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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 21, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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hi, everybody. welcome to xfinity sports sunday. dave feldman. my big star offensive lineman, of course, is joe staley. no trap game a week after dominating the rams. they took on the two-win jaguar team and there was no letdown. the 49ers win. they win convincingly. they are now you 5-5. joe, they started the day with a chance 38% of making the postseason. after today, you know what it is? >> uh, 100? 97? what's it? >> 49. >> 49? >> 49%. it's not 100, joe, but it's still pretty good. kyle shanahan had some great calling, including the opening drive, which went over 13 minutes. the longest drive in 24 years in the nfl. it was pretty good. aiyuk got it started but on fourth and one, they didn't get in so they kicked a field goal. 3-nothing. a little disappointing but it would not come back to hurt them. second quarter, second and ten for the 9ers and deebo
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samuels -- which i didn't know he was a running back but he is here for a 25-yard touchdown. 10-nothing. >> is he a running back? is he a wide receiver? o all i know is watch the offensive line. tomlinson blocking for deebo, and then he does what he does best and that's find the end zone. >> elijah mitchell not going so, deebo, a great running back. and then, brandon aiyuk. seven catches. >> this was a theme all day. they just had to get the ball in brandon aiyuk's hand and he has really taken his play to the next level. >> less than 20 seconds in the quarter. garoppolo finds trey sermon for 23 yards. 20-3 halftime lead. how accurate, joe, was jimmy g? >> look at the touch he puts on this ball to trey sermon. >> third quarter, deebo samuel rushes again for 21 yards. he was the x factor. remember, entered the day the second-leading receiver in the nfl.
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later that drive, garoppolo finds kittle for a one-yard touchdown. kittle three-straight games with a touchdown. >> kittle is such an x factor for this team but i have to ask a question. what is he doing taking 19 stutter steps before he gets in the end zone right here ? great job using his body. >> fourth quarter, robbie gould hits a 45 yard field goal to make it 30-3 and that was enough for the 49ers to improve to 5-5. 30-10, the final score. jimmy g, after the game, what do you have? >> this one felt different than last week. it was more of a grinder-type drive. last week was just run it down there, flow it type of thing. this week was a little different but like george was saying, i wish we would have finished with a touchdown but it is what it is. >> 20 plays, 13 minutes. second longest drive since they started keeping track of this, joe, in 1981. only longer one titans and cowboys on thanksgiving in '97.
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>> it was like déjà vu. it was unbelievable. they set the tone on the first series just like they had the previous week. and like what jimmy said, it was -- it was a little bit more sloppy. they had to get some penalty hemby the jaguars' defense but still, it was just three yards, four yards. third-down conversion and i know they would like to come away with seven points there but still to start the way they did, they set the done. >> 38 minutes, 22 seconds for satisfy san francisco. 21 minutes, 38 seconds for jacksonville. closer look brought to you by zenni. zenni, the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. 17 minutes' advantage, that is just huge and it puts a lot of pressure on the defense of jacksonville but it was the defense of the 49ers, joe, that impressed you. >> yeah, it was really great to see, two weeks in a row, only allowing ten points on the defensive side of the ball and they had a players-only meeting led by those leaders. and when you see them respond
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the way they have and get on the field, pinning their ears back, nick bosa, again, with three sacks today. the defense is really doing a great job communicating on the back end. they are playing disciplined team defense and i think they are going to be able to carry this moving forward. >> 200 total yards for the jacksonville jaguars. only 54 rushing yards. a great job by the defense, again. t-mobile connection. it is brought to you by t-mobile and deebo samuel had the right connection. entered week 11 as the nfl's second-leading receiver. 979 yards. he did have one catch for 15 yards today but he had 79 yards rushing. joe, he averaged 9.9 yards every time he rushed. elijah mitchell was out with a finger injury, and this guy really picked up the slack. >> what was awesome to see, too, was that it wasn't just outside the tackles. he was running power. running back concepts and reading it correctly. he was setting up blocks the second level. you know, juking defenders out of their shoes. so i mean, if he can continue
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this -- this trajectory, getting the ball in his hands not just as a receiver but as a running back, the way that kyle is going to be able to use him are just going to expand exponentially. >> everyone knew that he was good. deebo samuel was good. is he surprising a lot of people? or do you think most of the 49ers knew that there was this type of potential? because he is having a record-breaking season. >> i think everyone knew that there was this potential. but it was up to him to kind of unleash that, and he really took ownership this offseason to make sure that his conditioning level was right. and the offseason prep so he could go through a whole season, and -- and get the touches that he is getting right now. >> we will take a break. when come back, brandon aiyuk, having a tremendous season after a little bit of a slow start. joe will tell you why he is playing so well and this guy didn't drop anything today. 49ers with an impressive win over the jags.
