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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> we got to stop killing each other. >> the victim's own mother now speaking out. the message she wants you to hear as investigators search answers. plus a. live look at capitol hill where the fate of biden's build back better bill is now in the hands of lawmakers. an update on the action happening this minute and a surprise detour by one california lawmaker to derail the vote overnight. i am bob redell this morning. we're nourishing our neighbors in time for the holiday. how $10 can buy 20 meals. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. kari will have a look at our weather in a minute, but mike has been following this commute
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since 4:30. yeah, the carrying over a dozen crushed vehicles, and he hit the center divide. let me show you where this is in novato. southbound on the maps, you see the shoulder open and you can use redwood boulevard that goes alongside 101, and you can jump back on at roland, and you can get past the backup that is growing now. there are scattered freeways on both sides of the freeway. we will continue to track this, guys. back over to you. >> thanks, mike. now to a live look outside in san francisco. that rain moved in overnight. >> that's right. kari is tracking what we can expect over the weekend. you call the rain a nuisance though? >> yeah, it's not helping out with the drought light,
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and we have seen it mainly in the north bay and we will continue to see the rain there, and much of the bay area not getting in on the action, but we are seeing it move over towards contra costa county this morning, and it's on and off rain, and further up towards north we have seen the rain moving through a little longer, and we have sunshine for our weekend forecast. we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. >> thanks, kari. only on "today in the bay," a mother shares her anguish. >> cierra johnson joins us this morning. do we know what led up to this? >> that mother says her daughter was headed to a job interview in san francisco before that deadly shooting. morris was in the passenger seat when somebody fired at the suv as it was headed towards the bay
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bridge toll plaza. her fiancé and two sons ages 3 and 5 were in the vehicle at that time and they were not hurt. her mother, alicia butler, who lives in georgia is remembering her daughter as a dedicated mother and just facetimed her daughter 20 minutes before she was shot and killed. >> my husband, my daughter and myself were on the phone. she said i will call you later. then i started getting phone calls, and i didn't want to believe it was true. that was her world, she did everything for them. she was a good mom. >> chp is investigating and are not releasing any information on the suspect or a suspect vehicle. now, news of this deadly shooting comes as family and friends prepare to say good-bye to toddler, jasper wu. a funeral is scheduled to take place at mt. view cemetery in
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oakland this morning. the 1-year-old was killed along ago, and little jasper was in his car seat at the time. according to chp, there have been at least 77 highway shootings, including the shooting at i-80 yesterday in alameda county in the past year. several lanes of the highway were closed, shutdown for hours, as chp investigated morris' death. they are now back open for the morning commute. >> so tragic. so sad. the kids had to see that, too. thank you, cierra. two new violent attacks in san francisco this week are leaving the asian community there on edge. the first in laurel heights on tuesday when an 84-year-old man was struck with a bottle after he used an atm. he did not want his name used
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but he now tells us he suffered a sinus fracture that may need surgery. >> he was trying to strike me with the bottle. i said, i may have money here. i will give all to you. that's the time they strike. >> the second attack happened on wednesday night when somebody pushed an 81-year-old asian man at a bus stop and he struck his head on the pavement and was taken to the hospital. others held the suspect down until police arrived. that suspect in that case is under arrest. a live look inside capitol hill where lawmakers are voting on biden's build back better bill. lawmakers wanted to pass that last night but the vote was delayed after mccarthy made an
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hour's long speech delaying the bill. this comes with hospitalizations down 28% since october. >> cal osha will not require workers for large companies to be vaccinated or go through testing because of the week's court ruling. it would have meant workers that work for companies with more than 100 people would be subject to vaccinations and face coverings and testing. those companies are now allowed to set their own guidelines. and then the glide choir kicking off festivities last night. the program called still we rise
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references a famous poem that inspired the fundraiser. and they also honored the founder, janice mirikitani, who died in august. >> we miss her. >> the money raised at the gala will help fund glide services for the needy and underserved which is critical during the holidays. the bay's bob redell is live for us inside a safeway in pleasanton. tell us how people can help. a lot of people want to help, especially this time of year. >> reporter: here in the bay area, roughly 1 in 4 people will experience some sort of food insecurity, and if you look at the demand or need between covid to now, it's roughly about
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double. we are not out of this yet given we are still in the pandemic. we have the vision president from safeway. you go to your local safeway, and you guys made it really easy to help people. tell me what you do. >> we are proud to make it easy for all of the guests that come into the store to help support the food banks, so partnered with you guys, it's easy, and when the customers come in, any associate can help them, and at the check stand, it's a $10 donation, the food banks equate that to about 20 meals. we are focused on food this weekend, and i know people have a lot to be thankful for, and it's a great way for our guests to participate. we did great last year. our customers blow us away with their generosity, and it's about $3 million.
