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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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two kids in the back. the crime scene near the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the new details. >> court interpreters might go on strike. the idea of replacing them with an app. >> the news at 6 starts now. good evening. thanks for being with us on this thursday. >> it is your turn to get on the my turn covid vax web site. the booking site is finally catching up. when it comes to who can get a booster. allowing anyone over 18 to book that booster shot. the state said you can get that booster more than a week ago. the site is ready to take you. a mass vaccination site in san jose. it's big. >> as you can see the mass vax site here at the fairgrounds is set up to be welcoming. especially for children.
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what many adults told us is they want clear accurate information. >> danny came to get his pfizer booster shot today. he's glad my turn is letting adults make appointments without having to give a reason why they are at risk. it was strange when my turn had different criteria than another county. or the state. >> any kind of conflict with information about vaccines would be disturbing. or troubling. if it wasn't accurate. and didn't reflect information that was in the public already. >> they stripped away most at risk criteria last week. using a liberal interpretation of guidelines and focusing on the time since the las vaccination. >> we all agree after about six months the levels of antibodies decrease. the rest of the country and government will catch up. with the county and california.
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>> the fda and cdc are poised to take the steps soon. in san mateo officials are relieved the registration process is simpler. >> it's straightforward. booster. what do you want? moderna or pfizer. do you want another johnson & johnson. woo we can deliver that. more efficiently. it's easier to navigate. >> it's too early to tell if my turn getting up to speed. or the moves will get more people to come in. as one person put it, clearing up uncertainty helps alleviate hesitancy. >> okay. thank you. if you are still confused our consumer team has broken it all down. you can find the full walk through video. right in our trending bar. >> a lot of people asking this. when will it end? more than 75 freeway shootings on the east bay freeways this year. alone. today, a 28 year-old mother killed near the bay bridge toll
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plaz sa. with her two boys in the backseat of the suv. we spoke with the family and friends of the victim. and joins us with the latest. >> it's another family absolutely shattered by another senseless interstate shooting. again. here in oakland. the victim according to to her grandfather who described her as a 28 year-old mom. of two little boys. just three and five. she lived in antioch. she was in that car driving the passenger seat. her fiance was driving. i spoke to him over the phone. he was too emotional to go on camera. his mother spoke to us on his behalf. and she says that her son was driving had no idea that something was wrong. and it was her 5 year-old little boy sitting in the backseat who noticed that his mother was
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slumped over. and that she was bleeding. we want to show you video from the scene. they were in the suv heading west towards san francisco. i 80 this morning at 9:00 a.m. someone shot at the car. you can see the passenger window blasted out by the gunfire. a man who identified himself as the victim's grandfather says she was 28. she was living in antioch. where her two boys. judy says she's the mother of her fiance. drive who was driving the car. it was not a case of road rage. and her son spoke up from the backseat. >> he just heard the shots. and he didn't even know she was hit. the little boy said what happened to mommy? the oldest one. and my son said he looked and he noticed she was gone.
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blood was everywhere. >> she was doing the intsa cart thing. and that's what she did. she worked and tried to keep herself going. and keep her boys happy. >> they keep asking for her. i don't know what to say. >> we keep doing these stories. there are a lot of traffic cameras near the bay bridge. what's the chp saying? >> detectives are investigating. we saw from sky ranger they were also talking to some witnesses. but if you were heading towards san francisco on the bay bridge from oakland. around 9:00 a.m. this morning. and maybe you saw something. maybe you have dash cam video. chp wants to hear from you. we heard from the mother of the fiance of the victim. this was around 9:00. there were a lot of people heading to san francisco. that morning. and she's just asking anybody if you saw something. please speak up. please talk to an investigator.
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>> our hearts go out to the family. we have this. a poorly planned prank. that's what police are calling what they first told us was of the abduction of 15 year-old girl. the alleged abduction triggered an amber alert. investigators say she was taken by her boyfriend and his friends. as a joke. outside of this station. yesterday. they were headed it a road trip to l.a. this was video from the gas station. once the girl was in the car she realized she was with her friends and no danger. it's unclear if any charges will be filed. related to the incident. >> there might be an app for their jobs. court interpreters may strike. the union is fighting for more pay and suggestions that the interpreters could be replaced with an app. if they walk, it could bring court proceedings to a screeching halt. >> we have the story.
