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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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police. next. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at [ding dong] what are you doing? what? just reminding him i serve my breakfast sandwiches all day and all night. ...with freshly cracked eggs! try my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches. right now at 11:00, the high end heists continue. dozens of looters hit another store, this time in the east bay. >> there was a mob of people, the police were flying in. it was the scene out of a movie. shoppers in san francisco are on high alert after a large scale robbery in union square. the charges already happening tonight.
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the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> we begin with breaking news that you'll only see right here on nbc bay area. >> we've learned of several arrests tied to that shootout at a gas station last month. the investigation even stretching all the way down to houston. the entire incident captured on surveillance cameras. you may remember this. you can see three men approaching former oakland police captain joiner as he's pumping gas. they search him for valuables and then they check his car. that's when joiner pulls out a gun, shooting and killing one of them. they return fire, hitting joiner six times. sources now tell nbc bay area three people have been arrested. u.s. marshals tracked the driver to houston. they took him into custody down there. two others were arrested in the saramento area. joiner is now home and recovering there. we're also following more breaking news out of oakland, where police are investigating a shooting. as you can see from the citizen
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app video, there's a large police presence in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. we reached out to oakland police for more details but haven't yet heard back. here's a look at exactly where the shooting happened. people are being asked to avoid that area. and just into our news room. new video shows dozens of people running from a nordstrom store in walnut creek. our reporter was there when all of this happened. she says about 25 cars blocked the street, people hopped out, rushed into the store before running back out with merchandise and driving away. a similar scene to what we saw in san francisco last night. one man who rocks at a nearby restaurant described what he saw. >> i probably saw 50 to 80 people in like ski masks, crow bars. i had to start locking the front door, lock the back door, because you never know, if they are right there, they could come right in here.
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>> police responded with their guns drawn. our reporter saw officers arrest at least two people. audrey, you just mngsed it, this comes just 24 hours after thieves hit a number of high end stores in san francisco's union square. tonight, there are more officers patrolling the streets including the police chief. nbc bay area's sergio quintana with more. >> reporter: police on patrol on union square saturday night. chief bill scott was walking the beat. >> the businesses are doing what they need to do to stay safe and we will be here with them. >> reporter: the louis vuitton store was hit especially hard last night as dozens of people ransacked it. tonight, the store is basically empty. here's what it looked like, people running in the street with merchandise in their arms. police say they responded to the looting as quickly as possible. this video of some aggressive efforts by officers to catch
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looters has gone viral. chief scott said the person they arrested was armed. >> they blocked him in, disabled the car and took them in custody safely. i commend them for doing that. they did what they needed to do. >> reporter: according to the chief, nine businesses were either looted, burglarized or vandalized in and around union square. some cannabis dispensaries across the city were also hit. >> this is organized crime. these are people who have made a decision to come downtown and to commit vandalism and theft and it has to stop. >> reporter: eight people have been arrested so far and the police chief says there will be more arrests soon. >> you will be brought to justice. >> reporter: a visibly angered mayor says it's vital to maintain law and order during the holiday shopping season. >> that people feel safe when they come to such a beautiful city like san francisco and we are not going to let people turn it into an ugly city. >> reporter: for shoppers saturday night, they're greeted by uniformed guards at store
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entrances controlling access to shops, trying to maintain as much control on who gets into browse as possible. do you feel safe? >> i feel fine, yeah. >> any major cities are kind of like this. >> i think this type of event has been so huge that i think it will scare tourism and i think that's horrible for san francisco. >> reporter: in san francisco, sarg owe quintana. well, chesa boudin tweeted about the incident. saying, quote, trust and safety are our core values in this city. last night's organized crime must never happen again. he added in another tweet he stands with law enforcement to do whatever it takes to keep people safe. not just businesses. san francisco dealing with an increase in car break-ins. in fact, the city has the highest rate of car break-ins compared to other major u.s. cities. our investigative unit rode along with undercover officers. see what they found out on our website, just go to nbc bay
11:06 pm let's take a live look at capital hill tonight. there you go. david canepa has set his sights on. dozens of supporters rallied in daily city today as canepa declared his congressional bid. he says the hospital is symbolic because it's the same place where he was born. he says he wants to amplify san mateo county's voices in d.c. >> because your voices matter more than ever, more than ever. as we try to heal a divided nation. >> he will be running for the seat currently held by congresswoman jackie speir. she represents district 14. she announced on tuesday that she will not seek re-election. all right, this is how sfo looks tonight and the airport is saying that yesterday it had one
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of the busiest travel days since the start of the pandemic. tsa says agents screened more than 2 million travelers at airport security checkpoints, that of course nationwide. that's the most people since early last year. aaa expects more than 50 million americans to hit the roads and the skies over the thanksgiving holiday. and we continue to follow a developing story out of atlanta. the search continues for a man who caused chaos at the airport there. take a look at video of passengers running out of the airport after a gun went off. authorities say something was detected in a man's property. tsa agents flagged it for another search. the man then allegedly lunged into his bag and grabbed a gun they say accidentally discharged. he ran and got away. he's been identified and 42-year-old ken wells, a convicted felon. three people were hurt during the airport evacuation. back in our area, people in san jose paused tonight to remember the victims of a deadly attack at a church nearly one year ago.
