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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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then when i tell 'em "i -- i won't hide anything from you, i'll tell you as much as i can." i mean, the oldest son, he told me, "my dad tricked us, huh? and i said, "yeah. he did. >> reporter: your dad didn't tell you the truth, but we will. >> yes yes. >> the truth about a woman who never gave up on herself or the future she wanted. right now, new images as chaos unfolded in a walnut creek nordstrom. and the christmas parade development, after a car plowed through a christmas parade. new information on the person in custody. and close call for a driver in sunnyvale. a sudden impact. news at 11:00 starts right now.
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a different scene in tonight, a dozens robbed a nordstrom there. >> we have a photo showing some of the chaos inside that store. sergio quintana from walnut creek. >> reporter: dozens of people carrying nordstroms in walnut creek. the manager of a nearby restaurant took cover. >> i had to lock the front door. lock the back door. they can come right in here. they're crazy for a second. a car went around the police suv. three people were arrested. one of them charged with robbery. nbc bay area has obtained a still image from a security camera inside nordstroms during the robbery. a company spokesperson said, five of the employees were injured. police saying three people were
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assaulted and one with pepper spray. there is cause for concern. walnut creek warned of a possibility of another robbery. high-end shops closed early. two women were the last customers. >> they are a little nervous. for sure. i would be, too. >> reporter: the mayor of walnut creek says the city is actively working to prevent incidents from happening here again. they are taking efforts. the street going through broadway plaza mall has been blocked off for most of the day. nordstroms is closed. a bit of inconvenience for this customer who couldn't return a pair of shoes. >> it's a shame we have to worry about this. you see it in san francisco, with the louis vuitton on friday night.
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>> reporter: the situation coming after a similar robbery in san francisco. nine stores were baltimorized or vandalized. there's been eight arrests so far. and san francisco's police chief says there will be more. in walnut creek, sergio quintana, nbc news. hayward police are looking at a smash and grab robbery. police were called to sam's jewelry about 5:30 this evening. they say at least nine suspects stole an unknown amount of jewelry from the store. they used hammers to smash the display cases. two took off very organized. >> i think people were running towards where the jewelry store was. i met my a.n. he closed the gate down. >> people were scrambling to get out of the mall.
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afternoon employee told us there was a similar robbe a security presence was visible in san jose today. business owners says that's a good news. they started to see a rise in crime around june. they are located across from the nordstrom in walnut creek. elizabeth holmes trial picks up tomorrow. she took the stand on friday. she talked about her time at stanford. how theranos started from humble beginnings. she was comfortable on the stand and says she was allowed to speak without a mask, making eye contact with jurors. holmes expected to be
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cross-examined this week. she is accused of defrauding theranos investors. turning to the coronavirus pandemic. what a difference two months makes. mask up indoors. we were telling you how they dropped that mandate. now, santa cruz is in the second-worst tier. five of nine counties are in the moderate tier, moving in the right direction. for at least a week, they have reported fewer than 60 cases for every 100,000 people. the rest of the bay area is orange, which means substantial.
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we're following a story out of wisconsin. a tragic night, when a parade turns deadly. it happened during the parade in waukesha, wisconsin. now, learning that five people have died. 40 are injured. a parade is a celebration in community. it showed have been a community celebration. i'm deeply saddened that so many went up with injury and heartache. >> the theme of the parade was comfort and joy. a priest was injured as well as
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catholic schoolchildren and parishioners. president biden's build back better bill heads to the senate tomorrow. in the house on friday, faces a rocky path through the senate. schumer is urging support for the bill, highlighting a provision that would bring down the cost of insulin. he criticized the gop, saying it's one part of the bill thigh are trying to cut. >> it's not one of those things that is protected by patent. there's no reason the cost should be so high. i will do everything i can to keep this provision in the bbb bill. two senators are split from the party on the scope of the bill. they are critical if democrats
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hope to pass it. all 50 democrats need to be united. workers in the south bay are set to go on strike. they are providing transit services to the south bay. this afternoon, members of the teamsters voted unanimously to authorize a strike. the contract does not give drivers enough health benefits. a small group gathered to remember pedestrians and bicyclists. a safety group held a safe streets rally today.
