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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and new video showing what happened before a man barrelled into a christmas parade in wisconsin. >> everyone's just kind of showing support for each other and being there for someone who may have lost someone. >> we're going to show you a smash and grab robbery at a high-end store in los angeles. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> the price of groceries. the price of gas, that's something almost all of us have in common. a story that touches almost every driver in the country. today president biden did something about it, but how much will we benefit here in the bay area? let's bring in alice barr. >> reporter: as tens of millions of holiday travelers hit the roads this week gas prices are hitting the roof. >> they are really high. what can we do?
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you know, hang in there. >> reporter: the national average, $3.41, the highest since thanksgiving of 2013. in an effort to reverse that trend, president biden is taking the rare step of releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. an action typically used during wartime or storm emergencies. >> help provide the supply we need as we recover from this pandemic. >> reporter: the president coordinating the move with other major energy-consuming countries, including china and india. it's designed to drive down prices and increase pressure on oil-producing nations to boost their supplies. but any impact at the pump would likely be weeks away. >> critics are going to charge the president with making a political rather than economic move, because a move of this size is unlikely to help oil and gas prices in the long term. >> reporter: several republicans are attacking the move, shelly
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moore capito calling it nothing more than a gesture to mask the fallout of president biden's terrible energy policies. >> my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. >> reporter: president biden trying to reassure consumers he's doing what he can to ease pain at the pump as they brave crowded roads and packed airports to make it home for the holidays. the president also touting his administration's efforts to relieve bottlenecks in the nation's supply chain so that americans can get their holiday gifts on time. alice barr, nbc news. the department of justice has released new video on the january 6 attack on the capitol. members of the crowd used chairs and trash cans and sprayed some kind of liquid.
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the fate of three white men charged in the shooting death of a black jogger, ahmaud arbery, is now up to a jury. that jury was deliberating into the night, perhaps hoping to reach a verdict before thanksgiving. travis mcmichael and his father greg and a neighbor are on trial. they suspected arbery of recent crimes. brian joining them chasing with his phone. travis mcmichael pulled a shotgun from his truck and during the struggle shot arbery. prosecutors say that the citizens arrest claim wasn't mentioned until after the shooting, adding there's no evidence that arbery committed a crime. another tragic update to the christmas parade attack in wisconsin. prosecutors say a child has died three days after a suv plowed through the parade in waukesha.
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the child is the sixth person killed, and dozens are still in the hospital tonight. meantime, the suspect appeared if court for the first time today. jay gray has more. >> reporter: the man police say was behind the wheel as a suv accelerates into a christmas parade in court for the first time since the massacre, formally charged with five counts of intentional degree homicide. video from a doorbell camera appears to show daryl brooks jr. just after the tragedy telling the person he's homeless and asking to come inside. he has a long and violent history, multiple convictions and pending charges after accusations he fired a pistol at his nephew last year and then earlier this month punched and in the same suv ran over the mother of his child. three days later, flowers and
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candles dot the parade route, main street shifting to a memorial, honoring the six lost and dozens injured. >> we're here, and we are all feeling this moment, because we are, like, family. >> reporter: milwaukee brewers players joining families for a fundraiser for victims. >> it is to lean on each other and care about each other. >> reporter: healing that is painful and difficult. >> everyone's just kind of showing support to each other and being there for people who might have lost someone. >> reporter: after a tragedy that many in this community say has forever changed the holiday season here. jay gray, nbc news. waukesha, wisconsin. we have a followup on the high-profile case of gabby patito. we know the cause of death of her fiance brian laundry. an attorney for his parents
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confirm that laundrie died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. his remains were found in a park. gabby petito's remains were found a month after she was reported missing. laundrie was never charged in her death. the justice department will pay $130 million to victims and families of the massacre in florida. nikolas cruz opened fire at the marjory stoneman douglas school in parkland, florida in 2017. seven people were killed, 17 wounded. someone close to cruz contacted the fbi and told investigators they were concerned about his behavior. a lawsuit claimed the fbi did not follow up on that tip. it is not just a problem here in the bay area. take a look at this video out of l.a. the smash and grab at high-end retail stores is now a state-wide problem.
