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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 22, 2021 3:00am-3:30am PST

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today, tonight was a traumatic situation for the city of waukesha. we don't have all the details. we can't provide details at this point. >> breaking overnight. waukesha, wisconsin. major shawn riley speaking out about a deadly incident during a holiday parade a red suv plows into the crowd multiple people are dead and many hospitalized. two of the 17 american hostages held in haiti since last month have been released according to their church, announcing they are safe and
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being cared for. tsa vaccine mandate deadline, with the thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, will airports be able to manage the travelers and moving around the country? closing arguments are scheduled for later this morning in the ahmaud arbery trial we have a preview. >> saz new poll on how america s feel about having kids may shock you. "early today" starts right now >> good monday morning i'm philip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. tragedy in wisconsin, with multiple deaths and over 40 injured. some of the video we're about to show you may be hard to watch. at least five people are dead and more than 40 injured after an suv drove through a holiday parade according to four senior law enforcement officials briefed on the incident, a person of interest is in police custody and is now being questioned. they believe the person may have been involved in a knife fight and fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. a press conference is expected
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later today. >> reporter: a holiday celebration, brought to a sudden, terrible end >> our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration >> reporter: it was late sunday afternoon in waukesha when the red suv plowed through barericae and into the parade. >> no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapons discharge. >> reporter: the scene is now secure a person of interest is in custody. the investigation, described as very fluid, as ongoing two host held in haiti for more than a month have been released according to the missionary group who organized the service trip christian aid ministries says
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the two individuals are safe and being cared for. the names and reasons for being released are currently being kept secret. 16 americans and one ka made within were kidnapped by a street gang. the fbi and other federal firgts are working to negotiate the safe release of the others a travel rush is already hitting airports the tsa screened over 2 million people on saturday, and travelers are expected to break records this week. nbc's cathy park joins with us the latest from new york's laguardia airport. >> reporter: good morning. the holiday travel rush is under way here at laguardia and beyond more than 53 million americans plan on traveling this holiday week 4 million plan to fly, numbers we haven't seen since the start of the pandemic.
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one of the busiest travel days of the year, spiraled into moments of panic in atlanta. flights temporarily grounded, and hundreds diving for cover saturday afternoon when a passenger's gun went off at a security checkpoint. >> everybody is running. >> reporter: officials say the passenger, identified as 42-year-old kenny wells, lunged for the weapon and grabbed it in his bag, accidently discharging the gun. >> people came flying through and were like, run, run, run and people were just running wells is still on the run, with multiple warrants out for his arrest, include pog session of a firearm by a convicted felon a chaotic scene happening as millions across the country were flying to their destination saturday the tsa screening more than 2 million people for the third consecutive day. do you usually tra -- thanksgivg >> i try to. i didn't go last year. >> reporter: the tsa saying operation also stay smooth ahead of monday's vaccine mandate for
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all workers. >> we are going to be staffing up to handle the surge i expect to have no impact whatsoever with respect to the vaccine. >> reporter: already, travelers sharing a bumpy start to their getaways, with long lines at airports in hawaii, d.c., and boston >> i did not plan this in my time and anticipation. >> i don't know if i've seen it that long, even precovid a lot of people are traveling for the holidays >> reporter: soon, traffic on the road will pick up, too wednesday afternoon expected to be the busiest time. >> about 90% of those folks traveling will go by car >> reporter: and more travel troubles on the horizon with wet weather on the move. and this morning, folks traveling in and out of the northeast may run into flight delays with storms rolling through. frances, back to you >> kathy, thanks as kathy just reported, the
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thanksgiving travel rush is upon us, and so is the tsa covid vaccination deadline today is the day all employees are required to be vaccinated under a federal mandate by joe biden. it could lead to a shortage of workers, because some will refuse the vaccine or be fired adam tusk has more >> reporter: september 9, joe biden with these remarks about a vaccine mandate for federal employees. >> if you want to work for the federal government, get vaccinated this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you >> reporter: but as the november 22 deadline draws closer, nbc news obtained several letters sent to the federal aviation administration and the transportation security administration, warning about very real cumulative and disruptive impacts this mandate
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could have during the upcoming busy holiday travel season lawmakers, led by sam graves of missouri, want assurances that there won't be a mass exodus or firings of key transportation employees. >> overall, we're ready. and we're ready for the holidays and we're very excited about it. >> reporter: i asked the federal security director about staffing at reagan and dulles international for the holidays he says even if many were let go, many more continue to apply for jobs >> we're staffed very nicely the washington, d.c. area has -- when we put out ads for jobs, a lot of people show up. some airports are having a hard time hiring. >> reporter: sources tell us an announcement is expected soon, pointing to increased vaccinations and even if an employee did refuse the vaccine, they could still appeal the mandate. and that's a process that could
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take weeks, meaning they could still work through the thanksgiving and christmas period, while not being vaccinated for passengers, they're just hoping for a smooth takeoff for holiday travel the governors of connecticut and new mexico want the definition of what it means to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 to include a third dose of a vaccine but dr. anthony fauci says there's no reason to change the definition just yet. he appeared on abc news this week to talk about the issue >> you want to go with the science, martha. and right now, if you look at the data that we have, fully vaccinated right now by definition is the original two doses with the mrna and the pfizer and moderna and the single dose with j&j we'll continue to follow the data, because right now -- >> well, those comments came
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right after this, after the fda and cdc voted to approve covid boosters for all americans meanwhile, america's covid deaths continue to break records. according to the latest available data from johns hopkins university, the number of 2021 coronavirus deaths has doubled last year's total number of deaths. the cdc says as of today, more than 777,000 people have died this year. in 2020, over 85,000 peopler iffished clashes erupted in europe as thousands took to the streets to protest against new covid lockdowns as cases surge across the continent. some of the protests turned violent. in the netherlands, police opened fire on protestors. the clashes come as austria enters another national covid-19 lockdown today it's expected to last for at least ten days for people not fully vaccinated switching gears now to week 11 in the nfl.