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among those remembered is roma chance. the supervisor was recently killed walking at the corner of shoreline and grant street. >> she was one of our community elders. not just as an old person, but an elder. it's been a tremendous loss. it's important we recognize every loss in our community and neighborhood. >> there's been four pedestrians killed in car crashes in alameda. we reported on the mall robberies this weekend. some marijuana dispensaries in oakland were targeted, as well. at this crime scene, ten people woke into a dispensary on pendleton way. they tried stealing a large amount of marijuana. two security guards confronted them. the suspected thief is in
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possession. the security guard spoke about after it unfolded. >> on the scary side. i have to make sure people are okay inside. working in there. you don't feel safe because you still have security and they scoot at anything. >> local police shot a suspect in the city's rock ridge neighborhood. politician say it started as a carjacking. the case ended near broadway. police opened fire, hitting the suspect. he was taken to the continue where he died.
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the chief of police plans to hold a news conference tomorrow. the department said they saw unprecedented crime from shootings, robberies and homicide. with the climate in crisis, san francisco is the latest bay area city asking people to cut back on water use. customers will be asked to reduce by 5%, compared to what they used two years ago. the reductions are not going to be enforced. no penalties applied. >> a rough ride for one man in the south bay when something hits his car on the frooway. it's a golf ball. >> it's the season of giving. the reason hundreds of families in the east bay are going to
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have a thanksgiving meal this week. a few temperatures in the 30s. fair field, 39 degrees. we'll talk about the chilly temperatures and decreasing rain chances in our seven-day forecast when we come back. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. a follow-up for you on the group of missionaries taken hostage in haiti. they were taken hostage in port port-au-prince. two members have been released. didn't say anything more information than that. the missionaries were captured after visiting an orphanage last october. with thanksgiving just days away and a lot set to travel, tsa employees face a major deadline tomorrow.
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they must have gotten the covid vaccine or they could lose their job. as of last friday, 40% of airport security workers were unvaccinated. you could face longer lines. a man was startled and scared when he heard a boom. vladimir was driving with his wife from san francisco to milpitas. something hit his car and made a lot of noise. they were on 101 in sunnyvale. the boom they heard turned out to be, a golf ball. you see it right there. i will slow it down. it was captured on his dash cam. it came from the mince pal golf course. his war was left with a big dent. he and his wife were not hurt.
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we got scared because it was loud, like a boom. i was okay. my wife was okay. >> if that hits the windshield, this is a different story. he did call the gulf coast. he is working on getting an estimate and get everything fixed. for a couple years now, the city of highward is helping people trying to make it in the bay. the housing navigation celebrated its two-year anniversary on thursday. the shelter opened in 2019. 153 people have sought shelter. 100 of them have moved into permanent housing.
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>> christy smith shows us. >> reporter: thanksgiving dinner will be complete, for hundreds of people in richmond. >> we distribute 500 turkeys for free. we're providing each family with a bag of food. >> reporter: people signed up and drove through and volunteers helped load it up. >> this is my first time coming here. >> reporter: richard alexander picks up food he plans to prepare. it means a lot. >> it's being faithful. everybody is trying to help each and every one. everybody's trying to help. >> reporter: it's the sixth annual turkey drive. >> we're happy to do it. >> reporter: cory elliot calls it a black neighborhood.
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>> our goal is to continue to expand and be advocates in our community. and to support people as much as possible, starting with the black community. it's important for us to see positivity. it's important for us to see the encouragement. it's important that we are the ones doing this work. >> reporter: it came together with help from partners. >> our families raised money. and they filled up all of the cars and drove them over. >> they donated and contributed, in regards to raw food items. >> reporter: supporting the effort to support the community. >> what a wonderful event there. we have another update to our nourishing neighbors food drive. here at nbc bay area and our partners at telemundo 48 are
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teaming up with safeway to fight hunger in the bay area. we kick the drive off this weekend. and so far, we've collected nearly $230,000 in donations. that's incredible. thank you. $10 goes a long way to help families in need. make a donation at any safeway store. rob is looking to see what the weather will be like. it sneaked up on me. >> time is fly right now. >> just like that. the weather is starting to feel like the 30s and 40s. inland, fairfield, in the low 40s. 39 in fairfield. pacifica, 59 degrees, due to the ongoing offshore breezes. san francisco, half moon bay, not as cold. if you have wind, overnight, you're not going to see chilly
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temperatures. areas without the wind, it will be a chilly night. clear skies in san francisco. 52 near san jose. chilly around dublin. the 45 degrees. that's some cold up there. hopefully better conditions to get the snowblowers going. the trend that we're seeing now. 45, san jose, closer to 50 in san francisco. we should see 07s. some of the fall sunshine for you on monday. tuesday, more clouds.
