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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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here caught on camera. a wild smash and grab robbery at the louis vuitton store. >> and reaction to the kyle rittenhouse verdict. and we investigate possible fraud linked to a massive job training program for foreign students. raining money on a california and the free-for-all as drivers stopped to get their hands on that cash. it's the first friday night of the holiday season and it's chaotic. take a look. people running in all directions. police officers and security guards chasing down suspects. we have several clips of video sent by terrified eyewitnesses
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watching while it unfolded. we just got off the phone with the san francisco pd, and they said it's still a ongoing investigation. our reporter on the scene overheard an officer telling the woman they are actively looking for about 30 people who are trying to break in other stores. >> we have learned backup is on the way, and motorcycle officers and tactical units are headed to union square right now. we are going to keep an eye on the breaking news and will have an update for you. and protesting the verdict. about 100 people rally in front of city hall in oakland
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following the not-guilty verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. >> tonight, he's a free man. the protest was peaceful but the message was loud and clear. the kyle rittenhouse verdict brought over 100 people to the plaza tonight. >> we are sick and tired of seeing white supremacy and the double standard of justice. >> justice, they say, did not happen in kenosha, wisconsin, when rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges against him. >> definitely a disappointment but not a surprise. >> the teenager collapsing as he is cleared of all five charges after killing two protesters and wounding a third. >> the way the judge was behaving in the courtroom, the kind of rulings he was making.
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it was over the top. >> retired superior court judge says the burden in this case was on the prosecutor. >> the prosecutor tried to convince the jury that kyle rittenhouse was an active shooter and they failed to do it, primarily to do it because kyle rittenhouse's defense was self defense. >> the law requires when a self defense claim is written the prosecutors have to disprove self defend beyond a reasonable doubt, and in most states it's just the opposite. >> at this moment in time, there are two futures presenting themselves. >> protesters here feel justice was not served in wisconsin and are uncertain what will happen next. >> it's not for us to figure out. if this department of justice is any different from trump's department of justice, for example, if it is, then they should figure out how to reign
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these -- reign judges like this in. >> still no word or any suspects connected to the freeway shooting that left a young mother dead. the 29-year-old woman was killed yesterday on i-80 as her two young sons were in the car. her mother arrived in the bay area this morning to plan her daughter's funeral. the oakland mayor, libby schaaf, expressed her sympathy. instead of getting ready for their son's second birthday, an east bay family gathered for his funeral. today a memorial service for jasper wu, the toddler shot by a spray bullet on 880 in oakland earlier this month. his family took part in the tradition of burning paper made products so he could enjoy them
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in the after life. >> that's the last chance they can express their love to their loved ones. >> we have done everything we can to try and identify the vehicles involved in this incident. we have tracked every step along the way, and we will continue to do that. >> the chp is leading this investigation. so far no arrests. san francisco police officers investigating a deadly shooting of one of their own. this took place this morning in the city south of market neighborhood. police say during an encounter with a man inside a residential hotel officers felt threatened enough to fire. that man has been identified as jamal ammany. sfpd plans to hold a town hall tomorrow or in the next few days to show video of the exchange. a stunning turn of events
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inside a san josé courtroom. late today, elizabeth holmes took the stand in her own defense. no cameras were allowed inside for this case, but our scott budman, our reporter, was there inside and live tweeted as she testified. holmes talked about her time at stanford and how she started from humble beginnings, and she was comfortable on the stand and was allowed not to wear a mask and made eye contact with the jury. the theranos founder is accused of defrauding her investors. anybody over the age of 18 can get the booster shot. that means pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are opening for all adults. experts fear the u.s. will see
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another covid surge during the holidays. a live look at sfo on the busiest travel day for this airport since the beginning of the airport. over the next ten days, more than 50 million people expected to hit the roads and skies for thanksgiving. tonight we saw airports get busier by the hour, and some are expecting prepandemic crowds. make sure you arrive early. >> come with extra time because -- i mean, i missed my flight. >> she will see her grandparents for the first time, and it has been a good year and a half since we have seen our families. >> sfo is expecting more than 50,000 people to come through its checkpoints today and tonight. >> the san mateo board of supervisors plan to announce his congressional bid. he is a peninsula native and
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served on the san mateo board of supervisors and he will be running for the seat currently run by congresswoman jackie speier, and that contains most of san mateo county and a small part of san francisco. she said she will not seek re-election because it's time for her to be more than just a congresswoman. for 80 minutes today, kamala harris was the president in chief. during the time harris was the first woman to be acting president of the united states. the procedure for the president went well and biden's personal doctor declared him fit for duty. a tesla employee is suing the company claiming women that work at the fremont factory are
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facing sexual harassment. a black former worker was awarded $137 million for enduring racism at that factory, and tesla is appealing that verdict. and then just this week, a woman on the night shift said her complaints were ignored. from the bay area to sin city, oakland a's are doubling down on a move to las vegas. las vegas review journal says the team is close to finding its ideal ballpark. they have narrowed the search to two or three sites. they already have a place, an offer on one spot and are negotiating with land owners at other sites, and if they make a deal in vegas they could announce a new ballpark location
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in january. lots of clouds and also the drizzle today. i will show you when the clouds move out for the weekend and the cold weather on the way, coming up in less than ten minutes. we go in search of company's listed as employees hundreds of f1 visa students but find more than a dozen of those companies apparently don't exist. coming up, we will talk to a former top dhs officials who worries what we expose may leave this country vulnerable to foreign spies. also, it brought traffic to a stop. you see this. that's cash on the freeway. a lot of it. the story behind all of this money and all of these california drivers scrambling to scoop it up.
