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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 24, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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breaking overnight just moments ago, nasa launched its doubles a tried test mission aboard a falcon rock the saving mission is under way. the fates of three men are on the linas the jury of ahmaud aubrey continues in a few minutes from now a child is dead after being hit in a christmas parade. as millions hit the road for
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thanksgiving, the push for boosters after busy get away travel wednesday ahead. "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> thanks for being up with us i'm frances rivera we begin with waukesha, where residents are leaning on each other. an 8-year-old boy has become the sixth victim to die after the celebrations megan fits gerald is there with more. >> reporter: the man at the center of a horrific tragedy appearing before a judge for the first time thine-year-old darryl brooks charged with five counts of intentional homicide after allegedly plowing through a christmas parade sunday evening killing five people, injuring 62 others prosecutors saying more charges are pending after the confirmation of a sixth death, an 8-year-old boy. new images from a doorbell camera appear to show brooks
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asking a home own tore call a uber >> call an uber, please, i'm homeless >> not long after, police moving in, moments before making an arrest court documents show brooks has a decades long criminal history, sexual abuse, drugs, battery, domestic violence, he was arrested for running over his child's mother but was released from jail days ago after posting a $1,000 bond. >> it's clearly a breakdown in the criminal justice system to release a man with his record. >> reporter: five dead, ranging from 52 to 81-years-old. three of the victims, virginia sorenson, leian owithin and tamara grant, grannys that marched in the parade. wilhelm died alongside them carrying ice dozens more injured sunday, 18 kids rushed to children's
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hospital, ten remain in icu. while the trauma of that day is setting in >> people screaming everywhere, panic. like we just took off running >> reporter: taylor was the at the parade with her one-year-old son and witness it is horror. >> could you feel the car when it went past >> it was a brush of wind, those kids like they weren't even there. >> we are all waukesha. >> reporter: a devastated community finding comfort in grieving together. according to life point church and a go fund me page created by the family member. the 8-year-old is jackson sparks he underwent brain injury and died sadly on tuesday. his 12-year-old property was also injured megan. >> frances, thank you. the biden administration has announced a new covid mandate. it will require non-travelers like truck drivers and government and emergency
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response officials to be vaccinated by january 22nd the announcement comes as americans are rolling up their sleeves for a third time for a booster ahead of thanksgiving gatherings here's nbc news' miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the race to vaccinate hitting new benchmarks as travel gens to surge and new infections start to mount. for three weeks, average inoculation topped more than 1 million a day for the first time since spring now its booster shots making up the majority of jabs with thanksgiving and family gatherings two days away. >> reporter: not only do boosters work, they work even better than the peak dose, the peak response after the second dose >> it comes as new infections and hospitalizations climb nationwide, pushing some ers back to the brink, all over again. despite the troubling trend,
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dr. tyson bell says there are ways to protect your family for the holidays >> for my family, everyone who is eligible gathers to be vaccinated i'm having a smaller gathering than i normally have, about five or six adults and everyone is taking a rammed test be every they come. >> reporter: while pcr tests remain the most accurate, clearly inexpensive, easy to use at-home tests can provide another layer of protection with the white house spending 3 billion to quad drum supply from december major pharmacies say demand has been high for weeks. >> rapid tests are fought the gold standard. they're not perfect. but i think they're a really good layer to add to the other measures are you doing to keep people safe. >> reporter: for dr. bell, moving from personal to gather in time for the holidays there have been a lot of questions about those boosters, officials say you can consider
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the booster to take a full immunity a week after you get that shot. >> a verdict could be rendered today in the murder trial of ahmaud aubrey the fate lies in the hands of the 12 zwroors. >> they could face life in prison nbc sam brock is in dpachl with the latest sam, good morning. >> reporter: philip, good morning. am jury here in pruns brunswick against three men accused of killing ahmaud aubrey, a small city in georgia. for the family and friends of ahmaud aubrey, the jury in this case deliberating. >> i think we will come back with a guilty verdict. we will get justice for ahmaud. >> reporter: at points during the prosecution's rebuttal, graphic scenes of the crime scene, causing his mom to cover