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this is going to bring in the cooler, drier air. by wednesday morning, temperatures will be in the low 40s for most of the bay area and mid-30s around the north bay. the trend will be colder temperatures. unfortunately, no rain or snow chances. top travel concern might be patchy fog. thanksgiving day, into the weekend, staying dry. that's the trend now. look how the storm track is moving to the north. both of the long-range models, not what you want to see.
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the surplus is starting the fade. san francisco, low to mid 60s. just chilly mornings that you will inside wednesday morning and thursday morning. thursday morning, you may want to bundle up. no rain or snow in the forecast. the big surpluses are a great start to the rain season. putting on the brakes with the storms. >> yeah. a san jose tradition makes a return this week. not the same it's been. we'll tell you what is new next.
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and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. a south bay holiday tradition is combining its usual atmosphere with one they came up with last year. you get to choose the one you want. last year, san jose's christmas in the park had to be safe to a covid-safe drive-through experience. people like it. it will be offered at lake cunningham park. if you're concerned about all that, you can do it. if you like the traditional setup, you can enjoy that, too. it will return this friday. a new walk-through christmas tree. >> i like walking through. when it's cool out, feels really good. the holidays should be more
11:26 pm
enjoyable for a couple of lucy lottery winners in the bay area. no one hit the jackpot. but someone who bought a ticket in san jose, got five numbers right. that's worth $39,000. >> you think it would be worth more than that. >> i know. >> i can't win it. 2, 27, 28, 35, 45, 3. the megamillions worth 400,000 was sold in mountain view. that's more like it, right? you sound like 49ers fans complaining about a win. >> i feel they are playing good now. >> a short week. had to fly across country.
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto welcome back. it's too soon to look for playoff tickets. terry says no, it's not. the niners in jacksonville, after playing on monday night. a short week.
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the deeping drive led to a field goal. samuel with a 29-yard touchdown run. they wore down the defense. san francisco with a 20-3 lead at recess. in the third quarter, on fourth and goal, back to the air. jimmy g. connects with george kittle. it's his third game with a touchdown reception. some were worried about a letdown. not kyle shanahan. >> we knew how our backs were against the wall in that rams game. i get how it looks. but i don't think it was hard to get the guys' attention. we know how that felt losing games. how much better it felt versus the rams.
11:31 pm
>> the past 14 days, i don't want to say changed our team, but we're moving in the right direction. we have to keep going. there's a lot of football to be played. minnesota will get the chance coming up. >> you heard him. next up, the 49ers will host the vikings sunday at levi's stadium. both teams are 5-5. both are in the hunt for the wild card. in vegas, the silver and black, taking on the cincinnati bengals. they were down ten in the fourth quarter. derek carr carr, hits foster monroe, that makes it a three-point game. from there, cincinnati would take control. the bengals beat the raiders 32-13. the raiders fall to 5-5, on the season. the warriors hit 22 three-pointers. the warriors taking on the raptors.
11:32 pm
wiggins on fire early. he had 11 of the first 16 points. wiggins from behind the arc in kansas. he finished with 32 points on six of eight shooting from three-point land. the raptors run that defense. he had a dozen points. the warriors beat the raptors, 119-104. one other note, the santa clara soccer team are the reigning champions. they win over wisconsin. they're headed to the elite eight. >> great report. thanks for all that. be sure to stay with us. an investigative report is coming up in one minute.
