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tv   First Look  NBC  November 21, 2021 1:02am-1:32am PST

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(soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. and at genesys, jerry springer: woo! that is cold. you might run out of spray back there. is this stuff ok to breathe? yeah. ok.
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do you know which way it is to the ship? it's this way, right? yeah. ok. ah. you look like a bronze god. and she's a goddess. - before it's too late-- - guy's a flirt over here. [rock music] (singing) ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah-ah-oh. ah, ah, ah-ah-ah-ah. gonna give up and be mine, b-be mine. [rock music] i think age is just a number. jerry springer: old age no longer means slowing down. i said, if i'm ever going to be anybody in this game, what i've got to do is outlast everybody. you look great. no, i looked in the mirror, honey. i don't. - yes you do. [laughs] johnny bananas: and when it comes to public figures, none has had such a varied career as jerry springer. if i could be 75 and look like you, man, i'm doing something right. when i grow up, i want to be just like you, jerry. [laughs] former lawyer, mayor of cincinnati, wlwt news anchor and musician. i've been everything you can't respect. once i sell used cars, we'll have done the whole cycle.
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johnny bananas: jerry is best known for his raucous tv show, "the jerry springer show." [cheering] all: jerry! jerry! jerry! jerry springer: i was anchoring the news at the time, in cincinnati. nbc came to me and said, we're doing another talk show. you're going to host it. so i was assigned to it. all: jerry! jerry! and now they've come to me and said, you're a lawyer. would you do "judge jerry?" i'm 75. i just didn't really want to retire. so now i'm back to my roots. what kind of snake is that? it's a boa constrictor. you're ok with him having that snake? we pick up different energy your honor, off of the snake. usually it's running! all the jobs that i've had revolved around regular people, not celebrities. but just regular folks. so that really helps in the way i can see these parties that are before me. johnny bananas: with such responsibility on his shoulders, just how does jerry stay so sprightly? well, i have a philosophy about keeping myself in shape. i never run if i can walk.
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i never walk if i can stand. i never stand if i can sit. and i never sit if i can lie down. wise words. and it's more of these wise words that i'm in need of today. jerry, as much as i've loved having this amazing conversation with you, that was actually not my true intention for bringing you here. - oh, ok. well, ok. what was that? i've got a little bit of an issue. i have this friend named justina, who ran a series of pranks on me. she runs pranks on you? johnny bananas: yes, jerry, pranks. when she's not rapping insults on the mtv hit show "wild 'n out--" yeah, y'all always talkin' 'bout my voice like it's gonna make me sick. i'd rather sound like this than sound like a little bitch. johnny bananas: --justina turns her vitriol towards me. i would like to present my case to you and hopefully, you being fair, balanced judge that you are, rule in my favor. well, i'm willing to take a look at this case. [screams] [laughter] jerry! johnny bananas: justina and i's relationship is love/hate.
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but even the love is kind of hateful. johnny doesn't want to be one upped ever. nor do i. very competitive. we don't really know where the line is. when johnny took it here, i took it here. then he took it here. then i took it there. so that's been me and johnny's relationship. jerry, listen. what justina did to me affected my work life, my personal life. i really need your help. so today i'm asking for no justice for justina. i'll be ready, honey. i got evidence. i got two witnesses. and you're goin' down. jerry, jerry, jerry. [music - "the people's court theme"] [typewriter typing] [gavel hits] johnny bananas: all right, if i might swear in the parties now. if you will both please raise your right hand. do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? - i do. i do. why don't we hear from the plaintiff first? state your case. ok. justina and i have been acquaintances for quite
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some time now. johnny bananas: yes. the show i do is called "the challenge." it requires intense physical mental focus to compete at the level that i have to compete at. and she decides, totally unprovoked, to sabotage my life. what did she do? it's really, it's just difficult for me to-- all right, would you like a tissue? johnny bananas: --to talk about. basically, i came back to my room. the heat was turned up to 100 degrees. there was chewed-up food in my bed. and my laptop had gone missing. prank war has begun. justina put granola in my bed, turned my heat up to 89. because of this, the next day, i was unable to compete at the level that i need to compete at. i lost money. i was embarrassed. so i am suing for punitive damages, monetary damages. how much? it's anywhere north of $250 million would be adequate. and i would also like her to serve prison time as well. i think she deserves that. and that's it. that's my case. [rock music]
