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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 19, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. you. it's friday, november 19th a dramatic final day of testimony in the ahmed aubrey trial, including riveting cross examination as both sides now plan closing arguments for monday house minority leader kevin mccarthy spoke hours on the house floor, forcing speaker pelosi for the build back better plan until saturday morning at the late effort. a convicted killer hours from execution, spared by oklahoma's governor. we have if you details this
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morning. say it ain't so, the supply chain bottleneck is costing that bottle of cheer to cost a whole lot more this thanksgiving are they about to boycott the winter olympics in beijing, china. we have a busy day ahead "early today" starts right now. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. >> the house bill on the build back better plan is delayed until later this morning members were expected to vote on president biden's sprawling $1.7 billion plan last night. but house majority leader kevin mccarthy had other plans it's cloreeping in on pelosi's record she had the longest speech in house history clocking in at eight hours and seven minutes. here's kevin mccarthy still at it
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after high jacking the vote. mccarthy is going on from everything from israel's iron dome to fdr to taking shots at president biden as wells as house speaker nancy pelosi take a listen. >> just a few weeks ago, congresswoman abigail fanberger said, nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. >> i did >> i watched president biden up in michigan with the other members and democrats dragging an electric truck so fast and so excited. you know how much that truck costs? $125,000 who do you think is going to get the tax break for that where'd the speaker go did you fall
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i'll wait. can i be speaker i can finish my speech up there. >> pelosi called his speech r oe tweeting remarks and fact checks on pittsburgh car think's speech amid all this for a president's approval rating moves to an all time low the house will convene at 8:00 a.m. to continue the process with the goal of voting before the thanksgiving recess. the defense rests after an intense day of testimony in brunswick, georgia, from the defendant who shot ahmaud aubrey hundreds gathered in support of aubrey's family. this as the jury has the day off. nbc news' ron allen has the la latest. >> reporter: it was a very dramatic day here in the trial of the man accused of killing
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ahmaud aubrey. hundreds ascend, including numerous black pastors from across the region. here, especially because again the defense attorney requested that the judge restrict the number of ministers that aubrey's family could invite to the courtroom. cameing they were only there to try to influence the jury. the judge again rejected that request. he has done that and testimony continues with more cross examination of travis mcmichael, the man who shot and killed aubrey him he said in self-defense the prosecution went after that argument, the self-defense claim again and again, saying that, questioning that aubrey was not armed him he made no threats he hadn't committed a crime and there was no reason for the defendants to shoot and kill him. back to you. >> our thanks to ron allen for that report. now to the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial, the jury has not reached a verdict. they are set to resume at 9:00 this morning
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gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: the jury has been duplicate for 23 hours still, no indication, they're close to a decision or whether this could be a hung jury. once again, a small group of demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse there are several schools in kenosha have closed and switched to virtual learning in anticipation of a possible verdict. rittenhouse faces five felony counts and wounding a third during unrest in kenosha last year the jury has already asked for replayed video in this case. the defense has also asked the judge to declare a mistrial. no ruling yet. >> gabe, thank you authorities have released new video in a fatal police-involved shooting from last year. the footage shows 19-year-old christian hall had his hands up when pennsylvania state troopers opened fire. we do want to warn you, this story contains graphic content nbc's vaughan hilliard has more.
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>> reporter: new video released showing police fatally, who had the air with a pellet gun when troopsers opened fire. the video is recorded by the state police on december 30th, 2020, shows christian hall, who had been diagnosed with depression standing on the ledge of a highway overpass in northeastern pennsylvania when troopers arrived. >> can you step down and talk to us you are not in any trouble are you not in any trouble. >> reporter: in the video, the troopers back away after see wag they believe to be a gun in hall's hand, it was later determined to be a realistic pellet gun authorities are then seen attempting to persuade hall to step off the ledge, with hall repeatedly ignoring their request to drop the gun for about 90 minutes, troopers firing warning shots at the concrete barrier next to hall. put it down!