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to you by manscaped. the official below the waist grooming partner of the san francisco 49ers. over 4 million men trust manscaped tools for their family jewels. >> dave feldman, my pro bowler, joe staley, and brandon aiyuk who had a slow start in the preseason, and early on. and today, seven targets, seven catches. 85 yards. one touchdown. it's trickle-down economics. you got mitchell who is out. deebo goes to a runner. let me find a new receiver, and this guy stepped up. >> yeah, he really did and what i have been most impressed with brandon aiyuk. he was really challenged publicly by the coaching staff about his practice habits. and to his credit, he took that challenge head on. and he delivered the last few weeks, and i think that you are going to see, going forward, the contested catches. you know, making, you know, the big play across the middle that we saw today. and when you pair him with george kittle, deebo samuel, what kyle shanahan loves to do in this offense and get
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creative, it's really exciting. >> were they saying, joe, that he wasn't working hard enough in practice? or just wasn't an efficient way he went through practice? >> as a young player coming in, you are trying to understand what are my practice habits that is going to continue my career not just this year but for the rest of my whole entire career going forward? and i think they challenged him publicly to practice harder and to be more consistent and he really answered the bell. >> he should have asked you. you played for like 52 years. >> i had to figure it out, as well. >> should have gotten your practice habits. call joe. special delivery time. it is presented to you by amici's east coast pizzeria. jimmy garoppolo, second in a row. buck 76. two tds, no interception. third-consecutive game he got kittle in the end zone and jimmy g seems to be peaking here right now in this stretch. >> he is peaking and he is also playing with as much confidence as i've seen him play.
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you know, ever since that indianapolis game, i got on camera and i said jimmy is not playing good, he is the reason they are losing game and i think you know what? i am going to take a little bit of credit here. i think jimmy listened and said you know what? i am letting joe down. i can't do that. that is my guy. he is playing fantastic right now. he looks so confident. he is decisive with the ball. playing really well in the pocket. offensive line given a lot of times. very efficient. i mean, everything you can put on a quarterback right now, he is doing for the 9ers. >> you protected him. you kept him alive, which is what the offensive linemen do. >> not like trent williams now. >> absolutely. the offensive line is playing very well. jimmy g, when people talk about him and he says oh, you know, trey lance, get him some reps this season. by the way, 49 % chance they are still going to make the playoffs. um, you still think this guy has enough in the tank where this guy could be your leader like a super bowl leading quarterback? >> jimmy? >> yeah. >> yes, 100%. i think the way that he is
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playing right now is the best version of jimmy that we have seen since he put on a 9ers uniform and that is including the 2019 season. think he is incredibly efficient right now. he has a complete understanding of the offense. kyle is putting him in better situations, utilizing what jimmy does well and that's out of the shotgun. getting him out there so he can read the defense, be quick with liz throws out of the pocket, and it all goes together and i think, man, he's really, really excelled and i think we can kind of curb that trey lance talk for now. >> yeah. or the narrative which was, you know, he's good. he's okay. but he can't get you to the next level. he got 'em to a super bowl. >> if he plays the way he played at least the last three games, who is to say what they can do? >> up next is the minnesota vikings. we will preview that. the vikings had a heck of a game against the packers that came down to the wire. we will tell you how that ended. but first, a preview of the news, which is coming up immediately following joe and me. i'm audrey asistio in the
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nbc bay area studios tracking several developing stories tonight. just into the newsroom, a look in the walnut creek nordstrom's during the dramatic armed robbery last night. what many stores decided to do today after the violence. plus, a driver's car struck on 101 by a golf ball. the concern he is now raising to prevent someone from getting hurt. and coming up in just a moment on a special edition of nbc bay area news. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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489ers press conference. 49ers talk at 9:00. thursday, more of the 49ers talk game plan at 11:00 and then check out sow joe and donte and laura and everybody else, takeo, on sunday for pregame live. the game is at 12:00 -- the game is at 1:15, and then immediately after the game, postgame live. it will be the vikings and the 49ers at levi's stadium. the vikings took on the packers today. and it was a touchdown fest.
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aaron rodgers was really good. kirk cousins was really good. and it was a fun game to watch. i don't know if you got to see much of it, joe, but in the very end, the vikings prevailed and, you know, the vikings are also, like the 49ers, 5-5. >> yeah and they are peaking at the right time right now. i think you look at that team and you think 5-5. they are trying to figure it out but all their games have been decided basically by seven points or less. and i mean, justin jefferson right here, he is a weapon. he had a huge day. delvin cook as a running back right now, he is someone you have to have a game plan for. and then kirk cousins, i don't think people realize how good of a quarterback he actually is. he's had 25 games now of 300 yards passing and three touchdowns for his career. so, he -- this is a team that, coming in, that's peaking at the right time. playing at home. huge playoff implications. i am going to challenge -- where is my camera -- we're at 8 right
9:06 pm
here -- i want to challenge the faithful to be loud because this is a huge game for the 9ers' season. >> well last week, they win their first game at levi's in over a year. >> yeah, finally. >> and we know the final three of last season were home games in arizona but still it had been over a calendar year. maybe, it can become some sort of a home-field advantage. >> it has not but like we were talk about earlier, if they continue to play the way they have last week and today, then this team is going to be very scary going forward. >> 49% chance to make the playoffs. i mean, that's -- it's much better than 37, which is where they started the day. and after winning the first-two games of the season on the road and going in that little tailspin, they have a chance, joe, if they beat the vikings for their first three-game winning streak of the season. >> and they are also going to set themselves up for the playoffs. after that cardinals loss, i don't think anybody was thinking about playoffs so they really responded in the right way. i think the direction of this
9:07 pm
49er team right now is headed towards maybe, hopefully that wild-card spot and i think, you know, talking about earlier today it kind of reminds me the vibe of the 2011 new york giants. they got hot at the end of the season, went on to win a super bowl so you never know. >> you know all these guys. i mean, you were in the locker room a year ago. you like this chemistry? do you like the way this team is put together? most of the guys are guys you played with. >> i love the chemistry. we saw too there is a lot of that adversity. the way those guys responded. you didn't hear a lot of this guy's not doing his job. it is all about what i can do better. you know? that's what i saw from this team and i think that is what he is exciting and that's why they are playing a lot better is that it's a very close locker room. they really trust the coaching staff and they are going to get the job done. >> a week from now, the 49ers and the vikings as they try to get a winning record again. they will try to improve to 6-5. very impressive today win in jacksonville. from our pro bowler, the big joe staley, not as big as he used to be. i am dave feldman.