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her face three men include nine charges and murder with forethought. >> it has nothing to do withing with anger or hatred instead, it deals exclusively with the concept of intent, intent to kim or cause serious bodily harm. >> reporter: the pros security saying a self-defense claim cannot apply when you confront the danger and confronts an unarmed victim >> he went towards him with a gun. >> reporter: a message they hope sticks with the jury >> what's potentially the power of these last two hours being the final thing the jury will hear before they start deliberating >> a fresh jury. the jury has had all the evidence it's great before deliberation, they will be hearing from the prosecution making the case to get a conviction. >> reporter: the defense basing it on neighborhood burglaries, the three defendants were trying to peacefully confront a man
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they believed was trespassing. >> these are real experiences, real people who were very scared and so they took it upon themselves to do something about it. >> reporter: now the fates of three men and the families devastated by their actions hanging in the balance originally, there was some thought the jurors might recess early before the holiday the sheriffs department saying they have the opening to deliberate throughout the week, thursday, friday or saturday, if necessary. but they almost stayed late on tuesday night, returning in a matter of hours. philip, that's the latest from brunswick, let me send it back to you. >> sam, thank you. with millions of americans hitting the road for the holidays, president biden is take a historic step to ease high gas prices, nbc news' tom costello has more. >> reporter: from the tarmac in tampa, they find out what happens when airlines suffer meltdowns, southwest and spirit
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affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers, they all fly into tampa him tampa has seen first hand what happens when you have a major meltdown so they are watching very closely how those airlines are handling the holiday stress and the holiday volume so far so good in fact, nationwide, we have really good conditions for flying blue skies across much of the country. minimal flight delays and cancellations. the hope if that's true, another busy travel day and on sunday the big return day as you know, the vast majority of the 53 million people traveling over thanksgiving are driving. president biden announcing the administration is going to be tapping the strategic petroleum reserve in coordination with allies around the world, right now, we are at levels we haven't seen since thanksgiving of 2013, averageing about 3.41 a gallon the hope is by tapping 15
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million of the reserves, gas prices can come down but that will take several weeks to work its way through the system maybe by christmas maybe by the time we are in our cars around christmas, gas prices will be lower hopefully, the airlines will continue to operate as smoothly as they are right now. i'm tom costello in tampa. back to you. >> all right tom, thanks. breaking early this morning, nasa has sent a first of its kind to destroy an asteroid. it launched in and haveen berg space launch in california the mission still has quite an odyssey before making contact. nasa says the spacecraft will smash into it at 15,000 miles an hour next fall coming up later in the show, we will take you behind the scenes in this mission.
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unruly travellers are one of the biggest dangers in the sky the faa revealed they are seeking more than $160,000 in fines from eight passengers in incidents involving alcohol the largest fine is over $40,000 it involves a passenger accused of bringing alcohol on to a southwest flight, drinking it, smoking marijuana in the bathroom and sexually assaults a flight aten davent the passengers have 30 days to contest the passengers let's head over to our meteorologist janessa webb good morning >> hi, good morning, this thanksgiving eve, pretty yet it conditions to start off your morning. then things get dicey later this afternoon into your evening. it's a little rain we will be watching due to this cold front making its way from texas to chicago. cooler air colliding with this this will spark up heavy weather into houston and southern texas this afternoon accumulation one-to-two inches
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possible for the houston area. the rest of thmorning. hopefully, going to expire this afternoon. bismark a high of 28 degrees we'll take a look at that thanksgiving forecast coming up, guys >> thanks. coming up a $25 million judgment in the unite the right trial. far from a one-sided judgment. >> the new details surrounding this deadly house explosion that left 30 structures damaged stay with us so you smell last night's dinner the next morning. for an easy way to keep your whole home smelling fresh try febreze fabric refresher. febreze's water-based formula deeply penetrates fabrics
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girl inside that house was killed a 55-year-old neighbor also died the girl's parents were rushed to the hospital. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. home depot is donateing wood to help the 30 structures that were damaged. the high profile civil trial after 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia ended in a split verdict they ordered nationalists to pay more than $12 million in damages. the event led to the death of a woman after a man rammed his car into the crowd jurors were deadlocked on two conspiracy charges the popular discount store dollar tree will raise the baseline price from $1 to $1.25. they cited inflation for all of that price hike. the company claimed they can carry more products with higher
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my best friend is in danger, you have to help me. >> you are stronger than you think. >> lady orange >> has i didn't see anything >> where the heck am i >> that's a look at warner brother's league of super pets dwayne the rock johnson is crypto, superman's dog on a mission to save his owner. it debuts in may of 2022 now to a tense moment blurring the lines between reality and entertainment monday night when a fan jumped the barricade at a ppe event
