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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 22, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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condition. the suspect a man out on bail now facing five counts of intentional homicide whatolice say he was fleeing. also tonight, closing arguments in the ahmaud arbery murder trial prosecutors saying the three white defendants attacked arbery because he was black the defense arguing they were making a citizen's arrest when the jury could get the case. just in, new subpoenas from the january 6th committee. among the names, trump allies alex jones and roger stone. thanksgiving travel shattering pandemic records and the chaos in atlanta's airport after a man discharged a gun in his bag the man hunt tonight. winter covid surge fears. cases nearing 100,000 a day. boosters now available for all adults and today's deadline for federal workers to get vaccinated how many complied? shocking images. flash mobs robbing stores and counting down to black friday. our exclusive with walmart's u.s. ceo
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how the retail giant is keeping top gifts on the shelves amid a supply crisis. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening we have learned a lot more about last night's sickening tragedy at a holiday parade in wisconsin. of the five people killed when an suv barrelled into spectators four were women from age 52 to 81 as many as six critically injured children among the 48 injured. families, marching bands and even dancing grannies just some of those gathered for an annual tradition that may never again be remembered in quite the same way tonight new video of the speeding vehicle and those in its path offers only a part of the horrific story authorities in waukesha now naming a suspect. the alleged driver in custody facing five counts of intentional homicide but there are plenty of questions about the events leading up to the rampage. tom llamas is there
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for us tonight >> reporter: in the town of waukesha, families usually hustle to get a good spot for the christmas parade this year, the scramble was to escape holiday cheer quickly turned to terror and carnage. >> 30 people down! 30 people down >> reporter: it was just after 4:30 on sunday when this red suv plowed through barricades on waukesha's main street barrelling into marchers and families in the crowd here you can see the vehicle just missing a little girl dancing on the parade route people started screaming. james touchstone describes the people he said he saw evil up close. he was shooting this video of his daughter's high school marching band when you can see the suv suddenly serve plowing through people. >> yeah. he was no brake lights, no stopping, just sawing through people >> reporter: as the band played their last notes, police cruisers already racing down main street.
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one officer fired shots to try to stop the suv. how many victims were there? >> there was so many people. there was just so many >> we have multiple casualties >> reporter: tonight, five are dead, ranging in age from 52 to 81 years old. virginia sorenson, jane kulich, leanna owen, tamara durand, and wilhelm hospel three of the victims part of the milwaukee dancing grannies, along with one of their husbands. >> i was like it is for everyone to remember how much joy they brought to everyone, how much they taught us, how much they taught us to enjoy dancing and being together and being a family >> reporter: 48 others were injured 18 kids were taken to children's wisconsin hospital 6 children remain in critical condition. >> when i saw all the chaos and tragedy was heroes first responders and community coming together. >> reporter: main street right now is one massive crime scene wrapped in this police tape.