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thanks for watching. don't go anywhere, the news is coming up, next. >> also, a pro bowler. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide.
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wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. right now on a special edition of nbc bay area news, frightening moments on a south bay freeway. a golf ball hits a car leaving a big department. the changes the driver is
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calling for to make sure the same thing or worse doesn't happen. also, our first look inside as the chaos unfolded. the new photo we have on taned from an east way nordstrom's as dozens of armed thieves robbed the store. then, a an early christmas celebration turns deadly. the frightening turn of events in wisconsin and the investigation underway tonight. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm audrey asistio. we begin with breaking news tonight. police investigating yet another organized retail robbery. this time, at the south land mall in hayward. >> nbc bay area's marianne favro is live there with reaction from witnesses. marianne? >> reporter: well, heyward police have cleared the scene. the smash-and-grab robbery happened around 5:30 tonight. witnesses tell me that the thieves targeted two stores. one of them, this macy's you see here behind me. the other one, sam's jewelers. i just talked to one woman who
9:11 pm
worked at the shoe palace across from the jewelry store. >> and i see people just running towards like what -- where the jewelry store was and then, um, my -- he closed the gate down and we just didn't know what happened. >> reporter: witnesses say there was broken glass and chaos as people ran through the mall to get out. stores shut their gates and the entire mall shut down early. it's not clear how much was stolen or if any arrests were made. one employee told me there was a similar smash-and-grab robbery here at the mall at another jewelry store just last month. now, we reached out to heyward police several times in the past two hours, but so far they have not responded so we are waiting to get more details from police. but this certainly was a very scary situation for both employees and shoppers. reporting live in heyward, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. an outbreak of this kind of
9:12 pm
crime. now, to walnut creek. we showed the you scene last night as breaking news. about 80 people committing an armed robbery at the downtown nordstrom. tonight, we obtained a photo of some of the chaos inside. nbc bay area's sergio quintana continues our coverage. >> reporter: people sprinted to waiting cars carrying bags full of merchandise from nordstrom's in walnut creek. >> i probably saw 50 to 80 people in like ski masks, crow bars, like a bunch of weapons. >> reporter: in one dramatic scene, a car veered around a police suv to make a getaway but another officer stopped him with his gun drawn. three people were arrested. all are charged with robbery. one of them is also charged with being a felon in possession of a gun. nbc bay area has obtained a still image from a security camera inside nordstrom's during the robbery. a company spokesperson says five of their employees were injured. police saying, at least three workers were assaulted. one, with pepper spray.
9:13 pm
and tonight, there is still cause for concern walnut creek police took to social media warning about the possibility of another robbery. some high-end shops, like tiffany's closed early. janet and marney were the last customers in the store as staff locked their doors. >> how are they in there? >> they are a little nervous definitely. they are a little nervous for sure as i would be too if i worked retail in this area right now. >> reporter: in a prepared statement, the mayor of walnut creek says the city is actively working to try to prevent any of these incidents from happening here again. and you can see that they are already taking efforts. the street going through broadway plaza mall has been blocked off for most of the day and police officers are everywhere. nordstrom's is still closed. bit of an inconvenience for frank who couldn't return a pair of shoes. >> it is such a shame that, you know, we have to worry about this. you see it in san francisco with the louis vuitton on friday night. >> the situation in walnut creek coming just 24 hours after a similar robbery in san francisco. nine stores were either
9:14 pm
burglarized or vandalized. some store workers were also injured. there have been eight arrests, so far. and san francisco's police chief says there will be more. in walnut creek, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. a security presence definitely visible at santana row in san jose today. business owners say that is good news. following the recent robberies and other parts of the bay area. we just been showing you a couple of them. despite the security, a worker at maker's market says they started seeing a rise in crime about june. >> over the holidays, we have a lot of double coverage. we don't usually do that during the rest of the year. a lot ofs, for -- we are by ourselves for most of the day. but over the holidays, we are having double coverage. >> and she adds -- look it here -- photos placed in the store they got from surveillance cameras of the last person who robbed them. that has served as a pretty good deterrent. coincidentally, maker's market has a location right across the
9:15 pm
street from the nordstrom's that was hit last night. >> a lot of people set to travel. tsa employees face a major deadline tomorrow. they must have already gotten the covid vaccine or they could lose their job. as of last friday, more than 40% of airport security workers were still unvaccinated. it is possible, if you are traveling this week, you could face longer lines at tsa checkpoints if a large number of workers are sent home. but the ta -- tsa says it believes there will be no disruptions. all right. nationwide, vaccination numbers are going up. the white house says in the last 24 hours, more than one and a half million doses have been administered. and as of tonight, 59% of americans are fully vaccinated. health leaders here in california continue to push for people to get vaccinated. tonight, 77% of all californians have received at least one dose. 62% are fully vaccinated. and bundling up this winter won't just mean a scar or
9:16 pm
jacket. one county is bringing back its mask mandate ahead of the holiday. starting tomorrow, santa cruz county is requiring masks indoors again. county dropped the mandate you might remember back in september thanks to having such a low spread of covid but santa cruz is in the cdc's second highest tier of covid spread and health leaders say the holidays pose a significant threat to the community. from questions about where you still need to wear a mask, to booster shots and vaccines for kids, we, of course, can help here. all you have to do is head to developing right now. tragedy at a holiday parade in wisconsin. several people are dead. more than a dozen hurt after a car plowed through a crowd of people. it happened earlier tonight during a holiday parade in waukesha. that's a suburb of milwaukee. nbc's dan sheneman has the latest. >> reporter: a festive parade suddenly haunted by fear. >> our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have
9:17 pm
