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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 23, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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today the suspect in the deadly christmas parade in wisconsin will face a judge as we learn more about the five victim who's lost their lives and dozens injured in the sickening tragedy. bracing for a verdict. by the end of today the jury ould have the ahmaud aubrey case in their hands, after the prosecutor and defense complete closing arguments. testing airports, tsa agents as well as airport capacity. covid-19 cases are on the rise again meet the dogs trained to sniff
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out i don't have in public places plus the inspiring story of an innovative farmer, whose deep roots are feeding his community. "early today" starts just now. glad you can join us this morning. i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. more than 40 people were injurev drive through its annual christmas parade the five who were fatally injured included a bank employee, three members of the milwaukee dancing grannys and another member's husband that group was performing at the time our jay grey has more. >> reporter: the investigation continues today in waukesha where an suv turned a weekend of holiday parade into a scene of panic and pain >> i saw 83 people right in front of me get hit.
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>> reporter: 39-year-old darryl e. brooks is in custody after the chaos in this photo from a previous arrest. >> we have information the suspect prior to the incident was involved in a domestic disturbance. at this time the waukesha police department is referring five attempts of intentional homicide. >> reporter: everyone watching the parade struggling to find safety >> my wife got out of the way. by the time she did, the car came right past me within at least 2 feet i could have touched the car going by >> in waukesha, the search for answers continues. jay grey, nbc news, waukesha, wisconsin. a jury is expected to begin deliberating the fate of three men accused of murdering ahmaud aubrey prosecutors say the men attacked aubrey because he was black. the defense argues, he was making a citizens arrest.
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>> reporter: closing arguments are wrapping up in brunswick, georgia, where there was a national lens certainly within the confines of racial justice and what should happen with the three defendants in this case who do not deny their actions did lead to the death of ahmaud aubrey, the prosecution arguing, he had no gun, or a cell phone or i.d he was chased by three men that ultimately lost his life the defense on the other hand said there was a neighborhood crime spree going on remember they were alert to what was happening, there was video evidence of ahmaud aubrey inside a home under construction and they believed he was responsible for some them. there was no proof of that but they were doing what they were doing to protect their community. he ran and defense attorneys say things got worse and travis mcmichael who fired those shots had to defend himself.
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the prosecution, of course, saying you cannot claim self-defense if you have instigated or provoked the entire incident to begin with. the jury could begin deliberations. >> from the roads to the skies, america is in the midst of a holiday travel rush with more than 53 million people set to travel for thanksgiving. one of the busiest travel weeks of the year also coinsiesd with a deadline for tsa workers to get vaccinated against covid-19. here's nbc's tom costello. >> two years after the last thanksgiving home koj, americans are navigating rain delays in the northeast and south florida from patched roadways to crowded airport terminals. atlanta's airport now back to normal after mass panic on saturday the tsa says a passenger grabbed a gun at a checkpoint causing it to discharge
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thousands of passengers ran. the faa pausing aircraft operations on the ground the suspect got away with his gun. >> i think we're all a little stir crazy at this point and willing to buck the crowd in order to get away. >> reporter: meanwhile, the deadline for tsa officers to comply with the vaccine mandate. the agency says 93% of its officers are vaccinated or have requested exemptions and screened, a pandemic record 2.2 million people on friday, nearly as many on sunday. at chicago o'hare, united air airlines is in the thick of it we're getting access to something most people never get to see in person we were invited into united airline's ramp tower, where controllers move every plane moving in and around the concourse at o'hare. it's a tightly choreographedy.