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that breaking news in san francisco intense and unnerving
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now in union square. officers are searching for suspects. this news just into our news room, the supervisor tells us a group smashed through the door of louis vuitton and pushed a security guard over and started looting and running away with things inside that high-end store. you can see it here. police officers, sfpd along with the private security guards chasing down the suspects. we have several clips of video sent to us by witnesses watching this unfold. there are multiple people that have been arrested, and officers are looking for other suspects. this was the opening night of the holiday season and the christmas tree was lit yesterday, and a lot of families out and about, and everything came to a sudden end about 8:30
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tonight. high risk national security with foreign espionage. >> it's called opt. after years of digging, our investigator continues to find possible fraud and thousands of students to be working for companies that appear not to exist. >> this ombudsman report says these vulnerabilities in the f1 security program still have not be fixed and foreign spies could be exploiting the vulnerabilities to steal u.s. technology. we went door to door. from a business park along i-880 -- >> they are no longer here. we are renovating the suite. >> to
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sunnyvale. >> there's nobody here by that name. >> to a fremont dentist office, to this empty building in the neighborhood outside dallas, texas. all of them as addresses listed on the website and business filings on a company called innovative intelligent solutions, and records show that company employed more than 200 students in the f-1 program. dhs lists innovative solutions as one of the top employers of foreign students that was published a few years ago, but it appears the company doesn't exist. >> the users mailbox cannot accept more messages. >> that's not the only suspicious list we found.
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we tried tracking down more than a dozen of the companies. >> yes, i'm trying to get a hold of hr or the ceo -- >> we got disconnected. we got voicemail boxes that were full, and two of the companies showed this address in durant, oklahoma, with this big modern building as one of their offices. but when you look at that address on google maps, this is what you find, an old empty building, and our data producer, sean meyers, actually found that office building they were showing on their website more than 500 miles away from durant. >> this build something supposed to be in oklahoma, but i'm standing here in new orleans and you can see it's right behind me. >> the ceo helping to secure thousands of fraudulent visas --
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>> we first uncovered these phantom companies in 2019 after a mountain view businesswoman pleaded guilty in federal court of conspiracy to commit fraud, and federal prosecutors said her company charged thousands for fake unemployment papers for jobs in the u.s. after we reported what we found, dhs stopped publishing that data on public companies that employ foreign students. john feere served as senior adviser to director at dhs. as an appointee of trump he left when the new administration took office. >> when you have dozens and dozens of foreign nationals
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entering the exact same of business and that place of business does not exist, you know it's fraud. >> he now works for the study of immigration studies, a conservative think tank in washington, and he worries not enough has been done to fix the problem by either administration. >> we had hundreds if not thousands of foreign nationals openly lying about where they were working and what they were doing. obviously there's security implications there. >> had i known it was a fraudulent company, 90% of people would not have got in -- >> he says many of the f-1 students might be victims here. >> they fell into the trap laid by these companies getting money from a company, and definitely
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that's a problem. >> the advocates worry that the program does a lot of good. >> when you look at the entire country, the program is incredibly value. >> jeremy neutpeld is a advocate, and he says the program attracts the best and the brightest from around the world to the u.s. allowing foreign college students to stay in the u.s. for three years after they graduate if they find work to the area of their study. >> if your reason attracts more, you are likely to see more innovation taking place there. >> that's great work that you did, but we need to do more. >> the congressman from walnut creek does not want to end the program but says our reporting should spur congress to
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investigate. >> thank you for the work you are doing, but it's incumbent on us to hold people accountable and dissuade people from doing this. >> we asked the department of security about all of this, but said they could not talk to us about it citing an ongoing investigation. two years ago they said they did work behind the scenes to catch people using the same data we used. so far no companies have been publicly charged beyond fine dream and another associated company. i am stephen stock. let's turn things over to jeff and talk about the weekend.
