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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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handful of arrests. the bay area is seeing a wave of brazen, mob style retail robberies just as the holiday shopping season kicks off. we'll go to downtown walnut creek where nordstroms was hit over the weekend and tonight, melissa, they've closed early, which is crazy because this is a big shopping day. >> reporter: it is a huge shopping day. it's going to be a huge shopping weekend. but, yes. tonight nordstrom did close early instead of 9:00 p.m., the regular hours, they closed at 5:00 p.m. tonight. out of an abundance of caution. this is called a broadway plaza. this is a road that leads to pretty popular stores not just nordstrom but you also have apple store. now the only way to access this road is on foot because the city has put in place these bright, orange barriers. the reason essentially trying to prevent what we saw happen on saturday night in the viral
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video shot by our own jodi hernandez and the mayor of walnut creek says this is not the only tool they're ready to use. >> if it means we are going to detour roads, have more police on the street and more security around, whatever it is. every option is on the table. >> reporter: whatever it takes to avoid a repeat of this. saturday night police say as many as 80 people swarmed the nordstrom store right before 9:00 p.m. and grabbed whatever they could get their hands on. two workers were attacked including one person who was pepper sprayed. >> i don't want to be in the middle of the chaos when it happens, get knocked down, pushed aside, sprayed. >> reporter: three people were arrested and mayor kevin wilks says more arrests are on the way thanks to license plate readers and a trove of surveillance video. he is calling on the contra costa county district attorney to make an example of the thieves who were caught.
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>> these people aren't prosecuted, then not only are they out and able to do it again but other people see that and might say, hey. here is an opportunity of crime. >> reporter: after watching the video,trakas from napa had mixed feelings about coming to walnut creek to get her shopping done. >> it is nerve-racking and sad. this is a beautiful town. i used to shop here all the time. but no more. >> reporter: this could happen anywhere in the bay area. we need to get together with our other cities to ensure we're keeping people safe. >> reporter: if you're thinking of coming down to downtown walnut creek to do last-minute shopping here at nordstrom you'll have to try again tomorrow. that is because this nordstrom has closed at 5:00 p.m. instead of the regular hours at 9:00 p.m. it is unclear if we'll still see these reduced hours throughout the week but, clearly, it is out of an abundance of caution.
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it is pretty alarming given that we are entering the busiest holiday shopping season for big department stores specifically just like this nordstrom. that is the latest in walnut creek. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. that is just one of the shoppin shopping strictly by appointment. a lot of new rules which might be our new reality at least in the short term. this was bay area wide. san francisco, friday night, union square. we saw what happened. melissa colorado in walnut creek where she is and then yesterday hayward and san jose. we have new video into the newsroom from the hayward robbery. cell phone video from a customer. eight people in hoodies smashing glass cases at sam's jewelry in the southland mall around 5:30 last night. like so many of the other flash mob type robberies here, people were shocked and scared watching all of this unfold right during mall hours. in pleasanton police tell us nine people broke into the stone
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ridge mall early this morning. they took the sliding glass door off of its track at the entrance by the men's warehouse. investigators think they tried to break into the jewelry store but couldn't get past the metal, roll away gates. the ones in san francisco at union square are making headlines nationally. governor newsom said more needs to be done to catch the criminals and make them. nine union square stores were hit friday night and much was caught on the now viral videos. we had reporters on site watching this happen as well. among the stores targeted louis vitton, ysl, alexander mcqueen. today as stores began to reopen with the new rules and heavier security and boarded up store fronts, many say the key to stopping all of this really is just bigger and more harsh consequences for the criminals involved. >> these people need to be held to account. we need to investigate these crimes. we need to break up these crime
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rings. we need to make an example out of these folks. >> i totally agree with the governor. it is time to step up. that's why i'm proud of my partnership with other district attorneys. we are meeting tomorrow to discuss ways we can share information and collaborate. >> that is the district attorney there. the embattled da of san francisco. he is also responding to those who say his policies are part of the problem. many have cases. today he denied that, saying that the facts don't support the accusation. much more from the da coming up on our 7:00 newscast. in the south bay it wasn't exempted at all. santana row also targeted with a group of at least eight people including one with a gun mobbed the lululemon store last night. they made off with about 40,000 bucks worth of merchandise. today we spoke with one of the security officers on duty as those thieves arrived. he says the first thing he saw was two women rush from a car into the lululemon.
