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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 19, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- paul rudd, star of "foundation," actor jared harris an all new "closer look, featuring the 8g band with nate smith ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're all doing well tonight. and now, we're going to get to the news president biden is set tomorrow to pardon the annual white house turkey and steve bannon's got an
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idea just crazy enough to work [ laughter ] after test-driving an electric hummer pick-up truck in michigan yesterday, president biden said, quote, "this sucker's something else." okay, but, don't give him one. i mean, the last thing anyone needs is a 78-year-old man driving a car that you can't hear coming. after texas senator ted cruz accused republican congresswoman liz cheney in a recent interview of having trump derangement syndrome, cheney tweeted, "trump broke ted cruz." yeah, but that's like breaking an ikea bookshelf. it was about to go anyway. [ laughter ] "you put books on it oh, you can't put books on it. fox chairman rupert murdoch reportedly told news corp's shareholders and stockholders -- excuse me, shareholders, stockholders, i think it's the same what do you want to go with baze >> share >> seth: i think stock's funnier. [ laughter ] stockholders -- in a recent meeting that former president trump, "needs to move on from the 2020 election. okay, but you first.
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[ laughter ] probably heard the joke doing that little size trip, but i got my baze burn in. [ laughter ] the nfl announced yesterday that it will heighten its coronavirus protocols amid rising cases across the country starting this weekend, aaron rodgers will be forced to attend the huddle via zoom [ laughter ] new york's mta announced yesterday that it has proved the purchase of 60 fully electric buses, which cost about $1 million each and have a top speed of we'll never know. [ laughter ] the discount department store chain tj maxx announced yesterday that it will increase prices on some of its upscale brands and you'll know they're upscale, because they're the ones not on the floor. [ laughter ] new york jets quarterback joe flacco announced at a press conference yesterday that he is not vaccinated against the coronavirus and said that he, "has his reasons." i mean, he's a back-up quarterback on the jets. i assume his reason is that he's ready to die
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[ laughter ] that's right new york jets quarterback joe flacco announced he's not vaccinated against the coronavirus. but don't worry about his teammates. it's rare for the jets to catch anything [ laughter ] yeah why not? why not. enjoy yourselves and finally, tomorrow is national play monopoly day, which means this saturday is national finish monopoly day you guys, that was the monologue. we're done with that bird now. we can move on [ cheers and applause we have a fantastic show for you tonight. two of my favorites. he's a very funny and extremely talented actor, who might also say is quite sexy. america agrees here to talk about "ghostbusters: afterlife," and "the shrink next door," paul rudd is in studio. [ cheers and applause and he is a golden globe and emmy-nominated actor
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you've seen incredible shows like "mad men" and "the crown. jared harris is here [ cheers and applause but before we get to all that, republicans defended congressman paul gosar after he was formally censured by the house for tweeting a violent video targeting a colleague. meanwhile, former president trump sat down for a truly insane interview with my pillow ceo mike lindell where they continued to spread their election lies. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: watching our two political parties right now is very much like watching two completely alternate realities or like watching two teams on the same field play completely different sports like if the jets showed up to a game against the patriots in soccer gear and loudly complained every time they were tackled. "i'm sorry when you said football, you meant american football? [ laughter ] we wrote that last night, and then, you know, then the jets show up in vaccine news as well. [ laughter ] we had no bad -- no idea how badly they were going to take it
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[ laughter ] for example, on the one hand, you had president biden signing into law a widely popular bipartisan infrastructure bill that will invest over a trillion dollars in everything from roads and bridges to broadband to electric vehicles. and the best part was, he didn't do that dumb thing trump used to do where he'd hold up the bill for the cameras. [ laughter ] like a judge at the olympics holding up a 10 after a floor routine. that's a joke from our new segment, "remember that? [ light laughter ] ♪ remember that? when the president used to show off the bill for the cameras like he was a waiter at the restaurant that had the specials written on a chalk board [ laughter ] was he signing a bill or doing story time in a local library? [ laughter ] with that said, can you imagine donald trump reading a book to kids [ laughter ] that's a joke from our new segment, "imagine that." ♪ can you imagine that donald trump reading to kids what would most certainly be one of his books "so the three key deals -- the three keys to any successful
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deal one, think big, two, maximize & your options, and three, know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy with mob ties. [ laughter ] this has been "imagine that" within "remember that. ♪ [ applause ] i will say one quick thing about the biden bill signing and this is independent to biden, why do they always give the most powerful man in the world a tiny little school boy desk [ laughter ] just because that was the right sized desk for what is counted as tall in 1776 doesn't mean we can't upgrade. [ laughter ] you guys couldn't find something a little more suited to the presidency where is he going do the next bill signing crammed into a middle seat in coach? [ laughter ] the point is, that's what democrats were up to republicans meanwhile spent their wednesday defending one of their most unhinged members -- arizona congressman paul gosar, who was censured by the house for tweeting out a violent video that targeted a colleague. >> a dramatic and historic day at the u.s. capitol as the house voted to censure congressman paul gosar over a violent video he posted on social media.