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checkmate, justina. [thuds] [rock music] what do you have to say? and i'm not sure you need to say anything, but go ahead. well, judge-- johnny bananas: i'll listen to your side. thank you, judge. johnny bananas: yeah. johnny said these pranks were unprovoked. well, that's very untrue. because anyone who's ever watched "the challenge" knows he's the king of pranks. and yeah, sure. i did turn his thermostat up. but do you want to know why? she just pled guilty. he stole my toilet bowl. so now i stole her toilet seat. what do you need? my toilet bowl. my toilet bowl. you know i fell in? how does one steal a toilet bowl? he-- she means toilet seat. he took the toilet seat. and i was un-- oh, it's the seat, not the bowl. it's not a toilet bowl, ok? the toilet bowl is a big porcelain thing. and it's called a toilet seat. - not the bowl. [laughs] i've got video evidence. this started the whole prank war. i have a huge fear of bugs. he went-- [chirping] --got a cricket this big, put it down my back. [upbeat music]
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[laughter] we never found him again. i don't know if he crawled into my brain. i don't know if he crawled into another orifice. this is the last time this cricket was ever seen. having heard both sides, which i'm sorry about, i find that the entire incident was, in fact, instigated by you. the suit is dismissed. case closed. in your face, johnny banana. you've been served a warm dish of justice. i don't get mad. i get even. this prank war has just begun. am i being punked? [laughter] justina valentine: johnny's hairspraying his hair. you're sick. give me a little spritz, would you? [gasps] you just sprayed in my [bleep] eye. what an idiot. [rock music]
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alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. (singing) ah, ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah.
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people wonder why they should listen to comedy about being old. well, actually, i'm your future. [laughter] so i googled my high school boyfriend. and i found him. and we made a date for dinner. and i decided this time i'd wear clothes. i've had so many body replacements when i go through airport security, it sounds like i just hit the jackpot in vegas. [laughter] johnny bananas: meet 86-year-old lynn ruth miller. i'm the oldest working stand-up comedian. because anyone older than i am can't stand up. johnny bananas: lynn has been tickling the nation's funny bone for the past 16 years, proving that old age is just a punchline. have you always been funny? well, i've always been a smart mouth. but i also have always been a writer. i started writing when i was 10. i'm not afraid of talking in front of people. johnny bananas: i can tell. but i'm afraid of not getting that laugh. - really? - your job-- mhm? --is to make them laugh. johnny bananas: do you think comedy has kept you young at heart? lynn ruth miller: i don't call it young at heart.
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it's kept me wanting to do the next day. the idea is just to live until you die. every person dies. but not every person lives. that's absolutely true. so you have a gig in la tonight. it's a gig that i absolutely adore. we're going to make a lot of people laugh. ok. and the pressure is on. tell you a joke. uh-- lynn and i have been invited to headline la's comedy hot spot, the lyric hyperion. uh, let's see. um-- i may excel at being a class clown. but stand-up comedy is a completely different beast. this is tough, man. i can't do this on the spot. hold on. two muffins are in the oven. one muffin looks at the other muffin and goes, man, it's hot in here. the other muffin looks at him and goes, holy [bleep]!! a talking muffin. [rim shot] [soft music] lynn ruth miller: to do comedy-- johnny bananas: yep? lynn ruth miller: --you have to have a setup. - mhm? - a sentence. ok. and then a punchline which is unexpected. the nice thing about dating at my age. that's the setup. ok. the punchline is, you don't have to meet their parents.
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[laughs] ok. guy called me up, said, i want you to meet my mother, and came over with a shovel. [laughter] take the mic. say something that will make them laugh. a setup and a punch. so tell me a sentence about yourself. that's funny? well, the sentence isn't funny. the punch is funny. ok. i'm johnny bananas. and-- um-- and i have a credit score of 750. ha-ha. no, that isn't funny. hello, i'm johnny bananas, and i am hung like a light switch. johnny's sense of humor is typical male humor. you're not getting what a punchline is. a punchline is something unexpected. hello, i'm johnny bananas, and i like to drown kittens. oh, jesus. a sense of humor is not the same thing as doing comedy. and that's where you make the mistake. he's having difficulty with that. i'm johnny bananas, and i'm hoping that you all find me appealing. no, no, that's not too good. if i come out and i say something and they don't laugh, can i just put the microphone back and walk off stage? well, then you can just kill yourself.