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we are ready to go, and food banks are anxious for us to participate. we are trying to work at all 160 stores in the communities we operate to blow by that number and help the communities in need. >> do you get a sense people are willing to open their wallet? you have the haves and the have nots. >> yeah, hopefully this makes it an easy way for them to participate, and when i participate it makes me feel good and serves a purpose. >> marcus and laura, you guys will be in the south bay tomorrow, right? >> yes, bob, get up early and join us, too. like bob was saying, we will be at the safeway in santa clara, and we will be there early to
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help you donate. come out, and of course we will be broadcasting live during our "today in the bay" starting at 7:00. >> which is actually sleeping in for us. which is nice on a weekend. when it comes to our climate in crisis, california's drought appears to be headed more interest the third year, and that's the finding for federal experts at noaa in the latest assessment. even if the wet weather pattern does return it likely will not be enough to make up the current deficit. 6:10 for you this morning as we get started with the day. let's take a live look outside. where are we going? >> you got to stay here for a little while. >> yeah, only for a little while.
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meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking -- kari, you remember the other da -- >> yes, if you could hear them in the commercial breaks, and laura joins him -- >> yes, i do. >> it's harmony. we are going to see this moving through and clearing out, and walnut creek, temperatures are cool to start. we will talk about a nice and sunny weekend ahead. mike, you are starting with a look at the bay bridge. >> yeah, there's a backup. we knew the metering lights were turned on, and we expect that as most folks traveling later in the day and heading out. there was a disabled vehicle and turned to the scene of a crash now, and it's slow already at the bay bridge. the biggest issue we are
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tracking, the only other major slowdown we have is right here, and that's because of the crash that is continuing to clear. the overturned car hauler, they have gotten some of the cars cleared that were on the back. we're down to the shoulder for cars to get by on 101, and use redwood boulevard as your alternate alongside 101 and jump back on roland boulevard. back to you. >> thanks, mike. well, next here on "today in the bay," all you can eat now giving one man more than he can handle. we will explain why he will not be eating at one chinese restaurant ever again. >> and the issue heating up, the big debate on line. get ready to get a little taste for yourself. the human touch on online dating, and futures looking for a big plunge in the open, plus -- >> duh.
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>> duh. billie eilish, you know that song. paul rudd, they are set as the final "saturday night live" hosts of the year. ilish will be hosting and performing as a guest on december 11th. you can catch the bay area's own sweetie on "snl."
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years.
