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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 22, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking overnight holiday tragedy in wisconsin a driver in a red suv plows into a parade with families, marching bands and more at least five have died and 40 are injured. new details ahead. today, the jury in the ahmaud arbery case will hear closing arguments after a controversial trial. our katie beck has a preview released two americans held hostage in haiti have been released, but 15 remain with a $1 million bounty
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on each still hanging over authorities. heading into thanksgiving week, many are wonders about covid boosters and keeping families safe. just months after a horrific accident, tiger woods is back in the swing. and he has some talking about a possible comeback. it's monday, november 2arly todw >> good morning. glad you're joining us i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena we begin with the tragedy in wisconsin, where several people are dead and at least 40 more are hurt we should warn you, some of the video we're about to show you may be hard to watch an suv drove through a holiday parade in waukesha, about 20 miles west of milwaukee, killing at least five people and injuring 40 others according to four senior law enforcement officials briefed on the incident, a person of interest who may have a significant criminal history, is in custody and being questioned. they believe that person may have been involved in a knife fight and fled the scene before
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crashing into that crowd waukesha's police chief had this to say >> an officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect's vehicle to try to stop the vehicle no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapon discharge >> a spokesperson for the arch diocese says some students were injured as well as a priest. a press conference is expected later today. also breaking, two of the 17 hostages held in hatee for more than a month have been released. here's the latest. >> reporter: two hostages held in haiti for more than a month, free according to the missionary group who organized the service trip christian aid ministries confirming two individuals are safe and being cared for their names, reasons for release
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and where they currently are, still being kept secret for security purposes. the ohio based organization pleading for prayers and writing, our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held 16 u.s. citizens and one canadian were abducted 36 days ago after visiting an orphanage outside port-au-prince six men, six women, and five children, the youngest of which is eight months old. all kidnapped at gunpoint by a notorious street game. the fbi, state department and other federal agencies dispatched a team to help haitian authorities with the investigation. and negotiate the safe release of the hostages. but they declined to pay a $1 million ransom for each person, following long standing u.s. policy in recent weeks, the american and canadian embassies asked their nationals to leave haiti, due to a surge in violence and
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fuel shortages in the impoverished country, recovering from years of political unrest and natural disasters. the white house is following the situation very closely, with a spokes person saying they welcome the reports that these two hostages have been freed but can't comment further at this time frances? >> monica, thank you u.s. covid deaths have passed another grim milestone. according to the latest zdata, the number of 2021 deaths surpassed last year's total. more than 770,000 people have died from the virus during the entire pandemic in the united states in 2020, over 385,000 people perished 2021 has surpassed that number according to the cdc, mississippi has the highest covid death rate in the nation, followed by alabama, new jersey, louisiana, and arizona and vermont has the lowest coronavirus death rate
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"the washington post" is reporting that the marine corps has the lowest covid vaccination rate 10,000 active duty marines will not be fully vaccinated by november 28th deadline soldiers may be struggling to comply with the mandate, 94% of marine corps personnel have met the vaccination requirement or are on a path to do so this as millions are hitting the roads a and skies as they prepare for a second thanksgiving in the pandemic >> reporter: a different type of holiday rush is under way. hong lines for vaccines from new york to denver >> relax, relax. >> reporter: some governors urging the fully vaccinated to get boosters >> get it before thanksgiving. make sure that when you sit down at that thanksgiving table with the people you love, you have the highest level of immunity to
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protect them >> reporter: in west virginia, only 41% of the population is fully vaccinated >> if you're 18 and older, absolutely, you ought to be getting the booster shot right now. >> reporter: with the cdc making booster shots available to all adults, americans are rushing to get their shots. the number of daily vaccinations nearly doubling over the last month. >> i'm sheer to get my booster vaccine to stay healthy and protect people around me >> reporter: experts say the boosters should take effect quickly, but many wonder how often they will be needed. >> we would hope, and this is something we're looking at carefully, that that third shot with the mrna not only boosts you way up, but increases the durability so that you won't necessarily need it will every six months or a year >> reporter: this holiday season, in addition to being vaccinated, americans have more ofgss likeg lines seen at