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. tonight, we're digging deeper into allegations of a widespread conspiracy and cover-up suspected in the bay area to mendocino. >> it's law enforcement officers accused of being the masterminds behind it all. stealing drugs and guns from traffic stops and people's property. >> i am good to go. >> reporter: it's feeding time at this farm. >> we have 14 goats and dogs, cats, pigs. >> reporter: these farmers tell us next to their farm full of animals, there was supposed to be a field full of marijuana. >> this is the cannabis garden
11:35 pm
area. >> reporter: now, there's no pot. just weeds where there should be weed. >> our business plan was for ten greenhouses. >> reporter: the former high school sweethearts bought the property ten years ago. >> the property was purposed. >> we wanted to make sure we did everything right. >> 15 miles away, will knight had a similar mission. >> that's my goal all along, to do this legally. >> reporter: he's been growing pot for two decades. >> i did not like dealing with the way the black market operates. >> reporter: when california legalized weed in 2015, mendocino county created a certification process to turn farmers into legal growers. this woman ran it. >> we tried to have a very thoughtful program. >> reporter: she says borges, and knight, were given a visual
11:36 pm
permit to start growing. >> they were doing everything they needed to do. >> reporter: but in june of 2017, a neighbor reported them to the california department of fish and wild life, claiming the well on their marijuana farm was pulling water from a creek. two months later, they were raided. >> they said they had search warrants. >> handguns were drawn. wow, embarrassing. but they're in a legal garden. >> reporter: the couple recorded this video, they say shows officers driving off with truck loads of marijuana plants, without ever showing evidence there was problem with the well. >> destroyed, gone. it was later discovered that the well's water was not coming from the creek. and the couple was never charged with a crime. >> i never saw fish and wildlife. >> reporter: he thought it was a
11:37 pm
mistake when officers raided his farm. >> there were guys coming over the gate. >> reporter: he was accused of taking water and hit with charges three years later. he pleaded not guilty. the commissioner says that raid should have never happened. >> if you called the tip line, their policy was to eradicate. they didn't care that you were working with the county. >> reporter: the policy is to bury what is kept for evidence. the you ergrowers say they don' that happening. they are accusing them of conspiring to steal it. they tell us that steve white was in charge and present at both properties during the
11:38 pm
raids. and that mendocino county sheriff's sergeant, bruce smith, was also there. the three growers allege a criminal enterprise. they are accused of hundreds of acts of extortion, theft and robbery of marijuana, guns and cash. >> reporter: and according to the lawsuit, farmers weren't the only target. they are also accused of stealing with drivers. essentially, highway robbery. earlier this month, we told you about two park police officers that have been indicted, accused of extorting cash and weed from the drivers. none of the agencies would comment, except rohnert park police. says thecy hired an independent
11:39 pm
police auditor to review complaints from the public. attorneys for white and smith declined to comment. they have filed motions to dismiss, saying plaintiffs trying to stretch the facts. >> i can't get an answer on that. >> earlier this year, sergeant smith and lieutenant white gave videotaped depositions, as part of a separate lawsuit. >> what happened to the marijuana at the borges farm. >> part of it was destroyed with a woodchiper. part of it was put in the back of a dump trump. justice we would photograph, videotape the scene.
11:40 pm
>> do you have video of the plants being destroyed? >> no. >> today, the growers are trying to rebuild. >> after i was following all of the rules, they destroyed us financially. they will come and get you. >> all the hard work. all of the money was gone. it was destroyed. >> there's a lot of allegations tangled together. on our website, we laid it out to make it easier to see who is accused of doing what. you can watch the first part of our investigation. and hear from a former cop. sai
11:41 pm
federal agents who allegedly stole his marijuana. we have all of that for you at >> call 888-996-tips. or visit our website. some dogs sniff out crime. this one is putting her nose on the front line of the pandemic. and dense fog advisory for the central valley. our top concern around the bay area could be the chilly temperatures you wake up to tomorrow morning. some 30s in the morning forecast. we learn about covid-19,
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welcome back. dogs are known to sniff out bombs and drugs. and now, training continue for canines to be able to detect the coronavirus. the dogs are using their abilities in san diego. guydon is a guide dog school dropout. a retired veterinarian decided to see if she could be taught to detect the chemical the body gives off when infected with the coronavirus. robin and her canine partner have a near-perfect track record of sniffing out covid-19 in people. incredible. the skills could be useful in many places from airports to malls. >> schools, nursing homes. as low-tech, high efficiencies. it's simpler than a lot of the
11:45 pm
high-tech stuff. >> the dogs have been testing their skills at the san diego ice arena. dogs in other parts of the country and around the world are undergoing similar training. >> ghost kitchens across america could be here to stay. these are restaurants with no dining rooms. they're were takeout and delivery. the virtual model continues to grow. >> you get hungry and you say, this might work. >> reporter: this is a far cry where they imagined themselves. but like many, when covid hit, they were forced to pivot. after years in the hospitality industry, these friends struck out on their own, launching furlough brothers, to bring dallas its best cheesesteak yet.