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the arizona republican becomes the first member of congress to be simultaneously censured and stripped of his committee post the photoshop video shows gosar appearing to kill democratic colleague alexandria ocasio-cortez, and then, heading for president biden while wielding two swords. >> no matter how much the left tries to quiet me, i will continue to speak out. if i must join alexander hamilton, the first person attempted to be censured by the south, so be it, it is done >> seth: well, this probably doesn't need to be said but you're not alexander hamilton. for one thing, i would be terrified to hear you rap. "my name is paul and i'm here to say -- i forgot what i was here to say." second, i love when these idiots try to sound smart and adopt a defiant tone by using dramatic language, like, "so be it. it is done." like, you don't sound like a founding father. you sound like cousin greg >> if it is to be said, so it be -- so it is [ laughter ] >> seth: we have been watching a lot of "succession." and let me just say, i still haven't seen sunday's episode
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and i've been trying to make it all week without any spoilers. you know how hard that is? it's like trying to make it through "wipeout" without getting knocked into the water by a giant piece of foam [ laughter ] an obstacle course, that ironically looks like something logan roy would make his children do as a punishment. [ laughter ] "clear the obstacle course [ laughter ]& duck tom, duck." [ laughter ] so gosar compared himself to hamilton for tweeting out a violent video targeting a colleague. and by the way, so republicans complaining that this is a waste of time. this whole thing would have been much easier and taken up much less time if you just been willing to step forward and say, "it was a deeply stupid tweet. but to be fair, he is a deeply stupid man [ laughter ] instead, we all had to be subjected to the theater of the aggrieved from the dumbest people in politics take for example, what i like to call the erts, louie gohmert and lauren boebert, who's last name both sounds like insults boebert sounds like something a new yorker would yell at an out-of-towner who stands at the top of the escalator [ laughter ]
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hey, get out of the way, you boebert, people got jobs in this city [ laughter ] we said this before, but her name sounds like a dilbert character who refuses to get vaccinated [ laughter ] the joke would be something dumb like, "the vaccines have chips in them," and then, dilbert would say, "what flavor are they ranch or sour cream? [ laughter ] which is why i'm team peanuts all the way. lucy would never stood for this [ bleep she had to deal with a modern gop, she'd reopen her psychiatry booth and jack the fee up to 15 cents [ laughter ] you know what, i think we maybe landed that tangent. can we get a score from the judges a three. [ laughter ] sure, but you're biased. the point once again is that while democrats were focused on signing a widely popular infrastructure bill into law, these lunatics were defending the insane behavior of one of their most unhinged and reckless members. gohmert offered perhaps the dumbest defense, claiming he tried to freeze the video to see the violence but couldn't find it >> i looked at the video enemy and was trying to figure out, i couldn't see -- i'm told if you stop it frame by frame, you can
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see what democrat friends are talking about. i couldn't see it. i tried to freeze frame, but i didn't see the violence being talked about >> seth: these are our elected representatives, and they sound like grandpas who accidentally facetimed me while they're on the toilet [ laughter ] my friend sent me a funny cat video but i couldn't see the cat fall off the sofa. [ laughter ] and i tried to freeze frame, and i took a picture of my thumb [ laughter ] and then, there was matt gaetz, who tried to dismiss the video in question as just a cartoon, while neglecting to mention that it was specifically doctored to make aoc the target of violence. >> i am no expert on japanese anime, but i am told and i do believe that it is not real. and anime is fiction to the point of the absurd. it's not really my thing and it does glorify violence but often to symbolize conflict, not realistic harm to another
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person next week, we might be indicting the wile e. coyote for an explosive ordinance against the road runner. >> seth: all right, first of all, he's either the coyote or wile e. coyote he's not the wile e. coyote. [ laughter ] there aren't other wile e. coyotes walking around [ laughter ] thank god, that would be a living hell for them "wile e. coyote eh, you catch that road runner yet i'm not that one i'm a different one. [ laughter ] look, am i going to get this bank loan or not?" [ laughter ] but here's the more important point. [ laughter ] don't tell anyone i wrote that part [ laughter ] shut up. shut up. they're here oh, i'm all -- give me one more second here's the most important point. no one is objecting to the existence of cartoons.