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and you can tell how quickly the families here had to evacuate because there are abandoned strollers and kids wagons, chairs spread out all along the parade route. tonight a suspect is in custody, 39-year-old darrell brooks from milwaukee. police say the they say he has a long criminal history earlier this month, brooks was charged with battery and domestic abuse after the mother of his child said he intentionally and without consent ran her over with his vehicle. he was released from jail just 11 days ago after posting a $1,000 bail, according to the milwaukee district attorney who today called that inappropriately low considering brooks' criminal history tonight the holiday parade, a 60-year-old tradition will now forever be remembered for all the wrong reasons. >> tom, what is the next step in this case against the suspect? >> reporter: yeah. that suspect, darrell brooks, is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern. there is no final recommendation just
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yet on charges, but police say they are going to refer five counts of intentional homicide to the da's office. lester >> all right tom llamas thank you. in brunswick, georgia, closing arguments tonight in the murder trial of three men in the killing of ahmaud arbery was it self-defense, or was arbery, a black man, under attack as the prosecutors claim? sam brock is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight two versions of a fatal sequence mostly captured on camera involving 25-year-old ahmaud arbery and the three men charged with his murder >> their decision to attack ahmaud arbery in their driveway because he was a black man running down the street. >> he could have a gun, and he definitely has fists. >> reporter: arbery was spotted on surveillance video several times walking through a home under construction, but never observed committing any crime by travis mcmichael, gregory mcmichael or roddie bryan according to the prosecution
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the shooter, travis mcmichael, claiming self-defense. >> i shot him. >> why >> he had my gun. it's a life or death situation. >> reporter: the prosecution quickly countering. >> then they shot and killed him not because he's a threat to them, but because he wouldn't stop and talk to them. >> reporter: the defense says the pursuit came in the midst of a neighborhood-wide crime spree and allege travis mcmichael tried multiple times to communicate with him peacefully. >> take the gun out, shoot him in the back. >> the defense claiming travis mcmichael charged arbery multiple times. now, outside this georgia courthouse, members of the new black panther party chant for accountability, and a grieving mom listening to arguments also heard this >> turning ahmaud arbery into a victim after the choices that he made does not reflect the reality of what brought ahmaud arbery to scintilla shores in his khaki
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shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails >> reporter: with that, an audible wow from arbery's mother who briefly left the courtroom. >> regardless of what kind of toenails he had, what size legs he had, that was still my son. and my son actually was running for his life. >> sam, when is the jury expected to get the case >> reporter: deliberations, lester, could begin as soon as tomorrow afternoon the prosecutors in this case expected to use a full two hours for rebuttal the last thing the jury will hear tomorrow morning. >> all right sam brock, thank you just developing tonight, the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot issued new subpoenas. kristin welker is at the white house. kristin, these are high-profile allies of former president trump. >> that's right. the january 6th committee is widening
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its scope tonight, announcing the subpoenas of five witnesses the committee says helped organize the rally that preceded the attack on the capitol. now, among those on the list, trump ally roger stone and far right radio host alex jones. both men spoke at the rally. in a statement, stone said, quote, any statement, claim, insinuation or report alleging or even implication that i had any involvement in or knowledge about the commission of any unlawful acts is categorically false. jones is also responding tonight through his attorney saying, quote, the first amendment guarantees the right of assembly and the right to petition for redress of grievances. congress's attempt to chill ordinary americans in the exercise of these rights is terrifying the fall-out continues. lester >> all right, kristin, thank you. as we begin this thanksgiving week, road travel is expected to hit its peak in coming days, and the tsa says it's already seen record numbers of air travelers. tom costello went behind the scenes to united airlines to see how it is managing the
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rush. >> reporter: two years after the last thanksgiving homecoming, americans are tonight on the move again, navigating rain delays in the northeast and south florida, from packed roadways to crowded airport terminals. atlanta's airport, the nation's busiest now back to normal after mass panic on saturday when the tsa says a passenger grabbed a gun he left in a carry on bag at a tsa check point causing it to discharge. thousands of passengers ran, the faa pausing airport operations on the ground the suspect got away with his gun. >> i think we're all a little stir crazy at this point and willing to buck the crowds in order to get away. >> reporter: meanwhile, today is also the deadline for tsa officers to comply with the vaccine mandate. the agency says 93% of its officers are vaccinated or have requested exemptions and screened a pandemic record 2.2 million people on friday, nearly as many
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on sunday. >> good afternoon and welcome to united flight -- >> reporter: at chicago o'hare, united airlines is in the thick of it. to see their operations firsthand, we're getting access to something most people never get to see in person. >> we're going to taxi to 19 and back, so it will be a while. >> reporter: we were invited into united airlines ramp tower where controllers coordinate every single plane moving in and around united concourses at o'hare it is a tightly choreographed logistical ballet. 500 flights moving on the ground every day. >> skyway 5415 bravo 3. >> reporter: this is united's biggest hub while other airlines have struggled with staffing in recent months, canceling thousands of flights, united insists it is staffed up with 99% of employees vaccinated we have our staff on the property and one of the key things that we did throughout the pandemic is we didn't furlough any pilots. >> reporter: that's allowed united to bounce back quickly from the pandemic as passenger traffic rebounded.