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and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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happy friday. it's 6:15. we're seeing the low clouds and drizzle in san francisco. it will stay in the upper 50s today and a cloudy sky in martinez as we reach up to about 60 there. also cool in clearlake, but warmer and sunny for the weekend. i will have a look at that and our thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes. this breaking news in the north bay. we have more word that this could take 8 to 10 hours to work to clear this crash. you do have an alternate through the area. redwood boulevard will take you past the scene of the crash. they have an alert by chp. i will explain that, coming up. if you are looking for a date on the weekend, says it can help you out for a small fee. it can add a human matchmaker to your account, and the company
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tells "the wall street journal" it saw a uptick in users during the people trying to buy a copy of the constitution. the copy sold for $41 million to a private bidder. a thousand employees have signed a petition of no confidence in their ceo and now microsoft xbox is casting doubt about their business with activision. other news, san francisco-based williams sonoma says it's dealing with record back orders. the shortages, of course, due to
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the supply chain kinks. the port of long beach now open 24 hours a day but the port says whole nights can go by without a single truck arriving. the trucking company officials say there's a shortage of truckers, despite they are paying 22% more since the start of the pandemic. >> it's not the money that is the problem. that's not what is challenging. it's a generational and cultural divide where they say it's a low education career, and that's not the case. >> he will be one of my guests this weekend talking about the supply chain. you can find "press:here," right after "meet the press." i do have the number to that truck driving school, marcus. >> got to get a handle, buddy?
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>> yeah, that's right. you know what snoopy's handle was? blue dice. i don't know why i can remember that. back in the '70s, cbs were popular. >> big smooth signing out. >> little g here. >> thanks, scott. tiktok users among teens spiking according to a new survey. kids between the ages of 12 and 17 use tiktok on a weekly basis compared to instagram. trending for you this morning, one all you can eat buffet in china is now banning a man for eating too much. can you believe that? the owner complained after somebody live streamed how he actually gobbled up eight pounds
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of food. >> oh, my gosh. >> on his first visit. then he returned another day to eat an entire tray of pork appetizers. the post is getting a lot of attention online. some agree with the owners, and others say you can't have a buffet if you can't afford it, right? >> the last time i went to a chinese buffet was, like, 15 years ago. >> when i used to go to them, i wanted to eat all i could eat. >> really? i'm not a big eater, but, yes, could not make it on the long car ride either, and it did not end well. >> which do you prefer, canned or fresh cranberry sauce? >> a study found people in the northeast and southeast liked canned while on the west coast
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people mostly like fresh. when it comes to what people don't want on their thanksgiving list, candied yams, green bean casseroles, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole. had us talking. head to my facebook or instagram this morning, lauragarcia nbc. i asked, do you like the canned or fresh? i put both on my table. i think people like choices. >> yeah, there's nothing -- nothing like when you first get that cranberry, and it has -- yeah, that sound. >> that's the part i like, but i don't like cranberry sauce. >> i love it either way. >> kari, what do you like? >> well, we're from the south, so my mom loves the canned cranberry sauce, but as i got older and discovered fresh
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cranberries, i love that more so we could have both at our table this thanksgiving. we are watching a little rain here and we will see it continue as we go into the next couple of hours. spotty light rain. we have seen it moving over towards the east bay, but it has been consistent for parts of the north bay, and not measuring a lot in terms of the more higher rainfall totals that we have seen across the region. this system will continue to move on off towards the south and east as we go into today. behind that, clear skies. that's what we will see going into later this afternoon and into the evening. as we look at our hour-by-hour forecast, we will see that it's not picking up on much here, so this is a very weak system that i have been calling a nuisance rain because it's not helping out with the drought, it's just making the car dirty. we go into the temperatures in the 50s and 60s today, and we will continue to see the cool
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temperatures throughout the day all across the bay area. go into the weekend we will be warming up into the upper 60s. i am watching one more storm system for early next week, and some of the models are giving us scattered showers in the forecast before we get to thanksgiving. mike, you have been watching the north bay. what is the update on the breaking news? >> we may have eight or ten hours of work. that's what chp just put into the grid. i think that includes the guard rail repair that has to divide the northbound and southbound 101. as scott points out, 20 cars involved but only one driver, no major injuries. the alternate could be redwood boulevard along the roadway, and chp is advising to stay clear of that. the rest of the bay with a lighter volume and looking just fine. let's check in with chris. one viewer could not get the
