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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 22, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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truck stuck on the tracks. we talk to the passengers headed home for the holidays. security tight at bay area malls, extra steps taken to protect shops and shoppers after rash of robberies. no more red or orange, bay area back in the yellow tier for covid transmission. will it continue as we approach the holidays? we ask the experts. begin with the breaking news, amtrak train, passengers had holiday plans put on hold. 30 people on board, train crashes into truck, luckily no one has hurt, san pablo, people on board were okay, inconvenienced and stuck on board for an hour before they were escorted off. lot of them college students on the way home for thanksgiving.
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investigators. >> it's steeper over the tracks, bottom of the truck got stuck on the tracks and back tires came off the ground of the tractor carrying the cars. got stuck and worked to get off the track for 10 to 20 minutes according to the driver, unable to do that. train came through, hit the truck with the cars on it. >> driver of the truck suffered minor injuries, no one else hurt. amtrak says those impacted were provided alternative transportation. we've seen the videos, know the problems but what are we doing about it? flash mob robberies across the bay area. >> so destabilizing, many stores are closing early and shoppers are change plans. surge in the robberies, ian
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cull. >> reporter: security is tighter than usual at santana row, officials doing everything they can to keep the customers and employees safe. extra guards on hand to deter potential crime, including one stationed outside lululemon hit last night. one man made off with $40,000 of merchandise. security guard saw it happen. >> eight people run out to cars across the street. tried to stop one of them but they indicated they would be willing to hit me if they wanted to, so i backed off. >> reporter: across the street, $7,000 worth of sunglasses were stolen. police were patrolling malls around bay area, some closed early at 5:00 as precaution.
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orange barriers were placed in street to prevent this happening again. 80 people storming in and robbing thousands of dollars of good. security services in san jose is seeing increased call for guards, including stores and malls. we were there as they rolled out for night shift. >> visual deterrent, get the uniforms, maybe heightened police activity. >> reporter: they suggested to limit entry points and put a guard at doors still open. >> people think cameras replace security officers but doesn't replace the persona we give off but says i'm serious about my property. >> reporter: spent the day shopping in san francisco, saying increased security helped. >> union square, every block police cars, motorcycles, bikes.
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>> reporter: patrols that will continue indefinitely. ian cull, nbc bay area news. this was a swarm. bay area wide, and list growing. show you where it happened. san francisco, friday. walnut creek on saturday, then sunday alameda, hayward and san jose. tonight we've learned two businesses were targeted there late last night but alameda says one of the businesses, thieves didn't get away with anything because of the security measures in place. they're asking businesses toke shatterproof film on the windows and motion sensor cameras, take high value items from the floor and install alarms. what are police and prosecutors doing? local leaders are promising swift action.
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jean elle. >> reporter: after a weekend of organized theft operations carried out at stores around the bay area, elected officials are calling for consequences. >> what happened in broadway plaza in walnut creek was outrageous, will not ge tolerated. calling on the d.a. to prosecute to full extent of the law. >> reporter: d.a. says he plans to prosecute. >> serious crimes will have serious consequences. when the police bring my office arrests and investigations with evidence we can present to the court, we do file against you. >> reporter: san francisco has been a flashpoint for retail theft, many pointing finger at district attorney and his progressive pogs policies. >> this has nothing to do about my policies and everything to do with the challenges our country
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is following. >> reporter: police arrested people connected to the theft at louis vuitton. >> i think d.a.'s offices are going to recognize this is organized retail theft. >> reporter: former prosecutor stephen clarke says it's beyond property crime. >> seeing grand theft because of the amount of goods stolen but could see robbery charges if people working in stores get it taken by force or fear. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom is directing chp to increase presence at shopping centers through the holidays and funding for the organized retail crimes task force. jeff rosen expects quick action. >> been able to quickly identify
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the individuals, arrest them, prosecute them and put them behind bars and i think same thing will happen here. >> reporter: some people were caught on video, many were not identifiable. police need more evidence for conviction. >> we have put together a list of the retail robberies past week. time line for each crime. click on the story on the trending bar. new at 11:00, sea of yellow, it's encouraging, heading into thanksgiving, all nine bay area counties are at moderate level of covid transmission. how long will it last? joining me now, dr. peter chin-hong. why are we seeing improvements when cases are skyrocketing
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other parts of the country? >> it's not really improvement i want to be optimistic bdown, down. hoping it won't go too far in the wrong direction, nevertheless will never look like last year in the bay area, because so many of us are vaccinated, i'm doubtful it will translate into hospitals bursting at seams because of covid. >> any concern with so many of us on the road for thanksgiving we could increase the case count here? >> yes, i think we will increase cases for sure as people move but again it's going to look very different in bay area compared to the central valley with still a lot of unvaccinated people who have not been infected yet. their rates have been plateauing
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also, but hospitals, central valley has talked to try to have a plan about getting patients in winter surge. what it means, different parts of california, same amount of cases but will result in different possible rates in the community based on vaccination. >> governor newsom is taking the push for booster shots to the mission district, urging everyone to keep up guard, recalling how number of covid cases surged last year from thanksgiving to christmas eve. urging everybody to get the booster. 17% of shots only have been administered in the latino community. boosters are now approved for all adults and key is outreach.