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then immediately i saw eight people run out to the cars across the street. i tried to stop one of them but they kind of indicated they'd be willing to hit me if they wanted to so i backed off. >> today we've also learned while that robbery was happening, at santana row lululemon across the street a similar attack was thwarted at the valley fair shopping center. police say security noticed a large number of cars showing up with their license plates blacked out. police say the cars sped off as officers arrived. but say a smaller group did damage and was managed, able to steal about $7,000 worth of goods from the sunglasses hut. we compiled a list of retail robberies in the bay area over the last week. you can see the timeline and the summary for each case. just go to our website nbc bay and click on the story right there on the front page on our trending bar. we also have details on the violent weekend in oakland. a fatal, officer involved shooting. a shootout at a pot dispensary
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and runs of cars involved inside shows in various parts of the city. nbc bay area learned exclusively there were three arrests in the shooting involving a retired police captain. we'll go live to police headquarters for more. >> reporter: jessica, three people have been arrested in connection to the shooting involving row tired police captain joy confirming for us tonight that one of the suspects was taken into custody by u.s. marshals in houston. two others were arrested in elk grove. the chief spent the majority of the press conference today talking about the surge in violence this weekend. there was a fatal, officer involved shooting of a carjacking suspect saturday night. a shootout at a pot dispensary in the 8100 block of mcarthur boulevard. and parts of the city overwhelmed with side shows involving hundreds of cars doing donuts in the streets.
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today the chief made a forceful plea to city officials. >> i need help from the leaders of the city that, to have them in one car for an emergency meeting to discuss gun violence in the city of oakland. i am asking council members to step up and have a conversation about the loss of life in this city beyond the politics of whether you support police or not there is a clear problem in this city that this city has to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend and it is unacceptable. >> reporter: the chief says he is working on a way to make the streets safer. he says he is working with federal partners to work with the city on this along with the chp. he also expresses that this isn't just an oakland problem. he says it is a bay area problem that must stop. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a new covid crisis at santa
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clara county jails. an outbreak is now forcing the county to look for help including asking neighboring jails for help. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at the jail where there are questions about below santa clara should have been more prepared. >> reporter: the biggest obstacle is isolation. how do you isolate inmates when you don't have enough beds? the sheriff says the latest outbreak at the elmwood jail began when someone showed up with the virus at intake. it spread quickly. >> as of friday i believe 159 positive individuals in the elmwood system. the number seems to be growing. >> reporter: today the sheriff told a county watch dog group called the community correction and law enforcement monitoring committee that they ran out of beds to isolate infected inmates and those at high risk. the committee called an emergency meeting today. >> recommending single cells for people who have high risk
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exposures and certainly those that are covid positive. we really have run out of the ability to do that roip the sheriff is now urging county leaders to ask neighboring counties if they can rent and use some of their beds. sheriff smith says adding to the issue, many inmates are not vaccinated. she says she is unsure that there is a way to force vaccination on them. >> that's a huge problem. >> reporter: in the meantime the jails are making adjustments to try to contain the outbreak including temperature screenings for anyone who enters the jails. but the sheriff admits letting people out isn't an option. there is only so much they can do without more space. at the elmwood jail, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. pg&e is in trouble yet again with regulators. the public utilities commission fined pg&e 5 million bucks for failing to inspect a high voltage transmission system that runs through the golden gate national recreation area to sausalito. they fined pg&e another
