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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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chose to work in his office. right now at 6:00, close call. passengers rattled when an amtrak strikes a semi truck that got stuck on the tracks. the frightening moments for those riders. >> my wife got out of the way and by the sime she did, sh car came within two feet of me. >> the parade tragedy and new stories of survival emerge in wisconsin. one close-knit community grieves together. feeling the crunch. gas, groceries and gifts spiraling higher. president biden just announcing the new remedy to reel in inflation and the impact on you, the consumer. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning, thanks so much for making us part of
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your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. >> folks are on the go at sfo and the holiday travel rush is on. we'll have a lookt a that morning commute ahead. first, let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. there's sfo clear out there. that means cold. >> it is a cold start this morning and we've also seen of here across the golden gate bridge. visibility i rosa as well as napa and it's dropped off and only down to half a mile in some spots. so we're dealing with that but once it clears out, we have a really nice day. partly cloudy skies and little bit cooler today compared to yesterday. heading up to 63 degrees in san francisco and oakland, as well as livermore. we'll talk about thanksgiving. that's coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. developing for you this morning a scare on amtrak for the passengers there now faced putting their holiday plans on hold.
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after their train struck a truck in the east bay. cierra johnson is live. really, this could have turned out a different way. >> yeah, this could have went very bad very quickly. no one was hurt in this situation. this played out around 8:15 last night and we brought it online and no one was hurt and it took place in richmond near the intersection. people were okay but they, of course, were inconvenienced and stuck onboard for about an hour before they were escorted off. many tell us they were coming from merced among them college students on their way home for thanksgiving. here's what fire investigators say happened. >> little steeper going over the tracks. he went over the bottom of the truck and got hung up on the track and got stuck there.
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basically the back tires came off the ground of the semitractor that was carrying the cars and got stuck there and they worked on getting it off the tracks for 10 to 15 minutes, according to the driver. the train came through and hit the tractor with the cars on it and cars went all over the place. >> the driver of that truck suffered minor injuries besides that. again, no one was hurt. amtrak says that those folks impacted were put on another form of transportation to get to their destination. so, this thankfully turned out all right. everyone was okay except for that truck driver just minor injuries but a rocky start for some folks for their thanksgiving travel. we're live, cierra johnson, "today in the bay." >> the fact that the truck driver's injuries were minor. wow. thank you. when this all happened we sent out a push alert that breaking news as it happened just before our 11:00 newscast.
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now, if you want to make sure you get the up to date information and breaking news, sign up for our nbc bay area app. it is free and information sent right to your smartphone. president biden making a major new push to ease some of the pain that all of us are feeling from rising gas prices. "today in the bay" chris pollone live in washington, d.c., and an announcement that may help everyone at the gas pump. >> yeah, that's what the white house is hoping, laura. this has been rumored for some time now but today the white house makes it official that they will be releasing some oil from the nation's oil resees and an attempt to bring down gas prices. leaving the challenges of the pandemic behind for a little bit, serving up dinner to troops and their families at ft. bragg. >> you are the very best. we owe you big. thank you. >> reporter: later the president was serving up economic stability. >> i'm nominating jerome powell
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for second term as chair of the federal reserve. >> reporter: backing a federal reserve chair originally nominated by president donald trump. betting that under powell the conditions are there for the economy to reach full employment as the nation emerges from the pandemic. >> i believe jay is the right person to see us through and finish that effort while also addressing threat of inflation to our families and economies. >> reporter: despite strong job and wage numbers consumer are feeling a crunch with consumer prices up, too. in response, the white house announced this morning the president is releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic reserve to help lower gas and the united kingdom plan similar releases. despite current challenges the ceo of the nation's largest retailer sees a good year ahead. >> i think we have a strong consumer, we have a strong economy, you know, all the numbers reflect that. the employment number going up