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>> there's already a shortage of interpreters here at the hall of justice. now the concern is justice with the idea floating around of perhaps replacing them with an app. >> reporter: she prepares her file for a hearing today. she translates the proceedings for spanish speaking witnesses and defendants. one of dozen languages spoken inside the court. >> french, arabic. >> interpreters are vital to a fair criminal justice system. and ensuring people that do not speak english get equal access to justice. >> the interpreters are in a labor fight with the court. the state employer relations board is looking into accusations of unfair labor practices filed by the interpreters. union members have authorized the strike. >> if the interpreters go on strike the court system will virtually shut down. >> during the hearing the lawyer
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says a court attorney sent this. the idea of using an app. like google translate. >> i haven't found an app yet that can replace a human being. there's cultural differences. there's body language. one word can mean two or three different word in either language. >> the union says a court lawyer wanted to enter the idea as hearing exhibit. but backed off. we reached out to the lawyer and haven't heard back. the smokes man for the court did respond saying they can't comment on ongoing negotiations. they value and rely on court interpreters. >> just the idea of an app alarmed the interpreters and several trial lawyers. who say they rely on precise communication. >> there's a communication level in a comfort level that they bring to a client. that you will never get from an app. and a client needs to be able to ask questions. and how are you going to do that through an app? >> there's no word on when the
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board may make a ruling. a decision that could have a huge impact at the hall of justice. walking in sympathy. thousands of healthcare workers walked off the job for a one day strike. to show support for striking engineers. more on the tension that is brewing. >> as you can see behind me. a very large number of healthcare workers. have walked out of the kaiser location here. in redwood city. and 20 other locations. for patients, this means possible longer waits in the emergency room. elective and non-urgent appointments cancelled and rescheduled. shut down of services and temporary closure of some out patient pharmacies. they represent the healthcare workers tells me they believe thousands have walked out. this morning. and could grow to ten of thousands by later in the day.
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this is to show solidarity. a one day walk out strike. with the kaiser engineers. who have been on strike for the last two months over alleged unfair labor practices and pay. now the union for healthcare workers striking today says kaiser can afford to pay engineers more. given the billions of dollars in profit from the pandemic. and the dozens of executives with million dollar salaries. >> share the wealth. respect the working people. who are keeping the organization functioning. >> this one day sympathy strike comes despite the fact that kaiser recently came to agreements with healthcare workers and pharmacists. who threatened to strike. kaiser says their current offer to the engineers will keep the engineers among the best compensated in their profession and average of more than $180,000 in total wages and benefits. releasing a statement that reads in part. after many hours bargaining tuesday and wednesday there's no
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movement n. negotiation with local 39. the union insists it received much more in some cases nearly two times more than other union agreements covering employees. >> thank you. up next. taking on instagram. this is a big deal. the reason california top prosecutor is launching an investigation. >> get ready to look up into the sky tonight. when you can see a partial eclipse. >> i'll update you on the drought and the rain chances ahead. i'm back with that.
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it's happening instagram is dangerous for your kids and may have broken the law. that's the accusation from california attorney general. leading an investigation into instagram parent company. the newly named meta. we spoke with experts and parents about how they see it. >> no clue how to use it.
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>> she is visiting san francisco with her teen. an avid user. she thinks a closer look at how it operates couldn't hurt. >> young kids pay attention to how other kids look. how they appear and sometimes they compare themselves. and want to be like that. of course it create some self-esteem issues. >> attorney general among a group of state attorneys general that want answers. in a statement he said quote for too long they ignored the havoc that intsa fwram is reeking on the mental health and well being of the children and teens. this college student also thinks an investigation is over due. >> they spend hours scrolling and scrolling. with no physical movement. such little mental stimulus. i see it among all my peers. >> the investigation is looking at how the social media giant promotes use of platform to
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young people and whether laws were violated. we spoke about the probe. >> this is an area we need a lot more transparency. and adds many people probably know. there have been leaks that offered kind o a window into behind the curtain. of facebook and instagram. i think we need more. that's my first key thing. i'm glad that there's going to be an investigation. >> a spokesperson responded to the investigation. sp in a statement that read in part these accusations are false and demonstrate a deep misunderstanding of the facts. adding we continue to build new features to help people who might be dealing with negative social comparisons or body image issues. >> space x might be launching a new era of space flight. come january. musk hopes to conduct a test flight of his new star ship rocket. developing the new rocket to
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launch cargo and people. on missions to the moon and mars. testing continues right now at a facility in texas. space x wants star ship to be fully reusable with both the rocket and booster capable of landing after a launch. right now the falcon 9 is only partially reusable. >> something is happening tonight. which hasn't happened since the 15th century. however. clouds will probably keep you from seeing it. sorry. a lunar eclipse taking place tonight over six hours. longest we have seen since 1440. it's not a total eclipse. it almost is. when the earth passes between the moon and sun tonight the earth shadow will cover 99% of the moon. the peak viewing time is 4:00 in the morning. however. if you miss that because you can't get up. tonight's event the next one book it. is 648 years away. >> great.