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company to send the right size, and another viewer says a lab error costs him 800 bucks. "nbc bay are
6:25 am
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good friday morning. susan in san josé needed our help with a $28 order for leggings. the company delivered the wrong size. susan sent them back and expected a replacement and it
6:27 am
didn't happen. our team got susan the right size but wrong color, and she was okay with that. a $28 win, nonetheless. kevin in san josé expected a lab to refund him $800 because he said his lab did not get his family's results back in time for a flight and they had to get it done again, at $200 a piece. we got that refund for him. and we have a how-to video on how to track down an appointment and updating your vaccine card. >> thanks, chris. breaking news we are following on a possible rollout of a covid booster shot. the new word for regulators while you were sleeping, and a look at why experts may soon have many of us losing that
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fully vaccinated status. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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right now at 6:30, the kaiser strike widens. a larger group of workers walking off the job. a live update on the potential impact to patients and the conditions prompting more workers to join the push. breaking news. getting the green light. the major move the fda making this morning when it comes to booster shots. also what the decision means for you and maybe your vaccination
6:31 am
status. we're also looking at the holiday travel frenzy. for some it starts this morning. are you headed somewhere for thanksgiving. the near record numbers you can expect to join you, and the ideal days to travel. this is "today in the bay." here we go. friday morning. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. 6:31 right now. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we want to start with breaking news in traffic out of the north bay. mike is following that. what is the latest? >> this is still going on in the north bay, and no major injuries, and it's a major pain for the morning commute and we can focus on that. the overturned truck, the big rig was carrying a dozen crushed vehicles on the back of it, and no injury to the driver or the mini cooper that hit some of the
6:32 am
debris. it's bad traveling south out of petaluma. chp says get over here to take 37 and back over to 101. it's a longer drive. back to you, laura. a look across the bay area this friday morning. we saw scattered and light showers overnight. meteorologist, kari hall, joins us with what we are in for for today. >> yeah, we powered up stormranger and can see where that light rain is falling right now. it's light and moving through parts of the north bay for the most part over towards contra costa as well. if you are heading out the door around that area where we have traffic headaches, we are seeing light rain moving through so plan on having the windshield pipers on. the rest of the day will clear out as we see the weak storm
6:33 am
system moving out of the bay area, and that will set the stage that we can talk about some of the weekend plans. kaiser is bracing for what could be the widest strike so far this year. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez is live in san josé with a look at what it could mean for you and if kaiser is your health care provider. >> reporter: yeah, if kaiser is your health care provider, there's no question it could have an impact on your appointment today. more groups are joining the strike with the engineers. the mental health clinicians said they would join them on the picket line as well as some nurses. throughout the 63-day strike, the engineers had other unionized workers joining them in their call for a fair
6:34 am
contract which is said to only keep up with the bay area's cost of living. after two months, negotiations seem to be at a standstill and patients are stuck in the middle. >> we're ready to go back to work. we're hard workers, and we don't want this, and we want what is fair. that's all. >> we have plans in place to continue care despite the union's call for staff to walk away from their patients. >> here's what it could mean for you today if kaiser is your health care provider. ers and hospitals are going to remain open. managers and trained contingency staff, as they call them, are going to be providing care. some nonurgent appointments are going to be rescheduled like lab work. picketing was set to begin here
6:35 am
at 6:00 this morning, and if they are gathering we have not seen them yet. we understand the picketing will be happening in not only san josé, oakland, san francisco, santa rosa, sacramento, fresno and some of the smaller -- some of the smaller agencies as well will be joining in a little later today. some of the smaller health care clinics, i should say. in san josé, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> pretty widespread there thank you, kris. fda regulators have given emergency use authorization to pfizer and moderna covid booster shots. that means americans over 18 will be able to sign up for an appointment, although california already got an early start on this. more health leaders believe it's likely the term fully vaccinated may soon cover the third shot. when it comes to enforcing mandates, one bay area infectious disease expert says that could get tricky.