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at a time when wages have risen, i think, is a positive sign for the country in general. >> a ray of hope in what's been a dark time for so many. >> we expect to hear more from president biden on the strategic release from oil to lower gas prices. he has a speech scheduled about the economy early this afternoon here at the white house. >> thanks so much, chris. new developments out of wisconsin this morning. and new video showing the suspect just moments after sunday's deadly christmas parade tragedy. take a look at this. doorbell security video obtained by nbc news showing that man identified as darryl brooks pleading for help and asking that homeowner to let him inside. police say this is after he just plowed into that crowd and that he actually fled some kind of domestic disturbance just before that. officers later arrested him. sadly five people died in that
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accident and the waukesha, this is outside of milwaukee. at least 48 others were injured. last night people held a vigil gathered at the local park and lit candles, as well as said prayers. 6:06 right now. new details on the response to what was a violent weekend in oakland. it included a deadly police shooting and thieves firing at police officers during a robbery at a pot dispensary. not only that, hundreds of cars involved in side shows. chief armstrong says he's making a new call to city leaders for help. >> asking council members to step up and have a conversation about the loss of life in this city. >> the chief says he's working on ways to make streets safer including requiring police to work extra hours. he's also exploring new partnerships with the fbi and chp. san francisco is the latest bay area city to ask people to cut back on water use. the city's public utility
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commission are going to discuss asking customers to reduce water use by 5% compared to what they use two years ago and also planning to ask communities to slash that use by 14%. reductions will not be inerse forced and no penalties applied. 6:05. take a peek outside this time from the east bay. good morning, walnut creek. look at our forecast for today. >> we just had the issue with the fog that has been developing the last few days and again this morning along with those chilly temperatures now the fog is not as thick as you head across parts of the east bay but you can see the dense fog over the delta right now, as well as parts of the north bay, napa visibility down to about half a mile and three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa. if you're headingpetaluma, it is chilly. the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. the highs today stay in the low 60s and it will be cooler than
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it was yesterday. we'll talk more about what's ahead coming up and, mike, now you have train delays. >> two trains reporting delays. capital corridor between richmond and martinez, debris on the tracks. remember, that is where cierr, a has been talking about. i'll say very likely that is the debris they are talking about. and likely more if they have to come to the same issue, that's for capital corridor. the light rail bus bridge in place between hostetter and alum rock. that will be a delay at least until 6:30 or 7:00 it is all cleared up. northbound san jose and crash and what seems like minor injuries from the original report. capital expressway and then everything else is clear. everything for the south bay is clear and everything for most of the bay is clear and aside from the fog in the north bay kari is talking about.
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highway 4, 37. the biggest slowing at the richmond bridge and nothing in the reports but it is starting to slow across there. maybe a patch of fog there, as well. we'll check the report. back to you. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. 6:09 this morning.holidays. the shipping back log is clearing here in california, at least one part of it. the ongoing response that may help your packages arrive on time. plus, what do you think of this. weed on the go. the new feature from uber eats and why most customers will not be getting or even seeing the green light any time soon. marcus talking about the good shipping. how about mailing and shipping. that is going really well, as well. lots of good news. we'll look at that green light and say, marcus, that it is. over at you can read about the latest
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fines. you can read more about that and what one passenger did on the flight from san jose to san diego. we'll be right back.
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happy tuesday. the time is 6:13. as you're stepping out the door in the east bay, just chilly. pleasant hill right now in the mid 40s and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds headed for about 60 degrees at 1:00. so, overall jacket weather today and sunglasses. we'll talk about what is ahead for thanksgiving coming up in a few minutes. you talk about thanksgiving week and lighter traffic. a half hour of metering lights and this is all the backup we have.
