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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PST

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half hour after that. >> don't forget to join us for our mid day newscast at 11:00. have a great tuesday. a terrific one, that is. "today" show coming up next. criminal record. relief at the pump? with tens of millions hitting the road for thanksgiving, a major announcement expected from the biden administration this morning to help ease the highest gas prices in nearly a decade.
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while the airlines deal with the most passengers in two years. so what are me doing to ensure flights are smooth and safe? we'll go one-on-one with united's ceo, live. hanging in the balance, jury deliberations set to begin today in the trial of three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. prosecutors calling it murder. the defense claiming self-defense. >> could have a gun and he definitely has fists. >> you can't create the situation. and then go, i was defending myself. >> a live report from the courthouse, straight ahead. breaking his silence. >> people want to kill me just because i defended myself. >> kyle rittenhouse's first interview since his acquittal in the killing of two men during a night of unrest. what he's saying about the case and his future. those stories, plus breaking overnight, smash and grab. at least 20 suspects involved in a burglary at a popular mall in
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los angeles. just ahead, the alarming rise in similar cases across the country and how the dangerous trend could impact your holiday shopping. and real life armageddon. inside nasa's unprecedented mission to knock an actual asteroid off course. we're live ahead of the historic launch turning science fiction into reality today, tuesday, november 23rd, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, guys, good morning to "today." >> we have some good news, including this breaking news. petroleum reserves to help ease soaring gas price that's hit a seven-year high earlier this
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nth. and if you are among the 53 million heading out for the holidays, there are some positives when it comes to the weather no major storm thr in sight, and a beautiful forecast for the big parade here in new york city. we've got it all covered here for you this morning. >> al just gaving us the thumbs up. but we are going to start with new developments in the deadly suv attack at a wisconsin parade. this morning, we're learning more about the victims and the man who police say was behind the wheel, including an extensive criminal record. nbc senior national correspondent tom llamas is in waukesha with the very latest. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. we also have new video we're about to show you, we obtained overnight on that suspect, darrel brooks, and what he was doing just as police arrested him. this as we hear from the surviving members of the dancing grannies. i sat down with some of them. they talked about the parade, what happened on main street and
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also how they witnessed the unimginable. >> tonight, we're all waukesha. >> this is an attack on the community and it's absolutely heartbreaking and tragic. >> reporter: the close-knit community trying to make sense of sunday's senseless violence. when an suv allegedly driven by 39-year-old darrel brooks plowed into the city's annual christmas parade, killing five and injuring 48, including 18 children. >> we have people who have military backgrounds and likened it to a war zone. >> reporter: new video appears to show the suspect not far from the parade route moments before his arrest. >> i'm homeless. >> reporter: brooks asking a homeowner to call an uber and let him in before police arrive. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> reporter: back on the parade
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route, jamyz touchstone shooting this video of his daughter's high school marching band when the red suv suddenly appeared and swerved into the crowd. >> and he was just plowing through people? >> yeah, he was -- no brake lights, no stopping, just plowing through people. >> reporter: as the chaos unfolded, many off duty first responders at the parade jumped in to help with all-out help to treat the wounded. >> i responded to the scene and what i saw amid the chaos and tragedy was heros. >> reporter: those killed ranging in age from 52 to 81 years old, including 79-year-old virginia sorenson known as ginny and 71-year-old lianna irwin. both members of the milwaukee dancing grannies. >> that guy was evil. >> reporter: fellow group members vowing to carry on their legacy. >> what i would like is for everyone to remember how much joy they brought to everyone. it might take us a year to pull back and get some more people to join, but i know in our hearts
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we're going to continue. >> reporter: the suspect, darrell brooks, is expected to face five counts of first degree intentional homicide. police believe he acted alone. records reviewed show brooks had a decades long criminal record that included arrests for drugs, battery and domestic abuse. overnight in milwaukee before the bucks/magic game, a moment of silence for the victims of waukesha, a state and community now in mourning as the investigation of this devastating tragedy moves forward. >> and tom, we are learning more about the suspect. in fact, he was arrested not too long ago and people are questioning how prosecutors handled that case. >> hoda, this morning, there are a lot of people saying darrell brooks, the suspect, should have never been behind the wheel. he has a long criminal history and just earlier this month, he was arrested for allegedly using his car as a weapon, trying to run over the mother of one of
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his children. the milwaukee district attorney said he was able to get out because he had a bai00 the district attorney saying that was inappropriately low. >> all right, tom, thank you, tom. now to the hectic holiday week travel rush. the airlines and aaa predict today most travelers since the start of the pandemic and we're seeing that play out at the airports and on the roads. just this morning, some encouraging news when it comes to gas prices and the airlines remained under scrutiny. in the wake of recent communications. lots to cover in the transportation bit. tom costello is at tampa's international airport this morning. hi, tom, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, savannah. we're on the ramp here. tampa has been a top destination for people seeking out the surf and the sun. here is the deal, though. it has been right where we have seen three airlines come into a meltdown situation over the last few months. the ceo of this airport says he believes those airlines have turned the corner, have learned a lesson.
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but in the meantime this morning, a breaking story. president biden announcing that the white house will tap the strategic petroleum reserve to o help bring down gas prices nationwide the biggest test of 2021's holiday season may be on the roads. most of the 53 million americans traveling this week are going by car. they're paying the most for gasoline since thanksgiving in 2013 the national average today, $3.40. up more than a dollar since last year but relief could soon be on the way. two u.s. officials tell nbc news the administration is discussing with allies a coordinated release of oil from emergency reserves still, any impact at the pump would be weeks away. as for when is the best time to hit the road, the earlier the better >> middle of the day or around 3:00 p.m., it's very, very crowded. already crowded over this are
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thanksgiving period. more than 2.2 million passengers each day >> runway delta. >> reporter: with mostly clear skies at airports nationwide this morning, the sun seekers are arriving at prepandemic levels here in tampa most from new york, boston, philly, detroit and d.c., even londoners, eager for some covid stress relief. >> i can't tell you how excited i am to be here. >> reporter: like every airport that is managing the holiday rush this weekend, tampa is also closely watching the airlines on time screens, after seeing first hand some high-profile stumbles. tampa has felt the effect of all three meltdowns over the last three months southwest, spirit, american airlines, all of them have major operations here. all three airlines tell nbc news they've improved operations and staffed up to avoid a mass cancellation repeat. unlike most airports, tampa has been exceeding 2019 passenger levels joe lopano, tampa airport's ceo.