been a community celebration. >> reporter: it was late afternoon in waukesha when the red suv plowed through barricades and into the parade. police tried to stop the vehicle. >> an officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect's vehicle to try to stop the vehicle. no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapons discharge. >> reporter: authority then began to treat and transport victims. >> a total of 1 1 adults and 12 pediatric patients to six area hospitals. um, we do not have any specifics on the -- on the injuries at -- at this time. um, all of the patients were transported. um, there are -- there were some fatalities. >> reporter: the scene is now secure. a person of interest is in custody. the investigation described as very fluid and ongoing. dan sheneman, nbc news. new tonight. a man driving down 101 was startled and scared when he suddenly heard a boom,
9:18 pm
especially following the recent shootings on bay-area freeways. his name is vladimir dubrovski. driving with his wife when something hit his car, they were on 101 near the 237 interchange. this is in sunnyvale and that boom they heard turned out to be from a golf ball. you see it coming right there. the ball came from the sunnyvale municipal golf course. his car was left with a big dent. he and his wife were not hurt. >> we just got scared for a minute because it was loud. it was like a boom. like -- like, a gunshot. that's what we heard. so we were not sure what was it? so, but i was okay. i looked at my wife. she was okay. >> you think about that ball going through his windshield and it wasn't that far from doing that what might have happened then anyway. he called the golf course, was told to submit a claim with the
9:19 pm
city, he is now working on getting an estimate to get that car fixed. he also hopes the city and golf course going to make some changes so that does not happen again. in a matter of hours, former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes will be back in court. in a stunning turn of events on friday, you might remember holmes took the stand in her own defense. no cameras are allowed inside the courtroom but our scott budman was there and live tweeted as she testified. holmes talked about her time at stanford and how theranos started from humble beginnings. she was comfortable and on the stand was allowed to speak without a mask and made eye contact with the jury. holmes is expected to be cross-examined this week. she is accused of defrauding theranos investors after she knew her blood testing technology didn't work. law enforcement officials are accused of leading a conspiracy to steal guns, cash, and drugs. i'm senior investigative reporter bigad shaban. we investigate.
9:20 pm
and the impacts of our climate in crisis could change how much water you might be able to use. the restrictions on the horizon for another bay-area county. right now, we are seeing pretty clear skies around san francisco. and also, pretty chilly for parts of the bay area later tonight. who could be waking up to 30s tomorrow morning? in our forecast when we come right back.
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ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. allegations of a widespread conspiracy and coverup that stretches from the bay area all the all the way north to mendocino. >> stealing gun, cash, and drugs during traffic stops and raids on people's property. senior investigative reporter bigad shaban is back on the story for us tonight. >> reporter: it is feeding time at this farm. >> we have 14 goats, dogs, cats,
9:23 pm
pigs. >> reporter: farmers chris and anne marie tell us next to their barn full of animals, there was supposed to be a field full of marijuana. >> so, this is the cannabis garden area. >> reporter: but now, there's no pot. just worthless weeds. when there should be weed. >> our business plan was for ten greenhouses. >> reporter: the former high school sweethearts bought the property five years ago with dreams of joining the first wave of legal cannabis growers in mendocino county. >> the property was perfect for what we want today do. >> we wanted to make sure we were doing everything right. >> reporter: 15 miles away, will knight had a similar vision. >> that's been my goal all along is to be able to do this legally. >> he's been growing pot for more than two decades. >> i really did not like dealing with the way the black market operated. >> reporter: when california legalized weed in 2016, mendocino county created a certification process for getting farmers into legal growing. curry ran it. at the time, she was the
9:24 pm
county's agriculture commissioner. >> we tried to have a very thoughtful program. >> reporter: curry says boregess, kur, and knight were given permits to start growing. >> they were doing everything they needed to do to become compliant. >> reporter: but in june of 2017, borgess and kur say a neighbor reported them to the department of fish and wildlife claiming the well on their marijuana farm was illegally pulling water from a creek. two months later, they were raided by state and local law enforcement officers. >> they said that they had a search warrant. >> they had handguns that were drawn. i thought, wow, kind of embarrassing that they are lost. they are in a legal garden. >> reporter: the couple regarded this video they say shows officers driving off with truckloads of their marijuana plants without ever offering evidence there was a problem with their well. >> it's completely destroyed, gone. >> reporter: a study the farmers paid for later found the well's water likely was not coming from
9:25 pm
the creek. and the couple has never been charged with a crime relating to that raid. >> i never saw fish and wildlife till the day of the raid. >> reporter: will knight also thought it was a mistake when officers raided his marijuana farm. >> there were camouflaged guys coming over the gate. >> knight was accused taking water from a spring on his property, and hit with felony charges three years later. he pleaded not guilty. and continues to fight the case in court. the county's former ag commissioner says that raid should have never happened. and neither should the one at borgess and ger's farm. >> if you called the tip line for fish and wildlife and complained about cannabis, their policy was to eradicate. no questions asked. they didn't care that you were working with the county. >> reporter: when police seize marijuana, the policy in mendocino county is to bury what's not kept for evidence. but the growers say they've seen no records that actually happened. they are now accusing a group of
9:26 pm
law enforcement officials of conspiring to steal it. the growers tell us fish and wildlife lieutenant steve white was in charge, and present at both properties during the raids. and say mendocino county sheriff's sergeant bruce smith was also there. smith ran the county's marijuana enforcement team at the time. the three growers have filed a new federal lawsuit alleging a criminal enterprise involving roehnert park police, california fish and wildlife, mendocino county sheriff's office, and the mendocino county district attorney. they are accused of committing or concealing hundreds of acts of extortion, theft, and robbery of marijuana, guns, and cash. and according to the lawsuit, farmers weren't the only targets. law enforcement officers are also accused of stealing from drivers during traffic stops. essentially, highway robbery. earlier this month, we told you about two police officers who have already been indicted. accused of extorting cash and weed from drivers.