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in general, you [ bleep ] -- i forgot this one was coming i forgot wait i want to give this a fair shot. [ laughter ] i'm going to read it so pretend i made a really good point and we're all serious. but here's the more important point. no one is objecting to the existence of cartoons in general, you block head. peanuts call back! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause peanuts incidentally, what we're going to pay the writer who wrote that [ laughter ] there's more we all get what anime is we understand that it's fiction. that's not the issue gosar tweeted the video with his face on a character who killed another character with aoc's face on it if you that at any other job, you would get fired immediately. >> hey, seth, is this a bad time to tell you that i posted a cartoon in a break room where you get crushed by a rock like wile e. coyote >> seth: wally, why did you do that
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>> well, i was mad i didn't get any lines in "a closer look" this week. >> seth: well, are you happy now? >> meep-meep [ laughter ] oh, i'm sorry. is paul gosar the only one who's allowed to be looney tunes and that's a land of tangents, judges [ light laughter ] our political system can't function like this where one party for all its many flaws tries to govern responsibly and the other wants to burn everything down. and there's a through line here because the same people defending gosar are the ones who tried to overturn the election on january 6th gosar himself was one of the most prominent leaders of that movement, repeatedly claiming that secret sources within the government have told them that the election was stolen. although he clearly sounded like he had no idea what he was talking about. >> if it's what i've been told and i had people come to me early hours of the day after, from the security exchange fraud department to the cia fraud department that contained
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450 and 700,000 ballots were altered in the state of arizona. the day after the election, i was contacted by two individuals. one had spent security and fraud -- jobs with the banking world. the other one from fraud from the department of defense. >> seth: i'm sorry, but you couldn't remember the word "jobs? [ laughter ] when you stumble that badly on a word that simple, it's pretty obvious you're just making this [ bleep ] up as you go i tried that once in sixth grade when i forgot to do my math homework and it didn't go well mr. meyers, where's your calculus homework? "well, uh, it was eaten by my hairy pet thing? [ laughter ] what's it called on four legs always going grrr, you know. [ laughter ] sixth grade seems young for calculus." [ laughter ] also, i like how the details of his story keep changing. >> from the security exchange fraud department to the cia fraud department >> the other one goes from fraud from the department of defense
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>> seth: which is it, the cia fraud department or someone who does fraud for the department of defense? also, it doesn't matter since neither of them exist. i think your bank must have just called you about some weird charges and you got confused [ laughter ] "oh, mr. gosar, i'm from the chase fraud department we wanted to let you know about a suspicious $10,000 charge from something called anime photoshop services." "no. that's a good charge i paid them. they do good work. sadly, this is not a fringe movement these people are the core of the modern gop a majority of house republicans voted to stand with gosar and a majority voted to overturn the 2020 election. in fact, the supposed leader of their party, former president trump, actually sat down for an interview in mar-a-lago, with one of the most unhinged conspiracy theorists out there, my pillow ceo mike lindell where they squeezed into tiny chairs, and i'm guessing were designed for cabbage patch dolls and bandied about the same bs about the election although, shockingly, from what i can tell, lindell did most of the talking. >> a year ago, we watched the biggest crime in history unfold right before our eyes. you've compared it to robbing a diamond store.
