense rests in the trial of three men accused of killing jogger ahmaud arbery. the court in georgia is adjourned until monday. the final witness travis mcmichael. who fired the shotgun that killed ahmaud arbery. along with his father and neighbor. they chased him down after seeing him running through the neighborhood last year. in addition to malice murder and felony murder. they face charges of aggravated assault. false imprisonment. they all pleaded not guilty. >> cheering today in oklahoma capitol building. supporters celebrate in on news the governor was commuting the death sentence of jones. hours before he was set to be executed. jones was convicted of first degree murder in sentenced to die for the 1999 murder of local businessman. during a carjacking. jones has always claimed he was framed. by a coconfident. who testified against him. his many supporters hoped the governor would pardon him. letting him go free.
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>> thank you to the honorable governor. even though you didn't vote the parole board recommendation. thank you. >> steph curry and kim kardashian are among the supporters. >> 56 years ago one of the most prominent civil right leaders was shot and killed. three men were convicted of murdering him. two always maintained innocence. today their convictions were thrown out. >> more than a half century after malcolm x was assassinated. two of the men convicted of the murder have been exonerated. >> granted. >> muhammad now 83. and the late islam. convicted of murder in the 1965 assassination.
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gunned down during a speech in harlem. both insisted they were innocent and offered alibi. no evidence linked to them to the crime. evidence favorable to the defense was with held. and lawyers asked the judge to throw out both convictions. >> i was victimized by the criminal justice system. i don't know how many more years i have. however, i hope the same system that was responsible for this travesty of justice takes responsibility for the harm it caused to me. during the last 55 years. >> justice delayed. but finally served. >> president biden signed three bills into law this morning. aimed at providing additional resources for law enforcement and first responders. he hosted a group of lawmakers and representatives of law enforcement agencies at the white house. for that signing.
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>> these grants which total $140 million will go to 183 law enforcement agencies. a lot of them to fund over 1,000 new law enforcement positions and fund other initiatives to build trusted communities. to address gun violence. and other violent crimes. and combat hate and domestic extremism. >> he also made a plea to congress to come together and pass the george floyd justice and policing act. which negotiations stalled out earlier this year. >> the winter olympics are three months away. next february. today president biden said the united states is considering a diplomatic boycott. meeting with canada prime minister he was asked about the winter games in beijing. he's concerned about china's human rights abuses. the diplomatic boycott wouldn't impact u.s. athletes from competing. it would keep american dignitaries from attending the games. some members of congress and international advocacy groups
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called for the u.s. to completely boycott the olympics including athletes. >> responding to a east bay woman whose online order was nowhere to be found. >> when the company didn't show up. we did show up. did you get it back? >> i don't want to give away the end of the story. usually we do. let's talk about victoria. fighting cancer. she started chemotherapy she paid a company called wigs 132 bucks for a wig. e-mail said it was dispatched in ten days. a month later, still no wig. she asked for a refund. which went nowhere. she asked if we could contact wigs do. two weeks later she got her wig. she sent a nice note and said i'm grateful it's here. you did what i couldn't do. wigs do indicated it sent a wig when she ordered but here's the
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statement. due to the epidemic. and logistics the box might have lost in shipping. when you shop online, uncle sam has your back. so do we. if company doesn't deliver when it said it would or within 30 days of your purr chaus. doesn't matter the excuse. the company must ask if your consent to delay delivery. if you say no, you get your money back. a refund in full. if a business is dragging its feet. maybe we can kick start them. click the responds option or give us a buzz. our best to victoria. and better health. >> do you answer e-mails and calls on the weekends? >> always. >> i can't get away from it. >> you love the job. >> our whole team is like that. what's new what's in there. >> thank goodness we have you. you're so helpful. >> the whole team. happy to be here. >> someone in washington d.c.
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was presumably so mad about a relationship gone wrong, they vandalized this car. spray painted mike is a cheater on it. only one problem. it wasn't mike's car. >> let's get this straight from the start. is your name mike? >> no it's not. >> this is her car. >> have you ever gone out with somebody named mike? >> i have not. >> this is what her car looked like today. mike is a cheater. spray painted all over it. >> do you know anybody named mike? >> i do not. >> so you can imagine how she felt sunday morning when she came out and found her car violated. vandalized. cheater cheater, mike is a cheater. >> when you came outside and saw
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your car like this. tell me what went through your heart? >> oh my gosh. i screamed. i'm surprised nobody in the neighborhood heard me. i screamed so loud. because i didn't expect this would happen. >> it's not just the words. it's the driver side mirror. passenger side mirror. >> what did the cops say? >> case of mistaken identity. >> side window sprayed here. and there and there. it's the windshield. boom boom and boom. >> what'd the insurance company say? >> they're taking care of it. i'm very happy. >> mike, mike, mike, mike. see what you have done? i don't know who you are, i don't know where you are. but you may want to start changing your ways. or changing your name.