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testing sites last year. >> we're going to take a rapid test the morning of. >> reporter: steven kissler and his friends are hoping to add an extra layer of security. >> since we're all vaccinated, that helps but it's still possible for people to have breakthrough infections and spread it to others >> our thanks for that report. kcolorado officials have finalized the $15 million s settlement with the fam will have oi elijah mcclain he was walking home when officers assaulted him and paramedics injected him with a sedative his father says no amount of money will make up for the loss of his son but hopes to send a powerful message to police that there are consequences for their actions. closing arguments are set to begin in a few hours in the murder trial os tensions remineh
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following the kyle rittenhouse verdict. katie beck has more. >> reporter: the final moments of ahmaud arbery's life, captured on video. the case has captured america. monday, attorneys will make closing arguments. >> you are going to hear two different perspectives on the same video >> reporter: prosecutors will likely tell the story they have during weeks of witness testimony. that 25-year-old ahmaud arbery was jogging unarmed in a residential neighborhood, when greg mcmichael and his son bega a pursuit. >> did pull out any gun or knife? >> no, ma'am >> never reached for anything, did he >> no. >> he just ran >> yes, he was running >> reporter: the defense claims self-defense, that they were being vigilant vabs, spotted
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ahmaud arbery walking through a house up construction. they claimed arbery tussled with mcmichael for his gun. >> this is the most traumatic thing i've ever been through in my life. i don't know how -- i've never been through a situation like that >> reporter: deliberations in georgia will begin on the heels of another controversial case closed >> we the jury find the defendant, kyle rittenhouse, not guilty >> reporter: friday, kyle rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges after killing two men and shooting a third during civil unrest in kenosha, wisconsin. prosecutor paul henderson says while the facts between the cases are very different, the heart of the case is much the same >> the key part of this case, what people will be arguing about, vigilantism, self-defense, that's going to be front and senter from the arguments from both sides. >> reporter: the final chapter in the case begins when court
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resumes. katie beck, nbc news the international olympic committee says peng shuai is safe after members of the ioc, including president tom matt bach, held a video call with her. the ioc said that peng is living at home in beijing and would like her privacy respected this comes days after the u.n. called for an investigation into peng's allegations, anr videos y state-run media in china showing her at a restaurant, saying it remains unclear if she's able to make decisions without coercion. a cold front is bringing rain to the northeast today. let's check in with meteorologist janessa webb who is tracking it all on this thanksgiving week. good morning, janessa.
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>> hi, good morning. you know, our forecast from last week has really changed on saturday we saw a shift in our models this will be two weak cold fronts so minor delays as people head out for the holiday. today, we watch it across d.c., new york city to boston. it will be out of here by late morning and we'll see the backside of this system producing lake enhanced snow that will be the problem for northeast ohio to interior new york and the blustery winds. we'll see gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour behind that is high pressure and sunshine for your tuesday. and things will definitely be cooling off. looking at some of the coldest temperatures of the asonsene
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for your monday afternoon. temperatures have also fallen for the deep south back in the mid 60s. we'll take a look at that thanksgiving forecast coming up. >> important stuff we'll check in with you in a bit. thank you. the original gerber er baby celebrated her 98th birthday her face has appeared on all advertising and packaging. in a facebook post, gerber wishes her a happy wednesday coming up, the biggest plays and top ayke fplmarsrom around the nfl. and could the g.o.a.t. of golf be making the greatest comeback of all time a pain in . alice? if it's "let's wrap this up" season,
