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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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jogging through a neighborhood in georgia. >> a jury of 11 whites and one black. >> come on. >> in the deep south. >> good god. >> stood up in the courtroom and said that black lives do matter. >> we have the fallout from this verdict. what impact will it have moving forward, if any. we have the legal analysis. plus, sinking cities. it's not just the millennium tower in san francisco. we investigate how big buildings are putting pressure on the earth. the news at 5:30 starts right now. good wednesday. thanks so much for joining us, i'm janelle wang. >> we bring you an update to our breaking news. we've been tracking this on air and online. a private security guard shot during an attempted robbery in oakland. can you see our nbc chopper is
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overhead. the security guard assigned to a local tv news crew, this is now something standard procedure for all bay area tv stations. nowadays we usually have armed security guards travel with our crews. today a guard was shot in the noon hour near 14th and webster in oakland a few blocks from lake merritt. this is a story that hits home for us, like our reporters on the street like cheryl hurd. what do we know? >> reporter: this story is too close to home, especially when myself, my photographer and a security guard were at that same location yesterday about 5:00. usually we don't cover stories affecting ourselves but this one we can't ignore. the shooting happened today about 12:30 at 14th and webster at the prime store. the security guard was there with the camera crew. that store was hit by about 30 people late monday night. you see the dramatic video.
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they rushed in, grabbing everything that they could. the news crew today was covering that same exact story, and they were covering a turkey give away set up by the owners of the store. now we got an interview with one of the owners, and another man who just happened to be there at the time of the shooting. >> god bless him and his family. hopefully he's going to pull through okay. but he got shot for no reason. the dude didn't even take the camera. it was senseless. senseless attempt on multiple people's lives. a woman was there, she was shot at. >> it has been an extremely violent week. we are asking, if you are in the area, have a business or live nearby to please check your surveillance footage, as you may have captured the crime before, during or after it occurred. >> reporter: now these types of crimes have been plaguing our industry for months, probably years. our own news crew was held up at gun point in front of oakland
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city hall in broad daylight, back in june. our guard pulled out his weapon. luckily, the folks that were trying to rob our crew ran away. in this case, the crew didn't even take the camera. in our case involving our crew in june, they also did not take the camera. crime is plaguing everyone, including people who cover it. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. in other news, after 11 hours of deliberations, a jury finds all three men guilty in the murder of ahmaud arbery. their arrests only came months after a video of the killing was leaked online. justice delayed, but arbery's family grateful, saying justice was served. >> we the jury find travis mcmichael guilty. >> reporter: emotions running
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high. of travis mcmichael guilty. his father convicted on eight of nine counts, including murder. and roddy brian also convicted of murder. the three white men chased arbery after spotting him in their neighborhood outside brunswick, georgia. they thought he was a burglar and wanted to make a citizens arrest, arbery, though, was just jogging and unarmed. the jury did not buy the defendants' story. all three men could now face life in prison. arbery's mother appeared overcome with emotion. outside the courtroom, crowds erupted and arbery's mother gave thanks. >> i never saw this day in 2020, i never thought this day would come, but god is good.
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>> reporter: while brunswick celebrates, the defendants now wait to be sentenced, and at least one attorney already plans for an appeal. >> is this gist this just one cl it have impact on other cases. let's bring in a retired judge. >> what did they do right in terms of the prosecution in terms of winning this case? >> first of all i want to make clear that this was not justice. justice with be ahmaud arbery being alive. this was accountability. the jury held these three defendants accountable, and that's what we should be celebrating. and we should also be very supportive of our jury system. it reaffirms my belief in the jury system. so what the lawyers did right, the prosecution focussed on the facts. and they showed very clearly why this was not a case of self-defense. and they really did not give in to or in any way deal with the
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racism that the defense attorneys utilized from selecting the jury and using peremptory challenges to get almost all but one juror off. and also their racist tropes and name-calling to try to dehumanize ahmaud arbery before the jury. the jury didn't buy it. they just looked at the facts. and the irony of this is that this case would never really have proceeded but for the video. and the video was taken by one of the defendants who then put it out there and made it public. so, because of that, that's why this case even exists. and remember, it took 74 days before these men with even charged with this crime. >> judge cordell, you did bring that up. the district attorney did not file those charges until that video came out. what happens to that d.a., and is there any message to other d.a.s across the country now?