9:27 pm
none of the agencies named in the lawsuit would comment, except rohnert park police saying it does not tolerate corrupt and unethical practices and says the city recently hired an independent police auditor to review complaints from the public. attorneys for white and smith also declined to comment but have filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. saying plaintiffs try to stretch the facts of two ordinary warrant searches so as to somehow be part of a grand conspiracy. >> i can't give you an answer on that. >> reporter: earlier-this year, sergeant smith and lieutenant white gave videotaped depositions as part of a separate lawsuit filed by bore yes and ger. >> what happened to the marijuana at the borgess farm? >> part of it was, um, destroyed using a wood chipper. and the other was removed from the property and put in the back of a dump truck. >> reporter: in smith's deposition, he said the sheriff's office has safeguards
9:28 pm
against theft. >> we would do self-audit. we would photograph. oftentimes, videotaped the scenes. >> but do you have video of the plants being destroyed? >> no. >> reporter: today, the growers are still trying to rebuild. after losing so much of their livelihoods in those raids. >> after i was following all their rules, they destroyed us financially. these guys are no joke. they'll come and get you. >> the reality has set in that all of our hard work, all the money that we invested, um, was gone. i mean, it was just destroyed. everything was destroyed. >> reporter: there are a lot of allegations and agencies tangled together in this story. so on our website, we have laid it all out for you to make it easier to see who is accused of doing what. there, you can also watch the first part of our investigation that we aired earlier-this month. and hear directly from
9:29 pm
former-cop zeke flatten. in the same lawsuit, he says he was robbed by two law enforcement officials posing as federal agents who allegedly stole his marijuana. we have all of that for you at with the investigative unit, i'm bigad shaban. >> and if you have a story for bigad or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips or visit our website we here at nbc bay area and our partners at telemundo 48 are teaming up with safeway to help fight hunger in the bay area and this weekend, we kicked off our annual nourishing neighbors food drive. so far, we have collected more than $200,000 in donations. pretty incredible. >> yeah. >> $10 goes a long way to help families in need. you can make a donation at any safeway store through christmas day. that money will go right to our local food banks. >> man, $200,000, already. bay area, thank you very much.
9:30 pm
>> seriously, so many people giving this thanksgiving. i can't believe thanksgiving's already this thursday. >> yeah. >> already that time. >> and people will be traveling, rob, and you kwot some good news for them. >> travel wise, things looking pretty good. in fact, probably not as much fog as we saw last week. the story right now, the weekend continues to be the clear skies and at times, offshore gusty wind which is still playing a role in the temperatures we are seeing right now. low to mid-40s inland around fairfield. but look at pacifica and san francisco. some of the warmer temperatures we are seeing right now. upper 50s to near 60 as these wind gusts do start to come down. it is still locally breezy here around the peninsula and san francisco. you see the wind speeds into half moon bay. the reason why at least for now, temperatures near 60. we should see those lows eventually dropping into the 40s for most the bay area by the morning. and there, you see clear skies. san francisco, 58 degrees. we will take you into san jose where it's 55 currently with those clear skies and over into walnut creek, 50. not much wind around walnut creek but up toward mt. diablo,
9:31 pm
still seeing locally gusty conditions around those foothills. for tomorrow air quality, south bay looks good. moderate elsewhere as we have air quality that might start to get a little bit worse in terms of those hazy skies toward the middle part of the week as high pressure starts to build in once again. chilly start to the morning you can see around the north bay around sonoma county. some 30s possible for the morning but check out your afternoon highs tomorrow. pretty good temperature recovery. back to near-70 degrees in santa rosa. we should see numbers in the upper 60s from san francisco to oakland and low 70s around the south bay. warm day tomorrow. cooler changes with more clouds rolling in on tuesday. but you see, not much in the way of any shower chances beyond just a stray shower maybe briefly around mt. hamilton. that is about it. but it will bring in some colder air by wednesday morning so instead of the mid-to upper 40 s we are seeing, mid-30s closer to the north bay and even san jose seeing morning temperatures in the low 40s but not a lot of rain or sierra snow to talk
9:32 pm
about here. good for travel plans. thanksgiving day, friday, and through the weekend. and unfortunately, a little too much of that dry weather. the storm that is coming in early. the following week doesn't look all that good for the bay area right now. you can see just a few showers there in the north coast in the extended forecast. now, take us -- taking us into the beginning of december is looking much drier. so what we are seeing in the seven-day forecast may carry on for a little while longer. good for travel plans, good for thanksgiving plans around the bay area. but just no rain there in that seven-day forecast as we head into the month of december. colder temperatures, though, up toward lake tahoe so hopefully that will get the snow blowers and things going overnight. i think the temperatures could support that but mother nature helping out or our rain deficits. doesn't look like we are going to see much in the next seven to ten days. >> really hoping for more rain in december. >> such a good start but right now, seem to have hit a bit of a dry period there in our forecast. >> rob, thank you. still ahead. as a drought deepens -- just
9:33 pm
talking about that -- so does the need to conserve more water. just how much people in one bay-area county are going to be asked to cut back. on] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet,
9:34 pm
your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey.