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they were caught we have enough evidence, i believe, to pass it out to 300 and some million people. here, you take a piece, you ta judges, including the supreme court, looked at the evidence. they just kicked the can down the road and said, "no standing, no standing. and do you think that all that could have happened with all the corrupt media? i mean, that was the big cover-up in closing, i want to say there's, you know, back to the election of 2020, i want to thank, everyone does, for standing firm on that and we're going to get to it i've said we're going to melt down all the machines and use them in the prison bars. >> that's very interesting that's a very good idea. >> seth: oh, is it you think that's a good idea melting down the voting machines and using them as prison bars. that sounds like an idea that sounds like an idea magneto would reject for being too crazy. [ laughter ] "i don't understand pillow master say your id again. "we're going to melt down all the voting machines and use them in prison to make da bars! [ applause ] also, that's the most i've ever
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seen donald trump let someone else talk in an interview. even he's like, "this guy's out of his [ bleep ] mind. [ laughter ] it does make it extra funny that he's in a tuxedo trump looks like a guy who's limo broke down on the way home from the opera nodding politely as a guy on the subway who explains to him how pizza rat was actually a government mind control operation. [ laughter ] "you see the cia, training the rat to eat the pizza so we'd all be distracted while they had the voting machines to make joe biden president for life." "that's very interesting." [ laughter ] this is what the modern republican party is. there's no behavior too grotesque for them to defend as five years of donald trump proved and yet as paul gosar proved again, it's a movement fueled by conspiracy theories and fantasies of persecution focused primarily by trying to overturn elections instead of just doing their -- what do you call them? >> ah. jobs >> seth: thank you [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with paul rudd, everybody [ cheers and applause
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back. let's hear it for the incredible 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause and all week long we've had a three time grammy nominee, one of the most dynamic and
12:59 am
influential musicians of his generation sitting in on drums his new album "kinfolk two: see the birds" is available now. for tour dates and more, please visit nate smith is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause thank you so much for a great week, nate you know our first guest tonight from movies like "this is 40," "anchorman" and marvel's "ant-man." you can catch him in "ghostbusters: afterlife" which is in theaters and imax november 19th. he also stars in "the shrink next door" with new episodes available to stream on apple tv plus every friday. please welcome back to the show, our good friend, and "people" magazine's sexiest man alive [ cheers ] it should be noted, not that it would have made a difference, i did not submit this year [ laughter ] not saying it would have changed anything [ laughter ] please welcome my friend paul rudd. [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> thanks so much. >> seth: congratulations on this [ laughter ] i feel like it's a weird thing for us to talk about, so that's going to be the end of it. >> fine with me. we can finish it - >> seth: i'm very proud of you i'm very happy i'm not -- and again it's not like a thing between us. [ laughter ] >> look, i -- yeah it's just an honor that they got it right [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. i thought that was very sweet that you framed it like that >> thank you >> seth: um, so i feel as though we have been -- i feel like we've feel like we've had you -- we've been lucky to have paul rudd in our lives for forever. but i don't remember when i first became aware of you. what was your first tv job or was it a film job what was first >> it was a television show called "sisters. >> seth: okay. >> yeah, i was about 22, i think. >> seth: and what was -- was it immediate success? like, when i was a young actor, i thought if you had a sitcom immediately the money that changes your life. >> well, it didn't [ light laughter ] >> seth: ok.