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>> i'll wait for the next one. >> we'll be here. >> in formaldehyde. i'll be here. >> i want whatever you're drinking. >> we have some in the news room. >> we have a few spotty showers and a pass by. this afternoon. and early evening. i want to continue our climate coverage here and update the drought. we have the brand new update today. and 36% in california in exceptional drought. the deep red color. the worst level of drought over the past 45 days. we saw that drought shrinking a bit here. we got to get more rainfall in here. we can continue to keep this surplus. as we bring into the long range forecast. things look like this. as we head to the weekend. it will be dry. we could see a few showers next wednesday. beyond this twefbling you the first and second week of december looks good here to get a potentially a stronger storm. i'm calling for a 60% chance
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this will happen. a half to one and a half inches. first part of the december looks good. to get more rainfall in here. lanina is back. that can help bring us above average rainfall. more on the climate story any time. online. here's the system that is passing on through. we got the clouds and a few spotty showers. let me tell you what. this thing has no chance of producing heavy rain. 11:30 at night it looks impressive. it breaks up over night. also heading through the day tomorrow. by 1:30 we're left with the cloud cover from most of the bay. echtly the north bay. getting in on sunshine. temperatures to start tomorrow. the chilly side. upper 40s and low 50s. it's another day where we'll start off this cold. and through the afternoon. we just have a hard time warming up. you might need a jacket all day long. look at this.
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daytime highs that's it. napa. 59 degrees. low 60s martinez to livermore. san jose 63. and 50s here san francisco to half-moon bay. 7-day forecast we have a nice weekend coming in. sunshine and wind saturday. i think this point just a small chance here of showers next wednesday. 40% possibility. dry on thanksgiving. and for the inland valley we're looking at sunday. 67 degrees. and down to cooler weather. rolling through next week. great weather to do whatever you have to do. maybe holiday deck raying this weekend. grocery store shopping. >> when do we put up the lights? >> mine are already up. >> wow. impressive. >> you are on it. up next it is never too early to learn etiquette. the teacher giving first graders a lesson in table manners.
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a lesson in manners. please. etiquette was on the menu for kids today. her annual first grade etiquette lesson. in pittsburg. during a thanksgiving feast, the kid learned about table manners. and even dresed up for the occasion. >> they are learning about how to have table etiquette. which fork to use. when it's time to eat salad. which spoon to use with soup. >> it's good. being a gentleman is good. it's great. >> this is the 15th year that she has held the first grade etiquette lesson. >> very nice. all right. get this. no steering wheel. in this car. apple possibly rolling out a car. we have been talking about this. there's some updates here. a fully self-driving vehicle. apple engineers are working on
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it. google is exploring the technology. investors like this news today apple shares up 2%. bloomberg reporting this apple car would have no steering wheel or pedals. you just sit. let the car do the work. >> the company is reportedly set a deadline of 2025. a few years from now. to finish developing the technology. >> at the bottom, tesla plummeted on consumer reports annual list of most reliable car makers. among the concerns, issues with the heat pumps. air-conditioning and misaligned panels. it ranked last among all cars for liability. scoring a five out of 100. focusing on what went wrong with owners cars in the last 12 months and used that data to predict how reliable future models might be. >> up next. no shock. home prices are up from a year ago. wait until you hear exactly how much.
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ongoing series making it in the bay. the latest housing crisis are in. you think we have gone down in cost? >> no. things are more expensive. the typical home value in san jose is shy of 1 and a half million dollars. up 17%. more than $200,000 in the past year. in san francisco the typical value is more than 1.3. and that's a 17% increase in just one year.
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>> tonight at 7:00. 77 freeway shootings in the east bay alone in the past 12 months. what are we doing about this? we'll be joined by oakland's community leader. california attorney general joining us to explain why he's taking on instagram. >> next we have heard stories from inside nursing homes during td pandemic. more than a year later what's changed. we look at one facility that moved on by changing its name. speaks with a former worker about what he witnessed. we look at why so many of the facilities are not being held accountable. despite reports and calls for improvement. lester holt joins us from new york. right now. tonight, the defense rests in the ahmaud arbery case after a dramatic cross-examination. the stunning acknowledgment from travis mcmichael that arbery did not threaten him during the chase leading up to the shooting.
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outside the court more than 100 black pastors rallying after controversial comments by the defense when to expect closing arguments. also tonight deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial stretch into a third day. could it be heading towards a hung jury? the fda expected within hours to green light boosters for all adults will the definition of fully vaccinated change just hours before an oklahoma inmate was set to be executed, the governor commuting his sentence the celebration at the state capitol. after 56 years, two men convicted of killing malcolm x exonerated. the massive storm threatening thanksgiving travel. al roker timing it out for us. days after his summit with china's leader, what president biden said today about a potential diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics. nbc news investigates the covid horrors in a nursing home one worker who made a grim discovery breaking his silence. and serena williams joining the


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