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>> reporter: the original release blurs the final count obscuring hall raising his hands in the air with one hand the initial press release says hall pointed the gun at officers before they fired. but the new video obtained by spotlight pa and nbc news via the family lawyer subpoena shows hall kept his hands above his head for 14 seconds interest he call 911 he was looking for help. you don't call 911 and expect that you'd be shot you call 911 for help. he knows that. and get he ended up dead. >> reporter: the monroe county district attorney's office ruled the shooting justified in march 2021 saying the lives of the troopers were in danger >> it was a classic suicide by cops, mr. hull walled fought be
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deterred >> it's really a matter of do you believe the police were justified in shooting him simply because he had what they believe to be a gun, even though his hands were in the air. >> reporter: the family hopeful the district attorney will ultimately hand the case over to the states attorney general to determine whether the use of force was warranted. >> it's simply inexplicable how you can fire several rounds at an individual who is standing in the universal stance of surrender. >> reporter: hall's mother emotional, remembering her son. >> i to remember him the way i remember him, number of life no one should be shot at like t that like his life was not valuable, like that was a life, bullets would not take a life. a life-saving decision in the nick of time, just hours before an inmate was set to be
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executed oklahoma's governor commuted his sentence >> reporter: the members of the media along with supporters of julius jones gathered outside the prison here to show their support for him after the governor aflouns nounced he had, in facted granted clemency with tearful tears and arms raised, supporters were elated when the long-awaited announcement came. the governor commuted jones to sentence jones was scheduled to die by lethal injection for the 1999 mertz. to this day, jones maintains his innocence and he was framed by the actual killer. his sister antoinette jones tells 2 news they were sitting-at-table at denny's that they had gotten the news of clemency. >> thank you to your to have, even though you did not vote your parole board.
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thank you, appreciate you. >> reporter: she says she was able to speak to julius shortly after his clemency was announced. nbc meteorologist jan eessa webb is tracking a luan ar storm. she told us about it yesterday i am glad we are able to get this shot right now, because from outside where we are, we couldn't really see it, so i'm glad we have that visual >> yeah, it's kind of a no-go here in the northeast. in case you get lucky. the clouds are not splitting apart. deep south to the southeast, that's where you can really see it, if are you in the pacific northwest, it's just not happening. so you can't go on youtube and find the video of the live stream now, let's quickly talk about this storm system. sunday into monday, tuesday we'll be watching this storm make its way across the great lakes to the mid-west. it will be a rain-maker. snow behind it, very gustyprette
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pacific northwest. seattle 48 the weekend's coming up, also, i have some weather trivia let's look at that coming up >> it's been a while since we've done that. it's always fun, thanks, janessa. see you in a bit the biden administration is boycotting beijing olympic games. what this could mean coming up it may be harder to make spirits bright this asseon with supply shortages hitting the liquor industry. we are back in 50 seconds. definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum and save water. did you know an energy star certified dishwasher
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likely not send an official delegation to the games but would still allow u.s. athletes to compete advocates urged companies to boycott the games over china's human rights and crackdown on pro-democracy protests in hong kong kim kardashian west along with a new york rabbi helped people flee pakistan to the uk west fully funded the flight, carrying about 230 people including the team and their relatives. that landed in london on thursday women playing sports were seen as a political ac of defiance of the taliban, forcing many to flee afghanistan the team and tear family will spend ten days in coronavirus quarantine before starting their new lives in britain still to come. she might need a touch of grey who is set to play the grateful dead in martin scorcese's biopick? the supply cinha crunch hits
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♪ i'm high on cocaine ♪ >> martin scorcese is set to direct a biopick on the grateful dead and jona hill will be driving that train no word yet on when production will begin that cup of holiday cheer could run low this year. the supply chain crunch is now hitting the liquor industry. nbc's kathy park has the buzz. >> reporter: jack knows how to keep the egg nog flowing they have been serving the treat since 1990. >> we will go through 100 pound ofic and 80 gallons of cream to
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ma tick emake the eggnog. >> reporter: this year the bottleneck in the supply chain is impacting everything you see on the assembly line. >> this is our tapping machine it's one of my biggest fears of the supply chain it typically would be a four-to-six lead time as well. that has been extended to four-to-six months >> the plant monger with the company since 1999 says one missing link or an equipment malfunction could spill over into a major disaster. say you don't run out of labels, what do you do >> we cannot produce. >> reporter: even if have you the product? >> even if we have the product so then you are talking about drunk product down the drain. >> reporter: that's worst case scenario >> that's worst case.