1:01 am
>> it was a show that existed. it was by the guy who did "30 something. it was about these four sisters, and i came on, like, kind of late in the show and only did a few episodes, really but it was exciting. but it was such a -- it was such a crazy thing. i had no money i was living with a couple buddies. i did have my car. it was terrible. it would always break down and so when i think about it, i just think back to my roommate, bo, who more often than not, would have to drive me to work because my car was always in the shop and we were 21, 22 and nobody gets up at 5:00 in the morning when you're 21 or 22 [ light laughter ] he was furious and so we had this deal where -- he had horrible morning breath i mean, like morning breath that was so -- like, you could smell it in the hallway. [ laughter ] and so we would get in his car and he was so mad that he had to drive me that the deal was he was allowed to breathe in my face for one minute -- [ laughter ]
1:02 am
and i had to take it [ laughter ] i had -- and i tried not to throw up and then we would drive. >> seth: so, not really what you think of when you picture, like, making it in hollywood >> no. not at all he was furious about it. one time i got my car back, and i was driving to work and it broke down and i thought, "i can't call him. because this might end the friendship it was getting - >> seth: yeah. >> it was getting really -- there was no uber then this was in los angeles -- it was tough to get a taxi >> seth: that's a very -- a lot of people talk about the fact that you are ageless i think people have to remember, like, yeah when you were, like, 21, 22 -- >> they had just invented cars [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, it was a new thing. >> seth: yeah. they had cars, but they didn't have mechanics yet >> no. [ laughter ] and so, yeah, there was like, mainly horses. [ laughter ] but people still think -- my horse was in the shop and -- but i panicked and so i ran -- there was some person coming out of,
1:03 am
like, a 7-11 and i ran over to him and said, "do you know this show?" and i had a script and i said, "i'm on this show. this is who i play can you drive me to work?" [ laughter ] and he looked at me and said, "are you serious?" i said, "yeah, my car broke down, and i don't -- and he obviously sensed the panic in my voice, and i just remember he said, "all right, man. get in." and he drove me -- he just drove me to warner brothers. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's so funny, because if that happened, you would think this is a scam, but you wouldn't be able to clock what the scam is, right [ laughter ] >> right, yeah >> seth: you're like, "well, how does this end? >> i got to believe he just -- he did he said, "my wife watches that show." i think that was the saving grace. he could tell that i was really -- i was on the verge of a real collapse. >> seth: what about early l.a. apartments i spent some time in some pretty gnarlly ones back in my early days >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> seth: did you have some bad -- bad seed apartments >> yeah.
1:04 am
this was actually -- same roommates. it was really my roommate bo was the guy -- >> seth: for a guy who did you a lot of favors he's not doing great in tonight's segment [ laughter ]o really came -- bo awesome roommate he's still a good friend of mine, but he really -- we were in school together, and that was why he was my roommate he lived in an apartment complex that was so bad. um, i won't name the name of the apartment complex because you can find it. but, uh, he let me stay in his apartment, because i didn't even have, really, the money to get an apartment and i slept on towels in his kitchen. [ laughter ] then i finally i kind of scrounged enough, i was able to get an apartment within the complex, but i didn't really have much furniture. and i found a mattress out by the dumpster in the -- [ audience groans a mattress and i thought, "sweet --" >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> free mattress." so i just took it up to my room,
1:05 am
and then i slept on it and then the next morning i woke up covered in red bumps. [ laughter ] how's that for sexiest man alive, huh [ cheers and applause >> seth: we'll be right back with more from paul rudd [ cheers and applause ♪
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try the chicken. it's the greatest. >> looks spicy my stomach >> oh, you're missing out, marty. but then again, i suspect you miss out on a lot, don't you do you think the goal in life is to avoid getting hurt? the goal of life is to live. getting hurt is just the price of admission, my friend. >> seth: we're back with paul rudd, everybody [ cheers and applause so, this is "the shrink next door." this is based on a true story. >> yeah.
1:10 am
and it's you and will ferrell, you guys haven't worked together since "anchorman." and this is giant departure. which is good, because it would be very weird to do something else in the same tone as "anchorman."& >> yeah. as fun as that was -- yeah, this is a different thing this is a true story it was based on -- there was a podcast called "the shrink next door" that came out a couple years ago. that follows the story of these, kind of, really, these two guys. a therapist and his patient, will plays the patient, marty markowitz. and it kind of tracks them over the course of about 30 years, and it's -- he didn't pick the right therapist. [ laughter ] >> seth: that becomes apparent very clear -- very early in their relationship >> right yeah so -- but then over time, you know, he kind of -- you know, you kind of get sucked in a little bit, and the therapist, kind of, takes over his life a little bit yeah >> seth: was it nice to work with will again?