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$2.5 million for missing an important deadline that our investigative unit first told you about back in may. pg&e failed to fully inspect more than 53,000 power poles in the distribution network many in high fire threat areas. pg&e says it reported the breakdowns to regulators and has now completed all of those delinquent inspections. up next a busy weekend and busier week ahead. hitting a milestone. what you will want to know if you are taking off or picking up relatives from the airport. big crowds and more testimony. i'm scott budman. day two of elizabeth holmes on the witness stand in her trial. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with a lot coming your way. colder temperatures from this system. we'll also get you ready for airport delays and take a look at what is happening right now in the turkey trot in the south bay. details in about eight minutes. minutes away when we welcome our viewers in the west, closing arguments in the murder of
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ahmaud arbery. was it self-defense? why the prosecution says no. and as big box stores find their ways around product shortages what about the little guys? our conversation with the head of walmart tonight. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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must see event at the trial of elizabeth holmes. on friday we were the only ones left when her attorney called
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her to the stand t surprised a lot of people. today no surprise. holmes was back on the stand and this time every seat in the courtroom was filled. our business tech reporter scott budman joins us. i know you snagged your courthouse seat today. you've been there every single day. >> reporter: yes, jessica. you mentioned the full house. let me show you the size of the crowd today after everybody found out indeed elizabeth holmes had taken the stand as witness in her trial. close to 100 visitors and members of the price vying for 60 seats inside. holmes was led through questioning by her defense team trying to head off issues before prosecutors get the chance to question her. like questions about her efforts to secure deals with the department of defense and trials that took place between theranos and large pharmaceutical companies like pfizer. all of it meant to show holmes and her team had a plan and desire to succeed, not defraud. >> if she sincerely and honestly
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believed her technology could one day be where it needed to be then it is going to be very difficult for the prosecution to prove fraud. >> so, scott, she is on tomorrow. is that when the prosecutors finally get to do cross examination? >> reporter: you know, the guess is no. it will be the defense all day long. the idea being they can familiarize the jury with holmes as a potential success story and keep that in their heads as they go home for the long vacation. tomorrow will be the last day of court for the week. it is unlikely that the prosecution will get to cross examine holmes until the very earliest next week. >> that is quite some strategy. thank you very much. because of our new reality of working from home, holiday travel really began last friday and of course continues this week. sfo will be busy and has been for the last several days. here is a live look now as
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actually i was there late last night and it was busy in the 10:00 hour. an airport spokesman says they have hit a milestone. more than 52,000 people went through tsa last friday alone at sfo. the influx of travelers will allow more businesses at the airport to also reopen doors. >> not just our airport that benefits. the more passenger activity we have the more businesses and shops can reopen at our airport because it makes financial sense for them to do so. and by now, more than 80% of all of our shops and restaurants have reopened so there is a broader economic benefit really playing out here. >> a lot of people getting on flights for the first time since pandemic. also today a new connector debuted. this connects the terminals 2 and 3 and will allow people to connect beyond tsa check points. >> the uk is taking a big step toward helping our climate in crisis the country now requiring all new homes to contain charging ports for electric vehicles. prime minister boris johnson says it will translate to
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145,000 additional charging stations across the country. regulations will also apply to new building like workplaces and supermarkets. that begins next year. this is a big week with all the holiday travel going on and the holiday coming up. jep ranieri talking about what a gorgeous day today was. >> so nice. look, i think we'll be shaping up pretty good as we head through the next couple days. let's get into our weather forecast here. what i did want to highlight here as we start off is this system we're tracking just offshore. now, there is some rainfall up toward seattle and portland. we are not expecting any rain. on and off cloud cover tomorrow and also another reinforcing shot of some cold air. so if you thought it was chilly this morning, it is going to go down even chillier as we move through tomorrow. let's get you set up and ready to go for that tuesday. down to 43 in the south bay. peninsula 45. certainly some of the chilliest air over the tri valley at 40 degrees and the north bay coming in at 39. so definitely got to have the layers tomorrow.