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across the usa, the busiest days to fly this week will be tuesday, wednesday and sunday. >> we got like 31 to 45. >> reporter: and tonight the push is on >> and, tom, i want to get you back to atlanta and that gunshot that went through the airport. have authorities found that guy yet >> reporter: still looking for him. his name is kenny wells, 42 years old. he is a known felon. and now multiple arrest warrants are out for him. but so far no sign of him according to atlanta police. lester >> all right tom costello, thank you. in just 60 seconds, inside the covid surge as americans travel for the holiday. and was she a visionary or a con artist elizabeth holmes testified in her fraud trial.
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we're back now with the race to vaccinate and boost americans as families prepare to gather for the holidays authorities are stressing the importance of being protected as covid cases skyrocket in some parts of the country. here's miguel
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almaguer. a >> reporter: tonight the warning signs are clear in pockets of the country. a crushing new wave of covid cases is already eclipsing last winter's deadly surge as the u.s. closes in on 100,000 new cases a day, more than half the nation is now recording a rise in new infections >> we're far over capacity and really working hard to care for all these people. >> reporter: in parts of the midwest, the department of defense is sending medical teams to relieve exhausted front line workers. what do you anticipate in the weeks and months ahead >> you know, i'm afraid what we're seeing here in michigan is probably just a foreshadow of what we'll see across the country. >> reporter: with inoculation numbers still climbing, 95% of federal workers, nearly 3.5 million employees, met today's vaccine mandate deadline but the majority of new shots into arms are boosters, not new vaccinations. >> infections among the unvaccinated continue to drive this pandemic, hospitalizations and
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deaths. >> reporter: even with covid cases climbing 32% among children, it is not fear but holiday cheer most families are thinking of. >> everyone is tested and everyone is like being as careful as possible. >> reporter: compared to this time last year, massive lines for covid testing are all but gone as we mark our first holiday season with vaccinations widely available. >> i'm so happy i could cry. i really am. it's like the end of a really long, like, just crazy past two years. >> reporter: tonight even as our nation faces troubling days ahead, there are reasons to be grateful miguel almaguer, nbc news. also tonight, two hostages from the u.s. missionary group kidnapped by a gang in haiti last month had been freed they are safe and in good spirits the fbi says it is deeply engaged in efforts to free the other 15 hostages. in a california courtroom, one-time silicon valley star
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elizabeth holmes was on the stand for a second day receiving in her own high-profile fraud trial. kristen dahlgren is following it. >> reporter: today the jury hearing from theranos founder, elizabeth holmes in her own words, fighting back by telling jurors she thought her blood testing device was a really big idea and describing clinical results as excellent holmes pleaded not guilty to charges she defrauded investors by lying about theranos technology saying it could run range of tests on a few drops of blood. >> we'd like to see a world in which every person gets access to this type of basic testing. >> reporter: the company once valued at $9 billion put holmes on the cover of magazines backed by big names like the walton family and rupert murdoch but the prosecution has tried to paint a picture of a con woman who knew the device didn't work. defense documents indicate they will argue holmes former partner and boyfriend was pulling the
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strings. in spite of holmes once saying the buck stopped with her >> anything that happens in this company is my responsibility at the end of the day. >> reporter: but one lawyer said he adamantly denies wrongdoing elizabeth holmes has a long history of charming knowledgeable, influential people so it stands to reason that her attorneys think she can also charm 12 jurors sitting in front of her. >> reporter: holmes' testimony is expected to continue tomorrow when the prosecution may get a chance to question the woman who hopes she is her own best witness kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> we have more to tell you about up next, getting the items you want this holiday season our exclusive interview with walmart's ceo. could their advantage leave small businesses with empty shelves
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shocking video out of the san francisco area a flash mob of about 80 people storming a nordstrom's department store, stealing merchandise and speeding away. only three people arrested so far. and last week near chicago, police say 14 people looted $120,000 worth of merchandise from a louis vuitton store. no arrests have been made. now to our series race to deliver, all about the big issues facing holiday shoppers this year tonight our exclusive with the ceo of walmart u.s. of keeping up with demand in the middle of a supply chain crisis. here's stephanie ruhle. >> reporter: with only days before black friday and the holiday