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ok. we were struggling a lot at the beginning. because he just wasn't getting it. i smile and i say hello. i'm lynn ruth miller. i'm the bitch who takes your seat on the bus. one of the ones i used to say is i'm lynn ruth miller. they've given me 10 minutes up here because they think that's all the time i've got left. [laughs] i'm so bad at sex, i have to get a running head start from the other side of the room. how about you? [laughs] it's not true though. - no, no. - don't tell anybody. - i know it's true. - just-- he's italian. [upbeat music] johnny bananas: listen, this is something i've never done before. hope for the best, plan for the worst. so what are any last-minute tips? should i write down my jokes? no! emcee: see, let's bring them out now, here they are, johnny and lynn ruth miller! [cheering, applause] lynn ruth miller: all what'd i teach you to do? should i do my first thing? you do your first joke, lovey. all right. i'm johnny bananas, because i like to split. [laughter, clapping] you can ask my ex-girlfriend. i'm actually terrible when it comes to dating.
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i am so bad, my nickname is swipe left. in halloween, when i wanted to be a ghost, i wore a sheet. when i want to be a ghost, i just hang up the phone. [laughter] tough crowd. all right. i grew up eating organic produce. and i itched a lot. because of the bugs. because the bugs. because when you eat organic-- if you have to explain it it's not funny. [laughter] do you really want to do stand-up comedy? am i not? what is-- what is this called that i'm doing right here? - this is called a tragedy. - ok. [laughter] i think anybody that paid for this ticket needs a refund. johnny bananas: how do we disappear without anybody up here? oh no, what you say is, thank you very much. hey! thank you very much! yeah. [applause] johnny bananas: i thought we nailed it. listen, i think we got to take our show on the road. lynn ruth miller: get it off the stage, i'll tell you that much. lynn, lynn. [laughs] let's drink to comedy. ok. and finding the humor in life. finding the humor in where that crowd out
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with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. (singing) ah-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah. [upbeat music] greta pontarelli: i don't think that your physical age really matters. i started out doing it just to get into shape. it became totally addictive. it's like i feel like i'm a kid playing on the playground. i just love it. johnny bananas: this is greta pontarelli. johnny! greta! a nine-time world pole art master champion. you are the michael jordan of pole dancing. that humbles me. who is smashing stereotypes-- woo! --and redefining old age-- i'll be 69 in november. - get out of here. - yes. whatever you're doing, keep doing it. --as she spins and spirals into her senior years. greta pontarelli: i've always considered myself fit. mhm? but when i was in my late '50s, my sisters both came down with the beginning of osteoporosis.
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and they're both younger. said i could do weights or pole. and pole, for me, was a little more fun. are you ready? johnny bananas: oh, listen, i live for a challenge. so i'm not going to make it too easy. let's start with the flag. whoa! very patriotic. hand around the pole. right. - twist my body sideways. - yes. yeah. woo! we got to give you something harder. johnny bananas: pole art sure does take a lot of strength and endurance-- now you're just showing off, greta. --skills that enable greta to attempt the world's most notorious obstacle course. so you said that you did "ninja warrior." greta pontarelli: yes . after being on the show and hearing that i was the oldest person to ever attempt the course, i thought, where is everybody else? johnny bananas: you actually did better than me on "american ninja warrior." i fell on the second obstacle. oh, no! i wanted to inspire people not to let age keep them from passionately going after their dreams. that's a-- what an incredible message. greta pontarelli: we want to do a routine a little bit later. when you want to sell it to the audience, you have to tell a compelling story. and part of our story is a tree that is
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coming to life from a sprout. so we going to bond with nature. notice how the leaves move? that's what we're bringing in to our choreography. i suggest you get up and hug it. hug the tree? greta pontarelli: yeah. johnny bananas: it's almost moving a little bit. greta pontarelli: it is moving. johnny bananas: feel it swaying. greta pontarelli: right. - group hug. come on, greta, get in here. group hug. greta pontarelli: see those branches? see how they're moving very slowly up there? the leaves are going. [upbeat music] how's this, greta? greta pontarelli: feel the tree. johnny bananas: be the leaf. greta pontarelli: yes, become the tree. johnny bananas: feel the tree. [new age music] greta pontarelli: johnny? let's go. johnny bananas: coming, greta. [tango music] so this is your studio? this is my studio. oh boy. [tango music] that was good. remember the tree. the branches, the flow. there you go. oh, so dizzy. oh my god!