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much more traffic on the way. we'll show you how the distribution handles for your typical patterns throughout the east bay as you can see right here, though, things are lighter than your usual week. good morning, good tuesday to you, as well. we are already seeing oil prices fall a bit and now another move to push them lower. chris pollone was telling you about this. president biden ordering the release of some strategic petroleum reserve, not an unusual move for a president facing high gas prices. we did it in 2016. we did it in 2011 and 2005. in a statement issued by the white house about an hour ago, the white house said today's announcement reflects the president's commitment to do everything in his power to bring down costs for the american people and continue our strong economic recovery. but as we have said in the past, no president democrat, republican or otherwise has the power to broadly affect the price of a fungible commodity like oil. certainly not compared to the
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power of supply and demand. oil prices were already down a bit. gas prices usually followed but it takes a while. as economists say up like a rocket and down like a feather. tech stocks got shellacked yesterday. particularly companies that were new to the markets like rivian and roblox. wall street largely pleased with monday's white house announcement. the president would renominate jay powell as the head of the federal reserve. also getting good news as far as the supply chain and store shelves and part of the credit goes to you. stores like walmart say they're able to keep shelves stocked as the supply chain loosens up a bit. shipping is going well so far anyway. the united states postal service and ups both telling "wall street journal" running close to capacity now. evidence people are listening and they got their presents out early. we were talking yesterday how the price of turkey, you might see pictures like this on social
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media. note this grocery store was selling 20-pound turkeys for $10. we were talking about this at 5:00, guys. i was embarrassed to say. 50 cents a pound. if you're selling turkey, just 50 cents a pound, you're going to run out of them pretty darn quick. i actually looked it up, aquafina, the big cases. way more per pound for water. everyone is saying turkey shortage. turkey less than the price of water. >> everybody wants to know where. probably not in the bay area. >> yeah. >> my bird was a lot more than that. >> thanks, scott. new this morning uber teaming up with a canada cannabis company to allow people to order marijuana on uber eats. right now the service is only
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being offered in ontario. the pandemic toll on friendships. a new study finds on average americans lost seven friends during the pandemic. but don't worry, there is hope. the study also finds people have developed stronger connections in the relationships that did survive. and nearly 75% are now looking to make new friends. so, we want to know what you think. did you lose friends during the pandemic? head to my twitter page and you can weigh in. so far people are saying that 71% lost friends. that's a pretty big percentage. but 28% say they have -- >> i wonder are they considering friends relationships. >> there was vaccination and masking and you saw people's true colors come through. it was interesting. here's a bond that is still going strong. don't you worry. my dance collaboration with
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janelle wang. >> not only dancing. ♪♪ >> oh, yeah. this weekend janelle and i were out playing some top golf and we said, hey, let's just bust a move right here in the parking lot and we did and this is the outcome. look, a lot of people walking by. but no one stopped and thought, what are they doing? they are just dancing. this was a one take wonder. okay. this is the second time we did it but the first time wasn't because we didn't get it right it was because of the camera angle and everything. this is it. >> did you guys plan the outfits, too? >> no. she was dressed for the occasion. >> well after relaxing on the golf course, you have to do.
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here we go, marcus. >> now to kari. there you go. >> yeah. >> that's another tiktok. >> take it away, kari. >> please. >> we may need more takes on that one. a live look outside. walnut creek right now. it is clear as you're heading out the door. we have a nice start to our tuesday morning but it iseratur low 40s and dublin and 41 in santa rosa and also seen a lot more of the fog in parts of the north bay compared to else where and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. we're headed for the mid 60s. now, yesterday, we saw a lot of these spots in the low 70s. it's going to be a little cooler today. walnut creek reaching 63 degrees and 64 in hayward and 62 for a high in san mateo. notice the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen and the mission district today reaching 63 with some mid
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60s, as well. in the north bay so i know a lot of people are traveling, you may have some family coming in. i'm just now seeing this delay at d.c.'s airport. it's 30 minutes right now. and that's the only one across the country for some of the larger airports. and nothing going on here regionally. so that looks good if you're going to be heading out and catching a flight this morning. but we are watching some of those showers moving around the vegas area into southern california over toward arizona, as well. you can see some of that moisture streaming in. farther to the north, as well. some very light spotty showers a part of that weather system moving up around portland and seattle. and for us the rain just dries up before it gets here. that is going to be the case all throughout the week and we're looking at some extended periods of dry weather going at least into early december so we do need to make sure we keep the drought that is going on. as we even celebrate the holidays, thanksgiving is
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looking good. shopping on saturday and sunday will be very comfortable. just some light jacket weather with sunshine and in san francisco expect those temperatures to continue in the mid 60s. mike, you're seeing some of those delays sticking around. >> that's right. some are sticking around and some are clearing up. the rails we still had no progress because it'se tracks b richmond and martinez. this is likely about the crash that cierra continues to report. keep with us on the crash that happened overnight. some maintenance and going on perhaps closer to the 7:00 hour. so there is a bus bridge between and relatively light and moving smoothly. this is what is clearing up. 101 and clear from all lanes and now your typical spot with slowing and slight slowing because 6:20 and may kick in over the next half hour and not as strong as your typical week. yesterday we saw that in the south bay and this morning in the east bay, as well.