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this is united's biggest hub while other airlines have struggled with staffing in recent months, canceling thousands of flights united insist it is staffed up with 99% of employees vaccinated. >> we have our staff on the property one of the key thing we did throughout the pandemic is we didn't furlough any pilots. >> reporter: that's allowed them to bounce back quickly from the pandemic as travel rebounded across the tsa, the busiest ways to fly will be tuesday, saturday and sunday and the push is on. so if you are flying over the next couple of days, the airlines say download their app, use that, it has good information. check in on the app. get to the airport two hours early. check your bags if you have any bags, if you do get rebumped, the airline can reschedule you you can reschedule yourself using the app. >> good tips, thank you. the house committee
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investigating the capitol riots is zeroing in on more allies they issued suspense yesterday for five witnesses who they say helped organizer the rally preceding the siege on the capitol. among those listed, former trump adviser roger stone and far right radio host alex jones, both men spoke at the rally, he says any statement, claim, insin wakes or ohrt alleging or even implication or knowledge about the commission of any unlawful acts is categorically false. stone says he and his legal team will determine how to proceed after the subpoena is served the lawyer representing jones did not respond for comment. last week, former trump adviser steve bannon was charged with an tempt of congress for refusing to comply we have breaking news from flint, michigan, where multiple homes went up in flames. a possible house explosion not only rocked this neighborhood in
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flint. it led to ground shaking miles away the fire battalion tells our local affiliate three people are missing. two are hospitalized at least two houses caught fire. windows were shattered across the street an energy company was called to the street the cause has not yet been determined the nba handing down punishment in the wake of sunday's on court incident in detroit. for what the league said was escalating the altercation after they hit him in the face casy said stewart needed 8 sticht stitches after that hit. they replay in los angeles sunday. before you gobble up your thanksgiving turkey. an annual warning from firef firefighters so don't do that do not put your frozen turkeys in the deep fryer.
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firefighters say it is a recipe for disaster frozen turkey can spill boiling oil out of the fire, possibly starting a fire and causing injuries ruining your holiday. bundle up if you are headed out shortly. janessa webb has your frigid forecast for most of us. good morning, janessa. >> good morning, if you are across the east coast, they're hitting the freezing mark in the deep south we're watching winter weather. minor delays for seattle into the eugene, oregon area. a fire at 6:00 a.m., this will push more into the rockies as we head into tomorrow afternoon look at the storm totals, up to six-to-eight inches in the higher elevations. so this is going to be for mountainous areas as these totals could reach near a foot in some locations.
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this entire system pushes into the plains it starts to weaken as we go into tomorrow afternoon. now the heat, this is divided. our temperatures are building. wichita today 68 degrees, about 15 degrees above formal. york citnew today. ral raleigh-durham, you will struggle this afternoon. a ton of sunshine across the great lakes. we will have some travel delays for tomorrow we'll take a look at that coming up. >> talk to you in a bit, janessa, thank you. still ahead, breaking into the block china. cyets into the crazy pups sniffing out covid-19 .
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good news to report regarding racial inequities and kamala harris says they have closed the vaccination rates between black and brown adults the biden administration is focusing on getting children under the age of five vaccinated a dog handler in california is training special pups to sniff out covid-19 reporter joe little from our affiliate nbc 7 in san diego has a story. >> reporter: grommet is still learning >> good boy. >> his handler just demonstrated how he can sniff out a positive covid-19 sample. they believe he can sniff it out on a person as well. so can robin the 2-year-old lab started life in guide dog store. >> she flurpged out because she likes squirrels too much. >> reporter: that's when a veterinarian found her and started training her for this hair brain idea of getting dogs
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to sniff out covid-19 a. dog's knows is used in so many professions. >> waste water management. planting pc bst or d col nice. >> reporter: why not sniff for a veers. she says when we have a disease or virus, our body makes chemicals that give off a certain smell that dogs can detect. >> so ten people that have covid will all make this same smell. >> reporter: so far unger says after extensive training, they have a near perfect track record of sniffing out the virus in people >> it was that gee whiz moment of this works, she actually knows what she idoing. >> the dogs are learning and doinena. she thinks the with methods can betry, like the armtd. >> schools, nursing homes. it's high efficiency, way simpler than our high-tech stuff. >> not bad for a dog school
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for the first time ever, macy's is selling nfts to celebrate its 95th thanksgiving day parade march the retailer is auctions off ten digital images of its parade balloons at macy's i' fans nationwide will have the chance to secure one of the free non-pointable tokens at 10:00 a.m. first come first