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listen electric finish in los angeles to cap off a wild sunday in the nfl >> great move there. each more. all the way in for the touchdown! >> ekeler ran for two touchdowns and caught two more to keep the chargers in the drivers seat but in the fourth, pittsburgh erased a 17-point deficit and takes the lead with under 4:00 to go. but justin herbert wouldn't let the steelers rob l.a. wins 41-37. around the nfl, the cowboys offense had trouble getting off the ground against the chiefs. kansas city found the end zone twice in the first half and won 19-9 back and forth in minnesota, where aaron rodgers threw four touchdowns, including two crucial scores in the fourth, to get the packers all tied up at the 2:00 warning but that was plenty of time for the vikings to storm down the
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field. and minnesota gets the 34-31 win as time expired. from jonathan taylor. he rushed for four touchdowns and caught another one in indianapolis's win over the bills. they have won three in a row and the lions' deandre swift ran for 210 yards against cleveland. things have improved, and janessa webb joins us now with the weather. >> good morning. you know, over the weekend, this forecast completely changed on us, and i'm really happy about that, as people are traveling. this wil two-week cold front that is making its way across the northeast this morning. this rain should taper off about
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mid afternoon. and then behind that is lake enhanced snow. that's what we're watching for is the greater cleveland area, boston, dealing with that lake-enhanced snow right now, accumulation two to four mid 60s across texas. everybody is thinking about that thanksgiving forecast. i'll have that coming up >> we sure are and the food, as well. janessa, thank you an historic moment for the first time ever, more women earned a rhodes scholarship than men the grants were first issued over a century ago, but women
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wr weren't inducted until 1977. the class of 2022 marks the largest number of women ever awarded the scholarship. all 32 u.s. students will travel across the pond in october to begin their education at oxford university in england. another emotional day in court as closing arguments begin over the killing of ahmaud arbery and justin bieber is facing pressure to cancel an upcoming concert. "ear tayis bk jt lyod" acinus60 seconds with more. ♪ ) what a pain in the... alice? if it's "let's wrap this up" season, it's walgreens season. what makes febreze air effects different? if it's while cheaper aerosols rely on artificial propellants... febreze uses a 100% natural propellant. check it out! pressure created by what's in your air makes the bottle spray. which means freshness everyone will love. some people have joint pain,
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the case and begin deliberations shortly. the fiance of a murdered journalist is asking justin bieber to cancel a concert "the washington post" published an open letter written by thl k was killed in she's asking bieber to cancel his concert in saudi arabia, saying it would send a powerful message to the world justin bieber has not responded. is the u.s. heading for a baby bust? more americans are opting out of parenthood according to a new poll, 44% of childless adults say it is unlikely they'll ever have children, up from 7% in 2018 only 26% said they are very likely to have children some day. adults in the no kids camp cited everything from climate change to financial reasons a warning for shoppers as we kick off this thanksgiving week.
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i'm calling about what happened in new york >> what is happening here? >> my grandfather is a ghostbuster. >> hey, have you missed us >> audiences weren't afraid of no ghosts. the latest installment atop the box office, raking in $44 million. "the turtle" was second with $10.8 million.
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"clifford the big red dog" came in third a huge night in music, as the american music awards kicked off. >> cardi b hosted the show and winning the award with her hit single "up." ♪ ♪ >> the group took home the win for artist of the year and marked their first live performance of the song "my universe." >> carrie underwood put on a show with jason aldean she won best country artist of the year >> olivio rodrigo snagged new artist of the year
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in today's top stories, breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin, involving an suv that drove into a holiday parade. some of the video may be difficult to watch at least five people killed and 40 injured according to four senior law enforcement officials briefed on the incident, they say a person of interest, who may have a significant criminal history, is in custody and is being questioned they believe the person may have been involved in a knife fight and fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. area roads will remain closed today and classes are canceled
3:27 am
for waukesha public schools. colorado officials have finalized a $15 million set elment with the family of elijah mcclain. he died after an encounter with police in 2017 he was walking home and officers assaulted him. mcclain's father says no amount of money will make up for the loss of his son but hopes this will send a message to police there are consequences for his actions. blazen burglaries on the rise more than 80 people stormed and robbed a nordstrom in california the incident happened around closing time on saturday night thieves wearing ski masks and armed with crowbars stole merchandise and escaped in dozens of cars lined right outside of the store one employee was pepper sprayed while another punched and kicked police saying it was clearly a planned event. so far, three suspects have been arrested
3:28 am
in chicago, 14 thieves sacked a louis vuillton store. they stole $100,000 worth of merchandise. joseph exotic is battling serious health issues. he was transferred to a north carolina medical facility following a prostate cancer diagnosis and a host of issues in a statement, his attorney said, medical care isn't the best and justice is slow it's a competition of life and liberty no one wants any part of his transfer comes days after the release of the sequel "tiger king two" on net flix. he's serving a 22 year prison sentence queen elizabeth has stayed out of the public eye since last month, but attended a private ceremony to celebrate the
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christening of two of her great grand babies yesterday the queen did make one public appearance last week, hosting a reception at windsor capital i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena have
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breaking overnight holiday tragedy in wisconsin a driver in a red suv plows into a parade with families, marching bands and more at least five have died and 40 are injured. new details ahead. today, the jury in the ahmaud arbery case will hear closing arguments after a controversial trial. our katie beck has a preview released two americans held hostage in haiti have been released, but 15 remain with a $1 million bounty on each still hanging over authorities. heading in


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