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season kicking into high gear, shoppers are ready. after worries that must have gifts would be hard to find because of supply chain disruptions, many americans started shopping earlier now the nation's largest retailer tells nbc news walmart is ready. >> our team has been extremely creative the last few months in figuring out how to manage some of the shortages. and congestion in the supply chain our inventory was up over 11% at the end of the quarter. >> reporter: that included chartering their own ships to bring in goods from overseas target and costco did the same and similar to other retailers, walmart is buying more products here in the u.s. >> we committed to buying an additional $250 billion of product that's either made, manufactured or assembled in the u.s. >> reporter: yet, many local retailers struggle with getting everything they want heidi co-owns out there outfitters in pennsylvania. >> we are at the mercy of the brands that we carry and the vendors and how they're
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getting products to us big box stores or corporations that are getting their own cargo ships, i mean, they get what they want so that is a disadvantage for us that we're trying to work around. >> reporter: in addition, she worries about rising costs walmart is, too. but with its size and profits, it can absorb some of those costs. as for the consumer, how much do you think we're struggling >> we really see a strong consumer around the country. certainly we see strong demand. we know that incomes are higher than they were a year ago. we think that customers are generally in pretty good shape as we go into the holidays. >> reporter: while this holiday may be tough for some americans and small businesses, many retailers are booming as consumers keep shopping stephanie ruhle, nbc news. los angeles lakers superstar lebron james has been suspended without pay for one game after he was ejected last night for a flagrant foul that left the detroit pistons' isaiah stewart with a bloody face stewart was suspended for two games with unsportsmanlike conduct. this marks the first suspension of james' career
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up next, you will meet an innovative farmer rooted in his community and inspiring america.
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next at 7:00, a rare one-on-one interview with the mayor who says that something has to be done with the smash and grab robberies. to tell you how concern about the climate is driving one farmer to make sure that supply stays consistent while also helping his denver community. here's morgan radford. >> reporter: he may not be your typical farmer.
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>> my previous career was actually in arts. >> reporter: but roberto mesa has some fresh ideas. >> we're able to harness the 300 plus days of sunshine that we get to be able to optimize our production of food. >> reporter: he's part of a growing generation of younger first-time farmers >> reporter: what are you guys doing here? >> so these are broccoli greens. >> reporter: using high tech greenhouse technology to grow fresh, local food and get it into urban areas. >> it sounds like this is pretty different and perhaps a little better for the environment than traditional farming. >> so we're able to save water we're able to grow year-round and we are producing a cleaner crop. >> reporter: but when the pandemic hit and customers dried up, mesa discovered a new need how did the pandemic affect your business or your work flow? >> we didn't know if the restaurants were going to reopen, so we lost about 60% of our revenue in a week. and we needed to find ways of pivoting and ensure viability >> reporter: which is why he made his community part of the plan, by creating a home grown supply chain.
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>> so this is like the second step here >> yeah. this is the second stage of the process. >> reporter: that gets other locally grown products to where they are needed most. >> we bring in other products from other local farms to create a beautiful box like this for the families. >> reporter: families like her what does it mean to have healthy, fresh food it means a lot for you all. it is something you need putting a sustainable future and a healthy meal just an arm's length away. morgan radford, nbc news, denver and that's "nightly news" for this monday. thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night
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i'm raj mathai, and next up on the bay area, what will be done a the bay area, and how the are the stores adjusting the hours? union scare, and the southland mall in hayward and others. >> as the shoppers, this is kind of a shocking thing here. >> what can be done to hold the criminals accountable? one-on-one interviews with the san francisco d.a. and the santa clara d.a. and the mayor of walnut creek. >> also, their nose founder back on the stand. the courtroom was packed and we were there. we will tell you what elizabeth


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