9:35 pm
welcome back. now, to our ongoing series making it in the bay. heyward's housing navigation center celebrated its two-yearson versery last week as it owns to find people permanent housing the center provides immediate shelter, food, and other services to homeless adults. since opening in 2019, more than 150 people have sought shelter at the navigation center. nearly 100 of them have since moved into permanent housing. well, with the climate in crisis and the drought wearing on, san francisco is the latest city willing to ask people to cut back on their water use. on tuesday, san francisco's public utilities commission will discuss asking customers to reduce water use by 5%, compared to what they used two years ago.
9:36 pm
it also plans on asking communities that buy water from san francisco to slash its use by 14%. the reductions won't be enforced and no penalties will be applied, however, officials hope enough people will be willing to do it so it can meet their goals. interesting story here. climate change means higher temperatures and some cities are creating positions to deal with that extra heat. in fact, los angeles city council has created a position called chief heat officer. chief heat officer. the job description is to plan for heat problems, and develop the city's response to that threat. just like it plans for natural disasters, like flooding or earthquakes. miami-dade in florida, phoenix, arizona, created similar positions this year. still to come on this special edition of nbc bay area, feeling the impact of supply chain on the holiday dinner table. how you can lessen some of that ahead of thanksgiving.
9:37 pm
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the countdown to thanksgiving is on. we are just four days out and a little creativity may be the key to avoiding higher prices and supply chain issues that might affect what ends up on your holiday table this year. nbc's kerry sanders has been doing a little shopping. >> reporter: we have all heard about those empty shelves at stores this winter. worrying many americans that their thanksgiving preparations may come up short, while some stores, like this regional chain, have managed to keep stocking the shelves with turkeys. >> these are the -- the fresh turkeys we are getting from the shenandoah valley right here. >> reporter: but it has not been business as usual. one of our large suppliers cut our order 30% and we had to scramble. we went to a local-turkey farmer
9:40 pm
that we have been dealing with for 25 years. they grow their own feed. there is no supply-chain disruption. >> reporter: stu leonard jr., a third-generation ceo, says turkey farmers may have underestimated demand this year. as american families get together, again, in large groups. >> first of all, the -- the early bird gets the worm. okay? don't wait till the last minute to go buy your turkey. >> reporter: according to the american farm bureau federation, the average cost of thanksgiving dinner is up 14% this year. grocery stores like win dixie's say they are trying to hold prices down but much is out of their control. >> is there a supply-chain issue with the things we like to put on our thanksgiving table? >> the supply chain is definitely bending, kerry. it's not broken. >> reporter: in stores like this in south carolina and california, temporary turkey shortages. the strain is resulting in a more expensive dinner. a 16-pound turkey, up 24% this
9:41 pm
year, to $23.99. frozen pie crusts, up 20%. and fresh cranberry, up 11%. >> supply chains, in general, as they relate to specialty crops have -- have just gotten more expensive. so cranberries in wisconsin have to deal with much more expensive trucking rates, for example. and so, that has kind of an impact on what we would expect to pay at the grocery store. >> i can see the price they have gone up and i actually feel bad for -- for a lot of people. >> i guess, you could just say i'm hoping for the best. you know? i don't have much control over this. so, what can i do? >> reporter: to save money, retailers suggest make dishes from scratch instead of buying pre-made. look for generic brands and keep an open mind. >> we sometimes say, um, customers are going to get what they need. it might not necessarily be the brand that they particularly want but they are going to find what they need. >> and that's especially true this thanksgiving? >> absolutely. >> reporter: with traditional thanksgiving back on the menu,
9:42 pm
this year, a little creativity may be the secret ingredient to a happy holiday. >> surely, is a different thanksgiving this time around. right? well, experts say another tip is to shop local if possible. you are support your community, of course. but local, smaller grocers are more likely to be well stocked and are able to avoid some of the supply-chain issues impacting big-chain stores. all right. talk about thanksgiving. let's talk about airports bracing for a very busy thanksgiving holiday. check out the crowds at boston's logan airport this weekend. and it's not just by air that people will be traveling. aaa says air travel is going to be up 80% from this time last year. experts say give yourself more than enough time to get to your destination because traffic and long lines are going to be inevitable. live look at capitol hill right now where the build back better act is headed to the senate. on friday, house democrats passed the $1.75 trillion act. it is the largest expansion of social programs in decades. it includes provisions on universal pre-k, climate change,
9:43 pm
healthcare, immigration, and more. it is likely to face a tough road in the senate. montana senator jon tester told "meet the press" this morning that the act's fate depends on compromise. >> and -- and i think if we compromise like we did in the bipartisan infrastructure package where we have five democrats and five republicans, that, you know, argued and fought and came to a bill that would work, i think it's the same thing within the 50 democrats, too. we don't all see the world the same way. so, let's -- let's negotiate and let's come up with a bill that lowers cost for families and cuts taxes and -- and gets things done to help move this economy forward so we can stay the premiere power in the world. >> democrats need all 50 of their senators onboard to pass the bbb act. no republicans are expected to vote for it. coming up and you are going to want to stay for this one. guide dog dropouts that are still serving the public. the special job these pups are being tasked with.