4:19 am
charging at superstar seth rollins after his match. here's nbc oolz tom llamas with the story. >> i am revolutionary. i am a visionary i am -- >> >> reporter: the wwe universal champion seth rollins monday night raw started out on script live at the barclays center, taking on the prince, the two flying in and out of the ring >> he is absolutely possessed. >> shortly after rollins won the match, the biggest surprise of the night when rollins never sue coming a spectator from out of nowhere breaching the barricades and spearing the wrestling superstar the broadcast airing on the usa network quickly cutting away the rest of the incident captured on cell phone video by fans >> is that a fan >> referees and security piling on the spectator, later identify
4:20 am
by police as 24-year-old elijah spencer of brooklyn, world wrestling entertainment responding in a statement, wwe takes the safety of its performers very seriously. the individual who attacked seth rollins has been turned over to the nypd and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the lawsuit. >> oh! no >> what was that >> reporter: and before you dismiss this as some type of stunt, the fan bo went too far is now under arrest. police confirming spencer has been charged with attempted assault and disrupting a live sporting event authorities not saying what motivated the disruption the video, though, going viral with more than 2 million views and counting before wwe officials bounced spencer out of the arena, rollins is seen in the video taunting his surprise attacker the wrestler getting the last word in, but maybe, just maybe, we see a rematch
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hopefully, this time, the two are in the ring. >> i don't think they're evenly matched at all >> the fans are thinking, is this real? it was a real deal not a stunt. >> a way to go to jail cell. you know >> janessa has the thanksgiving forecast >> can you gssue how many calories are packed into the average thanksgiving dinner? average thanksgiving dinner? >> so you get a rate that fits your budget. oh, that's great. (annoyed, to neighbor) cause subtitles would be nice! for surprisingly great rates that fit any budget... like a good neighbor, state farm is there. call or click to get a quote today. ♪ ♪ state farm is there.
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febreze. overnight, nasa launched a mission straight out of hollywood. the agency september a spacecraft careening towards an asteroid to try to knock it off course morgan chesky takes us inside the mission. >> reporter: blowing up an earth-ending asteroid made armageddon a smash hit >> it's the size of texas, mr. president. >> reporter: hollywood, step aside for a mission made for the big screen. >> this is the first time spacex has taken a nasa spacecraft and intentionally launched it on a trajectory to escape earth and
4:27 am
crash into an asteroid. >> reporter: it isn't headed in our direction. they want to ram it off the launch of a falcon 9 rocket. to make an impact more than 6-and-a-half miles away. >> what we're trying to learn is how to deflect an effect that was coming. >> reporter: they are interseptembering an asteroid called ymos. scientists will study the smaller asteroid, orbiting the larger didymos to see how far it moves off course. >> this will be ten months we will hit this and impart some english into it. >> reporter: the agency says they've mapped major asteroids while none are headed our way. they want to be ready. >> we want to see these events
4:28 am
with the courage worthy of this challenge. >> reporter: all eyes on a mission that could one day save planet earth, morgan chesky, nbc news tomorrow millions of americans will be piling their plates, with beans, greens, chicken, turkey, you name it how they want you to stuff your turkey and not yourself. according to calorie control council the typical american consumes 3,000 calories and 150 grams of fat in an average thanksgiving meal. going back for seconds could add another 1,000 calories the fda estimates the daily calorie count for women and men should top out at around 2200 and 2800 accordingly no one is counting c'mon, you are not going back for first or seconds you have to save the leftovers sometimes they're better later in the weekend. >> are you not counting the calories from the wine, the beer, on top of that >> and dessert, too.
4:29 am
>> you probably end up in a food coma after that it's delicious >> it's worth it, too. i hypoenjoy it i hope all the recipes are going smoothly today we thank you so much for being with us. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. >> i'm phillip mena. coming up on when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor. mix it into a stir fry. better! sauté it into some veggies. better! or brush it onto a steak. way better with better than bouillon the possibilities are endless. make your everything better with better than bouillon.
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healthier is on-demand covid testing to help you return safely. even if it's still... a little awkward. how've you been? -i'm so good! ♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ right now at 4:30, thieves out in full force once again. this time, targeting a department store in santa fe. major concerns about safe holiday shopping now. the response from police to stop the chaos. >> it's not just big retail stores being targeted. new video shows dozens of burglars ransacking a small business in oakland and the move they made to keep police off their tracks. this is today in the bay. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're going to get


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