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still slow across the richmond bridge and over to the san rafael side where there is a road crew and metering lights over at the bay bridge and over a half hour for that build up. this indicates how much lighter the traffic is than your typical. it is 6:22. coming up next on "today in the bay." nbc bay area responds. >> short supplies and long delivery times. how do you beat the supply chain this holiday season? i'm chris chmura. we'll show you how next. first, check out this photo mike inouye posted. it is super tony, our producer right there. tony ran and got coffee and tea for the team yesterday because our station's coffee machine went down and tony said, you know what, merry christmas to you all. nice of tony. >> great of tony. >> we want to know what you're thankful for ahead of thanksgiving. you can actually post those
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photos and even video explaining what you're thankful for and share with us so we can post them and share them with you and everyone else in the bay area. make sure you tag us at nbc bay area or tag laura, myself, kari. spread some cheer on this thanksgiving. >> we're thankful for our viewers, too. >> thank you. every morning you guys get up. >> come back after this break. r9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. oporg today.
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thanks to fewer lingering containers on the properties at the ports of los angeles and long beach, plans are being delayed again to start implementing fines. port leaders say the amount of idling cargo has dropped by about one-third since those fines were announced last month. usually the biggest mystery this time of the year is what is in that beautifully wrapped box. but, this year the big question is will the supply chain even get you your gifts in time for the holidays. >> chris chmura is here to help us navigate around those detours. >> the usual pipeline of presiden presents from factory to stores to home is not flowing as unusual. not enough chips, truck drivers. here's our bottom line advice. if you have something specific in mind for someone, consider grabbing it now before it's possibly out of stock. also ship it now. i have good news, the gift people want the most is not in
6:27 am
short supply and ships pretty easily. gift cards. you can buy them online and deliver instantly. to guarantee you get your hands on an item, you can always buy locally in a shop and then ship it yourself and you have to do that earlier than usual this year. if you want a priority box to arrive in time for christmas, you have to ship by december 18th. ideally, though, wrap up your shopping and shipping even earlier this year. well, next, we're following the top stories for you this morning including california housing director calling for answers. why san francisco is being singled out when it comes to the housing crunch. here at minetta san jose international airport. we'll talk about the roadway
6:28 am
travels and what you can expect and what you should plan for.