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>> it caught us a bit by surprise it caught the airlines a bit by surprise i think they've all learned a lot about what the customers need and how the traffic is coming back. i'm very confident that they're going to do a good job over the holidays for us. >> a lot of folks are watching those airlines, especially those that had the mass cancellations, a real meltdown on the scheduling how did that situation look so far? >> reporter: yeah, and this is a big travel day today and tomorrow and then sunday i just checked flight aware and also the faa they show no major cancellations across the country right now, no major delays, no major weather systems affecting travel only 36 cancellations nationwide right now. that's just a blip so right now, things are looking really pretty good, savannah >> don't jinks us, though, tom thank you very much. we're actually going to get a lot more perspective on the travel rush in the next half hour the ceo of united airlines will join us for a live interview now to the latest on a closely watched trial, the ahmaud arbery case the fate of three men accused of murdering him in a georgia
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neighborhood set to be in the hands of the jury later today. nbc's sam brock is outside the courthouse in brunswick. hey, sam, good morning >> reporter: hoda, good morning, closing arguments are almost over all that's left at this point is a two-hour rebuttal from the prosecution this morning which means as you suggest the jury could be deliberating by early this afternoon that is, more controversial comments on race, once again, hoda, front and center the case against three georgia men accused in the death of ahmaud arbery hinges on one primary question does their self-defense argument justify shooting a man they suspected of trespassing or theft? it's a point highlighted in monday's closing arguments >> travis, coming out of the grass now trying to yank this gun. is there any question that ahmaud arbery is assaulting travis mcmichael before that third shot not one single bit of question >> who brought the shotgun to that party you can't create that situation
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and then go, i was defending myself >> reporter: while the videotaped confrontation between the unarmed arbery and the men accused of killing him, travism and their neighborhood william "roddie" bryant will be dissected by a jury, so will these comments from one of the defense attorneys. >> turning ahmaud arbery into a victim after the choices that he made does not reflect the reality of what brought ahmaud arbery to satillo shores in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails >> when i heard -- >> reporter: that statement drawing an immediate gasp from arbery's mother and accusations of an age old playbook of racial prejudice. >> regardless of what kind of toenails he had, what size legs
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he had, that was still my son. and my son actually was running for his life >> some of the arguments that they're relying on speaks to the tradition of racism, victim blaming. >> reporter: despite the racial undertones throughout this trial, the outcome may boil down to this cell phone video o ahmaud arbery's final moments and whether the jury sees him charging his aggressors or desperately trying to escape a dangerous and ultimately deadly threat >> and the prosecutor pushing back on the argument that those accused could have been making a citizens arrest and that requires the people conducting it to witness a crime firsthand. it is also possible the judge here could delay deliberations until after the thanksgiving holiday which means all parties will be watching that very closely today. hoda, back to you. >> sam brock there for us in brunswick. sam, thank you let's turn to another trial in the spotlight craig, good morning. >> hi, hoda, good morning.
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good morning to you as well. kyle rittenhouse is speaking out for the first time since being acquited on all charges after he fatally shot two people and wounded a third during last summer's protests in kenosha, wisconsin. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with more on this miguel, good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning. to be clear, this was not a hard hitting interview from an independent journalist asking tough questions. this was more a conversation with a sympathetic tv host who openly calls rittenhouse a sweet kid. but there were some insights into what the teenager experienced the night he says he killed two men in self-defense >> i was an innocent 17-year-old who was violently attacked and defended myself. i've never seen something so polarizing in my life when it's just -- it's obvious self-defense >> reporter: speaking out for the first time since his acquittal, kyle rittenhouse says his trial was much bigger than him. >> it wasn't kyle rittenhouse on trial in wisconsin it was the right to self-defense on trial
7:15 am
>> reporter: in a sympathetic conversation with fox news host tucker carlson, rittenhouse who was found not guilty on all charges related to the shooting death of two men and the wounding of a thir after riots in kenosha says his casend the facts were widely misunderstood. >> he crossed state lines, false. he's a white supremacist, false. none of that is true >> reporter: rittenhouse did not take a gun across state lines, but he testified that he did travel from his home in antioch, illinois, to nearby kenosha, wisconsin, where he had family ties after he saw protests taking place there rittenhouse criticized president biden when as a candidate he tweeted a video about white supremacists that included an image of the 17-year-old >> that's not a small things to be called that >> no. it's actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> reporter: saying he supports the black lives matter movement, rittenhouse believes his case had nothing to do with race or
7:16 am
politics but that it's now made him a target >> i am at a place now to where i have to have people with me because people want to kill me just because i defended myself i'm going to go lay low and live my live and enjoy it >> reporter: overnight, the father of anthony huber, one of the men shot by rittenhouse speaking out against rittenhouse's not guilty verdict. >> when we heard the verdict, it was like he got killed all over again. we had to relive this all over again. >> reporter: nbc news has reached out to the white house for comment. meantime, rittenhouse says he's enrolled at arizona state university and wants to move on with his life and even attend classes on campus in the near future he says he wants to be a nurse or perhaps even a lawyer craig. >> miguel almaguer for us, thank you. it is 16 minutes past the hour you are the man we're looking at right now. what is going to happen with thanksgiving
7:17 am
>> it's looking good >> is it >> i mean, there will be a few pockets here and there, but we're not really worried about a lot. right now for tomorrow, travelwise, we've got a few snow showers in the rockies sunny. chilly air in the northeast. windy conditions out west. maybe los angeles may see an airport delay or two chance of snow in denver minneapolis, maybe a delay or two, but along the eastern seaboard, things looking pretty good on thanksgiving day itself, sunny and mild along the east coast. heavy rain down through the gulf santa ana winds firing up out west and then the interstate impacts on thanksgiving day, a lot of folks driving. i-71 from louisville to cleveland, maybe some rain little rock to nashville on i-40 and i-10, san antonio to new orleans, some heavier rain there. on friday, lake-effect snow up in the great lakes and new england. abundant sunshine down south above average highs in the west. more rain in the pacific northwest. big travel day on sunday busiest day of the year travel wise snow showers around the great
7:18 am
lakes. looking for a few showers down to the southwest look at the map as far as the airports are concerned, looking pretty darn good maybe snow in detroit. that might cause a problem or two. but other than that, bingo, bango, oh, on to grandma's house we go. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds >> bingo bango find the silver lining in flight delays. vacation starts at the airport with centurion lounge access. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. patchy, dense fog in parts of the north bay as you're heading out as well as the inland east
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bay and then we're headed and more weather like this into the next few days and a mix of sun and clouds and chilly morning to start and mild afternoon and we'll stay dry for the next several days into the weekend, as well as early next week. we'll see slightly cooler by next monday. san francisco will also continue to see highs in the mid 50s. >> and that's your latest weather, guys. coming up, we're going to take you inside an unprecedented nasa mission it seems more hollywood than houston. the goal, crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid to knock it off course we're live in houston with the launch just hours away and as tom costello just highlighted, the crowds are a concern for the thanksgiving travel rush. so what is united states airlines doing to ensure its passengers have a safe and
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during walmart's black friday deals for days, it's easy to get the best deals and score friday in-store @ 5am local time. this season head to walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪ a very good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at our today's top stories and the growing response to the recent robberies scaring shoppers and store owners. >> i'm bob redell in walnut creek. stores and cities are stepping up security. the broadway plaza, the road that runs through it still shut down after hit from around 80 people saturday night who took thousands of dollars of merchandise and took off in get aways cars parked out front. police departments try to figure
7:27 am
out how to combat this. governor gavin newsom says he is directing the chp to increase his presence at shopping centers through the holidays. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. we were already seeing oil prices fall and now another move to push them lower. president biden has ordered the release of some of the strategic petroleum reserve. not an unusual move for a president facing high gas prices. we did it in 2016, 2011 and 2005. but will that have an effect at the pump? gas prices usually follow but it takes a while. as economists say up like a rocket, down like a feather. let's check the temperatures if they're up or down with kari. >> we are starting up down and then goes up. we're headed to the mid 60s and mix of sun and clouds today. more of the same over the next few days. really chilly morning starts in the upper 30s and low 40s and will be nice and mild for the afternoon. still no rain in the forecast, even over the next seven days
7:28 am
for much of the bay area. laura. >> thanks so much. i'll be back with another local news update for you in half an hour. hope to see you then. enjoy your tuesday morning.