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>> more psas, trusted messengers and pop-up clinics, mobile clinics. >> more than 75% of californians five and older have at least one dose of the covid vaccine. thanksgiving travel is well under way and even the experts are surprised how many americans will be hitting the roads and skies this week. all can lead to travel headaches. terry mcsweeney has pro tips. >> reporter: the battle against covid-19 is far from over but tonight at sfo, the wait to see relatives for thanksgiving apparently is. first time in two years, san francisco's is heading out for turkey with family. >> two, three hours ahead of time before my flight they told
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me. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: where are you going? >> vegas. it's always bad. >> reporter: a scene happening across the country. >> 33.4 million people traveling, 13% up compared to last year. >> reporter: in california, 6 million people expected to hit the roads so plan ahead to avoid the rush. aaa says the heaviest traffic is wednesday, noon to 8:00 p.m. thursday to friday, worst time is noon to 3:00 or 4:00. good news for flyers today, deadline for tsa officers to comply with the vaccine mandate. 93% are vaccinated or requested exemption, screened pandemic record number of people on friday. flying to florida, excited but cautious. >> very exciting, a little --
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you have to be careful about it, it's more difficult, washing everything and wearing the mask but i think we're going to be okay, right? we're so excited. back on the stand, large crowd gathered today hoping to get a seat to hear theranos founder elizabeth holmes testify in her own defense. led through by her team to get ahead of prosecutors questioning her. securing deals in trials between theranos and large companies like pfizer. showing that she and her team had a plan and desire to succeed, not defraud. >> if she honestly believed her technology would be where it needed to be, will be very difficult to prove fraud.
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>> cross examination probably. in week. to san francisco, governor newsom went to mexico for family vaccination. lieutenant governor will be in charge during his absence. earlier this month the governor was criticized for holding no public events for 12 days without disclosing whereabouts at that time. he said he wanted to be with his kids for halloween. oakland businesses boarded up after violent weekend in the city. forceful plea for help from the police chief. something to smile about, beloved holiday tradition that was forced to break from tradition last year because of covid. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures are dropping now. i'll talk about the cold morning and travel forecast. we're back in 60 seconds.
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a live look over oakland on this monday night. city marking yet another violent weekend, and its police chief is calling out city leaders to step up and help. one business is taking matters into its own hands, boarding up so it won't be a target. cheryl hurd. >> my reaction to what is go ing on in the city is wow, we look like wild west have a heart dispensary boarded up windows, cannabis operations a target in oakland. >> i see more and more trouble happening. >> reporter: police responded to an operation, suspects firing at officers and hitting the car at
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least three times. no one was hurt but over the weekend there were two fatalities and 300 calls for service. >> some of our local groups and gangs are really driving the violence. >> reporter: oakland police chief armstrong holding a press conference. >> i need the council members to step up and have a conversation about the loss of life in the city. >> reporter: says the city was under siege with gunfire. a fatal officer-involved shooting with carjacking and roving caravans of cars, hundreds of cars. >> as council, we have not stepped up, i have called for more police resources both in budget process back in june. >> thing we're not used to is these groups' willingness to use firearms and threaten and shoot at people. run into businesses withy guard
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>> i love my town, won't leave it, wish my town would calm down. >> reporter: chief armstrong is working to make the streets safer, requiring the officers to work extra hours and partnering with feds and chp. bottom line he says, violence has got to stop. pg&e in trouble with regulators again. public utilities commission fined them $5 million for failing to inspect the system running through the golden gate recreation area to sausalito, another $1.5 million for missing a deadline we told you about in may. failed to suspect power poles, many in high fire threat areas. says they've now completed all the delinquent inspections.