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>> that d.a. is in big trouble because criminal charges have been filed against the d.a. for basically colluding with the defendants and not doing the job of a prosecutor. and the message is, don't give in to the racism, and when you know you have a criminal conduct, it's your job to protect society by filing these charges. fortunately, this was moved to another county, to cobb county and the prosecutor did her job. >> they did not want multiple black pastors in the courtroom, the toenails of ahmaud arbery. any push back for the defense attorneys or is this kind of part of their job? >> it was not a part of in job. in fact, there's a code of conduct for lawyers that says you are not to engage in racism and bias. and that was so clearly done here, and doi hope that people in georgia, and you don't even have to be in georgia, should
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file complaints with the state bar in georgia for the conduct of these attorneys in being so blatantly racist as they pursued this trial and representing their clients. it's one thing to be an advocate, but it's another thing to go over the top. and when you utilize racism in the way that they did, all of them did, i believe absolutely, they should be held to account and disciplined. >> we appreciate your time. we appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> nbc's sam brock is also there on the ground for us in georgia. he looks at what's next, including the sentencing phase of this trial. that's coming up on nightly news with lester holt at 6:30. we have documented the troubles with the millennium tower sinking for years, but that's not the only building sinking in the bay area. jaxon van derbeken tells us the timing is less than ideal, because the sea revel is rising at the same time. >> i looked at every building in
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the bay area. so just under a million buildings. >> reporter: tom parsons is a research geophysicist with the u.s. geological survey, the usgs. he studies how pressure builds up on the earth's crust and sinking cities. it turns out, the entire bay area sunk as much as 3 inches on average during the last century. the cause? an extra 3.5 trillion pounds of concrete and steel. >> the most dense and tallest buildings are centered in the downtown san francisco area, that's where we see the most calculated cumulative settlement. >> reporter: downtown of course is home to the infamous millennium tower, it's the most recognizable tilting building right now. take a look at the ten heaviest buildings in san francisco that exert the most pressure on the
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earth, at 686 million pounds, millennium is just the third heaviest development. the top nine all weigh more than 300 million pounds. but parsons' data suggests they're all sinking slowly but evenly, none of the others is sinking like the millennium, which is sinking almost entirely on one side. >> generally, they go gown vertically. >> reporter: the sentinel one satellite actually captured the phenomenon from space. you could see the financial district and other downtown arias show up in yellow, indicating ongoing settlement. all that weight, parsons says is enough to influence an earthquake fault. thankfully the san andreas fault runs offshore before it reaches san francisco. so the billions of pounds in the city is not likely to affect it. >> if you have a series of buildings, very heavy buildings
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all clustered together they're going to affect. >> reporter: he is an expert on tall building foundation. he says while there may be no seismic concern for san francisco there's been little research about the collective impact of entire corridors of high rises on the earth below. >> i've been doing foundation design for i guess nearly 30 years now, and it's not something that we've even ever actually thought about, not on the sort of scale that you're talking about. >> anything that's contributing to lowering the ground's surface is something we should be worried about. >> reporter: parsons says he's now studying manhattan, because it's sinking too and faces the same threat as san francisco in climate change. ground level and sea level heading in opposite directions is a dangerous scenario for coastal cities. >> if you have all this going on near the waterline, in some cases san francisco, then you have to worry about big storms and sea level comes up and
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inundation more frequently. >> reporter: san francisco building officials say they have long-term plans protecting against climate change, like building up sea walls. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. up next, we haven't seen numbers like this in more than 50 years. we're going to break down the latest unemployment reports. straight off of your car and onto the black market. catalytic converters are right now a hot commodity in the criminal community, it could cost you thousands of dollars to replace. we'll go undercover to see who's buying them and how to stop the thieves. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have the latest on any travel delays, also if you're traveling in california and what you can expect for thanksgiving in a few minutes