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serve. all the money will go to their partner. off, for symbols in people. the bay area on high alert after a series of smash and grabs, they stole thousands in merchandise. nbc news' steve patterson has more. >> reporter: this holiday season, a cloud of fear hanging over the bay area. after consecutive nights haunts the most posh shap shopping districts. the spree started friday night in union's square. a swarm of vandals and looters witnesses posted videos of bad-together fees fanning out from caved-in windows, police atempted a fray. in all, nine stores were hit
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police say at least eight people arrested so far with several wea weapons. >> the next night, law enforcement officials calling the attack well organized. closing in to waiting get away cars on sunday. walnut creek hinted at more coordination saying they were actively monitoring intelligence, that indicates a group of thieves last night are considering similar activity later today. >> it was pier is radek. they had lookouts, there were signals. we seen it go in spurts. we make arrests and then we'd
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see it die down and pop back up again. >> reporter: later that night, more chaos this time 30 looters struck at the southland mall in hayward. >> we can't continue to allow people to freely flow in and out of the city and commit these acts and get away with incidents broke out in beverley hills this stunning video from a louie vuitton in chicago, showing masked thieves bursted into the store in broad daylight, swiping the merchandise and running away at least 14 suspects separated in three vehicles. a holiday crime scene hitting the store at the height of the season. >> they have been armed so if anybody should be a hero over a $1,000 high fashion bag doesn't make sense at all. >> thanks for that report. before you hop on those planes, trains and automobiles,
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. good morning, everyone if you are traveling today, you picked the perfect day to go we are pretty clear across the country. tomorrow slightly different. if you are going to these major hubs, seattle, denver, minneapolis, detroit and chicago, minor to moderate delays due to a quick moving system that will produce some snow. i forgot about people hitting the roadways definitely dicey conditions for the rockies to montana if you are in the east coast, this is great weather into the deep south we're super excited to go back to the macy's day parade in new york city. it's a weird ronald mcdonald graphic. partly cloudy skies, breezy, temperatures should be in the low 40s. guys >> all right are you right. it was a little creepy, you are right. the farmer whose big ideas
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community. >> henderson will try a 3. boston inside. >> a battle between number one and number two in the bahamas. uconn held control, south carolina clamped down in the second 22 points as south carolina held the huskies to three points, winning it 73-57 a denver farmer is harvesting ideas, his climate is driving him to be inconsistent morgan radford has the story
4:27 am
>> he may not be your typical farmer >> my previous career was actually in the arts. >> but rebecca has some fresh ideas. >> we're age harness the 300-plus days of sunshine in the day to be able to optimize our production offood. >> he's a part of a growing generation of younger first time farmers there so what are you guys doing here? >> so these are broccoli greens, using technology to grow fresh urban food. >> it sounds different and perhaps better for the environment than traditional farming. >> so we're able to grow water we're able to grow year around we are producing a cleaner crop. >> reporter: when the pandemic hit, he discovered a new need. how does the pandemic affect your business or your work flow? >> we didn't know if the restaurants were going to reopen so we lost about 60% of our
4:28 am
revenue in a week him we needed to find ways of pivoting and ensure our viability >> reporter: which is why he made his community a part of the plan, creating home grown supply chain. >> this is a second step here? >> this is the stekd stage of the process. >> reporter: it gets products to where they are needed most. >> we bring in other products from local farms to create a beautiful box like this for the families. >> families. they pick out a name what does it mean to have healthy fresh food it means a lot for you all it's something you need. >> reporter: putting a sustainable future and a healthy meal just an arm's length away morgan radford, nbc news, denver. >> he is on to something, harvesting all year around so that everybody in the community will benefit from it >> how he does it, too sounds like a revolutionary
4:29 am
approach a good guy, a good business model. >> thank you for kicking off your tuesday with "early today." >> i hope you have a great day, coming up on the "today" show, a preview of nasa's mission straight out of hollywoo the agencyd.
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right now at 4:30, security tightening at bay area malls. the extra steps being taken in response to recent retail robberies. all of the bay area now in the yellow tier for covid transmission. will the trend continue with the winter and holidays coming? the new hopeful signs according to local health experts. >> they come two, three hours ahead of time before my flight. that's why i'm here three hours early. hopefully you'll get there early, too. from the skies and the roads the holiday travel frenzy is under way. the best and worst time to hit the roads and the skies


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