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♪ oh, 7:30 look what the horses dragged in. the white house christmas tree, by 22 clydesdales. >> a fraser fir. >> it is dr. jill biden right there in front. >> accepting it like an amazon delivery one of those you have to be home to sign for. >> when we lived in d.c., we used to go see that tree pretty cool. let's get to our news at 7:30 the justice department has reached a settlement with families in the victims of the 2018 high school shooting in
7:31 am
parkland, florida. according to the " times," this agreement is worth about $130 million the family sued the government claiming that the fbi failed to act on tips about the gunman prior to the shooting. the massacre left 17 students and staff members dead nikolas cruz pleaded guilty last month to 17 counts of murder his sentencing is scheduled for january. two people were hurt yesterday after a truck slammed into a new jersey home causing it to partially collapse the whole thing was caught on camera you can see it as it happens this dump truck barrels through some trees and goes right through the front of the home. look at that the truck driver and one person in the home at the time had to be taken to the hospital they had nonlife threatening injuries no word on what caused the driver to go out of control like that to the nfl now and tampa bay buccaneers quarterback tom brady hasn't lost three games in a ro.
7:32 am
>> where in nearly two decades and monday night he kept it alive >> wear defenses out brady to throw godwin breaks a tackle and he'll stroll into the end zone touchdown, buccaneers. >> yep brady's streak remains intact. chris godwin getting the bucs on the board first and that was the first of brady's two touchdown passes on the night as tampa bay goes on to embarrass the new york giants, 30-10 meantime, for its next mission, nasa is borrowing a page out of hollywood's flight book >> later today, the space agency is going to launch its first ever attempt to redirect an asteroid although it doesn't pose a danger to earth, the mission does important part of the future morgan chesky has the details. morgan, good morning
7:33 am
>> hey, guys, goodni mng and you hear this and you think, wait a sec, i've seen this movie before but it turns out hollywood is closer to reality than anything we could have imagined today in california, nasa scientists are going to launch a spacecraft and put it right on a collision course with one massive asteroid >> it's what we call a global killer nothing would survive, not even bacteria >> reporter: in a scene straight out of the movie "armageddon," real nasa scientists are going to launch a spacecraft into one massive asteroid unlike the movie, this space rock is not heading towards earth, but it is part of the first planet earth defense, should a need ever arise >> this is the first time nasa has launched a spacecraft and intentionally launched it to collide with something in space. >> reporter: the space will travel 6.5 million miles to
7:34 am
reach an asteroid and then slam into a space rock at 15,000 miles an hour. nasa scientists will watch closely to see if and how the trajectory of the asteroid changes after the impact >> our hope is to prove that by impacting a space rock, we change its movement. we change its overall speed. >> reporter: d.a.r.t.'s goal, intercepting anne asteroid calld didymos. an dimorphos which itself is 3525 feet wide. dimorphos orbits the larger asteroid >> we're going for the smaller one because it's easiest to measure a deflection with the smallest one if you try to, you know, push a car, it takes with the same force it's a lot easier to see any motion than if you push a larger car or a truck. so it's trying to go after the one object where measurement of a change is the easiest for us
7:35 am
to get back from the ground. >> reporter: d.a.r.t.'s long and epic journey starts today and is expected to make impact with the asteroid come fall 2022. >> so many questions, morgan how -- first of all, how exactly will those scientists be able to see and detect the trajectory of the asteroid >> reporter: yeah, definitely going to take a technological team effort here, craig, about ten days before the collision, a miniature satellite will actually detach from that spacecraft and start gatheringed camera right as it impact along with images gathered from the ground to create the full picture of what in impact has on the orbit of this spacecraft scientists comparing thitos slamming a golf cart into the great pyramid. so that's what will they're likening it to >> crazy crazy. thank you, morgan. >> i'm glad somebody is thinking about asteroids crashing into
7:36 am
earth. >> yes we've got to be ready. we've gotte to be ready >> what did we do all these years before that. >> i don't know. cross our fingers. coming up, a man who will be busy in the days and weeks ahead. >> the ceo of united will join us to talk about how he's handling the holiday crush, coronavirus, passenger safety concerns and a lot more, right after this sandwiches meet your cheesy, thin, crispy cheez-it snap'd savior. so cheesy! so cheesy. cheez-it snap'd. level up your lunch. goodbye chippies it's the black friday sale. get 30 to 50% off everything. ♪♪ ♪♪ this is how we shine... at zales. the diamond store. ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪
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♪ ooh ♪ ♪ yeah, ooh ooh ♪ ♪ for this, i'm so thankful to you ♪ ♪ to you, to you ♪
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shop black friday deals! sunday through friday ♪ at kohl's! i'm so thankful to you ♪ rnea15 $ kohl's cash for every $50 spent. and take an extra 15% off! get the fitbit versa 2 - $119.99. google nest doorbell is $129.99. and get 30% off fisher price toys! kohl's. we're back 7:40 with an in-depth holiday rush and how the airlines are handling this crowd. >> yeah, covid largely sidelined the plans of many last year, americans are back but taking to the skies in record numbers. scott kirby is the ceo of american airlines. he joins us now in the busiest travel time of the year. mr. kirby, good morning to you thanks for being with us >> thanks for having me. >> this is a big one this is a big week everyone is heading to the airports and everyone is wondering are the airlines ready for the crush? mr. kirby, are you guys ready for the weekend? >> we are.