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the police around the state are increasing patrols. ange crouch from our sister station in l.a. has the details. >> reporter: a crew of robbers used a sledgehammer to smash through this window at the nordstrom store. tonight you can see the window has been boarded up and painted black. holiday shopping is in full swing at the grove, and security is tight all around the outdoor mall, this after a team of 18-20 robbers wearing ski masks smashed through a display window at the nordstrom store around 10:40 last night. the developer of the grove says they never made it all the way inside the store or the mall because the window was covered with a substance and the tape. >> we somewhere a lot who are
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armed. >> reporter: lapd chased after one car suspected of being involved and stopped it in south l.a., recovering a cash register and merchandise. three people were taken into custody. this follows break-in attempts in beverly hills early sunday morning and a rash of similar crimes in the bay area, where several people rushed into high-end stores and made off with armfuls of goods. >> people are getting desperate around the holidays. >> reporter: security expert deron kimball says more businesses should invest in their own protection from these mobs. >> they're not looking for a fight. they're looking for the least amount of friction. you want them to know that this store is protected by people who are armed. >> reporter: right now california law allows those charged with stealing 950 dollars or less to be charged with a misdemeanor. eric garcetti calls for stricter penalties. >> there is no place for this
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type of thing. >> reporter: the retailer issued a statement saying fortunately no one was hurt in the l.a. attack, but they've beefed up security inside and outside all of their stores to prevent future attack. ange crouch, nbc bay area. >> so who will be held accountable for the smash and grab burglary? we're going to bring you the latest at 6:00. the holiday season is here. we know that. for so many people, it's a mad rush to shop and then deliver all toes gifts. today nbc bay area crews got a glimpse of one of the busiest jobs this time of year. a mail carrier in san francisco. he says he picks up an average of 1,000 packages a day. just him alone. he expects it to double as the
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holiday season progresses. he's really as big as stan at that. >> and whether we're giving them the package, they have a smile on their face, or if they're somebody who's selling it, and we're picking it up for them to deliver it, they have a smile on their face, too. >> well done, jose. if you want to get there in time for christmas, all your gifts, first class mail is due by december 17, priority mail december 18th. and if you're really, really last minute like maybe me. >> and me. >> priority is december 23rd, but you have to pay a little extra. it seems like we've heard this story before, but it's an unprecedented mission for nasa. it's aiming right for an asteroid. short supplies and long delivery times. how do you beat the supply chain this holiday season? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. no airport delays due to
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weather. we'll talk about what's happening tomorrow if you're traveling and get you all ready for bay area thanksgiving coming up in about eight minutes.
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okay. the holidays are here. that means presents and gifts. but with the backlog, will you get them on time? >> i admit it, i've been that's correct shopping for hristmas on christmas eve. it was a gamble that worked out more than once. sorry, mom and dad. but their year, not enough chips for electronics, not enough people at the ports, not enough truck drivers. what can you do? if you have something specific in mind for someone, consider grabbing it now before it's possibly out of stock. also ship it now. we'll talk about shipping woes
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in just a minute. i have good news. the gift people want most is not in short supply and ships pretty easily, gift cards. the national retail federation asks people what they want most, gift cards were number one. you can buy them online, and they deliver instantly electronically. as for good old-fashioned goods can you hold in your hand, there are issues with almost everything. we've already seen stores showing out of stock messages. even if you get to a completed sale, that's no guarantee. the federal trade commission gives online stores a month to ship. if they don't deliver you can get your money back. on the down side, though, that may not kick in until after the holidays, leaving you stuck. can you always buy locally and ship it yourself but you have to
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do it earlier than usual. the big shipping companies are pretty good about sticking to delivery timelines and offering cash back if they fail. fedex has suspended its money back guarantee until january 16. it told our team these changes will allow us to continue providing customers with the premium services they've come to expect. yeah, expect for the refunds. there are changes at the post office, too. overnight is unchanged. but priority mail, the delivery timelines have changed. two-day delivery can now take four days or longer. if you want a priority box to arrive in time for christmas, for example, the post office says you have to ship by december 18th. ideally, though, wrap up your shopping and shipping even earlier this year. >> always good reminders, thank you, chris. here's a story that feels like a holiday movie script.