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okay. almost every night thieves are cutting the catalytic converters
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off people's cars, many times right from your own driveway. it can cost you thousands of dollars to replace. >> the catalytic converter is underneath your car by the way. so what are thieves doing with it after they steal it and how can we stop all this. chris chmura is here. >> we've got to cut this off. take a look at these photos from a handful of the police raids that we know about. cops have caught crooks with dozens of sawed-off converters. they're getting $100 to $1,000 for them on the black market. say they steal eight in one night. >> you just made a grand. that's a lot more profitable than selling drugs and a whole lot less risk. >> all right. so who's buying them from the thieves? we wanted to find out. so here's what we did. we borrowed a legitimate converter to test how easy it might be to sell right here in our own back yard and elsewhere. tonight at 11:00, see where we got cash offers, no questions asked. and why a top prosecutor says we
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can't arrest our way out of this problem, and a couple steps you can take right now to protect your car. viewers like you turned us on to this investigation. click the respond options from the main menu or call us, 888-996-tips. you do not need to use your real name, because we know this is a very sensitive matter. >> how long does it take? >> we've seen on the security cameras, two minutes. they get under there at night with a saws all. >> we're getting news releases almost every day. thank you, chris. >> see you later. getting back to work. the u.s. hasn't seen an unemployment report like this in several decades. first time jobless claims dropped to 199,000, the lowest level since 1969. president biden calling it a historic jobs recovery. it's also a sign of a tightening labor market as employers
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struggle to hang onto workers they have and attract new ones. millions of us are on the move this week. follow the rules, especially if you're flying, the u.s. attorney general calling for prosecutors to prioritize violent crimes on airlines. the feds have received more than 5,000 reports of unruly passengers in the skies this year alone. an overwhelming number of those reports, more than 70% were mask related. so just follow the rules. >> follow the rules. okay, let's talk about thanksgiving. if you're traveling, it's going to look very good, whether you're traveling by car and plane hopefully. >> just a few trouble spots. we'll detail those for you. it really does look great here. from the east coast to the west at least for right now. we've got a few showers over texas, right up to the midwest. nothing too heavy. so as we get those delays on here, these are real time
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delays. we're just running 30 minutes behind here in new york. otherwise, green means good to go here. no delays' cross the map otherwise. now right here across california, we tracking clear, dry and chilly weather in the dry area. but if you are traveling near fresno, dense fog and central valley. and then some wind. please, please be careful of that. back here in the bay area, it's also about the chill. we're not quite going to go down to freezing tomorrow morning, but lots of 30s and low 40s. bring the pets inside and cover up sensitive plants. it's not extremely cold, but we're going to have the chill in the air that could bring us patchy fog. south bay at 42.
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best possibility of frost over the north bay at 37. san francisco 47 and east bay at 39. tomorrow, yes, thanksgiving is here. it's going to be awesome weather to hang out with friends, family, cook, be lazy, whatever you got to do, i think it's going to cooperate with us, especially down here in the south bay. let's get a look at the temperatures. 68 in san jose, 69 in morgan hill. widespread 60s from antioch at 67. 60 in daley city, and my forecast in palo alto, 67. san francisco a mix of 50s and 60s. for the north bay, 66 in clear lake and 65 in novato. on my seven-day in san francisco, it stays dry, 60s for the daytime highs, 40s for morning lows, and it really doesn't adjust too much for the inland valleys. just minor fluctuations day to day. putting us at an average of 67 for thanksgiving and we'll hold
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with mid and upper 60s as we roll through the next seven days. so i think it's really going to cooperate with anything you have going on the next couple days. >> this is the big night, people come back from college, family and friends. >> the traffic was crazy. i just surrendered. >> i can see behind you, it is packed. >> you can't do anything. you just kind of give up and go, okay, i'm going to go 5 miles per hour. >> you go okay, i'm having turkey and lots of mashed potatoes tomorrow. prepping for the parade, speaking of thanksgiving. we'll show you how they're getting ready for the annual thanksgiving day parade in the big apple. i didn't have to shout out for help.