7:41 am
at united, we're excited to welcome back, you know, almost normal crowds, almost to prepandemic levels to be back to connecting families and uniting friends and family the good news is also, the weather, at least for now, keep our fingers cross dollars, looks pretty good across the country so expect to have relatively smooth operations on this weekend. >> you've been on a bit of aing problems and staff problems that some o victory lap lately you have not at united had the same meltdown scheduling problems and staff problems that some of the other airlines have had. what in your mind is the single biggest thing that united did that protected you from that situation? >> well, really, i am grateful to the united team, people that really came together during a crisis a crisis can either tear a team apart or bring them together at its core, that's what happens. and doing things like
7:42 am
negotiating a deal with our pilots union that was unique and the only one to make sure we kept all of our properties current and didn't furlough them has made it easy to bring the schedule back up and we did it gradually to make sure that we put our customers first and could reliably operate the schedule but it's really the people of united airlines who deserve the credit >> you made it mandatory that a lot of companies have yet to do, you made it mandatory that every employee that faces a customer gets a vaccine. and you wanted 100%. was there something specific that happened that made you decide to make that decision >> well, it seemed like the right thing to do. and we, of course, did it back in early august before the government mandated it for me, i think the real issue was i wrote letters to every single family of an employee that lost their life to covid. and i had stopped writing letters. when the delta variant picked up and i started writing letters again, you know, ultimately, you come to it and say we can do something to stop this from happening. there is a silver bullet here. and we can do something to stop this from happening. and that was the decision point for us
7:43 am
it was all about safety. and i'm really glad that, you know, we got 99.7%, 100% of the customer face employees are now vaccinated and this is really in their rearview mirror for us at united airlines. >> did you terminate the ones -- the percentage who refused to get the vaccine? >> out of our approximately 70,000 u.s. employees, there were about 200 people that wound up being terminated. >> let me take it a step further. would you be in support of a vaccine mandate for passengers on airlines? >> yeah, you know, i agree with what the administration has said that we don't want to create friction to make it hard if you've been vaccinated, showing your vaccine card every time you fly or get on a bus or a train or whatever it is. the much more efficient way to do it through the workplace. because if we can get -- if the administration's rule winds everyone has to get vaccinated at work, at all large employers
7:44 am
that we're going to have such a high percentage of the population vaccinated that we'll basically all be vaccinated. and we'll be in a really good place. i think it's more efficient to do what we did and what the administration is asking other companies to do. >> scott, one of the things i think a lot of us are worried about is the unruly passengers you wonder about taking your kid on a flight, you wonder if a brawl is going to break out. you feel sorry for the airline attendants they seem defenseless. what can the airline do to protect the passengers and attendants while up in the air >> this is different than what has worked different with united airlines, and again, it's attributable to our flight attendants in particular what we do is the flight attendants hand a card to an unruly passenger that says, last warning, if you don't put the mask on, you'll you will be banned from flying united airlines we've had to ban about 700 people but what that does that prevent
7:45 am
from the start of the year. so they're just doing a great job, but everyone should just the conflict in the skies. and our flight attendants have done an amazing job. so they're just doing a great job, but everyone should just follow the golden rule, treat people the way you wanted to be treated on an airplane >> they could be banned from united and buy a ticket on another airline. a lot of flight attendant union support the idea of the airlines sharing with each other their list of regular fl passengers. or potentially disruptive passengers would you support that >> we absolutely support that. we need the government to authorize us to share those passenger lists. but if they did, we would absolutely share it and be supportive of that >> by the way, united recently resumed serving hard liquor on air travel i can't believe i'm asking that, but does that seem like a good idea in light of these incidents? >> this is part of getting the back to service and returning to normal and this is about service. and, again, because we haven't had those same incidents on board airplanes. it's great our people want to take care of customers, want to do the right
7:46 am
thing for customers. this is one more element of the service. so it's great to be bringing back meals and alcohol service and getting back to prepandemic normals. >> all right united airlines ceo scott kirby. scott, thanks for getting up with this morning. we appreciate it >> thank you we'll turn now to another holiday travel concern that's the weather so far, no too shabby. >> looking pretty good and it's been so dry out west. in a city like denver which normally by this time would be seeing snow, they would be dealing with fire weather warnings still no measurable snow this is the longest on record denver has gone without snow latest november 21st look at this cities that have already had measurable snow, buffalo, minneapolis, cleveland detroit and pittsburgh and depending on where you are, it's beginning to feel a lot like something other than what it is. 68 in tulsa. casper, wyoming, 11. it feels like the temperatures around halloween for these
7:47 am
folks. but you head to the east and look at this cincinnati, new york city, washington, charlotte and atlanta, all below-average temperatures it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas these are temperatures you would see for christmas in pittsburgh, new year's eve in new york and washington, d.c. christmas in charlotte, nashville, and cincinnati. that's what' good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. at least we have seasonable weather. this is exactly where we're supposed to be for thanksgiving week reaching into the mid 60s for the inland areas. our mornings have been chilly in the upper 30s, low 40s. we'll continue to see a mix of sun and fog and the weekend is also looking very nice with highs reaching into the mid 60s and for san francisco expect some lower 60s in the forecast for the next few days to slightly warmer for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather.
7:48 am
>> thank you just ahead, a concerning crime wave what's driving his rise of smash and grab robberies across the country and how it could impact your holiday shopping but first, these messages.
7:49 am
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good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. 7:56 right now. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm kris sanchez at sjc and holiday travel this year is expected to be 95% of prepandemic levels. here's what that would look like. 54 million people tell aaa they plan to travel 7 million in california alone and one million say they'll travel by air and 6 million say they'll get there by car. aaa says the busiest times on the road from mid day until 8:00 in the evening wednesday and noon to 4:00 on thanksgiving afternoon and expect things to be busy all weekend long from 1:00 to 7:00. let's get a lookt a that forecast before you head out the door. here's meteorologist kari hall. >> things are looking good for us. just a little chilly.
7:57 am
live look at walnut creek. light touches of fog in parts of the north bay and inland east bay and once that clears out, expect temperatures to hover in the mid 60s for today. all across the bay area, not a wide range in temperatures and we'll see slightly cooler weather over the next few days and still pretty nice for the thanksgiving holiday. even afterward for black friday, as well as small business saturday upper 60s and we'll also see those temperatures about the same in san francisco and notice there is a lot of sun icons here on the seven-day forecast and no rain expected anywhere within the next week. laura. >> it's going it a be nice. thanks so much, kari. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. hour. see you then.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, remembering the victims. vigils held overnight in wisconsin to honor those killed and injured in that holiday parade tragedy. >> this is an attack on the community and it's absolutely heartbreaking and tragic. >> this as new details are released on the suspect and how the incident unfolded. we're live at the scene. plus, smash and grab. overnight, another incident in california amid a nationwide spike in coordinated robberies. >> we're not going to allow people to come in and continue to do this in our city. just ahead, what is behind the growing number of break-ins
8:01 am
and what authorities are planning to do about them. then, together again. >> but i just like us all together. >> to celebrate thanksgiving, we meet up to share our gratitude along with some special recipes. >> it's funny because everyone is doing an homage to their mom. >> to our mothers, yes. >> the lessons and beloved memories we're holding close this week, today, tuesday, november 23rd, 2021. ♪♪ >> from houston, texas. >> our city, kansas. >> pineland, illinois. >> manatee county, florida. >> from louisville, kentucky. >> sending love to my mom watching in louisiana. >> in horseberg, south carolina. >> but first, we're stopping by -- >> "today." >> welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
okay, you guys, we've had big crowds, but this tuesday morning crowd is colossal. we're happy to see all they have these happy faces. a lot of them i think will be marching. >> they are. >> oh, my. this is huge. >> al is going to have a great time running around that one. by the way, coming up tomorrow on "today," just one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. >> yeah. janet is going to have a good conversation to share with us. she's sitting down with bono. he has a starring role in "sing 2." he's also going to talk about u2's future. they always have a nice chemistry. >> that's a big interview. but first, let's get right to our news at 8:00. the stunned community of waukesha, wisconsin, came together overnight for a vigil and there are new details about the man suspected of running
8:03 am
them down with that suv. nbc's senior correspondent tom llamas joins us now with the latest. hey, tom. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning. we actually just got a bit of news. the pope has just weighed in. he sent a letter to the arch bishop of milwaukee saying he's praying for this community and hoping that spiritual strength overcomes evil and violence. this as overnight the community here in waukesha came together, hundreds of people gathered, for a candlelight vigil where they prayed for the people trying to fight for their lives and remembering the lives lost. this as people are hailing all the heros, the off duty first responders that reacted so quick will i when this parade rampage happened here just a day ago, two days ago, i should say know. a lot of off duty firefighters and police officers were here and when that red suv came through that crowd, a lot of them jumped right into action. all of this as we've obtained
8:04 am
new video of the suspect darrell brooks. we obtained this overnight and these were the moments just before police arrested him. he apparently went to a house not too far from here and was asking the homeowner if he could call him an uber, claiming he was homeless. and when police arrived, brooks acted surprised like he did not know what was going on. all of this as we know he's going on appear before a judge at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we're expecting him to be charged with five counts of intentional homicide. he has a long criminal history. this has i got a chance to sit down with some of the surviving members of the dancing grannies. three of the five people who died were members of the dancing grannies. along with one of their husbands as well. that dancing group has been rocked so hard. i talked about the women who died in this and they talked to me about how they liked to make people smile and laugh. they also told me that they're going to keep up the legacy and keep up the dancing grannies throughout this community and throughout the state. hoda, back to you.