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a surge in retail theft. the security area. the bay area now in the yellow tier for covid transmission. will it continue with holiday coming. plus -- >> they told me to come two, three hours ahead of time before
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my flight so that's why i'm here three hours early. >> from the skies to the roads. the holiday travel frenzy under way right now. we're live breaking down the best and worst as you head out ahead of thanksgiving. this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. today expect it to be a busy one for the roads. you're looking live across the bay area and, mike, keep an eye on the traffic conditions. >> but first you want to check in with kari for a look at how our day is shaping up. >> starting nice and clear and chilly in the south bay and south bay once again and 44 degrees once again and cool for us and we'll see the temperatures slowly warming up today and also see more clouds in the mix and as far as visibility we saw the fog in the north bay and that's when we'll see highs reaching into the low 60s this afternoon. a few more clouds in the mix
6:32 am
this afternoon but overall a really nice travel day not only here locally, but across the region. we'll take a look at that, as well as what's ahead for your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> nk thats, kari. 6:31 right now. a new call for consequences in the recent organized retail theft that have really been scaring shoppers and store owners across the bay area. >> "today in the bay" bob redell live in walnut creek. they want action but the malls are on really high alert right now. >> well, take the city of walnut creek, for example. this is broadway plaza behind us. you can see the road that runs through the shopping district and still shut down after the nordstrom that is located about a block away was hit by a mob of people who were stealing their merchandise. this is to prevent them driving up with their cars. about 80 people who stormed that nordstrom saturday night and stole thousands of dollars of merchandise and escaped in get away cars jamming the road out
6:33 am
front. yesterday nordstrom, by the way, closed early at 5:00. that was a precaution. as you can see on this map mobs of people robbed stores throughout the bay area over the weekend. walnut creek, nordstrom on saturday and then on sunday there was a location in alameda and the southland mall in hayward and lululemon in san jose. police were out patrolling at many malls in the region yesterday. last night extra guards were on hand to deter any potential crime at santana row and they had a guard and a one man with a gun in his waistband made out with $30,000 in merchandise from that store. at the same time across the street $7,000 worth of sunglasses were stolen. former prosecutor steven clark said the thefts should not be treated like crimes. >> what you're seeing is grand
6:34 am
theft because of the amount of goods that are being stolen. but you can also see robbery charges if people who work in the stores are getting this product taken away by fear. >> local district attorneys say they are talking to each other and to police departments about how to put a stop to the surge in retail thefts. governor gavin newsom says he's directing the chp to increase its presence at shopping centers through the holidays and increasing funding for the organized retail crime task force. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you. a lot of people have been talking about this story. head over to right now. this is for the timeline of the weekend may hem and online we break down where all the robberies happened and surveillance video that show you the robberies. as soon as today the questioning will get much harder for theranos ceo elizabeth
6:35 am
holmes. so far her defense team has been leading her through the issues likely to be far more pointed when prosecutors get to cross examine some of the efforts to secure deals with the department of defense and test trials theranos ran with large pharmaceutical companies like pfizer. all of it trying to establish holmes and her team had a plan and desire to succeed and not defraud investors. we've been walking you through this trial, as well, as continuing coverage on air and online. stay with nbc bay area ahead of today's testimony. 6:35 and moving you forward. covid transmission rates now stabilizing across the bay area. i want you to take a look at this map here. you can see a sea of yellow, which is better news for us. this is the moderate transmission levels. you ucsf disease expert says the severity of cases may surge especially with the holidays here. >> in fact the central valley
6:36 am
has talked to l.a. over the last day or two to try to get them to have a plan to take some of their patients. so, i think what it means is that different parts of california, same amount of cases but will result in different possible rates in the community being from vaccinations. >> he says the number of severe cases here in the bay area will likely stay low. this is because of the vaccination rates are so high. people are on the go. a live look at sfo this morning where travelers are trying to get to the holiday destinations already. this year looks more like a return to life before the pandemic with long lines at airports and all the delays and cancellations that seem to come every holiday season. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us at sjc. kris, i was surprised how many people were out there this morning. >> i know, i gave you a little pop quiz and it is 95% of prepandemic levels is what
6:37 am
they're expecting here at the airport and on the roadways. it is hard to believe. but consider that this holiday is very different from the last one. people are vaccinated, a lot of folks are even boosted. kids 5 and up have their first covid shots and no shelter order like we had last year and people feeling pretty good about celebrating in person. >> well, here's what that is going to look like. aaa expects 7 million people to travel in california alone and one million will travel by air and 6 million say they're going to get there by car. so, people's patience may be tested but the united airlines ceo said they have brought unruly passenger incidents down by 60% since the start of the year through de-escalation training for flight attendant and enforcement. now, he says that the passengers who are unruly get a card from
6:38 am
the flight attendant if they are not behaved and not putting on their mask and say put it on or you're going to be banned from flying united airlines. in fact, they have banned 700 people from flying united. you can see that full interview on "today" show. so if you are traveling by car, aaa says that the busiest times will be mid day to 8:00 in the evening tomorrow on thanksgiving day. that will be about 1:00 to 4:00. and then on the weekend you can expect the roadways will be jam packed from about 1:00 in the afternoon until 7:00 in the evening. but according to the price tracking website gas buddy, this thanksgiving we are just pennies away from the highest gas prices ever recorded for the thanksgiving day holiday so it is possible that this year's travel will be more impacted by fuel prices than by covid concerns since people are feeling positive about that. do be careful out there and make sure you give yourself enough time if you're headed to the airport, get there at least two
6:39 am
hours early is the advice this morning and we've seen things here busy at maneta san jose earlier than we are used to. people heeding that advice. try to stay careful, it is the holidays. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> have we said it yet? pack your patience. >> i hate that saying. don't say that. >> i just said it. >> nobody, you can't pack patience! >> clearly you're not doing it right now. >> i don't want to make you upset. >> i've been doing it for 25 years, guys. that phrase drives me crazy. >> turkey shortage, as well. some things we're always covering. >> the packing of the patience. just be patient. 6:39 for you this morning. new for you, so, state house leaders are now reportedly demanding answers from the city of san francisco. recently rejecting development plan.