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even if you're not watching intently, it's theis to have the macy's thanksgiving parade in the background. it's tradition and back to
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normal. last year the parade was only one block because of the pandemic. but tomorrow the parade will be back to two and a half-miles through the streits of manhattan. does of those giant balloons are being blown up today. the parade is tomorrow morning right here on nbc bay area, starting at 9:00 a.m. another famous holiday tradition is back at saks. it all came to life last night. crowds lined fifth avenue to watch and record all the sparkle. last year a totally different scene because of covid. this year the crowds were back, not even the cold could keep them away. aaron rodgers is back in the headlines. this time it was all about his new injury called covid toe. that's a thing, at least that was a joke. yesterday on a show, the pat mcafee show, he said he didn't
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have any lingering effects from covid except covid toe. he cleared things up by revealing he just has a fractured toe. he even showed his toes on camera. >> wow. >> which was quite a thing to see. it could be a make it or break it game for the 49ers. so much on the line. anthony flores joins us next in sports. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today.
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well, the 49ers have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving, despite a four-game losing streak earlier in the season. they're back in the hunt for a playoff spot. >> tomorrow's no holiday for them. it's a work day. he's put the turkey on hold. they've got to prepare for the vikings coming to levi stadium this sunday. here's anthony flores. >> do you or your family participate in black friday, cyber monday stuff at all? >> in what? >> reporter: shopping might not be at the top of kyle shanahan's to-do list this weekend. he's focussed on two other big events. first, racing home thursday after practice to host his family for thanksgiving. >> when i walk in the door, i see about 12 people very upset with me and very hungry and very irritated, because they didn't get to do it normally at 2:00 like they normally do. when they come visit us they have to wait until i get home. >> reporter: and preparing for
5:58 pm
the showdown against minnesota. the vikings are 5-5 after to-back victories. >> they've been battling back just like we have. two teams playing their better ball of the year right now. i think our players are very well aware from the film and what they've been doing, it's going to be a tough game. >> our backs are kind of up against the wall. i think guys have that in their mind already. you know, we've just got to keep our eye on this momentum we've got right now. >> reporter: a big reason for their recent success is the domination in the ground game. >> any football that rushes 40 times, i think you're going to have a good day. >> our offense seems to adapt week to week, and whatever the defense is giving us we try to take advantage of that. >> reporter: kickoff is sunday afternoon at 1:25 in levi
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stadium. anthony flores, nbc bay pair yeah. >> check out nbc sports bay area for all your 49ers coverage. pregame show live at noon and post-game reaction immediately following the game. >> let's get that straight. he comes home for thanksgiving dinner, and everybody says you're late, sit do you know eat. coming up at 6:00, what can police do to stop these smash and grab thieves? new video of a dispensary being burglarized and the push back against police officers who the owners say just stood by and watched. >> why aren't the police working hard to keep our business safe, our streets safe. >> how police are responding tonight. also staffing concerns for one of the bay area's biggest police departments. what's expected to come this weekend that will take away money to curb crime. and do the inspectors just make up the reports?
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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this wednesday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. so what exactly was going on? surveillance cameras appear to capture a burglary going on right in front of police. and they did nothing to stop it or make any arrests. we have more on what happened and what police are saying tonight. >> so here you see one of the suspects coming out of our business, holding two bags of product. >> reporter: surveillance cameras capture a burglary taking place at bossa, a cannabis dispensary. this is the fifth burglary at their business. and she says it's the police response or lack thereof that


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