8:05 am
>> thomas llamas there in waukesha. tom, thank you. across the country, law enforcement is investigating a string of brazen robberies. apparently pulled off by organized thieves. the smash and grab thefts in l.a., chicago and the bay area taking place at high end retailers like nordstrom and bloomingdales. nbc's erin mclaughlin has more on this troubling crime wave. erin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, authorities are pouring through video after a mob of thieves tore through a nordstrom's over the weekend. they made off with thousands of dollars of merchandise in just over a minute. a series of heists police say are being organized by shoplifting groups. overnight, another break-in, this one at l.a.'s high end shopping center, the grove. leaving store windows smashed, the suspects still at large after a police pursuit. it comes after a separate string of smash and grab robberies in northern california. >> get on the walk.
8:06 am
>> reporter: from the heart of san francisco -- to suburban walnut creek, highly organized shoplifting crews breaking into high-end retailers, grabbing merchandise and fleeing. a cluster of getaway cars blocking traffic to aid their getaways. the sprees taking place in a matter of minutes. i saw people running down the street. i probably saw 50 to 80 people in, like, ski masks, crow bars, like a bunch of weapons. >> reporter: in san francisco, eyewitness video capturing masked thieves with arm fulls of stolen goods. police racing to the scene, barbing in a suspect's window to make an arrest. in all, nine stores were hit. been arrested with several weapons and thousands of dollars >> we're not going to allow people to come in and continue to do this in our city. >> reporter: more officers are being assigned to union square. san francisco's holiday shopping and tourism center. the mayor vowing to limit vehicle access to the area. >> there will be traffic delays because we can't continue to allow people to freely flow in
8:07 am
and out of the city, commit these acts and get away with it. >> reporter: smash and grab robberies are hitting other cities as well. including beverly hills. and suburban chicago, where this louis vuitton store was hit in broad daylight. the cost of organized retail crime estimated by one trade organization at more than $688 billion worth of products. task forces now set up in illinois and california. >> these are crimes of opportunity, but they're very well organized and they need to be held to account. >> reporter: some current and former law enforcement officials blamed laws that made crimes previously felonies into misdemeanors, saying it discourages police pursuits for nonviolent crimes. >> until there's a response, until there's a political will and legislative efforts to support police efforts to stop this sort of activity, we're going to see it proliferate and continue. >> authorities say the ring
8:08 am
leaders are often not present during these organized sprees, making prosecutions even more difficult. police in walnut creek say the robberies were not linked to protests that have taken place verdict in the kyle ritten trial, savannah. erin. thank you very much. actor kevin spacey has been ordered to pay more than $30 million to the studio that produced his netflix series "house of cards." he was fired in 2017 over allegations on answer d off the. spacey starred in that hit political drama for five seasons. he was fired in 2017 over the production company said it lost millions when it had to rewrite and shorten the show's final season to omit spacey's character. the original ruling was made last year and now an arbitrator has denied spacey's appeal okay, guys, 8:08 it's time. we need this boost >> tuesday boost >> two sisters joined the military just two weeks apart. one enlisted in the army the other in the air force here is what happened when one of them paid a surprise visit
8:09 am
after a whole year apart >> oh, my god! >> oh. >> those two have always been close, but one was stationed in texas, the other in northern cal. they got to spend four whole days together. they went on hikes, had that sister time. >> one whole day was just hugging. so cute. >> oh, thanksgiving is all about that, right? getting together and coming. next, we're going to talk about that, traditions, the food, what we loved most about this holiday. we got to have a special pot luck together. we're calling it friends giving. but first, these messages. shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
8:10 am
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8:13 am
>> well, that's for sure, one bite can bring back a flood of memories >> so so vavannah, hoda, al, cao and i decided it would be nice to share a thanksgiving pot luck, each bringing along a cherished family dish. there they are right there the true star right in the middle that's al's mother's famous sweet potato poon. >> this made for a delicious meal, a great afternoon together that we were all thankful for. >> thanksgiving is about family. and you guys are family. >> here is to the family >> to family >> to family >> let's say grace >> dear god, thank you for bringing us together for this beautiful meal thank you for friendship thank you for love thank you for laughs thank you for poon >> amen. >> amen. >> thank you for poon! >> on the fourth day, god made poon >> let's get the poon out of the way. >> all i know is that my mom, since we were kids, would make this dish. it's like a crustless sweet
8:14 am
potato pie, but you top it with marshmallows it does double duty. you can bring it out as a side dish or make a dessert >> wow >> thank you, isabelle roker thank you. >> she's smiling down. >> speaking of moms, we have another mom represented here, don't we >> betty jo. betty jo melvin. that's her famous mac & cheese six different cheeses. one of them is velveeta. there's a debate every year over whether that's actually a cheese >> a great cheese. >> can we trade recipes after this >> i would love that your mom is represented, too >> buckle in, we're going in the time machine, back to 1974 here we go >> nixon was president i was 3. and broccoli would only be eaten if put with onion rings, cheese and rice this is broccoli cheese casserole. >> that's good >> this has every food group
8:15 am
>> it does i asked my mom for the recipe. i expected an image of an old recipe card to show up on my phone. but what came up was she can't remember the recipe. she said this is basically it. don't substitute the cheese sauce. >> tell us about these mashed potatoes >> these are patti de le crusoe's mashed potatoes, a lot of cream, extra butter and bacon and she would put a shot of gin or vodka in. it created a velvety nature. >> you don't taste the vodka >> no, you don't >> i love it >> cheers. >> how does it taste >> it tastes yummy >> how about dessert >> tell us about it, hoda kotb >> my mom is known for one dish. and it takes her, you guys, forever. it's phyllo dough walnut honey mixture and layer after layer after layer. it's crispy and crunchy and
8:16 am
delicious. i remember being a kid and you know how you wanted a hoho, and your mom is like, have some back lava and it's like, why can't i have what everyone else eats. i've so come to appreciate the dish she makes every year. >> everyone is doing a homage to their moms. >> you're right. but this came to be treasured. >> i love this >> toast to moms >> when i wake up, i can smell mom out there making jimmy dean sausages who is out there bright and early? sometimes, still dark out. mom. >> my mom had a four burner stove with a small oven, no microwaves and somehow she got this massive spread out. how did they do it >> i remember some year, my mom started a tradition of let's all say one thing we're thankful for. except you're so hungry, everyone is droning on about their gratitude and you're, like, sneaking a bite. >> hey, in your house, who was the turkey carver? >> dad >> i remember when my dad would
8:17 am
do it. i remember the thanksgiving that >> oh. >> and he said, son, it's your time now i was so excited >> i'm in charge typically of just the turkey. a fry the turkey, get the supplies >> call the fire department. >> give them a heads up. but so we stand around, we're smoking cigars we're drinking the brown nectar. and -- >> sounds like fun >> yeah. >> i like that i get to have everybody at my house. my kids are just dieing for it because they're just kind of getting thanksgiving now they're like, what happens what goes on but i like us all together >> i think we can all agree that one of the great things about thanksgiving is just the family being together you know, after we lost my mom and dad, it was like, what are we going to do let's go back to my mom and dad's house. and thanksgiving, there was a box that we put our childhoo traditions and memories in