1:11 am
obviously, it's been some years. >> the greatest. >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, you know him really well who's better than that guy >> seth: yeah, it's really true. i don't mean to blow smoke but you guys are very similar in that when people ask me what people like you are like, i'm like, "you can't believe it, but there as nice as you would want them to be >> well, you're very nice for saying that. i kind of -- i'm pretty awed by the guy. and i just think it is true. he treats people really, really well and he's so, kind of, sweet and talented i loved working with him on this, too, because it's such a different side of him, but you really get to see, like, "oh, yeah, he's a great actor in addition to being a great guy. so, it was really -- it was a real blast to work on it with him on it. >> seth: uh, you're also in the new "ghostbusters" film. congratulations. we're talking about stage, i had such an emotional reaction to it not just based on how great the film is, but, like, seeing "ghostbusters" as a kid, i have a real memory of, like, going to the theater and seeing that film and feeling like, "oh, this is a kids movie, but the people in it are cooler than most people in kids movies. >> right [ light laughter ] >> seth: which must have made it so amazing to be asked to be a part of the legacy of it >> yeah, for sure.
1:12 am
i mean that was -- our generation, i mean, i remember, too, when that movie came out. and it was an event. and then it becomes, kind of, part of the just culture that ray parker jr. song. and everything was from all angles, it was just a huge deal. and so now, this is made in -- jason reitman wrote it and directed it. his father, ivan reitman, directed the original. so, there's this just lineage that's happening, and to kind of be a part of all that is pretty nuts >> seth: and, you know, trying not to give anything away, but we had the original -- the three ghostbusters who are still with us -- bill, and danny, and ernie. and it just must have been so surreal to see them showing up on set, and getting to, not just work them, but see them in their old bustin gear. [ laughter ] >> it's pretty surreal pretty surreal to say the least, for sure, yeah >> seth: i feel like you -- every time you're here, there's
1:13 am
things that you're worried -- that you don't want to give away spoilers like, that's one of the terrifying things of being an actor in the marvel universe >> well, it's like a weird thing now, isn't it? that we're, you know, all of the sudden, there's all these things you can't talk about and things that, yeah, you don't want to give away. i think -- >> seth: yeah, it must be especially hard when you go on, like, a talk show. [ laughter ] >> knowing it's going to be an issue. >> seth: yeah. >> it's a minefield. >> seth: so you were here, and we were talking about the things that you can't talk about. this is before they had announced the title of the marvel film's "avengers: endgame. >> hmm >> seth: that was a big announcement >> right >> seth: which i will say, i think that's really silly because i feel like people are going to see those movies, no matter what the titles are [ laughter ] >> i think you're right. >> seth: i think i'm right >> i think that one had a good shot of -- yeah. >> seth: yeah, i mean, i feel like even it's called "avengers: the gang's back together," i think people would like -- [ laughter ] i did not know the title was "endgame." >> right, no one did it wasn't announced. >> seth: but then we were having a conversation here, and i said, "endgame." and i want to show the clip,
1:14 am
because i feel like in that moment you looked like you're worried that you accidentally told me. >> did i mess up >> seth: yeah. >> oh. >> seth: show it real quick. >> i think i messed up i think i messed up. [ cheers and applause >> seth: i don't know how that could mess up though, because i would only think that would make more people see the movie. which i feel like's the endgame. [ light laughter ] >> you know what you're right [ laughter ] oh, there's a pause. oh, my god i think my stomach went -- [ laughter ] >> seth: you go back to the dressing room, they're like, "we have a new ant-man." [ laughter ] we're using our back-up ant-man from here on out >> we're going to go with will ferrell [ laughter ] >> seth: we hear he's lovely to work with. >> he's the greatest guy in show business he won't give it away. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, thanks for being here again, man. it's always such a pleasure to see you. [ cheers and applause paul rudd, everybody new episodes of "the shrink next store" available to stream fridays on apple tv plus we'll be right back with jared harris [ cheers and applause ♪