6:40 am
here's a live look at the city for you this morning. beautiful shot. so "the chronicle" reporting that community development are giving the city 30 days to explain why two high rise proposals were recently blocked. one near sixth street south of market would create 495 units. another in tenderloin would have added 316 quunts. the state city planner' chief of staff is among those calling it a fair request because his department strongly supported both. here we go, 6:40 this morning and a live look this morning. where are we, san jose getting started with the day. lovely shot. looks nice. but how does it feel? meteorologist kari hall has a look across the bay area. how is it starting today? >> also checking in on the flights to see if there were any delays because people were
6:41 am
traveling and right now a 30-minute delay in washington right now. but else where it looks like everything is taking off okay. so, if you have family coming in, you'll be going to pick them up. it looks great. our commute through the trivalley heading to work and our live view in dublin starts out cool and see the fog in the distance there and see the temperatures going from the low 40s in dublin through the low 60s this afternoon. not bad at all. just wear a jacket. no, mike, you're seeing the pattern shifting for travel this week. >> yeah, just like kris sanchez was talking about. not a lot of folks are doing vacation-related travel or even shopping for the holiday, you'll see afternoons and evenings getting much more packed in. here at the bay bridge toll plaza the peak of the morning commute and so far still slowly building and easy drive. if you get caught here as kris also says, pack your patience. be patient. if you come across, the richmond san rafael bridge and early slowing and we have your typical
6:42 am
pattern, lighter volume of traffic and this should last much less of the morning here. in the south bay little slowing for 87 and for 101, as well. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. 6:41 right now. protecting the earth from approaching asteroids. sounds like a theme straight out of a sci-fi movie but it's happening today. next on "today in the bay" we're in texas where the head of scientists at nasa walk us through the mission a year in the making. in washington, the white house doing its best to fight high gas prices. let's take you out to the big board where it is going to be a short workweek and it looks like a not a lot of motion and looks like some people may have already gone on break. speaking of, we'll be right back. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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we're heading out the door to chilly temperatures and also fog around and especially the north bay this morning and we've also seen it in parts of the east bay. watch out for that but we do have a nice day ahead. a look at all of our microclimates in the forecast coming up. looking at the san mateo bridge where the volume really bumped over the last ten minutes and still moved smoothly. very few brake lights. no tapping going on here. that's good. we'll show you where things are getting more packed at the toll plaza. not necessarily the bay bridge i'm talking about. 6:45 right now. the white house says it's doing everything in its power to bring gas prices down. >> but as you guys said, scott
6:46 am
mcgrew, the white house does not have that much power. >> even when they pretend they do. the biggest influence on gas prices by far is supply and demand, not president. that said, the white house this morning said the u.s. would release 50 million gallons of petroleum from the strategic reserve. this is any part of president's high gas playbook. we did this in 2016, 2005 and 2001. supply and demand is the bigger effect. the economy growing very quickly raising demand but supply for everything is snarled. presidents just don't have that much power over fungible commodities. if they did, they could lower the price of copper or cobalt, as well. the president and first lady served thanksgiving dinner to troops at ft. bragg. this year thanksgiving at the military bases last year anyway was grab and go. you couldn't sit down because of the coronavirus. but, once again, it's sit down with your military family once
6:47 am
again. from there, the president headed out to his home in delaware. something he does nearly every weekend. he was thereo. in fact, we noted how often president trump left the white house and mr. biden traveled just as often not as far away. it may be thanksgiving weekend but the select committee investigating the capital attacks is still issuing subpoenas, including one for roger stone, another for conspiracy thaurrist alex jones. jones said back on his youtube show back when he had a youtube show that president trump would tell his supporters to march to the capitol. he made that prediction several days before that happened. the select committee said it interviewed more than 200 people so far. and the fellow running for senator in pennsylvania for the republican nomination has suspended his campaign after a judge took away the custody of his children on suspicion of domestic abuse. john parnell was a frontrunner to replace pattumy. we'll certainly talk about