8:18 am
it's the one day we spread it out and share it with our friends and family it unlocks the door to our family history >> happy thanksgiving. >> that was a lot of fun >> it really was >> carson said it so well. i love thinking about that as a gift that you unwrap on thanksgiving day, your family memories >> and hats off to christina the producer >> and our food team that did all of these >> you've been digging that sweet potato poon all morning. i'm going in for the baklava it's like my favorite holiday, you know it's food, and you don't have that conspicuous consumption that's christmas >> yes >> remember when you graduated from the kids' table >> oh, yes >> just happened two years ago from me. >> by the way, consumption of food, which we're into >> celebration of gluttony >> if you would like to try some of our family recipes, check out you can call my mother, as well. or go to >> there you go. mr. roker, have you got a check of the weather >> just after watching that, i feel like loosening my pants
8:19 am
>> there you go. that's what we always did. for today, we are looking at wet weather leaving new england, more moisture coming to the southwest. and a little snow out in the pacific northwest. windy and cold in the northeast today. a morning freeze down through the southeast. we have a fire risk in parts of the northern rockies and a lot of wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest macy's thanksgiving day parade, 9:00 a.m. to noon. mostly sunny light winds. oh, there's ada twist scientist. hold on, wait for it wait for it. >> i'm waiting >> pikachu i thought -- >> grogu, he's coming up next. come on. come on, baby. >> oh! >> ronald mcdonald >> we like ronald, too i thought he had a mcrib with him. now i think we've got grogu. >> the graphics are amazing. >> oh. >> you know what, we're going to make them wait for it. >> that's right. that's right >> oh, go ahead, sheinelle
8:20 am
go ahead it's okay. it's all r good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are in for sunshine today. actually start to see a few more clouds as we go into this afternoon. then our temperatures staying in the low 60s for today for a high. mainly some mid 60s for the east bay as well as the south bay. more weather like this into the rest of the week. thanksgiving is looking nice and quiet. high of 63 for the inland valleys. just a little bit warmer for the weekend. and not too much of a change over toward san francisco. >> hey, do you need a little company as you travel to your holiday destination? why not bring us along just take us check out today show radio on siriusxm channel 108 off the rail at 1:00 but right now, best time of the morning. we've got popstart >> how are you guys doing the this morning >> doing good. >> all right
8:21 am
got to make carson proud one more time. first up, the royals the family is getting together on screen. in a new documentary for discovery plus, paying tribute to the late prince philip. a first look at the project titled prince philip, the royal family remembers features interviews with prince charles, wife camilla and both his sons, william and harry. the family opening up about what the late patriarch meant to them >> what you see is what you got with my grandfather, the authenticness of him he was unapologetically him. >> he's always been that sort of heart of the family, always been a huge presence behind everything we've done, really. >> i don't think that people understood what he had given >> we were lucky to have him for nearly a hundred years >> how great is that for them to be able to come together to do that smiling from heaven on that one. prince philip, the royal family remembers starts streaming on december 16th. next up, oprah and tom brady. the two sat down on the latest episode of brady's sirius xm
8:22 am
podcast "let's go. that's what it's called. the super bowl champ revealed the one thing he's most looking forward to in retirement >> there's one thing about playing in the middle of the football season is you kind of overlook a lot of birthdays, you know, thanksgiving, there's a lot to be thankful for, but you only get about four hours to enjoy it practice usually ends about 1:00 or 2:00. you eat about 3:30 and then, you know, you're getting ready for the next day of practice so i'm looking forward to the time when i'm finished playing football so i can have some of those more normal holidays that i had growing up that were important where the family is all together >> what are you actually eating at the thanksgiving table? >> just like everyone else just like everyone else. like, screw it, let's go for it. >> you think so? >> i don't believe it. >> i think he does >> give himself a little sugar maybe if i just did that just one day. >> give him some poon. >> there you go. next up, let's talk about jennifer hudson. the grammy singer actress made
8:23 am
someone's day for this sweet surprise hudson posted this video to instagram and sharing in the caption, she was walking along the beach when she heard cameron david performing and when he announced his last song was going to be hallelujah, j. hud couldn't help but join in take a listen. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hallelujah hallelujah ♪ >> i can't believe that. she was seriously just out for a walk can you imagine looking at the beach, the ocean, the water and hearing that >> the guitar player is never going to forget that >> he said -- he did he said it was a dream come true for him. finally, the jonas brothers. playfully poking fun at the three pop superstars and the
8:24 am
sneak peek reveals john legend performing an ode to his favorite bands who have been an international phenomenon for years, but there's a twist ♪ the music they created took over the globe sold out shows wherever they go ♪ ♪ all i want to be is their favorite fan i wrote a song to tell them they're my favorite band ♪ ♪ i wish they could hear it, bu they're not here today no, john, paul, george or ringo just beat not quite the jonas -- i want to say keep ♪ i want to say keep ♪ ♪ you're not quite the beatles not quite the beatles ♪ ♪ although you're a really nice guy ♪ >> that's cute jonas brothers family roast starts streaming on netflix today. people didn't see that one coming for even more, you can check out
8:25 am
our 30-minute streaming show popstart plus. today, we're chatting with helen mirren about her new competition series all around harry potter >> it's around the clock >> there you go. >> thank you, sheinelle. still ahead, we are shine ago light on some great place toes shop during the holidays. >> that's right. small businesses and this morning we've filled the plaza with hard working business owners ready to tell us all about their special goodies. get out that credit card if you're in the mood to shop we have some great ideas for you. but first, on tuesday morning, a check of your local news, your weather and these messages
8:26 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. san francisco is the latest bay area city asking people to cut back on water use. today the city's public utilities commission will discuss asking customers to reduce water use by 5% compared to what they used two years ago. it also plans on asking communities that purchase water from san francisco to slash use by 14%. reductions will not be enforced, and no penalties will be applied. just do the right thing. let's check in with the forecast and meteorologist kari hall. >> we've been saying there's no rain headed our way, and we are
8:27 am
seeing a mainly clear sky as we look outside in san jose. we've seen some patches of fog drifting by, but the main thing you'll notice is how chilly it is outside if you're stepping out. we have some upper 40s right now, and gradually it will warm up and head toward the low 60s. it will be slightly cooler today compared to yesterday. we do continue on with the cooler trend into the thanksgiving holiday. a mostly sunny sky in the forecast, and those morning temperatures starting out in the upper 30s, slightly milder for the weekend. still once again a lot of sunshine in this seven-day forecast. laura? >> and that looks nice. thank you so much. thank you for joining us, as well. i'll be back with another local update in about half an hour.