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santa cruz county went back into mask mode requiring a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. it has a high enough rate of cases to put it back into cdc's second worst tier. christmas in the park coming backssic or safe, it's both ways this year. last year it was drive-through experience, some liked it, will be offered again at lake cunningham park but if you like the old park you can enjoy it as well. 65-foot walk through christmas tree, both options open friday. more reasons to smile, more holiday cheer. kristi yamaguchi's downtown ice rink in san jose is open. hello to your traffic reporter
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in the morning. >> and kristi. >> whoa. >> whoa is right. one of a kind shaped ice rink. you can skate around the palm trees. it looks nice. jeff and i will do pair skating down there. >> yeah. let's do it. >> this is the year. going to start stretching. >> i'm ready. ten years ago i was out there with kristi at the ice rink, she ended up spinning me around. >> oh. >> that's how that ended up working out. into the forecast, as we specifically move through tomorrow morning, we're tracking a system right here. going to give us cloud cover and second reinforcing shot of cold air. make sure you have jacket tomorrow morning. tri-valley temperatures down as low as 40 degrees, 45 in the
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peninsula, south bay 43, coldest across the north bay, 39 degrees average, and east bay 42. start off chilly. through the afternoon, pretty good rebound for us. high clouds moving by through the afternoon. not as sunny as today but overall a good day. mid-60s in san jose. east bay up to concord, 64, but temperatures don't change much, 64 in hayward also. peninsula 64 as well, palo alto and san mateo at 62. downtown, 63 degrees and north bay, 60 in clearlake, 65 in sonoma and 63 in mill valley. heading to the airport, hopping on flight, look at national forecast. don't have too many bumps in the forecast. we have rain and snow over the
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northwest, wind in wyoming, also oklahoma city but lots of sunshine las vegas to the east coast. as we move into thanksgiving, rain from texas to ohio, best chance of flight delays over houston from thunderstorms. do want to watch out for than on thanksgiving, thunderstorms could bring big delays. seven-day forecast, in san francisco we're dry next seven days. highs in 60s and morning lows in the 40s. not too much of a difference here across the inland valleys. temperatures in low 60s thanksgiving, 67 on saturday, and look at morning lows, 30s to 40s next several days. get the jacket out, the gloves, the scarf. if you don't have that, maybe head to the store and treat yourself right? go christmas shopping and little for yourself, too. >> vip shopping.
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>> one for you, one for me. >> exactly. target will be closed on ng from here on out, no more opening on thanksgiving, target says moving forward. target and other retailers say they offer sales earlier to relieve the holiday stress. back in a moment.
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after battling netflix over dave chappelle's recent comedy special, a trans worker is out of a job. the special angered a lot of lgbtq groups who accused him of
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transphobia. employees organized a walkout, one fired, one suspended, both filed unfair labor charge, fields is resigning and will drop the case, neither sides gave idea of the agreement reached if any. this might be the time to move to san francisco, rents had another flat month, one bedroom, $2,800 a month, two bedroom $3,800 so may be cooling of a bit. he is back, banksy returning to the bay area. new exhibit, 80 pieces of art of his early days as underground tagger. now he's doing works for top auction houses. he is for some people in art
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things are on a roll for sure. warriors have best record in the nba, 15-2. now there's this, klay is ready. >> klay thompson is ready to go? >> the leg is good. >> he's cleared to practice at full strength, no word when he'll make debut, christmas or earlier? new year's eve, we don't know, but ready to go. shark tank, hosting the carolina hurricanes, the drama, final four minutes of the game, kevin labanc saves the day, ties it 1-1, great call by randy hahn there. in ot, alexander is the hero. they beat carolina 2-1.
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two organizations are making sure families in need have food on the table. turkey and groceries giveaway outside of headquarters and sacred heart in santa clara county began efforts. help is available to anyone who needs it. ask no questions. >> want everyone to feel safe and secure coming here. don't share any information, everything is confidential, just want to invite everyone to join us. >> doesn't end today, sacred heart continues tomorrow and wednesday. want to distribute 4,700 turkeys
11:34 pm
but need more donations to make it happen. mission hub plans another giveaway on wednesday. >> so many ways to help if you're watching at home right now. nourishing neighbors food drive of ours kicked off with telemundo 48 and safeway to help families in the holidays. by last night, raised $230,000. and should say we, you all did, the community did. $10, if you have it, make a donation any local safeway store. right up to the register, they take the $10 and helps all the food banks. >> and runs through christmas. plenty of time. that's it for us. see you tomorrow. >> goodbye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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