9:44 pm
you're a champion. you're not a quitter.
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9:46 pm
dogs are known to sniff out bombs and drugs. they are also known as man's best friend. so it makes sense we would find a way for them to help us during this pandemic. look at these guys. this is a guide dog school dropout. yeah. didn't make it there but now, sniffing out the virus at an ice rink in san diego. you can't make this stuff up. new screening program just launched this week. here is joe little from our nbc station in san diego. >> reporter: he is still learning. >> good boy. >> reporter: his handler just demonstrated how he can sniff out a positive covid-19 sample. they believe he can sniff it out on a person as well. so can robin. the 2-year-old lab started life in guide-dog school. >> but she flunked out because she likes -- too much. >> that's when veterinarian patty unger found robin and started training her for this hair-brained idea of getting dogs to sniff out covid-19. i mean, a dog's nose is used in
9:47 pm
so many professions. >> waste water management. in idaho, to find bee colonies. >> reporter: why not sniffing for a virus? dr. unger says when we have a disease or virus, our body will make chemicals that give off a certain smell that dogs can detect. >> ten people that have covid will all make this same smell. >> reporter: and so far, unger says after extensive training, robin and gromet have a near-perfect track record of sniffing out the virus in people. >> it was a real gee whiz actua knows what she is doing. >> reporter: the dogs are still learning and they are merely doing this as a courtesy at the ice arena. but unger thinks, with proper research and methods, they could be used across the country in places like the airport. >> schools, nursing homes. it's low tech, it's high efficiency. it's way simpler than a lot of our high-tech stuff. >> not bad for a guide dog school flunky who sometimes listens. >> so cute. i main, how helpful would that
9:48 pm
be? >> that is fantastic. >> right? >> yes. >> and also, keep trying and you will succeed. that's the moral of the story. rob -- rob mayeda, keep trying and bring us some rain at some point. would ya? >> unfortunately, right now, the big story will be those chilly temperatures we will be waking up to tomorrow morning. some places, in the 30s. what is happening to those rain chances ahead in our seven-day forecast when we come right back. and no jet lag for the 49ers. what head coach kyle shanahan says about their dominating performance today in jacksonville. that's coming up, later in sports.
9:49 pm
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ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. welcome back. i cannot believe thanksgiving is four days away. >> yeah, it's also hard to believe how great it is going to be if you are traveling anywhere. and a lot of you are. >> make sure the heat is running in the morning. little bit cold. i think bay area cold. let's be honest. you know, 30s really isn't that cold. >> it's not that bad. >> all you relatives coming to
9:51 pm
visit. yeah, they are not going to say 30s is cold at all but that's where we are headed some of the valleys overnight. right now, 55 degrees in san jose. we are down to 49 in dublin. and over in walnut creek, 50. and san francisco, actually a bit more mild, still benefitting from those offshore breezes at 58 degrees currently. and notice, not much in the way of fog. the offshore wind is really kind of dried things out. though, in the central valley i think for thanksgiving-travel plans, wednesday on into thursday, plan on a little bit of that central valley fog probably making a bit of a come back. bay area cold, 30s. for areas near san jose and petaluma. by lunchtime, warming up very nicely. upper 60s. even low 70s in reach for the santa clara valley tomorrow. mid-to upper 60s from the north bay into the tri-valley. changes, though, coming tuesday. daytime highs will be back down to the low 60s. breezy at times. clouds. but no showers. again, this is mainly a wind and
9:52 pm
cooling event. wind speeds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will also bring in some chillier, drier air. so by wednesday morning, we may actually see some patchy frost or frost advisories for the north bay but not much in the way of rain. that is a problem. good for thanksgiving weekend travel. good for the 49ers game coming up on sunday as we take on the vikings but look at that rain staying off to the north and these storms weakening on approach. so, we take a look at this upper-air pattern. this is where it starts if we are going to see a shift towards rain, you have to get this ridge of high pressure away from california. so this is kind of where the rain is moving now. it is moving up to the pacific northwest and all the active weather will stay north of northern california and this is the dry pattern now that looks like it may try to hang on to december 2nd. so remember that big rain surplus we built up from october? it was double digits, that surplus in the north bay. that has now dropped below those double digits but maybe a little more concerning is the south bay didn't get all the big rain
9:53 pm
totals we had the last two to three weeks, so these numbers still above average are starting to come down as climatology from november into december, we are starting to see this normally should be some of the peak-rain season around the bay area. at least that's how the climatology usually breaks down but the meteorology of the next seven days, not so much. as you see, san francisco, numbers in the low to mid-6 0s. some chilly mornings. that is about it as we head into next weekend, a few more clouds headed our way. so the seven-day forecast, for now, looks great. for your thanksgiving plans, not so good for any new sierra snow or rainfall we are hopeful the pattern will begin to change as we move through the first week of december. but right now, things look being pretty dry to wraup upon the month of november. and just like that, thanksgiving right there around the corner this week. back to you. >> uh-huh. thanksgiving and the 9ers game on sunday. looking pretty good. if we can't have the rain, might as well have nice weather. >> absolutely. and have a nice 9ers game, too. check in with anthony flores right now. it is a little early to be talking playoffs but the 9ers have played two solid games in a