8:28 am
this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together.
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8:30 now it's tuesday morning we're out here on the plaza. we have a great crowd. >> so much to be thankful out here with this crowd >> there's so many they're so enthusiastic. they're dressed up for the holidays >> a lot of cheerleaders that will be in the parade. >> jimmy, i've got a great idea. ready? we're going to do the wave we're going to start here. okay, wait are you ready? jimmy has to be ready. are you ready? >> ready >> one, two, three start it
8:31 am
>> whoa. >> all the way >> keep going. >> okay. okay >> it worked >> the wave. >> it worked wow. coming up, we have a busy half hour. poppy harlow is a mom and a journalist she can now call herself a children's book author she's going to tell us about "the biggest little boy. her latest book out. >> she has a very inspiring story about going back to school, too. plus, in honor of small business saturday, we're going to put the spotlight on some local companies with items ready to give or to receive this holiday season >> and we're going to continue the small business party in the third hour, as well. jill martin is going to introduce us to some female founders that you're going to feel great about sporting. >> and be sure to join us tomorrow we got a big turkey day extravaganza 21 chefs including martha stewart will be here to help you prepare a wonderful holiday meal sharing all kinds of creative substitutions and swaps and things so if you want to spice up your meal, we have just what you
8:32 am
need >> beyond martha stewart, we have kevin curry, kwame and we're going to try to pick up a few tips in the process. >> and you can bing listen to cooking up a storm podcast with al roker >> everybody's doing >> you know what i'm impressed that hoda and craig are wearing the same coat. that's really, really special. >> they're not exactly the same. >> well, craig borrowed lindsay's coat >> okay. how about a forecast >> okay. i'm just looking, i'm just saying for today, windy and cold in the northeast. a freeze in the morning in the southeast. we've got some wet weather and snow in the pacific northwest. fire risk in the rockies for tomorrow, some snow showers in the rockies denver may actually see its first snowfall sunny and chilly in new england. showers develops in the central plains windy good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll see a few more clouds in the mix today and a chilly
8:33 am
start. we're headed for the mid 60s for most of our microclimate this afternoon. it will be just slightly cooler over the next couple of days, but still really nice for the thanksgiving holiday. and temperatures come up a few degrees for saturday but still staying dry even into the beginning of next week. so san francisco also looking at more of the same temperatures. staying in the 60s for the next seven days. >> i really had to wait. i've been working on that all day. >> he got that mischievous look in his eye couldn't help it coming up next, a woman who has a lot going on these days. poppy harlow she's a busy mom, a journalist, she's in law school right now and she has found time to write her first children's book. but first, this is "today" on nbc. time to write her first children's book. but first, this is "today" on nbc. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever!
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there and one of them is visiting us this morning her name is poppy harlow not not only is she the mom of two adorable kids, she's also a cnn anchor and get this, she's studying at yale law school right now. to top it off, she's written her first children's book. it's called "the biggest little boy. while that might sound like a pretty big deal, when she tried to share it with her kids, they weren't so impressed >> that's it i don't want to -- >> no. >> okay. so they don't put this on the amazon reviews poppy, welcome >> thank you so much for having me, savannah what a joy >> this is really -- it is a big deal i'm sorry sienna and luka. but you're a children's book author now what made you write the book >> i wrote it almost two years ago.
8:37 am
illustrated by the rate ramona i was carrying luka down the street in brooklyn and he grabbed on to a chhough, don't write a book about just one of your kids. >> i was about to ask you, because i have two kids, too, as you well know. i wrote a book and it was for two little girls my son, charlie, does not appreciate that he's not in the book how is sienna adjusting to the fact that you wrote a whole book about her little brother >> sienna is not happy at all. she let's me know daily. she asks me when her book is coming out there she is with a dear christmas tree our friend olivia sent us yesterday. last night as i'm trying to read this to the kids, luka goes, i don't like little christmas trees. they're boring, mom. i want one that touches the clouds >> luka needs this message because it's a christmas story, which i always loved having holiday themed books for my kids around this time of years, but
8:38 am
it's a deeper lesson about appreciating little things >> it is because i'm trying to raise normal appreciative kids in this big city with so many material things. >> you're a minnesota girl been. you're trying to bring some minnesota to it. >> i'm trying to bring some minnesota to new york. and it's about not needing big things to make us happy. it's about the little things e doing a big thing right now and i'm so proud of you. you have decided to go to yale law school you took a leave of absence from cnn for a year and you are traveling up to new haven, connecticut, backpack on every day. >> the 2 train from brooklyn to the amtrak from penn station it's about 2 1/2 hours each way. and i thank you for a lot of it for gi months to do it i'm going to graduate, if i graduate, fingers crossed, got to pass finals when i'm 40 years old. and it was a dream for my dad when i was a little girl >> you lost your dad when you were 15. that's another thing we connect about.
8:39 am
and your father was a lawyer so, this is deeper than just getting legal knowledge? >> this is true. this is in many ways ask my dad. i think in this moment when i was a little girl, he was teaching me about a lawsuit. he was an intellectual property litigator, i think he was taking apart a camera lens saying hey, poppy, here is why i'm doing a deposition this is the information that the other company stole from us and teaching me to love the law. and i didn't get to law school right out of college, but i thought why not try? i think watching inspiring people do things a little bit later in life gave me the motivation you gave me the motivation to say why not. and, frankly, to work for cnn, my boss who not only said you can go, but encouraged me to go and made what was i thought impossible possible, and if your employer wants to do something and you can make it work, you l. >> it is a gre should try >> you cover business. it is actually a great example
8:40 am
because it's not like you quit your job you're working all the holidays from school. >> fridays i travel from the series we're filming, that's true >> yeah. so it's not that it's easy, but if you have a dream, i guess the message is you can go for it >> you can try and you mentioned my husband who we both know and i couldn't do it without him, right? who is there and he's working a big job and our child care, who is there when i'm no longer there as much as i was it takes that village to make it happen but i think you've got to try and i think the biggest lesson for me so far this year has been i'm just going to be okay at it. i'm not going to be valedictorian like savannah guthrie. i'm not going to be top of my class. i'm going to try to pass my final exams, learn all i can to bring back to the job that i love and just be okay with just being okay >> you inspire me. i love how you went for it and you sent me the cutest text the other day and said i love law school and i wrote you back said no one ever i'm so glad you're loving it, too. >> i love it >> you're making your dad proud.