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they gathered to help each other heal and help prevent anymore m. >> reporter: it was a night this man will never forget. he was stabbed three times by a homeless man last november. >> felt a sharp pain and then i felt another pain immediately with a second going into my lower side, where my lungs is at. >> reporter: james says he pulled the knife from his body and fought his attacker. he had a chance to run out of the builds, but instead, he ran to where the female clients were staying to keep them safe. >> i locked the doors behind the ladies so he wouldn't be able to get through that door. >> reporter: james pushed against the door with his bleeding back while the attacker tried to get in, giving the women a chance to run out a back door. he gave cpr to one victim and tried to help a shelter volunteer who had been stabbed. the 55-year-old transwoman died.
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kimberly and other trans victims murdered year were honored here tonight. tonight, the community gathered heal, with words and music. some of the police officers who responded to the scene nearly a year ago came to pay their respects to the two people killed. >> tonight is our church's attempt at saying thank you to this community that's poured its love out on us. to those who gave greatly to add on security at this church and at this shelter. >> reporter: to protect a place of peace from violence. in san jose, mary ann fav roe, nbc bay area news. we're back in 60 seconds with a new kind of supply chain issue. why at-home covid tests could be hard to come by this holiday season. and crab for christmas? it's looking more likely. the update from state fish and wildlife officials about when
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crab season can start. and we're seeing a chilly night around the bay area. already down to 42 degrees in napa, but on the higher hills of the north bay, we are seeing some gusty winds, as well. a look at what that means for your sunday when we come right back. this is elodia. she's a recording artist.
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1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. welcome back. new at 11:00, the supply and demand over peace of mind. many americans plan to take at-home covid tests before getting together with family this year. testmakers ramped up production, but will it be enough? chains like cvs and walgreens say they have ample supplies now and have listed limits on how many tests one customer can buy, but health experts warn that a winter surge could easily overwhelm supplies. the home tests typically cost
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$10. meanwhile, health officials continue to urge everyone to get boosted before the holidays. so far, 18% of fully vaccinated americans have received a third dose. the numbers the same here in california. 18% or about 4.2 million californians have gotten their booster shots. crab season is creeping closer to a start date. right now, the season's being delayed because of humpback whales off the coast of california. they don't want crabbers going out there. but today comes word that some zones have been cleared to open on december 1st. that is when some counties can open. here in the bay area, commercial crabbers will have to wait longer. there's still a risk of whales becoming entangled in crab pot lines. recreational season is open as long as you don't use traps. terry, look at this. it's been in the works for years, and today, a new
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pedestrian bridge opened in palo alto. stretches more than 1,000 feet over highway 101 just north of san antonio road. you probably noticed the construction if you drive on 101. >> i do. >> a lot of construction. city held a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning. didn't take long for people to check it out. you see a number of them out there. bridge will allow for year-round access to the bay land. >> amazing turnout this morning. celebrating the return of the apollo 12 crew in grand style. the uss hornet's sea, air and space museum marked the 52nd anniversary of the splashdown this weekend. that may i have ship was given the honor of recovering the apollo 12 astronauts after they returned from the moon back in 1969. today's event included a prominent seti institute astronomer and uss hornet historians. >> we are the largest art fact that was involved with the lunar landing missions. it's a real mobile quarantine facility. the president of the ice really stood in front of it and that's
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a real apollo capsule back there. so, we want people to immerse themselves, if you the apollo history right here on the uss hornet. is permanently docked in alameda. it is a jewel here in the bay area. it serves as a museum. in addition to the apollo 12 mission, the hornet recovered the apollo 11 crew. >> pretty cool. thanksgiving is less than a week away, just around the corner, and the need is great. second harvest of silicon valley says it's still serving 80% more people than before the pandemic. today, more than 80 olunteers packed up boxes. and we here at nbc bay area and our sister tell telemundo 48 are teaming up with safeway to fight hunger in the bay area. today, we did kick off our nourishing neighbors food drive and so far, we've already collected nearly $140,000 in donations. that's up $27,000 in just the
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last five hours, incredible, right? >> wow, yeah. >> members of the nbc bay area family were at safeway getting the word out. you can see laura, marcus. one man they spoke with says he actually used to be homeless, but he gave a generous donation of $1,000. >> i want to do all i can to help, you know, just one of those things when you get up in your 70s and i just want to have -- make some people happy, basically. because i went through some hard times a long time ago. >> absolutely incredible. thank you, lou. our food drive runs through christmas, again, you can make a $10 donation at any safeway store and that money will go right to our local food banks. >> we should mention that gina was there in spirit and cardboard. >> that picture of her. >> so spectacular out there with