9:54 pm
row. >> i wouldn't run out and buy your tickets. >> i was looking. i was looking. >> but there is no denying they looked like a completely different football team over the last two weeks. a short week and a cross-country from putting on a dominating performance for the second game in a row. the 9ers in jacksonville to take on the jaguars. now, the 9ers marched 20 plays on their first drive and ate up more than 13 minutes off the clock and well they had to settle for a field goal. it have a little disappointing but no problem finding the end zone on their second possession. deebo samuel with a 25-yard touchdown run. the 9ers with 42 rushes in the game. later in the second, they go to the air. jimmy garoppolo finds brandon aiyuk for the score and aiyuk has found his game just like the ers. san francisco with a 20-3 lead at the break. then, in the third on fourth and goal, back to the air. garoppolo connects with george kittle. it's his third-straight game with a touchdown reception. the 9ers' defense was just as impressive holding the jaguars to just 54 yards rushing.
9:55 pm
the 9ers beat jacksonville, 30-10. some were worried about alet down after their big win on monday night -- not the head coach. >> we knew how much our backs are against the wall before that rams game and we also know that meant nothing if we couldn't win today so i don't -- i -- i get how it looks. but i don't think it was very hard to get the guys' attention and ready to play. we know how that felt when we were losing games. we know how much better it felt versus the rams and we don't want that to end today. >> these past 14 days have i don't want to say changed our team but it's definitely -- we are moving in the right direction now, i will say. so we just got to keep going. it is -- there is at lot of football left to be played. minnesota is going to be a challenge for us coming up and we got to get ready for them. >> when you are 5-5, the next game of the season is always the biggest game of the season. and that will be this sunday when the 49ers take on the vikings. both teams are 5-5. and they are both in the hunt for the wildcard. in vegas, the silver and black trying to tame the
9:56 pm
bengals. down -- down ten in the fourth quarter, derek carr with the floater to foster. it's a 19-yard touchdown that makes it a three-point game but cincinnati has an answer. the raiders -- they're really struggling. joe boro hits ja mar chase in the corner of the end zone. bengals beat the raiders, 32-13. the raiders fall to 5-5 on the season. well, just in time for christmas, the at athletic reports that klay thompson has been fully cleared to practice and scrimmage, and will likely return the week of christmas. when asked, head coach steve kerr, said no one told me about that. here is the good side. clay is getting closer to getting back on the court. the warriors taking on the raptors. andrew wiggins was on fire. he cans the three ball from the corner pocket. he had 11 of the dub's first 16 points. wait, there's more. wiggins from three, he finished with 32 on six of eight shooting from behind the arc. now, to the second half. jordan pool goes for a drive. he had a game-high 33. a quiet night for steph.
9:57 pm
the raptors running a box and one on him. he had a dozen. the warriors beat the raptors, 119-104. the dubs improve to a league best, 15-2. hey. wild scene in detroit between the pistons and the lakers. here is how it started. lebron james elbows isaiah stewart. now, lebron was ejected. check out stewart's face. blood all over the place. he had to be held back multiple times. got two technicals for trying to go after james, and then was eventually ejected. something tells me the nba will be getting the last word on this situation. that is a look at sports. guys being back to you. >> let me ask the producer if we have time to rerun all those highlights. the 9ers looking great, warriors looking great and the lakers in disarray. i guess we don't have time for that. i think it's good news. >> it will be really good news when you get your tickets. >> that's right. >> that you have been looking for. >> this sunday is the game you need to focus on because it matters down the road for playoffs and tie-breaker
9:58 pm
implications. >> all right. anthony, thank you. a south bay holiday tradition is combining its usual atmosphere with one it came up with last year during the pandemic. last year, san jose's christmas in the park had to be changed to a covid-safe drive-thru experience. people seemed to enjoy it, so it will be offered again thisn fri the traditional christmas in the park setup at plaza park, you can enjoy that as well. it returns to downtown san jose this friday and will feature a new 65-foot walk-through christmas tree. >> christmas tree arriving friday. boy, here. we are back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights.
9:59 pm
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-with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey. she opened up her boutique she had gone to europe she was goin' out dancing at night. >> she was taking lots of pictures and posting on social media. >> it was a whole new world. she was excited. >> she goes, i think somebody's breaking into my facebook. i also think somebody's breaking into my house. >> she felt like she had a stalker. >> monrovia police >> i haven't heard from my daughter since tuesday >> inside the apartment there's blood stains on the carpet and blood spatter on the wall. >> reporter: and she's missing >> and she's missing >> they find a notebook. it says, "i'll have grea


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