6:48 am
gas prices as is everyone else on social media. you can follow me there @scottmcgrew. nasa is trying to do something it has never done before. the space agency trying to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to change its course. now the asteroid doesn't pose a danger to earth. >> that's good news, right? nasa hopes this can save the planet from future meteor strikes. morgan chesky is at air force base with m morning. you think about this mission and you say i have seen this movie before, right? hollywood closer to anything we could have imagined because today in california nasa scientists are launching a mission that has been years in the making. sending a spacecraft more than 6 1/2 million miles away to collide with an asteroid. all in hopes of figuring out what, if any, impact it would have on that space orbit.
6:49 am
our planet not under imminent threat of this asteroid or others but this is part of our planetary defense system that nasa hopes to learn a lot more about. >> this is the first test for us to develop a tool to protect us from incoming hazards from deep space. the technologies that we're developing here we think in the future could save lives and protect property here on earth. >> now, as that spacecraft begins its final approach to hit that smaller asteroid revolving around an even bigger one, they are gathering images with an onboard camera combined with pictures from a satellite in hopes of understanding just how much of an impact this will have. scientists comparing it to slamming a golf cart into the great pyramid. 6:49 for you this morning. last night mike had the honor of
6:50 am
bringing back on the ice last night. he was with olympic ice skating champion kristi yamaguchi. they were teamed up outside of the circle of palms underneath there for the kristi yamaguchi ice in san jose. >> great, marcus. annual tradition and been 13 years and known for her dream found that kristi is and she's written kids' books and also had a great special message for some young skaters. >> we have a young man named marcus on our team who has never skated before. >> it is all right, marcus. you can come out here and meet us out here. >> only if she's the teacher. >> but you're a little taller than she is. her husband also has a stanley cup under his belt and also much closer to your height and i think if you went out there he would be willing to be your stabilizer if you needed one, as well. >> you know what, i accept that.
6:51 am
>> all right, all right. what we can work out. >> sometimes they put the buckets for kids and they hold on. >> they have panda bears and polar bears but, marcus, it comes up to your shin. we have video of the olympians on the ice and i edited mine to make it look like i didn't do too badly. >> great weather for heading out there today. now that the ice rink is open and ringing in the holiday spirit and temperatures starting out this morning in the low 40s and also a great morning for heading out for a walk and going to the park in palo alto at 10:0057 degrees. you will notice more clouds and the sun will peek out and temperatures in the low 60s and that is where we will stay today. a weather system passing by that will bring down the temperatures where yesterday we were in the low 70s for spots like san jose and morgan hill. looking at a high of about 65 to 66 degrees. san rafael today reaching 62 and
6:52 am
hayward headed up for 64. here's a look at what's going on across the region. you can see the showers moving over parts of the southwest and we also have some very light spotty showers to the north of us. but overall it's fairly quiet here and that's the way it will stay even as the weather systems approach and the rain dries up and we have extremely dry weather going into at least the next week. a lot of sunshine and also cool temperatures so we look at our seven-day forecast. thanksgiving day, dinner outside. lightic jat will be fine. we have sunshine and temperatures over the weekend and highs in the upper 60s for the inland areas and we'll be about the same for san francisco and not many changes here going at least into the next week. and, mike, you're saying the bridge out of richmond is pretty packed. >> in fact, you make it worse than your typical backup but it's actually just approaching the bridge because the span itself whatever is going on did clear. we have recovery there.