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practice swings. looking good the first we've seen since the devastating car crash, putting his life and career in jeopardy. here's that story. >> reporter: tiger woods is back on the green the 45-year-old golf legend tweeting this short video on sunday, wearing a black compression sleeve on his right leg, the caption, making progress the video teeing up rumors of a comeback >> we're in play for another all-time great sports comeback >> reporter: this is the first time woods has been spotted swinging since his high-speed car accident in february that caused severe injury to his right leg and foot woods has offered no medical updates in months. in april, he posted this photo and last month, he was spotted standing freely at his son's golf tournament. woods had bounced back from injury before, returning to the links to win his fifth masters
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handing it off to ekeler great move, all the way in for the touchdown! >> austin ekeler ran for two
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touchdowns and caught two more to keep the chargers in the driver's seat. but in the fourth, here comes the steelers pittsburgh erased a 17-point deficit to take the lead with under 4:00 but justin herbert fought back, finding mike williams for the go ahead touchdown that gave los angeles the 41-37 win. >> it was an electric week of games around the nfl you have the back and forth in minnesota where aaron rodgers threw four touchdown passes, including two crucial scores in the fourth but that was enough time for the vikings to storm down the field. this gives minnesota the 34-31 win, as time expired and in kansas city, the cowboys' offense had trouble getting off the ground against the chiefs. kansas city wins 19-9. the saints clipping the eagles 26-point heed with an explosive start to the fourth
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quarter. new orleans would pull within 11 but this is 40-29. and what a game from jonathas and caught another taylor's monster game landed him atop the week's best performers list, even in defeat, deandre shift of the lions ran for nearly ten yards a carry a big-time weekend at women's college hoops. the top five battle in college park, down to the fire melissa smith led all scorers with 30 points, but maryland with the late comeback with a clutch play down the stretch they hand baylor their first loss of the season 9-76 the action continues today in the bahamas, in the battle for atlanta's final. it is south carolina battling
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it also removes 99% of bacteria from your hands. dawn antibacterial. an easy way to clean your dishes... a smart way to wash your hands. good morning, everyone let's get your thanksgiving week started. today, we deal with some showers across the east coast. they should push out by mid afternoon. temperatures will tumble across the great lakes into most of the east coast, as we go into your mid afternoon. so winter coat handy, windy weather for the upper midwest. then we watch our next series of fronts coming into the northwest, causing travel i impacts for your wednesday across the central u.s., but it will be very quickly moving out. now, sunshine returns for your thanksgiving day for the east coast. temperatures back in the low 60s for the mid-atlantic a few showers and storms for thanksgiving cross the deep south. guys >> janessa, thanks
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enjoy 30 days of freshness with febreze car. in today's top stories, an suv drove through a holiday parade in waukesha, wisconsin. we should warn you, some of the video may be hard to watch according to authorities, at least five people were killed, and more than 40 have been injured. police say a person of interest who may have a significant criminal history, is in custody and being questioned they believe the person may have been involved in a knife fight and fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. area roads will remain closed today and classes are canceled for waukesha public schools. a press conference is scheduled
3:57 am
for later today. now to a health scare sparked by a new jersey spar bucks. an employee was found to have worked with hepatitis a. the starbucks was immediately closed and an investigation found no evidence that food safety protocols were compromised. a historic moment. for the first time ever more women earned a rhodes scholarship than men they outnumbered male peers 22-10 for the has of 222 the grants were first issued over 100 years ago, but women were not inducted as rhodes scholars until 1977. this marks the largest number of women ever awarded the scholarship. all 32 students will begin their educate at oxford university in england.
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it was a huge night in music. >> cardi b. held the honor of host thing year's show also winning, her favorite hip-hop song and bts was on >> the group took home the win for artest of the year and marked their first live performance of the song "my universe." >> and carrie underwood put on a showwith jason aldean. she won favorite inspirational artist of the year olivoi rodrigo snagged new artist of the year >> and there were some new categories added to the mix.
3:59 am
favorite trending song went to megan stallion for her hit "body" and favorite gospel artist went to conyeah west. >> i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm philip mena
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tragedy in wisconsin at least five people are dead and dozens injured after a red suv plows into a holiday parade. police are investigating at this hour we've got the latest two american hostages held in haiti have been released. closing argue ams later this morning in the ahmaud arbery


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