6:36 am
>> you have two doses there, and then you have one, like, eight months later, and are you eligible? i think it's very, very difficult on many levels to enforce. >> california is a handful of states already offering the boosters to everybody over 18. now 88% of all eligible people in berkeley are now fully vaccinated. a live look at sfo, and away we go apparently. happening today, the thanksgiving travel period begins. of course you still have plenty of time to make it to your thanksgiving dinner, and aaa is predicting travel will be back
6:37 am
up. here's a live look at the newly named palisades tahoe ski resort. they are now delaying their opening. you see a little snow but not enough. they were hoping to open the slopes next wednesday but the warm weather is not cooperating. the new hope is to open early december. other resorts delaying their opening include heavenly and northstar. yes, there was skiing on halloween, but not thanksgiving. >> but you can take a cardboard box, break it down and take it to a little snow and sit on it and slide down. if there's no snow, it will still slide down. >> i want to make sure and get video of that. >> yeah, i think it's more like hiking for the weekend. we have not seen a lot of snow here recently. you have to go really high up in
6:38 am
elevation before you see a dusting of snow. as we go through the forecast, we will see light amounts between now and thanksgiving. maybe two to five inches of snow so not looking good for the resorts. you might want to plan a beach trip, as we will be in the 60s and low 70s for santa cruz and monterey. it will be a nice finish to the weekend. muir woods, a high of 62 for tomorrow. 64 degrees in the forecast for sunday. if your weekend plans want warmer weather, maybe go to paso robles where they are looking at temperatures in the 70s for tomorrow and 76 on sunday. yosemite, temperatures there in the 60s for the high temperature for today and tomorrow. we will also see the highs reaching into the mid-60s for the end of the weekend.
6:39 am
not a bad weekend for also checking out all of the fall colors. mike, heading out the door this morning, you're also looking at bright red on the map? >> yeah, that's the bad news. in novato, the northbound has an issue. all of the rest of the bay has lighter traffic slow and fewer delays, and then in the north bay we have the orange and red out of petaluma. chp is suggesting you use 116 to get over here. this crash as delong will be there for hours. they are hoping to open a couple lanes in both directions as they clear some of the debris. right now redwood boulevard will get you past the scene, or as chp said, get over to lakeville and then over to 37, and that's a lot longer drive. this delay will continue in part for hours, and we are trying to get clarification to set your expectations. back to you. >> thank you. with the holidays now nearly
6:40 am
upon us and so many families struggling and in need, nbc bay area is hoping to help. >> bob redell is live in pleasanton at a safeway. how can people help? we want to do it. it's really simple. >> reporter: yeah, it's easy, a $10 donation. more on that in a minute. but nourishing neighbors, that's who we pair up with and all the safeways here in northern california. you can think about it, roughly 1 in 4 people in the bay area will experience some sort of food insecurity. if you look at the demand precovid, they will say demand is double. the need is still there. even though we are well into the pandemic, people -- a lot of people still need help. we have the director of public and government affairs. good to see you again, wendy. happy holidays, as always.
6:41 am
in your hand, we have a piece of magic paper there. how does it work? >> the process is simple. visit your local safeway. there's 160 bay area safeways participating. look for the band here and donate $10. >> in the old days, we had to bring up a bag of groceries. you may it easier. >> yeah, we simplified the process. for every dollar donated, we can get two meals. it goes a long way. safeway has a long-standing history of supporting food banks, and we are glad to partner with nbc bay area on this effort. >> last year? >> we raised over $3 million, equalling 6 million meals. you can donate through december 25th. >> reporter: good seeing you as always. it's $10. super easy.