8:41 am
poppy, thank you >> the book is called "the biggest little boy." go to if you want to learn more. and coming up next, we're ♪ i see trees of green ♪
8:42 am
♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> announcer: celebrating small businesses is sponsored by american express reminding you november 27th is small business saturday. welcome back, guys the holiday shopping season is in full swing and this year more than ever, it's important to highlight the small businesses that help keep america running so in support of small business saturday, an annual event founded by our sponsor, american express, we brought three small local businesses to our plaza and we would love to tell you all about them and lucky me, i get to start off. i am joined by charles branstool
8:44 am
and christy davis, exit 9 gift emporium. hi, guys >> hi. >> first off, is this not exciting this is a chance, like a megaphone for your small business what made you guys decide to start it >> because we're crazy >> because you're crazy, okay. >> and also, as a maker ourselves, we like to alig ourselves with other independent makers and so we can bring you all these wonderful goodies >> where are you located >> we have two locations we have one in the east village of manhattan and one in brooklyn >> when folks walk in the door, what can they expect to find i'm looking at this incredible array. it's like a little bit of everything >> this is a fraction of what we carry. we are one stop shopping extravaganza if you're looking for something for your infant or a 90-year-old grandmother, we've got it. >> people say it's risky to start a business what made you decide to say i'm going to roll the dice i know you're crazy, but what else was it? >> i was doing my best to avoid the 9:00 to 5:00 yeah >> you just wanted to be your own boss
8:45 am
>> yeah. i wanted to be my own boss >> and how long did it take for you to get on your feet? >> a matter of months and after that it was a matter of years before we really got going >> all right can you show us a couple of the products that we have down this line what is among your best sellers? >> i would like to focus on the local lined gift boxes we have these are boxes that we curate and each box is a different theme. here is a box of products all made by women, for example >> women who own it box. >> boom. i like the name. >> here is a box of products all made in new york state >> oh. >> and we have a ho, ho, ho box. we have a variety of our boxes in our store you'll have to come down and check them out go to our website. >> and tell us your website again. >> >> just because? >> just because. >> love you guys congratulations. we hope people buy local small businesses savannah, over to you. >> that is my kind of shop so cute. and look at these beautiful flowers.
8:46 am
i've got nick fedos and steven fedos from star bright floral here in new york city. welcome. >> thank you >> we're trying to shine a light on small business and people are thinking about flowers what does a small business bring that you might not get anywhere else >> personalized service. knowing who you're talking to, being able to communicate from the owner to the consumer. and it creates a much, much more personalized experience and one that we are happy to give to our customers. >> this is a family affair, too, isn't it >> yeah. my father started the company back in '94 and i joined during my college years it's been great ever since i've been very happy to be part of the business and we've grown it together and not only that, we're great partners and have had a blast, honestly, ever since >> and how has it been during the pandemic so many small businesses struggled. and i imagine yours did, too how did you bounce back? how did you stay in the game
8:47 am
>> well, you know, we had an opportunity to build a great client base over 25 years. and then all of a sudden, the world shut down. so during that shutdown period, which for us was rather small, it's only about 6 weeks, we reconfigured everything and we realized that we have a strong client base that is going to support us and slowly, as things opened up, we made sure that our clients knew that we were here and that we would stay with them >> i wish everyone could smell how good it smells right here. if you're looking for a holiday bouquet, they're like oh, poinsettias, i got them at the grocery store. what would you recommend why do you think it's a good idea to check out your small business, your local florist >> customization i would jump into it customization is a big thing and making sure that you have a bit of uniqueness inside your home >> it's not just poinsettias, right? >> no. >> and amaryllis is one of my favorite
8:48 am
we have them here on set one of my favorite flowers >> oh, that's gorgeous that's a great idea. >> it's big, it's open takes up a lot of space in the house. >> it does >> very dramatic look, visit your local shops visit us >> nick and steven, thank you so much it's called star bright floral and it's in new york city. thank you so much. craig, over to you >> all right, sg, thank you. i want to introduce you to kiesha hudson. >> hello >> and if you could just get a whiff of this, i mean, these are amazing. you're in new haven, right >> new haven, connecticut. >> and this is yours, as well. edible couture how does this come to be >> it came about as a dream for my father, you know, that led me into the path of start baking again. >> i learned to bake with my grandmother and my mother and this is where it all started >> and what can folks expect when they come into the shop, or
8:49 am
when they come up to the window here >> they can expect some delicious home made desserts full of flavor bold flavors fresh ingredients. just amazing stuff >> you know, when the pandemic hit, a lot of small businesses shut down. they had to scale back dramatically what did you do? how did you survive? >> i was pretty lucky because of my food truck. i was able to stay open and it helped bring some normalcy to everybody because they were able piece of happiness when so much was going on we didn't know what was going to happen, so it was pretty good to provide that for our community >> here's the thing. this is a family affair. john, i want to show dad and her son. >> he started. >> and you enlisted them to help start the business >> yes this is edible couture and because of them. >> so what's in this
8:50 am
>> this is our strawberry shortcake cake cup >> i like to eat on television >> this is my number one seller right here it's a strawberry cake just like -- good humor ice cream back in the day when you're growing up >> oh, my gosh this is not low calorie, though, is it? >> it don't have any calories. >> tha success. it's going on be a great holiday season for you i can vouch for the tastin a big thanks to all of these small businesses and, by the way, some of the folks out here some goodies from them in this box. so plaza crowd, congrats some of you are going to get if you would like one, as well, go to thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> again, edible couture we're going to do this again in the third hour, as well. we're back in a moment this is "today" on nbc
8:51 am
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8:53 am
hey, i think we're going t celebrate some birthdays bring on shows sweet smucker's jars we want to introduce you to today's birthday folk. first up, happy 100th birthday to harrie coleman. a lovely singer from camden, new jersey she says the secret to longevity, go to bed early there you go milley clark is from longboat key, florida a scrabble queen who has just turned 100 she loves spending time with her grandkids and great grandkids. happy 100th birthday to wing fong of fresno, california we thank you four your service, sir. ophelia formby, she has and makes the best fried pies you will ever try. and we've got roy ringman, 100 he's a chocolate lover
8:54 am
to celebrate the big birthday, a trip to sweden to see his family and last but not least, happy 105th birthday to ida lee shands, a proud nana from victorville, california. she's got four grandkids and five great-grandkids let us know if you've got a loved one celebrate ago milestone birthday go to >> there you go. >> oh, she's over there. >> exciting. coming up on hoda and jenna, weave got actress and singer kelly roland >> and she's got a christmas movie. >> she's very busy and important. >> like you. first, though, a capella mega stars, pentatonix >> that means the holidays are here >> we're going to share a performance of their new holiday album. we're going to continue to celebrate some small businesses, as well. we've got three more businesses we're going to feature so don't go far. >> but first, your local news, some weather
8:55 am
8:56 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. as soon as today questioning likely to get tougher for former ceo elizabeth holmes. she's been on the stand since last friday in her criminal fraud trial.
8:57 am
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-with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on all your holiday needs. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of today today. >> good morning. happy birthday to my father. i just saw the date. >> you just realized -- >> i knew it was today, but obviously, it's front door. >> did you text him? >> i'm going to as soon as obviously, you didn't send him a card you forgot your father's birthday. >> i didn't forget, i said happy birthday i'll text yo


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