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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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throughout the holiday season, shoppers can expect a more visible police presence here. the robberies have everyone's attention, including the governor's. >> i'm not the mayor of california, but i was a mayor. and i know when things like this happen, mayors have to step up. >> reporter: today governor newsom was among those talking about the brazen thefts hat took place at san francisco's union square. among them, alexander mcqueen. chesa boudin agrees. >> if you come to san francisco and commit crimes, there will be consequences. >> reporter: but some have called the d.a. part of the problem, being slow to prosecute and soft on crime, making the city a more attractive target for thieves, an accusation he denies. >> this has nothing to do with my policies and everything to do
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with the challenges we as a country we are facing. >> reporter: so far they've made eight arrests. but today in union square, just days before black friday, it's clear things are far from back to normal. louis vuitton has reopened by strictly by appointment only. others have boarded up their stores and are modifying their hours. the city isngooki the rules of to make it harder for thieves to park so close to stores. now from san francisco, skyranger takes us to walnut creek where dozens of thieves descended on the nordstrom there. some 80 people rushed into the store on broadway plaza, grabbing everything in sight. then they ran out into about 25 cars waiting in the street and got away. most of them got away, but police did say they managed to get a couple of people arrested.
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>> in hayward, check out this video. you can see roughly eight to ten people breaking glass cases at sam's jewelers, and running out with stolen jewelry. this happened yesterday at about 5:30. a group of people swarmed lululemon, and we've learned that a similar robbery may have been stopped around the same time at valley fair across the street. robert handa joins us from santana row with more on the rob roy there and the security officer who may have prevented another one. robert? >> reporter: well, that's right, santana row is exactly the type of upscale shopping center that has become targets for these types of robberies. and while this shopping center was getting hit, thieves were also gathering to make a run at nearby valley fair mall at nearly the same time. today it's hard to miss the extra security around the
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popular lululemon store in the santana row shopping center. last night around 6:30, police say a group of adults swarmed the store, including at least one man with a gun in his waist band and made off with $40,000 in merchandise, a routine similar to the organized robberies in san francisco and walnut creek. >> well, as a shopper, it's kind of a shocking thing to hear. >> reporter: jeff grant, a security officer on duty yesterday saw two women rush from a car into lululemon. >> and then immediately, i saw eight people run out to the cars across the street. i tried to stop one of them, but they kind of indicated that they would be willing to hit me if they wanted to, so i backed off. >> reporter: he said in the dark he got a glimpse of the get away vehicle. >> it could have been a cutlass, it could have been an olds mobile, but everything was blacked out. >> reporter: another group of people were congregating across
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the street at valley fair at almost the exact same time. also in cars with license plates blacked out. >> as soon as officers appeared, those vehicles fled. however in that particular case, two suspects made their way into the sun glass hut at valley fair where they stole sunglasses in excess of $7,000. >> it seems like organized, because it's a group, group effort of 30, 40, 50, 80 people, and simultaneous hits and same type of hits. it. >> reporter: san jose pd say it is is now collaborating with law enforcement agencies in san francisco, twal nut creek and other stiffs, comparing robberies. >> we have much more on the recent string of robberies.
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can you find a timeline and video of some of the break ins. friday night started with more than 100 cars racing through the city. some inside firing guns. cities shot spot noted around 70 rounds. oakland's police chief says he believes he knows what's behind the violence. >> we have some of our local groups and gangs that are really driving some of this violence. we know some of the arrests that we've made were connected to the gangs and groups. they have, they are the highest focus of our in our cease-fire strategy. we will be conducting enforcement efforts. >> there have been 124 homicides in oakland so far this year. the chief says he's working on more staffing to cover the streets in the next couple weeks. governor newsom promoting
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booster shots in the bay area today. he visited a vaccine clinic in the mission district. he says out of all the booster shots given in california, only 17% have been administered in the latino community. the governor says the key to equity is outreach. >> you'll be seeing new psas, more trusted messengers, more partnerships like this throughout the state of california, more school-based clinics, more mobile clinics. >> the governor also urged caution during the holiday season, recalling how last year the number of covid cases soared nine times higher from october through christmas eve. good news for everyone flying this thanksgiving weekend, the tsa says vaccine deadline will not impact holiday travel. 93% of its employees are now in compliance with the vaccine mandate. today marked the date for all federal employees to receive at least one dose of the covid