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about five hours from now, nasa will be launching its first-ever mission to redirect an asteroid. the asteroid is not a danger to earth, but the mission is an important test for the future. >> how big. >> it's what we call a global killer. nothing would survive, not even bacteria. >> reporter: in a scene straight out of the movie "armageddon", real-life nasa scientists are going to ram a spacecraft into one massive asteroid. unlike the movie, though, this space rock is not heading towards earth, but the mission is the first test of nasa's. >> pretty cool mission. we're excited to be a part of it. >> reporter: the spacecraft will launch on a spacex falcon 9
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rocket. it will slam into the space rock at 15,000 miles per hour. nasa scientists will then watch closely to see if and how the trajectory of the asteroid changes after the impact. >> our hope is to prove that by impacting a spacecraft onto the raft we change its movement. we change its overall speed. >> reporter: the goal. >> intercepting an asteroid called didymos and target its secondary body called dimorphos which is the smaller rock which orbits the larger one. >> if you try to push a car, with the same force, it's a lot easier to see any motion than if
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you push a larger car or truck. measurement of change is the easiest for us to detect from the ground u. >> reporter: the long and epic journey starts today and is expected to make impact come fall 2022. >> well, speaking of space, michael strahan, good morning america anchor and now civilian astronaut? he will be one of six people on the flight december 9th. and yes, he would set a new record as the tallest person to fly in space. also on that flight, laura shepherd churchly, the eldest daughter of allan shepherd, the first american in space. >> not just the tallest american but the best tackler in space. >> hopefully he's not doing any tackling inside of the -- >> no, no. >> he'll be floating in there. jeff, i see a storm, but it's tracking north of us it looks
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like. >> everybody's been asking what's happening with the rainfall. so we'll get a look. you can see on my maps here. what we're dealing with is the storm track pushing up toward seattle. if you wanted rainfall our best hopes are up there. as we roll into december, bit we are looking dry here. if you have any traveling to do across the west, it's looking good. otherwise, good weather. as we start it off for tomorrow morning, it's also going to be chilly. make sure to have that jacket. we're going to be down to 39 in the tri valley. let's get you your forecast over the east bay. 39 as well. 47 in san francisco, and 38 through the north bay. we'll start off chilly through the day tomorrow. we have that sunshine. we've got nice temperatures, i
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think you're going to be happy with this. down in the south bay, 64 los gatos. right through the east bay, not too many differences here. 63 in palo alto. san francisco, 62 in downtown. 59 in the marina. maybe you're on a road trip heading town family or friends. clear lake, 64. santa rosa 65, back to napa, mid-60s. no big storm systems tomorrow. we may get wind delays. colorado right up to portions of the dakotas, iowa and back into oklahoma. but sunny skies in las vegas. sun in albuquerque. 56 in louisville, right up to
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boston and new york, temperatures in the 40s. if you're traveling late, there is a chance we get rainfall from texas to the ohio. so i'm seeing the best possibility of slight delays on thanksgiving in houston with a chance of thunderstorms. on my seven-day forecast, you will see on thanksgiving, if you are doing the silicon valley turkey trot, cold to start, 48 at 8:00 a.m. in san francisco we're going to stay dry over the next seven days. highs in the 60s. morning lows in the 40s. not too much of a difference in the temps. >> the bonus piece of pie at midnight. >> all you can eat if that's your house. >> you're getting wild. we're getting crazy. it's not just an issue for
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a new study shows tiktok can make adults more depressed. the research doesn't prove that social media causes depression, but the tendencies increased with more exposure to tiktok and snapchat. the reasons are unclear. perhaps older people react differently to videos, because the study could suggest they are out of synch with their peers. a peer reviewed weekly medical journal showed researchers looked at 350,000 people between the ages of 50 and 74 and how much coffee they consumed. for those who drank coffee and
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while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto are we ready? >> we are ready! >> the winter olympics in beijing, less than two months away. as part of our olympic's
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coverage, we are also very aware of the paralympics. >> the bay area will be well represented, including a two-time gold medallist from daley city. you're going to know in a couple weeks if you make the team officially for team usa. what are you looking forward to the most if you head to beijing? >> wow. for me, it's definitely, you know, the goal is to win a gold medal. right? so that's the thing we're looking for. but then, you know, for beijing, i've never been in china myself. i know we may be in a bubble, which is kind of, will be a little bit disappointing, but looking forward to meet the people there, the volunteers, everyone's going to be super cool. if we have time to go sightseeing, look at the great wall or the downtown square. it will be awesome. i know it's going to be beautiful. >> you enlisted in the army right after the 9/11 terror
5:59 pm
attacks, and you said actually serving in the army helped you prepare for the olympics. >> it's about the defense of teamwork, the military really teaches you that, you know, besides the discipline but really kind of understand being the cohesion aspect of it and working together. >> the nicest guy. he actually lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2009 and said sled hockey really helps him cope and deal with the aftermath. by 2014 he was at his first olympics in sochi, winning bold, and hopefully winning gold in beijing. you can watch him right here on nbc bay area. >> he's likely to make the team, but it's not official yet. >> he basically has made the team, but usa hockey has not made the official announcement yet. he's a goalie, he's got the most-aggressive position. he's so good at what he does. >> good evening, jess, how you doing? >> that is so impressive.
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coming up at 6:00, coming up, soon to be a free man. a san jose judge orders a man convicted in a thrill kill to be released. >> a monster. i have, i have nothing for him. he's disgusting. >> the recent california law that will allow the killer to walk out. fighting back against the growing number of retail thefts. the costly measures one police department is recommending. and an admission on the witness stand, a question that got elizabeth holmes to say "i wish i had done it differently." the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. change of law, change of fortune. jay williams was 15 when he and a friend brutally killed their


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