1:15 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a golden globe and emmy nominated actor you know from shows like "chernobyl," "mad men," "the terror," and "the crown. he currently stars in "foundation. the season finale streams november 19th on apple tv plus let's take a look. >> the two emerging powers of the outer reach united in marriage >> are you going to teach us our own history now, dead man? the thespian dog slit her throat on their wedding bed >> so the legend goes. >> are you suggesting our history is wrong >> history is written by the victor, and neither of you seem to be winning. >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend jared harris [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: jared, welcome back
1:21 am
>> is it too soon? is that right? to occupy the chair once occupied by the sexiest man alive. >> seth: the sexiest man alive [ laughter ] >> is it all right >> seth: i think so. i mean, it's very rare to sit in the sexiest -- be the next person to sit in the sexiest man's seat >> i'm getting something [ laughter ] i'm getting something. >> seth: we can see. by the way, we can see it working. [ laughter ] >> thank you, paul >> seth: it's lovely to see you, as always. so this is a -- you play a psychohistorian in this film >> yeah. >> seth: there's not a role you can't play, but when they presented you psychohistorian, did you think, "this is what i've been waiting for? >> what the hell does that mean? yeah >> seth: it's based on a famous science fiction book >> yeah, several books by isaac asimov, yeah which -- the kind of uber text for a lot of science fiction that followed afterwards like battlestar galactica and star wars and stuff like that, yeah >> seth: you have tended to be in some darker material. you were here talking about "chernobyl." which if you don't know the story, a little dark
1:22 am
[ laughter ] >> yes >> seth: "the terror," which i --, you know i bang the drum for "the terror," a limited series on amc, which if people haven't seen, i -- go back once, they are a timeless. in this though, you know, it's both, you know -- things aren't going well, but you are a little more optimistic than maybe we've seen you in previous things. >> yes, well actually, the character i play is a -- he's come up with a predictive model for the future, and although the future he predicts is not one that the galactic empire likes, there is that -- he sees that there is a way towards a positive ending, but it's going to take a thousand years to get there. >> seth: we've also talked about the fact that your characters often die. >> yes >> seth: yeah. >> yes >> seth: this has happened to you again in this show >> it means you keep having to look for a new job >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] you're always -- your agent's always like, "he's not available now, but he might be soon.
1:23 am
>> pretty soon, yeah [ laughter ] >> seth: but you are -- we see you there -- i believe we see you post death there, because you are -- this is a good one for you, because you die and you get to come back >> yeah, well it's 25,000 years in the future, so all the ideas that we're playing with now about being able to download your consciousness and all that, that's all taken as a given in that world >> seth: which is nice, because then, you know, you get to keep doing the work, you know >> yeah. yeah, i mean -- i don't know would i like that? i mean, you know, there's the whole tactile feeling of being alive and everything i think i'm kind of rooted to that >> seth: yeah. you like the touch part of it, but like -- eh >> yeah, touch, taste, feel -- yeah >> seth: not for me, no. >> no? yeah >> seth: i just like being able to tell people what i'm thinking [ laughter ] you just bring me back and let me go. what about a - >> there's a part for you. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] do you ever think like, "hey, what is something i could do where, you know, jared harris could play somebody that would maybe make it to the end of the thing, like a rom-com, a musical -- >> in fact, i just did a movie with my brother, damian. he's the director, and my younger brother as well, he's an actor. the three of us were in it together, and i make it to the end of that story. >> seth: you do?