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san francisco 48. the east bay at 40. we start off chilly and through the day a pretty substantial warm up here. i definitely think we'll get back into the 60s. that is going to make it a good day. we'll see cloud cover, high clouds pass on through the afternoon. not as sunny today but overall not too bad. 66 in east san jose. over to los gatos 64. right through the east bay, 62 in vallejo down to pleasanton 64 and low to mid 60s oakland to hayward. the peninsula really nice weather. we have 60 in half moon bay and over to redwood city 65. moving off to san francisco, 62 in the outer sunset and 58 and through the north bay 63 in ukiah. 65 in sonoma. a lot of you might be heading to the airport tonight to take off yourself or pick somebody up. i wanted to give us a national view. a few showers here over the west. the storm system for the east coast that has now started to clear out, so we have some delays but not too bad only
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running 41 minutes behind at newark and 30 minutes behind in washington. let's move it into thanksgiving. we have the san jose silicon valley turkey trot happening as we move through thanksgiving. this is going to be different because of covid. they're doing a virtual 5 and 10-k. you upload your results and you can also donate online. weather looks good if you are doing this. 42 at 8:00 a.m. and by 2:00 p.m. at 61. moving into the seven day forecast you can see in san francisco dry weather next seven days. and right here through the inland valleys temperatures are very similar. 63 on thanksgiving. 67 on saturday. sunshine saturday and sunday as well. so turkey, the pumpkin pie, whatever you got going on. i think it is going to pan out really good. >> then after you eat, the 5-k run >> i would run first. >> run first. >> could you imagine? >> that looks good.
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mission peak the mountain overlooking fremont is a peaceful place but a lot of drama is happening right now behind the scenes. mission peak is a popular spot with hikers and just a lot of people live in the area. while the city owns the land the city of fremont the east bay regional park district operates it. there have been some disputes now between the two in recent yoers over parking and permits. the mercury news reporting the pandemic has aggravated things such as what the new covid rules should be. ongoing disputes have delayed signing of new agreements. >> good news if you are looking for an apartment in san francisco. rents had another flat month with one bedroom staying at $2,800. two bedrooms down 1.6%. it shows for the first time this
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year there is a slower pace of growth potentially signaling the rental market may be cooling off a bit. okay. here is another sign, nice sign that the holidays are here. christie yamaguchi's downtown ice rink is back in san jose. just a few moments ago, there she is, the opening celebration at the outdoor rink. >> look how cute the little reindeer is. >> the olympic gold medalist and fremont native was there with our traffic anchor in the morning. oh, she is good. last year this was canceled because of the pandemic. this year we're back in full force. the ice rink is back under the circle of palm trees in downtown san jose for its 25th year. they plan to keep this open the ice rink there until january 9th. >> don't expect that you can skate like that when you go >> i can practice and do that. >> okay. up next, his work is admired by millions but he remains anonymous. we're in the bay area and you can see the latest work.
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banski is the name of an artist who prefers to be a mystery. >> the palace of fine arts featured his art. now the top auction house is a household name for a lot of people in the art world.
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some 80 pieces of art are on display. tickets start at $40. you can get them online. tonight at 7:00 he says it is not his fault. the flash mob robberies across san francisco and the bay area. we're talking with the san francisco district attorney with a rare one-on-one interview. also with us santa clara da jeff rosen. what is the plan for prosecuting these criminals? that is coming up on our 7:00 newscast. next on "nightly news" an exclusive interview with the ceo of walmart. what he says about shoppers. the steps walmart is taking that small businesses can't. lester holt joins us are new york right now. tonight, the suspect facing charges in the deadly christmas parade horror in wisconsin. the red suv speeding through the parade filled with families in waukesha. ramming into a marching band. five people killed, 48 injured, including two
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children in critical condition. the suspect a man out on bail now facing five counts of intentional homicide whatolice say he was fleeing. also tonight, closing arguments in the ahmaud arbery murder trial prosecutors saying the three white defendants attacked arbery because he was black the defense arguing they were making a citizen's arrest when the jury could get the case. just in, new subpoenas from the january 6th committee. among the names, trump allies alex jones and roger stone. thanksgiving travel shattering pandemic records and the chaos in atlanta's airport after a man discharged a gun in his bag the man hunt tonight. winter covid surge fears. cases nearing 100,000 a day. boosters now available for all adults and today's deadline for federal workers to get vaccinated how many complied? shocking images. flash mobs robbing stores and counting down to black friday. our exclusive with walmart's u.s. c


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