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i feel like i've been drinking all night. there you go. [screams] help me! good, you're getting that. oh, the artistry is improving. i'm ready for the big stage. [electronic music] sha. [electronic music] johnny bananas: what does getting older mean to you? greta pontarelli: i think that age is just a number. and you're only as young as you feel. health is wealth. so i eat right. i exercise. i surround myself with everything that inspires me, positive thought, positive people. [electronic music] my competition is really in the mirror. so i want to be better today than i was yesterday.
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i am immensely honored every time somebody tells me that i inspire them more then i could possibly imagine. well, you inspire me more than you could possibly imagine. aw. [electronic music] any parent will tell you the second you have a kid,
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♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. (singing) ah-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah. excuse me, do you know how to get to the beach? the beach? this is the gym. are you jim? jim arrington? that's the one. johnny bananas: at 87, jim arrington holds the guinness world record as the oldest professional
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bodybuilder in the world. mr. arrington is celebrating is 82nd birthday. all (singing): happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear jim. how do i look as good as you when i'm 87 years old? just keep breathing. johnny bananas: after being captivated by a bodybuilding magazine at the age of 13, jim has been training ever since, competing in over 60 competitions, and winning 17. first place goes to mr. jim arrington. [cheers, applause] johnny bananas: and i'm here at gold's gym in venice beach, to pump some iron with the man himself. [upbeat music] ah! what's your regiment like, to stay in as good of shape as you are? well, i train three days a week. you've heard of muscle memory. johnny bananas: yep. well, muscle forgets too. if you really want to be a bodybuilder, let's learn the whole body. johnny bananas: so being a bodybuilder is about having a more complete physique. right. everything has to be in proportions. but not only the cuts and the sides, but everything
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has to be right. [electronic music] the most important thing you have to have are your abs. how's mine? oh, well, it's good. you've got the ab there. all you need is to take a little fat. look at this guy, man. that's like a washboard. i could do my laundry on that thing. one, two, three, win. [grunts] how's my form, jim? good. do you see any girls checking me out? no. hey, what you doing? there's no selfies in the gym. [electronic music] ok? no talking with the women at the gym. 210. you're really beautiful. it's nice seeing you here. you're from austria, you say? yeah. jim arrington: i was an art major in college. so everything i do is visual. yeah. i decided instead of doing art, i'd start to be art. whoa. jim arrington: raise it up. ha, ha. you want a ticket to the gun show? - if you're paying. - i got you. - ok. - i'll get you in for free. but to compete in a bodybuilding contest,
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these guns need plenty of ammunition. what is this delicious-looking concoction you're scooping into my bowl right now? it's mainly cottage cheese, fortified with tuna. cottage cheese fortified with tuna. uh-huh. johnny bananas: sounds appetizing. remember, you're not living to eat. you're eating to live. got it. jim arrington: mm. hmm. you're thinking about how it tastes. i'm thinking about a lot of things. i'm thinking about how i'm going to look at the show. so that's what i need to think of. do not think about how it tastes or smells or looks. just think about the show. [upbeat music] and looking your best at the show requires a special kind of glow. why do you want to be tan? what's the purpose? well, it shows up your muscles better. gotcha. yeah. well, can you believe this guy's 87? no. i know. you look great for your age. johnny bananas: woo! that is cold. ah! [hissing] you look like a bronze god. [funk music] johnny bananas: i've pumped-- ass to grass! right.
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johnny bananas: --puked, and preened my way to perfection. is this stuff ok the breathe? - yeah. ok. time to show off the goods. [funk music] do you think i have what it takes to become a bodybuilder? jim arrington: definitely have what it takes. no, no, no, no, don't do that. [laughs] ok, no archery. being a bodybuilder, this takes discipline and the desire. and the genes. , which you have. thank you. and that's all you really need. are we doing it? yeah? oh. [laughter] [funk music] i might have had the discipline, right? and i might have had the genes. but what you know i didn't have? the guidance. jim arrington: right. johnny bananas: and that's what you've provided for me today. jim arrington: well, i appreciate that you feel that way. the inspiration that i've been able to give to a lot of people is the only thing that really keeps me going.
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so i'll tell you what, you inspired me. four inspirational seniors who prove the old adage that age is a case of mind over matter. if you don't mind, it don't matter. see you next week. [big band music]
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limited availability in select areas. i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week, we're inside a unique art deco influenced property in west soho. and we visit westport, connecticut to check out this impressive estate with unobstructed views of the long
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island sound from virtually every room.


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