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>> that's pat collins reporting. >> he's so awesome. i wonder if mike has seen the story. >> mike has seen it. that story has gone nationwide. where are you, mike? >> hiding. for sure. >> we're tracking showers here across the bay area. let's get you into a look across san jose. where of course it has been chilly all day long. currently 59 degrees. hold onto the 50s heading through the next couple hours. if you are headed out make sure to have the jacket. we're seeing changes from the system offshore. it will bring possibility of rainfall. heading through tonight and early tomorrow morning. we have this band of rain over the county. pushing off towards the east. continuing to bring rainfall towards antioch and brent wood. over the next 45 minutes. there's another round of wet weather it looks like that could get here tonight. 11:30. this really breaks apart quite a
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bit. by 5:30 tomorrow morning. for the commute. just spotty showers up there. north bay. not much left for the rest of the bay area. 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, we get sun in the north bay. and the clouds will linger across the east bay and peninsula. totals on this going to be very low. trace amounts to two tenths of an inch for the north bay. everywhere else the possibility of sprinkles. tomorrow morning we have the clouds with us. slight chance of spotty showers. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. 48 for the trivalley. south bay at 49. coming in be chilly weather over the north bay. at 47. daytime highs tomorrow struggle to warm up. with the cloud cover in place. you can see down here across the bay area. south bay. just some low 60s. 63 san jose. right through the east bay. cold day tomorrow. 62 in danville. that continues through the peninsula.
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61 redwood city. through san francisco. the chilliest spot here. let's move to the north bay. 59 mill valley. 7-day forecast thanksgiving is now in view. you can see in san francisco. this means for saturday a little bit of wind. sun comes back this weekend. i think it will shape up pretty good for us. next wednesday there's a 40% chance we could see showers. here's the most important. thanksgiving. looks good. whatever your plans are. inland valley beautiful weather. up to 67 on sunday. dropping to cooler 60s heading into the end of next week. no matter what your plans are, things are shaping up good for us. through next week. coming up tonight we'll look at the long range forecast and also the drought. and we'll give all the latest details on that. >> we have to figure out thanksgiving plan of attack. >> when to eat. how much to eat. >> how many times to eat.
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>> midnight snack. >> of course. do it all. >> up next closing nearly 1,000 stores. cvs is moving away from the traditional store. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures
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and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto
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welcome back. with covid-19 cases ridesing worries of a possible twin demic are high. lock downs and closures sp masking helped limit the spread of flu. 2021 could see nor flu cases. one doctor says hospitals maybe overwhelmed by a double punch. >> here's the thing. you go to 2019, according to the cdc there were almost half a million hospitalizations from the flu. somewhere between 25,000 to 60,000 deaths. from the flu. we could see a lot of hospitalizations. and death. >> hope that won't be the case. you can watch the full story on lx.
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or online. >> as soon as next year cvs is closing 900 stores. shut 300 a year for the three years. as more customers of course shop online. the chain will focus on turning its stores into healthcare destinations. no word yet on which locations will be closing. those closures begin next spring. >> all right heads up prepare to pay more for thanksgiving dinner this year. it found the cost of turkey and all the trimmings for ten people will cost $53. on average. that's less than $6 a person. the tab is up 14% from last year. it's the highest since the farm bureau began tracking prices in 1968. several factors contributed to the high food bill. including dramatic disruption to the economy. and supply chain. during the pandemic of course. inflation pressures and high
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global demand. for meat. >> it is almost thanksgiving. that means two turkeys have been chosen to visit the white house. and here they are. peanut butter and jelly. they are from a farm in indiana. and will visit the white house on friday. they'll be part of the national thanksgiving presentation where one will be pardoned by president biden. after the ceremony. they will be taken back to indiana. they'll live out the rest of their lives at purdue university research farm. >> the rest of the world struggles with four seasons or challenges of four seasons. paris has a fifth season. for the famed french wine. did i say that right? >> sounds goods to me. >> sellers traditionally uncork the wine with feast and fanfare. on the third thursday in november. built in the 1800s serves. customers were delighted to join
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the french tradition after covid blocked last years. it considered light and fruity for a red. and not too alcoholic. drink is young and not put it on the shelf to age. >> say it with me. >> i don't know. >> you are boujee. >> got it. okay. >> next time. still ahead nfl teams play off positions. two teams in the thick of things are ready to go at it on sunday night football.
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it is a critical weekend for the 49ers. actually they're all critical from here on out. niners are in jacksonville in sunday. >> raiders host bengals in las vegas. and prime time. chargers and steelers. >> steelers a tie. chargers a loss last week. important game in the sunday night football. we have an exsteeler and excharger. >> my former team with the steelers i know what he's working on. fundamental football. hang on to the ball. avoid the penalties. do the little things right. >> i pick the chargers earlier
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in the season to make a run for it. they haven't looked good on defense. especially the run. but i'm confident they'll pull it together. they have so much playing ability on offense. and i like herbert. >> the offense going three of the last four weeks they struggled a bit. the steelers and chargers important day for the super bowl site. los angeles. see you sunday night football. >> from the super bowl site. you can watch that game right here. kick off at 5:20 on sunday night. >> that music always gets me pumped up. >> let's go. what's coming up at 6:00. >> right now. boosters for all adults. the move california made over night to make it easier for you to book that appointment. >> i think the rest of the country and the government will catch up. with california. >> will the definition of fully vaccinated change to include your booster? >> also another deadly shooting on a bay area freeway.
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a mom killed in an suv with her two kids in the back. the crime scene near the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the new details. >> court interpreters might go on strike. the idea of replacing them with an app. >> the news at 6 starts now. good evening. thanks for being with us on this thursday. >> it is your turn to get on the my turn covid vax web site. the booking site is finally catching up. when it comes to who can get a booster. allowing anyone over 18 to book that booster shot. the state said you can get that booster more than a week ago. the site is ready to take you. a mass vaccination site in san jose. it's big. >> as you can see the mass vax site here at the fairgrounds is set up to be welcoming. especially for cld


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