11:46 pm
a virtual option seems their best bet. >> with the pandemic, it brought both kitchens to life. kitchens third-party delivery apps to get the food to people to serve. >> how much money you have to put up front and how much space you need to have. you're not going to have multiple concepts out of the same score front. the duo has started a second concept, that they run out of the same space. as in-person dining makes a big comeback. >> we give them flexible options. >> reporter: the virtual model continues to succeed. >> rather than have a chain
11:47 pm
where operators spend a lot of time and money, bringing one you can run a >> that's a lot of to national chains and mom and pop start-ups. now, he's considering which market to take the numbers to. >> earlier this year, it was predicted that ghost kitchens could be a $1 trillion industry by 2030. >> we're creating a platform where people can order from multiple brands, under one ticket, one delivery.
11:48 pm
>> he calls it a restaurant of the future. that's just the start. >> this is a shift in behavior. we imagine it's here to stay. >> reporter: imagine a room for multiple dining experiences. >> i can see why many people believe ghost kitchens are here to stay. hungry people like me, i like my choices. >> rob, any hunger pangs? >> all of it looked good. it is going to get chilly. we don't have much in rain or snow to talk about. 56 in san francisco.
11:49 pm
52 in san jose. and 40s inland. notice you can see walnut creek pretty well. later this week, we might see some of the fog trying to creep back into places like contra costa county. we have offshore breezes on the hill. it's causing temperature drops. the wind-sheltered valleys will have to watch out. see if some of the fog is good enough for the dense fog advisory. visibility is good. but that could go to tomorrow night and midweek. somewhere around santa rosa and fair field, seeing 40s in the
11:50 pm
morning. a nice afternoon. 67 around san francisco, and close to 60 for santa rosa. one weather system to talk about. a lot of clouds but not much rain chances. behind it, cooler, drier air, moving on in. that will bring colder temperatures. the average lows should be in the lower 40s. maybe the trivalley could see more 30s. and the forecast in the middle part of the week. no chances of rain or any major shifts in the weather. we head through the holiday weekend. travel plans should be fine. but rain chances up to the north. all of the orange you see here, that's consistent high pressure.
11:51 pm
you can see how that is aiming in. that takes us to december 2nd. down from the double-digits surplus we had earlier. not much chances to catch up now. nice forecast for your outdoor plans. should see more rain. right now, long-range forecast, not leading in that direction. it should be good for the 49ers game next sunday. you won't need a crystal ball to peek into the future. how hundreds of ideas are brought to life.
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the smithsonian celebrating its 175-year history with a look at the future. this is called futures. the expaerns is a mix of interactive, art, technology, future foods. and even furniture. >> my dream of dreams is that people will leave this exhibit with a clear idea of where they want to live in. >> future runs from this weekend to july 6th of next year. after that, the building will be renovated and restored. back with much more in two minutes.
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one of the best high school football teams in california doesn't hear the cheers of the crowd. they can feel them. >> every player on the riverside club in southern california is deaf. they are beating everyone they play. the undefeated cubs have reached the finals. they can do anything. except for hear. >> we can use our eyes and see what's going on. we are more alert than a hearing team is. >> the players joke they know if they're coach is happy or mad. you look at their face. you know. the cubs play in the
11:58 pm
championship game next weekend. uplifting story. one of the big stories will be the weather. not for the wetness but the chill. could be in the 30s. >> this coming morning. >> it is not going to translate -- it will keep the snow frozen. but allow them to mix some more. and the reopenings will happen at some point. before they do, we let within you know right here.
11:59 pm
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-you want to go in it, yeah. -i mean, you can go first, just to be sure it's inflated. what are you going to do? i mean, the trust fall freaking out the most. this week, life on the wild side with dan bilzerian i would've play college ball but didn't go on the military, known as the instagram king, for posting adventures that look closer to fantasies. bilzerian shares tales you won't believe are true.


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