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>> reporter: they learned to maneuver around disruption, thanks to early planning. >> we did some really good planning up front. the challenges within our semi chain are old enough that we were able to anticipate some of the problems. >> reporter: but some problems were unavoidable take, for example, their signature glass bottle running dry at the manufacturer. >> we needed a institution substitution to get the products to the store the alternative, it went to a different stock bottle which obviously led to some consumer confusion. >> reporter: some economists say these log jams show how connected our supply chain is. >> many say the bottlenecks are expected to intensify towards the end of the year and into ' '22. >> reporter: the problem passed
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down to consumers. >> we're seeing doubleo lumber, seeing inflation at 30 year highs. >> reporter: when it comes to alcohol, states like pennsylvania and virginia are setting purchase limits due to supply shortages beyond their control. >> yeah, well, we tried to buy a bottle two days ago, they were sold out. >> reporter: it's crunch time in the leadup to the holiday season unlike any other in a 48,000 warehouse, typically this time of year, the products would be stacked high and in tight. due to supply chain issues, we're looking at about half the inventory, whatever made today will be shipped tomorrow if they're lucky. >> we will call for example on a mop, we might not see that truck until wednesday the following week. >> reporter: the supply chain pain points stretching across industries and trickling down to customers. a soribeng trend at least through the new year
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. hey, everyone, it's trivia time with this upcoming storm system it had me thinking what other cities have had bigger thanksgiving snowstorms. so let's kick it off with chicago or new york. >> chicago >> i'll go with chicago as well. >> wrong actually, it was new york and it was 4.4 inches they saw in 1989. >> it's been years c'mon. you got to be much older to remember, way, way off >> what's next >> dallas or hotlanta? what do you think? >> i'm going to say dallas. >> i don't remember dallas, i'll still say dallas, why not in. >> that was a kind of a break even on that one >> trace amounts for both. so, yeah. >> and the last one we have, denver or boston
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what is your name? >> stanford carlisle ♪♪ >> are you truly him >> yes, i am >> dr. carlisle. >> can you read minds? >> yes, i can, under the right circumstances. >> that was another trip down nightmare alley. the new thriller starring bradley cooper and cate blanchett will hit theaters december 17th. in the top stories, a new york judge throws out conviction
4:27 am
of two men wrongfully found guilty of civil rights leader malcolm x. the men were released in the 1980s. one died and the other mohammed aziz said he did not need the court, prosecutors or a piece of paper to tell him, he was innocent tiktok usage surpassed instagram among gen z in america. 63% of americans between the ages of 12 and 17 use tiktok on a weekly basis 57% are using instagram. that same survey noted that gen z youth find tiktok funnier and more positive versus other social media platforms. >> that is true. my daughter, did you just post a picture? just look at a picture >> twitter, why would you use twitter? i get that >> no dancing. like no you know story all of that. all right. the nfl says he is reviewing allegations that tampa bay
4:28 am
receivers antonio brown received a vaccination card he provided text messages allegedly between him and brown's girlfriend to the tampa bay times. in those texts, brown's girlfriend allegedly asked luiz to obtain a fake card for $3500. the buccaneers said they had completed vaccination cards from all tampa bay buccaneers players, adding they were all reviewed by personnel. no irregularities were observed. they say he is healthy, vaccinated and ready to win another super bowl let's talk about things going on, on the field the patriots looking to extend their winning streak to five rookie quarterback matt jones completed 22 of 26 passes and
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throwing that touchdown but it was patriot's defense, the stars of the show. they win the ball game 27-0 planking the falcons >> that is our time here for "early today." it friday,'s i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. right now at 4:30 a. mom shot and killed on a bay area freeway with two young boys in the backseat. plus, will it be two or three? the definition of fully vaccinated could be changing now that booster shots are available for everyone. the restrictions you could face as we inch closer to the return to normal. >> the holiday travel frenzy starts this morning. the record amount of people


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