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it's here. >> it is. are you ready to see the clouds go away? >> yes. >> today might have been a little too dreary for you and gloomy. we had a lot of traffic and drizzle. just kind of made it hard to get around and so many people were most likely getting their holiday off to a cloudy start. this is what we were dealing with, clouds and spotty drizzle, but as we head into tomorrow morning, there you go, most of the clouds leave, and we are just tracking a few hours of patchy isolated fog for the morning. you will need to watch out for that, and speaking of the morning if you are looking for something to get you into the holiday vibes and you have a heavier jacket you might not have been able to wear, tomorrow might be the morning for you. look at the temperatures. down to 48 in the south bay. 45 in the tri-valley. also coming in with a chilly 43 in the north bay.
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we start off cold but that sunshine is going to stay in the afternoon after you have the area of high pressure returning. the only thing about this is it will develop wind across the mountains, 20 to 40 mountains coming out of the northeast, but thankfully we have had some of the on and off rainfall the past couple of months, so we don't have any fire weather watches, but know if you are headed across passes or mountains you will see occasional wind gusts, again, 20 to 40 miles per hour tomorrow. we will keep sunshine all the way through the weekend. let's get you through the forecast for tomorrow. right over to the east bay in the 60s. walnut creek, 66. redwood city, 67. sunshine and light winds and off to the north bay, 65 in clearlake. 69 in novato. the 7-day forecast, just a spotty chance of a shower next tuesday. thanksgiving is dry and 62. pretty much the same, 60s for
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highs and chilly 40s for lows. good to go to safeway for our holiday donation and treat ourself to a pumpkin spice latte -- >> he is so getting that latte -- >> yeah, he will go to safeway three times this week. >> that's a good plan. >> thank you, jeff. >> you got it. a fire burning around 6:00 p.m. in the west san carlos area. firefighters had to break through a wall from the back of the building when the roof tires were too tough to cut through. businesses took water damage inside. luckily no reports of any injuries. we'll be right back.
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this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. somebody dropped money all over the freeway. >> would you grab a bill? >> it's not yours. >> this is i-5 near san diego today. chp says somehow an armored car, an armored truck opened up sending all the crash flying across interstate 5. we had a traffic jam. a lot of people stopped. investigators say people that did collect the money should return it because it's a criminal offense. >> it's not your money. san francisco trying to list its school district out of the budget hole it's stuck in. san francisco unified district faces a $125 million deficit going into the fiscal year. the money loaned to the district
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back in 2019 when a civil suit froze up tax funds meant for the school. the proposal requires sf unified adopt a plan to address the deficit before the city forgives those loans. a couple issues for the warriors tonight. we'll show you what happened in detroit. stay with us.
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okay. yeah, it does not start well. no steph curry, no draymond green. >> no problem. a night off, you know, took the night off, steph and draymond. and poole had to step up. his parents were at the game, and he came through tonight. look at the defense turning into offense. this is all andrew wiggins. this game was close but the warriors hold on for dear life and beat the pistons. warriors improve to 14-2 on the season. and then last weekend cal's game
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was postponed because of the major covid outbreak with the players and staff, and more good news for cal, the last time the big game was at stanford, cal won. this was in 2019. their only big-game win in the past 11 years. that makes the season much more tolerable. tomorrow will be the 124th big game. we're back in a moment.
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before we go we want to update you on the union square situation. police are urging that you give them a call if you have information. you see people running through the streets. this is after police received reports of some vandals or robbers breaking through the louis vuitton doors and knocking down the security and it was a smash and grab. the group smashed through the door and just took all of the stuff that was in there. cell phone video shows the aftermath, officers chasing down
11:34 pm
people. officers tell us multiple people have been arrested and police officers are in riot gear trying to control the rioters. and then the historic murphy average being. all visitors 12 and older must provide proof of vaccination. go out with your family and friends and have fun. there are lots of ice rinks across the bay area. >> yeah, did you see the little penguins so you don't fall? it's so cute. >> have a good weekend. be safe. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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