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vaccine. it expects staffing to be sufficient for what's traditionally the busiest travel season. santa cruz county went back to mask mode, requiring everyone to covid cases to put it back in the cdc's second-worst tier. back on the stand. a large crowd gathered again today hoping to get a seat in court to hear elizabeth holmes testify in her own defense. we broke the news when she took the stand on friday. today day two as the former theranos ceo worked to convince the jury she did not defraud investors and patients. here's scott budman from the federal courthouse in san jose. >> reporter: now that everyone knows she'd be on the stand, close to 100 people began to line up in the wee hours of the morning, hoping to get a seat inside the elizabeth holmes
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trial. >> there's been a lot of media attention, it's just interesting seeing how everything's playing out. >> reporter: some like serena gupta taking a day off work to attend the trial with her mother. >> there's not that many female ceos, not that many female entrepreneurs. >> reporter: as for the testimony itself, holmes the jury small victories in the early days, including constructive talks with the department of defense and several large pharmaceutical companies. >> this is going to get super, super complicated very soon. >> reporter: partly because those are the very tactics the prosecution used. but. >> if she sincerely and honestly believed that her technology could one day be what it needed to be, then it's going to be very difficult for the prosecution to prove fraud. >> reporter: which leads to
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tomorrow and another big day of crowds and the defense team leading its witness through the tale of a scrappy startup, that the jury can keep in their minds through the holidays. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. in wisconsin, authorities say five people have now died from the crash at a holiday parade. nearly 50 injured, some critically, including some children. the waukesha christmas parade has been a tradition for decades. as it traveled down main street a suv barrelled through the crowd and spectators. >> last night, people in waukesha were gathered to celebrate the start of the season of hope and togetherness and thanksgiving. this morning, jill and i and the entire biden family and i'm sure all of us pray that that same
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spirit is going to embrace and lift up all the victims of the tragedy. >> the suspect has been identified. are you driving somewhere for thanksgiving? a well-known artist's work on display in the bay area. we'll tell you where and how can you get tickets to see it. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking this system offshore. we'll talk about the cold temperatures it's going to bring and any kind of travel delays with thanksgiving coming nun about eight minutes.
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give you a live look at sfo where it will be busy. they say they've hit a milestone when it comes to the number of travelers they've seen as we inch closer to the big day of thanksgiving. we are joined with numbers and how the airport made a slight change to help connecting a bit easier. >> reporter: holiday travel is officially under way at sfo and the folks here at this airport say they are ready for the influx of travelers. we're just a few days before thanksgiving. it was quite visible. more folks are hitting the skies to visit friends and family this holiday season. they set a pandemic record with the number of travelers. over 52,000 travelers went through tsa on friday alone, which is a vast improvement but still a ways away from the same day in 2019, where tsa saw over 88,000. the influx of travelers has a broader impact, allowing more businesses to also open their doors. >> it's not just our airports
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that benefit. the more passenger activity we have the more businesses and shops that can reopen at our airport. and by now, more than 80% of all of our shops and restaurants have reopened at our airports. there's a broader economic benefit that's really playing out here. >> come on through, welcome, welcome. >> reporter: and today was a big day in terms of logistics for the airport. a new connector was debuted. it sits between terminals two and three and will allow customers to connect beyond checkpoints. this will particularly benefit those flying united, as the airline plans to operate more flights in and out of terminal two. it could make things a little easier, but it's still important to know that you need to get to the airport early, giving yourself plenty of time. there's thousands of folks with the idea of hitting the friendly skies. nbc bay area news.
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more than 6 million californians will be hitting the road this week for thanksgiving. that means busy roadways and gridlocked traffic. but aaa has done some analysis for you. on wednesday, heaviest traffic will be from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. and on saturday and sunday, leave before noon. organizations are making sure families in need have food on the t this thursday. mission hub began its turkey and groceries give away outsidity headquarters. also sacred heart santa clara started its effort. they ask no questions. >> we want to make sure everyone feels safe and secure about coming here. we don't share any information.
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everything's kept confidential. we just want to invite everyone to join us. >> sacred heart continues the distribution tomorrow and wednesday. the goal is to distribute 4700 turkeys, but they say they need more donations to make that happen. mission hub plans to hold another food give away on wednesday. and our nourishing neighbors food drive got off to a great start this weekend. our today in the bay crew kicked it off. we are teaming up with our partners and safeway to help families through the holidays. our generous neighbors have already donated $230,000. $10 goes a long way to help a family in need. the money will go right to food banks in our own county, in your county. the drive ends on christmas. so you have plenty of time. something new and special for art lovers.