1:24 am
>> yeah! >> seth: so that's very sweet. [ cheers and applause i guess -- to some degree it takes working with family. >> people who want to keep you around, right. >> seth: when were your early -- like when you -- you started a little bit later i guess in this field, and what were your early auditioning stories like >> actually i do remember a story where i auditioned for mel gibson's "hamlet," and we went down to the studio to do a screen test. we all had to -- we had to get on a train to get there. and when we get there, there's a car to pick us up. and i'm about a year out of drama school, and that -- quite coincidently two of my classmates from drama school were there they're auditioning for laertes, a good part. >> seth: yeah. >> right i'm audtioning for a part that has no lines right? [ laughter ] so they've given me horatio to read we get into the car that's going to take us there the driver pulls out a
1:25 am
clipboard, and he goes, "i'll just make sure i've got everybody here." and he look s at the clipboard, he goes, "hmm, jason isaacs reading laertes. okay james purifoy reading laertes as well i've split you apart." and he goes, "jared harris, reading horatio although he cannot be cast in this part. [ laughter ] >> seth: what a terrible thing to hear in front of your friends. >> right in front of my friends, and i've been lying to them going, "oh, i'm up for horatio i'm up for horatio." [ laughter ] >> seth: what are you -- you've been on the other side you've directed as well. and so you've auditioned actors. what's some advice you would give to young actors who think that there's something -- i don't know, to the interactions you have before you actually start doing the work >> i think, well, first of all, when you go in to audition, the first thing they want to find out is, "are you crazy?" >> seth: yeah. >> because no one wants to hire a crazy. >> seth: right >> so basically they sort of chat to you a bit. don't talk too much. that's why -- what i watched
1:26 am
was -- i'd watch people who would chat and then they would sort of -- they would go, "oh, i know somebody that you know," to the showrunner or the director but you don't really know what that person thinks of that person and quite often what would happen is they would say something, "oh, we know someone in common. and when they out of the room, they go, "god, i can't stand that person. and now all they remember is that you're connected to that person >> seth: yeah. >> say as little as possible >> seth: say as little as possible >> get to the audition part as quick as you can that's my advice >> seth: you obviously take the craft very seriously so much so, explain to us all why you broke into a zoo after hours. [ laughter ] >> you know -- [ laughter ] decisions that you make late at night are for too many pints of beer yeah >> seth: if it ends in a zoo, it's a bad decision, yeah. [ laughter ] i think it might be -- like, not just a couple pints. [ laughter ] >> no, it was several. we were -- i was at drama school
1:27 am
and we were graduating, and one of the things that you have to do in drama school in the second year is you do animal study. so you go every week to the zoo. you study an animal, then you come back to the class and you try and mimic the animal in your observations of the animal and at the end of the term you have zoo day where everybody in the school and the teachers come and you're in the gymnasium and everyone is there doing their animals, so it's like they're visiting the zoo, right? so i had -- the one that i had did was a gorilla. >> seth: yeah. >> and i felt like i'd bonded with this gorilla. and we were saying goodbye to all of our friends and everything, and i thought we should go and say goodbye to our animals who we've bonded with. and so yeah, we went to the zoo, broke in to the zoo, and - >> seth: how happy was the gorilla to see you >> well, they were asleep.
1:28 am
>> seth: yeah, i would imagine >> yeah, they were lying around. we couldn't find them. although at one point the guy i was with decided to, like, bull fight, if you like, with a mountain goat, who aren't fooled by the coat, you know? [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> they're not fooled by that. they go straight for you >> seth: right, yeah it's a mistake to think just because a bull is -- yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: two very differnt animals. >> completely. their horns. >> seth: well, we all do appreciate how seriously you took it. and by the way, the results show >> thank you very much >> seth: and thanks so much for being here congrats on the show [ cheers and applause >> thank you, thank you, thank you everyone >> seth: jared harris everybody. the season finale of "foundation" streams november 19th on apple tv plus we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ okay davey. good game. you gonna be on tonight? yeah, definitely. cool, see ya later. pass it! pass it! yeah!!! you wanna play one more after this? yeah! one more! got him! yeah!!!
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. in my opinion, we've had a great week of shows. there are some people on the
1:34 am
internet, however, who are going to find fault with it. we call these people jackals, and after the studio audience leaves, i will respond to them i will address them in a segment we call "corrections." you can only find it on youtube friday mornings. last year, "corrections" was nominated for an emmy, and i think we won i don't know [ laughter ] they haven't sent it yet, i guess, the emmy, or -- oh, you know what it is? supply chain [ laughter ] so we'll just check the mailroom and make sure it's there anyway, check out "corrections" tomorrow morning on youtube and we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. in select areas. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, paul rudd and
1:37 am
jared harris i want to thank nate smith and the 8g - >> seth. >> seth: oh, no. [ laughter ] >> seth. >> seth: yes, amber? >> seth, i'm getting a premonition. >> seth: premonition you are >> yes >> seth: what do you see >> i see you getting the hell out of the studio so that i can set up for the "amber ruffin show" tomorrow night on peacock. >> seth: i knew you weren't a psychic. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ .......... ♪ her pain unbearable and unimaginable. tonight a grieving mother opens up about her daughter who was shot and killed on the freeway with h


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