6:42 am
that $10 goes a long way for you and me. it would maybe be half a meal for us, but the food banks, they can get 20 meals out of the $10. >> yeah, they can really stretch it out. such a great cause. >> it really is. easy to do. join laura and me. we will be out there saturday at the rivermark safeway in santa clara. we will be up on a saturday. hope you join us. >> that's how important it is. we're getting up early on the weekend. >> yeah, we will broadcast our weekend edition of "today in the bay" at 7:00. if you cannot go out tomorrow morning, when you do go out, make a donation. if you thought covid lockdowns were over, think again. coming up next on "today in the bay," the new action in one country as cases surge across the globe. >> plus, only on nbc bay area -- >> only had one family, and we
6:43 am
kind of want him back. sorry. >> a cruel theft in the middle of the day. caught on camera, the search for an 18-year-old dog which the family says a stranger simply swiped from their yard. >> you know we have breaking news from washington. president biden will transfer power to kamala harris for a few moments while he's under anesthesia. we will go through that breaking news. plus, let's take you out to the big boards this morning. all the breaking news, after the break. on]
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for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey.
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good friday morning. right now at 6:45, as you are waking up and heading out, parts of the bay area has spotty light rain that we are tracking with storm ranner. . >> the bay bridge, a backup and then a second crash affecting the bay bridge. we will follow that backup and of course the breaker in the north bay. novato has an alert for 101 both directions basically down to one lane. we'll talk about that, coming up. >> thanks, mike and kari. only in bay area an east bay family tearfully pleading for the return of their dog after a
6:47 am
dog got out of the yard and then when he came back, a woman followed him in. that dog eventually made its way into the kennel, and she takes the dog. fluffy is 18 and needs medicine, making things worse. president biden will be transferring power to vice president kamala harris. >> it's very temporary. he's getting a colonoscopy. this means he will be under the influence of a drug, so we have learned joe biden will be transferring power to kamala harris for the part of his annual fiscal. it has happened before and it's a routine thing for presidents
6:48 am
to do as a safety issue. i have live pictures this morning from the house of the floor of representatives. the vote on build back better delayed this morning by a very long speech by republican minority leader, kevin mccarthy. that pushes the vote into television time where we are bringing it to you live. we are monitoring the process. there's a huge problem here. the nonpartisan congressional budget office says the build back better bill will add to the deficit long term because democrats' estimates on how much tax money they could bring in are too high. the bill will not tax you unless you make $10 million a year. the crackdown won't bring in as
6:49 am
much money as democrats had hoped. we can talk about a woman in front of the senate. this is the controller of the banking. she's one of the top authors on banking, but one of our ideas pretty far out there for some americans. she says what she wrote in the past is more academic exercises, and it was her heritage that came up in one memorable exchange. she grew up in the soviet union, and as a child joined the communist party like every kid in town, she says, and it was not optional. but not enough for some senators. >> i don't know whether to call you professor or comrade? >> senator, i'm not a communist. i do not subscribe to that
6:50 am
ideology. >> all right. she goes on to say that she could not control where she was born. you heard somebody say, oh, my goodness, in the background. that was in washington. so much to monitor on social media. you have the vote happening right now and the president undergoing a routine colonoscopy. we will talk about it on social media, and you will find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. one european country going on full lockdown due to the spike in covid cases there. case rates in austria right now are surging. leaders ordered a lockdown for all unvaccinated people. in a decision today they expanded that to everybody. the new order takes affect on monday and lasts a maximum of 20 days. the historic partial lunar eclipse overnight over before most of us even got a chance to see it. >> but we caught something for
6:51 am
you. the bay area cloud cover didn't help, but this image shows elsewhere where the skies were clear. nbc bay area's scott budman captured the view from his home. he did a good job. >> too bad we could not see it here, kari. weather-wise, what is the day shaping up to be like? >> we will see a lot more clouds moving in. that was because of the very weak weather system bringing us light rain right now. we are tracking it on storm ranger, getting a closer look at the rain that has been in parts of marin county, southern sonoma county, and it's not all of the bay area that is getting in on the mist and drizzle and light rain we have seen across the region. the bigger picture shows once this clears out we have dry weather moving in behind that and that's what we will see as we go into the weekend. as we look outside in san josé,