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opening today in san francisco an exhibit by banksy. it follows the mysterious artist's early days as an underground tiger. his identity has not been revealed. but top auction houses selling his work now, he doesn't only create street art, he's a pop icon. >> it's really a global trend these days. we thought would be amazing to get an original art exhibit of his and open to the public and have an opportunity to show it to the public. >> some 80 pieces of art are on display. tickets start at $40 and can be purchased online. this is fun. let's take you downtown showed where look who it is, kristi yamaguchi is at the downtown ice rink named after her. it just opens in 15 minutes, and our own nbc bay area's mike
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inouye is emceeing. the rink features a one of a kind track. the celebration tonight includes live performances and special guests. it is super, super fun. another celebration. last year the christmas in the park had to be changed to a covid-safe drive- it will be available again this year. but if you like the traditional christmas in the park at cesar chavez park, can you go to that as well. it will feature a new 65-foot walk-three christmas tree. >> you can hit the ice skating rink, go to christmas in the
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park. >> yes. >> lots of things to do in san jose for the holidays. >> it is gorgeous. let's get you into the microclimate forecast, if you're doing any of the festivities or just going to the grocery store. 65 degrees right now. i am tracking something just offshore. this looks pretty ominous here, lots of cloud cover with it, but this is really just going to give us a reinforcing shot at cold air as we head through tomorrow morning, and it's that kind of weather where you definitely have to make sure you have that jacket ready. let's get a look, and can you see for tomorrow morning we are looking at temperatures down to 43. tri valley coming in at 40. also notice this, down to 39 in the north bay. we start off this cold. as we move through the day
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tomorrow, we'll see a pretty good rebound. overall a beautiful day. in the south bay, 65 in cupertino, 66 in morgan hill. over to the east bay out to walnut creek. 63, 64 in pleasanton and very similar weather from oakland to fremont. 65 in redwood city. afternoon sunshine and daley no bay. 63 in ukiah. so gorgeous weather as we move through tomorrow's forecast. but i want to go ahead and take it to the airport delays. maybe you are heading to the airport tonight or you're going to pick somebody up and you're curious about that. good news. no big storm systems on the map. a little bit of rain for the east coast. currently, we're only seeing delays of 43 minutes.
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we are all green, that means no delays to or twoey about. we're holding it with temperatures in the 60s as we move through the next seven days, and the dry weather, so thanksgiving is shaping up good with 64 degrees and through the inland valleys we're also doing fantastic. 66 for the average tomorrow, 63 on thanksgiving and we stay with the 60s as we move into early next week. right now everything is shaping up good here as we head into turkey day on thursday. you know we did kind of a soft thanksgiving or pre-thanksgiv wd a few time. >> oh, wow. >> did you sew lucy's turkey outfit yet? >> no, that's not going to be happening. >> i feel like you should commit to that. >> got to see that. a popular store that you may have planned on making a little run at this thanksgiving is going to be closed, and it's just the beginning of it.
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. another turn today in the dave chapelle controversy. chapelle's netflix special "the closer" has been accused of being trans phobic. a walkout was organize and one was fired and another suspended. but today she's announcing she's resigning. both sides only said they
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resolved their differences. no more target runs on thanksgiving. they first close thanksgiving last year of the prime prime pandemic. their call centers will have some staff. some of team usa's best paralympians spoke today about the upcoming games. >> there's nothing like it when you're walking in with usa, your country, your flag right there, and then usa surrounded by all these incredible athlete the and coaches, and just super, super powerful. >> look at everywhere the sport has brought me around the world.
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it's motivated me to be a far better, stronger person than if i was just working a desk job. >> you can watch the olympics and paralympics right here on nbc bay area. >> super exciting. we'll be right back with a holiday tradition at the white house. ersation]
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well, the white house is getting into the holiday spirit. >> it sure is. first lady dr. jill biden welcomed the christmas tree, 18 1/2-foot frazier fur hails from north carolina. the first lady had a chat upon its arrival, wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season. >> i see christmas lights everywhere. >> i think jessica already has hers up. >> do you really? >> around the house. it happens when adam can put them up. >> very honest. >> what's coming up at 5:30?
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>> such a troubling story in wisconsin. investigators reveal new information in the deadly christmas crash near milwaukee. >> he still continued through the crowd. cohen? and trying to fight off a fifth surge as thanksgiving nears. the white house pushes for more people to get their booster shots. >> the increase in protection you get from a boost over and above the original vaccination is substantial. >> the state is now saying you need a booster to be considered fully vaccinated. good monday. thanks for


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