6:53 am
we also now finally have all the lanes at the bay bridge filled in and moving and moving well and quite visibly moving and that would indicate a lighter volume of traffic for that area, as well. all throughout the east bay, lighter volumes of traffic and on the tuesday of thanksgiving week. we're looking at a pretty easy drive coming through the trivalley and patchy fog in the north bay and in san jose notice 87 and 101 still have your slower pattern. that will kick in shorter for the morning commute. >> thank you so much, mike. 6:53 right now. happening right now an urgent need for blood this holiday season. the red cross needs donors over thanksgiving week and into december. with fewer blood drives during the pandemic, donations are down 34% from last year. anyone who gives blood between november 29th and december 16th will receive a $10 amazon gift card. next, a quick look at the top stories including scary moments for amtrak riders. after a train crashes into a truck in the east bay and the impact it continues to have on service this morning. and a new round of water
6:54 am
cutbacks but this one going beyond any one agency. the new request for customers of bay area's single largest water source.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56 this morning. welcome back. here's a look at the top stories including a new call for consequences in the recent organized retail thefts scaring shoppers and a lot of the store
6:57 am
owners. >> "today in the bay" bob redell joins us and the difference already pretty clear at malls and stores. more security. >> correct. and local district attorneys they're talking to police departments and to each other to figure out what to combat this recent surge in retail theft. take walnut creek, for example. this is where the nordstrom was hit saturday night by around 80 people. this is the main road that runs through broadway plaza. that road is still shut down. you'll recall around 80 people stormed that nordstrom saturday night and they stole thousands of dollars of merchandise and they escaped in get away cars jamming this road out front which is, again, now shut down. yesterday nordstrom closed down at 5:00. this was as a precaution. police have been out patrolling at many malls in the region. last night extra guards on hand at santana road after the crime at the lululemon store was hit there sunday. governor gavin newsom says he's
6:58 am
directing the chp to increase his presence at shopping centers and also increasing the amount of money to the organized crime task force. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." capital corridor riders can expect delays this morning after amtrak train struck a truck last night. luckily no one was seriously hurt and the trains are still slowing down because of left over debris. that crash happened at 8:00 p.m. and 30 passengers onboard were eventually escorted off the train. a live look at bay area roads. more than a morning commute out there. there is also the holiday travel rush that's just getting started. here's a live look at san jose airport this morning where thanksgiving travel is back to where it was before the pandemic. today and wednesday considered the busiest days to travel. see the crowds out there live.
6:59 am
aaa expects 54 million people to travel by air and car. 7 million in california alone. well, san francisco is the latest bay area city asking people to cut back on water use. today the city's public utility commission will discuss asking customers to reduce water use by 5% compared to what they used two years ago. it is also plan to ask communities to slash their use by 14%. we don't have any rain here in the forecast and it's also going to stay cool heading into the thanksgiving holiday into the weekend. mike. we have light traffic in the mornings as chris outlined and a delay for capital corridor becausee tracks. talking about the crash overnight and the delay between richmond and martinez. >> sounds good. well, we leave you this morning with a live look at san francisco. thanks so much for joining us for "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a
7:00 am
live local news update and every half hour after that. >> don't forget to join us for our mid day newscast at 11:00. have a great tuesday. a terrific one, that is. "today" show coming up next. criminal record. relief at the pump? with tens of millions hitting the road for thanksgiving, a major announcement expected from the biden administration this morning to help ease the highest gas prices in nearly a decade.


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