6:52 am
it's not the fiery red sunrise we had yesterday morning. we are also checking out with temperatures in the mid-50s. feels milder but we will be slower to warm up go into the afternoon. we will reach into the mid-60s for today, and then hour-by-hour it will show light and spotty rain for the next couple of rains and tapering off. while the weekend will be dry, we will also warm up. going into next week, one more rain chance for tuesday, so just a heads up if you are will be traveling in the sierra for the thanksgiving holiday. in the near term, highs reaching in the 60s and then one chance of showers on tuesday and then the rest of the forecast is dry. mike, what is the update on the news in the north bay? >> all morning and likely into much of the afternoon, this rig overturned busting this guardrail. 200 feet there, and that repair
6:53 am
work won't start until they get equipment on scene until eight or ten hours from now. look at the map. right now we have all of the lanes southbound blocked. north bay, it's just down to one lane. chp hopes to open one or two lanes in the southbound direction soon but do not have a timeline. right now use lakeview over to 37. slowing for contra costa county, that's relatively standard. everything else is light. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now when it comes to standardized testing for undergrad candidates. last year schools threw out test scores to avoid bias results. a mother shot and killed on a bay area freeway with her two young boys in the backseat. the victim's own mother now speaking out. the message she wan investigator
6:54 am
answers. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. now to our top story this morning, only on nbc bay area. a mother sharing her anguish following the loss of her daughter who was shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza. >> today in the bay's cierra johnson joins us now. adding to the heartbreak, her
6:57 am
two young children were in the car at the time. >> yeah, that's right. we're being told her mother said she was heading to an interview when somebody fired at the suv. her fiancé and two sons, three years old and five years old were in the vehicle with her at the time. in an interview, you will only here on nbc bay area, her mother, who lives in georgia, remembering her daughter as a dedicated mother. she said she facetimed morris just 20 minutes before she was shot and killed. >> it was myself, my husband and daughter and grand sons on the phone. she said i'll call you later. then i started to get phone calls that i did not want to believe was true. that was her world. she did everything for them. she was a good mom. >> chp is not releasing
6:58 am
information on the suspect or the suspect vehicle. >> thank you very much, cierra. so sad there. it's 6:57 right now. breaking this morning, fda regulators have given emergency use authorization to the pfizer and moderna coaster booster shots. that means americans over 18 will be able to sign up for an appointment, but california got an early start ahead of the fda decision. scott is also following big and breaking news for us. >> i am. for the first time in 245 years a woman will be in charge for the united states for a short period of time as president biden will be handing over power temporarily as he undergoes a colonoscopy. this has happened three times since 1967, when we put the constitutional amendment in place. it happened in reagan, twice with george w. bush in 2002 and 2007 as he underwent a
6:59 am
colonoscopy as well. after the president recovers from the drugs they give him, he will return to be the full president of the united states. for at least a short period of time, kamala harris will be in charge. >> thank you, scott. now it's time to get a look at the forecast as well as traffic. kari, how is it looking? >> well, we're starting out with spotty light showers across the bay area, but this gradually clears out today. we have a nice weekend with temperatures in the upper 60s. we will be watching out for one more chance of rain in the forecast next tuesday ahead of the thanksgiving holiday travel. we'll also keep the cool temperatures in the forecast through thanksgiving. mike? >> you have to watch out for this through the north bay, pretty much all morning and maybe all day, southbound 101 down to one shoulder after they are trying to clear a crash with an overturned rig and crushed cars scattered on the roadway. the crash involved 20 cars but only one driver, and no major
7:00 am
injuries. >> that's great. i mean, it's bad, but -- you know what i mean. it's friday. thank you for joining us. >> we will be back with 25 minutes with a news update for you. good morning. breaking news, all night long. >> i don't know if they think they left i'm going to stop.
7:01 am
i'm not. >> rep


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