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the wetter. >> we are. interesting weather. chilly temperatures in the valleys but some windy weather across the hill tops. a look at the winds in a moment. right now, san francisco, 54 degrees, no fog around as you go into san jose, still in the 50s. not much wind in san jose. different story, though, on the higher peaks east of downtown. 47 in dublin and over towards walnut creek and concord, now down to 48 degrees. know tis the winds. southeast at 5, but a different story on the mountain tops and we're going to look at those winds in a moment. first, tomorrow's air quality. moderate, as the offshore breezes start to back off a bit. i think you're going to notice haze in the air, especially as we get towards monday and tuesday. so, now a look at those peak wind gusgusts. we'll see gusts from around 30 to 40 miles per hour. mainly for elevations above 3,000 feet and as we drop down to the diablo range and santa
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cruz mountains, breezes at times near the tops of the summits and the ridges, but not the valleys. the north bay by tomorrow morning, looking like a chilly start. lots of 40s across the board. by lunchtime, mid 60s. a little less wind later in the day in the hills. upper 60s around the south bay. mid 60s around the tri-valley and upper 60s around san francisco to oakland. as we get towards monday and tuesday, here's our first chance of maybe just a few showers. notice, we got a lot of clouds for tuesday morning. but the futurecast really not showing much in the way of any showers around the bay area. that is likely to stay off to the north and that is a trend that will follow us as we get to thanksgiving day on thursday. clouds at times but the rain-producing clouds staying off to the north through friday, saturday and very likely by this time next weekend, still no rain on the map, but as we talked
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about earlier this evening, the long-range plan as we get into the 29th and the 30th may finally open up the storm door a little bit. but waiting until the last day of the month to get some rain back in here. but in the meantime, we've got some nice weather to wrap up the weekend. chilly morning temperatures. nice afternoon. san francisco in the mid 60s. thanksgiving looking at overcast skies at times. and around the valleys we'll see a chilly start, followed up by sunshine tomorrow afternoon and cooler temperatures midweek, thanksgiving holiday weekend looks dry. seven-day forecast is dry, but fingers crossed, ten-day forecast towards the end of the month hopefully will bring that pattern change which would mean rain here and we need the snow in the sierra, too. both look to be in the cards. >> that's good. >> fantastic. and thanksgiving travel out of the way before it comes in. well done, rob. you get all the credit. let's check in with anthony flores right now and sometimes the big game isn't big, but boy, for one team today, it was huge. >> if you are a cal bear -- >> i did go there.
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>> stanford cardinal, not so much. hear from the cal quarterback after the golden bears' dominating performance in the big game. stick around. sports is next.
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well come back, i'm anthony flores. the axe is headed back to berkeley for the second time in three years. check out the postgame celebration by the golden bears inside their locker room. they hammered stanford in the 124th big game at stanford stadium. after dealing with covid outbreaks for the past 2 1/2 weeks, they did this. trayvon clark for the longest play in big game history. an 84-yard touchdown. cal dominated with a record 646 total yards of offense, including 352 yards rushing. cal wins the big game in a
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blowout, 41-11. the axe returns to berkeley for the first time since 2019 and for just the second time in the last 12 years. >> any win you get, especially against stanford is extremely gratifying. just overall, the team played tremendous. really proud of everyone in this locker room. i think we just have to build off that going forward. but it's great to get this win at stanford and definitely compare it to 2019 a little bit. hey, george. how you doing? the niners hitting the road for jacksonville. now, after a huge emotional win on "monday night football," the 49ers might have to guard against a letdown against the 2-7 jags. >> i don't think that people let down after something like that, but you got to realize the emotions that go into a monday night game is a little bit bigger. your emotions can't be high every single day, but that means we have to practice accordingly every single day to make sure we're ready to go on sunday.
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>> you guys both like the niners tomorrow? >> of course. >> betting very heavily. >> i got to see back-to-back performances. all right, for everything 49ers, watch nbc sports bay area for their pre and postgame shows. "49ers pregame live" kicks off at 9:00 a.m. the sharks going purple to bring cancer awareness. san jose hitting the ice against the capitals. the capitals taking control of this one early. two goals in the first period, then two more in the third, including an empty netter. the caps blank the sharks 4-0. san jose back on the ice monday against carolina. that's sports. more news after the break. hi, guys, i'm simu
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"saturday night live" with another first-time host tonight. it is simu liu. we almost saw it there, a little bit of it. great action sequence on a runaway cable car. the canadian-born actor was thrilled to join the marvel universe and now he's excited to be joining the "snl" universe. >> a little nervous. it's big. "snl" is big and the number of people, the caliber of people that have set foot on that stage, it's too much to even think about. so, really, all week i've just been trying to put one foot in front of the other and just take it a step at a time. >> liu hosts with musical guest and bay area native saweetie. that's, you know -- >> it's pretty cool they have asian americans both in tonight's show.
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saweetie is part african american and chinese american, as well. >> "saturday night live" is coming up next. it was live earlier. great show. good night. rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at
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ling isn't that delightfully different? anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. ♪♪


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